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Secretly licking the receptionist behind her counter and fisting at the beach
The next day, when we were going out to the beach, Giulia was again tending the reception desk. She smiled shyly as she watched us approach her. Martina was wearing a Bikini that looked three sizes too small for her, barely covering her nipples and pelvis, and showing dark pubes all around the sides of her bikini bottom. Over that, just to cover it up slightly, she wore a loose blouse that she knotted under her wide breasts, and some really short jean shorts. I was in my orange and black swimsuit that gave my body a nice round hourglass shape and wore some camo baggy pants and a yellow jeans vest over it. We both looked as tourist-y as we could get.

I leaned across the receptionist's desk and smiled. "So," I said to Giulia, "which is the best way to the beach?" She smiled back and went through some leaflets, pulling up one with a small tourist map on it.

She pointed: "This is the closest beach from here," she said.

I nodded. "And which is the naughtiest one?" I asked.

She looked into my eyes, blushing again. Meanwhile, Martina had snuck behind her counter and crawled underneath it, as we had planned earlier. I almost laughed at the surprised expression in Giulia's face when Martina began playing with her crotch, probably opening her pants. "I... uh... there... uh... there is a n-n-n-nudist beach h-h-h-here," she stammered, pointing at another portion of the map.

I nodded and folded the map, smiling. "Thank you," I said, and walked a little to the side, waiting for Martina to finish.

I found a good vantage point from where I could see what was going on behind the desk. Martina knelt behind the receptionist and had indeed already pulled down her pants. Giulia tried her best not to show any signs of it, but she pushed her butt slightly back against my girlfriend, who in turn buried her face between her buttocks and licked her deep.

I giggled when a pair of elderly tourists entered the lobby, approaching the reception. I could not hear what they said, but Giulia was frozen in place, trying not to move and control her expression, while Martina clearly began fingering her puckered anus, still sucking her. After what seemed like an eternity the tourists finally took their keycards and left, and Giulia breathed deeply and heavily.

I looked around, and in an instant slipped behind the desk as well, crawling up to Martina. I kissed her when I arrived, tasting Guilia's juices on her mouth. "MMmh, you gotta pee again?" I asked quietly to the squirming receptionist.

She gasped, then whispered almost inaudibly: "Yes..." I moved to her front, spotting the familiar patch of pubic hair again, this time covered by a different, but still sheer see-through thong.

"So go ahead," I said. "Do it."

She swallowed hard. "I can't," she hissed, still squirming from Martina's finger inside her.

I grinned, though she couldn't see me. "We won't let go until you do," I said, slapping her pelvis in affirmation. She sighed deeply, then let herself go. A thin stream of pee trickled through her panties and ran down her legs. I licked at some of it, tasting her harsh, salty taste.

I enjoyed watching her wet herself, as it stained her pants when it hit the ground. I collected some of it in my hand and rubbed it on my tits, then stood up. She looked at me embarrassed, but glad the lobby was empty at the moment. I slapped her butt and helped Martina up. "Just something to remember us by," I whispered and kissed her gently, then walked out with my girlfriend by my side.

We took a cab to the beach and walked barefoot through the warm sand for a while, passing loads and loads of tourists on the way. The longer we walked, the more deserted the place and the rockier the beach became. On our side rose some beautiful cliffs, overgrown with olive trees that gave the scenery a peaceful and deserted feeling, and finally, Martina took off her blouse and bikini bra, enjoying the sun on her large breasts as they bounced when she walked. I smiled, watching her, not getting undressed myself as I didn't want to risk a sunburn.

After about 30 minutes walking, the beach became mainly pebbles, with only a few short strips of sand in between. I looked around and the really crowded beaches were behind us, the people only small figures in the distance. In the other direction, close to the cliffs, a small group of people were running into the water. I got tired of walking and headed for a nice secluded patch of sand surrounded by some shrubs, where I dropped my bag and moaned. "God, I don't want to walk anymore!" Martina laughed and sat down besides me, laying back in the warm sand.

I began stripping off my clothes and swimsuit, applying plenty of sun block along with it. Even though I tried to be careful about my skin, I could already feel it getting burnt and red in places. Martina rolled over to me and helped me put some lotion on my back. "Poor girl," she said. "You burn easy."

I shrugged. "It's part of being a redhead," I said, enjoying her hands on my skin and feeling her breasts rub against my back. I stripped the rest of my clothes off and lay down into the sand, naked and free, the warm sun and gentle breeze blowing across my body. Martina lay her arm around me and caressed me gently, playing a little with my breasts.

"You're so beautiful," she said, and I smiled at her.

"Thanks," I replied. "So are you." She pushed her pants off and we lay naked side by side, dark and light, red and black, our bodies shiny in the heat from sweat and lotion. I rolled over on top of her, resting my breasts against hers, feeling them press big and heavy on my chest while my pubic hair tickled against hers. I smiled down at her, looking into her eyes: "You need some lotion too?"

She shook her head: "Nah, I tan easily." She grinned. "All my skin needs is sun and you."

I grinned back. "Well, you got me all over you."

She moaned, beaming for lust again. "Mmmmh, and I want you IN me too," she said. "Anything you can give me, I want you on me, over me, in me, using me, filling me, soaking me, making me yours. I am yours Kat, you know that?"

I nodded, kissing her softly. "I know," I said, sitting back up as I began caressing her beautiful tits with my hands.

"Oh god, yes, goddess, use me as you please," she moaned.

I leaned backwards, spreading my legs opposite of hers. "Then open your legs, slut," I said calmly, "and let me cover you in my lotion."

Martina spread her legs further apart and reached down between them, pulling her labia wide open for me. "Oh yes, mistress," she whispered, "bathe your slave Martina in your hot pussy spring." I smiled and grasped for my water bottle, drinking it thirstily as I pushed my hips down towards hers, shooting a thick spray of piss into her pussy, then all across her pelvis and belly, up to her tits. She moaned and rubbed it in as I drank and emptied my bladder simultaneously.

Then I lay down again besides her and began kissing her, licking her skin, tasting my pee, her sweat, her sweet taste. I buried my face besides her neck, nibbling her earlobe, feeling her squirm and twitch, going down into her armpit and licking her there, tasting her sweaty hair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement nearby, and when I looked up, a girl was standing by the bushes, staring at us. She looked about 20 years old, very thin, with blonde hair to her chin, blue eyes and a slender, athletic figure. She was wearing a swimmer's bikini and trunks and her figure was lithe, slender and petite, her breasts were practically non-existent and she was lost in thought, gazing at us.

"Hey," I said, waving at her.

She shrieked, but made no attempts to hide, and finally waved back. Looking nervously around, she finally stepped forward towards us. "I'm sorry," she said, with a clear, bright voice in the local dialect. "I just saw you from afar, and... I shouldn't have stared. I just never saw two women..." She hesitated.

I smiled. "What's your name?" I asked.

"Bianca," she replied.

"I'm Kathrin, and this is Martina," I replied, "we're on vacation. Are you from around here?"

She nodded. "Yes, I live in the city. I just come here to swim and try to stay out of the way," she smiled.

I absently caressed Martina's breasts as I talked to her. "So you liked what you saw?" I asked.

She looked uneasy. "Uhm, I didn't... I didn't see much, just.... but..."

I laughed. "But it made you curious?" I asked. She looked down. Martina turned to me and smiled, then said to Bianca: "You want to join us?" Bianca hesitated, not knowing what to say, but curiosity got the better of her and she stepped forward. Martina took her hand and motioned her to sit down besides her as she guided her hand across my chest to my breasts. Together, they played with them, pinching my nipples and squeezing them as Martina showed her everything I liked.

After a while, Bianca became more confident and leaned down, taking my nipple into her mouth and sucking it in gently. I moaned, watching Martina pull down her pants from of the corner of my eyes. She let it happen, and only moaned slightly when Martina ran her fingers between Bianca's legs, caressing her little pussy as she continued nibbling my tits.

Finally, Martina helped her out of her bra as well. I was right: She was practically flat-chested, with small, perky nipples. From what I could see, she was shaved bare and had a nice, smooth, little pussy. Martina moved besides me and ran her fingers between my legs, grabbing for my pussy. She parted my labia, exposing them as she said to Bianca: "Come and feel her, she's got a hot pussy." Bianca hesitated, but then ran two fingers down my slit, pushing them inside. I could feel my juices flowing out, the thought of my slave teaching a teenage girl how to please me made me horny to no end.

"Give her more," Martina said, caressing my clit as Bianca's fingers twirled inside me.

"More what?" she asked, confused.

"More fingers..." Martina replied. "Or am I wrong?" she asked towards me.

Instead of an answer I groaned loud as I felt another one of Bianca's fingers entering me, while Martina kissed the girl passionately. "Mmmh, it's so hot in her," Bianca moaned, moving her fingers.

"Come on, tell me, you want more?" Martina asked again, cheering me on.

I shook my head for lust, and Bianca pulled her fingers out, startled. "Yesss," I sighed finally, "more!" Martina grabbed her hand, her fingers slick from pussy slime and began licking them, then guided them back to my pussy and shoved it in once more.

I felt Bianca's three fingers slide down my pussy, and then a fourth finger entering me, at an angle. I noticed Martina helping the girl fill up my pussy and something came over me that made me lose all control. "Yesssss," I hissed. "Give it to me, both of you!"

I felt the fingers move deeper inside me as Martina hissed back: "Say it! You want more?"

I thrashed, panting and sweating, spreading my legs as far as I could. "Yes!" I said, almost screaming. "Fucking fist me!"

Martina looked at Bianca and then guided all fingers of her slender hand down my hungry hot cunt hole. Her hand was small and tight, and it slid inside me easily, put pushed deep down, filling my vagina all the way. I groaned, scratching both of them across the back as I arched up. "Oh yessss," I moaned.

"Mmmh, you like getting fisted by this sweet young girl, Kat?" Martina asked seductively. "Or do you want even more?"

She already knew my answer, given the many things we tried between ourselves, but at that moment she liked to tease me and see me struggle for lust. "Oh god, YES!" I screamed, "MORE!"

Martina finally began sliding her flat hand into my soppy cunt as well, joining hands with Bianca inside me, stretching me wider and wider the further in she went. Bianca began thrusting her hand into me, getting turned on by the play and my obviously insatiable desire to get my cunt stuffed. When Martina's hand finally slipped completely up my cunt, it felt like someone fucked me with a bowling ball. I arched up, gasping for breath and letting out loud, deep, inhuman screams. "OH. YOU. WHORES! YOU FUCKING CUNT SLUT BITCHES!" Martina wouldn't let up and pounded my fuckhole, Bianca joining in enthusiastically, wanting to push me over the edge.

Finally, I felt my pussy contract heavily, my whole abdomen tightening, pushing, wanting to let it out, whatever it was that was building inside me. Martina must've felt it too, because she quickly pulled out her hand, helping Bianca to retract hers as well, just before gushes of cunt piss came spurting out of me. "Yess, let it flow," Martina said, bending down to suck it up. I released everything, and for a while it seemed there was no end to it. I squirted, pissed, gushed, shook all over my body and could only let out guttural noises.

When I was done, Martina showed Bianca how to clean me up, and I felt her inexperienced tongue flick nervously and quickly all across my labia, lapping at everything. I let her enjoy her first taste of a real woman's pussy and what she lacked in experience, she made up with enthusiasm. Her curiosity and horniness was wakened and she couldn't get enough of it.

When she was finished, Martina kissed and caressed her a little. She looked at us sadly when she had to leave. "Are you going to be here tomorrow?" she asked as she got dressed again.

We looked at each other. "Sure," I finally said, reading Martina's thoughts from her eyes. This was starting to become a very gratifying holiday.
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