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I am over weight and wanted to be fit . I joined a marathon training club. The trainer would assign new trainees with one of the senior runners. I was assigned to Yogi. This was the beginning of marathon and hot sex.
I am over weight and wanted to be fit . I joined a marathon training club. The marathon training club like any fitness activity would see lot of dropouts after a couple of days , very few people were regular. There was a bunch of middle age men and women who were regulars , they were extremely fit and had lot of stamina. They regularly ran half and full marathons. The trainer would assign new trainees with one of the senior runners. I was assigned to Yogi and the whole group started giggling when this was announced . I was at a loss to understand why.

Yogi was in her mid 30s , married with kids to boot. She was extremely slim . She was fair , with long hair and friendly type. She made it clear that I was to do work out even on days when we had no class. She made my life hell . She kept pushing me to jog more and more every day. I would be dead tired after our exercise sessions . I simply could not cope up with the workouts and jogs. I was on the verge of giving up. Yogi realized that and she tried to motivate me but since my body could not cope up with the extremely demanding work out regime , I just was not getting motivated.

Yogi started becoming close physically , she would shake hands , ruffle my hair and at time hug me. I loved her hugs. I could feel her big boobs touching my chest and back. After jogging her nipples would become really hard and they would really stick out. I desperately wanted to suck them. She caught me admiring her nipples. She asked me if I wanted them , I said yes. She told me I could have them if I jogged 5 kms in 1 hour. I huffed puffed , panted and somehow managed to complete the jog. She told me to come very early at 5 am when it was dark for the reward. The park had many dark spots and she took me in to a dark spot and asked me to squeeze her boobs. I grabbed her waist pulled her closer and gave her a long wet kiss. She tried to wriggle free but she hugged me instead and returned my kiss. It was a wet kiss with our tongues darting in and out of her mouths. I had a hard on and rubbed my dick against her pussy. She moaned and squeezed my dick . I kissed her boobs and bit her hard nipples and felt her tight firm ass. The kissing continued and I shoved hands inside leggings , her ass was smooth and soft. Abruptly we stopped and continued to jog. We continued our jogs and workouts as if nothing happened for the next few weeks. Yogi kept pushing me but she did not offer any rewards.

I was like a dog on heat , I desperately wanted to fuck Yogi . I wanted to make love to the super slim , sexy , busty , cute ass Yogi. I wanted to fill her holes with my tongue and dick and lick her from head to toe. I kept asking for rewards but she refused to give any more. After lot of cajoling she agreed to let me kiss her after reaching her goals.

One day after our workout she asked me to join her for breakfast. She handed me a towel and asked me to take a bath. I finished my bath and walked into the bedroom to find Yogi wearing a bathrobe which barely covered her thighs. I wanted to untie her robe and fuck her on the bed. I would not do that , I respected her and would not misbehave with her. She told me she had put my clothes for washing and it would take some time for them to dry. It was my turn to be surprised. I jokingly told her , do you expect me to sit around naked in the house.

She got up from the bed and took me to the dining table , she had laid out eggs , toast , preserves and coffee. She asked me to apply the preserves . As I picked up the preserves she pulled my towel and untied her robe. She asked me to apply the preserves on her body and on my cock. I was stunned I could not figure out what Yogi was upto. She puled me closer and kissed me , she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. She ten started feeling my ass. I was in seventh heaven , this was beyond my wildest expectations. I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples. I greedily sucked her nipples and squeezed her ass. I shoved my fingers into her pussy, she was soaking wet in anticipation. She took the jam ,marmalade and applied it on her boobs, nipples , pussy and my cock. She grabbed my head and forced me to lick her boobs and nipples. I ate the jam and marmalade, her nipples were hard and stiff , so was my dick . She made me sit on the chair and sucked me off , the blowjob was the best that I had received in a long time. She lay down on the dining table and asked me to lick her pussy clean. Her pussy was really tasty and smelling good. We were both hot and on fire. She asked me to wait and ordered me to finish the breakfast. While having breakfast we were busy kissing , licking each other and feeling each other. This was the most erotic sex that I ever had. We had coffee and Yogi dipped her boobs in powdered sugar and ask me to lick her boobs. This was awesome and mind blowing. I never had such an incredible coffee experience . I finished my coffee and grabbed some butter. I applied it inside her pussy and on my dick.

I carried her to the sofa and climbed on top of her, my dick slipped into her pussy and I was pumping her like crazy. Yogi was on heat and she hugged me tight , her legs were around my waist and she was scratching me hard. The pain and pleasure was taking me to seventh heaven. After 5 minutes of pumping we changed positions , she was on top of me. She kissed me hard and thrust her boobs into my mouth. She was grinding her ass against my cock and making circular motions with her pussy and squeezing my dick at the same time. Inspite of the AC we were both sweating now. The sweat was making us go berserk. We got into the 69 nposition and she sucked my dick like a lollipop and I licked her pussy and squeezed her clitoris. Yogi was breathing heavily and making noises , her orgasm had begun.
She tuned around and asked me to fuck her in doggy position. I started humping her and my dick heeting her ass was making thump thump sound. I came in a rush and emptied my balls in her pussy. We collapsed on top of each other.

We took a bath together and had another round of fucking in the bathroom.
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