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My fiancee had died about a month ago. I took a trip to get away from things. I ended up with trip I will always remember.
Bahamas Vacation

My fiancee, Debby, and I had dated since we were 15. It is now over 9 years later. I was on an airplane, heading for Nassau in the Bahamas for what to have been our honeymoon.

My mind drifted back to I recent events.

Debby and I became engaged over a year ago, after we had both finished our bachelor degrees. I was working toward being a veterinarian. She was a physical education teacher, at least until a month ago.

A month ago I received a call from Debby’s mother at 3:00 A.M. on a Sunday morning. Debby had not returned from visiting her cousin Cindy at college. Cindy was working toward becoming a dentist. Debby was expected to be home around midnight. This was the 1980’s so there were no cell phones. Debby’s mother was worried. We both knew Debby would have called if she knew she was going to be late, at least if she was able.

I told her mother that I would be over in a few minutes. I got dressed and made the short trip to her house. We spoke and determined that she should stay at the house in case Debby called or came home. I was going to go to the police station to ask if they had any information. I didn’t want to call the police, tying up the phone, in case Debby called.

I left and arrived at the police station 10 minutes later. I explained the situation to the officer I was directed to. He looked through the information he had available. There were no reports for the make, model, or license plate of the car Debby was driving. I gave them my information and the information for Debby’s mother. He said they would call if anything came in.

I went back to Debby’s mother’s house. Debby still was not there and had not called. I stayed trying to assure her mother that everything was going to be all right. About 20 minutes later the phone rang. Debby’s mother answered. I quickly knew it was not Debby, but it was the police. Her mother’s mouth quivered, she began crying, then she dropped the phone. I picked it up. I told the officer who I was. He repeated what he had said. The car Debby was driving had been found. She had hit a large deer, then apparently lost control and crashed. Debby did not survive.

Later that morning we went to identify the body. I gave Debby one last kiss. Her lips were cold and stiff. The funeral was later that week. Many members of Debby’s family were there. Cindy, Debby’s younger cousin, ran over to me and gave me a huge hug. She sobbed on my shoulder.

“I'm so sorry Andy,” Cindy said. “I can't believe this happened.”

Cindy and I had first met at Debby’s 15th birthday party. We had seen each other off and on since at various family events. It was hard to see her. She was 9 months younger than Debby, but could have been Debby’s twin or at least a younger sister. I even felt like I had Debby in my arms as we cried together. I finally had to let her go as other people wanted to offer their sympathy. Sandy and Peggy, friends Debby and I had throughout grade school, were also there. We spoke for a short time before the funeral ceremony. They both offered their sympathy. It was good to see them again. I had nit seen them since high school. The funeral ceremony at the church was short.

We proceeded to the graveside. Debby’s mother and I rode together. I held Debby’s mother as we walked to the chairs by the graveside. She sobbed heavily as throughout the graveside ceremony and as the casket was lowered.

Back to the present.

I was in an airplane headed to Nassau. It was the day after the day Debby and I were to have been married. This was to have been our honeymoon. The tickets were non-refundable so I decided to go by myself. I thought it would be good to get away for two weeks.

We landed just before 2:00 PM. I took a Jitney bus from the airport to my hotel. As we crossed the bridge going over to Paradise Island I got a fantastic view of channel between the two islands. I could definitely see why pirates had used this as a base for operations.

Arriving at the hotel I followed several of my fellow passengers off the Jitney Bus and into the hotel. I waited in line to be checked in. I kept noticing the attractive red-head checking people in. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She was about 5'9”. She had light skin with plenty of freckles on her face and arms. She had reddish-brown eyes and an entrancing smile. Her voice was almost melodic. Her loose fitting uniform gave little indication as to what was underneath. I got up to the desk and gave her my name. Her name tag said Cinnamon.

“I see you have a room for two for 6 nights,” Cinnamon said.

I must have gotten a pained or sad look on my face.

“Sorry did I say something wrong?” she asked sympathetically.

“N .. No. B.but there w.will be j.just one,” I choked out.

“Oh! Okay. You are in room 322,” she had as she handed me the key. “Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” I said smiling at her, then I picked up my luggage and headed to the elevator.

I unlocked my hotel room door and stepped into my room. The first thing I noticed was a vase of long-stemmed, red roses and a bottle of campaign chilling. I had ordered these for a surprise when Debby and I arrived. Again I choked up thinking of Debby.

I couldn’t stay in the room right now. I quickly changed into my swimsuit and grabbed a towel before heading downstairs. I saw that Cinnamon was still at the front desk.

“Where is the hot tub?” I asked.

“Right through that door,” she answered, pointing to the door at the rear of the hotel.

“Thank you, Cinnamon!” I said.

Straight ahead was a gorgeous white sand beach that stretched out in both directions. To the left was a thatched roof on stilts. Underneath was the large, in-ground hot tub. At one end there was a couple sitting very close to one another. The man looked to be in his mid to late forties. The woman was probably around 30. It was hard to be sure because of the large amount of make-up she was wearing. I set my towel on a chair and slipped into the other end of the hot tub. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of the water moving around my body. I could hear whispering, giggling, and snickers coming from the other end about 12 feet away. Then I heard some low moaning from both I them. There was obviously some interesting activity occurring at the other end of the hot tub. I opened my eyes. The man glanced at me and then whispered something to his female companion. She looked at me with irritation. The man got out of the hot tub and grabbed their towels. He helped her out. They draped their towels around them and walked into the hotel.

I closed my eyes again. I relaxed again in the warm water. After several minutes I thought I heard someone approaching.

“May I join you?” asked someone with an almost familiar female voice.

I opened my eyes standing above me was Cinnamon, the hotel clerk. She was wearing a robe and had a towel in her hand.

“Sure, please come in,” I responded smiling back at her.

She laid the towel on a nearby chair, then removed the robe and placed it on top of her towel. I was not disappointed with what was under the robe. Cinnamon had long, slender, well-toned legs. She had a classic hourglass figure. Her rear end was pleasantly round and well proportioned. Her silky red hair reached down to the middle of her back. When she turned back around I was again not disappointed. She was well-toned, an athletic build, but not overly muscled. Her face was wonderfully framed by her strawberry hair. Her red-brown eyes were bright and sparkled. Her smile, lips and teeth were perfect. Her breasts were good sized and filled out the top of her bikini well. She stepped down into the hot tub. She sat down a few feet from me. She sunk down until the tops of her breasts were just above the water. She laid her head back and closed her eyes.

After several minutes she said, “You're staring.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Don't be sorry. It’s a compliment,” she said. A couple of minutes passed. “You don’t have to answer if you don’t wish to. Who was supposed to be here with you?”

My mind was instantly jerked back to those very sad memories. The sorrow and sadness of the last month came flooding in. I became totally downcast.

“T.this w.was to have b.been my h.honeymoon,” I stammered. She frowned, but looked very sympathetic. “Debby, fiancee w.was k.killed in a accident about a m.month ago.”

I began sobbing. She moved next to me. She put her arm around me. I lay my head on her shoulder. I am not sure why, but I felt comfortable talking to her.

I continued through the sobs, “The p.plane were n.not refundable. So I de.decided to use ti.ticket to g.get away from things.”

“I’m so sorry!” Cinnamon apologized.

It was comforting and relaxing to be sitting there next to her. I didn’t move for several minutes. Her free hand stroked my hair. My head slid lower and I could hear her heart beating. I eventually stopped crying.

“Do you have any plans for dinner?” she asked.

“No,” I answered.

“I know a place with pretty good Bahamian food that is casual and relaxing, without a lot of people,” she said. “Are you interested?”

“Sounds good!” I answered not really wanting to move, but I was getting hungry. “Do you do this with all your sad hotel guests?”

“No just the ones that take the time and interest to know my name. Not just look at me as a part of the hotel furniture. Beside you looked like you needed a friend. I’ll go change. You go to your room and change. I will meet you in my car at the front door in a few minutes,” Cinnamon directed.

I got out of the hot tub grabbed my towel, then helped her out and put her towel around her. I went up to my room and changed quickly. When I walked out the front door, Cinnamon was waiting. I got into the car. We drove over the bridge back into Nassau. 10 minutes later she drove into the driveway of a small 4-unit apartment building.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“A place with pretty good Bahamian food, casual, and not a lot if people,” she said. “My apartment. Come on in. I prepared something last night. I just need to warm it up.” I hesitated. “Come on. You don't need to be in a crowd and you don’t need to be alone in your hotel room. If you want to talk I’m a good listener. If you don’t want to talk you’ll still get a good meal.”

She made a lot of sense. I followed her up to the east facing apartment on the second floor. She unlocked the door walked in, I followed shutting the door behind me. She looked around and shrugged. She set her things on the table in the dining area at the far end on the main room. She pointed at a chair at one side of the table.

“Sit here, so we can talk without shouting while I heat things up,” she ordered.

She walked into the kitchen. I sat down. I heard the refrigerator open and then pans being set on the stove. I heard the water running filling a container. When the water stopped I saw the head of a black cat poke around the corner of the doorway that led to the bedroom. We looked at each other for a short time before I turned away. From my experience with my own cat I knew most cats did not like being stared at. I watched the cat out of the corner of my eye. It crept out into full view.

“How are you doing?” asked Cinnamon from the kitchen.

“Fine,” I answered but not too loudly. “You have a very nice apartment.”

“Thank you! I like it,” she replied.

The cat had been stealthily moving toward me, but stopped when I spoke.

“Would you like some limeade?” Cinnamon asked.

“Yes that would be wonderful,” I replied.

The cat continued to move toward me and was now smelling my socks. I have a cat at home, so her cat may have picked up my cat's scent. If I left the sock drawer open I would usually find my cat sleeping on my socks. Her cat was now rubbing against my legs, either a sign of acceptance or marking territory. I tapped my fingers on my lap and the cat jumped up. I stated scratching it under the chin and the side of the face. It began purring.

Cinnamon came around the corner stopped and said, “Wow Char does not usually get near strangers. You must be a good guy.”

“I love cats. I have one of my own named Shadow,” I said.

She set the glass of limeade on the table and went back to the kitchen. Char watched her, but did not move.

“Would you like wine with dinner? I have a good Pinot Noir,” she asked from the kitchen.

“Sounds great!” I responded.

“The bottle is over on the shelf on the wall. There is a corkscrew in the drawer below it,” she said.

I put Char on one of the chairs at the table. Found the correct bottle. I grabbed 2 glasses and the corkscrew and placed them all in front of Char. Cinnamon came in with plates, napkins and silverware and put them at the other end of the table.

“Everything should be ready in about 10 minutes,” she said going back into the kitchen.

I put the plates, silverware, and napkins in front of 2 chairs across from each other near the end where Char was sitting. Char was silently watching the activities. Cinnamon brought in a loaf of unsliced bread with a bread knife. She smiled when she saw I had set the table. I popped the cork and poured 2 glasses of wine. Next she came out with a large bowl of white rice. This was followed by a larger pot which was steaming. Whatever it was it smelled great. Char must have agreed her nose was up in the air taking in the aroma.

“This is stewed fish. It has carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and of course fish,” Cinnamon explained.

She sat and took a couple of heaping spoons of the rice and then topped in with the stew. I did the same. She took a small piece of carrot and mashed it on a small plate, she did the same with potato, and fish. Char patiently watched with definite interest. She moved the plate to the floor and Char joined it.

“I give her a little taste,” said Cinnamon. “She never comes up on the table, so I like to reward her.”

The meal was terrific, delicious, and well seasoned. We drank wine as we ate. I took a second helping and contemplated a third. We spoke during the meal. I told her about me and my family.

“I am 24. I live in Minnesota. I Have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. I have finished my under-graduate degree and have been accepted into a veterinary college program. I will be starting my 3rd year in the fall. I am currently working in a veterinarian’s clinic as an assistant as many hours as I can. I have a small apartment near campus. I live there with my cat, Shadow.” I told her. I refilled our wine glasses.

Cinnamon told me about herself. She said, “I am 25. I grew up in Wisconsin near Madison.”

This explained her accent. She had a Midwestern accent modified with an English-Caribbean accent.

Cinnamon continued, “I have one sister, a twin. I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. In my senior year there was a posted opportunity for a job with advancement to hotel management in the Bahamas. I and dozens of my classmates applied. Three of us were selected to be interviewed. The like to have Americans at the hotel because of the number of American tourists. They picked me. I Have been here a little over a 2 years. I like the work, but it has been kind of lonely. I've tried dating, but most of the guys are only interested in one thing.”

She stopped and sighed, then she began clearing the table. I got up to help. She objected.

“If I help we can get back to our conversation sooner,” I explained.

She nodded her agreement. She put away the leftovers. We washed the dishes, setting them out to dry.

We sat back at the table. Cinnamon sat in the chair Char had previously been in. I again refilled our wine glasses. Cinnamon put her hand on mine. Her hand was soft and warm.

“Tell me more about Debby,” she said.

I decided to tell her the whole story. “Debby and I knew each other since the first grade. In second grade her parents decided to get divorced. I was there and comforted her during the early days. She ended up moving to Chicago with her father. She was there for a little over 6 years. Her father had a heart attack and died. Debby then moved back to live with her mother just before our freshman year in high school. We dated throughout high school and college. We had our first sexual experience with each other,” I said then paused.

I didn’t believe I had just said this to a stranger. Cinnamon squeezed my hand.

“Please continue,” she encouraged.

“About a year after we both completed our bachelor degrees, I asked Debby to marry me. We set the date about a year out. We had completed most of our plans and preparations,” I said and paused.

Again Cinnamon squeezed my hand. She looked at me sympathetically. She nodded to me to continue.

I continued, “About a month before our wedding date Debby died in a car accident. After the funeral I withdrew into myself. I went back to work but there was no joy, no interest, and I kept losing my concentration. After a couple of days the head vet suggested I get away. That’s when I decided to take the trip I already had planned.”

“I am sorry. I wish there was some I could say or do,” Cinnamon said.

We sat in silence for several minutes.

“Would you like to play some games?” asked Cinnamon.

“Sure,” I responded.

She went into her bedroom. I thought I heard her talking. After a few minutes she emerged with a cribbage board and a deck of cards.

“Cribbage or Gin?” she asked.

“Let's start with gin,” I suggested.

We played gin for quite some time. We talked and laughed as the night progressed. She definitely beat me at gin. We switched over to Cribbage. I won the first game. Cinnamon won the second game. It came down to the third game. I got lucky and ended up skunking her.

“I’ve met my match,” she said looking at the clock. “Oh my! It’s gotten late. I have to be at work tomorrow. It will get pretty late if I take you back to the hotel and then come back.”

I knew it was only about 20 minutes to go to the hotel and back. I suspected something was up.

“Would you like to spend the night?” she questioned.

I looked over at the furniture in the living room. The sofa was more of a love seat, not big enough to sleep comfortably on. She noticed me looking around.

“The only place I have to sleep is on the bed. It’s a queen so there is plenty of room,” she said. “We are both adults, it will be fine.”

I hesitated then agreed. She picked up the game, went to the kitchen and put water and food down for the cat. She locked the doors and turned out the lights, leaving only the bedroom light on. She walked to the bedroom, I followed. She grabbed her hairbrush, then sat on the edge of her bed and started brushing her hair. I watched for a few seconds then went over and sat next to her. I put my hand around her hand with the brush.

“May I?” I asked.

She handed the brush to me. I began brushing her hair. I had brushed Debby’s hair several times. Long gentle strokes through her shimmering hair. When she was satisfied she stood up and went into the bathroom. She returned after a short time. My jaw dropped. She was completely naked. I starred surprised and with appreciation. I felt some stirring between my legs.

“You’re staring again,” she giggled.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s a compliment. I sleep in the nude,” she explained.

I gulped and choked out, “I u.usually do t.too.”

“No need to change that on my account,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

I stepped into the bathroom. Washed up a little, then removed my clothes and put them in a pile next to her clothes. I looked in the full length mirror on the back of the door. I had torn the ACL in my right knee during my sophomore year of college basketball. It had been repaired, but my playing days were over. I kept in good shape with other activities. I walked back into the bedroom. Cinnamon had gotten into bed and covered herself with a sheet. The lights were off except for a lamp on Cinnamon's side of the bed. She looked at me intently and smiled.

“You're staring,” I said whimsically.

“I'm sorry,” she said giggling.

“Don’t be, it’s a compliment,” I said with a chuckle getting into bed.

I just laid there on my back for a few minutes. Still not certain what her intentions were, I was not making the first move. I was in a foreign country and not wanting to be accused of any illegal activity.

“May I snuggle with you?” Cinnamon asked.

“Yes, sure” I answered.

She rolled over on her side. I put my arm around her. She pressed up against me. I felt her breast press into my side. I began to get aroused.

“Andy, this is supposed to be your honeymoon. If you wish, you can pretend that I’m Debby tonight,” she whispered into my ear.

I was surprised. It took a short time to process what she said. Her fingers started running through my chest hair. It felt so good to be touched by a woman again and to be lying next to one. I kissed her on the forehead. She tilted her head and our lips met. Her lips were soft, warm, and supple. I wrapped my other arm around her and pulled her tighter. I caressed her back. She shivered at my touch. She opened her mouth and our tongues explored each others mouths. I brought my hand around to the front and cupped her breast. Cinnamon drew in a deep breath, then let it out slowly. I massaged her breast slowly and methodically. She moaned into my mouth. I lightly pinched her nipple and she jerked a little, but pressed her breast into my hand. Her hand moved lower across my stomach, then down past my waist. I felt her fingers on my penis. She rubbed the sides of my penis with the sides of her fingers. I had already grown to nearly full size. She rubbed the head of my rod and I moaned softly. She wrapped her fingers around it and began slowly pumping. My hand moved down across her stomach, then down until it encountered her bush. I stroked her bush for several seconds before moving lower to her vaginal lips. Cinnamon inhaled and exhaled deeply as I stroked the outside of her lips. I could tell she was enjoying the attention, by the warmth and moisture coming from her.

“Yes, yes, please continue!” Cinnamon instructed.

She was continuing to stroke me moving the full length of my rod. I used one finger to run between her pussy lips while continuing to caress the outsides with two other fingers. I pressed my middle finger between her lips. It was quickly coated with her juices. At the top of my stroke I pushed my finger deeper searching for her clitoris. I was soon successful and began rubbing her love button with my fingertip. Cinnamon drew in another deep breath and arched her back pushing against my finger. I moved my finger lower and pushed it into her. She jerked and moaned happily. She kissed me harder and more rapidly pumped my penis. I moved up over her onto my knees and one arm. She began directing my penis to her love hole. I withdrew my hand and used it to support myself. She pulled my rod until it was positioned to go inside her.

“I want you inside me,” she said.

I lowered myself until the head of my penis was touching her pussy lips. She pushed her pelvis up and I slipped inside her. I lowered myself until I was completely inside her. She was very tight, but her natural lubrication made it easy. Cinnamon wrapped her legs and arms around me. Her vaginal muscles gripped me.

“Make love to me! Fill me!” commanded Cinnamon.

I started pumping slowly in and out of her. With each down stroke an “ooo” or “ahh” escaped from her lips. My movement increased in rapidity. Cinnamon pushed up to meet each stroke. I was quickly reaching the point of no return.

“Cinnamon I am going to cum soon. Do you”

She cut me off. “Yes, c.cum inside me. I’m on” she said before screaming.

Her pussy contracted and relaxed around me. Her body shook and she screamed again. I pumped a few more times before I shot my load into her. I continued to pump into as her orgasm continued. She went limp on the bed. I flopped over on my back next to her. Cinnamon continued to pant trying to catch her breath for a couple of minutes. I put my arm around her and gently pulled her next to me. Her breathing returned to normal. She had a huge smile on her face. I looked at the dresser on the wall past the foot of the bed. Char was sitting there looking at us. I wondered how long she had been there.

“Goodnight,” said Cinnamon.

“Goodnight,” I said kissing her on the forehead.

She cradled into me and was soon asleep. I fell asleep smiling at her. Loving the happy, contented look on her face. I then realized how much I had missed having someone next to me in bed.


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