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I would like to tell you my story which happened between me and my muslim friend called mariam.
Hi , this is sam, I m 21 years old and I reside in mumbai. I m 5 ft. 7 inch tall , dusky complexion and lean build and a good beard .I wont like about my cock size being something extra ordinary . I would like to tell you my story which happened between me and my muslim friend called mariam . Mariam is 19 years old , fair as milk , some curly hairs with some arab roots in her appearance .
So if any women in the mumbai or surburbs wanna skype or hookup Or give your feedback. ;) . Privacy guranteed . So lets move on the story . I m gonna tell this story in first person , so all you ladies can imagine yourself in place of mariam.
I knew mariam since 2 years . We met on kik and then our friendship grew and we started to roleplay and sext each other even when we were in relation with someone else. But this month we got opportunity to make our fantasies come to life , as her parents were going to be out of town for two days . Mariam being a being muslim invited me over to eat her out for iftar and sehri during ramazan . Next morning I got ready , booked myself a uber and went to her house with some ice cream and some celebratory condoms if you what I mean ;)
I knocked on the the door and there you were standing in black hoodie and a transparent long black skirt which left little to imagine what was downstairs. You invite me inside and asked me to feel at home , while you take quick shower. I nod and sat down on the sofa thinking about you showering inside .Mean while I make switch off my cell ready to pay all of attention to you . You come back with fresh aroma of your shampooed hair and freshly cleansed skin .
I lose myself in admiring you till you snap your fingers and say to me " can I have those chocolates". I snap back and handover the chocolate flavored condoms to you and smirk at you . You giggle for while and snatch your favourite chocolates from my hands. We talk for a while sitting close to each, but then you excuse yourself to cook a breakfast for both of us for your sehri as you cant eat for the whole day . You get up and move to the kitchen while I stare at you from behind admiring your butt in the tight fighting yoga pants.
I wait for you to start cooking while I converse with you from the living room . I hear you turning on the gas to start cooking you get busy in that, while I start remembering our roleplay of screwing you in the similar situation . I get up silently and walk as stealthy as a ninja and stand behind you enjoying the fragrance originating from your hair.
You were standing in the the black hoodie with your wet hair making some breakfast , while I snuck behind you and lock you in my arms, rub my nose on your neck to sniff the fragrance of your freshly shampooed hair . I bite your earlobe (slowly unzipping your black hoodie and exploring your tits and navel with my hands) moving down licking your neck while I squeeze your boobs .
I bring down your pants and slap your milky ass while holding and pinching onto one of your nipple ;) I come down and give a kiss on your ass . I widen your legs and put my head between them and start kissing your inner thighs and moving slowly kissing biting marking my territory towards your cunt. I separate your pussy lips with my 2 fingers and kiss on it and start licking your pussy's wall making you drip into my mouth while you stand there shaking with the support of the kitchen table.
I put my two fingers inside your pussy to collect the salty sample and then coming up I put those fingers inside your mouth giving a taste of your juices to you and then I kiss with my mouth full of your salty dripping.
I put you on the kitchen table and grab your tits to lick them . I rub my cock around and on your pussy just one thrust away from being inside of it .
I come closer to kiss your lips and I thrust my cock into your cunt , moving to and fro slowly while kissing you .I increase my pace and grab your boobs and squeeze them as hard as I fuck you .I make you lie down on kitchen table I as come close to spilling my seed inside you , I slap your stomach and pull you up by your hair while I pull out from your pussy and shove my cock inside your sweet pink lips and ask you to blow me till I cum all inside you ;)
We lay naked in each other's arms on the warm kitchen floor and you say to me " I m gonna keep condoms in every corner of the house, because you surely gonna get me knocked up , if we fuck in this way " . I kiss her lips in agreement and lay my head in between her milky boobs. I ask you to get up while I turn everything off in kitchen which was on heat while we were busy in eating ourselves. I walk with you naked to your bedroom together holding hands and lay on your bed. I run to the kitchen and get some ice to soothe your pussy. I move ice over and around your pussy to soothe the soreness . I come up and kiss you while you you hold me in your soft hands .
I take the ice and push it inside the walls of your pussy. You moan in pleasure and pain a mixture of both . I keep a fresh cube inside your pussy and pour some strawberry squash over it and lick the sweet salty juice combined with your salty water. I climb above you and pour some squash on your boobs and pounce over those milky boobs like a hungry tiger.
I eat out your boobs till they turn red , marking my territory. I go into the bathroom and turn on the hot shower . I come back and help you get in the shower. I hug you from behind while the hot water droplets fall on your body helping you relax a bit. I massage your boobs and your pussy while spanking your ass in between the massage. I help you apply soap over your back while kissing your neck. I hold on your hair and pull it back a bit to make you feel like a true slut you're. You yell in pain while I spank your ass and pull your hair at the same time.
I make you you go down on your knees and make your clean my cock by using that filthy mouth of yours. I feel your tongue licking my balls under the hot shower as your hands get hold of my dick and guide it inside your pink lips . You try to take the whole dick inside of your mouth . I push your head back on my dick ,choking you . I give you a respite and kiss those pink lips to appreciate the job they have done the whole day.
This was part 1 of the story . Part 2 will be published if I get some good and positive feedback from the females.
Feel free to contact me about reviews on the incident and other purposes if you wish to have fun and if you are from mumbai.
No need to say about privacy, as it’s everyone’s need. I promise we will have a great time.
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