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The Sissy Story reaches its conclusion
The Adult Sissy Continues

All the stuff, some dishes, the leash, the collar, the toys, a chew bone and a ball with a bell in it, a couple of bags of training reward dog treats, and some dry dog food, were ready the next day. His dog tag and dishes with his name on them would take a couple of weeks, but I thought that was way too long for the first time in a chastity belt. I wanted him fired up, not frantic and thinking of ways out. I felt like it was most important to start having fun. Mom agreed, so I sent off the picture two days later and he was outside the house waiting at 5:45 to ring the doorbell at 6:30. I let him sit while I got ready.

I chose blue flowered shorts, a spaghetti strap white top that exposed my midriff and white flat sandals and a little sailor hat. I carried a big purse. I looked adorable. I wore little makeup. My goal was to look wholesome. Mom dressed in shorts and a tiny top with spaghetti straps also, and tennis shoes. The caterer wasn’t scheduled until 7:30, so we could have some fun before dinner. I was really looking forward to it, and totally prepared when the doorbell rang.

I ran to answer it, in fact. And I grabbed Johnny around the neck and told him I had missed him. He looked in a daze, just like I liked him. We went out in the back yard and joined Mom. There were two poolside loungers, one for me and one for Mom. Mom was already laying in hers and I went to mine and reclined. I had Johnny cover me with sunscreen and complimented him on his soft hands. When he was finished, I patted the ground beside me and he went and sat down. He sat down and told me how pretty I was and complimented each item of my outfit before I asked him, cheerfully, “Are you ready to play? Good boy. Get on all fours and lean back on your heels. Waggle your butt for me. Good boy.” I smiled and informed him, “Go over there to Mom. I was telling her what a good boy you were and she wanted to play, too.”

Mom smiled and took out a bag of dog treats and showed them to him and rattled them, “Come on, don’t be shy,” and gave him a smile.

Johnny hesitated a moment before going over to Mom. She tousled his hair and said, “It is too short. Now Sissy says you know lots of tricks. Let me see.” She held out a treat in front of him, “Beg”, and after a second he was on his knees with his hands in front of him bent down, his mouth open, his tongue lolling wiggling his butt.

“Oh my goodness that is so sweet. Here you are Johnny” and she tossed the treat in his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed it and went back to begging.

Mom laughed, “That is so cute. Oh my goodness. Let’s see what else he can do.” She held out a treat and said, “Roll Over,” and Johnny rolled over just like I’d taught him. Mom laughed and clapped her hands again. “God, playing with him is fun. We need a pet around here,” and she smiled at him and scratched behind his ear. “Undress Johnny, you don’t need all those human clothes on, they just detract from the picture.”

Johnny looked at me, I looked at him and said, “Mom commands you’d better listen.” Johnny stripped down to his underwear. You could see the device under it, but we wanted him without any clothes. “Now take off your briefs, Johnny. Didn’t I tell you boxers were better for the device than briefs?”

Johnny reluctantly took off his underwear and was completely nude except for his device. “Doesn’t he look cute, Mom?” I asked.

“Yes he does.” She pursed her lips and clicked them and said, “Here Johnny, Here Johnny.”

He went over to her but he looked back at me. I reassured him, “Johnny is so cute. I like watching the two of you play together. It is very fun. Entertain me,” and I smiled.

Mom really put him through his paces. He rolled over, begged, and played dead. She taught him how to jump over a stick she held, though he wasn’t very good at it. She finally asked me for his ball. I got the ball with a bell in it and tossed it to her. She caught it and showed it to Johnny, threw it down the yard and said, “Fetch”. The ball went sailing and Johnny went and got it, but not fast enough for Mom. “No, now really run after it on all fours, and bring it back in your mouth”, and she threw it again and yelled, “Fetch” and he went after it faster and picked it up in his mouth and brought it back. Mom laughed when he brought it back and said, “It would be cute if he growled and picked it up with a little fight before bringing it back” and Johnny did what she wanted. Then she said “A lot of dogs don’t just give it up but hold it tight in their jaws while I worry it loose”, and did it again and Johnny cooperated. They did this several times and Mom finally looked at him and threw it in the pool. Johnny went after it, but Mom wasn’t satisfied, insisting that he jump in the pool with his limbs akimbo and dogpaddle after it and fetch it in his mouth. She did this a couple of times before she tired of it, gave his head a caress and announced that she had to go in the kitchen. She said, “Clean him up, Sissy, I don’t want stuff all over the kitchen.”

As Mom went into the kitchen, I took him over to the hose and washed him off then dried him with a towel. “Oh, I think Mom really likes you Johnny, that’s very good. You have been such a good boy today.”

After he was washed down, I put his collar on him and patted his head and we went into the kitchen, him on all fours. On the table was a gourmet meal for two, Mom and me. On the floor were two dog dishes, one filled with some kind of dry stuff with gravy and one filled with water. Mom and I started eating and told Johnny to go ahead. He hesitated for a minute, took a bite, made a face, and looked at us. “Go ahead, Johnny, it’s good for you.” He went back to his food and started eating. We made him drink like a dog. When he finished every bite of his food, and licked the bowl, we praised him and Mom offered him a scrap under the table. Johnny looked at it and came over and took it from her hand. She put her fingers in her mouth for him to lick. I loved it. He looked at me for approval. “Go ahead Johnny, we’re a family you belong to both of us.”

Mom and I sat at the table, talking about Johnny so he could hear.
“I’d like to keep him here at home, Mom. As you see, he’s fun, he’s teachable, and he isn’t expensive.”

“But doesn’t he have a home, sweetie?”

“I honestly don’t know. But if he moved here we could build a little house off the pool cabana, and he could move in there. He wouldn’t be any problem at all.”

“Well, I don’t know Sissy, I think anybody as cute and as much fun as he is must have a home.” She reached under the table and gave him another scrap from her plate and let him lick her fingers.

I looked at her and threw a scrap on the floor. “Get it Johnny, get it!” Johnny ate it off the floor, “See Mom, if we dropped food on the floor, Johnny would get it,” I laughed.

“Well, Sissy, he has a lot of good points. We’ll see.”

After dinner Mom and I watched a movie while Johnny lay quietly at our feet. Once Mom put her foot almost in his mouth and Johnny licked her toe. Mom laughed and said, “It’s almost like he understood our dinner conversation and wants to show how much fun it would be to keep him.”

God it was great, it was just like having a dog.

After the movie, Johnny came upstairs on all fours, following me. He made me laugh.

He lay down beside my bed as I got in it and paid attention to my phone while idly petting him.

After a few minutes I suddenly looked at him and said, “I’m tired of playing right now. It’s time to get serious. Do you like my outfit?”

He told me how gorgeous I was and how much he liked my outfit. All the things he liked to talk about. I got a notebook out of my nightstand and the key was on it. I looked at it, and I looked at him, I put it back in the drawer.

“Are you ready?”

He nodded.

I started talking about my clothes. I went and got my heart earrings and heart necklace and he told me how much he liked them. I asked him, “Do you like hearts, Johnny?”


“Do you really?”


“OK, just a second,” and I went to the bathroom and got a razor and shaving cream and some cosmetic scissors and went back to the bed, set them on the nightstand, and sat down with my feet on the bed and looked at him.

“I think that’s cute. I want you to cut my pubic hairs in the shape of a heart, they’re already trimmed but I want you to do this special, good job, leaving the hairs a quarter inch or so high, and in the shape of a heart, OK?”

He looked at me, then back at the tools and then, “Sure, Sissy. I’ll do a good job.”

I theatrically took the key out of the nightstand and clutched it in my hand, “I’ll judge that, Johnny.” I leaned back and lay flat on the bed with my shorts and panties still on.

“You can’t really do this from down there, Johnny, you’re going to have to get on the bed and get your face down there, after you take off my shorts, and panties.”

Johnny gulped, climbed on the bed and took my shorts off, then my panties. He saw my dick immediately.

“You have to get down there to do it right, Johnny. You know what to do, and you know what I’m going to want to happen when you finish, don’t you?”

He looked back at my face and then my dick and down at my legs and back again.

“You’d want me to suck your dick?”

“Johnny, you know me better than that. I don’t want you to suck my dick. I want you to want to suck my dick, to lick it, to kiss it, to get into it. I guess a better verb would have been ‘like’ instead of ‘want’.”

“You’d like me to suck your dick?”

“Better, Johnny. Yes, I’d like that, but I take female hormones so you are really going to have to work to give me an orgasm, but I’d like that too. You’re so cute, especially fetching the ball and growling, really going after it. Well?”

He licked his lips, “OK.”

“OK, what, Johnny?”

“I’d like to suck your dick.”

“Great, to be honest I knew you would.” I looked smug, “So I guess you’d better trim a really great heart to impress me, huh?”

And I leaned back and let him get to work. It took him half an hour, or more. When he said he was finished, I said, “OK, let me check it”, and went into my closet. The heart looked fabulous above my dick. I smiled, and took off my top, looked at my perky breasts in the mirror, and put on a pair of 5-inch heels and strutted around the room for him with a mini hard-on. Then I got into bed on my back and pulled his head between my legs.

I thrust my dick into his face. He licked and kissed and sucked and after about thirty minutes I came in his mouth, he looked panicky, and I said simply, “Swallow” and he did.

I got up on my elbow and looked at him and tousled his hair. “I hope you don’t think you’re going to get out of that device every time you suck my dick, because you’re going to suck my dick a lot, and you aren’t going to be out of it near that much. This is a special night. With that out of the way, let’s talk. You’ve been such a good boy, I’m going to give you the key tonight and you’re going to take the device off and then give me the key back before you do anything else. Then, as is normal with us, you’re going to entertain me. You’re going to beat off on my shoes, then clean them off with your tongue. Then you’re going to take my shoes off and beat off on my feet and clean them off with your tongue. Let’s see how many times you can do that before you put the device back on, and you lock it. Do you understand? Do you have any questions?”

He nodded no. I handed him the key, he opened the device, took it off, gave me the key back. I swear he only stroked it a couple of times before cumming all over my shoes. I watched him lick his cum off them, while he was hard as a rock. He took my shoes off my feet and beat off again, this time cumming on my feet. I put my toes in his mouth and he sucked the semen off them and then licked it off the other parts of my feet. We did this again, and then again, before he ran out of steam. Five times was pretty good, though. To be fair, I am cute and, thanks to me, he was ready.

Exhausted he laid on the bed. I said, “Uh-Uh, lover. Put that device back on first.” He struggled a little bit but did it. He looked so cute and so tired. “Now lock it.” He hesitated a second and I said, “If you don’t want to, just don’t do it, it’s entirely up to you. Mom and I always have fun. We like you, but part of that attraction is you voluntarily locking yourself in that chastity device whenever I want, which is all the time, except very special times, like this. This speech will get tiresome in a hurry, though. We both know how much you like all this, so quit playing hard to fucking get and lock it, before I lose patience.” I heard the ‘click’. “That’s a good boy, now get off the bed, Johnny, and lay down here on the floor” and I pointed to a spot by the head of the bed where I could reach his head.

I started playing with his hair. “Mom thinks you’re all tied up and unable to live with us full-time. I’m not so sure you couldn’t find a way, though, Johnny. I know you’d like to, and I know Mom likes playing with you almost as much as I do, but only you can make decisions like that. You just have to decide what you want, part-time and catch as catch can, or becoming a full-time dog for me and Mom”.

I fell asleep and Johnny spent the night, on the floor by my bed. I woke up with a little hard on, so I sat on the edge of the bed and woke Johnny up by pulling head up into my crotch. I braced myself with my hands back on the bed and sitting up while Johnny gave me one of those great blowjobs, again, burying his nose in my heart at one point. It was a long time before I came in his mouth. I then sent him off to work without letting him even brush his teeth. God, it’s great being pretty, nothing beats it.

We settled in to this routine. Johnny would take me out some days and I’d make all the decisions. He’d come over to the house other days and play with Mom and be my dog and then he’d give me a blowjob. He started out pretty good but got even better at the blowjobs, so I let him blow me oftener. He also got better and better at ‘fetch’ and a couple of times he made some pretty impressive leaps over the stick Mom held. I let him out of his device a couple of times and he put on some pretty impressive shows eating his cum, or cleaning up. I had a blast.

In our family’s life, Mom did all of our business. She’d actually done pretty well too. When I became Ashley Meredith Quinn, the settlement with Dad had made us very well to do. Since then, her fascination with technology and interest in business had made us rich. Not super rich but rich enough to have some clout in certain circles. Business just didn’t interest me like it did Mom. This could be considered a good thing because everyone just assumed I was Mom’s daughter and no one had any real interest in my background. Anyway, we, that is, Mom holdings and my trust fund, thanks to Mom, were quite healthy. The trust fund was cancelled and a lump sum reverted to me when I was 20. I was going to have to make some decisions. It didn’t matter to me, though, as with other rich young people, I had always been rich and had no idea of the struggles of most other people. Mom still took care of everything, but all the former assets of the trust ended up in Ashley Meredith Quinn’s name, and it was pretty substantial. Without really thinking about it, I left Mom in charge of things. This all made an interesting situation even more interesting.

One day I decided to surprise Johnny at work, out of the blue. I went up to the law firm he worked at and asked for him. The receptionist was cool, to say the least. At her invitation, I sat down to wait in the outer office of what was, evidently, a pretty large firm, but I didn’t know them from Perry Mason or Law and Order. I wanted to have lunch with Johnny.

I was surprised to see the jock from Campbell’s came into the reception area, go up to the receptionist who pointed me out. He sauntered over to me and explained John didn’t really get visitors. I told him I wanted to see him. The jock was adamant. Nobody could see John. I knew Mom knew someone at John’s firm so I texted her and told her what was going on. All the time the jock was standing there smirking. I sat back down and, amazingly, the receptionist said I couldn’t wait.

I texted Mom again.

She answered ‘wait right where you are, help is on the way’.

I went up to the receptionist who was very snotty this time and asked why I couldn’t wait. She told me to leave or she’d call security. I can tell you I started to lose my temper when a silver haired man, dressed impeccably walked into the reception area. The jock disappeared out the door and the receptionist started looking busy. I didn’t know him from Adam. He looked around and walked over to me, “Ashley Meredith Quinn”? I put my finger up and said, “Here.”

“Ah, your mother just called me. There seems to be some misunderstanding.” He turned around to look at the now horrified receptionist and asked her whether she could tell him what was going on. He used her name, but I didn’t catch it. The receptionist stammered and said something about not being able to help me.

I spoke up, “I came here to surprise John Nolan and this young lady and the fellow that was here and just left told me I couldn’t see him.”

The receptionist said, “Mr. Drew I didn’t know what was going on.” I noted ‘Drew’ was the name on the sign behind her desk.

I spoke up again, “I asked for John and this young lady called another gentleman who evidently works here and they told me I couldn’t see John.”

“Does John work here”? Mr. Drew seemed puzzled.

This had blown up in the receptionist’s face and she was trying to put herself in the best light. “I don’t know sir.”

I piped up again, “You knew who he was when I asked for him, you said he couldn’t have visitors.”

The receptionist looked like she was going to cry.

“What happened to that gentleman who you did call?” I asked.

Mr. Drew looked at her. “Get me Human Resources now.”

“Yes Mr. Drew” and the blonde dialed some number and when it was answered said, “hold for Mr. Drew, please” and handed him the phone.

“Does John Nolan work here? Please have him come to the reception area. Thank you.”

“How long have you worked here, Miss Havens” and looked at the receptionist. About that time John came in the door on the run. I burst into tears and ran to him and hugged him.

“What are you doing here?” John asked before he got me a tissue from the receptionist’s desk.

Another, older lady came in about that time.

I told John that I had come up to take him to lunch as a surprise and the receptionist and that horrible man from the bar wouldn’t let me see John, but this nice Mr. Drew had fixed it.

The receptionist then started crying.

John, “I’m sorry Mr. Drew this is a friend of mine. I don’t think she’s ever been to the office before.”

“There is no need to apologize Nolan, neither you nor Miss Quinn owes anyone an apology. Can you tell me why this receptionist said you couldn’t come to the front?”

“I have no idea Mr. Drew, no idea at all”, and he turned to the receptionist and asked, “Why?”

She started mumbling something but mostly crying.

The older lady wasn’t buying it though. “Is this job too much for you Miss Havens? Your tears seem to indicate that.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Owens” the receptionist started composing herself.

Mr. Drew interjected, “Let’s get this straightened out right now so I can get back to work. First, Nolan, you and your young lady can be my guest in the senior partners’ dining room. Miss Havens, call them and inform them that Mr. Nolan and Miss Quinn will be my guest for lunch. Now who is the other gentleman who is not here?”

Miss Havens kept her head down while she was calling.

“That horrid man from the bar”, I said through my tears.

“What horrid man, what bar?” Mr. Drew asked.

John spoke up “That’s probably James Howard, Mr. Drew. One day Miss Quinn met me for happy hour at Campbell’s and Mr. Howard didn’t get a clear picture, I don’t think”.

“What the hell does that mean? Havens, get Howard here, now. If he’s out of the building, get him back.”

Miss Havens started dialing again, and a very few minutes later Howard came through the door just as Mr. Drew was insisting Miss Havens be fired if she was still on probation, or put back on probation if she were off and sent back to the classes on how to treat clients.

I entered the conversation again, “I didn’t want anybody fired.”

“Miss Quinn I’ll have to put you on the senior partner elevator in a couple of seconds and take you up, but now this is really an internal personnel problem. On behalf of the firm, I want to apologize for the way you were treated”.

He turned to James Howard who was standing looking at the scene. “Howard, I don’t know exactly what happened here, and I’m not going to do a full investigation. Mrs. Owens, you know what generally went on, I know Howard has just gotten off, so put him back on probation, and do whatever with Havens. Finally, Mr. Howard we don’t treat clients in this manner.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Drew, I didn’t know she was a client.”

“Good Howard, good. You have just seen a demonstration why we treat everyone who comes through that door like our biggest client. Have your father meet me in my office at 2. Did you get that Miss Havens, in case something goes awry?”

She answered, “Yes, Mr. Drew.”

“Thank you everyone, come on Miss Quinn, Nolan,” and he walked to the elevator.

John and I followed him, me drying my eyes, John with his arm over my shoulder. We were seated in a beautiful intimate dining area with waiters and plush carpets and chandeliers. John told me he was surprised I was an important client of the firm. He said he worked in the department taking care of small businesses, like Bowling Alleys and Dry Cleaners. James Howard’s father supervised the department taking care of individual accounts and that was a whole different area so he wouldn’t know. I reminded John what I liked to talk about, not this crap, and it finally turned into a great lunch. John met all the bigwigs in his firm, and Mr. Howard, James’ father, sent us over a dessert. It was very fun, but it pointed toward a vulnerability that I hadn’t considered.

When I got home I mentioned it to Mom. Those folks, if they did a little research have in their records the fact that I was born David Paul Rockhampton, Jr. Mom looked pensive. “Let me think about it.”

We all went back to having a good time, Mom, Johnny and Me. Mom did some searching and decided the best thing was to separate administration of our two accounts, that way all my records would go to the new firm. I had no problem but I also had no idea what to do when a brainstorm hit me. Mom approved my plan.

I asked Johnny. First, I told him I hated business and asked him point blank whether he could handle my account. He was a little dubious, he said it wasn’t a full-time job, at all, and the firm didn’t like to lose clients. I pointed out that he could purge all my records and leave with all my paperwork and all my money. “Give them an option, Johnny, tell them I’ve decided to separate and it can either be smooth or they can lose both Mom and me. And then you move in here, with us. I have all kinds of ideas for you, but, generally, entertaining me will be your full-time job. We won’t have to worry about crap like dress codes and appointments cutting into our playtime, like now. You shouldn’t have any problem making sure all my records are purged from your firm, the original trust, the name change, all of it. It will be safer for me, anyhow.”

He was skeptical, but he did it anyhow. We moved him into a little room we had built behind the cabana. We called it the doghouse. It was little, not much bigger than a real doghouse, but he slept almost every night on the floor of my room anyway, I’ve gotten to where I really enjoyed my morning blowjob. Heck, sometimes I’d even wake up in the middle of the night and want one. I never masturbated anymore, I had Johnny. We had a cool special toilet built, just a hole in his house with water at the bottom. It flushes itself automatically from hidden pipes a few times each day. Johnny does spend some time there living like a dog smelling his own crap and urine, because smells are important to dogs. More importantly, though, he has a place to go to the bathroom. He never uses the bathrooms in the house. I walk him every night before I go to bed, and in the morning. I use the hose to bathe him, regularly. He didn’t like the cold water too much at first, so we installed an eyebolt in the wall of the house where I can attach his collar to a three-inch chain and keep him fairly immobile while I run the hose and soap him down and scrub him with a brush. We insisted that he shake himself dry the best he could, I love watching him do that. I’ve tried to teach him how to lick his device clean while it’s on him, lifting his leg in the air, but he just isn’t limber enough.

At first the weather could be a problem, but we put a faucet and drain in the garage for those times. I like to give him his bath outside, though, he looks so cute chained to the wall and shivering while I run the hose.

For exercise, Mom plays fetch with him almost every day and giggles at his antics. He really likes Mom. She keeps on telling him she needs to show her friends how much fun he is, holding a treat in front of him and cooing at him, “Johnny would like to entertain my friends wouldn’t he, yes, he would, good boy.” She likes to teach him tricks. He can put his head back and she’ll balance a treat on his forehead and then she’ll say, “eat the treat, Johnny, eat the treat”, and he’ll flip it into the air with a nod of his head and catch it in his mouth.

Johnny gets out of his device rarely. Once, without realizing it I must have left him locked up for a couple of months. He never complains, of course just the thrill of blowing somebody as pretty as I am is quite a good sex life in itself, and he loves to give me blowjobs. I bought him a butt plug shaped like a puppy tail and he wears it all the time, it makes him look so much cuter when he’s excited and shaking his rear.

All in all, I believe Johnny is a lot happier wearing the device and not knowing when or even if he is ever getting out, so forgetting about it and leaving him locked up for so long wasn’t all bad. As it is, I unlock him pretty infrequently. Even more infrequently, we dress him up and he takes me out to dinner. I love bossing him in front of strangers around and having him tell me how pretty I am. I order all his food, he opens every door for me and he never, ever speaks unless I speak to him. Sometimes people ask him a question and I answer for him. We have our regular places we go, so they know us and totally ignore him and let me order for him from the kid’s menu. I guess that’s why he’s gotten so good handling my finances, he’s focused and it’s his only time without total supervision. He does take great care of my assets, increasing them generously actually, only having to work three or four hours a week.

He goes to a Lesbian doctor Mom found through her friends, so he gets to wear the device literally all the time, except when I want him unlocked to entertain me. Mom also found him a Lesbian hairstylist who cuts his considerable hair in an old fashioned Shag Cut which makes him more fun to pet. We send him to the hairstylist wearing his collar and he never speaks to her at all. I tell her what I want and she and I talk about any decision that has to be made.

The most fun remains playing with him wearing nothing but his device in the back yard. I threaten to take him to Europe, to a nude beach, and walk him on a leash every day and make him do his business outdoors. Wouldn’t watching that be a hoot? He doesn’t say anything, because dogs can’t talk, but he licks my toes and fingers and gives me really great blowjobs. I’ve talked to Mom about it and she thinks he’s doing it because he wants me to take him, not because he’s afraid I will. But dogs can’t talk so how can we know which of us is right?

It’s an ideal life for us, in fact, and I love that we’re a family now, Mom and Me and Johnny.
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