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James and Melanie vacation in Mexico.
I opened one eye, and quickly closed it. I was trying to force myself back to sleep because subconsciously, I knew it was way too early to be awake. Fresh, clean salt air from the ocean permeated my nostrils, and it smelled divine.

Both of my eyes were now open and I came to the unfortunate conclusion that I'd never get back to sleep. James's arm was wrapped securely around me, holding me tight as we slept. I'd always loved being the little spoon, and feeling his hard body pressed against mine all night was something I sorely missed in the month since I'd seen him.

I looked over and noticed that the large sliding glass door to the upper floor balcony was open and letting in a gentle, warm wind from off the ocean and it was making its way into the master bedroom. I thought of staying in bed cuddled up against James. However, I knew my stirring would eventually wake him, and I knew he must be tired.

Carefully, I slid out from underneath his arm, grabbed one of his large white t-shirts from a nearby chair and made my way to the bathroom to use the toilet.

I stepped back into the bedroom and smiled when I observed that James was still sleeping peacefully. We had a late night the evening before. I flew from McCarran to LAX to meet him, and from there, we traveled together to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our flight hadn't departed until nine so after we cleared customs, took the half hour limo ride from the airport to the resort, and got checked in, it was after one in the morning.

James had booked us into a three-bedroom suite affectionately nicknamed the Surfer's Villa. All three bedrooms were on the upper floor, and the living area was on the bottom floor.

I made my way downstairs to the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. While there, I took a moment to survey my surroundings. The entire suite was tastefully decorated in rustic, old world Mexican decor. However, the almost rustic ambiance was in sharp contrast to sleek, modern southwestern paintings and sculptures prominently displayed on the walls that reminded me of a Beverly Hills art gallery. It was a delightful decorative duality that I immediately loved.

The first floor of the suite had a spacious living room, casual eating area, formal dining room, and a full gourmet kitchen. I had to admit; it wasn't quite as visually stunning as the suite at the Bellagio. However, the nearby beach, crystal blue water, and white sand more than compensated for any lack of decor.

I grabbed my coffee and opened the sliding door to the massive deck. The large open-air patio had a small in-ground pool, hot tub, and several lounge chairs and daybeds for sunbathing. Additionally, there were stairs that led down to the white sand beach, and about fifty feet beyond that was the Pacific Ocean.

I had picked up a brochure from the front desk when we checked in, and I browsed through it as I sipped my coffee. I was surprised to learn the resort was divided into two separate areas. The first was designed specifically for tourists who were traveling with their families. There were pictures of several playgrounds and a small water park.

The brochure mischievously designated the second area of the resort as an adults-only playground. My jaw dropped open as I read that the beach below was topless optional and the large pool on the adult side was also topless optional. I was beginning to realize why James had picked this resort instead of some of the many others.

I tried to put this shocking discovery out of my mind by grabbing my Ernest Hemingway book, A Farewell to Arms.

I'm not sure how much time had passed, perhaps an hour, or a bit more. Regardless, two chapters and three cups of coffee later, I felt a presence behind me.

"It's beautiful here, isn't it?"

I turned and looked up into James' crystal blue eyes and put down my book. He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt.

"You can't beat the view." I paused for a moment before continuing, "I bet all of your girlfriends love coming here with you."

He gave me a disapproving look. I could tell he didn't think much of my saucy remark.

"Other than my wife and kids, you're the first woman I've brought here."

He took a sip of his coffee before continuing.

"Besides, all of my other girlfriends prefer Puerto Vallarta."

We both broke into big smiles.

Smart ass.

We silently sipped our coffee for a few moments until James broke the silence.

"We never discussed last month at the Bellagio. Is there anything you want to talk about?"

I could feel my face glowing red in embarrassment as the memories of that torrid night played back in my mind. The cable ties, the flogger, the red marks all over my body, the deep red welts on my ass, and the panic attack I suffered after James left that morning. Even though my body healed from the physical effects of that evening, I knew that I still hadn't fully processed the emotional and psychological ramifications of what I allowed him to do.

"Well?" James said, bringing me back to the now.

I took a deep breath and tried to collect my thoughts. There was so much I didn't understand about James and the lifestyle. For better or worse, I wanted to learn more and get some of the puzzling things between us out in the open.

I looked up, and our eyes met.

"Why did you restrain me?"

He gave me a wide-eyed, uneasy look.

"Sometimes, I forget how inexperienced you are."

He took a deep breath.

"For a submissive, being restrained is about giving up control and trusting the dominant with their safety and well-being. By restraining you, I was in complete and total control."

I felt a tear come to my eye.

"It scared me."

His eyes widened.

"So you felt nothing but fear the entire time?"

I hesitated for a moment and tried to collect my thoughts.

"No. I was afraid, but… I felt so many different emotions."

He spoke slowly as if emphasizing every syllable.

"Tell me every single thing you felt."

I looked down.

His gaze.

He had such a penetrating gaze. It was as if he could see right through me, and at that moment, I felt so uncomfortable.

I looked into his eyes and studied his facial expressions.

My uneasiness. My apprehensiveness. This conversation... it was turning him on.

"Being tied up, and especially that blindfold… it magnified every sexual impulse that went through my body that night."

He smiled.

"You're a natural submissive. You were afraid, but you didn't let that emotion control you and you fought through it which let you experience everything I had to show you."

I hated that word: Submissive.

To me, a submissive was someone who was weak and powerless. Someone who let the world run over them while standing there and letting it happen.

"So you want me fragile and helpless?"

He shook his head.

"A submissive has the ultimate authority, a lot of power, Melanie. However, they choose to give it to their dominant. It's called a power exchange."

We sipped our coffee for a few moments until James broke the silence again.

"Tell me the other things you were feeling."

I thought for a moment.

"Aside from being afraid, I felt challenged. You were trying to break me, and I wasn't going to let that happen."

His mouth dropped open.

"Break you? Is that why you didn't use your safe words?"

I looked down in embarrassed silence which gave James the answer to his question.

"This isn't a game about winning or losing. It's about your safety while we explore and find your limits."

He paused for a moment.

"I wasn't trying to ‘break you,' as you call it. I was helping you discover how much pain you felt comfortable experiencing."

"I shouldn't like experiencing pain at all."

He gave me a disapproving look.

"We've talked about this before, Melanie. It's okay to like what you like. Don't let society's view of ‘normal' influence what you want to experience sexually. What we choose to do in the privacy of our bedroom is no one else's concern."

I took a deep breath.

"Sometimes what we do affects other people, though."

He gave me a hard stare.

"What people, what do you mean?"

"It was difficult for Gianna to see me the morning after we…"

My voice began to crack, and I could feel tears welling start up in my eyes.

James took a big sip of his coffee and collected his thoughts.

"I realize this isn't easy for you, Melanie." He paused before continuing, "I can only suggest that you be forthright with her concerning what you like sexually and it would also be beneficial if you were honest with yourself."

I gave him a cold stare.

"And just what does that mean?"

"Pain, when administered properly, can exponentially intensify any sexual act and whether you're willing to admit it to yourself or not, you enjoy it more than most."

Was he right? Am I a pain slut? Or even worse, am I letting him turn me into one?

That thought was almost too horrific to contemplate.

He continued.

"The most important thing to remember is establishing your limits."

I thought for a moment.

"There were a couple of times when you were close… you got very close to the amount of pain I could take."

He gave me a disapproving look.

"I gave you very explicit instructions Melanie before we began that session. What should you have done?"

"I should have said the word ‘yellow’."

He gave me another cold stare.

"Yes, you should have because that would have told me you were close to the amount of pain you wanted to experience and I would have backed off."

We silently sipped our coffee for a few moments before he broke the silence.

"I love your competitiveness and your mental and physical strength. However, during a session, you must be cognizant of your safe words and use them if you need to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," I said softly.

He stood up and grabbed both of our empty cups and went back inside into the kitchen to refill them. He moved so smoothly, so confidently. Like he owned the room. It reminded me of the first night we met in that large ballroom at the Paris. A few seconds later, he walked back out onto the large deck.

"Just a little half-and-half, right?" he said while handing me the mug.

I smiled sweetly.

"Yes dear."

I watched while he took a sip of the hot coffee.

"Can I ask you something else?" I said softly.

"Of course you can."

"Why did you want me to get my pubic hair removed with a laser? I would have kept it shaved for you since that's what you wanted." I paused before continuing. "I know it's the trend these days and it's what guys like."

"No, Melanie. Your pussy being bare doesn't have anything to do with the latest trend."

He took a deep breath.

"Submissives don't have pubic hair and permanently removing yours was a way to mark your body as mine."

I could feel my face glowing red in embarrassment. I knew that the removal of my pubic hair was critical to James but until now, I didn't fully understand why.

I could also feel my vagina begin to moisten. The thought of being his - His possession, His property, was incredibly arousing.

"You like being mine, don't you?" he said huskily.

Our eyes met.

"Yes, I do, James."

"There is nothing more arousing than a submissive woman who's also a natural slut."

I could feel my face glowing red in embarrassment.

"You just seem to bring that out in me."

"No, trust me, it was always there."

We took another sip of our coffee and got lost for a few minutes in reflective thought. I could tell from the hungry look in his eyes that it wasn't going to be long before we would be making our way up to the bedroom.

My mind drifted back to the hour or so when he was sleeping, and I was reading my book and admiring the magnificent white sand beach and crystal blue ocean. The scenery just outside the balcony was so serene, so beautiful, and so... romantic.

I broke the silence.

"You told me when you left that morning you'd make it up to me."

He gave me an uneasy look that quickly broke into a big smile.

"Let me guess; I can see a trip to the jewelry store in our future."

I gave him a little scowl.

"No, nothing that expensive."

I paused before hesitantly continuing.

"While we're here, no blindfolds, no restraints, and no floggers... Okay?"

He gave me a disillusioned look.

"You still want to have sex, though, right?"

Smart ass.

"We can still have sex... right after we get back from the jewelry store."

We both burst into laughter. Then, he stood up, extended his hand, and I took it. When I stood up, he swept me up into his arms and carried me up the stairs, crossing the threshold wedding night style. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I also didn't want to distract him while we were ascending the stairs.

Once we reached the master bedroom, he laid me down on the bed, quickly removed his clothes, and crawled on top of me. Immediately, his mouth possessed mine in a hot, passionate kiss.

I could feel his hands run up and down my body, caressing my flesh. It had been just a little over a month since I had seen him and it made me realize just how much I missed him.

His hand slipped underneath the hem of the t-shirt, and he pulled it up, over my body, and then off. Once my breasts were exposed, his mouth was all over them. He alternated from one, and then to the other; kissing, sucking, nibbling, and gently biting until my pink nipples were standing proudly off of my breasts.

"God, I've missed these," he said while kneading my large breasts.

I ran my fingers through his thick, salt and pepper hair. His mouth and hands were driving me crazy, and I could feel my already moist vagina become damp with his skilled ministrations.

Between moans, I was able to direct him.

"Lower… Please, James… lower…" I whimpered.

My nipple popped out of his mouth.

"Tell me what you want."

"My pussy... put your mouth on my pussy."

He smiled. I knew he loved it when I begged and I reveled in incorporating that into our love making.

"Please James… don't tease me."

Characteristically, he took his time, tantalizingly, tormenting me. He slowly kissed his way down my stomach while his hands never left my breasts. His mouth traveled further south to my navel, his tongue dipping in and out. I let out a little moan when he bit me, leaving small teeth marks on my stomach. I heard him inhale deeply.

"I can smell your pussy; I love how hot and wet you get for me."

I wanted to feel his mouth on me so badly. I didn't know how much more of this tormenting tease he'd put me through.

"Please James… Please…" I moaned while desperately trying to push his head lower.

Taking me by surprise, he wrapped his arms underneath and then through my thighs. He then rolled me towards the head of the bed which simultaneously spread my legs and lifted my ass off the mattress. Thankfully, because I had been incorporating yoga into my workouts for years, his sudden move wasn't painful.

"Oh God," I moaned when he sunk his tongue deep inside my pussy.

Almost immediately, it felt as if lightning bolts were shooting through my body. I could feel his tongue lick the walls of my vagina before exiting and moving upwards to my clit. I gasped when he took the little bud into his mouth and began deliciously sucking on it.

"Jesus… James… Yeah… Just like that…" I moaned between little sips of breath.

His hands were still on my breasts, and he was alternating between kneading them and roughly squeezing my nipples between the tips of his fingers.

I felt my orgasm begin to build as he continued his assault on my vagina. My whole body felt like it was on fire as he continued to lap at my clit.

"Just a little more, James… just a little more…"

I tried to hold my orgasm back as long as I could because I didn't want the intense pleasure he was giving me to end. Unfortunately, I could only last a few more seconds before I let go and my body released.

When I came back down, and my senses were back about me, I felt James licking the wetness from the inside of my thighs.

Our eyes met. It was erotic seeing his face wet with my juices.

"Are you ready for some more?" he asked huskily.

My face broke into a big smile.

"If you're so inclined."

Without warning, he rolled me forward again towards the head of the bed. Once again, he plunged his tongue into the depths of my vagina, over and over and over without mercy. Almost involuntarily, I squeezed his head between my thighs. His mouth felt so amazingly good; it felt as if it were everywhere at once. His large hands were roughly kneading my breasts and pushing my body down, into the mattress.

I could feel that familiar tell-tale sign from my body that I was getting close and James knew it as well.

"Let it go for me, Melanie," he said in a deep baritone pitch. It was as if I could hear the lust dripping from his voice.

My body began to shake almost uncontrollably as wave after wave of my orgasm coursed through me. When I regained my senses, James was looking up at me from between my legs.

"I want your cock in my mouth," I said quietly.

He moved up my body, and our lips met in a passionate embrace. It was exceptionally erotic for me when I could taste myself on his mouth.

He then flipped over on his back and pulled me on top of him while we continued to kiss. I reached down and began stroking his big cock which caused him to moan and broke our kiss.

"I've missed this the last month," I said while continuing to move his member up and down in my hand.

I kissed his neck and licked some of the sweat that had collected there. I then moved down to his chest, kissing, licking, and sucking. I flicked my tongue over his erect nipple, but I didn't tarry long there because I knew he didn't like much of that.

When I kissed lower, that familiar scent entered my nostrils. It was manly, just a little funky, and oh so astonishingly intoxicating. My mouth watered in anticipation of what would come next.

I ran the tip of my tongue through the slit in the head of his penis and collected the pre-cum that had formed there. I could hear a quiet moan slip through his lips. I grasped him in my hand and his cock felt alive as it pulsed and fluttered.

Teasingly, I ran my tongue up and down the veined underside of his cock which elicited primal moans from his lips. The more I toyed with him, the more pre-cum leaked from the head of his penis. I made a lewd, slurping sound as I collected this small pool that had collected on his stomach.

Taking him by surprise, I plunged his cock deep into my mouth. I could hear him gasp and moan in appreciation as I worked him in and out.

I took a deep breath, relaxed my throat, and began to work him in deeper. I have never had much of a gag reflex, and within minutes, I was taking him all the way down to the root. I could feel his fingers weave through my hair as I bobbed up and down on him.

He had incredible control, but within a few minutes, his breathing changed and I knew he was getting close. He could have cum in my mouth if he wanted to, but instead, he gently pushed me away.

To let him calm down, I took one of his testicles into my mouth and gently rolled it around.

"Oh God Melanie... Yeah… That feels good."

It gave me such pleasure knowing that he was enjoying what I was doing. He opened his legs wider which gave me better access. I continued to suck and gently lick the round orbs as he elicited soft gentle moans.

Almost subconsciously, I began licking underneath his ball sack and an erotic shiver coursed through my body. I had engaged in ass play many times with women who I knew enjoyed it and loved to reciprocate on me. However, the thought of doing it with a guy had never even really crossed my mind, until that very moment.

Hesitantly, I begin to lick lower which immediately got James's attention and our eyes met. For a few seconds, he silently watched me as if questioning whether or not I was bold enough to do it. At that point, more than anything, I wanted to break new ground. I wanted to please him in a way I'd never done before. At that moment, it wasn't something I wanted, but something I needed.

I licked just a little lower until his voice broke the silence.

"Only your tongue, nothing else."

I give him my best sexy, pouty look.

"Yes, Daddy," I said seductively.

Gently, I licked over his asshole several times and I could hear him moan and feel his body tense up.

God, he loves this.

I collected as much as saliva as I could on the tip of my tongue for lubrication, and slowly begin pushing it inside the little-puckered hole. He let out a low, guttural moan and his hands again weaved through my long blonde hair. I inched closer to him and was able to slide my tongue in just a bit deeper.

"Oh God, Melanie," he said over and over as worked my tongue in and out of him.

A few seconds later, one of his hands left my hair and moved to his cock and he began stroking himself as I continued to tongue his asshole. After a few moments, I could hear his breathing change and I knew he was getting close. For a moment, I thought he was going to lose control, but at the last possible second, he pushed me away and was able to regain his composure.

He pulled me up to him and gave me a long, wet kiss. After he broke our embrace, he spoke.

"You are just fucking incredible," he said in a deep, husky voice.

I couldn't help but smile.

"I want your cock inside of me, James."

He pushed me back on the bed and then moved on top, his weight sensually crushing me. I could feel his cock press against the inside of my thigh, and he quickly took it in his hand and found my aperture. I was so slick and wet from the amazing foreplay; my body offered little resistance and he sunk himself into me with one long, smooth stroke.

I wrapped my arms and legs around his body, and we moved slowly… gently in perfect unison. It felt like we were one. Before long, the sweat of our bodies began to mix which just seemed to add to our passionate love making.

We were so close. It was as if I could feel his heart beating through his chest. The weight of his body on top of me, his manly smell, his torso sensually crushing my breasts, it all added to the erotic experience for me. Unlike so many of our previous couplings, this time his movements were controlled, gentle and smooth as he worked himself in and out of me.

Taking me by complete surprise, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled both of us over to where we had changed positions, and I was now on top of him.

I looked down, and our eyes met.

"Ride me, Melanie," he groaned huskily.

I put my hands on his muscled chest which made it easier for me to gain leverage and take control. I had always found it easier to orgasm in this position when I could control the incline and tempo.

I began to grind my pelvis into him by changing the angle, so his thick cock was perfectly grinding against my clit. I didn't hold myself back and after a minute or so I was shaking violently on top of him while my orgasm racked my body.

When I came down, he was looking directly into my eyes.

"I could watch you cum all day long," he said between little gasps of breath.

"Cum with me, Daddy."

He picked up the pace just a little, and I squeezed my vaginal muscles as hard as I could, something I knew he loved. He felt so big inside of me as he continued to thrust. His breathing began to change, and I knew he was getting close. I could have released again at any time, but I wanted to wait so we could reach that peak together.

A few moments later, I felt his body begin to stiffen and shake, and I let myself go. Simultaneously, his cock pulsed inside of me and I could feel his semen squirt into my vagina.

I collapsed on top of him as both of us struggled to regain our breath. Our morning was perfect. I learned so many things about him and what he wanted from me. James could be very demanding and so many times, being with him was very challenging. However, that morning, my world felt perfect, and there was nowhere else I would have rather been.

- - - - -

It was such a beautiful day, and I was so happy to be with James. He could be so tender and loving when he wanted, and the fabulously romantic scenery of the beach and sand only added to those feelings of enchantment I was experiencing after we made love.

I had always attempted to keep my relationship with James grounded in reality because I knew he didn't have the same feelings for me that I had for him. However, that morning, I briefly let myself pretend that we were a newly married couple on our honeymoon. Emotionally, I knew that was very dangerous, but I couldn't help myself.

We showered together, and James ordered room service for breakfast. When it arrived, it was as if we had enough food to feed a small army.

"Are you sure we have enough food?" I teased.

He smiled.

"I just asked them to bring a little of everything, but I didn't expect this."

The wait staff had brought large family style portions of breakfast tacos with chorizo, egg, and potatoes; sweet potato chorizo hash with eggs, avocado, and crema; huevos rancheros; chipotle chicken breakfast chilaquiles; chipotle and jalapeno bagels; and churro doughnuts.

While we ate, we talked about his restaurants, my classes, and my final grades for my Sophomore year. I had worked very hard academically and had made Dean's List. James told me several times how proud he was, and I have to admit, I yearned for his praise, about anything. It didn't matter if his approval came from the marks I received in my classes or the marks he made on my body. I just wanted to please him. I could almost feel myself falling deeper in love with him.

Once we'd finished breakfast, James looked into my eyes.

"Let's hit the beach," he said casually. "You can go upstairs and change and I'll wait here for you."

Previously, when we got out of the shower, James put on swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt. Because I wasn't sure what he would want to do after breakfast, I put on a little sundress.

"That sounds like an excellent idea. Just give me a few minutes to change, and I'll be back down."

As I stood up from the table, he spoke again.

"Make sure you wear one of the suits I mailed to you," he said sternly.

Two weeks prior, James had sent me a package containing five Wicked Weasel micro bikinis. I hadn't looked at them after opening the package. I just stuffed them into my drawer with the rest of my more standard bikinis.

I could feel my stomach start to get queasy. The Wicked Weasel suits he purchased were only half bikinis at best, and I wasn't particularly anxious to try them on.

He was in such an open mood earlier and freely answered all of my inquiries. I couldn't help but want an answer to the final question concerning our relationship.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can."

I took a deep breath.

"Why do you have me wear the type of clothes you do?"

This was something that I struggled with since I met James. I loved wearing sexy clothes, especially the expensive, designer apparel he purchased for me. Unfortunately, some of his wardrobe choices bordered on the extreme. On most occasions, I felt comfortable wearing sexy little mini dresses and skirts. However, there were times when he demanded I wear extreme club-type clothing in inappropriate situations. One example was when he had me wear the yellow scrunch dress to his upscale Italian restaurant. Dressed in a Wicked Weasel micro bikini on the beach instead of one of my regular bikinis was very disconcerting to me, and I hoped he'd explain his reasoning behind his clothing choices.

"We've talked about this before."

"Yes, but you weren't very forthcoming with your answers, though," I said sheepishly.

He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts.

"You have a beautiful body Melanie, and I enjoy purchasing and dressing you in risqué clothing because it pleases me to show you off to others."

I could feel my face glowing red in embarrassment. It took me a few seconds to collect myself before I could respond.

"I love wearing the beautiful clothes you buy me. However, it's difficult when you ask me to wear things that make me stand out and get unwanted attention."

He smiled.

"You're referring to that yellow dress that you wore in my restaurant, aren't you?"

I shot him a disapproving look.

"Yes, I'm referring to the Yellow Scrunch Club Dress that you made me wear."

"Do you know how beautiful you looked in that dress that evening?"

I looked down, and I could feel myself blushing again.

"Do you know how proud I was of you that night? Everyone in that restaurant knew you were with me."

He paused and looked directly into my eyes.

"You're mine, Melanie, and every person in that restaurant knew it. I know being on display is something new to you and I realize it was a tough situation. However, you got through it, and you made me very proud."

"Displaying me is very important to you, isn't it?"

"It's a very significant part of our relationship."

I wasn't sure I liked being dressed inappropriately so people could gawk at me. Nonetheless, I realized how important it was to James, and I wanted to please him. I concluded that even if his clothing choices made me somewhat uncomfortable, I would find a way to get through it since it was what he wanted from me.

I broke into a little smile.

"So which one of those suits do you want me to wear?"

"Surprise me."

- - - - -

I couldn't help but feel a little nervous while we walked to the beach. There was a thick grove of palm trees which separated the hotel and pool area from the beach. As we walked down the cobblestone path through the palm trees, the distinct smell of the salt air became more prominent.

James securely wrapped his arm around me which gave me a measure of confidence. Regardless, there was a churning, nervousness in my stomach, especially when I saw the hundreds of people who were already on the beach. The majority of the women there were wearing incredibly small bikinis and some of them were even topless.

When we reached the ocean, I discovered that James had reserved a private cabana which allowed us to get out of the sun. In front of the cabana in the sand was a large, circular table with six chairs and an umbrella covered with a grass thatch. In front of the circular table was a group of lounge chairs for sunbathing. I found out later that the resort stocked our cabana with an ice chest full of bottles of water and various types of fruit juices. Adding to the overall ambiance, there was also a small army of wait staff that brought alcoholic beverages to the beach goers. The white sand beach and the light blue crystal clear water looked amazing and nothing like many of the Southern California beaches that I was used to growing up.

"So, are you ready to go for a dip?" James said.

I thought about making some excuse for not going into the water as a stalling tactic, but decided against it. Eventually, I would have had to come to grips with what I was wearing, and I thought I might as well rip off the Band-Aid and get it over with.

"Yeah, I'd love that, James."

Hesitantly, I removed my Mara Hoffman one shoulder dashiki navy blue and white beach wrap. The beach dress made me feel a bit uncomfortable because it had a slit in the side up to my waist which exposed my left leg. Nonetheless, it covered the rest of my body, so I didn't mind the subtle glances I received from the other beachgoers.

Unfortunately, the faint glimpses changed to overt ogling when I removed the wrap and exposed my bikini. Out of the five Wicked Weasel's James had purchased for me, I chose a frozen blue, tri top sheer vision bikini. It was made of a lightweight stretch fabric that felt like satin on my skin. The suit had a thong bottom and was incredibly small and tight. It had the most material by far of the five suits which were the primary reason I chose it over the others. Regrettably, as I soon learned, when it came to Wicked Weasels, more material didn't necessarily mean that more of my body would be covered.

Once I had removed the beach wrap, I left it in the cabana and James took my hand and we walked towards the water. Immediately, dozens of eyes were on me and I felt so uncomfortable. Just as he did in his restaurant, he slowed his walking pace to what felt like a near crawl which gave everyone around us ample opportunity to view my body in the barely-there bikini. I was able to take a little comfort in the fact that many of the women were wearing small bikinis like mine and some were even topless. I tried as hard as I could to put up a good front and act confident. Truthfully though, I felt so nervous and apprehensive because so much of my body was exposed.

After what seemed like an eternity, we cleared the twenty-five feet of sand and made it into the ocean. The water temperature was perfect. It was just cool enough to be a refreshing respite from the hot sun without being too cold.

Once we were in the ocean, James wrapped his arms lovingly around me, pulled me out into neck-deep water, and gave me a long, hot, passionate kiss.

"Do you like all those eyes on you?" he inquired huskily.

I thought for a moment.

"I like that you like their eyes on me," I said truthfully.

"You have such a beautiful body, Melanie. It would be a shame not to let others see it and enjoy it."

He paused for a moment while the waves of the Pacific Ocean gently collided against us.

"You've never liked showing off though, have you?"

His comment brought up a lot of issues for me. I did love showing off and wearing sexy clothes… to a point. Looking back, I wasn't confident enough in my sexuality at that point in my life to not want to conform. I loved wearing sexy clothes in a club because everyone else was in sexy clothes as well. However, when James forced me to wear clothes that made me stand out, I felt very insecure, and that was very difficult.

I knew that he was teasing me a bit. However, I yearned to please him so desperately and completely; his words stung just a bit.

"I've worn very sexy, revealing clothes for you, James," I said defensively.

"I agree, you have, but not of your own accord."

"You'll just have to teach me to be sluttier for you," I teased.

"Maybe we should start now then."

My eyes got wide.

"What do you mean?"

Before I knew what was happening, his fingers untied the knot on my bikini top. Instantly, my breasts fell free, and I immediately moved forward and pressed my torso into James's chest which helped keep me covered.

There were quite a few people within proximity to us in the water. However, none of them seemed to notice what was going on between James and me.

"So this is your idea of turning me into a wanton woman?" I teased.

He gave me a mischievous smile.

"That was step one."

I looked at him questioningly, almost afraid of his response.

"What's step two then?"


James moved away from me several inches which created some space between us. He then rested his hand on my stomach.

My eyes got wide.

"James, you can't…"

He smiled.

"Oh, but I can…"

His hand slowly began to inch lower, down my stomach.

"James, please…" I whimpered while nervously looking around us.

"It's okay, Melanie, no one is watching us, just concentrate on me," he said huskily.

I was too nervous to form a coherent thought. I obeyed and let him do what he wanted. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself close to him which I hoped would block the potential view of any onlookers. His hand continued to work its way south until it reached the thong bottom of my bikini.

I gasped when his fingers slipped underneath the thin material and began sensually rubbing my mound. Almost subconsciously, I let go and closed my eyes so I could block out the people around me and just concentrate on his touch.

I opened my legs just a bit which gave James better access, and his fingers slipped lower to the lips of my vagina. I wanted to open my eyes so bad and ensure no one was watching us. Thankfully, his deft, smooth fingers slipped inside of me and partially took my mind off my surroundings.

I wrapped my arms tighter around James's neck while simultaneously kissing and sucking on his ear lobe. My actions only seemed to spur him on, and within a few seconds, two of his fingers were thrusting in and out of my pussy incredibly hard.

Subliminally, I know part of me, on some level, was terrified about participating in such an intimate act in public. However, it was as if James's fingers that were probing inside me overruled that part of my brain.

"Don't hold it back Melanie, let yourself go," James said seductively into my ear.

I continued to kiss and suck on his ear lobe which I hoped would hide the pleasure I knew was etched on my face from any potentially prying eyes. His thrusting fingers would have caused me to orgasm very quickly. However, it was such an unsettling feeling being brought to orgasm in such a public place, and I actually had to concentrate and block out the people around me.

From deep within the pit of my stomach, my orgasm began to build which caused me to moan incessantly in James's ear.

"Just a little bit more, Daddy," I whispered.

I could feel him pick up the pace as his fingers sunk deep into my body.

"Yeah, let it go for me, Melanie."

I tightened my grip around James's neck which helped to steady the trembling effect of my body while I released in orgasm.

While coming back down from the peak, I hesitantly open my eyes and looked around. The majority of the swimmers appeared to have no idea of what just happened. However, there were two young, college-aged guys about twenty feet away from us who were snickering and laughing while looking at me. I could feel my face blush in a dark red crimson.

"That was so hot, Melanie. I can't tell you how proud I am of you."

I couldn't help but smile. His words of approval meant so much to me. He leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. At that moment, my world felt perfect.

"It was difficult at first," I admitted, "but you got me into it pretty quickly."

"Those two guys over there seem to like our little show," he said.

I could feel my face glowing red in embarrassment again.

"I hope they didn't see much," I said shyly.

He smiled.

"I think they saw enough."

Our eyes met, and he gave me another hot kiss. I could tell that what we'd done turned him on. Thankfully, my body pressed against his, and no one could see that I was topless. After he broke our kiss, he began speaking.

"As much as I'd like to give them an encore performance, I'm getting thirsty, let's get back to the cabana."

"I'm thirsty too. Could I get my top back?"

He gave me a sly smile.

"I think you'll be okay without it."

A sense of panic washed over me.

"James, please… I… I… need my top."

He looked into my eyes while holding me tight.

"I'm right here… trust me, Melanie."

His words were so calming and soothing. I took a deep breath and started to calm somewhat.

"Okay," I whispered it.

We separated and he firmly took hold of my hand. As we made our way toward the beach, the neck-deep water began to give way and almost immediately, dozens of eyes were on me. I had to fight the overwhelming urge to make a ‘hand bra’ to cover my breasts. To make matters worse, once we were approaching the shore and in the knee deep water, I realized that the material of my bikini bottom was virtually see through! The ultra-tight satin-like fabric had molded itself perfectly against the lips of my vagina and created an obscene camel toe that was all but transparent.

I tried to look straight ahead but my peripheral vision caught the gawking stares and shocked expressions of the men and even some of the women. To say that I was embarrassed would be the understatement of the century. I think I would have been okay being topless because there were quite a few women around me who also weren't wearing tops. However, they all had standard bikini bottoms on which kept them somewhat covered. As we walked through the white sand, I tried to look as confident as possible but inside, I felt nauseated.

Once we had reached the cabana, I quickly grabbed my beach wrap and put it on. James pulled two bottles of water out of the ice chest and walked over to me. There was a small, rustic wooden table inside the cabana, we both sat down and he handed me a bottle of water. I was upset, and I knew he felt it. There was a full minute of uncomfortable silence before he began speaking.

"You have such a beautiful body. I wish I knew why you are so intent on hiding it."

I shot him a dirty look.

"I was naked out there James, or I might as well have been. This bikini bottom is transparent once it gets wet."

"I know you're upset and I want you to tell me why it bothers you so much," he said soothingly.

My jaw dropped open. He really didn't get it.

"Everyone on that beach was staring and gawking at me, James."

"Not everyone, I think there were a couple of people who were asleep."

He cracked a little smile after I rolled my eyes and shot him another dirty look.

"Look at me," he said gently.

Our eyes met.

"You're mine and I'll never share my property with any man."

I could feel a little tingle between my legs and I began to calm down.

"The only thing they will ever be able to do is to look, I want to make sure you know that."

I looked into his deep blue eyes. Until that moment, I never fully realized how much pleasure he got from displaying me in front of others.

"Showing me off means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

"More than you'll ever know."

I looked down, feeling extremely embarrassed from what I was about to admit.

"I want to please you, but sometimes, it can be challenging."

He reached across the table, took my hand, and romantically squeezed it.

"You're a proper young woman who had a very traditional upbringing," he paused while collecting his thoughts. "So when I see you give yourself to me like this, it's incredibly arousing."

We spent the rest of the day on the beach frolicking in the sand and the surf. I made a conscious choice not to let the people around me affect the way I felt and looking back, it was the first time I truly felt comfortable with my body. Like many of the women around me, I chose not to wear my top and even the transparent bikini bottom didn't spoil my mood. James never left my side the entire day and I felt so safe and secure. What started as a terrifying and embarrassing moment turned into one of the most liberating experiences of my life. James taught me how to be comfortable in my skin and love my body.

- - - - -

It was almost six o'clock and the sun was beginning to rest low in the sky. A cool breeze had picked up from off the ocean and was rustling the nearby palm trees. We agreed that we were getting hungry and hand in hand, we made our way back to the villa.

We showered together and washed the sand and sweat from each other's bodies. I have to admit; I didn't miss the solitude of his and hers bathrooms in the suite at the Bellagio because it was wonderful getting ready for dinner together in the master bathroom. While I was doing my hair, I couldn't help but sneak glances in the mirror while he shaved. Just being in his presence was intoxicating and I reveled in the smooth, romantic vibe that seemed to encompass everything we'd done since we arrived in Mexico.

I left my long blonde hair down and curled it around my face in soft waves. Once I completed the finishing touches on my makeup, I started thinking about what I should wear. I walked into the master bedroom just as James was sliding his boxers up onto his hips.

"Now that is one nice ass," I said in a playful voice.

He turned, and our eyes met.

"You'd better put on some clothes young lady, or I'll be having you for dinner."

Big smiles broke across both of our faces.

It dawned on me that I was standing naked in front of him. I felt so comfortable around him the thought of being nude didn't really cross my mind.

"You'd better tell your submissive what you want her to wear, Sir."

He thought for a moment.

"Surprise me."

My jaw dropped open.

Is he letting me choose?

"If I'm going to make an informed decision, you'll have to let me know where we're going," I said teasingly.

"A five-star restaurant."

Time to mess with him a little.

"No Mickey D's?"

He laughed.

"Not tonight."

I closed the several feet that separated us and gave him a hot, lingering kiss.

"I'll be back in a flash."

I walked into the large walk-in closet and thumbed through the dozen or so dresses that I had brought with me. After some careful consideration, I settled on a black, plunge ruched cross back Bodycon mini dress. I knew James would like it because it had a deep ‘V' in the front which exposed a lot of my breasts and it was cut very high with the hem laying on my upper thighs. It was perfect - especially sexy, yet very elegant. To complete the look, I chose a four inch Tony Bianco open toe heel with a leather ankle strap and a silver buckle closure that made the shoe really pop. Because of the design of the dress, I couldn't wear a bra and I adhered to James's 'no panty or thong’ rule when we were together.

As I descended the stairs, I caught a glimpse of James putting the finishing touches on the Windsor knot of his tie. He heard the click of my heels on the polished metal staircase which immediately drew his attention.

While James was drinking me in, I took the opportunity to observe what he was wearing. He had chosen a dark blue shadow plaid suit with a white shirt with vertical purple stripes. There was also a purple tie and matching pocket square that was broken up by small white diamonds. He looked so handsome.

Once I had descended the staircase, he took my hand, raised it above my head, and twirled me around.

"You look simply stunning, Melanie."

I beamed at his compliment and I had to admit, I loved dressing up for him. Knowing he appreciated the time and effort I put into looking good for him only made me want to please him more.

While he was inspecting me, I was beginning to realize that our pre-date routine was also something more because it had almost taken on a form of foreplay. Wearing sexy clothes that he had purchased for me, doing my hair and makeup to perfection, it part of the process, part of the ritual, of being with him.

"You clean up very well yourself, Mr. Moretti."

His face broke into a big smile.

"I also like that you are adhering to my no-thong rule."

I could feel my face burn in a red-hot ember of embarrassment. Apparently, my twirl had exposed more of my body than I had intended and it took me a few seconds to compose myself.

"Well, I didn't have much choice, did I?"

"No…" his word lingered huskily in the air, "you didn't."

Fuck. I wanted him so bad my body was aching. His every action exuded power and dominance, and that was so erotic to me.

"We'd better get going before I decide to forgo dinner and find a piece of furniture to bend you over."

- - - - -

James's hand rested firmly on my exposed thigh during the twenty-minute drive to the restaurant. I couldn't help but gently tease him about the Town Car he had procured instead of our usual limousine. Of course, he shot back with a good-natured but smart ass remark concerning how I was becoming too spoiled. Almost immediately, I thought back to the expensive dinner a couple of weeks prior at the Hard Rock with Gianna and Tim and my quandary concerning the upper-class privilege that James's wealth as affording me.

"Do you really think I'm becoming spoiled?"

His face broke into a little grin.

"You're becoming exceptionally spoiled, but that's the only way I want it."

I couldn't help but smile.

"Just let me know if I begin to turn into some entitled bitch, okay?"

James seductively squeezed my thigh.

"If that were to happen you'd be the first to know because I'd put you over my knee."

I couldn't help but think how beautiful he made me feel. It seemed so easy to control my emotions for him when he was in California and we were apart. However, once we were back together, those romantic feelings came rushing back and it was so hard to keep myself emotionally under control.

The Town Car pulled up in front of Pitahayas Restaurante.

Set on the eastern shore of Cabo San Lucas above a white sand beach, Pitahayas could be only be described as majestic. The smell of the salt air and the sound of the waves gently crashing against the beach only added to the romantic ambiance. James exited the back of the Town Car, walked around to my door, helped me out of the back seat, and pulled me close to his side.

We were met almost instantly by a young, pretty Mexican girl who said something in Spanish. James answered her in Spanish and I had to admit I was a bit shocked because he had never spoken anything other than English to me since I'd known him. The hostess made a gesture to us to follow her and she led us to our table. While clutching James's arm securely, I was able to take in some of the beautiful scenery.

We walked through a cobblestone pathway beset on both sides by small cacti and palm trees which were swaying in the gentle evening breeze. Two broad, overlapping, circular grass huts covered the main dining area of the restaurant, giving the restaurant an amazing, tropical vibe. A large tree in the center of the dining area decorated with small, white lights reminded me of Christmas and gave the room an intimate, romantic ambiance. Amazingly, there were no walls to separate the main dining area from the outside which gave the diners and unobstructed view of the white sand beach and ocean.

We followed the Maître `D through the central dining area and outside to an open deck built above the beach and ten yards from the coast.

In the midst of a beautiful Mexican sunset, we enjoyed our dinners and some light conversation. I ordered the black rice with blue crab that came with tomatillos, salsa alfredo, and mango. James chose pork belly tacos with sides of guacamole and a cream chili sauce.

The food was incredible and the romantic atmosphere only added to the sensual vibe between James and me. Amidst our perfect evening, there was a question that has been on my mind since we had arrived and I was reticent to ask him. However, he had been so open with me all day, and I decided to throw caution to the wind.

"I don't want to ruin this perfect evening, but may I ask you something?"

"Of course you can."

I took a deep breath.

"You told me earlier that we'd be spending a week here in Mexico. Typically, we only spend a weekend together, how are you able get away for so long this time?"

James took a big sip of wine and I could see the reservation etched noticeably on his face. He hated talking about his wife and children and it created a strange contradiction. It was almost as if he wanted to forget them entirely when we were together, even though I knew he loved them dearly.

"My wife grew up in Connecticut. For the last few summers, she's taken the children back east for a month to see her family."

"And you didn't want to go with her?"

"It's difficult to leave my restaurants for a month, but more importantly, I wanted to spend some time with you."

I listened intently and took a sip of my wine and waited for him to continue.

"I'm planning on flying back in a couple of weeks to be with them, but to be honest, I'm not very enthused because of the… you know… in-laws thing."

I couldn't help but smile. I loved it when he opened up to me like this because it made me feel closer to him, more attached to him, and a more significant part of his life.

We were in such a romantic, intimate setting. Again, it was difficult not to let my mind wander to dangerous places. If I admitted the truth to myself, I wished that his children were mine, and as I looked into his crystal blue eyes while we ate, I couldn't help but wonder what our children would look like.

The rest of the evening was incredible. We finished two bottles of wine while talking about his restaurants and the courses I would be taking when school resumed in the fall. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Even though portions of the day were quite tumultuous, just being with him made me feel so content and at ease.

Once we finished our meal, I stood up and the wine hit me hard. I felt very unsteady on my feet and James came around to my side of the table to assist me. Thankfully, he took my arm which gave me some much-needed stability and helped me through the restaurant and out to our waiting town car.

After he assisted me into the backseat, he slid in beside me until our legs deliciously rubbed together and his hand gently rested on my thigh. I was very buzzed from all the wine we'd consumed and as each second passed, I was becoming aroused and caught up in the hedonistic moment. I reached over and began to rub the very noticeable bulge in the front of James's trousers.

I could hear a lowing moan escape from his lips.

"And just what are you doing, Melanie?"

"Does that mean you want me to stop?" I cooed seductively.

A smile broke across his face.

"I didn't say that."

I could feel the Town Car begin to pull out of the parking lot as I carefully unzipped his fly and extracted his thick penis from the confines of his trousers. He let out a muffled moan when I moved my head into his lap and took his cock into my mouth. I felt his hands begin to lovingly stroke my hair as he quickly grew to full hardness in my mouth.

After a few seconds, I coated his member with my saliva and was smoothly bobbing my head up and down on his penis. Before long, James's hips were gently thrusting upward which sent his cock deeper into my throat.

While I lovingly fellated him, I remembered back to the last time I had given him a blowjob in a car. We were on the freeway driving back from the Valley Automall after he purchased the Land Rover Discovery for me and I couldn't help but thank him in my special way.

It still amazed me how far we'd come together in the short time that we had known each other. I couldn't help but feel that he was growing me up. I had never been in such an intense, demanding relationship. James made the guys that I had previously been with seem like boys and compared to him, that's what they were.

I could feel his hands move through my hair and then grip it tightly as he gently pushed my mouth up and down on his cock which brought me back to the now. His hips began to thrust upward again which made me think he might come in my mouth. However, I couldn't be certain because his breathing was very shallow in an apparent attempt not to draw attention to what was going on in the backseat.

"We are almost to your hotel, Sir," a voice said in broken English from the front seat.

I quickly expelled James's cock from my mouth, sat up in the back seat, and wiped some of the errant saliva from my chin. I watched as James struggled to get his spittle covered erection back into his trousers. After I straightened myself up, the driver's eye caught mine in the rearview mirror, and he gave me a knowing grin. I could feel my face burn red in embarrassment and I quickly looked away and slid closer to James's side.

The Town Car came to a smooth stop in front of the main entrance of the hotel, and the driver opened the rear door for us. James stepped out of the car, took my hand, and helped me onto my feet. I purposely avoided eye contact with the driver while James tipped him. Even though I was still very buzzed from the wine, I didn't want to think about or even acknowledge the show that I put on in the back seat for the driver as he took us back to the hotel.

It was a short walk back to our suite. James held me close to his body while we walked briskly on the cobblestone pathway that winded through the tropical landscape. I was still felt very rickety on my feet due to the wine and James steadied me as we walked in the moonlight.

I watched as he opened the door and we stepped inside. Immediately, he pulled me to him and we embraced in a long, hot kiss. Without warning, he scooped me up into his arms and he once again carried me up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Once inside, he laid me down on the large king size bed and stood at the foot and began to remove his suit. I kicked my heels off onto the floor and watched as he loosened his tie. Slowly, as if teasing me, he unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt, and glided his trousers down his legs.

He looked so strong and virile towering above me. Teasingly, I slowly hiked up my skirt until my pussy was exposed to his lustful gaze. Very calmly and deliberately, my hand moved down to between my legs and I ran my middle finger through my wet slit as I watched him tug his boxer shorts down his muscled thighs until then they ended in a heap with the rest of his clothes on the floor. He took his erect cock in his hand and slowly began to stroke it.

"I love it when you touch yourself for me," he said huskily.

I opened my legs further making sure he had a good view of my exposed body. My pussy felt like a hot, humid swamp and when I dipped a finger inside, we could both hear the squishing noises emanating from between my legs. He was stroking his cock harder now and I could see the pre-cum dribble out of the slit.

Our eyes met.

"Make yourself cum for me, Melanie."

"Yes, Daddy."

I set up in the bed and quickly removed my dress and laid back down again. Our eyes once again met and I opened my legs depravedly wide for him. My fingers began rubbing, pinching, and pulling my nipples while my other hand moved south between my legs.

Under his lecherous stare, I added a second finger and worked it in and out of my pussy. He was stroking his cock harder and faster and the pre-cum was oozing out of the slit at an increased rate.

"Yeah, just like that baby, cum for me."

I used my thumb to rub little circles over my clit while using my fingers to rapidly penetrate my sex. My nipples were standing proudly off my breasts as I continued to manipulate them with my fingers.

"Yeah Melanie, let it go for me."

I could feel my orgasm begin to build in the pit of my stomach. I could hear the slapping sound of James stroking his cock and the spongy, liquid sound of my fingers moving rapidly in and out of my wet sex.

My body shook and my world went dark as my orgasm overtook me. When my senses were back about me, James was still standing at the side of the bed rubbing his big cock while looking down over me.

"Come here, little minx."

I couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, Daddy."

I got onto my stomach and slid to the edge of the bed. James held his wet fingers up to my mouth and I licked the pre-cum off them.

"Tell me what you want, Melanie."

I smiled.

"You're going to make me beg for it?"


I looked up in him lustfully.

"I want your cock in my mouth."

I opened my mouth and he inched forward. Slowly, luxuriously, I licked the bulbous head of his penis like a lollipop and I heard him moan from above me. As my tongue swirled around the head, his cock began pulsing and felt alive. After only a few seconds, I tasted his precum in my mouth.

I inched just a little closer and opened my mouth wider and took him in. Almost immediately, I get could hear low moans of pleasure escaping from his lips. As I began to suck him harder, I could feel his hands weave through my long blonde hair and begin to guide my head forward and then back, over and over.

I relaxed my throat and took him deeper until my lips were touching his torso. I could also feel his hips begin to thrust forward and then back. Like so many of our sex sessions, James took control and oral sex diverged from me giving him head to him fucking my mouth.

After a few moments, I held my head still and kept pressure on his cock with my lips and let him control the pace. His breathing became more rapid and shallow and his grip on my hair tightened. His hips began to buck wildly and I was almost certain he would cum in my mouth until he regained a measure of control and took a step back which caused his cock to slide out.

I looked up and our eyes met.

Playfully, he rolled me over onto my back and into the center of the bed. Before I knew it, he was on top of me kissing me incredibly hard and mashing his muscular chest into my breasts. I could feel his erection pressing into my inner thigh. My pussy was so hot and wet I just wanted a measure of relief.

"Please James… Please…" I pleaded.

"Tell me what you want," he said in a low, gravelly voice.

"I want to feel you inside of me."

His lips curled into a small smile.

"Tell me how bad you need me."

This was a little game we played often. He loved it when I was dependent on him and under his complete control.

"I need you so bad, Daddy."

He reached between us and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head up and down the lips of my vagina, teasing me further.

"Tell me what you want," he whispered in my ear.

"Your cock inside of me… Please, James…" I begged and whimpered.

I could feel him rubbing the head of his penis up and down this lips of my vagina. I gasped when he found my aperture and began to gently push into me.

"Oh God, James." I moaned.

He continued to move his hips forward and his cock simultaneously opened and filled me. I could feel his weight sensually crushing my body as he moved on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his torso and clung to him while moving my hips to meet his thrusts.

"You feel so good," he murmured under his breath almost as if he was speaking to no one in particular.

I could feel him picking up the pace as he pressed himself in and out of me. I squeezed the muscles in my vagina hard and adjusted the angle just a bit which caused his thick penis to brush perfectly against my clit. Almost instantly, I could feel my orgasm begin to build in the pit of my stomach while I continued to cleave to his body.

My world felt perfect. A light ocean breeze gently filled our room with the sweet scent of salt, and moonbeams through the open window bathed us in a wondrous glow. Together, they created a spellbinding, romantic ambiance that I'll never forget.

My body began to shake as my orgasm rocked me to the core and my world went dark. When I came back down to Earth and my senses were once again about me, I could tell that his breathing had changed and that he was getting close to orgasm. His sweat covered my body and more than anything, I wanted him to cum inside me. Just when I thought he might, he slid out of me.

"Get on your hands and knees, baby." He ordered.

Quickly, I flipped over and complied with his command. I quivered when he ran his hands over my large breasts and gently pulled my nipples. I loved it when he and touched me and explored my body.

"Spread those legs, put your face down, and ass up."

Again, I acquiesced to his command. I buried my head in the pillow, opened my thighs as wide as I could, and lifted my bottom up in the air, presenting my most intimate region to him.

Seconds later, he slid in behind me, wrapped his arms around my thighs which immobilized me, and I felt his tongue enter my wet pussy. I moaned as he licked my breach from clit to asshole and I could feel his saliva begin to mix with my vaginal secretions.

I gripped the sheets tightly while he moved his tongue in and out of me. He was incredibly accomplished at cunnilingus and it only took a minute or so before I felt my next orgasm begin to build.

"My clit… James… my clit…" I moaned as the waves of my release commenced overtaking my body.

I could feel his mouth on my sensitive little bud just as the waves were beginning to crash into me and my world went dark.

When my wits were back about me, James had already positioned himself behind me and was rubbing the head of his cock up and down the lips of my sodden vagina. I wanted to feel him inside me again so bad my mind was almost unable to form coherent thoughts.

"Please… James… please… don't tease me…"

Without warning, he sunk himself into me with one long, smooth, thrust.

"Oh… God… Yes…" I grunted.

He placed his hands on my hips and began a smooth, sensual, rhythmic pace. Being in the doggystyle position, he always felt much bigger, and thicker inside of me. Before long, I was squeezing my vaginal muscles around his cock and thrusting my pelvis back, meeting each of his thrusts.

Just as he started to pick up the pace in earnest, I felt saliva dribble onto my asshole. Next, one of his hands moved from my hip and I felt his thumb ease into my rosebud. The sudden, but not unwelcome addition of his digit immediately produced a full feeling within my body. While driving himself in and out of me, harder and faster, he continued to work his thumb in and out of me which was beginning to loosen my very tight orifice. The additional stimulation of his thumb, combined with his hard cock thrusting in and out of my vagina, propelled me quickly to my next orgasm. Within seconds, I was shaking violently underneath him.

When I came back down, I noticed his breathing had once again changed and I thought he might cum inside of me. However, he pulled out, regained control, and after a few seconds, I could hear his breathing return to normal.

We took a few moments to catch our breath and recover. Notwithstanding, it wasn't long before I felt the head of his cock press against my asshole.

"Relax, Melanie." He said in a deep, husky voice.

I took a deep breath and attempted to prepare myself for what I knew was coming. I also had to admit, I was a bit nervous because this was the first time he had ever attempted anal sex without some type of bottled lube.

His bulbous head hesitantly slipped into my bottom and produced an instant discomfort when it met my tight ring which thwarted James's progress. Cautiously, he eased himself forward and my body gave way and he slipped an inch or two inside me.

"Oh… God… James…" I moaned.

There was a slight ache that emanated from deep inside as he continued to slide himself into me. My body continued to yield to his encroachment and within several moments, he had buried himself deep inside my bowels.

He remained motionless for a full minute and let me adjust to him inside me.

"Are you okay?" He said in a voice barely above a whisper.

I took a deep breath, then responded.

"I'm all right, just go slow."

Carefully, tediously, he began to move in and out of me at a snail's pace. There were several more moments of discomfort, but it quickly gave way to an intense, pleasurable feeling that I was beginning to yearn for. He felt so big inside of me and I felt so full.

"God, you feel so fucking tight," he groaned from behind me.

There was an intense, powerful feeling building in the pit of my stomach. The discomfort had long departed and what was left was an all consuming pleasure that I wanted more of.

"I'm doing okay, James… Just a little bit faster."

Once he knew I wasn't in any peril, he gradually picked up the pace which produced an almost Indescribable feeling in the pit of my stomach which magnified exponentially with each harder stroke. Before I knew it, I had lost all mental faculties as a powerful orgasm washed over my body.

When my senses were back about me, I heard James breathing harder, faster and I knew that his orgasm was fast approaching. He felt like a rutting bull, behind me, pounding me out. I knew there was no he would be able to maintain this torrid pace for long and I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit which sent me over the edge. Almost simultaneously, I heard him grunt and I felt white hot splashes of cum inside my asshole.

When I came back down, his body was sensually crushing mine into the mattress. After a full minute, our breathing returned to normal, I felt his cock deflate and withdraw from my body. He then slid to my side and pulled me close, spooning me tight. I felt so safe, so sated and in that moment… my world was perfect.

I was about to ask him what was on the agenda for the following day, but I was too late. I could tell from his soft, gentle breathing that he had already drifted off to sleep. I wasn't sure what other adventures we'd experience together in Mexico, I just knew that I loved being with him and I couldn't wait for what tomorrow would bring.

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-09 12:07:34
I fully agree with the 4 comments now registered. Your detailed deions of every part of the sex act is invigarating, erotic, & sensual. I love it. The interaction & conversation between James & Mel gives substance to the sex scenes. The contrast between what she would like to do but what she does to please him contributes greatly to her overall character and helps me better understand the complex feelings I sometimes experience.
This is much more than just an sordid sex story. It searches the depths of our inner feelings concerning our sexual desires (sometimes hidden from ourselves).
Your insight to the gambit of sexual diversity we humans can imagine goes deeply into the human physic. FANTASTIC!!! WOW!!!
Am I reading more than is really there? You tell me?
I can't find enough words to describe your extreme talent.
Melanie, You're the best. Thank you!


2017-11-16 08:37:54
Oh, So some dumbass is figuring out that they like the way the story is unfolding after 10 chapters. Real fucking bright person.
How can anyone hurt, mark, beat and humiliate someone they supposievely love


2017-10-30 20:24:57
Probably the best you have written well worth the wait.


2017-10-25 16:19:46
This is definitely the sexiest chapter yet! I'm loving how the story is unfolding. Going to have to go back and count your orgasms... how many did you have!! Great job.


2017-10-25 14:41:16
This is great stuff Mel ! Like always you tell us exactly what you are feeling, how James feels/thinks, how James makes you feel, what he wants, and what you want. I love reading the James series. This is one of the best so far! Keep them coming!

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