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Kate meet psichologist
"You forgot about your drink Kate, please drink it", man forcefully pointed at the drink in front of the woman.
Kate got chills from his serious, dominant voice. As if seeing herself from third person`s view, she took a sip of a drink she was offered. A white stain appeared on her upper lip after taking a sip of cappuccino. The man wiped it off with his thumb. Kate was turned on by his touch. The man then slipped his finger into her mouth. Woman licked his finger while looking into his eyes.
"Tell me why you got interested in masochism", the man asked while pulling his thumb out of her mouth.
Woman was afraid and curious about the man. Breathing heavily, she was feeling his strength and presence, and it turned her on even more.
"I was reading stories on the internet" - woman answered in a shy voice without trying to conceive her curiosity.
"No, no... Tell me from beginning, when have you noticed that you would like to try it?"
Woman sighted deeply, she closed her eyes and tried to calm down. After a moment she opened her eyes and started the story.
"It all began when i was cleaning my sons room. I found a few magazines in his drawer. It was porn. One was even titled "I am your cum slut". I glanced at that cover only for a moment and put it away. Later I collected all dirty magazines and threw them out. That night i was laying in bed half asleep next to my passive husband. I couldn`t fall asleep, i kept on seeing that cover of the magazine in front of me -a woman with that humiliating sign on her chest. I was thinking about her happy face and it was turning me on, i was jealous and curious. I got up, went down stairs and took that magazine out of the trash. It was a bit damaged but still in good condition and readable. But what is there to read? "Kate laughed",i just wanted to look. There was a deadly silence in the house since everyone was asleep. I laid down in the sitting room, I wanted to prove to myself, I wanted to see the truth, that woman could not be happy, it is not possible! She probably has no children,no husband, no respect from people she knows. All photos has to be a lie. Deception, enticing shoppers. I looked at that picture again, I felt terribly excited. With creeping fingers i was reading through magazine.
"Have the pages been sticky?", the man asked unexpectedly.
Kate didn`t answer anything because she didn`t understand the question.
"Well, I mean, boys don`t buy such magazines for no reason. Have you noticed any transparent white spots on the pages?"
"Well ..." - Kate continued, "Yes, you are absolutely right, the pages were actually sticky."
"You never mentioned your sons name, did he mind that you threw out his private property?"
"My son, Richie has recently started his military service."
"Everything is clear now. Please continue."
"There was that woman everywhere, men did nasty things to her. They humiliated her, laughed at her,did all kinds of despicable things to her, but strangely I was excited about it somehow. I was so turned on by looking at the magazine that I could not control myself, I put my hand under my nightdress and passionately touched myself till i came. Immediately after that, the feeling of guilt flooded me, I threw that magazine again and I went back to bed. I was feeling calm and relaxed so I fell asleep easily. The next day, at work, I could not sit on a rotating chair. I was so hot,my body was boiling inside. But at work i didn`t have opportunity to cool off.
"Tell me, where do you work?", the man asked.
Woman wasn`t sure if she wanted to answer, but knowing who the man is and what he does, she had to answer.
"I'm a bookkeeper at a global corporation", replied and continued her story- "I couldn`t go home since there was my daughter and my husband, so i went to a grocery store,hoping to get some fresh air. While i was picking some vegetables, strange thoughts sprouted into my head. I was thinking of how I could fit them into me. I was scared of my indecent thoughts. I did not know what I was doing, I felt as if I was sick or something. I was all hot,my abdomen was feeling weird, I was all wet down there. Without hesitating, I got home, took a shower. While taking a shower I just passionately directed the flow of water towards my pussy and came several times. I felt good for some time but in the evening i was horny again. Waiting for the everyone to fall asleep, I settled down against the fireplace, but this time magazine was gone. So I got to the laptop, and started watching the dirtiest, nastiest videos i could find. I lost control of myself and ran towards the fridge. I pulled out a long, rather thick cucumber and went back to the laptop. there was some orgy going on on my computer monitor. Someone could walk in to the sitting room and see it all, but I didn`t care. I took my nightdress off and sat down all naked. I started licking the cucumber thinking about other men that i see on my monitor. I put cold cucumber into my pussy, it got warm quickly inside of me. I started playing with it until i lost control of myself and while making loud noises i came. Right after that i heard quick footsteps coming towards sitting room- "Mom, is it you?", daughter asked. Not having enough time to put my nightdress back on i just put it on top of my naked body and answered, "Everything is fine, go to sleep, I just got scared by watching a horror film". Without suspecting anything daughter walked in to the sitting room, she looked at me from top to bottom and asked, "Mom, why are you naked?", "It`s hot" I replied, "why aren`t you sleeping? Go to bed!". Then daughter replied, "I understand it`s hot but i am still wearing my nightdress", while pointing at herself"
"Was she naked underneath?",the man asked with excitement.
"Yes, she was completely naked underneath", replied Kate without hiding anything, "she walked to the kitchen got some orange juice and while drinking it she came back to me. "What movie was it", she asked, "Doesn`t matter, you need to go to bed", I replied."
"How old is she?"
"She is eighteen", woman answered proudly.
"So you are tough dominant woman."
"I am not dominant mother,but until she lives under our roof she needs to do as she`s told. She just made fun of the situation and went to her bedroom."
"How do you feel about it? Do you think she knew what you were doing there?"
"I will admit, the situation wasn`t pleasant, i fell much more guilty then last night. Immediately after she left I switched off the laptop. I put my nightdress on and went up the stairs into my bedroom. My husband was waiting in bed, he asked me where i was, what i was doing so late, i just replied, "Nothing much i was watching movie downstairs, after all it`s Friday we don`t need to go to work tomorrow so we can stay up late". After that i was tossing and turning in bed i couldn`t fall asleep,so i went back downstairs to my laptop. I started browsing all sites and checking out all videos i could find. I played with myself for a while. I came several times again. And again i was feeling guilty for some reason. But despite that i was sleeping very well that night."
"Could you tell me more about the web pages you were visiting? Which ones did you like the most? What did you watch that night?"
"Masochism caught my interest the most. While watching these videos i wanted to understand what do these women feel. I noticed that they are in pain but at the same time they enjoy it. Some of them looked very real. Never in my life i would have thought that things like that could be real. More so, that it would make me feel something. I was curious and interested."
"Did they humiliate only women?"
Kate glanced at the man asking, "Could it be otherwise?"
"I mean there could be submissive men too. There are Dominatrix women. Would something like that interest you?"
Kate shook her head.
"Ok lets continue the story, what happened later?"
"I spent all my weekend online. I registered on to some masochism websites. I enjoyed reading stories. Some of them were very real. I was thinking if writers would have gone through all of the things they wrote. I got to know a lot. After reading one of those stories I found your phone number. I was surprised that we both live in LA. I made the call and here i am in your office", said woman while looking around the area. She was in a fancy psychologist office. She was sharing a couch with the man. There was a strange aroma in the office. Kate didn`t want to admit it,but by talking and thinking about what she was saying she was horny. She was afraid if she would get up she would leave a wet stain on the couch. There was no doubt the man could see she was horny.
The man was leaning towards Kate during conversation. After she finished her story he laid back. He did it on purpose. He wanted Kate to see his rather large manlynes in his trousers.
Woman noticed it,she got shocked and put her palm on her mouth.
"Your story turned me on Kate, how will i continue with my work now?" He looked that the clock that was hanging on the wall.
"Next client will be here in ten minutes, so now you have to fix this mess, come here, go down, lick it"
As if Kate was waiting for that order. Like some cheap slut, with her shaking fingers she undid his pants. Took out his penis and dived between his legs.
"No, not like that! Get down on your knees. Do what you`re told!", man ordered her.
Kate felt humiliated, but deep inside it turned her on even more. She felt it all as if it was a dream. She fell lightheaded, she could see the stars. Mans voice echoed in her head. It took a few moments till his words could reach her.
"We didn`t make it, soon another client will come in, he can`t see you. Quick get under the desk!" The man ordered her. He took Kate by her hair and pulled her through the room and showed her under his work desk. He sat down all comfortable on his chair leaving woman under his desk as if she was in a prison. Less than a minute passed and a door opened.
"Can i come in?", While under the desk Kate heard some mans voice.
"Yes. Please.",calmly answered psychologist as if nothing happened.
He grabbed Kate by her hair under the table and forced his dick into her mouth.
Situation got her very excited. She was about to cum, she needed a small touch to reach the stars. She needed so little. But she was afraid to be found out. She was afraid to make some noise as she did in the living room the other day. She started remembering things. She was wondering if her daughter hasn`t really noticed back then. While sucking psychiatrists dick she heard men talking. Client is an ex drug addict, it was clear that he needed psychiatrist help.
Kate was aroused seeing that the mans voice didn`t change at all from all that pleasure she was giving him. This is why she felt she can trust him and respect him. It had to be him, Kates Dominant man. The man whom she would trust all her needs and pleasures, while maintaining her family image. Decent housewife at home and a dirty slut at her psychiatrist office. She could suck his dick every time she visits him. She would be happy with that. That would be much better than to be found out by her daughter in sitting room with a cucumber in her pussy. Or die from boredom in her office that doesn`t even have an air conditioner.
After moving Kates head for a few moments he let her go. She was doing a good job on her own.
"If only he would know... that this is my first time sucking a dick", Kate thought.
She had never sucked anyone`s dick, not even her husband`s.
Psychiatrist was not going to cum that soon, but towards the end of the session he let it all go into Kates mouth. He held her head tight against his crotch,so that she wouldn`t spill a drop of cum. Woman felt that his dick went deep into her throat. She almost choked she couldn`t breathe.
After holding her head tight for another moment he let her go.
"Are you ok?", client inquired.
Hearing it Kate understood that psychiatrist couldn`t keep his voice calm.
"Everything is just fine, i was just going trough some thoughts", answered doctor as if nothing happened.
Kate felt free after making him cum. She wanted to see the client but the table sides were closed. He was sitting on the same leather couch where some time ago she was giving him a blow. He could not see her, but she could see him. There was a small hole in the back wall of the table,where she could peek through.
"I wonder if there were any more women here", Kate thought. "Are they all pleasuring him here while he is working".
Session was over. The woman did not want it to end. A few seconds passed and the man took Kate by her hair and pulled her out from under his desk.
"Come here bitch, you were interfering with my work, so now you`ll have to pay", man said while dragging her towards the leather couch. He bent her over the side of the coutch and opened a drawer. He reached for a horse whip, the one that horse riders use while riding horses. Seeing this, woman was feeling strange satisfaction. She was all shaking, she couldn`t hide her excitement. She couldn`t breathe right, she could see stars in her eyes, his voice was hypnotizing her.
"Oh my god, what is he doing with me. He has so much power. I could do anything for him right now", admitted to herself Kate.
Without any warning man just lifted her skirt up, tore off her underpants and panties, but Kate didn`t care about anything. She was now living in a "pleasure palace" where everything was allowed to her dominant man.
She felt that sour whip hitting her ass. Strike was so sudden, Kate almost screamed. But even that was so hot, she could have never imagined it would be. After first hit, there was another one and another one. Her ass was all red and warm after man used his whip, but all that pain got her even hornier than before. She arched her back as a dirty slut she was, showing psychiatrist her pussy. After several more hits, one strike touched her pussy lips and that was enough to make her cum. Kate had so much pleasure she even squirted. She didn`t know what`s happening to her. While loosing it she felt she was pissing, she pissed all over the place and she couldn`t stop herself. After all that pleasure the woman blacked out.
She got up after being splashed with some cold water.
"Who let you cum in my office slut? Who let you cum at all? You have to ask for my permission", ordered psychiatrist in rather angry voice.
"I am so sorry, I will clean it all up", Kate replied after getting her consciousness back.
"You will clean if for sure, with your tongue. Get up bitch!" ordered man. He then grabbed her by the hair and shove her nose into her urine. As a dog that was trained not to pee on the floor inside the house. It`s good that office had timber floor, so the incident didn`t make any damage to facilities.
Kate felt high again. She was so horny now, she was loosing it. She wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be humiliated by her dominant man. She started licking the floor with her tongue. She was licking her own piss. Liquid was kinda sweet, she would have never thought that the flavor would be not too bad. She was embarrassed to admit it but she enjoyed it and she liked her own piss. Or maybe the situation got her to think that way.
"You dirty slut! You are enjoying it aren`t you? You like licking you own piss bitch?", man asked with pleasure in his voice.
"No...", cried Kate.
Psychiatrist wouldn`t listen. He shove his finger up Kates pussy and brought it to her nose.
"What is this?" Asked man pushing his finger into Kates naughty mouth.
Kate wasn`t sure what she was doing. She didn`t expect to drink her own piss today or any day at all. She still couldn`t believe it. But all his actions turned her on badly. She was like that girl on magazine cover. She was humiliated, but all that humiliation got her horny.
After a few moments,Kate finished her cleaning job and the man took her by her neck and bent her over the couch. She was lying there as before when she got spanked with a whip. Woman felt his rather large gun pointing at her and ready to go for another adventure. She felt it between her hips. But the man was patient, he didn`t rush it.
"Tell me what you want slut? Beg for it!"
"Oh yes i want it! I want you to fuck me! Please I will do anything just fuck me. Fuck me till i black out again"
But the man didn`t rush it at all. Not yet. He wanted more power. He was rubbing his tip around her pussy.
"Tell me i could have your daughter. Tell me you will give her to me. And i will give you some of my dick"
"Yes, please... take her, just hurry up fuck me now. I want you badly now. Please, please, please..."
Kate didn`t know what she was saying, it was like a game to her. At that moment you could get anything from her. She could even die just to get fucked hard right now.
"Do you promise to be only mine?" man asked threateningly.
"Yes", Kate moaned.
"Will you pleasure me whenever i want?"
"Will you do anything i say?"
"Yes, yes, yes..."
"Good, now you deserve my dick slut, take it!", man shouted and pushed his dick deep inside her.
"Oh yes", Kate screamed.


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