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This is a character study of Adriana, and is not really important to the main plot. I had written a ton of material for her in other chapters, but cut it out because it didn't drive the story. I did not include dashed lines for sex scenes in this chapter.

Have you ever watched a show, and then there’s a random episode of character development, right before things should be escalating? Well, this is one of those episodes.

Ever since I created the character Ranger Adarian (now Adriana), I wanted to delve deeper into her story, but I couldn’t find the place to do it without dragging the plot out. I wrote a few thousand words per chapter about her, but ended up not using them. Ultimately, I decided to just put all the Adriana parts I had written into one chapter, and for that reason, this chapter is fucking looooong.

I’ve broken it up into subchapters to make it easier to stop reading and continue later. The story mostly focuses on Adriana and her relationships with Furia and the other hybrids, but Yavara plays a large part in the second act. The whole chapter is basically nonconsequential character moments meant to build on the personalities of characters that will play a role in later chapters.

If you don’t want to read this massive chapter, you can skip it altogether and not miss much of anything. I will post the few important plot points at the bottom. Thank you to all those who have been reading the Queen Yavara stories. We’re a few chapters away from the end, and things are going to start speeding up fast.

Chapter One: A New Life


When Yavara gave me the role of governess of Alkandra, and then promptly blasted into the sky, I was certain I was going to be killed on the first day. I garnered no respect amongst the beasts; in fact, the only emotion I assumed to elicit from them was hatred. I was the former commander of the rangers, a group of elves whose sole purpose was to keep these beasts in check, by any means necessary. So, when Yavara disappeared over the horizon, I sat upon my horse and waited for the arrow shot. But it didn’t come. Certiok, Brock’s daughter-in-law, didn’t order her people to tear me limb from limb. She just looked up at me and asked: “Well, governess, what the fuck do we do now?”

“Uhhhh…” I said stupidly.

“We’d like a tour of the city,” Furia, my hermaphrodite companion said, “show us the state of things, and what needs to be immediately addressed.”

Certiok hopped on a horse and guided us through the twisting paths that separated the huts and tents. Furia embraced me from behind and gave me an encouraging peck on the cheek.

“You’ll do fine,” she whispered, “you were a great commander and leader; our queen chose you for a reason.”

“Queen Leveria Tiadoa is our queen,” I said, “Queen Yavara Alkandi is our enemy.”

“Not anymore,” Furia said, “we’re not high-elves anymore; they’ll never take us back. You have submitted yourself to the rule of Queen Yavara, and she has rewarded you with a high position. Don’t let your past hatred dictate your future…our future.”

“What do you mean our future?” I asked.

“All of us,” Furia said, “the hybrids, including you and me. We can become beloved citizens of a new nation if you do what’s right, or we can become traitors to two nations if you do what’s wrong.”

“Is there a ‘you and me?’” I asked.

“I want there to be,” Furia whispered, “I don’t know what you want, Adriana, but I want to try to make it work.”

“I do too,” I said, holding her hand against me, “but I don’t know if I can. I had a someone, Furia, her name was April, and I don’t know if my heart will ever leave her.”

“Your heart doesn’t need to leave her,” Furia said with a kiss on my neck, “it just has to make room for me.”

Certiok stopped her horse at the edge of a creek that flowed perpendicularly through the center of the huts.

“This is where we get our water,” she said, “but it’s grown fouler by the day.”

“Well, yeah,” I said, “the runoff from the city is flowing into the creek.”

“So,” Certiok said, “how do we fix it?”

“Build a barrier on this side of the creek,” I said, pointing to the uphill side of the banks, “and have it extend the length of the city. Build a gutter system into the wall, so that that the water will flow along it. Build an outlet gutter at the end of the wall, where the waste will flow into the creek, and downriver away from the city.”

“Ok,” Certiok said, “is that all?”

“Make sure you shit and piss in a hole,” I said, “and you won’t have to worry about disease-baring sludge clogging up the gutters. Have someone keep the gutters clear daily to avoid flooding along the wall, and that should fix your problem.”

“Well, governess,” Certiok said, “who will you appoint to do this?”

“I don’t fucking know,” I grumbled, “I don’t know anyone here.”

“It would seem,” Furia cut in, “that the first thing you should do is hold a meeting with the leaders of the Ardeni refugees and the tribespeople. We can administer tasks and jobs from there.”

“That’s an idea,” Certiok said, “why aren’t you governess, Furia?”

“Adriana will do a great job,” Furia smiled from behind me, “you’ll see.”

Certiok rounded up the leaders of the Ardeni refugees and brought them into the great hall of Castle Alkandra. I sat in a chair at the bottom of the throne with my seven hybrid companions seated next to me. Four of them were women high-elves turned hermaphrodite: Eva, Alexa, Keira and of course, Furia. Three of them were former male high-elves turned female: Faltia (once Faltias), Brianna (once Brian), and Soraya (once Soren). We made a striking team; all of us tan, with platinum hair, blue eyes and large breasts, the only difference in our genders being the cocks the hermaphrodites possessed.

When everyone of importance was in the hall, I banged my gavel on the table to begin the meeting.

“Alright,” I said nervously. Furia gave me an encouraging pat on the leg, and I stood up to address my new people. “As many of you know, Queen Yavara Alkandi has appointed me, Adriana Flourterias, acting governess of Alkandra. Many of you no doubt knew me as Head-Ranger Adarian Flourterias, commander of Castle Thorum and the ranger legion. So, if you want to throw shit at me, now’s the time to get that out of the way.”

No one threw shit at me, much to my relief.

“Ok,” I said, “I’ve called you here to begin assessing the needs of the populace, and to administer roles of influence to upstanding citizens. Certiok Terdini has brought to my attention that your water supply is in a dire state. That will be the first priority. Who here has experience in bridge and dam construction?”

An orc raised his hand. I pointed to him, and he stood.

“I’m Donok, (no last name), and I was the foreman for dyke and bridge maintenance for the Ardeni Engineering Corp. I can build a dyke and gutter system for the creek.”

“Perfect, you’re hired.” I said, “I’ll lend you some trolls from the mines to help you build an aqueduct system from the falls to our north. Now, you and your men will want to be compensated, which brings me to my next problem; how have any of you been getting paid?”

“No one’s gotten paid,” Certiok yelled from the back, “we haven’t set up a finance system yet, and most of the money goes to the war effort.”

“Do we have any dwarves here?” I asked. No one answered. “What about goblins, any goblins here?”

A few tiny green hands emerged from the crowd.

“And which of you have experience in banking and finance?” I asked. All their hands remained raised.

“Great,” I said, “you sir, man wearing the sack, what is your name?”

“Smigli Figiti.” the goblin said.

“Mr. Figiti,” I said, “What is your experience in banking?”

“I was an accountant for the First Bank of Ardeni.” The goblin’s tiny voice replied.

“Perfect,” I said, “You’re now master of coin. You will fairly divide up income based on the expertise and difficulty of the work, all while maintaining a balanced budget. Certiok, how much of our treasury has the queen set aside for municipal projects?”

“Half a million.”

“Shit,” I said, “well people, you’re not getting paid very much, but we’ll be contracting work in the silver mines and the docks to get the domestic treasury built up. I understand that we’ll be trading with the dwarves soon, so that should help as well. Next order of business: we need to build some roads. Right now, the city is impossible to navigate. I will be in charge of this, seeing as I’ll be demolishing all the huts the Terdini and Protaki set up.”

“Wait a fucking seco-” Certiok yelled before I cut her off.

“And the last order of business for today, is setting up public housing. Right now, the city is sprawled out over fertile crop land, crop land Arbor and the nymphs will be using to feed us. Who here has experience in building construction?”

Certiok raised her hand.

“No, Certiok, you cannot keep your huts where they are. Now, who has experience in building construction?”

Certiok kept her hand up and cleared her throat.

“Certiok?” I asked.

“I was Titus’ assistant during the construction of this castle.” She replied, “I can help build the housing.”

“Good,” I said, a little surprised, “can you…read and do math?”

“I can,” she said, “can you…not be a bitch?”

“Alright, new rule,” I yelled, “in a public setting, I will be addressed as ma’am, or governess. That means bitch, cunt, dyke, whore, slut, twat, and all other expletives, will be reserved only for meetings in a private setting. If you need to vent, come to me personally, and by all means, rave away. Does anyone have a problem with that?”

“No ma’am.” The crowd said at once.

“Good,” I replied, “tomorrow we’ll start our construction projects. If you need me, please talk to Faltia Dafian,” I said, gesturing to the hybrid woman who was once a high-elf captain male, “she will be Alkandra’s chief constable during my tenure. We’re looking for volunteer police officers to join her, so sign up if you’re interested. Thank you all for coming; this meeting is adjourned.”

I banged the gavel and sat in my chair. The beasts of my city talked amongst themselves and left, leaving only me and the other hybrids.

“You did great!” Furia said, patting me on the leg.

“Commander-” Faltia started before I cut her off.

“Call me Adriana,” I said to Faltia, “or ‘Governess’ in public. I’m not your commander anymore.”

“Adriana,” Faltia said, “do you think it’s wise to appoint an ex-ranger captain to be the chief constable? Won’t the beasts see that as more elven oppression?”

“We’re no high-elves anymore,” I said, “we’re hybrids, which makes us beasts. If you can be impregnated by a monster, you are one.”

“I’ve noticed…” Faltia said cautiously, “I’ve been having…thoughts about some of the orc males. I’m afraid that will impede upon my duties, Adriana.”

“You little slut.” Alexa giggled and punched Faltia in a friendly manner, “I thought you only wanted me?”

“I’m sorry Alexa,” Faltia smiled, “I only just became a woman this morning, and all of the…urges I’m having are new to me.”

“You think that’s bad,” Furia chimed in, “us girls just grew cocks, and I don’t know how you former-men used to control these things! Every second of the day, it’s demanding me to fuck anything.”

“And add to that our ‘womanly urges,’” Eva smiled, “and you get a walking bag of hormones looking at every fucking beast in the city as a potential fuck-buddy.”

“It’s unbearable,” Kiera exclaimed, “you newly-minted women have it easy. I’m looking at the men and women, and getting hard and wet.”

“That Certiok girl sure is cute,” Eva said, “and I swear she was looking at my bulge the whole meeting.”

“Now hold on a minute!” Brianna exclaimed, “You’re mine, Eva!”

“Is that so?” Eva laughed, “Then you better put out, Brianna, because I have this new toy hanging between my legs and I want to play with it.”

“You’re still a virgin with that thing,” Brianna sneered, “you’d blow your wad in two pumps.”

“Really?” Eva smiled, “Well then I’d last twice as long as you when you had a cock, Brian.”

“Hey!” Brianna yelled, “You said you’d never tell anyone about that!”

“Whoops!” Eva laughed, “Well it doesn’t matter now, does it?”

“You and me,” Brianna smiled as she stood up, “Are going back to our hut, and this time, you get to be the one who disappoints me.”

One by one, the pairs left, until it was only Furia and I alone in the great hall. I took my hand in hers and guided her to her feet.

“C’mon,” I smiled at her, “Let’s go.”

It was dusk when we left the castle, and the sky was a brilliant violet. Furia and I walked with our fingers linked and watched Yavara’s new city bustle with life. The townspeople mulled about the day’s end, sitting on chairs outside the tents and huts and chatting amongst their new neighbors. During my time as a ranger, I had noticed a level civility amongst beasts. They were by no means the mindless savages the school teachers taught us when we were young, but I’d never seen this level of commonality amongst them. The violent, competitive nature of the orcs was not exhibited here; only the friendly exchanges of fellow citizens. Perhaps it because all the warriors were away, but I got a feeling that the idea of a unified realm of their own placated the orcs’ desire for conquest. It occurred to me that the tribal nature of orcs may be a symptom of elven imperialism, and not a hereditary instinct. Maybe violent tribalism was itself a quest for one clan to conquer all, and bring a lasting peace to the species. As Furia and I walked through the citizenry, I felt a small ping of guilt. Perhaps we were wrong all along; perhaps we had been the source of hostility for over a millennium.

“What’s bothering you, Adriana?” Furia asked as we walked.

“I’m just quiet,” I replied, “you know me.”

“Not very well, actually.” Furia said, “I was a private, and you were the commander. We hardly crossed paths, but every ranger knew something was wrong by that signature scowl.”

“Well, if you weren’t so damn shy all the time,” I smiled down at her, “maybe we could have known each other better.”

“I had a crush on you,” Furia smiled up, “and I was too nervous to say anything to the commander. Besides that, there was a rumor-”

“I know,” I laughed, “everyone thought I was gay.”

“But you never refuted it,” Furia said, “why?”

“I never confirmed it either,” I said, “it was convenient to prevent advances from my female subordinates. The men however…I had to put them down hard.”

“And now?” Furia asked, “How do you feel about men now?”

“I have the same conflict the other changed men have,” I sighed, “I’m a woman now, and I have the desires of a woman. It’s…difficult to accept for some of us. It was easier for Brianna and Faltia, but I could tell Soraya was still conflicted, and I’m definitely still grappling with it.”

“It was easy for me to accept my new body,” Furia said, “nothing changed but a few parts; if anything, it’s an upgrade.”

“When she changed you,” I asked, “how did it feel?”

“I hardly noticed it,” Furia said, “it just happened. What about you?”

“Oh, I noticed it,” I replied, “Everything changed at once. I felt my face shift into fairer features, my bones shrink to a smaller frame, my…parts disappear completely, and new parts takes their place. It wasn’t painful, but it was disconcerting.”

“If it’s any consolation,” Furia smiled, “I like you better this way.”

“I don’t.” I replied.

Furia stopped and turned to me, her eyes full of kindness.

“You used to be so much taller than me,” Furia said, looking up, “now you’re barely three inches over me. I can…” Furia stepped right in front of me, “I can almost kiss you from here, and if I get up on my toes,” Furia smiled as she raised her face to mine, “then you won’t have to lean down for me.”

I looked at Furia’s smiling, full lips. Her big, blue eyes were half-mast and looking into my own. She closed the distance between us, and for a moment, I held back. She didn’t stop, she just smiled more and kept advancing. I let her kiss me. I let her warm, soft lips press against my own, and then I let her open our mouths and sneak her tongue between them. I kissed her back, and the want and desire I had pent-up since my transformation flowed through me. I pressed our bodies together, and savored the feeling of her growing hard between my legs. I felt the nagging emptiness in my womanhood beckon me to be filled. I felt the wetness in my nethers ready my body. My tongue told the story of my need to Furia, and her tongue told me the same of her.

“Let’s go back to the hut,” she whispered as we parted, “and discover the secrets of our new selves.”

The sound of my former soldiers’ lust echoed throughout the rooms of the hut. Furia and I embraced in our passionate kiss as we took off each other’s clothes. Soon, we were naked, and relishing the warmth of our bodies pressing together. I guided her to the bed, and laid on top of her.

“You’re going to have to walk me through this,” Furia laughed breathily, her face inches above my own, “I’ve never made love like a man before.”

“And I’ve never made love like a woman,” I smiled, “so we’ll be awkward virgins together.”

“Foreplay,” she smiled, “foreplay is key for first-timers.”

“I’ve got to be honest with you,” I smiled bashfully, “I’m nervous about giving head.”

“I’ve never eaten pussy before,” Furia laughed, “but I want to. If you don’t want to-”

“I want to,” I smiled, “I’m just…I’m afraid I won’t be good at it.”

“You just open this little mouth,” Furia giggled, putting her fingers to my lips, “wrap these full, wet lips around the head,” she traced my lips with her fingertips, and whispered, “and slowly, take me in.”

“OK, Furia,” I smiled, “you better warn me if you’re going to come.”

“Oh, you’ll know.” Furia giggled, and then pushed my head down.

I made my way down her body, kissing her neck, and then stopping at her breasts. I took a nipple into my mouth and slowly drew from it, prompting a smile from Furia’s beautiful face. I grinned up at her and kept moving down, kissing the lines of her abs and circling her navel, before I spun around on top of her. My legs spread across her breasts, and as I inched down toward the throbbing cock between her legs, I shifted my hips slowly back. I felt my pelvis push against her face, and her lips graze my leaking womanhood. I licked my way down her pelvis until I got to her base. I gently closed my fingers around her shaft, reveling in its warmth and hardness. It pulsed in my hand, a shot of precum leaking from the top. A feminine giggle slipped from my lips. I looked back at Furia, who was gazing into my depths behind me.

“Ready when you are.” I whispered back to her.

“It’s so complicated down here!” she laughed, “I have no idea where to start!”

“Sure, you do,” I smiled back, “start at the top, and work your way in.”

I felt Furia’s inexperienced fingers slide through my soft pedals. I shuttered at the feeling, and slowly stroked her member. She tentatively traced along my slit, and then I felt her breath against me. I placed my mouth just above her tip, and slowly moved down until my lips were pressed to it. Furia placed her lips around my clit, and then slid her tongue out.

“That’s it…” I hissed in pleasure, “Right…right there.”

I opened my mouth around Furia’s tip and slowly took her in. I felt her shutter beneath me, and raise her hips higher. I sealed my lips tightly around the crease between her head and shaft, and slid my tongue along her side. I went deeper, consuming more of her, reveling in the feeling of her warm hardness melting in my mouth. I got to my throat and stopped. Furia’s hand gently pressed against the back of my head. I relaxed my throat, and took her deeper.

Furia groaned in response to me. Her tongue flicked tenderly across my clit as her lips sealed around it. I moaned my own pleasure around her girth. I struggled to get past the resistances of my throat, but Furia’s loving mouth movements allowed me to relax completely, and more of her. A muffled moan slipped from my lover’s lips as my throat constricted around her. She reciprocated my oral affection by pursing her lips around my clit and drawing from me. A quiver of delight snaked up my spine, sending it arching down, forcing my hips to rise and my torso to press hard against her own. I hummed a muffled tone of delight around her, and took her even deeper, struggling to keep my throat relaxed with her girth expanding me. I gagged softly from the pressure, causing my throat to clench tightly around her. I heard her whimper a pathetic note of pleasure from my depths. I smiled internally at her reaction to me. Her pleasure encouraged me to delve deeper, despite the discomfort. I persevered until my nose pressed against her pelvis, and then I held myself there, allowing my throat to acclimate to her substantial length.

“Oh my god…” Furia moaned, “Adriana, you’re so good!

I smiled around her cock and twerked my hips, reminding her of her duties to me.

“There’s this little spot,” Furia whispered gently as her fingers ran through my pedals, “inside of you,” two of her fingers gently pushed in, “right…” they curled at the knuckles and pressed against my ceiling, “…here,” I cried muffled ecstasy and my legs quivered, “that drives women crazy when you,” she pushed against my spot and slowly rubbed along it, “touch it juuuuuuust right.”

My eyes widened and rolled into my head. My mouth instinctively wrapped tightly around Furia’s cock and rotated as I hummed a muffled cry.

“I see I’ve found it,” Furia giggled, “touch me there too.”

I drew up her length slowly, keeping my lips sealed, sending lewd slurping sounds radiating from my mouth. As I pulled from her, my hands slid along the lines of her pelvis until they met at her frothing slit. I was no stranger to the art of pleasuring a woman, and my finger expertly moved inside Furia and toyed with her in just the right way. Her body tensed in a spasm of pleasure, causing her fingers to push roughly inside of me. My head whipped up, her cock leaving my lips so that I could vocalize my impulsive reaction.

“GAAHHHH!” I cried, a feminine exclamation of euphoria that had never escaped my lips before.

“Keep sucking me!” Furia cried in need, pushing her pelvis up.

“Put your mouth back on me,” I moaned, “and I’ll do the same.”

We simultaneously moved our mouths back to their positions while I our fingers danced inside one another. Furia began to grow confident with the motions of her tongue; flicking across my clit before rotating around it in pattern. In turn, I learned how she wanted me to give her head. I took her deeply, all the way to the base, stayed there and rotated, and then drew up until I reached her crease, and repeated. Our oral movements became more impassioned and rapid, and soon I was bobbing my head up and down ardently, spit leaking from my lips and down my chin, wetting her throbbing, smooth cock. I never thought sucking a cock would be so exciting, but feeling Furia react to me with every movement of my mouth aroused me. Her tongue was now lying flat against my clit and curling at the sides, allowing her to suck my bump as she licked it. It was more than I could bear, and a stream of constant moans rose from my occupied throat. Her fingers moved relentlessly inside of me, not letting me recover from every bout of pleasure, always intensifying it. I returned the sensual motions of her hand with my own, pressing against her spot and moving back and forth with hard, gradual motions.

I began to feel a trembling pleasure rising in my nethers. Furia’s fingers and tongue were working my pussy into a frenzy, forcing it to clench and contract with vicious spasms. My head dropped like a stone, prompting me to gag on Furia’s length. My eyes writhed and watered in pleasure and pain. I kept my lips at her base and sucked while I clenched my throat around her. I screamed a stifled hum of ecstasy as the quaking reached unbearable heights. I never knew a woman could feel such things. I pushed three fingers from each hand into Furia, driving her body into a similar climactic euphoria. I slid my fingers along her ceiling, reveling in the tightness of her channel as it contracted around me. My legs quivered as my own feeling rose to its peak. Streams of delectable fire burst from my pelvis and into my body. I tensed up, pushing my face deep into the soft flesh of Furia’s pelvis, screaming around her cock as I felt my first female orgasm take over me. Furia’s member throbbed wildly, and she too screamed out, both of her sexual organs twitching in a frenzied pulse of ecstasy. All apprehensions I had of taking her seed left me, and I greedily milked her cock with my lips until I felt it throbbing with pressure. My climax washed over me in wave of euphoria, right as Furia’s cock blasted down my throat. I drew my mouth up her cock until her stream of hot nectar was pouring onto my tongue. She tasted so good, and her semen made me want…more.

We panted our satisfaction on top of each other, our tan bodies glistening with a sheen of sweat.

“Wow,” I exclaimed breathlessly, “I never knew being a woman could feel so good!

“You made me come from both parts,” Furia gasped, “I’ve never felt anything like that before. Coming from a cock is like…every part of my body felt like it was trying shoot out of my tip. It was amazing.”

“Now that you’ve gotten that first nut out of the way,” I smiled back at her, “you should be able to last a long time.”

“I don’t think I can go again.” She laughed.

“Oh,” I smirked as I softly stroked her member until it was engorged, “I think you can.”

I moved my body until I was straddled across Furia’s pelvis, her cock standing hard between my legs. The aching emptiness in my pussy was growing unbearable. I stared my desire down at her, my bangs hanging over one of my eyes, my teeth biting my lower lip. I slid my dripping pussy across her shaft, pressing it onto her pelvis and grinding along it. I’d never expressed my sexuality so vulnerably as a man, but as a woman, I wanted things to be done to me. I wanted Furia to take me, to drive into me, to make me hers. The movement my hips and the pleading of my desperate eyes were all new expressions to me, but they came so naturally. It felt so good to be a woman.

“Be gentle with me, Furia,” I moaned as her shaft split my wet pedals down the slit, “I’ve heard the first time hurts.”

“I’ll be careful,” Furia groaned, “but if you keep teasing me, Adriana, I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“Ok,” I whispered, my voice wavering in nervousness, “I’m ready.”

I placed my hands on Furia’s thighs and raised myself until my slit was hovering above her cock. She placed her hands on my hips and gently guided me down. I gasped as I felt her girth stretch me open. It was painful, but it in a pleasant way. I stopped for a moment, my arms and legs shaking under the strain of keeping me squatting, and then took more of her in. I felt the pressure of hymen stretch and break, and I cried out.

“Shhhhh,” Furia whispered, sitting upright and bringing a loving hand to my face, “the hard part’s over, Adriana; let yourself go now.”

I nodded and smiled as a tear rolled down my cheek. I slowly lowered myself, gasping as she stretched me wide open, deeper and deeper. My legs quivered as they bent at the knees perpendicular to my body. Slowly but surely, I guided myself down, until my full, thick ass pressed against her pelvis. I made it. I had her all the way inside of me, and it was starting to feel so good.

“How does it feel for you?” I gasped.

“Amazing!” Furia moaned, “You’re so tight, it’s like you’re hugging me from the inside. Does it feel good for you too?”

“It’s like…” I panted, “It’s like I’ve been empty this whole time, like a hunger inside me, and you filled me so…perfectly.”

“We’re just sitting here,” Furia giggled, “we’re supposed to be moving.”

“I’ll move up and you move down,” I said lustfully, “and then we come together in the middle.”

“I’m going to blow in like, five seconds,” Furia laughed bashfully, “you feel too good.”

“You’ll do great,” I smiled and traced her lips with my thumb, “we’ll take it nice and slow, and then work our way up. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Furia said, excitedly biting her lip.

I pulled my body up, moaning as her girth slid along my clit. When we got to her tip, I squatted down, and she thrust slowly up. We both moaned in mutual satisfaction as we met in the middle. We stayed there for a moment, looking into each other’s eyes. Furia’s lips curled in a quivering smile, and then she burst out in a laughter, and I couldn’t help but laugh with her. We had no idea what we were doing, but it felt so good to do it.

“I’m sorry, Adriana,” Furia said through fits of laughter, “this all so fucking surreal to me.”

“Me too,” I laughed, “try taking dirty, maybe that’ll help.”

Furia desperately tried to maintain her composure as she forced her mouth into thug-frown.

“Yeah, you like this dick, don’t you, you little, stupid, fucking…bitch.” Furia said, in a fake-man voice, failing to keep a straight face.

“Holy shit!” I laughed, “That was fucking awful!”

“You try it!” Furia exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I giggled, covering my face with my palm, “yeah…fuck this tight, little pussy with your big-ass dick you big, fucking…dumbass.”

“It’s not so easy, is it?!” Furia laughed.

“Let’s just,” I said through fits of laughter, “let’s just keep our mouths shut.”

When we regained control of ourselves, we nodded to each other, and then moved again. Each thrust and squat was making me feel gradually better. My soft, wet insides parted with her advance, stretching delectably inside of me; her fullness sending warm pleasure seeping into my pelvis. Our movements stayed slow and sensual, both of us growing acclimated to the new sexuality of our bodies. Every time I came down, my shoulders pinched together and my chest pushed forward, sending my bronze breasts bouncing in a delightful jiggle. Furia wrapped her lips around one of my nipples, keeping it in place as we rose and fell, stretching it just right. I entwined my fingers together behind her head and pressed her closer to my breast. My face tilted to the ceiling as a low purr rumbled from my chest. We kept our gradual, deep movements up for a while, but then Furia did something to me. Her hands came down hard on my ass and she squeezed. The stinging of her slap and the possessiveness of her grip awoke something within me. I pushed her down and lied on top of her, pinning her shoulders to the bed and forcing her mouth from my nipple.

“Maybe…” I smiled and leaned until our breasts squished together, “maybe I don’t want you to be so nice to me anymore.”

“I thought you might like it,” Furia smirked as her hands spread my cheeks, “that’s how I like it too. Do you want me to get a little mean?”

“Yessss” I hissed, “I’m done making love; let’s fuck.”

I grinded my hips forcefully down, gyrating them in a circular dance, moaning as I felt her stretch all sides of me. Furia began to thrust hard into me, holding my swaying ass with a firm grip as she drove. The gentle noises of our bodies gave way to the methodical slaps of our pelvises. My ass clapped together with the rhythm of our penetration, sending ripples of soft flesh permeating along the fat of my backside. Our breathing grew heavy with exertion, and my sweat dripped from my body and mingled with her own. Our breasts squished violently together, our nipples sliding along each other, and the skin of our chests stretching from the friction. My pussy was blasted with the relentless drives of Furia, and I grinded hard against her in response.

As a woman, the motions of passionate sex were different. Instead of the methodical back-and-forth I was used to in a man’s body, my womanly body reacted instinctively with full, grinding motions, like I was trying to consume Furia’s cock with desperate hunger. If I was being honest with myself; I’d never had sex this good as a man. It was my first time, and I was inexperienced, but I was already feeling pleasure greater than I’d ever felt. Yavara was right; nothing can compare to the feeling a woman gets with a cock inside of her. I’d never tell her so, but in this moment, I was grateful for her gift.

Furia took a grip of my hair and pulled, sending my head whipping back, forcing me to face the ceiling. I damn near came from the unexpected ferocity. My pussy clenched like a vice and my back wrenched in a curve. I growled a deep tone of combative pleasure, and sank my fingers deep into the flesh of her breasts. Furia pulled my head back further, and drove into me like a woman possessed. I screamed out a delighted cry, my pussy twitching in spasms as it was violently broken in.

“Oooohh fuck!” I cried.

“Do you like being dominated?” Furia growled.

“Yes!” I cried, “Do you like dominating me?”

“Oh, god yes,” Furia groaned, “I don’t know what came over me, but-”

“Don’t stop!” I screamed, “Take me, I’m yours!”

Furia rapidly twisted us around until I was on my back and she was on her knees. I grinned up at her and wrapped my legs around her waist. She pulled me up until our breasts were pressed together and our faces were inches away. She grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and licked me from the nape of my neck to my cheek. She was so possessive, so domineering; it was turning me on so fucking much. She thrust into me with increasing force and speed. My soft insides yielded to her gratefully, embracing her tightly as she parted them. I began to feel the familiar trembling in my pelvis; it was deeper and more intense than before. It was a low rumbling that slowly built to a relentless quake.

“Furia!” I screamed to the ceiling, “You’re making me come!”

“I know,” Furia panted, “I can feel you squirming on the inside; it’s making me come. Let’s come together.”

I grinded my hips down and clamped my legs hard, forcing Furia’s full length deep inside me. The shooting streams of molten felicity scorched through my nerves, frantically bringing my body into a desperate frenzy. My back twisted and wrenched in a squirming dance of euphoria. My mouth screamed a relentless tone of lust. Furia let go of my hair and our faces pressed together in a passionate kiss. We cried our ecstasy into each other’s mouths as our bodies convulsed in joy. Our lips locked, our tongues entangled, and our hips heaved in climax. We reached our peak simultaneously, and our eyes widened and stared our exaltation into one another. Our muffled shrieks flowed into our mouths, and Furia unleashed a guizer of hot seed deep into my womb. We stayed in our positions, paralyzed with our ecstasy, maintaining our duet of stifled pleasure, before we finally collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.

We lied in panting exhaustion, our glistening bodies leaking our warmth into one another.

“Holy shit.” Furia managed to say through heavy breaths.

“I think…” I panted, “I think you just got me pregnant.”

“Oh fuck,” Furia gasped, “I’m sorry, Adriana, I forgot to pull out!”

“It’s Ok,” I said, regaining control of myself, “I held you in place; I…I didn’t think.”

“What are we going to do?!” Furia exclaimed.

“We…” I mumbled, “Do you still want there to be a ‘we?’”

“Of course, I do,” Furia smiled, her eyes glistening, “I wouldn’t leave you over this.”

I stared back into the loving eyes of Furia. There was more to being a woman than just the sexuality; there was the instinct to pass on your legacy with a child. That instinct was screaming it’s need in my mind, and as I looked at the hermaphrodite staring her affection into me, I realized: I didn’t have anyone to pass my legacy to. I had resigned myself to a life of duty, but now that duty was lifted. Now, I could bring new life into the world, and I had someone with me who might help me do it.

“Furia,” I said, putting hand to her cheek, “Do you want to be a mom?”

“Yes!” she said, her tears wetting my fingers, “Do you?”

“I…” I said, my eyes welling in tears, “I do, Furia. I want to have your baby.”

I pushed my face against hers and locked our lips in a kiss. It was passionate, but not sexual. It was a kiss of promise, of devotion, of things to come. I didn’t know if I loved Furia, but I knew that I cared for her deeply, and that I wanted her to be the mother of my child. I’d never been optimistic about the future before. As a ranger, you spend every morning wondering if it will be the last sunrise you’d ever see. Now, I had a future. It was uncertain, it was terrifying, but it was there. I could start to build a life, I could start to regain my identity, I could start a family. And Furia, Furia would be by my side through it all.

Chapter Two: Building a City

“Well Adriana, you got knocked up.” Rose, the nymph said as she examined the leaf I had just put a drop of my blood on, “So…congratulations?”

“It was kind-of on purpose,” Furia smiled at me, “so yes, Rose; congratulations are in order.”

“Well, I happy for you then, Furia,” Rose smiled at her, “you can still go to hell, Adriana.”

“Now, Rose,” Arbor said as she walked to us, “Adriana didn’t kill your sisters out of malice, she killed them out of duty, much like you did with her rangers. There’s no need to hold anger over it.”

“Sorry, Mother,” Rose said, “but I can’t not hate her.”

“Time heals everything, Rose,” Arbor said, “even hatred. Adriana,” Arbor said, turning to me, “congratulations on your pregnancy.”

“Thank you, Arbor,” I smiled, “but that’s not the only reason I’m here.”

“Governing business, I suppose?” Arbor asked, “Are you wondering how the crops will fair?”

“I was wondering how much crop land you’ll need to grow a harvest for forty-thousand people.” I said.

“More than we have,” Arbor frowned, “I take it The Ten are sending their civilians here?”

“That’s right,” I said, handing Arbor the letter that Zander had sent me early this morning, “they expect the battle will happen today, and The Tundra is emptying to get their tribespeople here.”

“When the exodus steps into The Pines,” Arbor said, “I’ll be able to see them, and know what kind of supplies they’ll be bringing. Hopefully, they’ve stocked enough for themselves. I think the real problem isn’t how we’ll feed them, but where we’re going to put them.”

“I’ll hold another meeting today,” I said, “I want you in attendance, Arbor; your absence was noted yesterday.”

“My role is already set,” Arbor replied, “I will cultivate the crops. I don’t see why I need to walk blindly in halls of stone.”

“Your wisdom would be appreciated,” I said, “when the tribes of The Tundra come here, I’ll need all the help I can get to keep this place from falling into chaos.”

“I’m afraid I cannot be of much use to you, Governess,” Arbor said, “you must command the respect of these people on your own before the tribes arrive, or you will have no allies when they try to muscle their way into influence. I will attend, but I will not mire your legitimacy by speaking my part. You are the governess, Adriana, you must act like it.”

I banged the gavel on the table to silence the roaring crowd. News of the massive exodus had reached all ears, and the representatives of the Ardeni refugees were all voicing their anger.

“Silence!” I yelled. The crowd slowly dwindled to a quiet murmur, and then muted.

“As all of you have heard,” I said, “the tribespeople of The Tundra will be arriving in a few days. We expected this to happen, just not quite this early. We’ll need to quadruple our construction efforts in order to accommodate the population boom.”

“Let them sleep in tents!” a voice yelled, “They’ll go back to The Tundra after the war is over anyway!”

“Queen Alkandi has given me orders to build them permanent residences,” I said, “she’s made it a priority to centralize her citizenry.”

“We’ll be overrun!” another voice yelled, “It’s too crowded as it is!”

“We’ll build towers and wider roads,” I said, “we’ll ramp up our infrastructure, we’ll get every able body to contribute.”

“Who will pay us?” another angry beast yelled, “There’s only half a million in the treasury!”

“Look,” I said, “I’ll work something out with Mr. Figiti to make sure you all get paid for this. Right now, we need to focus on building. Once the aqueducts and the dykes are in place, we’ll have clean water. Arbor has assured me we can harvest her crops in two weeks. We have enough food to live on until then, and assuming the tribespeople bring their own supplies, food shortages shouldn’t be a problem. It’s going to be rough, but we’ll make it through this.”

We’ll make it though this?” someone yelled, “We didn’t come here just to make it through, we came here because we were promised opportunity and a better life! Now, we will be breaking our backs to build a city for tribespeople that think us their lesser! When do we get to bear the fruits of our own labor?”

“Enough!” I yelled, losing my temper, “You will never bear the fruits of your own labor! You are the founders of a nation, one that will rise and prosper long after you are dead! If you came here for an easier life, you came to the wrong fucking place. Here, we are laying the foundation of success for your children, and their children after them. You are planting a tree you will never enjoy the shade of, you are sowing the seeds of a harvest you will never feast upon! Right now, we need pioneers, we need visionaries, and we need believers. If you do not want to sacrifice for the good of those that come after you, I will personally see you off on the next silver ship to Ardeni.”

Everyone sat and stared in silence at me. I waited for some smartass to voice his bullshit, but no one did. Arbor smiled at me from the back of the hall and nodded.

“Good,” I said, “today, I will layout the footprint for the city roads. I’m taking five trolls with me, and we will demolish every hut that stands in the way of my plans. All citizen that are left temporarily homeless, will sleep here in the great hall until Certiok and her trolls have finished the first tower. We need one-hundred miners to replace the trolls in the silver mines, and you will be compensated with a percentage of the silver you extract. Eva has a sign-up sheet for those interested. Before we adjourn, I’d like to point out that we still need volunteers for the police force. Speak to Chief Constable Dafian if you are interested. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation; this meeting is adjourned.”

I banged the gavel, and slumped in my chair as the crowd dispersed.

“This fucking job,” I sighed to Furia as I rubbed my eyes, “is going to kill me.”

“That was quite the speech you gave,” Furia said, massaging my shoulder, “truly, an inspiring passage.”

“Hey Adriana,” Eva smiled, “I heard you’re expecting.”

“I am,” I smiled tiredly back at her, “I heard you and Brianna also have a little someone.”

“I’m not used to having this thing,” Eva chuckled, “I forgot about the whole evolutionary purpose of it.”

“I’m preggers too,” Faltia laughed, “Alexa just couldn’t help herself.”

“I forgot,” Alexa smiled bashfully, “I was in the heat of the moment, and I just blew inside.”

“Well that sucks for you fuckers,” Soraya sneered, “because Keira and I were responsible and thought of this before-hand.”

“I put it in her butt,” Keira laughed, “the old poop-hole loophole.”

“Ooooo,” Furia said, “how was that?”

“I’m also curious,” I said, “I’ve always wondered-”

“Wait,” Faltia interrupted, “no offense Adriana, but we all knew you used to be gay. Isn’t butt-stuff like, all you guys do?”

“OK, time to put this rumor to bed,” I said, “I was never gay, Faltia, I just let the rumor fester to keep female subordinates off my ass.”

“Buuuulllllshiiiit,” Kiera sung, “you let the rumor fester to keep male subordinates in your ass.”

“Come on, Adriana,” Soraya laughed, “it was the worst kept secret at Castle Thorum.”

“You know what?” I smirked, standing up, “I don’t really care what you guys think, because half of you just took a dick last night, and the other half having been taking it since you were sixteen. So, fuck all you faggots; I got work to do.”

I walked away from the sniggering hybrids and out the main gate, where my trolls were waiting for me. I’d never seen beasts this massive. They were each twenty-feet high, with thick fur covering every inch of their bodies. It was a good thing these guys were pacifists, otherwise The Highlands would have been overrun a long time ago.

“Which one of you is Tom?” I asked.

“I am Tom, Governess.” A troll spoke with a booming, low voice.

“Ok, Tom,” I said, “Certiok said you should be the foreman of this operation. I want a main street from here,” I said, pointing to the draw-bridge I was standing on, “to the creek. I want it straight, I want it forty feet wide, and I want it laid with stone. How long will it take you and your crew to demolish those huts and build this road?”

“Five hours.”

“It’s a mile long.”

“Four hours,” Tom said confidentially, “and we can add a nice boulevard down the middle for pretty flowers and park benches.”

“That’s not necessary,” I said, incredulous of Tom’s time estimate, “we don’t need decorative ornamentation, we need a working road.”

“Your vision of this city is too bland,” Tom said, “you need nice places for people to relax and enjoy themselves. We can add decorations to the facades of the housing buildings too; I don’t approve of your idea of large, stone towers with no character. The city needs to shine.”

“I suppose you want me to commission silver statues atop the spires as well.” I said sarcastically.

“An excellent idea!” Tom boomed, “Ardeni Dreus is the city of gold, and has golden figures adorning their towers; we will be the city of silver!”

“Tom, I-”

“The statues will be of beautiful she-orcs, with the symbols of The Ten carved into their bosoms,” Tom said, his eyes brimming with creative excitement, his hands gesturing with dramatic movements, “they’ll sit gloriously atop the spires of the towers, marking the noble roots of the occupants that live there.”

“Look, Tom-”

“Thank you for your support of my vision, Governess,” Tom beamed, “I will not disappoint you!”

Tom bounded down the road, ripping the roofs off huts and yelling: “is anybody in there?” before destroying the humble structures with a stamp of his foot. Certiok walked over to me and patted my back.

“I see you’ve met Tom,” Certiok chuckled at my dumbfounded face, “he has an eye for flair, that one.”

“I don’t know how to tell him no,” I sighed, “is he your foreman for building construction?”

“He certainly made himself so,” Certiok laughed, “he fancies himself an architect, but doesn’t know shit about physics. He’s more of the ‘big-picture’ kind of guy.”

“The towers we need to build,” I said, “I went through the numbers, and they’ll need to be a hundred feet high to comfortably accommodate the tribes. Can you build something this large?”

“I can design it, sure,” Certiok said, “I helped with some of the spires on the castle, and they’re much larger.”

“I suppose Tom would want the architecture of the buildings to match the gothic feel of the castle.” I frowned.

“Alkandra will be quite the androgynous city,” Certiok smiled, “I like it.”

“First, make sure the towers can stand on their own,” I said, “we’ll let Tom add his flair afterwards. Just...don’t let him go overboard.”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t drape a floral mesh over the walls.” Certiok said.

“Between you and me,” I asked Certiok, “is Tom gay?”

“He has a wife and three kids,” Certiok said, “just because he has an eye for creative design, doesn’t make him gay. I mean, you were the commander of a hardcore guerrilla outfit, and you were gay, so stereotypes-”

“Holy shit,” I grimaced, “you fucking know about April, and you still think I used to be gay?!”

“I’m just fucking with you, Adriana,” Certiok smiled, “but I’m still going to perpetuate the rumor.”


“Because it pisses you off,” Certiok sneered, “and I still fucking hate you.”

“I’ve been getting that a lot lately.”

“If it means anything,” Certiok said, “we all know you’re the best woman for the job. You were a hated enemy, which means you command respect. You don’t need us to like you.”

“You’re right,” I said, “I don’t.”

But I wanted them to.

By the time night came, Tom and his crew had laid down the main road, and were finishing off the first floor of the twelve public housing units. Tom did indeed, built a boulevard down the middle of the street, and had asked the nymphs to lay soil between the stone curbs for “pretty flowers.” To avoid the perception of hypocrisy, I had our hut demolished as well, and resigned myself and the other hybrids to sleep in the great hall with the temporarily homeless beasts.

“Pssst, Adriana.” I heard Faltia whisper in the darkness.

“What?” I groaned sleepily.

“Alexa and I were wondering if you and Furia wanted to get freaky?”

“I think we’ll pass,” I grumbled, “we’re too tired.”

“Speak for yourself,” Furia whispered, “I’m down.”

“Well, I’m not,” I said, “if you want to join them, go ahead without me.”

“You sure?” Furia whispered, “You won’t be jealous?”

“We’re still new to these bodies,” I said, “I wouldn’t want you to shackle me to just one partner, so I won’t do that to you. Just as long as you’re with me in the morning, I don’t care what you do at night.”

“You know what, Faltia,” Furia whispered, “I think I’ll pass too.”

“Oh, c’mon,” Faltia moaned, “I want to be spit-roasted, and Kiera and Eva are already asleep.”

“There’s over a thousand orcs in here,” I smiled, “pick one. Hell, pick ten.”

“I kind of want to get gangbanged again,” Alexa whispered to Faltia, “those nymph boys made me feel so good. Do you think the orcs will care about my penis?”

“I doubt it,” Faltia said, “I wonder if we could get Certiok involved?”

“Ooooooo,” Alexa whispered excitedly, “let’s find her. Do you want to get gangbanged too?”

“I’m up for anything, really.” Faltia said, “but orcs are so big, I don’t know…”

“You can take them,” Alexa whispered, “I’m so much deeper than I used to be, which means your pussy’s probably like the Mariana Trench right now.”


“You’re still tight!” Alexa whispered hurriedly, “I didn’t mean it as an insult!”

“Well I took it that way!”

“Oh, quit being such a little bitch about it,” Alexa sneered, “c’mon, let’s go find some dick.”

“We need to have a candid discussion about you hurting my fucking feelings!” Faltia’s voice grew distant as the quarreling lovers embarked on their quest for penis.

“You know,” I whispered to Furia, “you don’t have to restrain yourself on my account.”

“I’m not,” Furia whispered as she snuggled against me, “I just want us to experience all the new things together.”

“What new thing do you want to do tomorrow?” I asked.

“I want to put it in your butt.” Furia giggled.

“Why?” I smirked as I backed my ass into her crotch, “Isn’t my pussy good enough for you?”

“I took it in the ass for the first time when those nymph boys gangbanged us,” Furia said, nestling her cock between my naked cheeks, “and it felt so good. I want you to feel like that.”

“Don’t give me false selflessness,” I grinned as I flexed my glutes around her, “you just want to know what it feels like to put it in the wrong hole.”

“You’re right,” Furia whispered lustfully, “I want to feel how tight you are here. I want to do it because it’s unnatural, and dirty, and a little painful. How does it feel, Adriana; did you ever do it as a man?”

“Only once,” I said, “and it was when Yavara raped me.”

“I’m sorry, we don’t have to-”

“It felt so fucking good,” I said, pushing my full ass roughly against Furia’s pelvis, and smiling as I felt her grow hard, “I’d never been in anything so tight.”

“Goddamn it, Adriana,” Furia whispered with hoarse need, “I want you right now; I can’t wait until tomorrow!”

“Well,” I teased her with a shimmy of my hips, “why don’t you just take me?”

“I thought you were too tired?”

“I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to wake me.”

“I can think of something,” Furia whispered, her tongue flicking across my pointed ear, “but I need you to lie on your stomach, and get on your knees.”

“Yes ma’am.” I smiled, and lazily got on my knees, keeping my face resting on the pillow.

Furia moved behind me fumbled around in the dark.

“A little lower,” I giggled as I felt her fingers on my tailbone, “lower,” her hand moved down my crack, “bingo,” I smiled as her fingers rested on my puckered sphincter.

“I’m gonna stretch you out a little bit,” Furia whispered as her fingertips traced my spokes, “otherwise I’ll hurt you too much.”

“Remember to lube me with your spit,” I whispered lustfully back, “or it’ll be too dry.”

Furia spit in the dark, and I felt it land squarely on my lower back.

“Furia,” I hissed, “stick your finger in your mouth, dumbass.”

“Watch your tone, young lady.” Furia shot back, “I think I’ll use something else instead.”

Furia’s fingers grazed along my taint until they traced through my pedals. Her touch prompted my heart to beat faster, and my nethers to slowly wet. She gently slid her hand between my slit, tracing tender lines of pleasure through me. My mouth curled in a blissful smile and I moaned.

“There,” Furia said, her hushed tones shaking with a bit of excitement, “that should do it.”

Furia’s finger moved back along my taint, and then pressed against my rim. She pointed her index digit outward, and slowly pressed forward. I instinctively clenched up.

“Adriana,” Furia whispered as she leaned her body on top of mine, pressing her torso and breasts to my back, “you need to relax, or it’s gonna really suck for you.”

I breathed easier and relaxed my sphincter. Furia’s breath blew gently on my neck as she pushed harder. I felt her break through my resistances, and invade my anus. A slight gasp escaped from my lips.

“How does it feel?” she asked as she slowly moved back and forth.

“Honestly?” I giggled, “Like I’m pooping in reverse.”

“Yeah,” Furia laughed, “it was the same for me at first. Just wait a little bit, you’ll see.”

Small tinges of pleasure began to permeate from my rectum. Every time she pushed forward, her finger parted my sensitive inner flesh with a ticklish pressure. At first, it was just pleasant, but soon, it became more. I let out a small moan and shifted my hips upward to give her a better angle.

“Mmmmm,” I smiled, “you were right, Furia.”

“Are you ready for another finger?” she asked as she pushed her index all the way to the knuckle.

“Yessss.” I hissed, my head titling up slightly.

Furia pulled out her index and pushed her middle next to it, and slid both fingers back into my rim. She widened me delectably, her gradual increase in width allowing my body to acclimate and enjoy the penetration almost instantly. She twisted as she rotated inside, her corkscrewing digits massaging my delicate rectum wonderfully.

“Ooooo,” I moaned, “this is fun.”

“It’s so sensitive, isn’t it?” Furia whispered.

“It is,” I smiled, “it’s such a wonderful, foreign invasion. It feels like it shouldn’t feel good, but it does.”

“There’s a certain level of vulnerability,” Furia said, “you have to surrender to the feeling to enjoy it.”

“Mmmm,” I smiled, “do you like the idea of me surrendering to you?”

“I do,” Furia said, “I’ve been toying with the idea of some bondage, if you’re interested.”

“Do you want to tie me up?” I whispered between moans of pleasure, “Do you want me lying on the floor, helpless to you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Furia whispered back, her breathing heavy on my neck, “I want to control you.”

I’d always been a controlling male lover, but the idea of being helpless to Furia’s pleasure turned me on so fucking much as a woman.

“I have some ropes in my satchel,” I said, “tie me with them.”

Furia fumbled around with her free hand until she found the rope.

“I think I’ve got you stretched out enough,” she whispered as she pulled fingers out, “I’m going to bind your hands together behind your back, and then I’m going to fuck you.”

“Start slow,” I said with a needful purr, “we need a safe-word in case you get too crazy.”

“The safe-word is ‘stop,’” Furia chuckled, “that should be easy to remember.”

“That’s a bad safe-word.” I said.


“Because I want you to go even harder when I beg you to stop,” I moaned, shifting my hips backward.

“Shit!” Furia exclaimed in a whisper. I heard her frantically moving behind me, before she settled down and stayed in place.


“I almost nutted when you said that,” she laughed, “I still don’t have total control of this thing.”

“It’s nice to know I can get you off with just my words,” I smiled at her in the dark, “the safe-word is bubble-gum.”

“Bubble-gum it is,” Furia said, “put your hands behind your back.”

I grinned as I felt Furia expertly rope my hands together behind my back. I pressed my head into the pillow, biting my lower lip in excitement as I swayed my ass in the air for her. She gripped my cheeks forcefully, sinking her fingers deep into the fat of my ass, her strong hands holding me in place, controlling me just like I wanted. The head of her cock pushed against my tight, quivering sphincter. I closed my eyes and relaxed for her, savoring the little bit of nervousness that accentuated the excitement. She pushed harder and harder, gradually expanding me, sending sharp pings of pain into my rectum. I stayed relaxed and accepted the discomfort, readying my body for the pleasure to come. She pushed a little harder, and broke through.

I almost shouted “bubble-gum” at the top of my lungs, but I pushed my head into the pillow and screamed muffled agony instead. Furia’s fingers had not prepared me for her girth, and I felt her stretch me so wide I thought I’d tear. Furia noticed the rigidity of my body, and kept her depth. Her domineering nature paused for a gentle time-out, and she lovingly ran her hand down my spine as she whispered soft words of encouragement.

“Just tell me when you’re ready to go deeper.” she whispered as she caressed me.

“Push it all the way in,” I said through gritted teeth, “let’s get the hard part over with.”

“You sure?” Furia asked, a tone of alarm in her voice.

“I’ll bite the pillow,” I smiled back at her, “and you bring the pain. I thought you wanted to dominate me?”

“Ok, Adriana,” Furia said, her hands resuming their controlling grip on my backside, “bite down.”

I bit the pillow, and Furia thrust all the way in. I almost passed out. My back wrenched into a vicious arch that sent my hips hovering over my ribs and my toes pushing against the floor; I damn near broke myself in half. My mouth couldn’t scream the word “bubble-gum,” hell, it couldn’t even make a sound. I just stayed in paralytic agony, my feet pushing into the cold stones, my ass perched in the air, and my eyes and mouth trembling. Furia didn’t wait for me to get used to it; she committed to her domineering role. She pulled out, and my insides gratefully relaxed, and then she insulted them for their reprieve with another forceful advance. It didn’t hurt as much as the second time, and my mouth finally uttered a stifled scream of agony into the pillow I was biting. Each thrust hurt less and less, and my body slowly dropped back to the floor, my knees pressing against the mat I’d been sleeping on, and my hips curving down to their natural positions. I garnered the will to relax my body, and started to feel the pleasure that was promised.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, “that was intense.”

“You were clenching around me like crazy,” Furia panted, “oh my god, you feel so good. Does it feel better for you yet?”

“It’s starting to,” I moaned, “it’s starting to feel so fucking good!

“Do you want me to go harder?”

“You,” I laughed between escalating moans, “are the worst dom in the world, Furia. Stop fucking asking!”

“Fine,” Furia growled as she increased her pace, “I’ll be taking what I want from now on.”

“That’s riiiiight,” I purred as I backed my ass into her, “make me your little anal whore.”

“Your dirty talk’s getting better.”

“Yours isn’t.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Furia growled as she pushed a section of rope between my teeth, “you don’t get to talk anymore, Adriana. You will obey, or you will be punished like the insolent little slut you are.”

That’s more like it. I grinned internally as Furia smashed her pelvis against my ass.

Furia tied the rope around my head, making an improvised gag before she grabbed my hair with both hands and yanked my head backward. I struggled against the binds holding me arms together as she painfully forced my body upward. The roughness caused my pussy to gush in delight and my ass to clench around her. She brutally tore into me with each thrust, sending shocks of pain and pleasure ripping through my body. I shrieked muffled cries from my binds, tears of pain streaking down my face as my body twisted in pleasure. I’d never delved into the masochistic side of sexuality before, but now, I was reveling in it.

“Adriana.” a soft, female voice whispered in the dark.

I looked over and saw the outlines of Eva and Keira bathed in the moonlight. They were stroking and sucking each other as they watched me get sodomized.

“You two were so loud,” Kiera giggled, “people are trying to sleep here!”

“Can we join in?” Eva asked, “Soraya and Brianna are asleep, and we want to have fun too.”

“Do you want to get gangbanged, Adriana?” Furia whispered to me.

I nodded enthusiastically.

“Adriana’s not allowed to speak anymore,” Furia whispered to the two approaching hermaphrodites as she untied the rope around my head, “so make sure you find something to occupy her mouth.”

“Ooooo, we’re doing kinky stuff, huh?” Keira smiled at me as she lowered her body beneath me.

“Is Adriana our little slave for tonight?” Eva smiled as she pushed the tip of her cock to my lips.

“That’s right,” Furia said with a firm slap on my ass, “tonight, Adriana is just a toy.”

Fuck yeah I am.

Keira slid her hands up my hips and along my sides until she reached my breasts. She gripped them roughly and drove her cock deep into my pussy. I opened my mouth to cry out in pleasure, but Eva gagged me with the full length of her member. My eyes widened in shock. I was so full, stuffed beautifully to capacity, all my needs met at once. Keira and Furia pushed into me simultaneously, driving their thick, long cocks together, breaking my inner resistances open and parting the soft flesh of my insides. Eva moaned and took a grip of my hair before she blasted my throat with vigorous thrusts. I opened my esophagus to her and gratefully accepted the punishment.

“Holy fuck, Furia,” Keira moaned beneath me, “I can feel you on the other side!”

“Adriana must be heaven,” Furia panted, “she’s clenching around me like never before!”

Oh my god, Furia. I thought, You have no idea how good I’m feeling.

My mouth hummed a constant tone of pleasure around Eva’s driving cock. My spit wetted her shaft and dripped down my chin, and then onto Keira’s face. Keira held me upright by my breasts, her fingers greedily sinking into my soft, warm flesh. Furia began to slap my ass to the rhythm of my defilement, sending delightful stings into my pelvis from the outside, as her and Keira sent vicious blasts of pleasure from the inside. All three of the hermaphrodites moaned and cried soft pleasure as they reveled in the delights of my holes. It felt good to be able to pleasure so many at once, and it felt even better to have so many pleasure me.

“Adriana,” Eva moaned, “you give such good head.”

I can make it even better. I smiled inwardly.

I sacrificed my comfortable oral penetration for Eva’s pleasure. I closed my throat around her and let her break through my resistances, forcing a gag from each thrust. Eva’s legs shook and almost buckled beneath her. Keira managed to catch Eva by her ass before she fell, and gracefully lowered the pleasure-stricken hermaphrodite onto her face. I came down with her, and continued my constricting blowjob as Keira’s mouth pressed against Eva’s dripping slit.

“Holy shit!” Eva exclaimed with a trembling voice, “Adriana, I’m coming!”

Mmmmm, give it to me.

I looked Eva in the eye with a gaze full desperate need and sucked her like she’d never been sucked before. Eva had completely failed her role as a domineering user, and was now utterly helpless to my prowess. She whimpered pathetic tones as Keira licked her insides and I consumed her outsides. She put a hand over her face to muffle the scream that came from it. Her eyes widened and her brow raised in shocked ecstasy. I felt her pulse wildly in my mouth, and I unremittingly sucked her until she blew. Eva’s head flung back, and Keira had to wrap her hands around the climaxing hermaphrodite's mouth to keep her shrieks from waking the whole hall. Her cum surged into my mouth and down my throat. I kept sucking her the whole time, milking her cock for every drop. Eva squirmed on top of Kiera’s face until the last of her seed poured into my mouth. Kiera raised Eva off her, and I leaned forward and pressed our lips together. I tasted Eva’s pussy on Kiera’s mouth as I passed her seed between us. Kiera passionately kissed me back and ran a hand through my hair, gratefully drinking the nectar I provided for her.

“I’m tapping out,” Eva said breathlessly, “I’ll just…I’ll just watch.”

“I think we’re almost done anyway,” Kiera smiled as she pulled from my mouth, “aren’t we, Adriana?”

While I was blowing Eva, Keira and Furia had been working my ass and pussy into a frenzy. Keira could no doubt feel what was going on inside me. I grinned down at her with a gaping smile.

“We’re almost there,” I panted, “finish me!”

“Didn’t I say you’re not allowed to speak?!” Furia hissed as she drove the rope between my teeth and tied it behind my head.

“It’s probably for the best,” Keira giggled, “or she’d wake the whole hall when she came.”

Ripples of euphoric waves washed through me and built with each passing thrust. My rectum was gaping and twitching with spasms, and my pussy was rising in fury of clenching convulsions. Both sensations came together deep in my nethers, and spread into my abdomen. Soon, my diaphragm was flexing with uncontrollable contractions, and my back was arching. I shrieked around the rope in my mouth and squirmed, trashing against the binds that held my hands in place. My hips dropped, my legs trembled, and I came. I came with a violent upheaval of euphoria that broke my mind completely. Tears streaked down my cheeks and my body rose, my hips shifting forward and my abs stretching. My chest pushed forward and my neck strained backward, as though the great pressure ballooning in my body was making me curve convexly. I trembled and quaked, stuck in a prison of ecstasy, my lungs yielding no breath. Then the feeling crashed down upon me, and a cathartic release of tension poured into my body. My strength gave out, and I collapsed onto the sweaty, convulsing body of Keira.

Both women held their hands over their mouths and screamed as they came together inside me. All I could do was lie there as their hot seed rushed into me, burning delectably into my desecrated holes. Furia tensed up behind me, and then collapsed on top of me, both of our weights crushing the pleasure-stricken Keira beneath us. We all heaved in satisfied exhaustion, before Keira finally compelled us to move. Furia untied the ropes around my hands and face, and I immediately kissed her. She wrapped her mouth around my own, and we fell together on the mat in a loving embrace.

“Holy shit,” Keira laughed when she finally regained herself, “Adriana, you’re fantastic.”

“She really is,” Eva said, “now I’m jealous of Furia.”

“We can all share our bodies with each other,” I said as I parted from Furia, “there’s no need for jealousy; it breeds terrible things.”

“In our new kingdom,” Furia said, “we aren’t constrained by the archaic laws of The Highlands. Adriana and I are together, but that doesn’t mean we’re monogamous.”

“When we build our new home,” I smiled to Eva and Keira, “we should all live together in one house. We should sleep together, love each other, and raise our children as a family.”

“I’d like that,” Eva smiled, “that sounds wonderful.”

“It does,” Kiera giggled, “we could have orgies every night.”

“Hey guys,” Alexa said as she and Faltia came back, “why are you still awake?”

“We just gangbanged Adriana.” Furia laughed.

“I thought you were too tired?” Faltia smirked, “What changed?”

“Furia persuaded me otherwise,” I smiled at Faltia as I planted a kiss on my lover’s cheek, “she’s very convincing.”

“Where did you guys go?” Keira asked.

“We got some orcs together and had them run train on us,” Alexa laughed, “I don’t think we’ll be able to walk right for days.”

“They were so much fun,” Faltia giggled, “they’re all so aggressive.”

“Did you get Certiok to join you?” I asked.

“We did,” Alexa said, “she was very curious about how my parts operated. She did a very…thorough examination of me.” Alexa said with a giggle.

“The four of us were talking,” Furia said, “and we decided we should all keep living together after the city is built.”

“As a family,” I said, “all in one house.”

“We’ll have to make it a big house,” Faltia laughed, rubbing her belly, “there’s going to be at least three new occupants.”

“It’s a great idea,” Alexa beamed, “we’ll raise our children as a group; all of us will be their mothers.”

Soraya and Brianna woke up to the noise of our conversation and joined in. We all agreed that living together after everything was done was the best way to go. We excitedly talked about our futures together, about building a house, raising children and of course, having orgies. I wanted this future to come true with all my heart, and I would do anything to make it so. I had a new motivation to make sure my time as governess would be spent well. I would work tirelessly to ensure my new family would survive and thrive in my new kingdom.

Over the next three days, Tom and his team of trolls constructed the towers that Certiok had designed. There were twelve of them, all equal in architecture and height, with varying differences in décor. Each of them were ten stories high, with a thirty-foot conical spire at their peak. Tom persuaded me to commission silver-flaked statues to adorn their spires, and I found an artisan who was willing to do it cheaply. Ten of the statues were of naked she-orcs, each in a different warrior-pose, each with one of The Ten’s tribe symbols carved where their heart would be. The other two towers had different statues. The Ardeni immigrant’s tower had two figures, one orc and one goblin, standing stoically together, and the Protaki, Terdini and Maple tribe tower had a statue of Sherok atop it, per Certiok’s request. I wasn’t exactly pleased that I’d be reminded of the woman I killed every time I walked down the street, but it was a small irritation in the grand scheme of things. The twelve towers lined the single, wide road that had been constructed, leaving room on either side for expansion when needed. The nymphs required all the arable land they could have until more of the surrounding forest had been cut down (which Arbor was not in favor of. “Why don’t you just build taller towers?” was her reply).

The exodus of The Ten had reached The Pines on the second day, and Arbor determined that they’d brought enough supplies to last them the winter, much to my relief. On the third day, Donok and his team of trolls had finished the aqueduct system from the falls to the city. It split at the creek and ran behind both rows of towers, three stories up, before draining into massive reservoirs dug into the fields. The nymphs used the water from the ducts for irrigation, and their crops already stood high. Arbor moved from plant to plant, whispering to the roots and compelling the stalks to grow. The fields were flush with green by the end of the third day, and I allowed myself to relax for a moment. Tomorrow, the tribespeople of The Ten would arrive to a city that had been constructed in days. We’d done it, and we were all fucking exhausted.

The house the hybrids and I had built for ourselves was a two-story log cabin that sat on a hill overlooking the city. It had a large porch with a bench long enough for all of us, and we all sat and looked in pride at the city we’d built.

“It’s kind of funny looking, actually,” Soraya said, “it’s just twelve massive towers, a castle, a road, and then nothing else but fields.”

“We built the downtown area,” Alexa said, “and the rest of the city will stretch outward from it over the years.”

“It’s still bare-bones,” I said, “there’s no rooms yet in any of the towers; their just floors with windows, stairs, and nothing else.”

“It’ll work,” Furia said, “I think The Ten will like it.”

“We all know they’re going to bitch about which tribes gets to live in the towers closest to the castle,” Faltia said, “they’re a petty bunch.”

“How many people have you recruited for your police force?” I asked Faltia.

“Twenty-three,” Faltia said, “though I’ve barely trained any of them. I’ve been so busy.”

“We’ll need to recruit equal numbers from each tribe of The Ten,” I said, “otherwise, they’ll view it as favoritism. We cannot give off the perception that one tribe is gaining more influence than any of the others.”

“Half of these tribes were warring with the other half before the queen came in and united them,” Eva said, “you’ll need to find a way to keep them from killing each other.”

“I know exactly what I’m going to do.” I smiled.

“What?” Furia asked.

“We’ll keep them busy constructing a massive arena on the other side of the creek,” I said, “and then we’ll have a tournament of The Ten. It will allow them to release their competitive hatred for each other in a peaceful way, and keep them distracted until we find them jobs.”

“Sports leads to gambling, and gambling leads to violence,” Brianna frowned, “I’m not sure it’s a great idea.”

“Violence is going to happen no matter what we do,” I said, “we need to make sure it’s criminal violence, and not tribal violence.”

“Criminal violence?” Faltia said, “There are no laws yet.”

“Which is what tomorrow’s meeting with the representatives of The Ten will be about,” I said, “we’ll need to lay down some laws, and we’ll need you and your police force to enforce them.”

“The fun part’s over, I guess,” Soraya sighed, “we’ve built the city, now we have to live in it.”

Chapter Three: The Matriarchs and The Queen

The tribes came the next morning. The townspeople stood on either sides of the street and welcomed them warmly, as I had told them to do. Each tribe was guided to their tower until the street was empty of the tens of thousands. It went over pretty well, actually, with no immediate violence or outbursts. It probably helped that The Ten had just been trekking hundreds of miles in three days, and were no doubt exhausted from the journey. I invited representatives of each tribe to meet me in the castle to start hashing out laws and regulations. The representatives turned out to be the wives of the chieftains, the matriarchs of each tribe. I waited until they were all seated, and then began the meeting.

“Greetings to the tribes of The Tundra,” I said, “I’m acting governess Adriana Flourterias-”

“We know who you are!” one of the women yelled, “And just so you know, Brock’s been fucking your little piece every day, you ranger bitch!”

“And you are…?” I asked the she-orc, not rising to her bait. I had to push Furia back to keep her from charging the woman.

“Belokia Kraklari," she said arrogantly, "wife of Gorlok Kraklari, chieftain of the Kraklari Tribe, and I do not recognize your authority!”

“Belokia,” I smiled, “Queen Yavara Alkandi has appointed me acting governess of Alkandra. If you refuse to recognize my authority, that means you are refusing to recognize the queen’s authority, and you will be executed as a traitor.”

“You fucking-”

“Furthermore,” I said, “since you are matriarch of the Kraklari clan, and a representative of your people, I will be forced to assume that your sentiments are your people’s sentiments, and they will be evicted and banished from Alkandra. Winter will be upon us soon, and I will let your people die in the cold, and then execute Gorlok when he comes back.”

Belokia jumped from her chair and bull-rushed the table. I waited until she was a few feet away, and then cartwheeled over the top, sending my foot crashing down on her head. Her face met the floor with a sickening crack, and her body flopped in an unconscious stupor.

“Ok,” I said, gesturing for my hybrid comrades to put down their weapons, “we got that out of our system. Who else here needs to release some energy?”

None of the others stood.

“Good,” I said, sitting back in my chair, “Certiok, could you please help Mrs. Kraklari back into her chair? Thank you.”

Certiok gave me an admiring smile and dragged the unconscious she-orc back to her seat. I cleared my throat and pushed my hair back behind my ear.

“Alright,” I said, “before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: I am in charge here. My words are Queen Alkandi’s words, my actions are her actions and my justice is her justice. Any harm done to me, or my hybrid comrades, is harm done to the queen, and will be punished as such. You don’t have to like me, but you better fucking obey me. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Governess.” The matriarchs said.

“Good,” I smiled, “as I was saying, welcome to Alkandra. This meeting has been convened to hash out laws and regulations that we can all live by. We’ll start with the basics: no murder, no raping, no stealing. Murder will be punished with execution, rape will be punished with whipping and banishment, and theft will be punished based off the severity of the crime. You, at the end, what’s your name and tribe?”

“Yeritokia of the Dartiki clan.” The young she-orc said.

“What law would you like to propose, Mrs. Dartiki?”

“No other tribespeople may enter my building,” she said, “it is the Dartiki tower, and will not be sullied with feet of lesser tribes.”

All the other women predictably yelled their insults, and then agreed with her. None of them wanted any other tribespeople in their towers. This was not going to stand.

“We’re one city united under one queen,” I said, “not twelve cities divided by different towers. This law will not pass; any citizen is allowed to come and go as they please in other towers, provided they respect the people that reside there. These buildings are not your embassies, they are public housing. When the war is over and we expand our infrastructure, you will be allowed to build your own residences, and have your own rules. You, what is your name and tribe?”

“Kalimarok of the Silktari clan,” the old she-orc said, “and I want to pass a law against inter-clan marriages! None of these lesser clans will taint the blood of our people!”

All the other women yelled insults at one another, and then unanimously concurred.

“Also,” I sighed, “not going to happen. I don’t want to keep reiterating this point, but, you are all equal citizens of Alkandra now. You can still be tribe leaders and matriarchs, but in the eyes of the law, a stable boy has the same rights as a chieftain, and any two citizens of age can marry.”

“Then these laws are bullshit!” Kalimarok yelled. Everyone else agreed uproariously.

“When you joined Queen Alkandi’s army,” I said angrily, “and shared in the glory of her empire, you agreed to follow her laws and rule. You can hate the laws, you can think they’re bullshit, but you will follow them. Next representative, please state your name and clan.”

One by one, I shot down the tribal whims of the matriarchs. Slowly but surely, they stopped arguing with each other, and started arguing with me. Perfect; at least we were making progress. The meeting lasted for hours, but we finally hashed out a few laws and regulations everyone hated equally. All the matriarchs agreed that my idea to construct an arena was a good one. I’d leave the trolls out of construction so that the tribespeople had something to do for a few days. We’d chop down some of the surrounding forest so that we could expand our cropland and allow the citizenry to build their own residences. All buildings would have to be approved by me first. Each tribe would volunteer twenty-five officers for the police force, and each tribe would have two-hundred workers in the silver mines. Taxes would be levied after employment reached a certain level. Drugs could be sold, prostitution was fine, and fights in the arena would be a legal way to settle differences without getting the police involved. Despite their dislike for me, no other matriarch challenged my authority, and when I finally banged the gavel, they left in a much better mood than when they arrived. I dismissed my hybrid friends, and told them to mingle amongst the new tribespeople to garner goodwill and familiarity.

“That was tactfully done,” Arbor’s mystical voice said from the back of the hall, “very impressive, Governess.”

“Thank you, Arbor.” I said as I sat back in my chair, completely exhausted.

“Kicking that Kraklari bitch in the face was a smart move,” Certiok smiled, “they respected you after that.”

“If all it took was kicking people in the face to gain respect,” I smiled, “I’d would have been king of The Highlands, and not temporary governess of Alkandra.”

“You’re right,” Certiok said, “the games in the arena will secure your power.”

“I’m not trying to secure anything,” I said, “I’m trying to maintain order until the queen finally comes back.”

“Do you not want to remain governess after the queen as arrived?” Arbor asked.

“It’s a temporary position.” I replied.

“After all you’ve done here,” Certiok said, “it’ll be a permanent position. Queen Alkandi needs people like you to manage her empire. You have my vote.”

“I didn’t know this was a democracy,” I laughed, “and I don’t want to be governess forever.”

“It sounds cliché,” Arbor said with a rare smile, “but those that seek power are often the least qualified to have it, and those that don’t, are often the most.”

“We’re putting this thing to bed, now,” I said firmly, “after the queen returns, I’ll retire to spend time with my new family. I’ve made enough sacrifices for two nations.”

“You’re not done sacrificing,” Arbor said as she stood up, “not yet, I fear.”

Two days later, in the morning, Zander’s blue eagle projection landed on my window with a note in its talons.

Dear Governess Adriana Flourterias

I’m sorry that I haven’t corresponded with you over the past few days, the war has escalated, and I’ve been busy. I’m pleased to tell you that we achieved a great victory in The Tundra, and have been pushing the Highland invaders back to their own border. I suspect we’ll reach a state of military stasis for a while, and I will take the opportunity to visit Alkandra today. It is my hope that you have managed the city to expectations, and that I will not be disappointed.

Queen Yavara Alkandi

“Furia,” I whispered to the naked hermaphrodite lying beside me in the bed, “wake up.”

“Whaaaaaat?” Furia groaned.

“The queen’s coming today,” I said, “and we have to look busy.”

“Aaaaw,” she mumbled, “tell her to come tomorrow, I barely got any sleep last night.”

“Whose fault was that?” I grinned.

“Yours.” She said.

“Maybe,” I smiled as I kissed her neck, savoring the smell of her in the morning, “but you could’ve just said no.”

“Mmmmm,” Furia rolled over until she was facing me, “you’re a hard woman to refuse, and all the others peer-pressured me.”

“Come on,” I said with a slap on her ass, “let’s get washed up and presentable. We both have cum in our hair, and that’s no way to address the queen.”

“Somehow,” Furia groaned, “I don’t think she’ll mind.”

“Get you lazy ass out of bed, Furia.” I giggled.

“Make me.” Furia smiled back as she perked her ass up.

“Goddamn it woman,” I smirked as I spread her cheeks and lowered my mouth, “you always have to have it your way.”

“You know you love it.”

The street lined with the tens of thousands as we awaited the arrival of the queen. The arena was almost done after two days of construction, and so far, I only had to jail one citizen for drunkenly shitting on a boulevard bench. Things were looking pretty good, but our future was far from secure. Arbor, Certiok, Dronok, Smigli, Tom and the hybrids stood with me at the steps of Castle Alkandra. Soon, we saw the outline of what could be a bird against the sun. It flew without flapping, and we all soon realized who it was. Yavara shot from the sky and flew through the buildings, waving down at her cheering citizens before she descended to the steps in front of us. She hailed her people, gave them a little speech about victory and then turned to me.

“Governess,” she smiled gleefully, “I’m impressed; astounded, actually. I don’t even recognize the place.”

“My queen,” I nodded curtly, “this is Dronok, our hydro-engineer, this is Smigli Figiti, our master of coin, and this is Tom, our construction foreman.”

“Dronok, Mr. Figiti, Tom,” Yavara smiled to each of my employees, “excellent work.”

The hybrids took their turns bowing their heads and greeting Yavara. She smiled and kissed them on the cheek, and then greeted Certiok and Arbor with warm embraces. When the pleasantries were finished, I beckoned Yavara to come inside to discuss the state of her city.

“The matriarchs of The Ten are insisting on maintaining the autonomy of their clans,” I explained as we walked through the great hall, “they’re treating the public housing as their own towers, and openly discuss moving back to The Tundra when the war is over.”

“The divisions between them will take a long time to fade,” Yavara sighed, “it took a miracle to get them to stop killing each other; it will take generations for them to stop hating each other. I don’t know how I’ll fix it.”

“We’re going to host a series of games starting tomorrow,” I said, “inter-tribal competitions to keep them occupied until employment increases, which is the greatest pressing issue now. The Ardeni citizens are craftsmen, builders and skilled laborers, the tribespeople are not. We need more money to build a trade school to give the tribespeople the skills they need to become productive citizens.”

“Mr. Figiti,” Yavara asked the goblin, “how much money do you have left in the domestic treasury?”

“One-hundred thousand,” Mr. Figiti said, “and we’ll need to halt spending soon or it will go to zero.”

“We need money from the war treasury.” I explained to Yavara, “Once the populous is educated and skilled, they can start doing work for themselves, and generating income. Then we can tax them, and replenish the treasury for more infrastructure spending.”

“Soldiers are expensive,” Yavara said grimly, “and the war is going to last a lot longer now that we’ve pushed the elves to their own border. They’re entrenching as we speak, and we’ll likely do the same. I can’t afford to take money from the defense budget when we’re still at war.”

“This place will fall into anarchy if the people don’t have jobs,” I replied, “and they can’t all work in the silver mines. Right now, our biggest revenue blocs besides silver exports, come from drugs and prostitution; that’s not sustainable.”

“I can afford to give you two-hundred thousand,” Yavara said, “and that’s only because I have faith that you’ll manage to double that through taxation. You have done…a far better job than I could have imagined, Adriana; thank you.”

“You’re welcome, my queen.” I said politely with a bow.

“Still hate me, huh?” Yavara chuckled.

“Until my dying breath.” I replied. I did still hate Yavara, but it faded every day. Maybe, sometime in the future, I could look at her without thinking of all the things she’d done to me. But not today.

“You’ll get used to me.” Yavara smirked, before getting back to business, “We should have a festival to commemorate the founding of this city, and to celebrate the governess for her achievements.”

Chapter Four: The Conflicted Woman

When dusk came around, the street was alight with bon fires that stretched from the draw bridge to the creek. Tribal drums boomed as the masses conglomerated and mingled. I made sure the police would not partake, and instead do their best to control the mob of intoxicated beasts that would soon make up the city. I thought Yavara’s idea of a festival might be a nice day in the fields, but I should have known better. This was going to be rave. A drug-fueled, alcohol-driven, scene of immense debauchery. Faltia and the other cops would have their work cut out for them.

The seven us sat on our porch and watched the depravity below us.

“Faltia is going to be hurting tomorrow,” Alexa said worriedly as we looked at the raving beasts, “I hope she doesn’t try to be a hero.”

“She has a tendency for foolish bravery,” I frowned, “I made sure to tell her not to get into anything over her head. I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Oh, look, it’s our queen,” Furia chuckled, “doing what she does best.”

“How does she fit them all?” Alexa asked in awe, “I mean, one orc is a tough fit for me, but two?!

“Does she even have an asshole anymore?” Soraya laughed, “Or is it just a gaping void?”

“Oh, I assure you,” I smiled, “it’s a snug fit.”

“I’m gonna hit that,” Keira said confidently, “she is the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen, and I’m am going balls-deep in that butthole.”

“You don’t have balls,” Soraya laughed, “and I thought I was the hottest piece of ass you’d ever seen?”

“Look, honey,” Keira said in sarcastic endearment, “you can’t keep comparing yourself to celebrities; it’s bad for your mental health.”

A winged humanoid descended from the night sky and landed in our yard. Arbor walked over to us gracefully, her pale, purple skin bathed in the moonlight, her curvy figure sauntering with a ghostly elegance, her two sets of horns entangled with her black and white mane, and her green and purple eyes glowing from her face.

“Why aren’t you all partaking in the festivities?” Arbor asked as she sat down next to us.

“We’re genuinely afraid for our safety,” Eva said, “hot blondes and drunk orcs don’t mix well.”

“Au contraire, Eva,” Alexa smiled, “they mix very well. But the ratio must be right, and five-thousand to one isn’t ideal. Why aren’t you partaking, Arbor?”

“I’m keeping an eye on my daughters,” Arbor said, “they’re in there mingling with orcs, and I need to make sure they don’t succumb to temptation and mate with them. My sons won’t be corrupted by orc females, but my daughters are still susceptible to the corruption of another species’ seed. I do not want more succubi in the world.”

“I heard we have magical sperm,” Keira giggled, “I heard that if we blow into a succubus, they become our slaves.”

“This is true,” Arbor said, “Elena mated with me, and I was enslaved to her lust until Zander freed me. In essence, I became a spirit of the succubi.”

“What was that like?” Soraya asked.

“I was overcome with the desire to please her,” Arbor said, “all I wanted to do was give her my body, and let her use it however she wished. Of course, I didn’t have a body then, so I intended to give her the bodies of my daughters instead. I was a ‘slut,’ to use the vernacular of present times.”

“Arbor,” I said, watching curiously as she pulled out a pipe, “is that weed I smell?”

“It is a weed, but I assume you’re asking if it’s marijuana.” Arbor said in a matter-of-fact way, “I’ve grown this plant in my forest for ten thousand years, and I’ve never tried it. I’m curious how it will affect my biological state.”

“Can we have some?” Furia asked, “I’ve never tried it before.”

“None of us have,” I said, “as a ranger, you were forbidden to use narcotics.”

“That didn’t stop most of us,” Kiera laughed, “I guess Furia was just a goodie-two-shoe.”

“Yeah,” Furia laughed, “I really did follow every rules to the letter.”

“You were my favorite girl when I took you that day,” Arbor said, lighting the bowl, inhaling, and then blowing out a cloud of smoke, “you opened up to me so beautifully. Eva, Keira and Alexa all resisted at first, but you, Furia, you just parted your legs and smiled. I don’t think you’re as innocent as you let on.”

“She’s definitely not,” I smiled as I put my arm around her, “she’s a twisted little thing.”

“Are you going to try some?” Furia asked me between coughs of smoke.

“Why not.” I said, taking the pipe from her hand.

“I think I’m feeling its affects,” Arbor said, “is it supposed to make your mouth dry?”

“It does that,” Kiera laughed, “it’ll make your eyes dry, too.”

“I’ve heard it makes everyone a philosopher,” Arbor smiled, “so I hope I don’t come off as pretentious later on.”

The pipe made its way from person to person. I began to feel its affects; my head felt light, my eyes drooped, my concentration was sporadic, and everything was fucking hilarious. I couldn’t quite find a way to sit on the bench that was comfortable, so I elected to lie in Furia’s lap and let her play with my hair.

“No, no, no,” Arbor said, a permanent stupid grin etched across her face, “you see, I gained sentience as a seedling. My first memory is of warm, moist soil surrounding me. I fed from it, and grew until I sprouted from the earth. All around me, was a wasteland of volcanic rock and ash. I grew in the one fertile spot, and then spread my seed across the hard earth. Over time, my sentience grew with each connective root. I spread myself further and further, taking on the role of different plants and utilizing them in different climates, until my mind stretched from The Tundra to The Southern Sea.”

“Arbor,” Furia giggled, “you’re a walking tree.”

“I am the embodiment of all the plants in the forest,” Arbor said, “I am not a walking tree.”

“So, you can see everything that goes on from The Tundra to The Southern Sea?” I asked, my head feeling so heavy in Furia’s lap.

“I can.” Arbor said, “I’ve watched you very closely, Adriana.”

“Oooooo,” Keira giggled, “tell us all of her dirty secrets.”

“The only secret worth telling is already known,” Arbor smiled, “but you, Keira, you have many things you hide from others. The time you spent beneath the hollow maple, for instance, waiting for the incubus to-”

“Ooookayyy,” Keira said, “I think everyone’s heard enough of that story to get the full picture.”

“I used to watch the creatures of the forest mate with a scientific, dispassionate eye,” Arbor smiled, “I was always curious, but never enough to indulge. Now that I am the way I am, I often can’t focus on much else. There’s a faun mating with a kitsune right over those hills. He’s driving into her from behind, and she’s clutching a tree and moaning in pleasure. It’s so…distracting.”

“Arbor?” Eva asked, “Are you feeling a little frisky?”

“Why do you ask, child?” Arbor smiled.

“Because you’re masturbating with your tail,” Eva giggled, “did you think we wouldn’t notice?”

“Oh my,” Arbor said, growing red with embarrassment for the first time, “I didn’t even notice I was doing it! I guess I just did it instinctively.”

“Maybe,” Eva said as she leaned into the forest spirit, “maybe you’d like do some other stuff…instinctively.”

“Do you want to mate with me?” Arbor asked as her hands ran along Eva’s curves.

“That’s a blunt way of putting it,” Eva giggled, “but yes, Arbor; I want to know what a spirit of the forest feels like from the inside.”

“I have been wondering,” Arbor said as she pulled off Eva’s pants, “how the seed of a hybrid will affect me in my new body.”

“Ooooo,” Eva purred, “maybe you can be my slave.”

“Maybe,” Arbor smiled as she wrapped her hands around Eva’s cock, “I’ll call you ‘master’ when this is over.”

“HEY EVERYBODY!” A very drunk, flying Yavara yelled before she crashed head-first into the ground, leaving a massive crater where her body landed.

“Oh shit,” Furia gasped, “is she dead?!”

“I,” Yavara said as she got to her feet, “am OK, thanks for asking Furia,” Yavara took one step forward and then face-planted.

“You’re far from OK, my queen.” I grimaced.

“Yavara,” Arbor said as she walked over to the intoxicated royalty, “you’re dangerously drunk.”

“I don’t need you patronizing me, grandma!” Yavara’s muffled voice yelled into the dirt.

“My queen,” I said as I stepped to her, “why have you come up here?”

“To party!” Yavara yelled, and held up a bag of cocaine, her face still planted in the dirt, “I got this from some guy, and holy shit, does it make you feel good! I was wondering what you losers were doing up here by yourselves, so I came up to spread the fun!”

“Adriana,” Furia whispered to me, “you need to get her into bed before she kills herself.”

“I have very perceptive hearing, Furia!” Yavara yelled into the dirt, “And I know how to handle my liquor!”

“My queen,” I said, “you’re talking to the ground right now.”

“At least the ground is being a judgmental bitch!”

“Ok,” I said, pulling Yavara to her feet, “You’re sleeping in my bed tonight.”

“Oh, fuck off Adriana,” Yavara drunkenly slurred, “I’m not going to bed!”

“In the morning, we’ll-”

My mouth stopped yielding words. I lost complete control of my body. I’d had this feeling before, back when I first knew that little human girl in Ardeni Dreus was Yavara Tiadoa, and that she was much more than just that.

Why are you making me do this to you? Yavara’s mental voice asked me.

No one’s making you do anything, I replied, you’re doing this yourself.

You always make me hurt you, Yavara said, Why?

It’s you, Yavara. I responded, It’s only you.

You made me torture you, Yavara’s mental voice was filled with rage and grief, you made me change you. You took Elena from me!

You took April from me. I said, If I could kill you, Yavara, I would, but I can’t. But you can kill me, Yavara; it’s something your sister would do.


Is that what you’re afraid of? I laughed at her, That you’re becoming like her? Rest assured, Yavara, you’re nothing like her. She’s at least competent.

I felt my hand reach for my dagger.

That’s it… I smiled inwardly, That’s the real Yavara, isn’t it? You pretend to be this good, benevolent figure who wants peace and love, but it’s power you really want. I caught you in a vulnerable state and offered my help, and that made you feel powerless. So you took control of me in a vain attempt to demonstrate that you’re still in control. Congratulations, Yavara; I’m once again, at your mercy.

You… Yavara’s voice was crying, You made me do those things to you! I didn’t want to do them!

Yes you did, I sneered, You did them because you hate me, and it felt good to hurt me. And now you’re going to kill me because you’re too drunk to pretend you’re not evil.

I’m not like her! Yavara sobbed, Elena thinks I am, but I’m not!

You don’t have to prove who you are to anyone, but yourself. I said, If Elena’s the only thing keeping you centered, then you were never a good person to begin with; just a villain in love.

I felt the blade press against my throat. Furia ran to me, screaming and crying, desperately trying to pull the blade from my neck to no avail.

Do it. I dared Yavara.

Don’t test me, bitch!

You’re weak, and Elena knows it. Elena doesn’t give a shit about you anymore. She’s in Bentius fucking your sister. I think they’re in the love, Yavara; you should have seen the things they were doing to each other.

I felt the blade dig into my throat.

Elena hates you for what you made her. I sneered, Elena hates you for what you’ve become; what you always were. You’re not even Yavara; you’re just Alkandi with a different face.

I felt blood running down my neck. Furia was screaming at Yavara and pulling on my arm. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but I saw the terror in her eyes. I was certain Yavara would kill me; I had seen the limits of her mercy, and they were shallow. All I could do was give her my piece of mind before she finally ended it in a drunken power-trip.

I’m not. Yavara’s voice said meekly, I’m not Alkandi, and I’m not my sister.

Prove it.

Yavara stared at me, tears running down her face. She dropped her eyes, and I felt her control leave me. I fell to the ground, heaving heavy breaths as the world came screaming back to me.

“Adriana? Adriana?!” Furia screamed.

“I’m OK,” I choked out as I got to a knee, “I’m fine.”

Furia turned to Yavara, her face twisted in rage.

“You bitch! You fucking bitch!” she screamed at the queen, “Get out of here, you pathetic piece of shit!”

“No,” I said, wobbling to my feet, “No, the queen needs to rest.”

Yavara was an emotional wreck, and if we didn’t get her inside and asleep, I was afraid of what she’d do. I picked up the sobbing Dark Queen and carried her to my bed. She pressed her face to my breast and vented her grief into my shirt.

“I’m sorry, Adriana,” she sobbed, “I’m so sorry.”

I laid her on the bed and pulled the sheets over body.

“I did all those things to you,” Yavara said, tears and snot running down her face, “I did them because it felt good. I knew it was wrong, I knew it was evil, and I did them anyway.”

I placed two pillows behind her head to prop her up and keep her from choking on her vomit in the night.

“I’m just so fucking alone,” Yavara cried, “I’m surrounded by people who worship me, or want to use me, but none who love me. Zander sees me as Alkandi, and Brock is consumed by the power he has gained. Elena and Prestira were the only ones who saw me as a friend, and you took them from me!”

I dragged a bucket over to her bedside and got up to leave, but Yavara stopped me with a grab of my wrist.

“I came up here because I saw the way you all love each other,” Yavara sobbed, “and I wanted a taste of that love. I wanted to pretend just for one night, that I had still had friends in this world. And when you told me I was too drunk, I took it as rejection, and I wanted to kill you. I wanted you to die because you wouldn’t be my friend. Isn’t that just fucking pathetic?”

“You’ll forget about all of this in the morning,” I said, “just rest.”

“I see the path ahead of me, and it’s so lonely, Adriana,” Yavara whispered, “even if I manage to find people who love me as I am, I’ll watch all of them grow old and die, while I stay young forever. I’ll live alone for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, until the fatal shot finally kills me.”

“If you’re looking for pity,” I replied coldly, “you’re looking for it in the wrong woman.”

I left Yavara sobbing on the bed and walked outside. Arbor and the hybrids stared at me.

“You were right about her,” Furia said, “she’s a monster.”

“No,” I replied, “she’s a broken little girl pretending to be a queen. She’s not the psychopath Leveria is.”

“She’s dangerous,” Soraya said, “she’s a time-bomb, Adriana.”

“She’s unstable,” Arbor said, “because she fears what she is becoming. She needs the genuine affection of others, and in its absence, she replaces it with empty lust. Every day that she goes without the love she needs, she grows harder, more violent, and less forgiving.”

“Fucking Elena,” I sighed, “I ridiculed Yavara when she had control of me; I told her all the things I knew she feared about that woman. Elena is gone, and it’s tearing Yavara up from the inside.”

“You should all go to her,” Arbor said, “show her that you have affection for her. Show her your appreciation for her gifts.”

“I can’t do that.” I replied, “I don’t see my transformation as a gift.”

“If it weren’t for Yavara,” Arbor said, “you would never have Furia. You would never have the child that grows in your belly. You would never have these people you call family.”

“If it weren’t for Yavara,” I said angrily, “I would still be a man, I would still be commander of the rangers, and I would still have April! She took everything from me!”

“Do you regret me, Adriana?” Furia asked, “Would you trade me for your old life?”

“Without a second thought!” I yelled at Furia. I regretted saying it immediately. Furia’s face fell in sorrow, and mine fell in shame.

“I didn’t mean that,” I mumbled, “I’m just…I’m just so fucking conflicted about it all, Furia. I hate Yavara for what she did to me, but at the same time, I’m grateful that she gave me you. You’re the reason I haven’t thrown myself off one of those towers. You, and all the others, are the only things I have left in this world, and I don’t regret any of you.”

“Your queen,” Arbor said to me as she guided the heartbroken Furia into my arms, “is also a conflicted woman. She’s balancing her desire for power with her desire to be good. She hurt you to derive satisfaction from power, but she changed the rest of you because she wanted you to love one another freely in her kingdom. Right now, she needs all of you to show her your appreciation, to show her that her desire to do good will be rewarded with love, not malice. I listened to your mental conversation with Yavara, Adriana, and you got one thing wrong: it’s not her, that ultimately decides what she’ll do, it’s everyone else. Yavara makes decisions based off the consequences of previous choices, and if you all abandon her now, she will remember it the next time she feels slighted by someone she cares for. And she cares all of you; even you, Adriana.”

Arbor looked at me without judgement or expectation. It would be up to me to decide what we’d do.

“Goddamn it,” I muttered, “c’mon everyone; let’s go comfort our royal prima donna.”

We all walked up the stairs to find Yavara sobbing into a pillow. Everyone looked at me like the whole thing was my fault. I scowled at my friends and moved to the bed.

“Yavara…” I cooed gently to her. She didn’t answer.

“Yavara,” I whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder, “stop being such a fucking drama-queen and look at me.”

Yavara continued to sob drunkenly into the pillow.

“Hey,” I said, “we got something to tell you, but if you want, we can all leave you here.”

Yavara turned around, her face a disheveled mess of tears and smeared makeup.

“What?” Yavara croaked, “Do you want to tell me how much you hate me?! Or how I’m just like my sister?!”

“No,” I sighed, “You’re not like your sister. You bend yourself backwards trying to justify the things you’ve done, which shows guilt. Leveria wouldn’t give a second thought to doing the horrible things you’ve done, but you, you’re tortured by them. And after everything you’ve given me, Yavara, it gets harder to hate you every day.”

“We came here because we care for you,” Furia said, “we know you’re hurting, and we wanted you to know we care. We’re not here to use you, or garner favor; we’re here because we like you.”

“You could be our friend, Yavara,” Alexa said, “if I can call you ‘Yavara.’”

“You can.” Yavara smiled.

“We want you to know that we appreciate the gifts you given us.” Alexa continued, “I’ve actually viewed you as more of a mother figure than a friend, but I’m open to changing that relationship if you want to spend time with us.”

“I like you, Yavara,” Keira smiled as she sat on the bad, “you’re a crazy bitch in all the right ways.”

“We all like you,” Eva said, sitting down next to Yavara’s head, “we just don’t know you well enough. Take some time off, Yavara, and spend it with the people who care for you, not just the soldiers who worship you.”

“Stay with us for a little while,” Soraya smiled, “come hang out with the cool kids.”

“We’re down for all kinds of crazy fun,” Brianna said, “and we know you are too.”

“Tomorrow is the big game at the arena,” I said, “and we’ll have a fun little after-party here, just you, Arbor, and us. Does that sound like fun?”

Yavara nodded and smiled.

“Good,” I said, “now come here and give me a hug.”

I wrapped my arms around the woman I wanted to hate and let her cry into my chest. I stroked her hair and whispered softly into her ear. The other hybrids came around and embraced the queen warmly. We all lied on my bed, comforting the conflicted woman until we fell asleep in a pile around her. I could swear I saw her smiling as she snored.

Chapter Five: Public Displays of Justice and Depravity

“Ladies and Gentleman,” I yelled to the roaring crowd, “today marks the first day of The Alkandra Games.”

The crowd screamed their excitement and jumped up and down, shaking the arena as though an earthquake were rumbling beneath us.

“Our first event is a grudge match for the ages,” I yelled, “hated rivals Vonark and Dioc will fight on the hot sands of the arena. There will be blood! (cheer) There will be broken bones! (cheer) There will be death! (very loud cheer).”

I paused for dramatic effect as the roar of the tens of thousands escalated to rolling thunder.

“Let they games…begin!” I yelled.

I sat down in the booth next to Yavara and Furia and drank wine like a posh aristocrat.

“That was very well done,” Furia smiled with a squeeze of my thigh, “it gave me goosebumps.”

“Do they have to fight to the death?” Alexa asked Yavara from behind her.

“If they choose to,” Yavara said as she sipped her wine, “Adriana and I figured it was better to have them kill each other in the arena then in the back of a bar somewhere.”

“Orcs have a passion for vengeance,” I said back to Alexa, “you know that. Every time these two crossed paths, they tried to kill each other. What’s the point in risking Faltia’s life to break up a fight, when they’ll just be back at it the next day? Let them kill each other for sport, in front of a cheering crowd, and we keep the populace occupied while ending a feud that could result in collateral damage.”

“Are you a betting woman, Adriana?” Yavara asked me.

“I’ll put one-hundred on Vonark.” I said.

“I was thinking of a different currency,” Yavara smiled devilishly, “more of the flesh.”

“I’ll put one rim-job on Vonark.” I smiled back.


Vonark and Dioc circled each other in the pit. Dioc thrust his spear wide right, and Vonark dashed in with his sword and struck into the vulnerable orc’s thigh. Dioc dropped to a knee and held the spear up defensively as Vonark stalked around him, looking for weakness. Dioc managed to struggle to his feet and plant into a defensive stance. He thrust his spear threateningly to keep the assailing orc at bay. Vonark dodged to the left, rolled beneath and spear thrust, and drove his sword upward beneath Dioc’s ribs. Dioc swayed in the air for a second, and Vonark stood up and decapitated him.

The crowd roared, Vonark held up his bleeding trophy, and Yavara got on her knees.

“Vonark is victorious!” I yelled as I stood up, and then bent myself over the railing of the royal box, “Our next event,” I started as I felt Yavara reach beneath my dress and part my cheeks with her hands, “Is a ferocious fight of female felines! In this corner, standing six foot five, and two-hundred pounds, I give you: Froritalk! (cheers) And in this corner, standing six foot eight, and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty pounds, I give you: Bleniok! (cheers) These two women quarrel over the affections of Brokurti, and only one woman will be left alive to have him!”

“What are you wagering for this, Yavara?” I sneered back at the queen lowering her lips to my asshole.

“I’m already indebted,” she smiled, “find another gambler.”

“I’ll take you up,” Alexa said, “Eva has been raving about your blowjobs, and I want to see if they’re as advertised. I’m betting on Froritalk.”

“Deeeeaaal,” I hissed as Yavara’s lips wrapped around my rim, “and if I win, I want you to join your queen on the other side of me.”

Froritalk and Bleniok charged at each other, their fingers adorned with sharp, metal claws. It was to be a gruesome cat-fight to the death, all for some orc with a giant dick. It seemed a little ridiculous to me, but who was I judge?

“Holy shit,” Faltia exclaimed as the blood started flying, “I don’t think Brokturi’s going to want what’s left of whoever wins.”

“There goes a nipple!” Furia gasped, “And another one! Holy fuck!”

“Oh god….” Soraya groaned, “I can’t watch this.”

“It’s turning me on.” Furia gasped.

“What the fuck, Furia!” several of the hybrids exclaimed.

“It’s so primal and passionate,” Furia said, her fingers drifting south, “the sounds they’re making…it almost sounds like they’re in the throes of chaotic lust.”

“You,” I moaned to Furia as Yavara’s tongue circled the inside of my ass, “are such a twisted person.”

“I know,” Furia smiled, “but I can’t help it.”

Bleniok jammed both her claws into Froritalk’s eyes, and the match was over with a shrill scream from the defeated.

“Pay up, Alexa.” I smiled back at the mortified hermaphrodite.

“Two for two,” Alexa said as she walked over and knelt in front of me, “I almost wonder if you’re fixing these matches.”

“Get that pretty little mouth down there and pay your debts.” I smirked, “Anyone else care to make a wager?”

“What’s the next match?” Faltia asked.

“Looks like…” I said as I paged through the schedule, “submission fight between the Yugntiki and Drundiki clans.”

“No killing this time?” Alexa asked as she lowered herself in front of me.

“I’m not letting tribes of The Ten kill each other in the arena,” I moaned as Alexa’s tongue ran through my slit, “it’s (uuuuuuhhh) bad for moral…Furia, you read off the announcements; I’m a little preoccupied right now.”

“I’ll bet a fist on the Drundiki,” Faltia said, “in your ass, of course.”

“You make it sound like I wouldn’t enjoy that,” I smiled at Faltia with half-closed eyes, “but I’ll take you up on it.”

I placed my hands on the heads of the two women boring their tongues into my holes and raised my head in bliss. Furia passionately announced the next spectacle as a pleasant smile crept across my lips. Yavara was an expert in the ways of pleasure, and her tongue was sliding through my anus with tender precision. She sucked my rim; her full, wet lips rotating as a lecherous hum seeped from her smacking mouth. Alexa stroked her hard member while her tongue dragged along my vaginal ceiling, prompting delectable permeations of aching delight to rise through my nethers. I pushed both women closer into me, shifting my hips back and forth to enjoy them at different depths. My hands flexed and my grip tightened on the heads of my oral debtors. A slight murmur of delight escaped my mouth, and my eyes closed. The sounds of the chaos of the pit faded, and my mind focused only on the pleasant invasion of my insides. My hands pet the hair of my two devoted concubines until my fingers reached the backs of their heads. I pushed both of their faces into me, moaning as I felt them squish into the soft flesh of my pelvis, and the supple fat of backside.

“Goddamn it!” Faltia yelled as the last of the Drundiki were choked-out.

“Bend over the railing, Chief Constable,” I smiled at her, “the whole city is going to watch you get fisted.”

“Lucky for me,” Faltia smirked lustfully as she hiked up her dress, “I’ve been meaning to fulfill an exhibitionist fantasy of mine.”

“Furia,” I moaned to my lover, “announce the next match, please.”

Faltia smiled back at me as she bent over the railing in front of Alexa. Alexa took a moment to wink at her partner before resuming her meal. I parted the police captain’s cheeks and traced my fingers along her crack, teasing her rim and slit as I lubricated my hand with her juices. When she was moaning like a bitch in heat, I pinched my fingers together, and pushed slowly through her resistance. Faltia groaned a pained tone of pleasure to the leering spectators below her. My fist drove in slowly, savoring the feeling of her rim expand and tighten around my digits. I made sure to move deliberately through each bump of my hand, allowing Faltia to bask in the ridges of my knuckles as they pass through her.

“Someone’s gotta beat you, Adriana.” Soraya smiled, “I’ll match Faltia’s bet.”

“Are you sure?” I teased as my fist rotated into the screaming Faltia, “Because I organized this event, Soraya. I know the ins and outs of every competitor here.”

“You can’t be right every time.”

I was right, every time. After the second battle of The Ten, I had Soraya bent over next to Faltia, both hybrid women shrieking their pained euphoria to the spectators below. Soon, I was drawing more attention than the actual games were. I gave the people the show they wanted, and drove my hands deeper and deeper into the beautiful, blonde sluts. Faltia and Soraya very much enjoyed the attention they were getting, and pulled off their shirts to expose their ample breasts to the citizenry. They may have over-acted a little bit; I knew I was good, but I wasn’t that good. They arched their backs and played with each other’s bodies, squeezing their breasts and crying out so that all could hear. I didn’t mind the theatrics in the least, and made sure I was doing my part to live up to the reputation they were giving me. Furia and Eva picked Soraya up by the thighs and spread her so that all could see exactly what my hand was doing. Brianna and Keira did the same to Faltia, and the crowd cheered the anal defilement of their police captain. Alexa and Yavara were working my holes into an orgasmic frenzy, and I made sure to publicly vocalize my own climax. Furia and Eva licked Soraya’s cunt to orgasm, as Brianna and Keira did the same with Faltia. The crowd cheered each of our boisterous displays of sexual peaking, and after recovering from our orgasms, we blew the populous kisses and waved our hands.

“We’re like, celebrities.” Furia laughed as she helped the trembling Soraya to her feet.

“You’re all a special breed,” Yavara said between ardent kisses with Alexa, the two women tasting my holes on each other’s tongues, “a beautiful new race of beasts to mark the beginning of a new era.”

“We won’t be so special once you have your way with the Highland prisoners of war,” Keira said, “with your appetite, there’ll be thousands of us.”

“I’m actually very selective,” Yavara smiled at Keira, “I didn’t take any of the prisoners from the last battle.”

“What do you do with them then?” I asked. Yavara shifted nervously, and I knew I wasn’t going to like the answer.

“I can’t afford to feed them and care for them,” Yavara said, “and I can’t let them go to rejoin their ranks and kill more of my soldiers.”

“So, you kill them.” I said, shaking my head.

“No,” Yavara replied, “Brock wanted to kill them all, but I convinced him to compromise. We take an arm off, and send them on their way.”

“That’s awful!” Furia gasped.

“Their mages will give them back their limbs, in time,” Yavara said, “just not soon enough for them to be a threat. I know it’s terrible, and I don’t like it, believe me, but in the end, it’s not a permanent mutilation. It’s far better than how The Highlands treats our prisoners: like wild animals in a cage.”

“Speaking of prisoners,” Faltia said, “we’ve got our first public execution coming up. I need to pass down the verdict; how’s my makeup?”

“Smeared,” Yavara laughed, “you look like a spent whore.”

“Whatever,” Faltia shrugged, “I just took a fist in the ass in front of everyone, no one’s going to care how my mascara looks. I don’t know how you bitches put this shit on every day; being a man was so much easier.”

“At least we all missed the whole period thing,” I shuttered, “getting knocked up was worth that.”

“Holy shit, you’re pregnant?!” Yavara squealed in delight, “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“It never came up,” I chuckled, “every one of the women is pregnant, unless Soraya’s still holding out on it.”

“Nope,” Keira laughed, “I busted in her two nights ago; she got all jealous that she wasn’t getting the attention you all were.”

“That’s a shitty reason to get pregnant, Soraya,” I laughed at the former elf-male, “babies aren’t social accessories.”

“Nonsense!” Soraya smiled as she rubbed her belly, “I wanted to bring new life into this world for completely maternal purposes.”

“Oh, my god, I’m so happy for all of you!” Yavara exclaimed as she threw her arms around us. I was genuinely touched at Yavara’s delight in my pregnancy. She didn’t hate me anymore, and I was getting comfortable with her presence. It would take time, but eventually, I could see myself forgiving her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Faltia yelled to the crowd, “three days ago, our city was struck with the first murder in its history. Glactok Dektiki, of the Dektiki clan, was found guilty of the rape and murder of Quentaki Fertorki, of the Fertorki clan. By royal decree, and by the laws set in agreement by the matriarchs, those found guilty of murder will be executed! Queen Yavara Alkandi, in her wisdom and grace, has decided that the execution of an orc should be done with the dignity, and respect for tradition of The Ten. Therefore, the family of the bereaved will be the ones to swing the axe! Matriarch Glordia Fertorki: you are free to do justice!”

“I worry that these displays will cause more friction between The Ten.” I said to Yavara as the head of the executed was thrown into the stands.

“It’s better to have the state pass judgement,” Yavara said, “than for them to do it themselves. Public executions carried out by the assailed will allow for a tribal sense of retribution, while still maintaining the authority of the crown. I am the one allowing justice to be done, but they are the ones performing it.”

“That’s an interesting perspective,” I replied, “but you need to make a speech to ensure the humiliation of the Dektiki clan ends now that justice has been done, and doesn’t fester into further violence.”

“An excellent suggestion, Governess,” Yavara smiled, “you have a mind for politics.”

Yavara made her speech about the greatness of the Dektiki clan, and how one transgression did not besmirch their reputation. She tactfully added a few lines about all of us being one family under one kingdom, in a subtle attempt to sow the seeds of centralization. As the day wore on, more competitions were performed by The Ten, a few more disputes were settled with gladiatorial combat, and a few stand-up comedians got booed off stage. It was dusk by the time the games ended, and the populace was content with the display of blood. The tens of thousands evacuated the arena, and made their way past the partially constructed College of Alkandra before returning to their towers. Arbor and the nymphs continued to toil in the fields until nightfall, and Yavara left with us to go to our cabin.

Chapter Six: Party at My Place

“I don’t think I should,” I said as I stared at the white powder, “it’s supposed to be really addictive.”

“We’ve got potions for that,” Yavara said as she tapped out a line, “C’mon, Adriana, none of the hybrids will do any unless you do it first, and I don’t want to party with just Arbor.”

“I too, have my reservations about this,” Arbor said, “this isn’t like the mushrooms that grow upon the decay of my forest floor; this narcotic is unrecognizable from its coco roots. It’s been processed into…flour.”

“Am I going to be doing blow by myself?” Yavara yelled, “This is my last night here, and I want to fucking party!”

“Fine,” I growled, “give me the straw, I’ll fucking do it.”

I put the end of the straw in my nostril, closed the other, and snorted the entire line. My nostril burned like crazy, and I felt something dripping down the back of my throat, and I…holy shit!

“Whoa.” I said, sitting upright rapidly, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.”

“How is it?” Furia asked me.

“It’s like that rush you get after your first kill,” I said, speaking a little too fast, “but it’s different, you know? Like, you just want to fucking go. You just want to fucking go, you know? Oh-my-god-I-can-do-anything!”

“OK…” Eva laughed, “Adriana’s fucked up; give me some.”

“I guess I will try some as well,” Arbor said with a thin smile, “even if it is an unnatural concoction.”

“Here,” Eva said as she took a pinch and lined it on her cleavage, “do some off me.”

“We were interrupted yesterday,” Arbor smiled at Eva as she lowered her face, “perhaps we shall mate with one another tonight.”

“You need to work on your euphemisms.” Eva giggled as Arbor’s nose tickled her breast.

“I don’t see the purpose of speaking one way when you mean another,” Arbor said before snorting a line, “it makes no sense to…”

“Arbor?” Eva laughed.

“Oh my,” Arbor said as her purple pupils expanded into her green irises, “Eva,” she said, “I can’t feel my face.”

“Is it bad?”

“No,” Arbor gasped, “I feel so…alive. Take some of this substance, and then lie with me, girl.”

“If you insist.” Eva giggled as she poured a line on Arbor’s thigh and snorted to her crotch. Eva laughed girlishly, pushed a tear from her eye, and then drove her face into Arbor’s depths.

“Ok,” Furia smiled nervously to me, “I want to try some.”

“Here,” Yavara said as she guided me to my back, pulling my shirt off and pouring a line from my sternum to my left nipple, “just follow the trail.”

Furia got on top of me, leaned down, and snorted in a smooth line until she got to my nipple. Her head jerked up in surprise, her pupils dilated, and her mouth formed a quivering smile.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed excitedly, “I’m invincible!”

“Yeah you are!” I laughed stupidly, “Let’s go do something crazy!”

“What?” Furia asked, totally on-board with anything I suggested.

“I don’t know!” I smiled, “We can do anything!”

“Hey,” Yavara said to us, “do you guys want to go fucking flying?”

“Oh-my-god-can we?” Furia asked, clapping her hands together in excitement.

“Yeah!” Yavara laughed.

“Ok,” I said, “let’s go!”

Furia and I ran out of the hut hand in hand, topless and laughing like children. Yavara came up behind us, placed a firm arm around our waists, and launched us into the air. The wind whipped into my face and my platinum hair flew behind me. The lights of the city below us grew smaller and smaller until they were faint burning dots. I looked over at Furia to see her eyes wide and her mouth agape in a wondrous smile. She looked back at me with an are-you-seeing-this-shit expression, and all I could do was laugh.

“I’m going to let go of you now.” Yavara’s voice said faintly through the wind.

“What?!” I yelled as Yavara dropped us.

We didn’t fall, but landed softly on nothing. I stood up and walked upon the air as though there were an invisible floor beneath us. I looked down at the earth a thousand feet below me and fought the vertigo before regaining control of myself.

“How are you doing this?” Furia asked in awe.

“I’m just pushing the air onto the bottoms of your feet,” Yavara smiled, “the same way I learned how to fly.”

“This is amazing!” I exclaimed, testing my footing with a few jumps and skips.

“HEY GUUUUUYS!” Eva yelled to us as Arbor carried her, “You’re floating!”

“What are you two doing up here?” Yavara asked.

“I told Eva I wanted to mate with her as eagles do.” Arbor’s mystical voice said, with an unusual amount of hyperactivity behind it.

“In a death-spiral?” Furia asked, “Oh my god, that’s fucking awesome!”

Eva and Arbor landed on our invisible platform. Arbor laid on her back, her wings spread out across the air. Eva kneeled in front of her and guided her stiff cock into the soft pedals of the forest spirit. Arbor let out a delectable moan and wrapped her legs around Eva. Eva leaned forward and nestled her head between a pair of supple, purple breasts, and then wrapped her legs around Arbor.

“Are you ready, Eva?” Arbor gasped as her hips drove down.

“Let’s go!” Eva exclaimed.

Yavara dropped the pair. Eva screamed out her excitement as the two plummeted to the earth head-first in a twisting spiral. Arbor opened her wings at the last second, and the two soared off over the horizon, their cries of glee fading back to us. Yavara sat down next to me on her telekinetic barrier.

“Sometimes,” she said, “I just sit in the sky like this alone. It’s so peaceful up here; only the birds and the wind make any kind of sound.”

“It’s beautiful.” Furia sighed, looking out over the ocean where the last violet rays of the sun were fading.

“It is,” I said, “it’s like an entirely different world up here.”

I felt Yavara’s head drop on my shoulder. I let it rest there, and put an arm around her. Furia dropped her head on my other shoulder and I embraced her as well. The cocaine was still coursing through my mind, but the frantic desire to socialize and partake in adrenaline-inducing activities had left me. A constant, burning ember of euphoria was all that remained, and as the last light of the night faded behind the horizon, I felt truly at peace with the two women in my arms.

“Adriana,” Yavara whispered, “this is nice and all, but I want to party.”

“I wonder what the others are doing at the cabin?” Furia asked.

“Oh…” I smiled, “I think we all know what they’re getting up to.”

Brianna was wailing slutty tones of euphoria as Keira and Alexa double penetrated her on the couch. Faltia had her face buried in Alexa’s ass as Alexa drove into Brianna’s. Soraya was straddled across Keira’s face with her back arching and her face screaming to the ceiling.

“Mind if we join?” Yavara giggled.

“Finally, Furia’s here!” Soraya moaned, “Brianna’s hogging all the penis!”

“Looks like I’m needed,” Furia laughed, “but so many options...what to choose, what to choose…”

“Faltia looks pretty unoccupied,” I said, “why don’t you help her out with that?”

“And what will you two being doing?” Furia asked Yavara and I.

“We’ll be holding hands,” I whispered as my palm slid down the back of Furia’s pants, “inside of you.”

Furia grinned wickedly and devoured my mouth with a whorish kiss. We shared our tongues as I pulled her pants down and wrapped my fingers around her cock. She engorged in my hand, and Yavara and I guided her to Faltia’s trembling hips. I spread Faltia open and licked her from clit to asshole in one motion. She cried stifled excitement into Alexa’s gape and twerked her ass for more. Yavara smiled at me and joined her tongue to mine. We licked each other’s tongues, tickling one another with wet tenderness, as we teased Faltia’s twitching rim. Faltia begged us for penetration, her hands reaching behind her and spreading herself wide, her fingers joining our tongues to open her rim up. When she was quivering and frothing with need, I guided Furia’s tip to Faltia’s puckered asshole, and pushed forward.

Faltia’s back wrenched in an arch. She’d been so worked up by Yavara and I, that she almost came just from the penetration. I pushed Furia’s ass forward until she was completely buried in Faltia, and then Yavara and I moved behind the hermaphrodite and spread her wide.

“I’ll take her ass,” Yavara said, “and you take her pussy.”

I grinned at Yavara and pushed my fingers together against Furia’s dripping cunt. Yavara pinched her fingers and pressed them to Furia’s ass. Furia looked back at both of us with eyes wide in excitement and bit her lip. I smiled up at her, and both of us pushed in.

Furia didn’t need us to be tender with her. She’d taken it in both before, so Yavara and I pushed in hard, all the way to the wrist. Furia’s head flung back and a delighted scream erupted from her lips. She pushed forward forcefully in Faltia’s ass, prompting Faltia to abandon her analingus to screech her pleasure into Alexa’s full backside. I laughed and pushed deeper, savoring the feeling of my lover’s wet, warm insides enveloping my wrist. I felt Yavara moving on the other side of Furia, her fingers dancing in pattern against the membrane between us. All Furia could do was scream and thrust into Faltia’s ass; her drives wildly brutal as we prompted her to body to abandon pretense. Yavara and I got as deep as we could go, and turned our palms together until they were facing. We slowly curled our fingers together, and Furia’s legs gave out. We quickly pushed up against Furia’s ass with our free hands to keep her upright as Furia whimpered a pathetic note of euphoric vulnerability. She was a slave to our hands now, and we had to power her forward to satisfy the woman she was sodomizing. We dragged our fingertips together against Furia’s membrane; advancing and retreating slowly, relishing the sporadic twitches of her insides. Furia sobbed her pleasure and meekly drove into Faltia’s ass, keeping her weight forward on the woman because her legs were too weak to support herself.

“I think she’s coming.” Yavara giggled.

“She’s clenching like crazy around me,” I smiled, “she’s almost there.”

“Let’s give her what she really wants,” Yavara said, biting her lip, “let’s power through this slut.”

Our hands formed fists and pressed together on both sides of Furia’s membrane, and then pushed forward. Furia’s head flung back and her spine wrenched in an arch. Yavara and I relentlessly pushed forward and pulled out, every thrust forcing deep, violent spasms inside my paramour. Furia fell forward on top of Faltia and rolled her eyes back. She drooled on the police captain’s back as her mouth spilled pathetic tones of euphoric helplessness. I felt her clench harder than ever before, and Furia screamed a final note of ecstasy, before coming from her cock, pussy and ass. Her whole body trembled, and her insides spasmed in relentless escalation. Her cock pulsed with its evacuation, sending blasts of cum into Faltia’s ass, flooding the poor woman’s rectum and leaking down her taint. Furia convulsed for a few more moments, and then fell back in our arms.

“Oooooh fuck,” Furia whimpered, “I think I’m coming down from my high; you guys made me blow to hard.”

“No worries,” Yavara smiled as she pulled out the bag, “we have plenty.”

Yavara poured a line on her wrist and brought it to Furia’s nose. Furia greedily snorted the substance, and her lethargic eyes flashed open with new life. Yavara poured a line on Furia’s cock and sniffed the whole thing, giving my lover a small peck on the tip before pouring another line for me. I smiled at her and lowered my face to Furia’s dick. I snorted the narcotic, reveling in the new life it gave me, before licking the rest of the coke off Furia’s filthy, now-rigid member.

“I think you’re ready for more.” I smiled.

As the night went on, the debauchery escalated. The liquor flowed, the cocaine was inhaled, and all inhibitions left us. Arbor returned with a very disheveled and satisfied Eva, and they too joined in the fun. Yavara took command of the orgy, pressing us to do more and more depraved things. Keira was so coked and liquored up that she was an incoherent mess, and the only words we could decipher from her were: “make me your toilet.”

So, acquiescing to her perversion, we all surrounded the hermaphrodite, and pissed on her. She fucking loved it, giggling and opening her mouth to swallow the streams that flowed on her. None of us wanted to touch her afterward, but she wasn’t having any of that. She jumped on Soraya and dirtied the poor girl, and all the rest of us could do was laugh. The two lovers eventually made it to the bath, where they washed up and returned to participate.

Yavara was soon filled with every cock in the house. Furia and Keira were in her ass, Eva in her cunt, and Alexa ramming down her throat. Faltia and I engaged in some sloppy sixty-nine while Arbor anally fisted Soraya and Brianna as the two women grinded their clits together. We switched positions, and soon I was the one moaning whorishly with Arbor’s fist in my ass and Faltia’s clit pressing against my own. Our bronze breasts squished together and our skin glistened with a sheen of sweat, our hormones wafting in the air and mingling with the sweet stink of sex. I came at least three times from my lesbian escapades before Yavara was satisfied with the hermaphrodites, and allowed someone else a turn. I greedily stepped into position, and spread myself wide.

I’d never taken two cocks in my ass before, and the initial stretch was agonizing. I was about to scream for reprieve, but Furia took my face in her hand and shoved her cock down my throat. I tasted the delicious filth of Yavara’s asshole on her cock, and the unexpected ferocity of my lover’s oral penetration took my mind of the pain in my rectum. Soon, my body adjusted to the expansive sodomy, and I was screaming like a slut and begging for more. Eva slid beneath me and blasted into my unoccupied slit, her cock grinding with the two in my ass, sending rips of tortuous pain and pleasure though my abdomen. Keira and Alexa drove into my ass with wanton abandon, not caring for the pain I was feeling, but simply savoring the feeling of their cocks pressing together inside of me. I came twice. The first orgasm was a shallow blast that disappointed me, but immediately following it, was a cascade of ascending euphoria that sent my body convulsing in lecherous spasms. My eyes opened wide, tears streaking down my defiled face. I looked up into the pleasure-stricken blue irises of Furia and stared my ecstasy into her while she came down my throat. I was filled with streams of hot cum. It poured from my desecrated holes and leaked down my taint and belly. They all pulled out at once, heaving in exhaustion and taking more coke, before readying themselves for the next lucky lady.

After Brianna and Soraya had their turns getting stuffed, the hermaphrodites moved on each other. Alexa jerked Furia off as she drove into her pussy, while Keira gave Eva a reach-around and drove into her ass. Us women took our places in front of the hermaphrodites and accepted them into our mouths. Yavara and I ran our tongues down Furia’s shaft as she was taken, while Soraya and Brianna did the same with Keira. Arbor rode Eva’s face and sodomized Furia with her tail, before switching it up and giving all the women a turn. As the night progressed and came to a close, every one of us was covered head-to-toe in semen. We licked it off each other as the frantic, hungry lust of the orgy dwindled to a tender, loving passion. Soon, all of us were lying in an exhausted heap, our fingers gently probing one another’s insides as soft murmurs of love whispered throughout the cabin. Yavara laid between Furia and I as we held hands inside of her. She kissed Furia with a passionate, long draw, and then turned to me and kissed me as well. We all laid there as the lust left us, the warmth of our filthy bodies radiating into one another, the love we shared filling the room. This must be what heaven’s like.

Yavara left the next day, kissing all of us goodbye and giving tearful farewells. I continued to govern Alkandra to the best of my ability. The college opened soon, and we worked tirelessly to train the tribespeople to function in an urban environment. Arbor and the nymphs finished the crops, and the harvest soon followed. The people were jubilant to finally eat something besides dried meat and grain, and a festival was held in honor of the harvest. That night, Furia and I sat on the bench and watched the festivities below. We smoked some of Arbor’s weed and held each other in our arms, when I saw something that alarmed me.

Arbor came racing across the sky at a speed I hadn’t seen her fly before. She landed in front of us and ran to me with fear in her eyes. I’d never seen Arbor afraid before, and it terrified me.

“Adriana!” she yelled, “They’re coming!”


Adriana gains the respect of the populous, and masterfully governs Alkandra.

Adriana falls in love with Furia, and her and the other hybrids agree to live together in open relationships. All of the women get pregnant by the hermaphrodites, including Adriana.

They build twelve one-hunded-thirty-foot towers to house citizens.

Yavara comes back is delighted by Adriana's progress. In a drunken power-trip, Yavara almost kills Adriana. Yavara confesses that she has no true friends anymore, and that she feels guilty for the things she's done. Adriana and the other hybrids forgive Yavara, and they all become friends, watch some games at the newly constructed arena, and have an orgy.

Arbor tells Adriana that the Highland army is coming for Alkandra.

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