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this is the third installment of this story
Chapter 3
A couple days later, I had the day off, Jenna as out of town, and Stacy had to work, she worked at a new clothing store in town. I waited until I thought the time was good to try and pop in on Stacy. About mid afternoon, I made sure I was cleaned up, a fresh shave, the whole nine yards. I had a jock strap from when I played sports, I decided to wear it.
As I drove into town, just the anticipation, was making my cock harden, and with the jock strap on, that made it very uncomfortable. Come to find out, her clothing store was next to a video rental store. I walk into her store nit knowing if she was working, to my pleasant surprise she was. Also to my surprise she looked very glad to see me.
I started thinking wearing the jock strap was a bad mistake, my cock was trying to bust the seams of this jock strap, and it was killing me.
I asked if they had a bathroom I could use. I told them I was told that the bathroom in the store next door was broken.
The manager (I guess it was) pointed the way. As I walk towards the bathroom, the manager looks at Stacy and asked if she could handle the store while she went to lunch.
Stacy told her of course.
As she left, Stacy went behind her and locked the door.
She pulled me in a room across from the bathroom. And turned on a monitor on that showed the store.
She leaned towards and kisses me, throwing her tongue as far down my throat as she can. She grabs my cock acting surprised at not finding a hard on.
“Where are you?”
I wore a jock strap.
She knelt down and unfastened my pants, pulling them down as quickly as she can. She pulls the jock strap off, and cock immediately hardens up to full erection.
She starts sucking it like she hadn’t eaten in a few days.
I wanted to eat that pussy.
The only thing I could think of was I lay down on the floor.
I told her to straddle my face.
She turns and straddles my face, I work her tight skirt up over her waist, to my delight she did not have any panties on. I start licking, kissing, and sucking on her pussy with each hand having a handful of her little ass. After a few minutes, she leans up and starts grinding her pussy into my face. All of the sudden, she drenched my face with her juices.
She looks at the monitor, “Oh god, she’s back already” she jumped up straightened herself up a little, and darted out, I look around I see a small couch, I decide to strip and sit on it.
Hoping Stacy came back soon, to my surprise; her boss (Debbie) walks through the door.
I had no idea what would happen. She closed the door, looked shocked. I looked as cool and confident as I could. “I thought you might still be hungry”
She stepped towards me, “Actually I am”
She kneels down and grabs the base of my cock. “But I don’t want a quickie!”
I look her in the eye, I’m going to make you work for it, now suck.
She kneels down, and about all she takes in her mouth is the head of my cock.
“Oh you will have to do better than that if you want me to stay hard, much less cum”
“Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I have had a guy?”
” I have no idea, nor do I care. Now Suck”
She takes about half of my cock into her mouth.
From the door I hear “Oh god you old hag, you can do better than that”
I look up and see Stacy standing at the door.
You have 2 minutes to deep throat him, or I’m having him throat fuck you.
Promises, promises!
Stacy looks at her, “O.K. bitch, I will teach you, she walks over and grabs what I thought was a dog collar. She wraps around her neck.
“Now bitch you’re mine”
I didn’t notice the tail it had she takes it and restrains each of her wrist to it.
After that she grabs a handful of hair and pulls her to the couch but upside down. When she is satisfied on her position, she tells me to fuck her throat.
I step to her slide my cock into mouth slowly.
Stacy almost yelling tells me to give her all of it.
I continue to slide my cock in until my nuts hit nose.
See I told you she could take it Stacy tells me.
I start sliding my cock in and out of mouth, she started letting the built up spit run down her face.
I took her skirt and peeled it down; she was wearing what I call granny panties.
“No wonder you have not gotten laid, wearing panties like these”
I rip them off.
She had her pussy shaved completely, Stacy looked over and spotted something, she steps over, plugs it in, it was a massager, she turns it on high, and touches it to her pussy, between that and my cock balls deep in her mouth, she didn’t know what to do.
Stacy ties her legs so that she couldn’t close them,
After about 3 minutes, she starts to cum.
I tell Stacy not to stop with the vibrator; I pull out if her mouth (I didn’t want to take a chance on her biting my cock).
Stacy kept the vibrator on Debbie’s pussy, within just a few seconds, Debbie cums; I see her juices flow from her pussy. She begs Stacy to stop.
Of course Stacy doesn’t,
I swear I see Debbie’s eyes roll to the back of her head.
As soon as Debbie seemed to over the orgasm, Stacy grabs the spreader bar and pulls her up on the couch, spins her over and tells me to get up there and fuck her.
I come up from behind her and pound her tight, wet pussy. She begs me to take it easy. I reach around her leg and start slapping her pussy.
Within only a minute, she cums again. I feel myself getting close to Cumming.
I don’t let up, I keep pounding her and after a couple more minutes, I unload into her, shooting stream after stream of cum into her.
After she regained her self, all she could do was thank me.
I said anytime.
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