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black a family do fun
Sharron headed out she was dress in short skirt and and low cut top. She got to sammy house knock on the door and a old women answer seld hi I'm sammy mom she told me u cumming follow me sharron did thay went down the basement sammy was sat on a sofa there was old women head between her legs licking her out sammy mom seld sharron here sammy look over sofa seld thank mom now go up stairs now. Sammy seld sharron say hi to my granma she like pussy she lifted her head up face cover in juice sammy seld gran go up stairs watch mom she don't play she been a bad girl she seld ok. She seld get on your kness lick my pussy u white slag I tell u how my mom and gran came to be my slave. Sharron got on her kness start to lick her pussy. I was at gran she was fuck her self moan her granson name I use it to get her to be my slut with my bitch mother I came home from school one day I walk in the door I hear mom saying fuck my black pussy I sneek up stairs look in her room she was fucking the milk man I walk in he ran out she seld she wud do any think I seld if I don't tell dad. Sammy seld sharron get of me now u nasty whore she did she went up stairs told her mom mandy to go play with sharron she went down and made her lick her pussy ass and held her to pussy and piss all over her and left her in a puddle piss her mom went to sammy when she told sammy when she did her gran was finger her self sammy seld go and get that white bitch gran she went and got her kiss her. Seld to her sammy is a lot mean then that thay went up stair sammy seld who seld u can kiss my bitch she put a lead on them both took them both out to the shed tie them up she seld now u both wil be punish she left the shed went in house sat on sofa seld mom get in here and lick my pussy. She was licking her pussy she pick up her fone fone her brother he pick up she seld hey bro what u doing he seld not much she seld my bitch in shed if u want to fuck them she moan on fone he seld u fucking sis she seld mom lick my pussy He joke seld wish I was fucking her and thay hung up about hour later sammy and mom was watch tv thay cud here granma moaning sammy got up went to to shed open the door she see her bro fucking sharron say take my black dick u bitch u are so wet he ball tighted he pull out shot over her back sammy let sharron free told her go home seld to her u are now my slave when it cum to 7 sammy took her bro to shed her granma seld I won't kiss your slave again she sat down seld bro fuck her now he took his cock out ram it in her saying u to big to fit in me he seld shut up u dum bitch and he went deep and fast her tits bounching around he ejacuiating in her sammy laugh seld he came in u like a black whore u are he left his baby maker in u granma. Sammy seld u better get home have granda to she untie her seld u better go say goodbye to my mom u better kiss her but not her lips but her ass. She went in did what she was told sammy seld bye to her bro she went in her mom was dress sammy seld mom I want u to act like a slut when dad come home. Kiss him rub his cock when we have tea I want u to wank dad of. I mean u have 5 mins to make him cum if u don't I be fuck u over the table in front of him. I going be wear my strapon under my skirt. Her mom was shocked wud her daughty real do it she don't want to find out. Hour later her dad came home sammy mom did what was told when she look to the side sammy was sat on sofa play with the strapon. Her mom went red when her mom let go of her hubby turn to go in kitchen her hubby slap her ass hard tea was ready thay all sat down she sat down start to eat she reach over side her hand in his pant grab his cock start to wank him she was licking her lips sammy watch her mom move her hand she had smile on her face when it cum to end of 5 min her dad moan sammy seld u ok dad he seld I'm he sled he going for a shower she look down there was a wet spot when he went to shower sammy seld mom that was so hot she seld u did what I ask what do want for a Reward I want to cum I been there all day sammy seld ok bend over the table then she did and sammy got behide her grab her hips and fuck her pussy and seld u like being a dirty slut mom she moan oh god yes she hit her g spot sammy seld mom why do u shave she moan say your dad seld he like a bare pussy. Sammy seld u just a slut u need to grow it. We can see it cover it cum. She seld I'm cumming she cum her leags went weak fell on the floor sammy wipe it over her moms face seld suck my cock clean it she lick it up and down and put in her mouth took it all and gag on it and when it clean she put it away thay watch tv her hubby went to bed sammy seld mom I want know the frist time u had pussy tell me u can go to bed her mom seld ok u have to promise not to tell any one sammy grab her mom and squeeze them hard look in her moms eyes seld u are my bitch I tell u what to do her mom nod yes. sammy start of when I was 30 I went out with my co worker we was drinking we all take about sex we went to other club this big women at bar ask if I was lesbian I seld no I'm married she look at me up and down hour later we getting ready to go home my co worker got taxi I seld I walk home coz it was only 5 mins to our house I was walk home this women follow me when I was walk down the allay I felt hand grab my hair I look back this women seld now u wil be a lesbian I was scared she grab my tits push me on floor sat on my face made me lick her pussy she call me names seld this were black belong she got up piss over me she took her pantys of drop them on me seld a rember of the nite I got home shower and got in bed went to sleep
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