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Sissy Life
The Adult Sissy

Black silk shirt, short black leather skirt, black hose, black garter belt, black panties, black bra, black patent leather 5-inch heels and black onyx disks for earrings were, I thought, the perfect outfit for Campbell’s Happy Hour. Campbell’s was the most popular bar downtown and its happy hour was legendary, not for the prices, but for the customers. I’d been there before, and knew a couple of the staff, including the manager. He liked good-looking clientele--they dressed up the place, so he liked me.

It was 5:15 when I got there. Mom and her cop were already in a booth, which was definitely a less desirable place to sit than a table, but perfect for people watching. They came to see, I came to be seen. John was there, looking nervous and holding down a table. The manager nodded to me as I entered the bar. I waved and strutted through the gathering crowd to our table and waited while John held my chair. I acted like every eye in the place was on me. John got a dazzling smile. I settled into the tall chair with my legs crossed like I was sitting on the peak of Mount Olympus.

“Get me an Aggravation from the bar, John. With a straw, one of those nice thin red straws they have. Tell the bartender to put it in a tall glass and use ice cream instead of regular cream. I’ve come here before, they’ll probably remember, but it takes an ounce and a half of scotch and I like mine with a full ounce of Kahlua. And tell them to whip it, John, I like it whipped.” My smile never wavered as he went full bore to the bar reciting my instructions. I looked around at the crowd and noticed numerous gentlemen eyeing me. At Campbell’s, as it got crowded, people just plopped down in the chairs, or took them from the table to their table. It was all very informal.

As surely as night follows day, as soon as John left for the bar they started calculating their chances. The first guy to rush to the table opened with a “Hey Beautiful, did that creep leave you here all alone?”

I turned and looked him up and down. A jock type, he had black hair and tan skin and a big white smile with thousands of dollars invested in dentistry. I didn’t return his smile, “The fellow you seem to be referring to is at the bar getting my drink.”

I went to my phone and paid attention to it instead of him. John was at the bar, the guy had my drink in the blender and John didn’t know what to do. He decided to come back to the table, “They’re almost through, Sissy” as he came up.

“Thanks, John, you’re so sweet,” and a big smile, “I know I can be a pain,” which would normally do it, but the fellow just stood there waiting with his hands casually in his pockets for John to leave again. The manager was watching this little drama play out and started easing toward my table. He gave a bouncer the high sign and the bouncer started toward the table with a great deal less subtlety. The crowd parted for him like the Red Sea parting for Moses. He stationed himself between the crowd at the bar and our table and watched. John stood there waiting, determined not to leave until the jock left. So the manager took the opportunity, picked up my drink from the bar and brought it over.

“Here you go, Sissy, it’s great to see you again, you don’t get in here enough.” He put down a napkin and put the drink on it.

I smiled at him, “Thanks Hugh. Have you met John?”

“No. Glad to meet you, a friend of Sissy’s is always welcome at Campbell’s.”

John gave him a “Hi, thanks” and sat down.

The manager motioned one of his minions over and pointed toward the extra chair, “Put this at one of the tables in the back, Sissy and John don’t seem to want a lot of company”. He looked at the jock pointedly.

The bouncer, the size of a small Mack Truck took this as his cue and came up to the table, “Hey, Sissy, great to see you again, how you doing?” He put his arm around my shoulder and smiled, but it didn’t really look totally like a smile.

“I’ve got no complaints Rico, really. Have you met John?”

“Glad to meet you John” and he offered a hand the size of a basketball.

Then his smile vanished and he looked, without saying anything, at the jock, who finally got the hint. He took his hands out of his pockets and backed away, back to the bar, from whence he had come.

“I’ve got this, Hugh,” the bouncer said, and casually sauntered over to the jock and his group at the bar where he they all engaged in a fairly serious, though not intense, conversation. At the end of it he was making that face which passed for a smile, and he shook hands with everybody in the group. The jock and his friends leaned back over the bar finished their drinks and left.

“Geez, you know everybody,” John commented.

I smiled at him, “Not everybody, John, but I’ve been here a few times and I know some people. Hugh didn’t know me well enough to get my straw, for instance.”

I watched John head back to the bar and get one of the red, thin, tall straws and bring it back.

I smiled. “John sounds so old and mature. I like Johnny better than John.”

“You call me Johnny, then,” he said.

I really shined on him then, twisted in my chair in response to a noise to emphasize my breasts and re-crossed my legs. My smile showed my dental work to good advantage, too.

“Thanks for the straw Johnny, it’s the right one,” I puckered my lips on the straw and sucked.

“That hits the spot, Johnny.”

He looked confused. He looked confused a lot, but that was part of his charm. He watched me and I smiled at him before he finally came out with, “I work down the street in the Turnbull Tower.”

“I don’t work.”

“I’m a tax lawyer. I work at the biggest tax firm in the state.”

“That’s nice. Johnny what did I tell you I like to talk about?”

He looked chastened. “Uh, fashion and what you’re wearing and you, you like to talk about you.”

I smiled, “That’s right, Johnny, very good. But just knowing something is only part of it, using that knowledge is the other part.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Johnny.”

“You look very sophisticated, all in black except for your lipstick and nail polish.”

“Thank you Johnny.”

“How have you been?”

“I’ve been well, Johnny. Do you like this outfit or the red hearts outfit better?”

I turned to a noise and let him see my breasts and legs and shoes and then turned back to him. He was struggling.


“They’re both beautiful.”

“That’s nice Johnny, but you surely have a preference.”

He looked at me and settled for “Those red hearts were perfect for the Italian restaurant and the sophisticated black outfit is perfect for Campbell’s. You’d look beautiful in anything.”

“Oh, Johnny, do you really think so? That’s sweet.” My smile was the best yet. “Scoot your chair over here closer, you’re hard to hear over there.”

Johnny got up and moved his chair over toward me.

“Closer, I don’t bite, much of the time,” and I gave him another smile. My jaws were starting to hurt.

He put his chair closer. I drug it over touching mine. He sat down, honestly, on the right side of the chair so he wasn’t touching me.

“The chair can’t get any closer Johnny. If you don’t sit in the middle of the seat you are going to wind up with an unsightly crease in your butt.”

He turned red and moved to the center of his chair. I scooted over so I was touching his leg with my leg. I casually put my arm on his chair back and started fiddling with his hair while I took another sip of my drink and looked at him.

“Now, what were we talking about?”

“You. We were talking about you,” he blurted out.

“Oh yeah, and I wanted you closer so I could hear you better.” I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and took another sip.

He said, “Your shoes are pretty.”

I pointed my toe and looked down, he followed my lead.

“You like these?”

“Yes, I love them.”

“You don’t like open-toed shoes?”

“Yes, yes, these are just perfect with your outfit, though.”

“Thank you Johnny,” and I smiled and played with his hair.

I waited and he finally said it without prompting, “Those black stockings are pretty,” and that got a conversation started. I smiled and thanked him and, just like that, he complimented me on every single thing I was wearing he could see, one at article at a time telling me how perfect I looked in it, how beautiful I was. My side of the conversation consisted of thanking him for each compliment and smiling and toying with his hair.

He looked relieved as if he’d figured out the code. The conversation became more interesting. I described what I wore on our first date and he told me how good it looked on me and how perfect it was. Johnny had figured out his first lesson. Most of our conversations after that became about me my clothes and fashion for a while. I was going to love training Johnny. He had absolutely zero interest in clothes or fashion when he met me, you could tell by his clothes, but that didn’t matter he was determined to learn. Maybe his wardrobe wasn’t any better after one date, but he noticed mine. It was a start.

We went out a couple of more times after that and I started giving him little kisses on the cheeks or even a peck on the lips when he did what I wanted. Our little visits could still be excruciating while he desperately tried to figure out what to say, but it was progress, undeniably. One day I invited him over for dinner. I explained that I lived with my Mom and I wanted him to meet her. He asked me what to wear, a dozen other silly questions that I didn’t answer at all. Finally he got the hint and we talked about me. Johnny could be maddening, but he was definitely trying hard.

Our dinner was catered by one of the best chefs in town. Mom and I got a full course French dinner with all the trimmings. I got Johnny meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We drank wine while he drank a coke. He didn’t say anything, at all, just talked about me and how pretty I was and what a great outfit I had on. After dinner I settled him in the media room, turned on the TV to some channel that played ‘50’s westerns, and went back to the kitchen to talk to Mom.

First, we laughed then she said, pointedly, “I see you’ve found someone who has the same favorite subject as you, which happens, by coincidence to be you.” She smiled as she said it.

I replied casually, “It’s been a struggle getting him to this point, but fun, definitely fun. Well, back to the grind, I can’t have him thinking about anything but me for too long.” I went back to the media room with a big smile on my face.

The first thing I did without any hesitation, was march straight to the TV, change the channel from the show he was watching, and put it on the Fashion channel. Without saying anything I went to the sofa and sat down beside him and started playing with his hair. After a couple of minutes of silence I said, “I think I’d like your hair longer” without any explanation.

After a couple of more minutes I announced I was bored and looked at Johnny and asked, “Would you like to see my room?”

His eyes were big. “Yes.”

So I got up and he did too and I started out of the room, Johnny following. I stopped, “Johnny, the TV,” and waited impatiently for him to go turn it off. Then I gave him the remote and made him put it on top of the TV.

He followed me up the stairs and I made sure he got a little peek up my skirt at my frilly panties. When we got to the room, I got a straight back folding chair and set it next to the bed. “Sit,” and I pointed to the chair.

I sat on the edge of the bed with my bare legs crossed and started playing with his hair again and I repeated, “Your hair needs to be longer,” you can’t give a lesson too many times. This time he responded, “Yes, if that’s what you want.”

I looked thunderstruck, at least that was the expression I was trying for. “My goodness, it’s not what I want, it’s what I want you to want. It’s a philosophical concept I like.”

“Yes, it’s what I want too,” he repeated.

I smiled and patted his cheek and gave him a little peck. “That’s a good boy. Now, would you like to see me put on a fashion show for you, to show you some of my outfits?”

“Yes, I’d like to see you put on a fashion show.”

I smiled. “OK. Sit here while I change.” I then left him sitting quietly while I threw on a pair of leather pants, open-toed high heels and a frilly blouse with a cool wide brimmed hat. I looked through the opening in the closet door and he was looking around the room. I waited until he was looking away and pounced out of the closet.

“Oh, I thought you’d be waiting for me to come out.”

“I was, I was.”

“Did you think I was going to appear over there?”

“No, no, I thought you were coming back from the closet.”

“Then why were you looking over there?” I did my best to sound sincerely perplexed.

“Ah…I was just looking around.”

“At what?”

“I was looking at your room.”

“Oh, I thought you wanted me to put on a fashion show.”

“I did, I did.” He hesitated just a second as I looked at him as if I were trying to figure him out. Then it hit him, “You look beautiful.”

I smiled, “Why thank you Johnny. I was honestly wondering if you thought the room was more interesting than me.”

“No. No,” and he told me my shoes were fabulous. I smiled and sat down on the bed. “Thank you Johnny. You don’t think this is too much?” I leaned back on the bed and lifted my legs and put my feet and shoes in his face.

“No, no.”

“It’s not? Do you like them?” I put my hands behind my knees to support my legs and kept them in his face.

“Yes, yes I like them.”

“Then why are you looking at me and not my feet?”

He turned his eyes immediately to my feet that were right under his nose.

“Hold them up for me, me holding them up is getting tiresome.”

As soon as he rested my feet in his hands I released my legs and supported myself on my elbows on the bed.

“Your feet are pretty.”

“Why thank you Johnny. Do you like the polish?”

“Yes I like the polish.”

We sat there a couple of seconds with him holding my feet and examining them. He didn’t even sneak a peek at me. I smiled.

“If you’re not through looking at them and you’re getting tired, I can put them on the floor and you can get down on your knees and look at them”, I said with my most innocent voice.

“I’d like that,” he said.

“OK’ and we sat there a couple of seconds more. “Put them down on the floor and get down on your hands and knees and look at them.”

He didn’t even hesitate. He put them down carefully on the floor and got down on his hands and knees in front of my feet. I started playing with his hair.

“Just a second, I can make this more fun,” I said as I got up, “Stay there” and he stayed on his hands and knees while I got a small table lamp with an LED bulb. I brought it back and clipped it to my headboard and turned it on. The bulb was bright.

“You can adjust it, if you want, to shine right on my feet.”

And, Lord help us, he did. I was playing with his hair and smiling really big, but he didn’t see as he was concentrating on my feet. After a couple of minutes, I got bored and said, “That’s enough of that. You can stay down there if you want though, we can talk like this.”

I switched off the light and we talked about the rest of my outfit. He said I was beautiful over and over. I showed my approval by smiling and thanking him.

After a while, I asked, “Would you like to see another outfit?”


“Good.” He started to get up. “Stay down there, there’s no need for you to be getting up and down” and went to the closet. I put on some very short shorts and cute yellow wedges with huge heels and yellow ribbons and a yellow crop top.

I went back to the bed, sat down and switched on the light and said, “Now adjust it.”

He put it on my feet and looked closely at them for a couple of minutes, then I switched off the lamp and we talked about the rest of my outfit and how pretty I looked in it. It was heady stuff, no doubt. He was very cute, complimenting me over and over.

After I tired of this I got up, said, “Stay” and went down to the kitchen and got some doggie treats I’d bought for this occasion and went back to the room carrying them in front of me so he could see. I sat back down in front of him again and asked, “Do you want to play a game with me that I’d love to play?”

He must have know what was coming, so he hesitated a second before he said, “Yes.”

I put the doggy treats beside me on the bed and clapped my hands, “Oh, good. We’ll have fun.”

I took a treat out of the bag, and held it between my two fingers in front of him, “Now beg” and smiled my best smile.

He hesitated again, “Please?”

“No, no, put your hands up and open your mouth with your tongue out. Don’t you want to play?” I pouted.

“Yes”, he gurgled, “I want to play.”

“OK, now let’s start again. Beg.”

He got up on his knees with his hands in front of him bend down with his tongue out and mouth open.

“Good boy, good boy.” I put the treat in his mouth and rubbed his head as he ate it.

“Oh, that is fun. Are you having fun?”

He said, “Yes.”

I looked disgusted. “No, no, you’re not doing it right. Get on your knees and bow down and wiggle your ass and kind of bounce and be enthusiastic. Dogs can’t talk. You know what I want, do it.”

He did as I’d described. I held another treat in front of him and had him beg for it.

“This is fun.” I looked at him slyly, “Would you like it if you had a bowl on the floor with food and a bowl with water you could eat while Mom and I ate. It would be so much fun.”

He wiggled his butt and bowed up and down and shook his head with his mouth open and tongue out.

I laughed, “Well maybe we’ll do that then, if you want to so bad.” I smiled and had him beg for another treat. I rubbed his head and said, thoughtfully, “I’ve never had a dog.”

“Well, time for another outfit.” I went to the closet and stripped. I put on a gaffe to hide my dick as well as possible and put my frilly panties and bra back on. I took the chastity device off the shelf and threw it on the bed, and, after a couple of seconds, followed it. This time, though, I didn’t sit on the edge of the bed. I laid down on my elbow. The illusion wasn’t perfect, but I think it was OK. I motioned Johnny to the floor, right next to the bed, close to me. I got my phone and started playing with it while idly rubbing his head. I scratched behind his ears and remarked again, just so he didn’t forget, how much fun this was.

A half an hour or so passed and I put down my phone. Johnny had his chin on the edge of the bed and I was stroking his head. I stopped and picked up the device and examined it closely, making sure Johnny could see all the parts. I looked back at him a couple of times then back at the device before putting it down and stretching, holding my hands in the air in fists. “This is great.”

I had him beg for another treat. “You do that begging really well, Johnny, I like that, it makes me smile. You want to do some other tricks?” I smiled like it was the most important thing in the world to me.

He bounced around with his tongue out and wiggled his butt.

‘OK.” I held out a treat in my two fingers. “Roll over.”

He sort of rolled over. I made him do it over and over until he got it just like I wanted. I gave him the treat and he jumped up and down. I put my hand in front of his mouth and he licked it. I giggled when he did, “Good boy, good boy!” and gave him another treat.

I put up the treats and looked at him. “This is, without a doubt, fun, Johnny. But we’re almost out of treats,” I said disappointed. “I didn’t think you’d want so many. I’m going to have to keep plenty around the house. I guess that’s all for that game tonight.” I motioned him back into the chair and leaned over on my elbow facing him.

“This is what you want, isn’t it Johnny.”

He looked at me. “Go ahead”, I said seriously, “Tell me the truth, you loved this game, didn’t you?” I picked up the device and started idly feeling it.

“Yes, Sissy. I loved playing your dog.”

“Johnny, I don’t want you to love playing my dog. I want you to love being my dog.” I looked at him seriously. “Didn’t you love being my dog?”

“Yes. I loved being your dog.”

“Great,” and I was all smiles. I put the device on the nightstand behind his chair.

“We are going to have fun. Next time you come over for dinner you can eat out of those bowls on the floor while Mom and I eat. Maybe you can beg for table scraps from Mom and me. Wouldn’t you just love that?”

“Yes. I’d love eating out of a dog dish and begging for table scraps.”

“I knew you would Johnny. Now when would you like to come over again?”


She laughed. “I’ve got to get some dishes with your name on them, and maybe a collar and leash and a couple of toys for you to fetch for me. That will be fun. Would you like that? We could play in the yard.”

“When will you have all that stuff?”

“I tell you what, I’ll send you a picture with it all when I have it, and you come over that night, at 6:30, so we have time to play before and after dinner. Maybe Mom will throw your toys for you, too. Won’t we have fun, Johnny?” I smiled and stretched so he could admire my body.

He answered immediately, “Yes, Sissy.”

“Good. I will too.”

I sat up on the edge of the bed and started kicking my feet and picked up the device and started idly fingering it. Finally he got the hint.

“What’s that?”

“This”? Here, and I gave it to him. “Look at it, tell me what you think it is.”

He looked at it and, after more examination than was truly needed, said, “It looks like it’s some kind of metal belt.” He gave it back to me.

“Yes, I guess it does. Since you want we’ll play ‘guess what the device is’, we’ll have fun. Now, what do you think this is for?” I pointed to the cup inside the metal frame in front.

He cleared his throat, “Ah, it looks like it’s for a penis.”

“Why yes it does. Whose penis?”

“Mine?” He ventured.

I laughed. “That’s not what I meant, but there are no wrong answers so we’ll accept that. I think the best answer is that it is for the penis of the person wearing it.”

He reddened and said, “Oh. Yeah.”

“See, the penis fits right in here”. I pointed to the lock. “And what do you suppose that is?”

“That’s a lock.”

“Very good, Johnny. What do you suppose it locks?”

“The belt?”

“That’s good. See, the tip of the penis fits in this hole so the wearer can urinate when wearing it.”

He reddened again, “I see.”

I looked dubious. “OK, Johnny, let’s summarize what you’ve learned about the device. First, when the device is closed the penis of the wearer is behind that belt in that cup secured with the tip halfway through that hole. What happens when the belt is locked with the device closed?”

“The penis is locked in that cup.”

“And when does the device absolutely have to be unlocked?”

“Undetermined, since the wearer can urinate wearing it.”

I smiled, “Very good, Johnny.” I handed it back to him.


“Ah, I like philosophical questions, Johnny. Why? As an example, take us, for instance. I know, under most circumstances, you are going to go home and masturbate tonight until you can’t masturbate anymore. That would make next time less fun than today, even though we might be doing things that actually should be more fun, because you would have sated yourself sexually and expect to every time we meet. If, on the other hand, you were locked in that device and I had the key, you couldn’t masturbate and tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever I got the supplies we need for next time, or even whenever I got bored with other things, I could tell you to come over and then you’d still have that sexual edge.” I looked at him.

He immediately and steadfastly denied it. “I won’t masturbate!”

I laughed and put one bare foot on his chest and pushed him back and put the other one under his nose and said, “Look at my feet. Now look at me and convince me that you will not masturbate when you get home, and, after you do it the first time, just keep on. Go ahead, convince me.” My big smile mitigated the harsh tone.

He hemmed and hawed. I said, “Go on. Convince me.”

He looked down at his shoes and I rubbed my bare foot under his chin. “Now that’s honest. You can’t convince me, so you’re not even going to try, because we both know that’s what you’ll do. In fact, we both know that’s what you’ve done after each and every one of our dates, haven’t you?”

He said quietly, almost a whisper, “Yes.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that Johnny, I like you thinking about me. The only thing that bothers me is that I don’t believe you think about me all the time. Don’t deny it sweetie, we both know after you’ve done your little perverted act until you can’t anymore, then you only start thinking about me when your sexual drive kicks back in. It’s natural. I think it’s cute. In fact, if you want, I’ll give you this pair of panties I’m wearing right now for you to take home and wear over your head while you’re masturbating. How’s that? You can even buy me a few pair specifically for that purpose, wearing them so you can smell me while you are wearing them on your head. I don’t mind at all. But Johnny, if you’re wearing this, you’ll have that sexual edge all the time and you’ll be thinking only about me. I like boys like that.”

He looked shocked.

I continued, “So we agree that you’ll act more like I want if you are wearing this,” and I took it from him and held it up. “Don’t we?”

“Yes”, he looked at it and reached for it. I gave it to him with a smile. He said, “I guess I could wear it until I came over again.”

“No, Johnny, I wouldn’t want that. I’d only want you to wear it if you were going to wear it all the time and give me the key, so I can control access all the time. Try it on. Don’t lock it if you don’t want.”

He looked at it, and me, sitting there.

“Go ahead, strip down, I’m not shy. Take off your pants and underwear and just try the device on.”

He slowly took off his loafers and pants and hesitated before finally taking off his briefs.

“That device looks better with boxers, Johnny.” I got up on the bed on my elbow and watched him put his penis in the hole in the cup and put the belt on.

“That’s cute, Johnny. I like that. Walk around and let me make sure you’re as comfortable as can be expected, because if you aren’t comfortable, I’m not going to let you wear it. No matter how cute it is on you.” I scrunched my nose and then smiled. I went to my closet shelf and got the instructions for it. “You’ll have plenty of time at home to read this, and understand it, in case it needs any adjustments”, and left them on the chair.

Johnny walked around the room and came back in front of me.

“You know, now, if you lock it and leave me with the key, I don’t feel any obligation at all, ever, to give you the key again, right? I mean we agree that you belong to me without any reservations, at all,” and I tempered it with my best smile.

He gasped and then said, “Right.”

“Good, just so we understand one another. Now lock it.” I stood up in front of him with my legs slightly spread and my hands on my hips and looked at him and smiled.

He looked at me and fought with himself. I loved watching him. This alone was worth the aggravation. Finally, I heard ‘click’ and I controlled him.

I got up and put my arms around his neck and kissed him, actually kissed him, no tongue, but a real kiss on the lips. “That’s so cool Johnny, now we’re all fixed up. We’re a couple. Do you want that underwear to take home?”

He swallowed.

I said, “You won’t be able to beat off, but you can still wear them over your head when you go to bed so you can smell me.”

“OK. I’d like to have the underwear.”

“Great”, I went to the closet and changed into another pair. “Don’t forget the instructions.” I thought about taking my panties off in front of him, but I didn’t want to let him see the gaff. I wanted the first time he saw me without panties to see my dick. I put on a pink pair and took the white ones to him and stuffed them into his pants pocket and moved my hand around until I felt the device.

“We’re going to have so much fun”. He went down to the front door, where I gave him a kiss with tongue and everything, and sent him on his way with a “Nitey-nite, sweetie. See you whenever, wait for me to call,” and gave him that big smile.

I ran to Mom and immediately asked, “Did you get it all?”

She laughed and said, “Yes. I’ve raised a devil. A fun devil though. He is going to chase a rubber bone for me until his tongue hangs out.”
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