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she takes a lift home with her math teacher but little does she know what will come next.
She stood there in the pouring rain outside her school no shelter around and no one else around either. She held her book over her head to try to protect her dark black hair from becoming soaked with water. Her transport was suppose to be there to pick her up an hour ago but he didn't show up. Her white cotton shirt was soaked with rain water which made it transperant reveling her white lace bra concealing her 34B cups was so visible through her wet shirt. Her light blue knee length skirt was now dark blue due to the heavy rain. She quickly looked around her in search for shelter and she spotted a steal roof by a house down the quite road that she could stand under. As she turned her back ready to leave the spot were she usually waited for her transport everyday she heard a car pull over next to her she turned around and noticed it was Mr Davies her math teachers BMW.

"Hey jen why are you still here so late? jump in its pouring out there." Jenny was shocked at her math teachers invitation to get in to the car with him. " I'm actually waiting for my transport but his running late today sir" Mr Davies looked at jenny her sexy body all wet with rain water her see thru shirt, her long white legs, her white ankle soaked socks and his eyes moved to her pretty face she had big brown eyes rimmed with long dark lashes and pouty kissable pink lips she was an beautiful 17 year old student of his. He felt his cock harden in his pants and found himself wishing he wasn't married.

" Get in jen I'll give you a ride home don't want you catching a cold." Jenny said yes sir feeling very uncomfortable being all wet and had a need to get home to strip naked and hop in to her hot shower. She opened his car door and sat in his passengers seat then shut the door and immediately apologized for getting his car seat all wet and thanked him for the lift. He replied saying "no worries its my duty to take care of my students and plus you a young girl and anything could of happened to you standing there all alone after school hours." Jenny turned her head looking at him and gave him a cute smile in return. Her eyes began to scan him and she found herself attracted to him his broad shoulders, his hunky mussels, his green eyes and his facial hair was rather attractive for a 36 year old man. She licked her lips.

Davies caught her stare and he quickly asked her where she lived knocking her out of her dream like state. " 121 crossmore road sir" said jen. Davies looked at her soaked skirt and placed his hand on it feeling how wet it was and jokingly saying "lucky I picked up when I did or your skirt would of turned a darker blue." Jen gave a giggle in return. With His hand still on her wet skirt as he drove he guided his hand under her skirt and on to her bare skin.

She felt her pussy mussel's contract and felt herself getting wet this time with her own warm juices. "Mmm you feel so ice maybe you should let me warm yo up?" Jennny looked at him and noticed the blurge in his pants for the first time and let out a soft moan as his hand rubbed against her bare thigh slowly. Suddenly jenny's urge to get home was replaced with the urge to feel Mr Davis her math teacher inside her. She always had a crush on him. Jenny muttered up some courage and placed her hand on Davis's hard cock stroking it lightly and telling him that she wanted him in a seductive voice. Davies felt his heart jump and was surprised that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. His hand then moved higher towards her dripping wet pussy and her rubbed on her clit thru her lace panties. She moaned in return to the simulation. " What time are u expected home?" asked Davis. When jen answered " my parents are out of town for the weekend " and gave him a little wink at the end. He felt his dick twitch in his pants.

Davies grinned as he thought of all the bad things he was going to do to her. Little did she know that He had a dark side to him. Very dark. Davies quickly changed roads and drove over to a nearby expensive b&b room. Jen was nervous and all excited at the same time her heart beat faster and faster as she walked over to the entrance door to the bedroom with him. As soon as they entered he pulled her over to him and pressed her body against his and placed a long warm kiss on her cold lips. He felt her moan thru the kiss and he just knew she was turned on as ever. "Now let's get you out of this wet clothes before you catch a cold." Said Davis with a smile on his face and an evil look in his eyes. Slowly he removed her skirt and ten followed with her school shoes and white socks and he then unbuttoned her wet shirt slowly reavling her lace bra under. There she stood in nothing but her underware in front of her fully dressed math teacher she was aching to feel his touch, to feel him deep inside her wet hot pussy.

But as much as he wanted to fuck his little sexy student like an animal he wanted to make sure that his dark side to him is fully satisfied! Removing his necktie he walked over to jenny as told her to put her hands behind her back and turn around she looked at him questionably for a moment but did as she was told. He then took her two lovely wrists and tied his tie around them very tightly insuring that she can not escape from its hold. He then suddenly pushed her face down on to the huge queen sized bed in front of them. Jenny let out a little scream but she was horny and wet waiting to be taken by her hot teacher. Davies quickly removed her panties and shoved it into her mouth using it as a gag.

Tasting her own juices on her panty made her even more horny. Davies then climbed on top of her and carresed her bare ass with his big rough hand. Without warning she felt a sharp sting on her ass check as he began to spank her hard followed by another spank on the other cheek that wasn't red from the pervious blow. She screamed into her gag as he spanked her ass. Jenny felt very vulnerable in this situation it wasn't what she expected would happen if she agreed to go along with him into the room. " baby girl you need to be punished first before I can fuck you." "You have been a really bad girl in my classroom teasing me during my lectors and making my dick hard." Jenny then felt him unclasp her strapless bra behind her and pulled it out from underneath her.

She now layed fully naked on her tummy face turned to the side and hands tied behind her back as he watched her exposed to him his hard cock was begging for release. Jen heard him unzip his pants and felt him get off of her and knew he was undressing himself. His long hard 8inch cock now free he began stroking it feeling precum leak out of the tip. Davies went over to jens face and grabbed her by the hair and commanded her to suck his cock and she did so wrapping her now warm lips over his cock head and taking him into her hot mouth he let out a moan and began thrusting his cock to the back of her throat, in out in out.

He then commanded her to sallow very drop of his cum and with that he came fast and hard in the poor girls mouth. She struggled to sallow all of his salty warm spank but she managed to get most of it down. Jenny was hot between her legs and deprate for her own orgasm to fill her body but Mr Davies wasn't paying much attention to her poor pussy.

Recovering from his orgasm Davies flipped over jen on her back with her hands still bound. He then began to admire her perfect young body big firm tits topped with huge pink nipples begging for attention, her flat smooth tummy, her hairless wet pussy and her long sexy legs stretched out. He got on top of her and kissed her cheek softly. Then grabbing her tits in his rough hands he gave them a hard squeeze and she yelped through the gag.

He quickly dipped his head down a sucked her pink nipples into his warm mouth biting them hardly as he alternated from one tit to the other rewarding him with a loud moan coming from Jen. He then kissed her down to her stomach and finally his lips was on her pussy with his head between her legs the sweet smell of this young teen beauty made his mouth water and his dick quickly harden again. He began to suck on her clit and tease her hot wet hole with his tongue he lapped up her pussy juice's he savored the taste of her cunt. Her whole body began to shake and she moaned loudly as he placed his big finger into her pussy sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy fast and hard. She then felt her pussy tighten as she came having an amazing orgasm which was givinen to her by her teacher.

Davies knew his little slut had just orgasmed he got off of the bed and went over and picked up his thick leather belt and struck her on her tummy with it. Jenny quickly screamed thru the gag wondering why he had done that. " Did I give you permission to come slave?." She muttered out around the gag "no sir, sorry sir." He looked down at her and said I'm a sadist jenny. "Do you know what that is?, it means I like to hurt you jen." She felt her body respond to his words as she felt herself get wetter down there. Mr Davis climbed on top of her naked body and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy he then pushed hard into her slamming all 8inches into to her at ounce making her scream louldy around the panty gag. He then looked down and saw a trickle of blood flow down his shaft. he smiled and said "awh baby you a virgin." " I'm gona have fun tourtering your sexy young body for the weekend. And he continued to fuck her pussy with long deep and hard strokes which felt like heaven to him. He pulled out as he was about to come for the second time and shot his loud all over Jenny's face her lips her cheeks and some even went in her eye causing it to turn red. He then untied her hands and commanded her not to wipe his cum off her face or he will punish her even harder. He got off the bed leaving jen there and grabbed his camera phone and took out some pictures of his sexy teen slave as she helplessly lay there with cum all over her pretty face.

The end until chapter two.


2017-12-04 18:16:32
I'm so turned on sir please keep going. So much to add blackmail and water sports and making her sleep in a cage and collar her


2017-06-23 09:58:22
It's a great story, just need to work on spelling and punctuation. I really enjoyed it and look forward to part 2.


2017-05-04 23:11:26
It's a tough read. No paragraphs and the spelling is rough. You have a good idea here just expand on it.

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