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She learnt a lot from Angela - lesbianism, casual sex and prostitution. Then Yvette visited and she learnt even more. Now her sister is bringing her son to visit.
1. Jasima & Sammy Come to Prague

Sangeeta Asks Jasima to bring Sammy
“Jasima, when you come to Prague, why not bring Sammy?” suggested Sangeeta, “I think he’ll enjoy the experience, and he has time now while he’s waiting to start university. It’s so different to home.”

“Of course, it would be good to bring him along,” replied Jasima, “it’s always good to have someone along when you’re travelling. We can go out and do things while you’re at work.”

“Good,” said Sangeeta, “I’ll tell his father, and get him to book a ticket.”

Jasima was excited at the prospect of spending some time with Sammy. He was an attractive young man, and she had often dreamed of doing the things that aunts should do for nephews. Maybe this would be the chance, though hiding it from prudish Sangeeta would be a problem. Maybe she could get them all drunk and something would just ‘happen’.

Sammy Thinks About Fucking Jasima
Sammy was ready to go in hours, looking forward to a trip to Europe. He liked Aunt Jasima. She was fun to be with, much more open than mummy, and pretty too. He had often dreamed of what it would be like to have sex with her. Knowing that she was his relative didn’t worry him – he loved his aunt, and would be happy to show her how much.

He would try a bit more hugging and kissing than usual, and see what happened. Maybe if they all got drunk. If mummy passed out he could try things with Aunt Jasima.

Sangeeta & Yvette Plan for Jasima & Sammy
“It’s all arranged,” said Sangeeta to Yvette, “their flights are booked and you’ve delayed yours. They’ll get here the day before you leave.”

“I’d love to meet them,” said Yvette, “we could get together for dinner.”

“You just want to see if you can get to have sex with one of them,” said Sangeeta laughing and grinning at Yvette, before leaning over and kissing her. “So which would it be – Sammy or Jasima? Which is your bigger fantasy? Mother and son, or sisters?”

“Would you join in?” asked Yvette.

“I want them both, but I’m not sure if it will happen so soon,” said Sangeeta.

“So maybe an aunt and nephew threesome,” suggested Yvette.

“We can see how it works out. Anyway, that’s tomorrow. Come over the night they arrive and I’ll introduce you to them.”

Jasima’s Stewardess Encounter
The flight was an ordeal. He was sitting beside Aunt Jasima the whole way, aroused by her presence and her perfume. She pressed her leg against his, and went to sleep with her head resting on his shoulder. He wanted her to reach under his blanket, undo his trousers, touch his penis and stroke it until he came.

Jasima was aroused by her nephew. She lay there, her head resting on his shoulder. During the night she imagined him sucking on her nipples, making them hard, licking them with his tongue. She hoped that her loose blouse meant that her stiff nipples weren’t too obvious.

A stewardess walked past Jasima and Sammy and thought it was nice to see a mother and son who got on so well. She noticed Jasima’s nipples poking out and got a blanket to cover her up, thinking she was cold. Jasima woke up and smiled at the stewardess. “Come down the back if you’d like a refreshment,” the stewardess said, thinking that sex with the pretty Indian woman would help fill in the boring overnight flight. She straightened out the blanket, her hands brushing Jasima’s breasts, pausing at the end to smile and stare deeply into Jasima’s eyes, her hand resting on Jasima’s shoulder for longer than necessary. “It’s very quiet, so it would be fun to have company.”

“Maybe later,” Jasima replied, smiling up at the pretty stewardess, wondering what it would be like to kiss her.

Jasima returned to her reverie about Sammy, imaging sliding her head down so she could suck on his cock. She knew she wanted his sperm inside her, so maybe a tryst in the airplane toilets, bent forward, letting him take her from behind. But it would be too complicated seducing her nephew on the plane. She got up and followed the stewardess, wondering about what she would do.

The stewardess knew what to do, relaxing Jasima with a drink, flirting with her, touching her, moving from her hand to her back, to her ass. Soon they were kissing ‘so they could taste the different liqueurs’, then kissing so they could share a mouthful of liqueur, their tongues probing each other’s mouth.

Jasima soon found herself in one of the crew sleep spaces, having sex with the pretty young stewardess. She’d never been licked down there, but this woman knew what she was doing, giving her a wonderful orgasm. She responded, fucking the stewardesses pussy with her tongue, learning quickly what she needed to do.

As they rearranged their clothes so they could reappear the stewardess asked, “Was I your first?”

“What do you mean?” asked Jasima.

“Your first woman.”

“Yes,” answered Jasima, “but not my last.”

Sammy Gets his Cock Sucked
Sammy woke, disappointed that Aunty Jasima wasn’t there. One of the stewards walked past, and noticed that he was awake. They smiled at each other, and the host beckoned Sammy. They both knew what they wanted.

If he couldn’t have Aunt Jasima, he may as well do something else to fill in the time.

The steward pulled him into the toilets, and they kissed.

“Suck my cock,” said Sammy undoing his trousers, revealing his hard penis.

“Okay,” said the steward, kneeling down and showing Sammy the skills he had learnt in many previous encounters like this.

Sammy liked women, but he had loved being sucked off, and a man could do it as well as a woman. Quickly Sammy gave him his semen, filling his mouth with sperm, which the steward happily swallowed. He stood up and kissed Sammy again.

“I’ll go first,” said the host, “leave it for three or four minutes then come out. No one will notice.”

Jasima & Sammy: Pretend Nothing Happened
When Jasima got back to her seat she found Sammy sleeping, looking like he hadn’t moved since she left. Good, she thought, no questions to ask about what I was doing.

Sammy lay there pretending to sleep. He wondered what Aunt Jasima had been doing. Maybe she had been sucking some lucky guys cock. He stirred as she sat down, giving her a little kiss on the lips, saying “Thanks for bringing me along.”

“I’m happy too Sammy,” said Jasima, “I always enjoy our time together,” kissing him back, letting it last just a little longer.

2. Yvette Meets Jasima & Sammy

“This is Yvette, my colleague from work back home,” introduced Sangeeta, “and this is my son Sammy and sister Jasima.”

Yvette kissed both Jasima and Sammy on the cheek, giving them a lingering smile.

“Yvette’s kept me company for the last week,” said Sangeeta, “and I’m glad you get to meet while you’re here. Yvette’s staying for dinner tonight, then she leaves tomorrow. Come on Jasima – we need to go to shopping for some things.”

“Can I come too?” said Sammy.

“No, no. Stay home. You’re looking a bit tired, and someone needs to keep Yvette company.”

“I’d love to get to know you Sammy,” said Yvette, “Sangeeta has said so much about you, so this would be a good chance for us to spend some time together.”

There weren’t many males that could withstand Yvette’s smile, personality and body, so Sammy was happy to stay. He could go to a supermarket anytime.

Yvette Seduces Sammy
Yvette flirted with him, smiling, touching him, giving him a glass of wine. He responded, brushing against her, letting her hold his hand while she was showing him how to cut up vegetables for their dinner. While she was helping him cut up vegetables she took the opportunity to press her breasts against his back.

Sammy’s cock got even harder, and he took the invitation, releasing the knife, turning around and kissing Yvette on the lips. His hands moved to her hips, drawing Yvette to him, pressing her against his hard penis.

“We have to be quick,” said Yvette, “your mother and aunt will be back soon.”

“Okay,” said Sammy, starting to pull up her skirt.

Yvette pulled away, “I’ll put the deadlock on the door. That will give us a little bit of warning.”

Soon Yvette was sitting on the kitchen bench, her skirt around her hips, and her panties hanging on one leg. Sammy had his trousers undone, and penis out.

“Are you ready?” asked Sammy.

“Yes, but take off my blouse and bra first,” breathed Yvette, “I want you to play with my boobs while you fuck me.”

Yvette was soon topless, her large breasts cupped in Sammy’s hands. He leant forward and as he kissed her his penis entered her vagina. He started to thrust, going deeper into Yvette’s vagina, all the time kissing Yvette.

“Fuck me hard,” said Yvette, “I want you to cum in me.”

Sammy took her offer, thrusting into her body. Sammy had imagined having sex with some of the women he knew. He’d even had sex with a few of his friend’s mothers. But Yvette was prettier than most so fucking her was an even bigger treat.

Yvette moved her legs over his shoulders, feeling his cock against her g-spot, bringing her to orgasm. She was surprised how long he lasted, but soon he was filling her with sperm.

Sammy slumped forward, thrusting a couple more times into her body. “Thanks,” he said.

“Thanks to you too,” said Yvette, kissing him, “you’ve got a lovely cock. Thanks for sharing it with me.”

“I liked having sex with you,” said Sammy.

“Even though I’m a friend of your mother?” asked Yvette.

“You’re very pretty, and why would I worry about mummy? I wouldn’t mind if she knew about you and me.”

“What about your aunt?” asked Yvette, “what about her?”

“I wouldn’t mind mummy knowing about her and me,” said Sammy.

“You’ve had sex with Jasima?” asked Yvette.


“But you’d like to?”

“Yes, she’s pretty, and fun. I think it would be fun to have sex with her.”

“Some people would think that’s wrong,” said Yvette.

“I love my Aunt Jasima, and I’d like to have sex with her so I can show her,” said Sammy.

Yvette gave him a long kiss and a hug, his cock getting hard again.

“Thanks for your enthusiasm,” said Yvette, “but your mother and aunt will be home soon,” knowing that Sangeeta had promised her 90 minutes alone with Sammy which was nearly up.

Yvette put her bra and blouse on, but didn’t have time to put her panties on before she heard the key in the lock.

Sangeeta walked in with an armful of shopping. She noticed Yvette’s panties on the kitchen floor, and kicked them under a chair. Good. The first part of the plan had worked out. It was exciting knowing that Yvette was walking around with her son’s sperm in her pussy, the pussy she had enjoyed so many times.

Yvette Fucks Jasima
They got the dinner cooking, when Sangeeta said, “Sammy, can you come with me? We need to buy some wine, we’re nearly out and the supermarket didn’t have any that I like.”

“Do I have to go?” complained Sammy, thinking there might be another opportunity to have sex with Yvette.

“Yes, the bottles are heavy, and you’re young and strong.”

Yvette and Jasima sat on the lounge, glasses of wine in hand. Jasima couldn’t understand why they needed more, as there seemed to be plenty. Maybe Sangeeta was planning on getting them all very drunk. After her escapade with the stewardess, Jasima was looking at Yvette in a different way, not just that she was pretty, but how she wanted to run her fingers through her hair, to cup those beautiful breasts, tongue her nipples, taste her vagina, watch her orgasm.

Yvette was hoping to complete the set, Sangeeta, Sammy and Jasima. And if she could get two of them into bed at the same time, even better. She brushed some hair from Jasima’s face, and adding “You’re both very pretty.”

“Who?” asked Jasima.

“You and your sister.”

“Thank you,” said Jasima, wondering if she really might have the chance to have sex with this beautiful woman. “But I think Sangeeta is prettier than me.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Yvette, “your face is so pretty, you must have lots of people chasing you.” Yvette pressed her leg against Jasima’s as they sat side by side on the lounge.

“But I’m married now,” said Jasima, “no one chases me now.”

“I’m sure lots of people are interested in you,” putting her hand on Jasima’s knee.

“You’re just teasing me,” said Jasima, reaching out and putting her hand over Yvette’s, half expecting Yvette to pull back.

Yvette leant forward and kissed Jasima, before saying “Like me.”

At this invitation, Jasima kissed Yvette again, then put one hand onto one of Yvette’s buttocks, the other taking its place on one of Yvette’s breasts.

“We should be quick,” said Yvette. “They won’t be long.”

Jasima was surprised to find that Yvette wasn’t wearing panties, but started licking her clit without hesitation.

“Do me in a sixty nine,” said Yvette, “so I can have your pussy at the same time.”

Soon they were on the floor, skirts around their hips, tongues and fingers in each other’s vaginas. Jasima thought Yvette tasted a bit different to the stewardess, like she tasted cum too. Yvette must have had Sammy while they were out shopping. Anyway, she knew she loved it, and that was all that mattered.

Yvette’s experience made the difference, getting Jasima to a rapid orgasm, then faking one of her own. She wished she could have taken the time needed, but thought that she would end up between these thighs plenty more times when they were both back home.

While they were cuddling, Yvette asked Jasima about Sammy. “He’s a handsome young man, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” replied Jasima, recalling the things she had imagined doing to him on the airplane. “A real cutie. Did you have sex with him while Sangeeta and I were out?”

“How did you know?” asked Yvette.

“You not having any panties on of course,” replied Jasima, before kissing Yvette on the lips.

“It didn’t worry you?”

“That you had sex with my nephew? Of course not.”

“But what about that you tasted his cum when you ate my pussy,”

“Most of the flight over I imagined sucking his cock, or getting him to eat my pussy, or fucking him in the airplane toilets. So eating his sperm out of your pussy was good. Two for the price of one.”

“He likes you too, you know,” said Yvette, squeezing Jasima’s ass, “he said so while you were out.”

“Enough for sex?”

“Yes, and he doesn’t mind if Sangeeta finds out about it.”

“Have you had sex with Sangeeta too?” asked Jasima, standing up and pulling her skirt down.

“Yes, that’s why I delayed my flights. I was hoping to get to have sex with you. I’ve never had two sisters before.”

“So my sister is setting me up to have sex with people?” said Jasima, walking to the kitchen to see how their dinner were going. “What about you and Sammy? Was that part of your plan?”

“Well, Sammy is a great bonus. A mother and son. You should try Sangeeta too.”

“She’s said that’s what she wants?” asked Jasima.

“Yes, she’s got an evening with some people planned, and they’d really like it if you had sex with Sammy and Sangeeta.”

“Both of them!”

“Yes. A real family orgy.”

The heard the key in the lock, heralding the return of Sangeeta and Sammy.

As she walked in, Sangeeta saw a second pair of panties on the floor, which she kicked under the lounge. The second part of the plan had worked.

Yvette Helps with Jasima & Sammy Incest
The drink flowed freely – Sangeeta made sure she drank the most, so no one would be surprised if she fell asleep later on in the evening.

When they ended up on the couch, Sammy was sitting between Jasima and Yvette, while Sangeeta sat in a lounge chair which gave her a good view. She pretended to drift off to sleep, leaving the three opposite her to do whatever Yvette could persuade them to do.

“Jasima knows that you like her,” Yvette said to Sammy, sitting with her legs tucked under herself, making sure she had her breasts pressed against Sammy’s shoulder.

“How did she find out that!” said Sammy, looking at Yvette with a look of shock on his face, before glancing to look at his aunt.

“I told her of course,” said Yvette, “she said she found you attractive, and I said you thought she was pretty too. She knows about us having sex too.”

“You told her that!” said Sammy.

“I worked it out for myself,” said Jasima, who was snuggled up on the other side of Sammy, making sure he could see her cleavage. “I could taste cum when we had sex, and knew it had to be you. So I asked Yvette about it.”

“You had sex with Yvette?” said Sammy, surprised to learn his aunt would have sex with other women.

“Yes, of course I had sex with Yvette,” said Jasima, “she’s so pretty. It’s a pity she isn’t here longer. I’d like to have sex with her again. Do you want to have sex with Yvette again?”

“Oh, yes,” said Sammy, aroused at the prospect.

“Why don’t we do it now?” said Yvette. “Or would you prefer your aunt?”

“Have sex with you while mummy is here?”

“Why not, she’s drunk and has fallen asleep,” said Yvette. “She isn’t going to wake up. And anyway, what can she do?”

“Who do you want?” asked Jasima, “me or Yvette?”

“I want you both,” said Sammy.

Jasima put her hand on his crotch and felt his penis grow hard. “That’s the best answer,” said Jasima before kissing him softly on the lips.

Yvette started kissing his neck, before moving so she could kiss Jasima on the neck too. The two women’s hands roamed over his body, slowly undressing him.

Sammy was trying to undress the two women, but he found it difficult because the way they were touching him made it hard to concentrate. Yvette paused and undid her blouse, before returning to Sammy, letting Jasima to remove her top and skirt. Sammy gazed at her pussy, covered in dark curls, then reached out to touch it.

“That feels so good,” said Jasima, enjoying the feeling of his fingers.

“Taste her,” said Yvette, “put your fingers inside her, and then taste them.”

Sammy complied, enjoying the feeling of Aunt Jasima around his fingers, then her taste in his mouth as he sucked his fingers clean.

“Let me taste her now,” said Yvette, “put your fingers in her again, and then let me suck them.”

Sammy did it again, putting his fingers into his aunt, sliding them in and out several times so they were well covered in her juices. He gave them to Yvette to suck. While she did so, Jasima removed her bra, the last piece of clothing she was wearing.

“I want you now,” said Jasima, “take your pants off and show your aunt how much you love her.”

Sammy stood up, and let his trousers drop to the floor, he then removed his underpants, letting her see his hard cock. He kissed her, before drawing her down onto the couch so he could kiss her, and play with her pussy.

Jasima pushed Sammy gently back, then climbed on top of him, straddling him, his penis pointing at her vagina.

“Do you want me?” asked Jasima, “do you want your aunt?”

“Yes Aunt Jasima, I want to have sex with you,” replied Sammy.

She lowered her wet pussy down, wrapping his cock, slowly riding him. She guessed he wouldn’t take long to cum into her, and wanted to prolong it so she could enjoy the first time with her nephew.

Sammy had his hand on her hips, and was thrusting up into his aunt’s body. He wished they had done this before now, but he was sure there would be many opportunities in the future. He leant forward and kissed his aunt passionately on the mouth. “I love you Aunt Jasima.”

“I love you too Sammy,” replied Jasima, who then leant forward and kissed him again. “I’m so glad we did this tonight.”

Sangeeta lay slouched back on her lounge chair, having watched the scene through barely open eyes. The third part of the plan had worked. She stared at her son’s lovely hard cock sliding in and out of his aunt’s vagina. She wanted to go over there and join in, making love to her sister and her son. At least now she knew they were willing to have sex with family members. Her son’s thrusting started to speed up, and Jasima started to grunt and moan. Jasima asked Yvette to play with her clitoris, and she watched as Yvette masturbated her sister while her son fucked his aunt. She watched as Jasima orgasmed, then her son pulled out of her, stood up in front of her and masturbated. Sangeeta was surprised at this, but loved watching him touching his cock. Jasima sucked it a couple of times, trying to take it into her mouth, but Sammy wouldn’t let her. Rather he kept masturbating until Sangeeta watched his semen shoot out of his penis, onto his aunt’s face. Sangeeta loved it when guys did this too her, but was surprised to see her son do it.

Jasima sat on the couch, laughing, her face covered with her nephew’s semen, then she said “I’ve never had someone do that to me before, but I loved watching the sperm shoot out of the tip of your cock, and onto my face. Now I know what happens inside me when someone ejaculates in me.”

“I know, I love it too. My friends do it to me all the time.” He lent down and kissed his aunt on her semen covered lips. “And I like doing it to them as well.”

“You’ve done this before?” asked Yvette.

“Sure, lots of times. I have sex with men as well as women. Sometimes I’m shooting cum, and sometimes I’m taking a load.”

Sangeeta was shocked to hear that her son was gay. Well, not just gay. She had just watched him do his aunt, and she was sure he had fucked Yvette earlier that night. This hadn’t been part of her plan, but it would make the orgy easier to organise.

Yvette, Jasima & Sammy Threesome
He slumped onto the couch beside his aunt, who had ended up in the middle of the couch, and now had Sammy on one side and Yvette on the other. He put his hand on her naked thigh. “I want to do this again.”

Jasima took hold of Sammy’s penis, stroking it to get it hard again. “I want us to fuck Yvette,” said Jasima. “Together.”

Yvette started kissing Jasima, then she started licking Sammy’s sperm from her face, sharing it with Jasima during their long kisses. Watching the two women kiss got Sammy hard again. He wanted Yvette. She was leaving tomorrow and he wanted to take full advantage of her body. Soon he was between her legs, fucking her pussy as Yvette kissed Jasima and played with her pussy. They tried lots of positions. He loved it when Jasima was sitting on his lap facing away from him, and Yvette was between their legs, licking Jasima’s clit while he fucked her pussy. Yvette got into a sixty nine position with Jasima, tonguing each other’s pussies. Sammy watched for a few minutes until he couldn’t restrain himself any more. He started off fucking Yvette from behind, pulling out every now and then so Jasima could suck on his cock. Then he switched, moving to Yvette’s mouth, switching every now and then to Jasima’s pussy for a few strokes.

They ended up on the couch, Yvette on her back, Sammy fucking her pussy, and Jasima sitting on her face. Sammy and Jasima kissed, while they were both having Yvette. The timing was perfect, with Sammy giving Yvette her orgasm moments before Jasima came, and Sammy ejaculated into Yvette.

Exhausted, they cuddled up on the couch, Yvette ending up being the meat in the incestuous sandwich.

Yvette Fucks Sangeeta with a Strap-on, & Sammy Enjoys his Aunt Again
“That was wild,” said Yvette, “an aunt and a nephew at the same time.”

“I loved fucking you both,” said Sammy. “I wish things like that happened all the time. We should be afraid of showing our love.”

“Yes,” said Jasima, “why shouldn’t you show your family how much you love them.”

“And your friends too,” added Yvette.

“Yvette, did you ever have sex with mummy,” asked Sammy.

Sangeeta’s heart raced, wondering what Yvette would say, and how Sammy would respond.

“Yes sweetie, I did,” said Yvette, giving Sammy a squeeze. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, Yvette,” said Sammy, “I like how we’ve all had sex with you now.” Sammy paused to play with Yvette’s breasts. He loved how they were big and firm. “Can we have sex when we get back home?” he asked.

“Yes, of course, if you’d like to,” replied Yvette.

“And Aunt Jasima too?”

“Yes, Sammy,” said Jasima. “We would need to be careful, but I’d love to have sex with you.”

“I meant the three of us,” said Sammy, “we could try so many different things.”

“Oh, yes,” moaned Yvette at the thought, before kissing Sammy then Jasima. They lay there quietly for a while, Sammy still playing with Yvette’s breasts, while Jasima head her head resting on Yvette’s shoulder.

“Are mummy and Aunt Jasima the first sisters you’ve had sex with?”

“Yes Sammy,” replied Yvette.

“Why not have sex with them at the same time too?”

“Sangeeta and Jasima might not want to have sex with each other.”

“I think they should,” said Sammy, “I liked having sex with you, and with Jasima, but having sex with both of you together was even better. I think mummy will like it too.”

Sangeeta lay there, amazed at what she was hearing. Sammy was helping get Jasima to have sex with her. If Jasima agreed that would be stage four completed.

“What about it Jasima? Would you like to have sex with Sangeeta?” asked Yvette.

“I’m not sure,” said Jasima, “Sangeeta might not want to.”

“Let mummy decide for herself,” said Sammy, surprising Yvette and Sangeeta with his comment, which seemed to be guiding Jasima towards Sangeeta’s arms. “Do you want sex with mummy?”

“Yes, yes I would,” said Jasima with a confident tone in her voice. “I love sex with the people I love,” reaching over and touching Sammy’s knee, “and I love sex with women,” kissing Yvette on the lips. “Why not with my sister?”

“We need to make sure Sangeeta agrees,” said Yvette, delighted at the turn of events.

“I was just thinking that you might want to have sex with her again before you go tomorrow,” said Sammy.

“I hoped I’d get the chance tonight,” said Yvette, “but she fell asleep.”

“Wake her up then,” suggested Jasima.

“But what about you two?” said Yvette.

“We could hide in the bedroom,” suggested Jasima.

“I want to watch you have sex with mummy,” said Sammy. “I want mummy to know that we know that she has sex with women, and that Aunt Jasima and I are happy with that.”

“What about when she sees you and Jasima?”asked Yvette. “Do you want to get dressed?”

“She can see Aunt Jasima and me naked. I want her to know about Aunt Jasima and me. That will make it easier for us to persuade mummy to let Aunt Jasima join in with you Yvette.”

Sangeeta lay there, waiting for Sammy to take the final step, but he didn’t suggest that he showed his love for his mother in the same way he loved his showed his love for his aunt.

“Okay,” said Yvette, getting from between the two of them. Jasima and Sammy were soon snuggled up together, watching Yvette. They expected to see her go to Sangeeta, but instead she went into the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” asked Sammy.

“Getting something special,” said Yvette, as she tightened the belts on the strap-on. Letting Sammy see a cock inside Sangeeta’s pussy might help him realise what his responsibilities to his mother really were.

Yvette started kissing Sangeeta to wake her up, before whispering “Come on Sangeeta, wake up, I want to give you a going away present.”

“What?” said Sangeeta, trying to appear slightly dazed after being woken from her sleep. She opened her eyes fully for the first time in hours.

“I’m going to give you a good hard fucking,” said Yvette.

“What about Sammy and Jasima?”

“Don’t worry about them,” said Yvette, kissing Sangeeta again. She pulled up Sangeeta’s skirt, and saw Sangeeta was wearing beautiful red lace panties. Yvette loved how Sangeeta wore such beautiful lingerie. She pulled them down.

Sangeeta was already aroused, having watched the sex acts over the last hours, so didn’t need any stimulation, so she simply said “Fuck me Yvette. I want you.”

It was a beautiful sight for Sammy and Jasima as the watched Yvette kneel in front of Sangeeta, whispering quietly to wake her up, kissing her, pulling her skirt up and panties down, then how Yvette looked down so she could position her rubber cock in front of Sangeeta’s vagina. Finally the sight of Yvette thrusting into Sangeeta, and Sangeeta’s hands tightening their embrace of Yvette as the dildo pushed into her welcoming vagina.

Jasima imagined what it would be like – being on the end of a cock while Yvette fucked her, or screwing her sister with a dildo. She imagined what Sangeeta was feeling, this big rubber cock stretching her, Yvette’s naked body pressed against her own, that tongue in her mouth. She wanted to join in straight away.

“Oh Yvette,” said Sangeeta as the pounding started. “I love this so much.”

“Aunt Jasima, can I have you again?” asked Sammy, who was aroused at the sight of Yvette’s ass thrusting. What he wanted to do was to go over there and stick his cock into Yvette’s beautiful ass, but he was sure all those straps would get in the way.

“Of course Sammy,” said Jasima, stroking his cock to get it hard.

Sammy positioned himself in front of Jasima, mirroring what Yvette was doing to Sangeeta. He started fucking her, not bothering to kiss her, just enjoying the sensation of her pussy on his cock. He moved her legs over his shoulders.

“Oh Sammy, oh Sammy, fuck your Aunt Jasima hard, fill me with your sperm,” said Jasima, encouraging Sammy while he fucked her.

Yvette had fucked Sangeeta enough times to know what she liked, and was getting her close to an orgasm. She had Sangeeta’s legs over her shoulders, and knew that the dildo was rubbing against Sangeeta’s g-spot. A glazed look came over Sangeeta’s face, she tensed, then her body convulsed.

“Thanks,” said Sangeeta, squeezing Yvette’s ass, which she had been holding during the final stages of being fucked. “Thanks for screwing me, and for getting things going between Jasima and Sammy.” They cuddled up together on the lounge chair to watch Sammy and Jasima fuck.

“Thank you for sharing your family with me. Sammy’s got a lovely cock, and Jasima is fun in bed. She’s keen to fuck you too.”

“Yes, I heard that. Let’s wait until they finish, and then we’ll take things to the next stage – Jasima and I having sex.”

Sangeeta Uses the Strap-on On Jasima & Yvette
Sammy knew he was near to cumming. He didn’t care about Jasima, he just wanted his cum inside her vagina, then to watch her with mummy and Yvette. He finally delivered his sperm into her body, then he pulled out and sat on the lounge beside his aunt, his still hard cock covered in her juices.

He found himself staring into his mother’s eyes, and didn’t know what to say.

“I see you’re getting to know your Aunt Jasima better,” said Sangeeta, “and Yvette says you’ve had her too.”

“Yes, mummy,” said Sammy.

“I hope you don’t mind that I had sex with Yvette too,” said Sangeeta, absently touching the dildo Yvette was wearing.

“No mummy, I like to share. Sharing Yvette with Aunt Jasima and you was wonderful.”

“What do you think we should do next?” asked Jasima, keen to take her chance with her sister.

“I want you to show mummy that you love her, like you showed me you love me.”

“What do you mean darling,” said Sangeeta.

“I want to watch you fuck Jasima with that dildo,” said Sammy, looking at the rubber cock that had just been buried inside his mother.

“Are you sure darling,” said Sangeeta, excited at the prospect of getting to fuck her sister.

“Yes, you both like sex with women, and Jasima wants to have sex with you to let you know how much she loves you. I think you should show her how much you love her.”

“But what if I don’t want to have sex with Jasima?” said Sangeeta.

“I know you do,” said Sammy.

Yvette stood up and started undoing the straps of the dildo, pulling it down her legs, then handing it to Sangeeta. “Show your sister what you can do with this.”

Jasima got up from beside Sammy and walked over to her sister who was still sitting on the lounge chair holding the dildo in her hand. “First I want you to fuck Yvette with that,” said Jasima as she touched the tip of the dildo with one finger, “and I want you to suck on my pussy at the same time,” she said before giving Sangeeta a lingering kiss, their tongues probing each other’s mouth.

Sangeeta tentatively touched her sister’s pussy, running her fingers through the dark curls. “It feels so natural, making love to my sister,” moaned Sangeeta.

Yvette got Sangeeta to stand up and quickly had the strap-on fastened. “Lie on your back,” said Yvette guiding Sangeeta onto the floor, then positioning herself above the tip of the rubber cock. She helped Jasima straddle Sangeeta’s face, which gave her the chance to kiss Jasima and play with her boobs at the same time as she was fucked by Sangeeta.

Sammy lay back, delighted at the sight of his mother licking his aunt’s pussy, thinking how he had enjoyed her minutes before. He loved the sight of Yvette’s ass, thinking that he would love to fuck it before Yvette left for Australia.

“Sangeeta, I want you to fuck me now,” said Jasima, “I want you to fuck my pussy with your cock.”

Jasima ended up on her back, her buttocks propped up with cushions so her sister could fuck her pussy with the strap-on dildo. Yvette started kissing Jasima, then sucking on her nipples. Soon Yvette was over Jasima’s face, getting her clitoris sucked, and her pussy fingered, all the time kissing Sangeeta, or sucking on her nipples. Her fantasy of having two sisters at once was now fulfilled.

Sangeeta decided it was time for another change, rearranging them so that now Yvette was on her back getting fucked with the dildo, while she was making love to Jasima’s pussy. Yvette was in ecstasy, the dildo in her pussy, her tongue in Jasima and now Jasima was playing with her clitoris.

Sammy loved watching his mother’s ass going back and forth, first fucking his Aunt Jasima and now fucking Yvette. He could only dream about what it must be like for Yvette to be on the receiving end of his mother’s dildo.

When Yvette finally orgasmed she left Jasima and Sangeeta together, and sat on the couch beside Sammy. She kissed him, and then said “Isn’t that beautiful?” looking at Sangeeta and Jasima. Sangeeta had taken off the dildo and the sisters were now in an intense sixty nine, tonguing and fingering each other.

“Yes,” said Sammy. “My mummy and Aunt Jasima love each other so much.”

“Did you want to join in while you watched us having sex?” said Yvette.

“Yes, while you were fucking mummy, I was watching your ass, and I wanted to go over there and fuck you in the ass.”

“Why didn’t you?” asked Yvette, who would have loved getting her rectum probed by his cock.

“The straps would have gotten in the way,” said Sammy, to Yvette’s great disappointment.

“Do you want to do it now?” wondering whether the young man would be up for another sexual encounter.

“Yes, you’re going tomorrow, and I might not get the chance again.”

“We can meet up when we’re both back home, but I want you now too.”

“I’ll get some oil as lubricant,” said Sammy.

Sammy Sodomises Yvette
Yvette was getting tired by now, and getting her ass fucked by this young man was going to wear her out even more, but knew she had a long flight home to recover, and wasn’t going to miss out on getting his cock again.

Yvette was on her hands and knees in front of him, her ass in the air, waiting for him. Sammy poured a little oil between her beautiful round buttocks, then used it to lubricate her asshole, sliding his finger in an out to loosen her up, before covering his cock with the oil. He took the chance to fuck Yvette’s pussy, just a few strokes to enjoy her once again, dreaming about when they would do this again. Then he pulled out and lined his penis up with her anal sphincter. He eased it into her body, thrusting slightly deeper each time, until he was all the way inside her. He started giving her long deep thrusts, enjoying the sensation of Yvette’s anal sphincter tight around his cock. Much as he loved pussy, he loved anal even more.

Yvette had been sodomised many times before, so she easily took his cock into her willing rectum. She squeezed her asshole every now and then, particularly when Sammy was pushing back into her so she could enjoy the sensation even more.

“Your ass is so great,” said Sammy, “I loved watching it while you were fucking mummy, and now I’m getting to fuck it.”

“I’d love to get double fucked,” said Yvette, “your cock in my ass, and the dildo in my pussy.”

“Mummy’s still having sex with Aunt Jasima,” said Sammy.

“I know,” said Yvette, “but it would have been great. Maybe we could do it in when you get back home.”

Sangeeta Watches Sammy Fuck Yvette
Sangeeta watched her beautiful son cum inside Yvette one last time. Yvette was rubbing her clitoris at the same time as Sammy was pounding her ass, holding onto her hips so he could fuck her as hard as he wanted. She was sure he couldn’t have much left to give, since this was his fifth time tonight, but she was sure neither of them cared. After she had watched Yvette and Sammy orgasm and then collapse in each other’s arms, she returned her attention to her sister. She was lying beside her sister, they had simply rolled apart after they had both orgasmed after their sixty nine, so she was running her fingers through her sisters pubic curls, looking at the labia that were protruding. She wished they’d started doing this sooner.

Who’s Going to Sleep with Who?
Sammy and Yvette got up after the sex had finished. “I’m going to take a shower,” said Yvette. “Do you want to join me Sammy?”

“Yes, then we can go to sleep. I’m getting tired.”

“Can we have this bedroom, and you two share the other?” suggested Yvette to Jasima and Sangeeta.

“Sure,” said Sangeeta, taking her sister by the hand as she got up.

“If you think that Sammy will let you get any sleep,” said Jasima.

Yvette didn’t mind if Sammy fucked her again while they were in bed, or even if she was asleep. Waking up sore and sticky would be something good to think about on the flight home.

Sammy Tit Fucks Yvette
After the shower, where they had kissed while washing every inch of each other’s bodies, Yvette said “If you want to do something to me tonight, just do it. You don’t need to ask.”

Yvette wasn’t disappointed. She woke a number of times during the night with the young man performing some sexual act or another on her. He even managed to fuck her twice more. Yvette loved being the centre of attention for such an attractive man.

In the morning Yvette suggested he fuck her tits, so he knelt over Yvette, and put his penis between those wonderful breasts. She used her hands to press them together, giving him a soft embrace to fuck. She loved looking at the tip of the penis, the little hole, knowing that it had squirted his love into her body and soon she would get to see it too.

Planning Incest and Orgying
In the other room, the sisters lay there listening to Yvette and Sammy. They had been woken many times in the course of the night by their sexual activities.

“You know that will be you tonight,” said Sangeeta.

“I hope so,” said Jasima. “But how are we going to get him to fuck you,” correctly guessing that was Sangeeta’s ultimate plan.

“We’re going to meet with another family two nights from now,” said Sangeeta, “and the parents have sex with the children, and the children have sex with each other. I hope that will give Sammy the idea.”

“Do you think we’ll see Sammy have sex with another man?” said Jasima.

“It sounds like he does, so I guess probably. He certainly was keen for you to have lesbian sex with Yvette and me, so I imagine he would be happy for us to see him with another man.” Sangeeta opened the bedside table draw and reached into it, pulling out a couple of vibrators and the vibrating eggs. “Which one do you want? I can’t stand lying here just listening to them.”

Changed Sisterly Love
After Sammy had finished fucking Yvette’s boobs, they went quiet for a while as they recovered. This let Jasima and Sangeeta enjoy lying quietly together, arms around each other’s bodies, breasts pressed together, mouths inches apart so they could kiss whenever they wanted. They whispered to each other.

“You’ve become much more open while you’ve been here,” said Jasima, “I couldn’t have imagined this happening between us three months ago, or that you’d let Sammy have sex with me or Yvette.”

“I would probably have always been happy for Sammy to go with Yvette, but his aunt? No.”

“And you wouldn’t have been planning to seduce Sammy.”

“No, it was when I got involved with that family we’re going to meet tomorrow night. I realised it was so beautiful, such a lovely sign of family love. Why not share your body with the people you love?”

Sammy Sodomises Yvette Again
Sammy fucked Yvette once in the shower, enjoying her asshole again while she was bent forward in front of him. He loved anal, and Yvette had such a wonderful ass. He imagined that rubber cock he had watched enter all those vaginas instead being pushed into his asshole, getting even more excited at the prospect and giving Yvette a few particularly powerful thrusts.

Yvette moved one of her hands down and started fingering her pussy, and rubbing her clit. She thought about her trip, and all the sex she had enjoyed. Sangeeta, and all those business people. The family, watching the guys jack off onto the women’s meals, then the orgy with the taxi drivers, having a father and son inside her at the same time, and watching the father, son and daughter all together at the same time. And now tonight, an aunt and nephew at the same time, sisters at the same time, and mother and son, but sadly not together. It had been a special trip.

Sammy Leaves Yvette her Flashing her Tits on the Flight Home
They were all out at the airport, and after Yvette had checked in they sat in a café booth, waiting around before she went through security. She felt Sammy’s hand slide up her skirt. “Come on, let’s find some place we can have sex,” Sammy said to Yvette.

“Look for a disabled toilet,” suggested Sangeeta.

Yvette led the way, disappearing into a toilet. No one was waiting around, so a few seconds afterwards Sammy also walked in, knowing no one would realise there were now two people in the cubicle.

There was a pile of clothes on the floor, and Yvette was already naked, sitting on the shelf that held the hand basin, her legs spread wide, her fingers playing with her pussy. Sammy couldn’t help himself. He bent down and started licking her, enjoying her taste, sticking his tongue inside her, then licking her clitoris. Yvette put her hands on the back of his head, pressing it into her pussy more firmly.

When Yvette had orgasmed, Sammy stood up and undid his trousers, pushing his penis into Yvette, saying “I can’t wait. We don’t have long and I want to fuck you one more time.”

“Don’t talk, just fuck me,” said Yvette, kissing Sammy. He put his hands on her beautiful breasts, playing with them while kissing her mouth. It was quick, driven by lust, and not the need to share love. But they both loved the experience. As they dressed Yvette said, “You know, I think your mother was hoping you would join in with me last night.”

“Do you think so?”

They had to time their reappearance from the toilet, hoping no one would notice.

Yvette was annoyed – she had managed to lose her bra, particularly since she was wearing a shear top that she wore with a couple of undone buttons. Normally the bra was visible, because Yvette loved getting attention, since knowing that people wanted her made her feel special. Now it was a bit more skin than usual.

Sammy reached into his pocket, feeling Yvette’s bra which he had kept as a souvenir. He didn’t know if he would get to fuck her again, so he wanted to keep something to remind himself of her.

3. Just Her, Her Sister and Son

Sangeeta Explains a Bit More to Jasima
That evening was a little subdued after the passion of the night before. Sammy was a little tired and soon fell asleep. The women sat together on the couch, with Sangeeta’s arms around her sister.

“So what happens tomorrow night?” asked Jasima.

“Like last night,” said Sangeeta, “but with four members of a family. I think they’ll fuck each other and all of us too. The other time Yvette and I only had three of them, and I think we had nearly every combination. They’re so passionate. It’s what made me ask you to bring Sammy out.”

“What happened on this trip?” asked Jasima, “I couldn’t have imagined you doing all this when you left home.”

“I know, it’s amazing. I wouldn’t have believed it either. A friend of mine came to stay and she got me used to casual sex, sex with women and sex toys. Then Yvette arrived. I thought it would mean I didn’t get so many chances, but she’s into having sex with people she works with, so I just kept on fucking more people. Now you and Sammy have arrived, and it looks like I’ll carry on.”

“When did you decide to have sex with me?” asked Jasima.

“The night we had the orgy with the family,” said Sangeeta. “I realised how close the family is, and how I wanted the same. I think we should have sex with Akash too.”

“I’d like that.” Jasima kissed Sangeeta, her hand cupping Sangeeta’s breast. “Who would have imagined we would be thinking about having sex with our brother?”

“Yes, but I’m glad we realised that we should.”
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