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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.


Double Date (MF, mf, Mf, mF, con, reluc, 1st, exhib, impreg?, voy)

by Krosis of the Collective


Leanne was pissed off. She had come home from college for a week only to be saddled with watching over her 15-year-old sister all the time. Her parents had decided that since she was back, even temporarily, they could count on her to watch Wendy while they went off on some "date nights", which they had complained that they just didn't get to do anymore since Leanne had moved out.

That was all well and good, but she wanted some date nights too! She hadn't seen her boyfriend Russ in months!

Her mother had offered a compromise: "Take Wendy and her new boyfriend Nathan out to the drive-in, and bring Russ. Make it a double date!" She bustled away, muttering about how cute it would be. Cute! Leanne wanted to get F-U-C-K-E-D! And hard! Argh!

Friday night arrived and so did Russ. Leanne jumped into the passenger side of his old Oldsmobile Omega's front bench seat while Wendy slid into the back. Leanne, a slim dirty blonde, and Russ, a nice-looking dark-haired fellow, wore jeans while Wendy wore a pretty sundress which complimented her golden hair and shapely legs. They picked up Nathan, a nervous brown-haired boy who was wearing a button-up shirt and slacks, and drove off to the drive-in theater.

The movie was boring and totally predictable. All the nearby cars had already left by about halfway through, leaving them relatively alone in the back of the theater lot. Russ and Leanne had been holding hands when she moved a little closer and slipped her hand into his lap. Russ jumped at the contact, but adjusted himself to allow her better access. Soon she was rubbing his cock through his jeans and the movie was completely forgotten.

Wendy and Nathan couldn't see the foreplay taking place in the front seat. They had been holding hands themselves, since their first kiss had happened weeks ago and they had recently graduated to makeout sessions. However, with Wendy's sister in the front seat, anything more than holding hands was not going to happen, or so they thought.

Suddenly Leanne and Russ moved to each other, their hands roaming, their tongues intertwined. "Hey!" said Wendy, no longer able to see the movie.

The older couple stopped kissing and Leanne looked at her sister. "Were you really watching that crap? Why don't you two have some fun too? I won't tell." And with that she pulled Russ's lips to hers once again.

Nathan looked at Leanne, who he was finding quite attractive, and then at Wendy. He shrugged his shoulders and then moved closer to his girlfriend. She was reluctant, but after a few moments of watching the other couple kiss she let him close.

For several minutes the car was filled with the smacking sounds of wet kisses, moans and gasps. The windows fogged up. Leanne continued to massage Russ's cock through his jeans and, emboldened, he moved his hands to her softball-sized breasts. She gasped at his touch through her t-shirt and bra.

Nathan and Wendy's attention had been attracted by the louder gasp and their eyes grew wide when they saw what Russ was doing. Nathan then tentatively reached up and caressed one of Wendy's smaller boobs, making her close her eyes and sigh. Emboldened, he then grasped both, kneading and squeezing. Wendy started to moan. Nathan continued kissing Wendy, moving his lips to her earlobe and neck, as Russ was also doing to Leanne.

Leanne reached down and unzipped Russ's jeans, then reached in and played with his dick through his underwear. Russ gasped at the close contact. He unsnapped Leanne's bra so he could get direct access to her boobs under her shirt, making her moan.

Nathan saw this -- Wendy's eyes had been closed since he had first started on second base -- but there was no way to get at Wendy's boobies in the same fashion because of her sundress. He continued to massage her chest through her dress and bra.

Russ reached down and unzipped Leanne's jeans and she didn't stop him. She was way too hot to stop now, even with her little sister and her boyfriend there. In fact, it seemed to add to the thrill. Her little sister had obviously grown up a bit in her absence, and Nathan wasn't a bad looking boy. She moaned as Russ's fingers touched her mound through the cloth of her panties and she reclined along the bench seat a bit, allowing her boyfriend better access. Russ clambered closer, keeping his crotch within her arm's reach.

Nathan craned his neck toward the front seat to see what Leanne was gasping about and got a great view as Russ lifted her shirt and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Nathan's fondling of Wendy's pert tits became rough as he lost himself in the moment, and Wendy moaned at the pain/pleasure combination. Nathan turned back to his girlfriend and kissed her passionately, his fingers making their way down between her legs, which were already spread apart.

Finally Leanne could take no more. "Eat me!" she hissed, pushing Russ away and pulling off her panties and jeans. Russ needed no additional encouragement, diving into her trimmed blonde muff with gusto. Leanne moaned loader in pleasure.

Nathan stopped feeling Wendy up and this time they both looked to see what was going on in the front seat. Two pairs of wide eyes watched over the top of the bench seat as Russ expertly licked and tongued Leanne's cunt, making her head snap side to side as she gasped in pleasure.

After a few minutes Leanne realized that the sounds of pleasure from the back seat had stopped. Her eyes opened to see the voyeuristic teens looking on.

"Well?" She said to them as Russ looked up. "Go ahead. It feels really good."

The younger couple looked at each other fearfully.

Leanne sat up. "Don't tell me you've never had your pussy licked? Nathan!" She sat up, looking the younger boy in the eye. "You've been neglecting your duties."

Russ sat back on his heels, his cock tenting his underwear, intrigued by his girlfriend urging the obviously inexperienced younger couple to have oral sex.

Leanne got to her knees and leaned across the bench seat. "Lay back, Wendy. Nathan, take off those panties." The younger couple did as she asked but were still looking like a pair of deer caught in the headlights. Wendy's dress was pulled up high and Russ was enjoying the view of her shapely legs and hips. Nathan brought his face down to Wendy's crotch and tried to lick.

"Ehhh..." groaned Wendy, and not in a good way. He had licked her pussy hair but not lower. She could see her sister's boyfriend looking at her half-naked body and felt funny in her stomach. Her nipples were erect and rubbing against her bra.

Nathan tried again, this time going too low in the dim light of the back seat. He had licked her asshole a bit, pulling away from the smell.

"Oh for Christ's sake," said Leanne. "Nathan and Russ, switch!" They all looked at her. "GO!" She yelled, and the boys scrambled out the driver-side doors, passing each other as they swapped seats.

Each guy was now looking at a gorgeous girl, naked from the waist down. Nathan noticed that while Wendy was shorter, curvy, had small breasts and shiny golden hair, Leanne was taller, slimmer, with larger breasts and limp dirty blonde hair. Russ noticed the reverse of this, and as we all know the grass always looks greener from the other side. Both men's penises were rock hard.

Leanne looked sternly at Russ. "Just eat her out; show her what a pro can do. I'll be teaching Nathan the same."

Wendy started to say, "But Lea..."

Leanne cut her off. "Trust me...he's a professional," she said to her younger sister, and laid back.

Russ took Wendy's hand and pulled her to a sitting position. "Watch," he said, putting his arm around the young girl's waist.

They watched as Leanne instructed Nathan where to put his tongue, and she sighed as he hit the right spot. Unlike in the back seat, the light from the movie gave him proper vantage, and he used it. He licked at Leanne's cunt lips, and marveled at the heady smell of her.

As they watched the scene in the front seat, Russ's other hand moved down to Wendy's knee. She didn't seem to mind. Wendy felt Russ's warm breath on her neck as, in the front seat, Nathan started to get the right idea and Leanne closed her eyes in enjoyment. Russ nibbled on Wendy's neck and earlobe, driving her crazy. She felt him push her to lie back across the seat, and in her overheated condition she did not put up a fight. His hand moved to her thigh, pushing her dress up, then his fingers were touching her pussy and she lost all coherent thought.

Leanne noticed that Russ and Wendy were no longer looking, so she turned her attention to Nathan's crotch. It looked enormous! She urged him to shift his position to alongside her so he was licking her at an angle. She touched his cock through his slacks. He jumped and stopped licking, looking at her. "I've got to see this," she whispered, unzipping him. He was terribly constrained by his underwear so she pulled his pants and undies down, freeing a thick 10" beast, all red and angry looking.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed. She reached out and grasped it. It was hot and throbbing. Nathan groaned. "That's it...get on your back," she whispered. "I've got to try this."

She moved to give him room and Nathan complied. She clambered onto him, careful to keep from being seen from the back seat. She had said she would only teach the boy pussy eating, after all, not to fuck him, but her boyfriend was only 7" long and not terribly thick; she wanted to feel this monster inside of her. She could hear Wendy gasping as Russ lapping her cunny. It was his pleasure to lick cunt an hour at a time, so she knew she had time with Nathan. She moved up, grasping his monster, and positioned her pussy over it. She pushed back, his cock head splitting her pussy lips slightly.

Nathan was enthralled, darting his eyes back and forth between where his cock was slowly entering his girlfriend's sister's body and her pretty face, which was screwed up in a combination of concentration and lust. She lightly bit her lower lip, pulled up a little, then moved back again, wedging his cock head inside her. Nathan gasped, feeling the heat of her body surround the tip of his penis. This was his first time.

In the back seat, Russ was licking, sucking and tonguing Wendy as she gasped in orgasmic pleasure. He couldn't count how many orgasms she had had already. She seemed to be in some sort of trance, continuously gasping, her eyes closed.

Leanne figured that Nathan's (undoubtedly) first time wouldn't last long once she had gotten him all the way inside her. It was all right, as she was on the pill. The lucky boy's first time was bareback, as it should be, she thought. She had gotten about half of his 10" length inside her, and she was stuffed more full than she had ever been before. Seeing his adoring gaze upon her, combined with the sound of her sister's gasping from the back seat and the feel of her stuffed pussy caused her to orgasm hard. "Nnn! Nunnhh!" She tried to keep her voice down in order to not attract Russ's attention. Her pussy lubricated enough from her cumming that on her next push back Nathan entered her all the way.

Nathan and Leanne moaned at the pelvic contact. She tweaked his nipples, making him gasp, then raised herself back up a bit. She held herself there, tantalizingly, then pushed back down hard. They both moaned again.

In the back seat, as the minutes passed, Russ's balls started to ache. Leanne had gotten him pretty hot and bothered, and with her younger sister moaning and groaning from all the orgasms from his tongue he knew he was going to need relief pretty soon. He replaced his tongue with his fingers in order to keep Wendy in her orgasmic trance and sat up in order to see how the couple in the front seat was doing.

Nathan's eyes were closed now so he didn't see Russ looking over the bench seat. Russ was surprised to find his girlfriend riding the younger boy for all she was worth, her face pressed into his chest in order to muffle her gasps.

Well shit, he thought to himself, if she's going to fuck him then I'm going to get relief too. He freed his turgid cock and lined it up with Wendy's wet cunt. He pushed tentatively, unsure how experienced the younger girl was, and the head popped inside. Wendy's eyes were still closed, her head lolling from side to side due to the unceasing orgasms she had been experiencing. The girl didn't even know what was going on; only that it felt good and she needed more. Russ pushed more insistently, inserting a couple of inches of penis into the young girl. No hymen. Russ was unaware that Wendy had lost hers during gymnastics training a couple of years ago, so he assumed she wasn't a virgin. He pulled out and pushed back in smoothly. There was already plenty of lubrication from his saliva and her orgasmic juices, but the head of his cock began to leak precum, adding even more lubrication, not to mention sperm, which went on their preprogrammed way inside the inexperienced young girl.

Russ pushed Wendy's dress up higher, gaining access to her perky breasts. He pushed her bra up and tweaked her nipples as he picked up speed, soon reaching a good rhythm. He was already quite excited, and that, combined with the forbidden aspect of fucking this teenaged girl, brought him well on the way to orgasm quickly.

In the front seat, Leanne paused as she heard Russ' moaning. He wasn't...was he? She sat up, pushing herself back on Nathan's cock and gasping as she did so. Russ was balls deep in 15-year-old Wendy's virgin pussy, pounding for all he was worth. She could tell he was close.

"Russ!" she hissed.

He jerked in surprise, halfway out, and stopped.

Leanne looked at Russ' glistening bare cock, no doubt leaking precum into Wendy's unprotected and possibly fertile cunt. Nathan still didn't know what was going on, so lightly pinched Leanne's nipples. She moaned.

Wendy was desperately trying to continue the penetration, thrusting and rolling her hips up at Russ' cock, her eyes still closed. She panted and moaned, still lost in her own world.

Leanne couldn't take her eyes from the penetration of her little sister. "She's not on the pill," she managed to get out as she felt a nice tingle from her G-spot as Nathan rolled his hips.

Russ still hadn't moved, and hadn't taken his eyes from Leanne. She didn't seem mad. Was she...turned on by this? She was staring at where he was penetrating the young girl. Finally he could take no more of Wendy's insistence and pushed deep into her.

Leanne raised up and sat back down on Nathan's cock, moaning. His cock was rubbing right on her G-spot now. It felt so good. She didn't take her eyes away from where her boyfriend's cock penetrated her sister. She had to stop this. Russ was already close to cumming; he almost certainly had dripped some precum into the young girl. Why didn't she stop it?

Russ kept his eyes on Leanne, pulling back slowly, almost all the way out, then pausing. He saw Leanne raise herself up in time with it. He jammed forward. Leanne dropped back down on Nathan's cock in time with the thrust, once again making them both moan. Synchronized fucking.

Realizing that Leanne hadn't told him to stop, Russ renewed his efforts. He kept Leanne in the corner of his eye but returned his attentions to Wendy, massaging her small breasts and making her nipples hard. He once again pulled back and jammed forward hard, again noting that Leanne was continuing the synchronicity.

Leanne's mind was awhirl. She wanted Russ to stop, didn't she? She didn't want her little sister to get pregnant...oooh! A rush of pleasure ran through her and she bounced on Nathan's cock in time to Russ' increasing thrusts. She looked at her sister's slightly rounded tummy, envisioning it swelling with a baby. Oh God, that felt good! She could still stop this...she could...

"Nyaaaa!! Aarrrr!!" Russ cried out, thrusting as deeply as possible into Wendy as he came. His cum blasted into the unprotected young girl's vagina. Her cervix spasmed repeatedly as she continued to cum, sucking his semen as deep inside her as possible.

Leanne went crazy, ramming herself back onto Nathan's cock in a frenzy. The younger boy cried out in orgasm himself and his warm cum rushed up inside her. Temporarily forgetting she was on the pill and thinking that she might get pregnant too, she came hard, crying out in ecstasy.

The swapped couples collapsed onto each other, gasping. It was going to be a fun summer.


2017-11-06 01:30:43
"Double Dating" - Nineteen Year Old Mature College Coed Sister, Leanne and Twenty Year Old Boyfriend, Russell: and Fifteen Year Old Virgin Sister, Wendy and Fifteen Year Old Boyfriend, Nathan.

No place for a more sexually stimulating arena for an adolescent couple and a mid-teen couple, than a drive-in movie theater with a lousy movie! Sisters, nineteen year old Leanne and her fifteen year old little sister, Wendy double-date as older sister has to "babysit" little sister. Due to younger neophyte male, Nathan and inexperience of younger sister Wendy, mature sister Leanne wants her little sister to experience her first orchestrated "foreplay" sexual outing to be enjoyable and memorable.

Leanne tells the two males, inexperienced Nathan and her experienced boyfriend to exchange partners! The newly introduced couples find the sex could not be better; she even abets her baby sister's pregnancy!!

The writer pens an ingenious tale of levity and wantonness! Great!


2017-09-24 19:30:13
The action of sex after swapping partners was very stimulating ..watching your sister getting fucked by her boy friend was great ....More on the sisters ...made me drip while reading ...Great story ..


2017-09-22 08:38:21
Holy crap this is hot


2017-09-22 08:38:16
Holy crap this is hot

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