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Damien's kidnap motivates him to be the best and strongest he can be.
This is the second story in my domination series. It is split in two parts to make up for the sheer length of the story. After this story will come a new stand-alone spin off and then the second part. I'm very pleased with the response from my stories so far and look forward to seeing the feedback of this one. Always happy to receive feedback or constructive criticism.

Divided Part 1

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun shined bright in the sky with very few clouds. The leaves on the trees were a bright green. In a quiet neighborhood in California, a young boy named Damien Shellwood walked home from his best friend Eric's house. Damien was the 7 year old son of a wealthy family. His father James was a 30 year old Stockbroker. He was a tall 6'1 with black yet greying hair. His mother Amy was a 32 year old nurse. She was 5'7 large busted, blonde women, her curled hair stopped just above her shoulders. Her regular workout routine allowed her to keep her curvy figure. The Shellwoods were a happy family. Respected by their neighbors and friends. They raised Damien to be polite, reserved and in other people's words, posh. They were very formal and were sometimes described as high maintenance. They were judged mostly on the way they spoke. Using big word's that some people didn't understand. Of all the things the family was, stuck up was not one of them. James Shellwood did his best to keep his family from becoming that way. Money was not going to turn them into snotty rich people.

At 7 years old, many people would have disagreed with the idea of letting a young boy walk home by himself But he lived around the corner so it shouldn't have taken more then 5 minutes to walk home. Plus the town of Pandora where they lived was a quiet, peaceful town. A town where everyone knew and trusted everyone. Damien walked along the street, almost home. He was excited. His dad promised him that they would play baseball in the back yard when he got home. His mom promised to make his favourite meal. Baked beans on toast.

As he walked along a van pulled up alongside him Damion looked to see a man at the wheel. He looked scary with tattoos on his arms and a shaved head. "Hey kid, I'm a friend of you're parents. They asked me give you a ride home!" The man said with a smile. Damien looked at the ground and kept walking. "My mom told me not to talk to strangers!" He said quietly. "Good boy, for listening to you're mom. I know her, she's a nurse right?" He continued. Damien didn't answer but nodded. "Kid I'm not a stranger I promise. You're parents asked me to come get you. You're dad is a friend of mine." The young man naively accepted the stranger's words and climbed into the van. The Van slowly pulled away.

Amy Shellwood was starting to wonder where Damien was. She told him to be home for 6. It was unlike him to be late home. Especially when he knows he's got beans on toast waiting. When the clock showed 6:30, Amy called up Eric's mother Beth. "Hey Beth!" She said pleasantly. "Hi Amy how are you?" She replied sweetly. "I'm fine I was just wondering when Damien's gonna start walking home?" She asked. There was a moment's silence before Beth spoke again. "Amy.......Damien left 40 minutes ago." The dread filled Amy's heart. "Are you sure?" She asked with a shaky voice. "ERIC!" She heard Beth call out over the phone. Beth asked if Damien was still here. "Amy, Damien isn't here." Amy was more scared then she'd ever been in her life. She hung up the phone and Ran out to the backyard where James was preparing the baseball equipment. "James! Damien's missing." James quickly looked up and said "What do you mean?" He asked, the nervousness clearly evident on his face. "He Should've been home half and hour ago and he's no where to be seen. Beth said he left over 40 minutes ago." "Get my keys, let's go find him." James shouted.

They drove around town for over an hour. Checking the park, the stores and his friends houses. When they got home Amy started to cry. "James where's my baby? What's happened to him?" James pulled her in and hugged her as she cried into his shoulder. "We're going to find him. I promise." He said holding back his own tears. At that point Emily, Damien's teenage sister, walked in. She was an attractive 5'6 , black haired girl. Popular at school with a large group of friends. She was also very protective of her little brother. She walked in and was confused at the sight of her mom and dad hugging with mom crying. "What's going on?" She asked. The parents broke their hug and told Emily to sit down. "Emily, it's Damien. He's......he's missing." Amy said shaking. "W-wwhat do you mean?" Emily asked starting to shake as well. James explained "You're mother and I have just been trying to find him. We've looked everywhere. We can't find him." Emily couldn't believe it. Her little bro had disappeared. A hundred possibilities flew through her head. Each more terrifying then the last. "I'll call the police!" Emily quickly said and ran for the phone.

The police arrived and asked all the usual questions. Where was he coming from? Where was he going? Could he have gone to someone else's house? Do you have any enemies? The last question made James angry. "What? No! Ofcourse not?" The officer wrote on his notepad and voiced his theory very bluntly. "I understand you're a very wealthy family. Someone could've taken him as leverage for a quick payday." Amy cried harder and James went mad at the officer's lack of sensitivity. The officer in charge sent the sent his colleague away and apologised. "I'm not interested in apologies. Just get out there and find my son!" James growled.

A day became two, two became three, three became four with no developments. The police returned everyday for more information. Amy was tired of answering questions. She wanted her son back in her arms. James' patience was almost non existent as he scolded the police for wasting time. "Sir you have to believe we're doing all we can." The officer said trying to calm him down. "WELL I DON'T. YOU COME BACK EVERY DAY AND ASK US MORE STUPID QUESTIONS THEN TELL US YOU'VE GOT NO LEADS, IF MY SON GETS HURT DUE TO YOU'RE INCOMPETENCE, I PROMISE I WILL RAIN HELL ON ALL OF YOU!!!!!"

Emily was sat in her room. She was an emotional wreck. Her little bro was missing and the police were about as much use as shit flavoured toothpaste. She had to take matters into her own hands. The next day at school, everyone had heard what had happened. All her friends tried to comfort her, the entire football team came to offer her some support. Apologies weren't enough. She needed to find her brother. At lunch she sat with all her friends and invited the football team captain, Steven Blaine, to sit with them. They all listened to her plan. "I need to find him. I need you're help to do that. We all live in different pasts of town which means we have eyes and ears all over town. Please! Help me look for him." Steven was the first to accept. "I'll get all my guys on it. If someone even says Damien's name we'll know about it." Emily's heart warmed. She'd always had a huge crush on Steve. His tall 6'0 well built figure and short blonde hair, had caught the eye of almost every girl in school. Emily had pleasured herself often imagining him taking her virginity. She even cried happy tears at night imagining him caring for her, making her feel good. First Steve accepted, then everyone started agreeing. "I'm in!" "Me too" "So am I". A tear formed in Emily's eye. No one hesitated to help her out.

Her final period was math and the teacher made a point to apologise to Emily about her brother before he started class. Emily couldn't focus on what the teacher was saying as her thoughts kept going back to Damien. "Emily are you ok?" Mr. Richards said stopping the lesson. Emily quickly looked at him and said "Yes sir fine." He looked at her and said "You're crying. Emily raised her hand to her eye and wiped a tear away. "Do you want to leave and take a minute?" He asked. "No sir! I'll be ok." She said. She couldn't afford to let her fears get the better of her.

Later that day after school, Emily went home to see her father sat by the phone, a glass of whiskey in his hand. "Hi dad." She said sadly. He looked back at her and struggled to smile. "Hello sweetheart. How was school?" She nodded and said it was fine. "Where's mom?" She asked. "She's in bed resting. She's barely slept in days." "Dad. me and some of the kids from school are going out to look for Damien." James looked up and said "Leave it to the police honey." Emily shook her head and said "I can't sit here and wait for them to come back with more stupid questions. I'm going to look for my brother and no one will stop me." James looked at his daughter with pride and told her to be careful. "You call me every 20 minutes with an update." Emily promised she would and left the house.

It was dark when Emily met her friends and the team. They all took her number and promised to call if they heard or saw anything. They all had flashlights and separated. Emily and her friends, Hannah and Molly searched the forest behind the park. Sticks snapped under there feet as they stepped through bushes. It would've been total darkness if not for their lights. Emily shined the light in all directions for any sort of clue. "Anything?" She called to her friends. "Not yet!" Hannah called back. Within 20 minutes, they were in the centre of the forest with no clues.

It was at that time when Emily got a phone call. It was Steven. "Steve! Have you found anything!" She said getting her hopes up. "I think so meet me back at your place asap." Like a lightening bolt, Emily raced out of the forest, her friends quickly following, back to her house. She turned onto the street she lived on and saw Steve stood outside her house. She pulled him into her house where James hadn't moved from his chair. "Dad Steve might have found something." That was enough to get him on his feet as he marched over. "What is it? What have you found?" He said. Steve went into his pockets and pulled a small wallet. Emily recognised it immediately. She had given it to Damien for his birthday so he could feel grown up. She took the wallet from Steve and they all gathered in a circle to see what was inside. There was five dollars and a picture of Emily and Damien going down the park slide together. Damien was sat between her legs and she had her arms around him as they went down. It was taken when he was 5.

"Where did you find this?" She asked. "Down the road a bit. He must've dropped it." Said Steve. James woke Amy from her sleep and filled her in on what had been happening. Amy jumped out off bed and ran down the stairs to the living room where everyone sat. She had no shame about being seen in her night clothes, which were a pair of shorts and a tank top. "Let me look!" She said snatching the wallet from Emily. She examined the wallet and said "Who found it?" "Steve did." Said Emily. Amy pulled him to his feet and hugged him tight. "Thankyou." She said as she broke the hug. "It's ok, we'll start looking again tomorrow after school." Said Steve and Amy thought she might cry again. As he left, Emily gripped him in a tight hug and thanked him again. Steve wrapped his large arms around her and Emily melted. Images of their future together. Marriage, kids a happy life. Once he left, thoughts of her happy life with Steve were dashed as the reality of her missing brother came back. James shook Steve's hand, thanking him for his help. Having found Damien's wallet, no one could sleep. They just sat up staring into space thinking that Damien might still be alive and that gave them hope.

The silence was broken by Emily's phone ringing. She looked at the caller ID and her eyes went wide when she saw Damien's name. Damien's phone was also a birthday present. One from his parents. Eagerly she answered the phone and said "Hello!? Hello!?"

"Emily is that you?" She recognised his voice.
"Yeah bro im here where are you?" Emily's parents heard her say bro and went mad. Asking was it him? Where he was? What happened?
"Emily. Help me! Please help me." Damien pleaded
Emily's tears fell as she heard her little brother was terrified.
"Damien you're gonna be ok. Just tell me where you are!" She said, her voice shaking.

Suddenly there was a crash over the phone and the line was cut off. "Hello!? Damien are you still there!? Damien!" "What happened!" James asked desperately. Emily looked at her phone and said "I lost him!" The police were called again and Emily explained what had happened. They put a tap on the phone and told her to call the number again but with no success.

It was well over midnight when the house's main phone rang. The cops switched on their equipment and gave Amy a thumbs up to answer the phone. With shaky hands, Amy picked up the phone and held it to her ear. "Hello?" She said quietly. A scrambled voice answered "10,000 for the boy in 24 hours or we cut a finger off and start again." Amy was in an emotional rollercoaster of fear and anger. "Where's my son you sick fuck! Tell me where he is!" She screamed down the phone. The voice laughed and said "He's safe....for now! 10,000 dollars if you want him to stay that way. And for every 24 hours we don't get paid, your son loses a finger and the price doubles. I'd get busy. 24 hours, we'll be in touch." The phone hung up and Amy couldn't hold back her tears as she dropped the phone and hugged her husband.

James held his wife and looked back at the cops. "Well?" He said very angry. "We didn't get him but now we know what we're dealing with." Detective Saunders said. He was in charge of the investigation. He was a tall dark haired man in a black suit and a white shirt. His hair was combed and spiked at the front. "We can't get that much money in 24 hours. They're going to kill him." James said. "If Damien dies they don't get paid." Saunders said in a professional tone that was hard to pull off. He cared about saving this little boy as much as his parents did. Ok maybe not as much but he was going to use everything at his disposal to bring him home. "But why? Why now!? We didn't do anything to anyone!?" Saunders nodded with a look of sympathy on his face as he explained. "They held Damien for a few days to make you desperate. I'm guessing when Damien called you on his cell phone they were forced to make their move."

"How are we going to get that much money!?" Amy asked desperately. Her tears had ruined her make-up not that she cared or even thought about it. Saunders walked up to the couple and placed his hands on their shoulders. "I have an idea but you need to do everything I say." "Anything!?" James said feeling the first ray of hope in days.

12:00pm the next day. 14 hours until the kidnappers called again. Detective Saunders marched into the police station with a look of determination on his face. He spoke with chief haddock and voiced his plan. "Saunders!" The chief barked. "Anybody else and I would say hell no. But you're a fine detective and I trust you're judgement." The bald chubby man said sat behind his desk. "Thankyou sir." Saunders replied as he left. Saunders walked to the back of the building where the evidence lock up was. He signed the sheet of paper and handed it to the officer and typed in the four digit code on the gate. There was a buzz and the light on the gate turned from red to green. Saunders walked through and began searching through the evidence. There was many small items in clear bags. Many of them had Saunders' signature on them. Guns, knives, drugs all sorts. But Saunders knew what he was after.

3 years previously, Saunders transferred to the DEA. He went undercover as a drug runner. Running cocaine across the boarder from Mexico. The drugs were hidden inside Christmas baubles. Saunders was wearing a wire and taped every conversation. They got across the border no problem and went to an abandoned house for the delivery. When the money exchanged hands, Saunders gave the go ahead with a code word and thirty armed officers broke down the door and arrested the smugglers and the buyers, Including Saunders for appearances sake. Drugs, money and a taped confession was everything they needed.

The seized over 500,000 dollars that day and that's what Saunders was looking for in the evidence lockup. He saw two black bags and checked the case number. Yep this was it. He unzipped the bag and sure enough, there was bundles of cash. He took one of the bags and left. He was confident his plan would work. Saunders would handle the exchange and use the money from evidence to pay off the kidnappers. As he was going over his plan, his phone rang. The law abiding detective pulled the car into a nearby parking lot. As he pulled out his phone ands saw it was his partner, Molly Jenkins. "Hey Molly, What's up?" He listened to her talk and then his expression changed to shock. "What! Where?.....I'm on my way!"

Damien Shellwood was sat in a dark room, the only light was a weak lamp on the table in front him. The basement was small, damp and smelly. Damien was chained by his wrists to a drain pipe. He was so hungry, his stomach hurt. He'd been crying so much he wasn't sure he could physically cry anymore. He was so scared, more then anything else he wanted his mom. When he was scared she'd smile as she held him and sang songs. He only hoped the kind lady would come back soon. The bad man scared him.

Suddenly, the door at the end of the room creaked open. A strange man that Damien didn't know walked through holding his gun in front of him with a flashlight. He had dark hair and wore a suit. He saw Damien and lowered his gun.

Saunders entered the basement and slowly pushed the door open. It creaked open and he crept inside with his gun and flashlight raised. He cleared the corners and looked round to see Damien sat I the corner. Their eyes locked together as Saunders holstered his weapon and made his way to the scared boy. He kneeled before Damien and touched his arm. Damien flinched and Saunders tried to calm him down. "Damien, it's ok I'm a police officer. You're gonna be ok." Suddenly another officer came in behind them. "Detective, we found some keys!" He said throwing the keys across the room. Saunders caught them and tried them on the chains that imprisoned Damien. As he'd hoped, there was a click and the chains fell free from Damien's wrists.

Saunders tried to help Damien to his feet but he seemed reluctant to move. "Damien it's ok, I'm here to take you home." Damien shook his head and had a scared look. "No the bad man will be cross!" He said with tears in his eyes. "It's ok, the bad man's gone. Come with me." Saunders said trying to help Damien up. Slowly, Damien rose to his feet and Saunders guided him out. As they walked through the house, Saunders turned Damien away so that he wouldn't see the body in the kitchen.

Damien was taken to hospital for examination. Saunders made the call to the Shellwoods. James answered the call and was ecstatic to hear his son was safe and said they'd be at the hospital soon. Saunders was happy that the young boy had been found. He couldn't live with the knowledge of his failure if something happened. However there were still questions to be answered. Damien was found due to an anonymous tip. Saunders was the first on scene where he found the body of a white middle-aged male on the kitchen floor. Who placed the call? Who killed the man on the floor? Saunders wanted it to be over but there were too many unanswered questions. It wasn't over.

Chapter 2

Saunders stood outside Damien's room in the hospital, waiting for the doctor to tell him he could enter. He stood beside the door. His back against the wall with his arms crossed as he went over everything in his head. One body was found but when the kidnappers spoke on the phone they said "We". Definitely more then one person involved. Saunders hoped Damien could fill in some of the blanks. He had a picture of the john doe, hoping Damien would ID him.

Saunders waited for nearly 15 minutes before the doctor came out. "How is he?" Saunders asked with concern as he stood up straight. "His body has gone into survival mode. He's barely eaten in days. Physically he'll be fine as long as long as he eats a warm meal tonight." The doctor explained before walking away. Saunders knocked on the door and heard Amy Shellwood say come in. He walked inside and saw the parents sat either side of the bed. Emily was sat on the left side beside her mother. But his eye was drawn to Damien. He looked pale. He sat up in bed holding his mother's hand. James stood and walked towards the detective. "Detective Saunders, I haven't been very tolerant during this bad time. I want to apologise. And also say thankyou for saving my son." James held out his hand and Saunders shook it. "Thankyou Mr. Shellwood. I understand you're reaction during this case. It hasn't been easy on anyone. I just wanted to check up on Damien." Saunders replied sincerely. "You also have questions for him." James stated. "Yes." Saunders said. "If it helps you catch the animals who did this. We'll do whatever we can to help." James said leading the detective to Damien's bed side.

"Son, The detective has some questions for you?" James said. Damien looked up at the detective and nodded. "Hello Damien. How do you feel?" Saunders asked with a smile. "I feel ok." The scared boy replied. Saunders smiled as James pulled up a chair for him. Saunders sat and pulled his note book from inside his jacket. "Can you tell me what happened when you were walking home from Eric's house?" He asked. Damien explained how he was walking home when the bad man stopped in a van. He tricked Damien into getting into the van. Once in the van, the bad man gave Damien a milkshake that tasted funny and then he fell asleep. Damien woke up in the dark room chained up. Saunders held up the picture of the John doe and said "Is that him?" Damien looked at the picture and shook his head. "No." That wasn't the answer Saunders wanted. He sighed before he continues the questioning. "Do you know who this is?" Again Damien shook his head. "I only saw the bad man and the kind lady." Saunders interest was peaked. "Who was the kind lady?" Saunders asked. "She was kind. She brought me bread and butter and milk. She told me I would be ok if I just did as I was told." Saunders wrote everything down. "You called your sister on you're cell phone. How did you do that?" He asked. "The kind lady brought me my phone. She said I could call my parents to tell them I was ok and then......" Damien trembled in fear as he remembered. "Baby it's ok. Tell us what happened." Amy said rubbing Damien's arm. "Then the....the bad man came in. He was really angry and snatched my phone away. He dragged the kind lady out of the room. I heard screaming and shouting. The bad man called the kind lady a bad word. Then it was quiet."

"Did you ever see the kind lady again?" He asked. Damien shook his head. Saunders closed his notebook and put it back in his pocket. "Thankyou Damien you've been very brave." Saunders shook the boy's hand and left the room, the parents following. "Emily you look after your brother for a minute." Amy said. "Ok mom." Emily said. Once the door was shut, the parents looked at the detective expectantly. "We received an anonymous tip telling us where to find Damien." Saunders said. "You think it was the kind lady Damien mentioned?" Amy asked. "Possibly. The body we found at the scene was the only one we found. We still need to find the van driver and this kind lady." Saunders told them. "Anything you need detective, we'll co-operate." James said determined.

Saunders walked through the police station towards autopsy. The John doe had been identified as Dereck Walters. Born March 3rd 1976. He worked as a mechanic, no criminal record. He lived an uneventful life until he decided to take part in the kidnapping. Saunders walked into the cold and some what creepy room that was autopsy. Dereck Walkers' body was on a slab in the centre of the room. Doctor Chadwell, M.E, was finishing his report at his desk when the detective walked in. Chadwell was a short 5'4 man in his early 50s. He wore glasses, a blue buttoned shirt with a bow tie, grey pants and a white lab coat. "What are we looking at doc?" Saunders asked and the older gentleman stood from his desk and walk towards the body.

"Cause of death was blood loss from a stab wound to the neck." Chadwell said pointing to a stab mark ok the body's neck with his pen. "The attack ripped through many vital arteries, death would have come to him in minutes. Also look at this." Chadwell took hold of the left leg and lifted it to reveal another puncture wound on the back of the knee. "This wound was made before he died, not fatal, but would have made our victim immobile." Saunders was piecing everything together. The anonymous tipster was likely the one who killed Dereck Walters. "So what about the killer?" Saunders asked. "My tests suggest he was stabbed in the neck multiple times. This was a desperate attack, one of fear and anger. The stab on the leg suggests that our killer was on the floor. They grabbed what ever sharp object they could and immobilized our victim and then stabbed him multiple times. I think his death was the result of self defense." "what kind of sharp object are we looking for?" Saunders asked. "Most likely a large pair of scissors."

"Maybe Mr. Walters was in charge of watching the kind lady. She got free, there was a struggle and the lady went down. She grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed Walters in the back of the leg. He went down and she finished him off." Saunders deduced.

"But why would you turn your back on someone you just attacked?" Chadwell asked. Saunders shook his head and said "I don't know."

Damien was brought home where his mom made the beans on toast she promised him. She placed the plate in front of him but he wasn't hungry. Amy begged him to try and eat some of it but after an hour, he'd barely touched the plate. Amy reluctantly took the plate and threw it away. Once Damien left the table, James offered to play baseball but he didn't want to. "Okay, maybe tomorrow." James said with high spirits that were fake. Damien went up to his bedroom.

Emily wanted to help so she knocked on Damien's bedroom door. There was no answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. She slowly opened the door and poked her head in. Damien was sat on the floor beside his bed looking at his G.I. Joe. Not even playing with it, just looking at it. "Hey bro, are you ok?" Damien shrugged. Emily walked in and sat on the floor beside him. "You mind if I play?" She asked. Again Damien shrugged. Emily was saddened at the state of her little brother. "I love you little brother." She said sadly. Damien looked up at her. "I love you too Emily." Emily smiled at his response and grabbed one of his action figures. They played together the rest of the night until Damien went to bed.

Emily tucked him in and kissed his forehead. She wished him nice dreams as she shut his bedroom door behind her.

That night, Amy was roused from her sleep by the sound of crying. She climbed out of bed and pulled on her night gown, leaving her sleeping husband in bed. She followed the sounds down the hall to Damien's room. Quietly as she could, she entered and saw Damien sat in the corner of his room crying. "Sweetheart what's wrong?" She asked with concern. "I'm scared of the dark!" He said. "Come on baby, lets get back into bed." She said holding her hand out to him. Damien took her hand and she led him back to bed where she tucked him in. "Goodnight sweetheart." Amy said kissing his forehead. "Mom I don't wanna be alone." He said scared. Amy looked down at her son heartbroken at his present state. "Ok sweety. I promise, I'll stay here til you fall asleep." As promised, Amy kneeled at his bedside singing you are my sunshine while she stroked his hair. It didn't take long for Damien to fall asleep and once he was sleeping, Amy snuck out. Back to her own bed it was now Amy who couldn't sleep.

Friday. Usually the best day of the week for Emily. She had the whole weekend to do whatever she wanted. Today she wasn't feeling her typical excitement as she stood by her school locker. Damien still wasn't his usual self. He'd barely spoken a word since he'd been found. Emily decided she would spend her weekend looking after Damien, trying to reach him. She made plans to take him to the park at some point. Damien loved the park. Her thoughts were broken by Hannah calling her. Hannah was an attractive blonde but what she had in looks, she lacked in brains. Many people had described as stupid or dumb.

"Hey Em, Steve's having a party tonight. You in?" She said beaming with excitement. "Nope, I got a busy weekend." She said smiling. She would go to any party that Steve was going to but her brother came first. "Aaaah come on Em, it'll be fun. And plus Steve will be there!" She said smiling devilishly. Emily giggled at her friend and said "Subtlety Hannah, look it up." Hannah gave her an odd look. "Okay I don't know what that means but you gotta come to this party. Steve said you were the guest of honour." Emily looked at Hannah with shock. "What?" "Yeah! The party is to celebrate you getting you're brother back!" Hannah said. Emily looked at her like she was dumb and said "You know you shoulda opened with that." "Yeah he's gonna make a toast later to your family. So will you come?" Now Emily was in trouble. Say thankyou to everyone who tried to help my family or focus on my brother, she thought to herself. Emily sighed and said "I'll think about it." Hannah smiled ear to ear. Whenever Em said "I'll think about it" it usually meant she was going."Awesome." She said. The bell rung for class and the two went their separate ways.

The final class of the day was a blur as Emily tried to decide what to do. But the more she thought about the party, the more excited she became. Especially since Steve was holding the party for her. When the final bell rang she was stood at her locker collecting her things when Steve came over. "Hey Em, I hear you might not make it to my party." He said mocking seriousness. Emily blushed and said "I'm sorry Steve, but things at home are kind of a mess right now. I need to look after Damien." Steve nodded and said "I understand, family's important. Well I don't wanna force you. If you can make it great. If not fare enough. I'll see ya!" He said leaving. Emily's face was burning red and she was also burning between her legs.

Amy and James were talking about Damien. Talking about how to help him get back to normal. "Well, we could encourage him to spend some time with the family. It might remind him that he's not alone." James suggested. "Why would he feel alone?" Amy asked concerned. "Honey he was trapped down there for days all alone. I'm just suggesting that we remind him he's not." James said trying to calm his wife down. At that point, Emily walked in. "Hey Mom, hi dad." She said happily. The parents looked at their daughter and were happy that she was smiling. "Hello pumpkin. You seem very happy?" Said Amy. "Yeah Steve's having a party tonight and I'm the guest of honour." Emily said smiling ear to ear. The smiles left the parents faces. "What kind of party may I ask?" James said sternly. "Dad it's ok Steve's parents will be there." Emily lied. James seemed to relax a little and went back to his laptop. "So can I go?" Emily asked hopefully. Amy stood with a stern look and said "You can go, but we're trusting you to be responsible. If you get in trouble you call me or your father immediately. Understood?" Emily nodded excited and went to her room.

"Are you sure about this?" James asked once Emily was out of earshot. "She's a teenage girl, let her live a little." Amy said shrugging. "It's not her that makes me nervous, it's the boys." James said still looking at the laptop. "We need to let her make her own mistakes." Amy replied sitting back on the couch. "How long until one of those mistakes makes us grandparents?" James asked rhetorically. "Me and her have talked about that. She'll be fine." James looked at his wife and nodded. "Steve will be there to look after her."

Emily went through all of her clothes, trying to decide what to wear. She wanted to look beautiful for Steve. Beautiful, not slutty. Finally she settled on on summer dress and jumped in the shower. It was an hour before someone knocked on the front door. Amy opened the door to see Hannah stood in a tight top, a short skirt and knee length boots. Amy quickly flashed back to her own teenage years as she invited Hannah in. "Hi Mrs. Shellwood." She said pleasantly as she entered. "Hello Hannah, are you going to the party with Emily?" She asked. "Yep, it's gonna be so much fun." Hannah said excitedly. "It seems you and Emily have different ideas on what fun is." Amy said boldly. "What do you mean Mrs Shellwood." Hannah asked confused. Amy smirked Hannah was a nice girl but not very bright. She'd been a close friend to Emily for years, Amy trusted Hannah to keep her out of trouble.

Hannah went up to Emily's room where she'd just finished getting ready. She wore a light blue summer dress. Her black hair was straight behind her back with white shoes. Her c cup breasts were happily contained and the dress came to just below her knees. "Is that really what you're wearing?" Hannah said with genuine concern. "What's wrong with it?" She asked with a worried tone. "you look like you're going to church." Hannah said laughing. Hannah walked to Emily's closet and pulled out a short skirt, a tight top and boots. "Put those on." She said and Emily shook her head. "I'm not going to the party to pull some guy. I'm going to say thankyou to Steve and the others." Hannah shook her head and said "Your funeral."

At the party Hannah went straight for a drink while Emily stood at the corner of the room looking at Steve. He wore a buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans. His blonde hair had been combed back. Emily thought he looked so hot she never took her eyes off him until he eventually saw her looking. Emily quickly looked away and a second later she heard his voice. "Hey Em, glad you could make it." Emily blushed and said "Hi Steve, thanks for inviting me."
"No problem, tonight's all about you. You look beautiful." Emily blushed and said thank you. Steve brought her a drink and while she wasn't planning to drink tonight, she accepted. Alot of people were dancing and talking in the back yard, some were talking in the kitchen. Emily was starting to loosen up as her and Steve were talking in the kitchen. Steve was on the road to a scholarship. He'd worked hard for it and Emily felt he deserved it. She'd been to alot of the games. He was a pro, hands down. He had the greatest sense of teamwork she'd ever seen. She believed his ability to talk to and respect each member of his team was what made him worthy of the scholarship. He truly was a leader.

After a couple of hours, Emily and Steve were still talking. Emily loved every second she was around him. Suddenly Steve looked up and rolled his eyes. "Oh shit!" He whispered. "what is it." Emily looked as she looked round. She saw a tall dark skinned girl with black curly hair, wearing a black dress with a belt around her waist. "Ex girlfriend." Steve whispered as he put on a fake smile. "Hey Steve!" The girl said pleasantly. "Hello Janet." He said as she wrapped him in a hug. Emily felt jealousy and wanted to pull this bitch away from him and slap the shit out of her. Steve looked uncomfortable as she pulled away. "I heard you were having a party tonight. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail." Janet said still smiling. "Must've forgot." Said Steve. Janet looked at Emily and gave the faintest look of disgust. "Hi I'm Janet. Steve's ex." She said holding her hand out. "Yeah I figured." Emily said sarcastically, shaking her hand. Janet stared daggers at Emily for her attitude.

"Shall we get another drink?" Said Steve. "Lets!" Emily said hooking her arm in Steve's. "She hates you!" Steve whispered as they left the kitchen. "I couldn't care less." Emily said smiling. The two had another drink before Steve left to greet more friends. Emily stood alone drinking when Janet came back over. "Listen honey, you seem like a sweet girl so let me give you some advice. Dating Steve will only get your heart broken." Janet said annoyingly sweet. "I'd like to figure that out for myself thanks!" Emily said hotly. Janet chuckled before moving close to whisper in Emily's ear. "Stay away from him." She said smiling before walking away.

Steve came back to see Janet walking away from Emily. "What did she say?" He asked with concern and anger. "She warned me to stay away from you?" Emily said smirking. Steve didn't have the same reaction. He marched off to Janet who watched him approach with a mischievous grin. Emily couldn't make out what was being said until Steve said something about pictures getting out. Janet's face dropped and she looked horrified. Emily smiled as Steve left her cold. "Sorry about that?" Steve said. "Don't worry about it, what did you say to her?" Emily asked intrigued. Steve smirked and said "Let's just say the past may come back to bite her in the ass if she bothers you again." For the rest of the night, Emily and Steve hung out, getting closer as they did. Never staying away from each other for more then a few minutes. Janet made every effort to avoid the two of them. Steve made a toast to Emily's family and wished them good fortune. Everyone raised a glass and Emily thought she might cry.

Slowly people started to leave. Hannah was passed out in a chair, so Steve offered to let her stay the night. Emily accepted Steve's offer and asked if she could stay too. Steve eagerly said yes and together, they carried Hannah up to one of the bedrooms. With Hannah sleeping peacefully, Steve led Emily to another bedroom. "You can stay here tonight, it should be comfortable for you." He said. Emily turned and wrapped Steve in a hug. "Thankyou Steve I really appreciate this." She said resting her head on his chest. Steve wrapped his big arms around her, rubbing her back. "You're welcome." He said smiling. Emily looked up and stared into his eyes. Steve stared into hers and like a magnet, their faces moved closer until their lips joined. Emily melted. The man she'd dreamed of being with kissed her passionately.

Emily placed her hand on his cheek as she kissed him. As their make out session continued, Emily started to fiddle with his belt. Steve suddenly broke the kiss and grabbed her hands. "Are you sure?" He asked. "I'm sure." She said as she kissed him again. She took his cock out and started stroking it. Steve moaned into her mouth. She took his hand and led him to the bed and sat him down. Emily was really nervous but she'd never been so sure of anything. This was the man she wanted to lose her virginity to. He was kind, tough and handsome. Like a guardian angel from a story. She stood In front of him and he watched in awe as she lifted her dress over her head. She watched him as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall. Steve sat frozen as he saw her round breasts pointing out at him.

Emily straddled his lap and pushed her tits in his face. Steve took a nipple in his mouth and sucked gently. Emily looked up and gasped as she pulled him in. Steve wrapped his arms around her and gently pushed her down onto the bed. He grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them off. Emily's legs went up as they came off. She spread her legs to reveal her shaven pussy. Steve went down on her and the minute his tounge made contact with her clit, she gasped and clutched at the bed sheets. This was way better then she could've dreamed. He was so good with his tounge. She squirmed and threw her head from side to side. She was soaking wet as Steve licked up her juices. Emily grabbed his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Their kiss was filled with passion. Emily broke the kiss and stroked his face. "Take my virginity, make love to me." She said desperately.

Steve nodded and placed his cock on the entrance to Emily's pussy. He looked at her and she nodded. Steve pushed in slowly. Emily gasped and grunted in pain as Steve pushed his cock all the way in. When he was in, Emily clutched onto him. Steve held himself inside her for a minute so she could get use to him. After a minute, Steve began gently rocking in and out of her. Emily's pain soon turned to pleasure as she moaned lightly. Steve leaned down and kissed up her neck. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck as he pushed his cock in and out of her. A tear fell down the side of her face as the man of her dreams made love to her. It didn't take long for her to cum as she clamped down on Steve's cock and released her long waited love for him. All her fantasies flashed in her head as she had an amazing explosion of love and passion. Steve pushed his cock in and held it as Emily rode out her orgasm.

Emily looked up at him with a smile and said "You gave me my first real orgasm. Now let me give you one." Steve smiled at her and rolled the two of them over. Emily was on top of him with his cock still inside of her. She started rocking back and forth. She took Steve's hands and placed them on her breasts. Steve squeezed them gently and moaned as Emily went from gentle rocking to bouncing on his cock. Steve moaned loudly and Emily sensed he was close to cumming. She started grinding on his cock, making him shiver. Emily was so tight and passionate. He'd had sex with many girls. But never had he felt such passion. This was as much a first for Steve as it was for Emily. She went from grinding on his cock to started bouncing on his cock again. "Emily I'm close to cumming." He announced and Emily smiled. "It's ok I'm on the pill, cum inside me." She bounced harder and Steve groaned. He looked into her eyes and moaned loudly as he released his cum inside her. Emily moaned as she felt him fill her up.

They were both sweating as Emily collapsed beside Steve. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lovingly. Emily giggled and rested her head on his chest. This had been the best night of her life. She'd become a woman thanks to her dream man.

The next morning Emily and Steve were still in bed talking. Their conversation was stopped by the bedroom door opening. Hannah stumbled inside and froze at the sight before her. Her best friend was naked in bed with the guy she'd had a huge crush on for years. Emily giggled and said "Morning Hannah. She was covered up by the bed covers so she wasn't worried about Hannah seeing anything. Hannah stared at them for a second and said "Sorry." And walked out. Steve and Emily just laughed and climbed out of bed.

Chapter 3

Detective Saunders was in his car with his partner Molly Jenkins. On their way to visit Dereck Walters girlfriend. It was just after lunch, Saunders and Jenkins had come from a fast food place for their lunch. They parked the car outside an apartment building in a rough part of town. People watched the two cops with distain as the entered the building.

They moved up to the top floor and knocked on door number 40. It took a few minutes but the door opened a crack and a brunette woman peaked through. A chain on the door stopped it from opening too wide. "Miss Alice Bishop?" Saunders asked. "What do you want?" She asked bluntly. "I'm detective Saunders this is detective Jenkins." He said as the two flashed their badges. "We'd like to talk to you about your boyfriend." Molly said. Alice's eyes went wide and she shut the door to take the chain off before opening again. She invited the two of them in and led them to the living room. The place was a dump but Alice had done her best to keep it clean and tidy. There was very little in the apartment. The living room had a cheap tv and a couch.

Alice sat on the couch and Saunders and Jenkins chose to stand. "So have you found Derek?" Alice asked hopefully. Saunders took a deep breath and said "I'm sorry to tell that Derek Walters is dead." Alice took a minute and then broke down with her face in her hands as she cried. Saunders took a tissue from his pocket and handed it too her. She smiled lightly and took it. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Jenkins took a notebook from her pocket and a pen. "What happened?" Alice asked. "The evidence suggests he was killed in self-defense." Alice looked up at them with confusion and a little anger. "Are you saying that Dereck attacked someone!? Never. Dereck was a good man. He'd never hurt anyone!" She said angry. "Miss Bishop I'm sorry to have to do this now, but I have a few questions to ask." Alice nodded and said "Ofcourse." Saunders took a seat beside her and started his questions.

"Did Dereck have any enemies?" Saunders asked. Alice shook her head. "As I said before, he was a good man. He was liked by everyone. He had a lot of good friends in and out of work." She answered honestly. "And what did he do for a living?" Saunders continued. "He was a mechanic in a garage. But he was let go 3 months ago." Jenkins wrote the information in her book. "Did he say why he was let go?" Saunders asked curiously. "The work stopped and they let alot of people go." Alice replied. "And he never got another job?" Saunders asked. "No. He looked for one but nothing came along, it was starting to scare me. We cant afford the rent and they'll throw out soon." Alice said sniffling. "You don't work?" He asked and Alice shook her head again. "Not much work for a recovering alcoholic." She said sadly. "You beat the bottle?" Saunders said changing the subject to something slightly happier. "4 months." She said giving a small but proud smile. "Congratulations." Saunders said smiling.

"Did Dereck seem worried about anything?" Jenkins said bringing things back to the case. "Ummm.....Yeah he was on edge about something. With our money troubles I didn't think anything about it." She said with tears still running down her face. "When did you first notice the change in his behaviour?" Saunders asked. "Ummm.....about a month ago." She said and both detectives looked at each other knowingly. "Did you ever see or hear Dereck talking to a woman you don't know?" Saunders asked worried about how Alice would take it. "What? No? Are you saying he was having an affair?" She said with fear. "We don't believe so. But she's a person of interest in this investigation."

"Thankyou miss Bishop, you've been very helpful." Jenkins said standing. Alice stood and showed them to the door. "Oh by the way! I hear there's an apartment complex not far from here, the landlord is in need of a cleaner. I also hear he gives his employees an apartment rent free." Saunders said casually. Alice's eyes went wide and another tear fell down her face as she jumped at Saunders and hugged him. Saunders smiled and patted her on the back.

Saunders and Jenkins were back in the car heading to the garage where Dereck Walters worked. "That was nice of you." Jenkins said smiling. "Yeah well, I figure she could do with a break. Especially since she's just lost the man she loves." Said Saunders and Jenkins smiled.

The two detectives searched the garage for the manager and were greeted by an older gentleman wiping his oily hands with a cloth. " Hello, Jack Cross. Can I help you!" He asked. He wore a set of dark blue overalls and brown safety shoes. The detectives flashed their badges. "We have some questions about Dereck Walters." Jenkins said. "Dereck? Is he ok?" Jack asked. "He's dead." Saunders replied. Jacks face was shocked. "What happened?" Jack asked. "He worked for you?" Saunders asked. Jack nodded and said "Yes, he was a good guy. First one here in the morning, last one at night. He was having financial trouble so I was happy to give him as much work as I could."

"But you let him go." Jenkins asked. "Work went down I just couldn't pay him. When the work picked up I offered him his job again but he turned it down." The detectives looked at him curiously. "I thought you said he had money troubles." Jenkins asked suspiciously. "Yes but he turned the job down. Said he had another job. But he said he'd be done with it soon and he'd be back for work. I said there would be a job waiting when he was ready." Jack said shrugging his shoulders. "Did you ever see him with any shady characters? Did he ever have any enemies?" Saunders asked. Jack shook his head and said "No, never. Dereck wasn't the kind of man to get involved with people like that. No enemies that I know of, he got along with everyone here." Jack answered.

"When did you offer him his job back?" Jenkins asked. "Ummm.....nearly a month ago." Jack answered. "Thankyou Mr. Cross." Saunders said. "You think this other job got him killed?" Jack asked. Saunders looked at him blankly before saying thankyou again and leaving.

Saunders spent many nights in his office going through Dereck Walters' phone records. Nothing unusual. The chief was pressing him for results not that he had any. No leads, no other people of interest, no clues. His bank accounts showed nothing strange. One day Saunders went back to the house where Damien was found and turned it upside down. Nothing! Nothing to imply someone else was here. These guys were clever.

The day that Saunders had been dreading had come. He was stood in the chief's office with his hands behind his back. The chief told him that the trail had gone cold and the case was now officially cold case. There just wasn't enough evidence. Saunders argued that he just needed more time and the chief said that he was out of time.

Saunders spent that night in his apartment stewing over his failure. How was he to tell the Shellwood's this? The next day he informed the family and they were less then pleased. James shouted in Saunders face about his incompetence letting the culprits get away. Saunders stood and took every bit of abuse they had. They had every right to be angry, he apologised. Not on behalf of the police because he almost agreed. The station was willing to let the bad guys get away because the case got old. "I'm so sorry." Saunders said quietly as he turned an exited the house.

4 months later......

Over the next few months, Emily and Steve's relationship grew strong. They were inseparable. Going on dates a few times a week. Steve joined the Shellwood's for their family vacation. Amy and James were more then happy for him to join after all he had done for them. Steve was always a perfect gentleman to Emily and she loved him unconditionally. News of their relationship had spread through school like a wild fire. All the girls came to Emily looking for details, but Emily valued her privacy and told them nothing.

Damien was doing well. Re adjusting to his normal life. When Emily told him she had a boyfriend she made a point to tell him that nothing would change. "Don't worry little bro we're still going to have alot of fun and play." Through all her time with Steve, she never failed to make time for Damien. She took him to the park once a week and was overjoyed to see the sparkle in his eye as he went down the slide. Steve often joined them on their days out and Damien took an instant liking to Steve. It took a while but Damien started to see Steve as an older brother. Emily spent so much time with Damien, taking him with her to town, to hangout with friends and to hang out with Steve. It got to a point where people mistook her for a teen mom a couple of times.

A few of years passed and Damien was back to his old self. On his 10th birthday, Emily took Damien out for ice cream and a movie. His parents made plans for a party but cancelled last minute. Emily was angry about that but took it upon herself to give Damien a good birthday. The following week the siblings met Steve in town. They went to a store where Steve said "Look around, anything you want it's yours." Emily looked at him with wide eyes. Damien's eyes lit up as he ran of looking for something. "Thankyou baby." Emily said wrapping him in a hug. "No problem babe, I heard you're parents cancelled the party. Thought this might cheer him up." Steve was much taller then Emily so she stood on tip toes to kiss him. Damien came running back a moment later and said "I want this!" The coupled looked at what Damien held and were in mild shock to see it was a book. Emily took the book and read the title. "Agatha Christie's Poirot? Damien are you sure this is what you want?" She asked curiously. "Yeah!" Damien said beaming with excitement. Steve shrugged his shoulders and pulled his wallet out to pay for the book.

However there was a reason for Emily taking Damien out so much. Things at home were not good. Amy and James were arguing alot. Damien often lay awake at night as his parents tried to argue quietly. With little success. Emily tried to figure out why they were always arguing so much. It was hard to pin point it because they fought over anything and everything. It seemed as though the spark in their marriage no longer existed. It was beginning to scare her.

One Saturday morning, Damien went to find his father in the kitchen. He was sat at the table with a glass of whiskey. "Hey dad?" He asked and James looked up at his son and smiled. "Hey pal, what's up?" He asked. "I was just wondering, can we play baseball later?" Damien asked hopeful. James smiled and said "Ofcourse we can." Damien smiled and said thanks before sitting on the couch. Turning the tv on, Miss Marple was just starting. Damien was fascinated with these shows. CSI was ok but Agatha Christie showed true detective work at it's best.

Later that day, Damien was walking out to the back yard, a bat over his shoulder. James carried a glove and ball. Both smiling as they got ready for a decent game. At that moment, Amy came out with an angry expression. "James I told you I need you to drop me off for my hair appointment today." She said furiously. "Amy I'm playing with Damien." He said frustrated. "Forget it, I'll get Beth to take me!" She said angrily as she turned and stormed away. James sighed and turned to Damien. "I'll be right back pal I just need to talk to your mom!" He said as walked back in the house. Damien's face dropped and he sat on the grass as he waited for his dad to come back. Inside there was shouting and arguing.

Emily looked outside to see Damien sat there waiting while James and Amy argued. They shouted at each other, neither of them making sense. Amy gave James the finger and stormed out of the house. James' face was red with anger as he took off after her. Emily looked back to Damien who was still sat outside waiting. It saddened her so she went outside and sat beside him. "Hey little bro." She said happily. "when is dad coming back outside?" He asked. His sad face suggested he knew the answer. "Sorry bro I uhh....i don't think he is." Emily said sadly. Damien looked down sadly and said "Why are mom and down always fighting?" Emily rubbed his back gently. "Adults fight sometimes. Doesn't mean they don't love you any less." The siblings sat there in silence for a moment until Emily pulled her phone out and started punching in numbers. She held the phone to her ear and it didn't take long to get a reply. "Hey babe. What's up?" Steve said. "Mom and Dad have been arguing again. Damien was there to see it this time." Emily said sadly. "Say no more, come on round. Does Damien like McDonalds?" He said. Emily smiled and said "Yeah he does." "Good! I'll see you soon."

The following Saturday morning, Damien went to Amy's room where she was applying her makeup for the day. "Hey mom?" Damien said. "Yeah sweety?" Amy said smiling as she watched him in the mirror. "Can we go to the mall today and buy some books?" He asked hopefully. Amy looked at him curiously in the mirror. "Finished that Poirot book already?" She asked. "Yeah and I guessed the killer!" Damien said with pride. "Well done honey I'm very impressed." Amy said happily. Damien smiled and said "It was easy when you consider the victim was left handed." He said laughing. Amy smiled although she had no idea how a detail like that could matter. "Well then Ofcourse we can go get you another book!" She said and Damien left the room jumping with joy.

Within an hour, Damien was dressed and waiting by the door. Eventually, Amy came downstairs dressed in a blue blouse, jeans and black knee length boots. She smiled at him, looking forward to spending time with Damien. She grabbed her car keys and was about to walk out the door when she heard James' voice. "Amy!" He called out. Amy rolled her eyes and looked back to see James coming in from the garden. He had dirt all over him with a pair of thick gloves on. "Yes dear?" Amy asked sarcastically. "Where are you going? I thought you were gonna help me with the gardening?" He asked. "I'm going into town with Damien. Problem?" She asked frustrated. "Yeah, I thought you were gonna help me!" James said annoyed. "I'll be back later, I'll help then!" She said. James chuckled and shook his head. "So it's ok for you to blow me off to be with Damien but not when I do it to you!" Amy turned to face him in a fit of rage. "Don't you dare! Don't you dare make me the enemy!" James shook his head and said "Fine! Go! I'll get Emily to help me! If I'm aloud to spend time with my kids?" That last statement had Amy burning as she followed James up to their room screaming behind him.

Damien tried to understand what had just happened as he waited for his mom to come back. First he was excited to be spending time with his mom. Next he was sad and scared as his parents ran away to shout at each other. Damien could hear their voices upstairs. He waited...and waited.....and waited. Their voices hadn't gotten any quieter. As he stood by the door waiting, the door suddenly opened knocking Damien forwards a bit. Emily poked her head in confused and saw Damien. "Bro! What are you doing stood by the door?" She asked shutting the door behind her. "Me and mom were gonna go to the mall to get me another book." Damien said sadly. "Ok so where is she?" Emily asked. Damien pointed up towards their parents room and Emily heard the shouting. Emily rolled her eyes and held her hand out to Damien with a smile. "Come on! I'll take you too the mall." Damien shook his head and said "I just wanted to spend time with mom." He said as he hung his head and walked off to his room. Emily was furious. Her parents were always fighting and now they were starting to neglect Damien. She took a deep breath and walked up to Damien's room to see if he was ok. As she got to his room, she heard the sound of crying. Emily was enraged. She'd always protected Damien, no one made him cry and got away with it. Now here he was crying and it was their own parents that caused it. What was worse is that usually she'd bloody the nose of anyone who made Damien cry but since it was their parents making him cry, that wasn't an option. There was nothing she could do about it.

Damien didn't come down for the rest of the night. He missed dinner and the parents didn't seem to notice because they were still glaring at each other. Emily cleaned the dishes and wiped the counter down when Amy and James started arguing again. Emily tried to blank it out as they spat insults at each other. "USELESS OLD MAN!" Amy screamed. "PATHETIC BITCH!" James yelled. Emily was getting angry. It build inside her like a fire. Her hands started shaking. She thought she was gonna explode. Amy and James started shouting louder when Emily suddenly banged her fist on the counter and shouted "SHUT UP!" That shut the parents up like a switch. They stared at her with shock on their faces. "For fuck sake look at both of you! You're both pathetic! You've got problems and made no effort to sort them out! What really pisses me off, is that you're both neglecting Damien!" She screamed at them. "Emily we're not neglecting Damien!" Amy said defensively. "Oh really! When was the last time you played with him! How many times have you cancelled you're plans with him! Did you even notice that he didn't come down for dinner!?" Emily screamed again.

Amy's face was filled with pure horror. Emily was right, she couldn't remember the last time she did something with Damien. She had always made plans to spend time with him but something always got in the way.

"What about his birthday! His 10th birthday! The one you promised to give him a party for! What happened there!" Emily carried on. Amy remembered her and James argued because he forgot to get a cake. When they'd finished arguing, neither of them were in the emotional state to have guests. So they cancelled. They promised to make it up to Damien but they never did. "Let me tell you where my brother is. He's up in his room crying because my dear mother promised to spend time with him. Until she started screaming and just FORGOT him. If you're not up to it, just say so and I'll raise my little brother myself!" Emily said storming away.

Amy and James stood there in total shock. Amy was heartbroken. Everything Emily said was true she'd been neglecting her son! And apparently he was upstairs crying. She must have spent time with him in the last week! She must've! But no memories came back. Through all the fighting and arguing she'd never thought she was neglecting Damien. She never thought that Damien was being hurt by the arguing. Amy fell to her knees crying. Her instincts as a mother had failed her. "I'm a terrible mother!" Amy whispered in despair.

James was also ashamed. The difference was that he knew how it was effecting Damien. James could see the hurt in his eyes. James was ashamed because it was his job as a man to look after his family and he'd failed. He'd failed to protect his kids from the arguing. For the first time in a long time, he kneeled beside Amy and took her in his arms. She turned and hugged him back as she cried. James helped Amy to her feet and led her to their bedroom where he sat her on the bed. He stood in front of her as she sniffled. "This can't continue Amy." Said James. Amy nodded and said "What's happened to us? Why did we even start arguing." Amy asked searching her memory for an answer. James sighed and shook his head. "I don't know but tomorrow we're going to sit down as a family and talk about this " James said with his mind made up. "For our family." Amy said. James nod his head and they went to sleep holding each other.

The next day was Sunday and Emily sat at the kitchen table with Damien. James and Amy called a family meeting. Emily believed it was to apologise. Damien feared it was to announce their separation. Amy and James joined the kids moments later. Both had nervous looks as they both sat at the table opposite the kids.

"Kids....It's no secret that your mother and I have been having some problems. It's gotten to a point where we can't even remember what started it all. Even worse, it's gotten in the way of us being there for both of you. We're sorry. But we've been talking and we've both agreed to start working things out. It's better then shouting at each other everyday. I promise both of you, things will be back to normal." James words gave Damien hope. Maybe they'd listen to what he knows. "Damien, your father and I are so sorry we've been neglecting you. We never thought it had gotten that bad. There's no excuse and I'll have to live with that. But I swear I love you more then life itself and I will be a better mother for you." Amy said sadly.

Now was Damien's time to shine. "Mom let me help." He said. "Honey this is an adult problem. I appreciate that you want to help but this is for us to work out together." Damien shook his head and said "Mom do you really wanna make it up to me?" He asked and Amy nodded. "Then let me help cause I know what the problem is." Amy and James looked at each other then back to Damien with confusion. "What do you mean?" James said. Damien had a slightly smug look and said "This is kinda uncomfortable so I'm just gonna say it. You two need to have sex!" Amy and James bounced back a little in shock. "Damien that isn't something we should be discussing." James said sternly. "I'm doing this to help you so please just listen." Everyone looked uncomfortable, especially the parents. Emily looked confused more then anything. He was only 10 how could he know know what was happening with their parents. Amy looked at each other then back Damien and leaned forward to listen.

Damien took a deep breath and explained. "I've been listening to you argue for years but there's never any real reason for it, you just fight about whatever bothers you at the time. Suggests there is no real reason for it. I studied the most common reasons for adult couple fights on the internet. Financial problems, but we're not exactly struggling for money. Cheating spouse but I know for a fact that isn't true. Incompatibility but you two have been together for nearly 20 years so that's unlikely. The fighting started shortly after my abduction maybe you blame each other but if that was the case the fighting would have been more clear. Mom after I was found you spent many nights at my bed looking after to me. Shortly after that the arguing started as mild frustration. You spent nearly 2 months by my bed at night. That's when it really started getting bad. The most likely case that fits the timeline and the facts, is sexual frustration."

Everyone stared at Damien absolutely dumbfounded. Amy shook her head confused and said "But if it was just that, we would have realised." Damien shook his head and continued. "At first it started because you were too busy looking after me. But the arguing got so bad that neither of you even wanted to be....intimate with each other. You needed to move past screaming at each other to work out the problem. So, am I right?"

Amy and James both looked at each other in utter shock. He was absolutely right. They hadn't had sex in nearly 3 years. It all made sense. Neither of them could work out the reason for their frustration. It just built whenever they were face to face with each other. Now it made sense. The fighting wasn't because of something they did. It was what they weren't doing. "You're right! You're absolutely right!" James said with his mouth hung open. "How the hell did you work that out!" Emily said flabbergasted. Damien smiled smugly and said "I've been reading all these detective stories. It's opened my mind to real detective skills. I learned how to connect the dots and apply them to this problem. Thankyou Poirot!" No one could speak. No one knew what to say. The parents sat in utter silence. "Emily can we have a sleepover at Steve's tonight. I think our parents are gonna need some alone time." Damien said and Emily smirked at her little brother's confidence. She pulled out her phone to send a text to Steve.

Emily and Damien arrived at Steve's house and he carried their bags to his room. Damien was set up in one of the guest bedroom and Emily was staying in Steve's room. Emily told Steve the story of Damien's "Detective work" which made Steve howl in laughter. After he'd calmed down from his laughing fit, he asked Damien "You really think it'll work?"

"First rule of detective work is to trust your instincts."

James was sat in his room waiting for Amy. Would this work? Who could say. But if there was a chance, no matter how small, that it would work. He would take it. At that moment Amy walked in wearing her night robe. She stood in front of James and said "Are you ready?" James nodded. Amy untied her robe and let it fall. James stood in awe as his wife stood there in a bright blue bra and panties. His erection grew instantly. Amy still had an amazing body. "Amy, you look so sexy!" James said and Amy blushed

Amy straddled James' lap and placed her hands on the back of his head, kissing him deeply. James ran his hands from the small of Amy's back, up to her shoulders and back to her bra. He unclasped the bra and pulled it off. Like an animal, he took her nipple in his mouth. Amy gasped as she ran her hands through his hair. "Oooh I've missed this!" She whispered. James ran his tounge over her nipple as he gently nibbled it.

Amy slid off his lap and slithered down his body to her knees. In one quick move, she unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his knees. She took his throbbing cock in her hand and started stroking it up and down. James put his hands on the bed behind him for balance as he moaned. Amy stroked his cock and licked the tip. She then started licking up and down the base of his cock before taking him fully in her mouth. James' legs started shaking as she gave her expert blow job. James was never bored of her blow job skills. She jacked his cocked as she sucked, bobbing her head up and down. She gagged slightly as his cock hit the back of her throat. "Aaag Aaag Aaag Aaag" she gagged as she took his whole cock in her mouth. She took her mouth of his cock and jacked it faster.

James took her hands and stood, pulling Amy to her feet. Gently, he laid her down on the bed and started to strip. He watched his beautiful wife in nothing but her blue panties rubbing her pussy. Amy watched her handsome husband strip and rubbed herself harder at the sight of his well toned body. His pecks, his abs, his broad shoulders, she never stopped loving them. James dropped his pants and underwear and kicked them away. Amy watched James' cock pointing straight at her. His beautiful 8 inch cock. That was hers and for a moment she couldn't fathom not having it inside her for 3 years.

Amy pushed her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down. James climbed on top of her and she pushed her panties into his nose. He inhaled deeply as he poked Amy's pussy with his cock. In one quick thrust, he pushed his cock inside her. Amy's eyes went wide, her eyebrows went up and her jaw dropped. James wasted no time pumping in and out of Amy's pussy. Amy's tits bounced up and down and she moaned as James fucked her. "Aaah Aaaah aahh, I've missed you!" She cried as James' cock filled her up. "I've missed you too." James said panting. The sound of James slapping into Amy echoed. He sped up his thrusts, trying to give her the orgasm she'd been denied for years. Amy started rubbing her clit and felt her orgasm building. James started pounding her pussy as he felt himself getting close to cumming. Amy placed her hands on his ass as he hammered. "Honey I'm gonna cum soon!" He gasped. "Kiss me honey, cum inside me!" She pleaded. James leaned down and kissed Amy as he released his cum inside his wife, filling her up. Amy cried into James' mouth as she came too.

James kept himself inside Amy as they kissed passionately. Suddenly feeling the closeness they felt when they first got married. Both of them were filled with joy as their kiss filled each other with love. James pulled his cock from Amy and slowly fell beside her. The couple gazed into each others eyes smiling. "That was incredible." James said. "I know, you haven't lost your touch." Amy said smiling devilishly. "You know what's more incredible?" James asked. "What's that?" Amy replied. "Damien was right. It's like I fell in love with you all over again." A tear fell down Amy's face as she smiled. "I feel the same way honey." She said and they shared another kiss. "Hungry?" Amy asked breaking the kiss. "Famished." James replied smiling. "I'll make you a sandwich." Amy replied as she pulled on her bra and panties. James watched her toned ass walk away with a sway in her hips. Just like that, he was hard again. "Damn that woman!" He thought to himself smiling.

Amy stood in the kitchen almost naked. The curtains were drawn so no one would see her as she made James his sandwich. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her hips and a pair of lips on her neck. She backed her ass into James cock, grinding up and down. James reached round and grabbed her tits squeezing them. Amy giggled as James kissed her neck up to her ear. "We made love before, now gonna fuck you!" He whispered in a dominating tone. Amy smiled wide as James pulled her panties down to her thighs and thrust his cock back into Amy's pussy. Amy immediately cried loudly. She hadn't been fucked properly in so long. James grabbed her hips and began pounding Amy's pussy. "Aaaaah Aaaah AAAAHHHH FUCK! oh fuck baby fuck my pussy!" She cried out. Her mouth hung open as she tried to comprehend the feeling James was giving her. "Pull my hair baby! Fuck me hard!" She begged. James didn't need to be told twice as he took a handful of Amy's hair and pulled her head back. Amy grabbed the counter for balance as her legs went wobbly. Her hand went straight to her pussy and started rubbing frantically, desperate to cum hard. James' cock sawed in and out of her as he growled like an animal. Amy was so horny right now. She loved a man to take control of her. James released her hair and took hold of her hips, hammering her pussy. Amy cried out loud and came like an explosion in her pussy. The sensation traveled through her entire body. She hung over the counter with her head in the sink as she came down from her orgasm.

James pulled Amy to sit on the floor and held her hands above her head. He then aimed his cock at Amy's mouth. Amy smiled and opened her mouth. James thrust his cock into her mouth and began fucking her face. The drool leaked from her mouth and she gagged. "Aaag Aaag Aaag Aaag."James grunted and moaned as ge shot his cum into her pretty mouth. Amy gulped it all down and smiled. She then took it upon herself to clean him, bobbing her head on his dick. Her tounge snaking around it, cleaning the cum from his cock.

Eventually she released him and James pulled her feet and kissed her. "Now how about that sandwich?" He said slapping her ass and walking away. Amy giggled and went back to work.

Chapter 4

Damien was riding in the back of Steve's car, Emily was in the front passenger. Emily was nervous about going home. Unsure of whether anything had changed. She expected to walk in to see her parents arguing again. Damien however, was confident he had read the situation correctly.

The two siblings left the car and entered the house. Inside they saw James sat on the couch, Amy was sat on his lap with her arms around him as they laughed at each other. Damien smiled smugly. Emily was in total shock to see her parents smiling at each other for the first time in years. "Hey kids, you must be hungry I'll start breakfast now that you're home." Amy said smiling at them. She stood up and James gave her ass a quick slap. Amy flinched and squealed. She looked back at James, smiling naughtily and walked into the kitchen.

"I take it you had a good night." Damien said sitting beside his dad on the couch. "I'm not discussing it with you, I'm just going to say thankyou. You've saved my marriage and by extension, this family." James said and embraced Damien in a hug. It was then James saw Emily still stood their in total shock. "Are you going to sit down then Emily." He said. Emily shook her head and sat in the armchair. Opposite the couch. "I still can't believe it, how did you know all that!" Emily said. "You just need to learn how to connect the dots. It seemed the most likely case of all the facts." Damien said.

Over the next few weeks, the household returned to normal. Except for the fact that James and Amy would sneak off and fuck like rabbits whenever they got a chance.

One day the family were sat watching a movie and James and Amy disappeared to the bedroom. "James can you help me fold some clothes?" Amy asked walking out of the room. "Right behind you honey!" He said. Damien noticed the unusually fast pace at which they left. "Either they were both very excited about folding clothes or..... Oh god no!" He thought to himself. Emily realised right away what they were doing. The two tried to sit and watch the movie but were interrupted by the sounds of moaning coming from their parents bedroom.

"Aaaahhhh Aaaaah Aaaaahhhhh Yes! Aaaaahhhhh!" They heard their mom moaning. Emily took the tv remote and turned the volume up. They were both happy that their parents were getting along again. But you really do want to cut your ears off when you hear your mom saying "C'mon Aaaaahhhhh yes! Fuck me like a slut!"

Two days later, Damien came home from school and noticed his parents weren't home. He heard the sounds of arguing coming from upstairs. As he reached the top of the stairs, he recognized Emily's raised voice and Steve's voice in a pleading tone.

He peaked through the crack in the door to see Steve sat on the bed. Emily was stood in front of him shouting. "Hey, hey! What's the problem?" Damien said entering the room. "Steve's a liar that's what!" Emily said angrily. "That's not very helpful." Damien said. "How about this! Does this help!" She said holding a piece of paper to him. Damien took it and noticed it was a receipt. On the back was a phone number and a message. "Call me cutie Gemma X" Damien noticed the Starbucks brand on the receipt, the paper was screwed up. "You think Steve was actually gonna call her?" Damien asked. "I swear I wasn't I..." "Steve shut up ok just let me get to the bottom of this. Go down stairs and make yourself some coffee or something." Steve looked pissed but left the room so the siblings could talk. "Em sit down ok." Damien said leading her to the bed. She sat and the tears started to fall.

Damien noticed a box of tissues on the bedside draws and handed it to Emily. She smiled sadly and took a couple of tissues. "Em i know how it looks but trust me that knucklehead wasn't going to cheat on you."

"Then why didn't he throw the number away!" She said frustrated. "because he didn't even notice it was there. How did you find the number?" He asked. "Steve asked me to get his phone from his jacket and I found it." Emily said. "Em he's not cheating on you!" He said again. "How do you know?" She asked.

"Look at the receipt. It's been screwed up. If he was interested he would've taken better care of it. AND... He would've made more effort to hide it from you. And he certainly wouldn't have asked you to go through his pockets.

If he knew it was there and he wasn't interested, he would've gotten rid of it as soon as possible.

As for why he didn't throw it away. The address on the receipt says it's from the Starbucks in the mall. Starbucks in the mall is on the third floor, there are no trash cans on the third floor. He couldn't have thrown it away, so he did what anyone else would've done, he screwed it up and put it in his pocket to get rid of later, and simply forgot about it. The only explanation that fits all the facts is that he didn't notice the number on the receipt."

There he went again picking apart details to tell a story. Emily wondered where all this was coming from. These detective abilities. She looked at him and asked if he was sure. "Emily do you doubt me?" He asked. "No little brother! Of course not! It's're a little young to understand these kinda things." Damien was a little annoyed that his age was causing people to doubt him. "Ok go down stairs and ask Steve for his side of it. I guarantee he says the same thing I've told you." Emily nodded and together they went downstairs where they found Steve with his head in his hands.

Upon seeing Emily and Damien, he stood and started to speak but Emily held her hand up. "Just tell me your story." She said fighting back the tears. "Em I swear I didn't even know the number was there!" Damien's lips curled into a smug smile. "I took the receipt, screwed it up and put it in my pocket. That's the truth I swear." Emily's lip quivered and she started to cry. "Em please I swear I..." Steve started to say but was cut off by Emily wrapping him in a hug.

Steve looked confused for half a second then hugged her back. Emily apologised a hundred times and explained what she and Damien had talked about. At that point Steve broke the hug. He shook Damien's hand and thanked him. Damien nodded smiling and offered to make some cokes. "That sounds nice, thanks little brother." Emily said smiling. "Coming right up." He said noticing that Emily was holding Steve's hand. Once Damien was in the kitchen, Emily whispered in Steve's ear. "Tonight I want you to have me every way to apologise for being a bitch." Steve's face grew into a wide smile. "I should get girls numbers more often." He said smiling. Emily punched his arm and laughed.

A few years later......

Damien was 17 coming up to 18 and life was good. His family was whole and his skills had doubled. Although his deductive abilities made him an outcast at school. Freak! They called him. On his first day of high school he pointed out to his teacher Mrs. Black (A white teacher!?!?) that her husband would soon discover that she was having an affair with the school's janitor. He voiced it aloud in class in front of all the students. Everybody gave him the biggest wtf look. His teacher was mortified. Her face went pale and said "Wwhat do you mean?"

Damien pointed out the smell of cologne on her clothes. The same kind that the janitor wore. Also that she stayed at school everyday when it was just her and the janitor, which he'd learned from a student. Then there's the box labelled pregnancy test in the bin that she'd failed to hide. Also that her knees were dirty. "ENOUGH!!" She screamed. "GET OUT OF MY CLASS!" She demanded. Damien hadn't meant any disrespect. He was so busy showing off, that he hadn't noticed how personal this was.

He went to the principles office. Mr. Jameson. A kind man in his mid fifties. He wore a black suit with a pale blue shirt and tie. "Mr. Shellwood, my office on the first day? Not a good start." He said in his usual no nonsense tone. "I didn't mean any disrespect to Mrs. Black." He said confused. "Tell me what happened." Mr. Jameson said. Damien relayed his story which made the principle cry with laughter. Damien laughed uncomfortably. "I know all about her and the janitor. I knew they'd get caught eventually though not by a student." He said chuckling. "Damien I've heard about your detective skills and I understand the urge to show off a little bit. But take my advice. Stay out of peoples problems. You're a smart kid, keep it applied to your studies."

At the end of the school day, Damien went back to Mrs. Black's class to find her marking papers. She glared at him as he entered. "Mrs. Black I wanted to apologise. I know I humiliated you in front of everyone. And everyone's probably gonna talk about it. Which will probably lead to the parents finding out. Which will probably lead to your husband finding." He said getting sidetracked. "But anyway, I wanted to say I'm sorry and it'll never happen again. Is there anyway I can make it up to you?" He asked.

As angry as she was, Mrs. Black was a sucker for a good apology. And while Damien's apology wasn't exactly good, it was sincere. She nodded and said "Damien I accept your apology. I shouldn't be discussing this with a student but I want you to understand. My husband and I are swingers. You understand what that means don't you?" Damien nodded. He hadn't been able to deduce that and was curious to learn more. Purely to improve his skills of deduction. "Mr. Black knows all about me and the janitor and I know of all the women he sleeps with. As for how you can make it up to me, I'll let you know." She said smiling for the first time. "Thankyou." Damien said. "You better head home." The teacher said.

As Damien walked home when he saw a girl waiting at the bus station. She was a pretty brunette with large firm breasts. Dressed in a tight black t shirt with a red rose pattern on it and tight jeans. She was playing with her phone and turned her back to him. Damien's eyes wandered to her ass and his erection grew. He decided to say hello.

He approached her and remembered what Emily had told him about talking to girls. Calm your breathing, be yourself and don't pick apart her life. The girl put her phone in her pocket and noticed him approaching. "Hello." Damien said with his heart racing. "Hi" she said eyeing him oddly. "I'm Damien." He said holding out his hand. "Tina." She said shaking his hand. Then she pulled her phone out again and started texting people. Damien took this as a warning that she didn't want to talk to him. He was about to turn and walk away. "No! Keep going!" He told himself. "Waiting for the bus?" Damien said trying to keep the conversation going. She looked up at him annoyed and said "That's what a bus station's for."

"Ok." He said nodding. "I was wondering...if you maybe....maybe wanna..... Go on a date with me." He said and immediately regretted it. He didn't even know her. Was it too soon to ask for a date. She looked up at him weirdly and thought for a second. Then she smiled and said "sure, let me give you my number." Damien couldn't believe it. His heart was hammering. His legs turned to jelly as she took his phone and punched in her number. "Call me tonight." She said smiling. "Great! Yeah I will!" He said smiling wide. At that moment the bus came. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

The next Damien practically skipped to school. He called Tina and made plans with her to go on a date on the coming Saturday. Thinking of wear to take her, what he should wear. During history he quickly finished his report and spent most of the class thinking of her. The bell rang and Damien was the first out the class. Eager to get home and call Tina. His excitement was cut short when Max Jacobs approached him.

Max was a lean 6' kid with spiky black hair and a bad boy attitude. He was Damien's biggest bully. He'd tormented Damien since he started school. He got to Damien and pushed him against the locker. "Sup freak!" He said before spitting in Damien's face. The other students gathered round and watched with great amusement. Max snatched Damien's bag away from him and emptied the contents on the floor. His notepads, pens and exercise books fell out. Damien watched in pain both physical and emotional.

Suddenly he heard a voice. "Punch him bruv! Don't take that! He's makin you look silly bruv! Punch him!" The voice was British. An East London accent. Damien looked around but couldn't find the source. His attention was brought back to his bully as Max picked up Damien's notepad. "Thanks for the help freak!" Max said as he put Damien's note pad in his bag. Damien tried to make a grab for Max's bag and got a solid punch in the face that put him on the floor. "Max please give me my notes back!" He said as blood poured from his nose. "Fuck him up mate! Kick his ass! This guy's a pussyhole." There it went again. The British voice but Damien paid little attention to it. "Nah! I'm failing my history. This might just save my ass! Thanks man." Max said mockingly. Max was about to walk away but turned back to Damien. "One more thing!" He said before planting his foot in Damien's gut. "Stay away from Tina bitch!" He said and walked away.

Damien laid there clutching his gut as everyone dispersed, choosing not to help him. Tears fell down his face. "Tina. Tina was Max's girlfriend! Why would she toy with me like that!" Eventually, Damien picked himself up and packed the scattered contents of his bag before heading home.

He walked through the door and Amy smiled at him for a brief second before her face turned to horror and fear. "Oh my god Damien!" She gasped as she jumped up from the couch. She dragged him to the chair in the kitchen and inspected him. "Who did this to you!?" She said clearing the blood from his nose with a tissue. "Max Jacobs." He said quietly and told his mother of what happened at school. As he finished the story Amy's eye twitched with rage. She marched for the phone and hammered in the school's contact line.


Chapter 5

The next day Damien was putting some items in his locker and when he shut it, Tina was there. He looked at her for a second frowning before turning away from her. "Damien listen can we talk?" She said. "No." Damien answered and kept walking. "Damien please just let me explain!" She pleaded and Damien turned on the spot. "Explain what? That you're a lying bitch who likes making people feel weak and foolish? Don't worry I got that!" He said coldly. By now many onlookers were taking interest in what was being said. Not that Damien cared. "Damien I'm sorry but I'm not a bitch!" She said hotly. "Just let me explain!" She persisted. Damien sighed and leaned against the wall with his arms folded. "You got two minutes before I need to be in class!"

"Damien I'm so sorry for what Max did. I didn't think he'd take it that personally." She said sadly. "Take what personally?" Damien asked. "We were together. But I broke up with him two weeks ago. He threatened to kick the shit out of any other boyfriend I had but I didn't take it seriously."

Damien thought about it logically. It seemed plausible. Max was dick enough to make a promise like that. "So why would you go from a guy like him to a guy like me?" He asked. "He was a bad boy and that excited me. Then I realised he's just a bully. He likes hurting people to feel tough. I don't wanna date someone like that anymore. I want a nice guy who respects me and others."

Damien studied her face and decided she was being truthful. "Ok" he said before walking away. Tina quickly paced after him and said "Damien if you give me another chance I swear you won't regret it. You're a nice guy and I really want to date you." He looked back at her hopeful expression and said "Wait for my call." A smile broke out on her face as Damien turned a final time and went to class, a smile on his face.

The rest of the day was uneventful, Damien finished his task an hour before everyone else as usual. It was the end of the day that Damien was nervous about. His mom was gonna talk to the principle. Max's mom was going to be in the principle's office too. Max and Damien waited outside. Even Max wasn't dumb enough to do anything with the principle and both moms inside. Damien heard Mrs. Jacobs apologising for Max's behaviour. How her divorce from his father had hit Max hard. How he will be taught a lesson. Damien knew neither of those things were true.

"I had no idea your mom was so hot! She's got a great ass." Max said grinning. Damien's anger grew. "Slap the shit out of him bruv! He's talkin' about your mum! Slap him bruv!" There it was again. That voice. But there was no one else around. Then Damien realised. The voice was in his head. Damien suddenly felt scared. "What's happening to me?" He asked himself. Nothing else Max said registered as he was afraid of what was going on his head.

His attention was broken by the office door opening. Amy and Mrs. Jacobs exited. Amy glared at Max who smiled at her with hunger in his eyes. Mrs. Jacobs stood before Max with her hands on her hips. "You will apologise. Right this instant." She said angrily. Max laughed which got him a slap in the head. "I'm sorry Damien it won't happen again." Max said sarcastically. Mrs. Jacobs grabbed Max by his ear and twisted. "Aaaah!" Max squealed in pain. "Aaaah Aaaah I'm sorry!" He said. Mrs. Jacobs released him and dragged him away, talking about how they were going to have a long talk when they got home.

Damien was quiet as his mom drove him home. He was thinking about this voice in his head. Where did it come from? Why was he hearing it? Was he losing his mind? Amy looked at Damien staring blindly out the window and stroked his hair, assuming he was still upset about Max. What a horrible little shit! She thought.

Weeks passed and Max seemed to leave Damien alone. To which Damien was pleased. The voice in his head hadn't spoken for a while either. Damien was overjoyed about that since he was starting to get scared that he might be going crazy.

He was currently in his room with Tina. She was lying on the bed naked as Damien sawed in and out of her. Tina's tits bounced as Damien's moans grew louder and more aggressive. "Tina, I'm cumming!" He announced. "Me too honey, do it cum inside me!" She said suddenly becoming more vocal. Damien erupted and buried his head in her neck. Tina wrapped her arms and legs around him as she felt his cum coat her pussy.

After a few minutes of recovery time, a very red, very sweaty Damien picked himself up and sat on the bed. Tina sat up and began dressing herself. Like all men, Damien thought he'd done a better job then he actually had. Like all women, Tina lied about her orgasm to protect his confidence.

Although they'd been having sex for a couple of weeks now, Damien's nerves and lack of experience, failed to bring Tina to orgasm. Once they were both dressed, Tina snuggled up to Damien and began watching tv. Tina really believed that she was falling in love with Damien. She smiled as Damien wrapped his arms around her.

As the sun set, Tina was leaving the Shellwood residence and Gave Damien a long, deep kiss before she left. Damien closed the door to see Emily smiling mischievously at him. Damien simply smiled and shook his head. He sat on the couch beside his sister and she gave him a playful push. "I'm proud of you bro. Getting the hottest girl in school." Damien ignored her but couldn't deny his luck. He had the hottest girl in school on his arm. Nobody saw him as a freak anymore but the coolest guy in school. But Damien didn't care about that, he loved Tina.

Tina caught her uber and gave him the directions back to her house. She thought about her day with Damien and smiled. He was sweet, handsome and caring. Everything she wanted in a guy. True he wasn't great in bed but she'd teach him how to satisfy her soon. She was still horny and needed an orgasm. She shrugged her shoulders and thought "Oh well, nothing my vibrator won't fix."

Suddenly she had another idea. An idea that made her eyes squeeze shut. "No! Not again." She said. She tried to force it from her memory but it wouldn't go. She started to get wet and tried to ignore it. The idea kept coming back and she got hornier. "Fuck it! One last time!" She ordered herself.

She told the uber driver to take the next left and continue straight. The car pulled up outside a house. Tina paid the man and went to knock the door. It didn't take long for the door to open and Max came into view. He saw Tina with a smug grin on his face. "Hey babe." He said. "Stop calling me babe!" She snapped as she pushed past him. She'd been here enough times to know where his room was. She pulled her top off to reveal her lime green bra and looked at Max with anger. "Lets get this over with!" She said desperate to get what she needed and get out.

"Why come to me? Why not just go to that faggot boyfriend of yours?" Max asked wanting to here her say it. "So that you'll leave him the fuck alone! That's why!" She said with authority. "Nah that's bullshit! Why do you really want to fuck me!" He asked again. "Max just drop your fucking pants already!" She shouted in anger. Lucky his mom was working late. "No. I'm not touching you till you tell me the truth." He said calmly.

"HE CANT MAKE ME CUM OK!" Tina snapped quickly. Her face quickly turned to horror as she realised what she'd said. She'd given Max the secret to humiliate Damien with. Max laughed out loud as Tina stood there embarrassed and ashamed.

"So that's why you've been coming back. The little prick can't satisfy you." He said still laughing. "It's not his fault." Tina defended weakly. Max looked at her like she was the dumbest bitch on the planet. "Ok then." He said sarcastically.

Max walked up to Tina and pushed her back on the bed. She grunted as she hit the bed and began fumbling with the button on her jean shorts. Once it was undone, Max yanked her shorts off her. Tina was very aroused now as Max growled like an animal and pulled her panties off. Tina watched in awe as he ripped the belt from his pants and dropped them, releasing his very large cock. She couldn't take her eyes off it. It was twice as long as Damien's and double the width.

He quickly climbed on top of Tina and thrust his cock inside her. Tina squealed in pleasure as Max began to hammer her pussy with no remorse. Tina was so close to coming, especially when Max pinched and twisted her nipples. "I bet that baby dick doesn't fuck you like this!" He said. Tina ignored him and focused on cumming. Max stopped fucking her and held himself inside her. "Oh Max please don't stop! I'm gonna cum!" She begged. "Answer me! Does he ever fuck you like this?" He said angrily. "No! No he doesn't!" She quickly said. Willing to tell him whatever it took to cum. Slowly, Max started rocking his hips back and forth. "I bet he doesn't even know you're a slut who likes it rough does he?"

"No he doesn't! Now please Max fuck me! Make me cum the way Damien can't!" She said, her pussy talking for her. Max smiled and returned to pounding Tina's dripping pussy. Tina cried in sheer ecstasy as her orgasm came crashing down on her. Max started grunting as well as he grabbed Tina by her hair and pulled her to her knees, where he released his cum onto her face.

When he was done, Tina very quickly got angry and stood up shouting. "What the fuck! I didn't say you could cum on my face!" Max laughed. "You used to love my cum raining on you." Tina's fists clenched. "Fucking asshole!" She shouted and stormed off the the bathroom. While she was gone, Max went to his desk and switched off the hidden camera. "Oh yeah, tomorrows going to be funny."

Chapter 6

Damien awoke and checked his phone. Strange, usually he had a good morning text from Tina. Damien shrugged and sent her his good morning text. Breakfast was ready in the kitchen. Amy was stood at the stove. Bacon was sizzling as he went up behind his mom and kissed her cheek. "Morning sweety." She said smiling. "Morning mom." He said as he sat down ready for breakfast. Soon James came down and they said good morning as James poured himself some coffee.

The three of them all sat talking about stuff when Amy asked "Will Tina be joining us for dinner tonight?" Damien looked up. "I'm not sure, I'll have to ask if her parents are ok with it" he said. "I really like her, she's a sweet girl." Amy said. "You're very lucky son." James said. "I know." Damien replied smiling. "You know she was here yesterday." Amy told James with a knowing smile. "Really?" James said looking at Damien. "Were you safe?" He asked. "Yes dad I was." Damien said wanting to end to conversation asap.

"Just don't hide it from is if she gets pregnant ok?" James said and Damien agreed. "Is Emily coming over today?" Damien asked. "Yeah she should be here soon." Damien got excited as he hadn't seen much of his sister since she moved in with Steve. "Speak of the devil and she shall appear." Emily said appearing from round the corner. Damien quickly got up and hugged his sister. "hi brother." "Hi sis. Can I get a ride to school?" He asked and Emily smiled. "Sure thing, we haven't talked in a while."

The drive to school took longer then usual, with Emily peppering Damien with questions about his new relationship. "Em, Stop!" He said laughing. "Im alright talking about it, but im not giving you a sit rep everyday." Emily laughed and brushed his hair. "I'm just looking out for you little brother."

At school, something felt strange. It seemed like everybody was watching him. Since he started dating Tina, everyone had watched him anyway. But this was different. It was like they were mocking him. Damien decided there was no logic in worrying about it. He was sure he'd find out soon. Gossip has a way of spreading, even to the people who have no interest in it. It was history class and he still hadn't seen Tina yet. Maybe she wasn't at school today. Maybe she was ill. Damien would have to go over to her place later and check on her. Again everybody paid more attention to him and not the lesson. A few of the girls looked at him and whispered something to each other before giggling.

At lunch he was sat alone as he normally was when the biggest dread of the day approached the table. Max. He sat on the table beside Damien. A smug smile on his face. "Hey big man! What's up!" He asked. "What do you want Max?" He said staring at his lunch. "Tina's a great girl isn't she?" He said. "Yes she is. Now please leave me." Damien shot back. "Yeah, so great, I bet you trust her completely." By now everyone went quiet and watched.

Damien was annoyed and glared at him. "Yes I do! Piss off!" He said aggressively. Max wasn't the little bit phased. In fact he was amused. "Oh, the little dog found his bark. Anyway I got news for you, she ain't that trustworthy."

"Yeah? And what would you know dickhead!" Damien snapped. Max pulled up his phone and showed it to Damien. "I think you should check this out." Damien looked at the screen and that's where he felt his heart break and the pain pour into his soul. Tina was on her knees hungrily bobbing on his cock. Damien snatched the phone from Max and pulled up the clips info. The video was taken last night. After Tina left his house.

"Aww I think he's gonna cry." Max said laughing. A few more people in the hall started laughing. Damien did have tears in his eyes but that was quickly replaced with rage. Damien lunged at Max and they rolled off the table onto the floor. Damien landed a few punches on Max before he was pulled off by Max's friends and they proceeded to kick Damien in. Eventually the teacher's arrived to break the fight up. Dragging the bullies away. "Enjoy your slut Damien!" Max shouted laughing.

One teacher, Mrs. Bishop the math teacher, helped Damien to his feet and tried to lead him to the nurses office. But Damien was filled with rage and humiliation as he pulled himself from the teacher and told her to get the fuck away from him. He stormed off through the hall. Mrs. Bishop the young brunette in her mid twenties watched with sadness and concern as Damien stormed off.

Once he was off the school grounds his phone buzzed. It was from an unknown number and it had a video attachment. Damien nearly exploded with anger as he watched Tina's sin for the second time. "This baby's going viral!" Said the messenger which turned out to be Max with several laughing emojis.

Damien walked quickly and angrily down the road towards Tina's house. The walk would normally take 30 minutes but Damien's angry stride got him to her front door in less then 20. He hammered on the door with zero patience as the door opened. "Damien what the hell! Are you trying to break down my door?" She said confused but smiling. She stood their in a black top and pink panties, her erect nipples suggested she was braless. "Are your parents home!?" He asked seething as he pushed his way into the house.

"No. Baby what's wrong?" She asked concerned. "Im sorry I wasn't at school today im not feeling well." Damien was so furious he exploded at her. "You're a fucking whore. We're done!" Tina's face dropped. Her heart sank. "Baby what do you mean we're done!? What happened!?" Damien pulled up the video and showed it to Tina. It took half a second for Tina to understand as she looked at Damien with wide eyes and a shit ton of fear.

"Listen baby I can explain!" Tina said quickly. As expected she went through the full list of bullshit excuses that everybody gives. Like: "It's not what you think", "I didn't mean to hurt you!", "It just happened" and to top it off the bullshit and frankly insulting "I'm so sorry!"

Damien was so angry he was getting a really bad headache, which only made him angrier. "Baby it didn't mean anything. Please believe me! It just happened once and sort of became a thing. I wanted to stop after everytime it happened but it just kept happening." Tina said now with tears in her eyes. That last statement made him angrier which created a headache so intense he almost lost his balance. He clutched his head and grunted in pain as he stumbled backwards into the wall.

"Damien! Baby! What's wrong!" Tina said immediately going to his side. As quickly as it came, the headache was gone. "Get the fuck away from me you bitch!" He shouted pushing her away. "Why the fuck would you cheat on with that wanka you slag!" He shouted in a thick London accent. "Damien what's with the accent!?" She asked confused by the thick London accent. Damien ignored her as he dropped his pants and fished out his cock. "Suck my cock slut!" He demanded pushing her to her knees, the London accent still strong. Tina was well beyond confused and afraid as she engulfed his cock and bobbed like a true pornstar. Damien moaned above her which gave her relief. For the first time, she was afraid of Damien. Afraid of what he might do to her and at the same time, completely turned on.

Damien thrust upwards and Tina gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat. 'Oh god why couldn't he have treated me this way before' Tina thought. Her hand crept into her panties and she began rubbing herself. Damien yanked his cock from her mouth and pulled the helpless girl to her feet by her hair. He spat in her face. She moaned in delight as this was how she wished Damien would treat her. Maybe after this they could talk and work things out.

He dragged her by her hair to the couch and ripped her panties down before pushing her onto her hands and knees. Then without warning, rammed his cock into her pussy. Tina yelped in pain but mostly pleasure. Damien pulled her hair as he hammered his cock into her pussy and called her names. "Fucking whore! You wanna be a fucking slut! I'll treat you like a fucking slut!" Tina moaned harder. It was so hot how he was abusing her physically and verbally.

Yes Damien! Yes I'm your whore! Fuck me like your whore!" She screamed as her orgasm grew. "You wanna be my whore you little slag!" He grunted like an animal. "Yes Damien! I'm your bitch! Fuck me like your bitch so I can apologise! Oh god im cumming!" She screamed as she rubbed her clit harder. Not even Max had fucked her like this and it was a hundred times better. "Oooh Fuck! Baby im cumming!" She announced as she squirmed and quivered. Her orgasm hit her like a brick wall and she collapsed on the couch. It was the first orgasm Damien had ever given her and it was god like!

Damien kept fucking her until he was ready to burst. He flipped Tina onto her back and started to stroke his cock. Tina looked up at him smiling goofly, her eyes sparkling as she waited for him to rain down on her. He grunted and moaned and his cum showered Tina's naked body. Tina opened her mouth with her tounge out and welcomed the rain. His cum started spurting out. It landed on her face, her tits and some in her hair.

As his cock began to soften, Damien's mind blurred then returned to normal. It was like he had awoken from a dream. He looked down at Tina and wondered where the fuck that came from. It was like he was a totally different person for a while. "Damien?" Tina asked. Her fear returning. She loved Damien and didn't wanna lose him. Damien pulled his pants back up. "We're finished." He replied, his normal voice back on, and left. Tina just sat their with tears in her eyes. "What have I done?" She asked herself.

"I'm not done with you yet baby. However long it takes I'm going to prove I'm sorry and how much I love you." She said and scrambled to get her clothes.

Damien stormed into his house, slamming the door behind him and sat in the kitchen. Then for the first time, he cried. Amy came in and immediately went into mother mode for her crying son. "Sweetheart what's wrong!" She said rubbing his back. "I don't wanna talk about it!" Damien snapped as he stormed out of the kitchen. Amy heard his bedroom door slam shut and wondered what to do. "Give him time." She thought to herself. It didn't help her calm down though. As a mother she wanted nothing more then to wrap her arms around him and protect him. At that moment there was a knock at the door.

Hi Mrs. Shellwood." Tina said nervously. "Good! If anyone can make my boy feel better she can." Amy thought. Although reluctant, Tina entered and sat on the couch. Amy noticed how nervous she was but pushed it aside so she could talk about Damien. "Tina, Damien's very upset about something. He won't talk to me about it but maybe he'll open up to you." Amy said hopefully. It was at that moment she really started to notice Tina's strange behaviour. She was slowly sliding up the couch, away from Amy. She also noticed that Tina hadn't looked her in the eye since she'd been here.

"Yeah Mrs. Shellwood, I'll try." Tina said and very quickly tried to leave the room. Amy became suspicious and had an idea she hoped was wrong. "Tina!" She called. Tina froze in her tracks and slowly looked back at Amy's hard expression. Amy snapped her fingers and pointed at the couch where Tina had been sitting.

Tina's legs turned to jelly as she slowly walked back to the couch. She sat back down with her head bowed, shaking like a leaf. "Do you need to tell me something Tina?" That's when Tina broke down in tears with her face in her hands. "What happened Tina?" Amy said with no compassion. "I cheated on him!" Tina shouted. Amy's heart broke, which flooded anger through her entire being. "You did what!?" She screamed. "I didn't mean it! I swear I didn't mean to hurt him! I just..... I just couldn't help it!" Tina desperately tried to explain. The ridiculousness of her words wasn't lost on her. But she had to try and explain herself. "I don't know what's wrong with me! I love Damien! But Max was just...." MAX! YOU MEAN THE LITTLE SHIT WHO'S ALWAYS BULLYING MY SON!" Amy screamed in rage. Tina nodded weakly, still not looking at Amy. Staring blankly at the floor. "So you cheated on MY son! With the boy who makes his life hell! What kind of heartless bitch are you!" Amy said with quiet, seething anger. "I'm so sorry! I just... I can't resist Max when he calls me." Tina pleaded. Every word that Tina said only made Amy angrier.

"Get out!" Amy shouted. She grabbed Tina by the arm and dragged her to the door and pushed her out."You're no longer welcome at this house!" Amy spat. "Please Amy! I wanna apologise to him and try to start again! Will you at least talk to him!" Tina begged with pleading eyes. "It's up to Damien whether he takes you back, not me. Personally, I hope he doesn't!" Amy shouted. Tina felt herself shrink as the hope drained from her heart. "Just tell him I love him....And tell him im not angry about what he did." At that last statement, Amy felt her anger disappear, only to be replaced with fear. "What did he do?" Although her mind panicked, her body calmly and quietly shut the door.

Chapter 7

Damien sat on his bed, his back and head against the wall. His eyes were closed while he tried to think. His mind was a muddled mess and he wanted to straighten it out. Trying to organise his problems so he could deal with them appropriately.

"Tina cheated on me! It hurts. But there's nothing I can do about that. I just need to allow my body time to recover from the dopamine produced by my body which caused my physical feelings for Tina. My body is hooked on the feeling like a drug. Staying in contact with her will slow the process! I must stay away from Tina as best I can.

Second problem, Max! He's a bully. His power derives from being the centre of attention. Bullying is most likely the result of a poor upbringing. Another possibility is that he feels a psychological need to obtain power over others. If I'm to stop him, I must find a way to take that power away from him. Tomorrow I will stand up to him. His friends will almost certainly be a problem. I will have to figure out a way around that.

The final and most troubling problem. I raped Tina. She was enjoying it. But that was most likely due to a combination of her physical arousal and mental guilt of cheating on me. Once she comes down from the sexual high, her mind will process all that happened which could leave lasting psychological damage. She could call the police. This scares me. But she would have every right to and I would not fight it. I deserve it. I'll have to talk to her and assess the damage I left her. This Ofcourse contradicts the solution to my first problem but this is more important so I will talk to her tomorrow and then ask her to give me my space."

As damien opened his eyes, it felt like he'd been thinking for hours, although it had only been 10 minutes. Tired and in pain, Damien was about to go to sleep when there was a knock on the door. "Come in." The door creaked open and Amy walked in wearing her silk night robe. She said nothing as she sat beside Damien. She was scared of the answer to her first question and what it would mean for Damien. Regardless of what the answer was, she loved Damien. She looked at him and asked the dreaded question. "What happened between you and Tina?" Damien didn't hesitate as he told the whole truth.

"Tina cheated on me with Max. I was angrier then I have been in years. I immediately left school to go confront her. When I told her what I knew she broke down and tried to apologise to me which only made me angrier at her. And then I hurt her." He was calm and collected in his explanation. No point in showing his fear. It would do nothing to stop the consequences of his actions. Amy listened intently and was silent for a few moments before speaking. "She came over trying to talk to you. She said she wasn't angry for what you did." Damien immediately went into deep thought.

"She's not angry, this is a good sign. But it doesn't mean she's not damaged by it. Neither does it mean she won't report me in time."

Suddenly, there was another voice in his mind.

"Bruv, she ain't gonna get the police involved. You think I'd do something that would get us nicked?"

The voice was a thick east London accent. Damien immediately retreated from this thoughts. Confused and afraid. "Damien are you feeling okay?" Amy asked. "I'm fine I need to get some sleep." Damien urgently replied. Amy felt his head. "You're burning up, I think sleep is a good idea. I'll be up to check on you later." Damien wanted to tell her to hurry up and get out, but instead he simply said "Okay thankyou." Amy left Damien, shutting the door behind her.

Once again, Damien started thinking. Trying to find that voice again. Although he was afraid and didn't want to. He needed to figure out what was happening to him. He thought deep and hard.

"Hello? Are you there?" He thought to himself.
"Alright mate!" The voice replied.
"Who are you?" Damien asked.
"I'm your new partner blud!" The voice said excitedly.
"Partner!? What do you mean partner!?" Damien said frustrated.
"Bruh, your a smart guy but you seriously need to learn how to get through life without getting murked!" The voice said laughing.
"Murked?" Damien asked confused.
"Murked, beaten up! Mate! You're awkward to be around and when you do talk you don't know when to shut up! You're a geek bruv! You're so awkward, I kinda wanna beat you up! Not anymore! I'm gonna show you how to be smart and become a fucking savage!" The voice ranted.

"Who the hell are you!?" Damien shouted in his head.
"I'm an independent personality inside your head mate! I'm you! But if you really want a name, how about Damon. Damien and Damon!"
"Oh geez, I'm going nuts!" Damien started losing his cool.
"Nah mate, you're ok.... I mean, don't go tellin anyone about this, or you'll be locked in a nuthouse before breakfast! I don't want to spend the rest of our lives in a fuckin' looney bin."

Damien was stunned, confused and scared shitless. He didn't know what to think. His instinct told him to run downstairs and tell his mother. But the voice....Damon, was right. His mother would immediately rush him to a hospital, or an exorcist! He had to clear his mind and think logically.
"Bruv you are thinkin logically! That's what I'm here for!" Damon said. "Just shut up! And let me think!" Damien shouted out loud. "Nice one mate! Let ya mum know you're arguing wiv yourself! Maybe tell her how you managed to figure out where and when she lost her virginity. And with who!" Damon mocked. "Just shut.. up! And let me think!" Damien repeated. Damon was silent, so Damien started to think.

"Ok, clearly some sort of mental disorder. Possibly split personality disorder. But I can't think of anything that would've triggered it. The voice began before my breakup with Tina. So it wouldn't be that. Besides it hurt, but it didn't traumatize me to the point of my mind splitting. The smart thing would be to talk to a doctor. I'm afraid to do that. But I'm not sure if Damon can be trusted. Innocent people could get hurt. My only option that doesn't involve a straight jacket, is to observe this "alter ego" and determine whether or not it is a threat."

"Yeah bruv! Now ya thinkin! I'm no threat! But I can see why you wouldn't trust me. So I'm gonna help you with your problems. Like a life coach." Damon said. "Help me with what?" Damien asked. "Well that dickhead Max for a start! Time to stop being such a pussyhole and knock him out!" Damon said with mild frustration. Damien thought about it. He did plan to stand up to Max. It would likely result in a fight. Maybe Damon could help. "What about Tina?"

Mate, she's your ex! Handle that anyway you want. But DO NOT... Take her back!" Damien had no intention of taking her back. He would never trust her again. "Agreed!" Damon said, seemingly able to read Damien's thoughts. Which made sense considering they shared the same mind. "Now go to sleep! We're tired." Damon instructed. It was then that Damon realised how tired he actually was. His eyes were getting heavy. His energy was gone and the events of the last hour were starting to give him a headache. As he rested his head on his pillow he was afraid of what tomorrow might bring. But also a little excited. This was something new. Something he could learn from and grow smarter and stronger. With that thought in his head Damien's eyes fell shut.

"Goodnight mate."

Chapter 8

Amy awoke bright and early with James's arm over her. She smiled as her snoring husband slept beside her. Their newly revived sex life was amazing! But incredibly exhausting. The previous night, James had pounded her doggystyle and every other way they could think of. He made Amy cum so much, she lost count. James finally finished inside her which knocked him spark out. Amy pulled herself out of bed, careful not to disturb James, and pulled her gown on. She had to check on Damien. "My poor baby. I hope he's feeling better today. Damn that bitch for hurting him." She thought to herself.

She knocked quietly on his door before letting herself in. Damien lay there in his bed, with the covers over his shoulders, with a peaceful smile on his face. Sitting on the edge of his bed, she gently shook him awake. "Damien honey, wake up." She said softly. Damien began to stir and groaned as his eyes opened to the sight of his beautiful mother. "Hi mom" he said quietly. "How are you feeling today." Amy asked stroking his cheek. "I'm ok. I gotta go to school." He said rubbing his eyes as he sat up. "Honey you've had a rough couple of days, if you wanna take a day off school, you can." Amy said. "Thanks mom but hiding from my problems isn't going to fix them." Damien explained. Amy was proud of the man he was becoming as she smiled at him and said "Ok sweety, I'll make you some breakfast. Come down when you're ready."

Once she was gone noticed he was still in the same clothes from yesterday. He searched through his clothes and reached for a pair of khakis. "NO NO NO!" Damon shouted making Damien jump. "Don't do that!" Damien snapped. "Then don't dress like an idiot. Seriously, you may as well have "Kick me" tattooed across your forehead. Grab some jeans and a black t shirt." Damon suggested. Damien searched through his clothes and found only one pair jeans and one black t shirt with a skull on it. "Not the best. But it'll have to do." Damon assessed.

Damien went downstairs to find a plate of pancakes on the table. James was sat at the table with his usual cup of morning coffee as Damien entered. "Hey buddy. How you feel?" He asked. He returned home last night after Damien went to sleep. Amy told him what happened. "I'm ok, a little sluggish I guess." Damien answered as he took his seat. "I'm sorry it didn't work out with Tina. I've been there it sucks but you'll get over it, in time." James said. "Thanks dad." Damien smiled as he started eating.

At that point the peace was shattered by the bellow of a terrifying beast. "DAMIEN!" Emily marched into the kitchen looking for her brother. "Hey sis. What's up!" Damien asked chuckling. "What's up!? I had to find out from mom that some little skank broke my brother's heart! You know Steve had to stop me from going over to her house! Why didn't you call me!?" Emily shouted. "Emily! That's enough! Sit down and lower your tone!" James said sternly. Emily immediately went quiet and sat beside Damien. "I'm sorry I didn't call you. I was a mess, I was trying to figure things out. I'm sorry." Damien said apologetically.

Emily saw the pain on his face and grabbed him in a hug. "You need to call me in future, I'm your only sister I wanna be there for you." Damien hugged her back tightly as the pain suddenly came back. "Do I get a hug?" James said smiling. Em broke the hug and went to her father. "Hi daddy." She said kissing him on the cheek. Amy made some more pancakes and Emily stayed for breakfast before offering Damien a lift to school. Offering.....suggesting.............demanding.

In the car Emily was already talking about getting Damien another girlfriend. Even as Damien explained the rebound rule. Which Em payed little attention to. "I think I should take you shopping. Get you some harder clothes." She said. "Hey, I think she's onto something there." Damon suddenly said. "what's wrong with the clothes I have now?" Damien asked Damon. "They're too geeky, no ones gonna take you seriously looking like an extra from revenge of the nerds!" Damon said. At that moment, Emily snapped her fingers at him. "Hello!? Earth to Damien! So you gonna let me get you some new clothes or what?" She asked. "Huh? Oh! Yeah! Sure!" He said. "Great, I'll text you when I'm free."

At that moment Damien noticed the one thing he really didn't wanna see right now. Tina was walking down the road in a blouse and a mini skirt. Emily obviously saw her too. She pulled up alongside her and rolled down her window. Tina made eye contact with Damien and her face dropped. "FUCKING SLUT!" Emily shouted before rolling up her window and pulling away. "Was that really necessary?" Damien asked. "I could've gotten out and beaten the shit outta her. But she needs to know exactly what I think of her. So yeah, I think it was necessary." Emily said angrily. "look I appreciate your support in my difficult times, but this is my problem so please let me handle it." Damien said. Emily didn't answer and they were silent for the remainder of the journey.

When they pulled up at the school, Emily kissed Damien's cheek, which he rubbed off. So Emily kissed his cheek again. Damien walked to his locker to store his bag and books. When he shut it, Tina was stood their with a nervous look on her face. "Damien." "Tina." She was silent for a second before she spoke again. "I just wanted to explain everything." She said. Just looking at her brought the pain back. Damien looked around and saw everyone watching them as they passed. "Ok, I'm listening." Damien said as he put his hands in his pockets. Tina was surprised at how willing he was to listen. Maybe there would be a chance for them to fix things after all.

"Listen I'm....I'm really sorry for hurting you. Honestly I didn't mean to. I just.....if you hate me I understand. But I still love you and I would do anything for a second chance." Damien knew she was telling the truth, that she would probably walk barefoot over broken glass for him. "Ok. You said your piece now let me say mine. I'm really sorry for what I did to you." Damien said. "No baby don't be sorry! I deserved it." Tina said. "No you didn't. You hurt me yes. You betrayed me yes. But you didn't deserve to be hurt like that." Damien said. "Damien do I look traumatized? Have I called the police? No. And I won't. You didn't hurt me." She said solemnly. "Actually I uh.... I kinda enjoyed it." She said smiling naughtily.

Her smile put Damien's mind at ease. No apparent mental damage. One problem solved. "So where does that leave us?" Tina asked. "Do you forgive me?" Damien asked. Tina nodded. "Then I forgive you. But I can't give you a second chance. I could but I'd never trust you again." Tina felt all her hopes dash and her heart sink. A tear fell from her eye as she looked down and simply nodded. "I'm so sorry." Damien said before walking away.

"Nicely done mate." Damon said. "It didn't feel very nice." Damien replied. "I'm sorry mate. It's a shame you didn't get a fairy tale ending. But you handled it the best way you could. She'll get over it. You'll see." Damien knew Damon was right and went to his first class. His first class was with Mrs. Bishop. The teacher that pulled him out of his fight with Max the day before. Word spread throughout the school about what had happened between Damien and Tina. Even the teachers were talking about it in the teachers lounge. Mrs. Bishop watched Damien walk to his desk with concerned eyes. "Poor kid, I hope he's doing ok." She thought to herself before starting her talk about Pythagoras. Damien found it rather easy to completely blank the events of the last couple days and focus on the work. However he did notice every so often that Max would throw him smug smiles from across the class.
Mrs. Bishop noticed this and immediately snapped at him. "Max! Need I remind you that you should be focusing on this class since you have the lowest grade out of everyone!" A few people laughed and Max glared at Mrs. Bishop. It was Damien's turn to smile smugly at Max since he had the highest grade.

The bell rang and as Damien walked down the corridor, Max rushed to catch up to him. "Hey man! How you doing?" He said. Everybody stopped to watch the confrontation. "Alright mate, game on! Keep calm and be confident." Damon said. Damien didn't reply but took the words to heart. "I'm doing just fine. Enjoying my new found freedom." He said confidently. Max was a little surprised. The wimp had never been sarcastic with him before. "Hey I noticed your sister drop you off today, maybe I'll make her my next conquest." Max said with his trademark smile. Smug and irritating. Nevertheless Damien wasn't going to let Max get the better of him anymore. "You don't have balls big enough." Damien said smiling. "Don't I? Why don't we ask Tina, she's seen them....alot." His comeback sparked a reaction from everybody.

"It's time. Offer him out. Now!" Damon instructed. Damien realised this could all backfire but he abandoned his fears. "You've been bullying me for a long time now. Well now I'm tired of it. You wanna be a king? Earn it. Meet me on outside after school and prove you're the tough guy you think you are." Everyone looked at Max with interested looks. Max just laughed in Damien's face. "You wanna fight me? You're on. But you better show up." Max said with an amused face. "No Max, you better show up!" Damon whispered. "No Max, you better show up." Damien repeated. "Ooooooooooh!" The audience said very excited.

The upcoming fight had Damien on edge for the rest of the day. Damon was constantly giving advice. "Keep your hands by your face, keep moving, don't let him ground and pound you, don't get backed into a corner, if you go down, protect your face and ribs." Damien memorized everything Damon said and stored it in his memory like a hard drive. He had developed a method to remembering everything he learned. He would create a map inside his head through with he could follow a path of small details to get to the answer he needed. It was an efficient way to remember the smallest details he learned years before.

The final bell rang and Damien took a minute to prepare. He was about to fight his nemesis. The man he despised and had caused him nothing but pain. "This ends now!" He thought to himself. "Alright Blud lets do this!" Damon said enthusiastically.

Damon arrived at the school field to see a large number of spectators and Max waiting with his goon squad. "He actually turned up!" Max said clearly very excited at the chance to stroke his ego. "Ofcourse I showed up. When I start something I finish it." Damien shot back. "Maybe you should have just run for it." Max mocked. "I hope you didn't eat your lunch yet, cause I got a knuckle sandwich for ya!" Damien shouted at him. "No! No.... Just no!" Damon cringed. "I thought it was pretty good." Damien thought. "Alright tough guy lets do this!" Max said raising his fists. Damien raised his fists and analysed Max.

Right handed, first attack most likely a straight punch. Must duck under straight shot and deliver a shot to the gut. Target is winded. Deliver right hook to the jaw bone. Chances of target collapsing are minute. Left kick to the chest. Target falls on his back. Target is bigger and stronger, ground and pound is ill advised. Kick to the ribs. Target picks himself up. Kick to the ribs makes target's stance weak. Exploit targets weakness. A second blow to the ribs. Be alert for defensive attacks. Second rib attack causes target to fall to his knees. Deliver final a final attack. Head but to the nose. Target's nose is broken. Game over."

"Hey tough guy! We gonna do this or not?" Max called. Damien returned from his mind and entered the fight. Max instantly made a straight shot with his right hand. Damien ducked under and delivered a punch to the gut. Max groaned and stumbled backwards, clutching his gut. Closing the distance, Damien right hooked Max in the jaw and kicked him in the chest. Max fell onto his back where Damien fired a kick to his gut. "AAAAAAAHHH!" Max cried in pain.

Damien backed off and returned to his defensive stance. Max slowly picked himself up and stumbled around. Damien knew that this was his chance. He charged Max, his second punch ready. Max tried to right hook Damien but his bruised ribs effected his power. Damien easily ducked under the punch and fired an almighty punch to the ribs. Max cried in pain again and fell to his knees. Time to finish this. Damien grabbed Max by his collar and head-butted Max on the nose. Everyone heard the crack as Max fell onto his back clutching his nose.

The crowd erupted! Cheering and clapping. Damien looked down at his fallen enemy and smiled proudly. "Mission accomplished mate! Congrats!" Damon applauded. "Thanks man." Damien thought back. That's when he saw Tina watching with a look of fear, regret and pride. A weird combo. Damien was about to walk away when Tina called out "DAMIEN LOOK OUT!" Damien spun around only to see a fist hit him in the face. Max stood their, his nose bloody, and started kicking Damien in the gut. Seconds later, his goon squad joined him as they proceeded to beat up Damien.

Damien was in pain all over his body when the teachers finally arrived to break up the fight. Damien lay the coughing and in pain. Mrs. Bishop appeared and pulled to his feet. The other teachers sent the other students away as Mrs. Bishop helped Damien to the nurses office. He looked over to see Max and his friends being dragged away. Max was glaring at Damien. "Don't look at him." Mrs. Bishop instructed and Damien immediately turned his head away.

"That was a reckless and stupid thing you did Mr. Shellwood." Mrs. Bishop scolded. Damien winced as the nurse rubbed disinfectant on the cut on face. He sat on the bed with his shirt off so the nurse could examine the bruises. "I'm sorry." He said through clenched teeth. "Damien this is not the way to solve your problems. You need to tell someone when your being bullied." Mrs. Bishop said shifting from angry teacher to caring teacher. "Yeah cause that's worked out for me before." Damien replied sarcastically. Mrs. Bishop looked at Damien little hurt. "I'm sorry. I'm not blaming you. But detentions don't work for people like him." The nurse had just put a band aid on his cheek. "You'll be ok as long as you get some rest." She said pulling her gloves off and leaving the office.

Mrs. Bishop crossed her arms and looked at her feet. "So what was the fight about." She asked. "I needed to prove that he's not the king he thinks he is." Damien said simply. "You sure it wasn't about your girlfriend?" She said looking Damien in they eye. "You heard about that." Damien stated. Mrs. Bishop nodded and sat beside Damien on the bed. "I'm sorry about what happened. You two looked like a sweet couple. I was really happy for you when I found out you two were a couple." She said. "Doesn't matter, we were together, we broke up, moving on." Damien said as he sat up and pulled his shirt back on. Mrs. Bishop rose to her feet. "Tell someone in future. Don't go starting fights." She said. "I think it's already been established that starting fights doesn't work for me either." He said before leaving the office. "Thanks for the help."

Chapter 9

On the walk home, Damien talked to Damon in his head. "I thought beating him in fight would take him down a peg?" Damien said. "Well it definitely did. No one's gonna forget this for a while." Damon replied. Damien winced as he walked. Each step made the pain in his ribs spike. When he walked through his front door, his mother took one look at his bruised face and immediately went frantic. "Damien! Oh my god what happened?"

The conversation moved to the kitchen where Amy gave him an ice pack to put on his face, while James stood there with his arms folded. "So what happened?" He asked with quiet anger. "We got a call from the school saying that you started a fight." Damien flinched as he put the ice pack on his face. "I wanted to stop Max from bullying me. So I called him out for a fight." James knew all to well about Max. He also knew what it was like being the victim of someone like him. He was silent for a moment as he thought back to his own school bully. "Did you win?" James asked. Damien nodded with a pained look on his face. "That's my boy!" James said patting his son on the back only to get a glare from Amy. "But no more fighting at school." He added. He received a second look from Amy. "Or ever! No more fighting ever!" He added again.

"It doesn't matter anyway. He hit me when my back was turned." Damien shrugged. "oh! dirty fighter." James said disgusted. "It didn't make any difference." Damien said frustrated. "Didn't make any difference? You'd be surprised. You put him in his place, you showed everyone that you're not going to stand for it anymore. You'll soon see it made alot of difference." James said trying to reassure him. "Right you need to get some rest and heal." Amy said ending the conversation. "And no school tomorrow!" She ordered as she left the kitchen. As if she needed to give an order like that.

James closed the kitchen door and went to one of the cupboards, where he pulled out a bottle of brandi. Damien knew what this was. His dad only took it out when he wanted to have a man to man talk. James poured two glasses and handed one to Damien before sitting opposite him. "What's this for?" Damien asked. "To celebrate you winning your first fight." James replied. Damien immediately felt a rush of pride as they clinked their glasses."But for god sake, don't tell your mother!" James said before taking a sip from his glass. Damien chuckled and took a sip of his own.

After a delicious Italian dinner, Damien went to bed where he talked to Damon. "All my problems are apparently solved. So now what?" Damien asked. "We need to do something about the nerd clothes! Then you need to learn how to talk to girls without stuttering like an idiot." Damon replied. "Ok. How do you plan to do that?" Damien asked. "Emily's got the clothes covered. If you don't know what to say just smile and don't say anything. We need to get you laid." Damon said. "Oh my god!" Damien growled. "If you're a part of me then shouldn't you have the same thoughts as me." He added.

You could say we're of two minds on the subject. But before you start complaining hear me out. Your still waiting to get over Tina yeah? Well getting you laid will help you forget about her. Trust me mate, it'll work." Damon explained. "So what? I just go up to a random girl and ask her for sex?" Damien said sarcastically. "Don't joke about that cause I bet you would. You need to start going to some parties. After you knocked Max out, I bet people will start noticing you now. Trust me, I bet you anything you start getting invites." It was a long shot but the logic was there, the fight would almost certainly have moved him up the social hierarchy. Regardless. There was nothing he could do tonight so he decided to sleep on it.

The next morning, Damien's alarm went off. Remembering he was taking today off school, he switched it off and rolled back over. He slept for a couple more hours before his phone started ringing. Damien groaned as he sat up and grabbed his phone. It was an unknown number but curiosity caught him and he answered.

"Hello, who's this?" He asked. "Damien? it's Max's mom, Mrs. Jacobs." the voice replied. Damien's eyes went wide. This is the last person he expected to hear from. "Uhhh hi, what can I do for you?" He asked. "I was wondering if you and I could talk. Would you be able to come over now?" She asked. Damien's gut was telling him this was about his fight with Max. It was obviously important because there was only one way she could have got his number. She'd obviously gone through alot of effort. "Ok. I'll be there in an hour." He said. "Thankyou." She said before hanging up.

Looking at the clock, Damien realised that Max would still be in school. That was good since Damien wasn't in the mood for any drama today. Not that Mrs. Jacobs would let that happen. He went to his closet when Damon spoke. "No, wear the same clothes as yesterday." He suggested. "Seriously?" Damien asked. "Until you get some better clothes yeah." The alter ego responded. Damien took one last look at his closet when Damon spoke again. "Wait a minute. What's that?" He asked. Damien looked again and said "Oh that's just my bomber Jacket. Dad bought it for me on my birthday."

"Put it on." Damon suggested. Damien dressed in his blue jeans, Black t-shirt and black bomber jacket. It was a tight fit but it was comfortable.

Damien arrived at the Jacob's residence just under an hour later. Making sure to calm his nerves before knocking, he realised that this was a chance to get an insight into Max's life. This would be a perfect chance to figure out how to being him down. Mrs. Jacobs answered the door and Damien was nearly knocked off his feet. She was drop dead gorgeous. Her chestnut hair was flowing past her shoulders. She wore a blue dress that hugged her curvy figure tightly. Her make up was on point and she was dressed to kill. Damien hid his reaction and simply smiled.

"Hello Damien, please come in." She said motioning him in. Damien entered and observed the hallway. It smelled fresh. He looked down at the corner where the shoes were kept. Most of them belonged to Mrs. Jacobs. There was one row of casual trainers and a back row of heels that were gathering dust. Curiously one pair of heels was missing from the row. Mrs. Jacobs walked past Damien, leading him to the front room. Damien looked down at her feet and saw her wearing the missing heels. "Curious." He thought to himself.

As he walked in, he passed a trash can. Briefly looking inside he saw a receipt with a well known brand on it. They entered the front room where it was very warm and inviting. Everything was neat and tidy. Mrs. Jacobs sat on the couch where Damien sat beside her.

"So you're probably wondering how I got your number." Mrs. Jacobs asked. "You got it from Tina yesterday." Damien said. Her eyes went wide. "How did you know that?" She asked.

"You wouldn't invite me here unless it was important. The only important thing that we have to discuss is my fight with Max which happened yesterday so you must've gotten my number the same day.

There are only few people who have my number and even fewer people who would give it to you so that eliminates my family, the only person left is Tina." Damien explained. "You just can't turn off the geek setting can you." Damon mocked. "Well this geek just figured out that I'm gonna get laid today." Damien thought back. "What!!!" Damon shouted in shock. "Well that's very impressive Damien. You're absolutely right." She said smiling. "Hang on! Hang on! How do you know you're getting laid tonight?" Damon asked. "Look at the way she's dressed. Very classy for a casual conversation. Plus she's wearing heels that she hasn't worn in a long time, suggests she saves them for special occasions. And if you aren't convinced by now how about the fact that there's a receipt from Victoria secret in the trash can." Damien explained. "Oh shit! So why haven't you said anything to her." Damon asked excitedly. "I'm just taking your advice."

So you know what I wanted to talk about." Mrs. Jacobs asked. "Not sure what there is to talk about. We fought, I won, Max hit me from behind and got his friends to help him finish me." Damien explained. "Yes. Max came home bragging about it. I grounded him for it but that just doesn't seem to work on him anymore. Nor does a slap in the face. So I need to be more creative with my punishments." She said smiling deviously. "Mrs. Jacobs I'm not sure I understand." Damien lied.

Without a word spoken, Mrs. Jacobs pulled Damien in for a kiss. He felt her tounge slide into his mouth as he returned the kiss. After a moment she broke the kiss. "From now on Damien, it's Sarah! Or slut if you'd prefer." She purred. Damien suddenly became very excited. His legs were shaking. Even though he expected this. The reality made him nervous. He didn't know what to say. "Uhhh Mrs. Jac..." She silenced him with her finger on his lips. "Ssshhh. Don't ask questions. Just enjoy what comes next." She said. With that she pulled her tits out the top of her dress. Damien's eyes nearly jumped from his head. They were large, round and firm. His eyes were glued to them. "You wanna touch them?" She purred. "Can I?" He asked. "Don't ask, just do it!" Damon instructed. Damien immediately reached up and grabbed her left tit, squeezing it roughly. "Gently mate! Gently! She ain't going anywhere, take your time." Damon said. Damien loosened his grip.

Damien, are you a virgin?" Sarah asked. "N-no!" Damien stuttered. Shaking. "Well you obviously need some experience." She purred. "Take her nipple between your thumb and finger and squeeze. Gently!" Damon instructed. Damien did and Sarah moaned her approval. "Hmmm, suck on them Damien." She moaned. Damien wrapped his lips around her nipple and gently sucked on them while he played with the other tit.

A few minutes of this before Sarah pushed him away and laid back on the couch. Her hands went under her dress and pulled down her panties. She spread her legs to show Damien her pussy glistening with her juices. Damien froze with his eyes locked on her. Deciding to take charge, Sarah pulled him down between her legs and said "Start licking." Clearly too horny to be patient. Damien obeyed and did his best, although he'd never done this. Not even to Tina. He didn't know how and she didn't ask. Despite this, he persevered licking up and down, round and round. Sarah's moans were a good sign as Damien continued this and doubled his efforts.

Sarah's moans increased and became high pitched squeals. "Mate, it's time to take this up a notch. Trust me and do as I say yeah?" Damon. "Ok." Damien replied. "Grab her hair, not too hard, and drag her too her knees." Damien was unsure about this but decided to hell with it. Sarah moaned in disappointment as Damien rose to his feet and grabbed her hair. Her eyes went wide as she was dragged to her knees. Her shock was replaced with hunger and Damien took out his 7 inch cock. "Now shove it in her mouth, grab her head and fuck her mouth." Damien looked down to see Sarah staring at him expectantly and thrust his cock in her mouth. As instructed he grabbed Sarah's head and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. The feeling was indescribable. It was warm, wet and felt so great.Sarah gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat.

She didn't care though. She was dripping wet. She started rubbing her pussy frantically. "Take your hand away slut! I want you to cum on my cock!" Damien roared. Sarah immediately stopped. Damien's aggressive behaviour turning her on even more. "Nice one. Now it's time to fuck her. Do her doggy." Damon said. Damien pulled his cock from Sarah's mouth and pulled her too her feet.

He took her arm and led her to the table where he bent her over. Sarah gasped as she was pushed down and her dress pushed up. "Make her beg!" Damon instructed. "You want me too fuck you?" Damien asked. "Oh yes sir! Please fuck my pussy! Make me your slut!" She begged. Damien shoved his entire length inside her. She threw her head up and gasped. Her eyes went wide and her jaw hung open. "Now grab her hips and really give it to her!" Damon said. Damien started hammering into her. Sarah slammed her fist into the table and growled like an animal as she started cumming on his cock.

Damien took her reaction as a green light to do more. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Oh yes sir! Please use me! Use me how ever you want." Her dirty talk had Damien on the brink. "Sarah! I'm gonna cum!" He growled. Sarah pushed Damien back and dropped to her knees. "Cum on my face. Leave your mark on me!" Damien furiously jacked his cock and released his seed all over Sarah's face. "Why don't you take some pictures." Sarah suggested. Damien excitedly grabbed his phone and began snapping pictures. Sarah did different poses and Damien thought this would be the perfect ammunition to take Max's power from him.

Eventually Sarah picked herself up and straightened her clothes. "I'm going to take a shower. Help yourself to anything. But don't leave yet, I wanna talk before you leave." She said. "Yeah sure." Damien replied pulling his pants up.

Sarah disappeared upstairs and Damien went to the fridge. It was almost empty aside from some vegetables, a bottle of wine and some beer bottles. Damien pulled one out and examined it.

"No barcode, its from a pack or crate. The only shop that sells this brand is around from the corner from school. They sell packs of four, easy to hide in a school bag. Max has stolen these from the shop." Damien deducted before cracking one open and drinking. At that moment Sarah reappeared. "Max won't be happy about you drinking one of his beers." She said smirking. "Of all the things I've done to him today, I don't think losing a beer is gonna be the worst." He replied. Sarah chuckled and said "I guess so."

The two went back to the front room and sat on the couch. "So listen the reason I wanted to talk to you before you go is because I'm going to tell Max what happened today." She said. Damien looked at her curiously. "Are you sure that's a good idea?" He asked. Sarah nodded. "He's my son and I love him but he needs to stop bullying people. If this is what it takes to stop him then fine, it's a small price to pay since I haven't been fucked like that in a while. That was so much better then my vibrator." The two of them chuckled for while. "There's going to be hell at school tomorrow." Damien commented. "Well, you've got everything you need to keep him back on your phone." She replied. "Touché." He said.

Finishing his beer, Damien took the cue to leave. The two hugged it out as the door began to open. Max walked in just in time to see them break their hug. "Hi sweety." Sarah said sweetly. "What the fuck is he doing here!?" Max asked angrily pointing at Damien who had the smuggest grin on his face. "Max watch your attitude before I slap it from your system!" Sarah snapped. "This is my house and I'll invite whoever I like." She continued. It was amusing watching Max quickly back down.

Sarah showed Damien out where he planted a kiss on her cheek just to piss Max off. Sarah playfully pushed Damien out the door before closing it.

The walk home was filled with exhilaration as Damien marched like a king. "Fair play mate! That was nicely done." Damon said. "Thanks buddy. After tomorrow I'll have nothing else to worry about. I can just focus on getting past this last year." He said proudly as he threw his jacket over his shoulders.

Chapter 10

The day was here. Damien was closing up his locker when he saw Max marching towards him, the look of hellfire in his eyes. Damien grinned at him as he approached. Max pushed Damien against the lockers and grabbed him by his collar. "I'm going to fucking kill you!" Max whispered. Everyone stopped and watched. Including Tina who looked terrified. "Doesn't feel good does it. When someone fucks with your life." Damien said chuckling. Max growled and punched Damien in the gut. Damien grunted and went down before Max pulled him back up. "I'm going to torture you everyday til you commit suicide!" Max whispered, seething with rage.

Damien chuckled again and pulled out his phone. Max looked at the picture and his eyes went wide. The picture showed his mother on her knees naked, her face covered in cum. "So what if these pictures went around the school? What if all your victims realised that all they had to do was pay your mom a visit. I already know first hand how accommodating she can be. And before you think of smashing my phone I've got more phones with more pictures. More....interesting pictures."

Max was enraged and wanted nothing more then to beat this punk bloody. But if the pictures went around the school, his reputation would be ruined. He would be the laughing stock of the whole school. "Here's the deal, leave me and everyone else alone and this stays between us. Try to push me and your mom gets free advertisement." Damien said confidently. Max was so angry but he calmed his breathing. "You swear?" He asked. Damien nodded and after some brief thought Max released him. As Max walked away everyone looked at Damien totally shocked having not heard the exchange.

Eventually everyone began moving again. And Damien began walking to the cafeteria for lunch. "you don't have any more phones?" Damon said questionably. "Yeah but he didn't know that." Damien thought back. "Mate if I could I'd give you a high five." While he was walking someone suddenly grabbed his arm. He looked back to see Tina. "Tina what are you doing?" He asked confused. "I'm sorry I know you want your space but I have to ask. How did you get Max to back off you like that?" She asked in total shock. "That is a secret. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm hungry." He said grinning before walking away.

Eating his lunch, Damien could everyone's eyes on him. Looks of confusion and shock. Even more so when Max walked past him, doing nothing more then glare at him. Damien ignored it and continued eating.

Having finished his much, Damien was about to leave when he saw Abigail Bennet sitting alone. Abigail was like Damien. One of the smart kids or nerds. She had a group of close friends that were also nerds. So it was unusual to see her sitting alone. Even more unusual were her clothes. Short skirt, stockings, tight V neck t shirt and her blonde hair was in pigtails. Abigail was a shy, conservative girl. To see her dressed like this was like Jesus returning to earth with tattoos and nipple rings.

The most disturbing was her expression. It was more then sadness. It was a combination of shame and dread. She was always a positive girl even if she was the target of bullies. Damien decided to investigate. Although they weren't friends, they shared a couple of classes and Damien admired her potential.

Abigail was startled as someone sat at the table next to her, but breathed a sigh of relief to see Damien. "Hi Abigail." He said cheerfully. "Hi Damien." She replied. Funny she didn't even look up from her phone, considering she wasn't using it. The phone was locked and lying on the table. Abigail just stared at it. Just waiting for something.

There was an awkward silence for a few moments before Damien spoke again. "Hey, are you ok?" He asked. "Fine." She replied bluntly still staring at her fine. "Abigail that's obviously a lie. You're dressed in your own words "Like a whore", you look scared senseless, and you clearly wanna be left alone. All these things contradict your usual behaviour." Damien said.

At that moment the phone rang. Abigail quickly grabbed the phone and answered it. The exchange was brief with Abigail saying nothing more then yes, ok and I understand. Abigail's eyes suddenly went wide and she turned away from Damien. Although he couldn't hear, he could read lips. Abigail said "Yes mistress."

Abigail hung up the phone, red faced and smelling of arousal. Damien's interest was peaked. "What was that about?" Damien asked. "Nothing!" Abigail said quickly looking at Damien for the first time. "Really? Sounds like your mistress is checking up on you." Damien quipped. With that, Abigail broke down and cried with her face in her hands. Damien put his arm around her and pulled her close. At the same time, Tina walked past carrying her dinner tray. She saw Damien with Abigail and glared at the crying girl before storming off. Damien didn't have time to explain nor did he care to."It's gonna be ok Abigail, just tell me what's going on."

Without another word said, Abigail grabbed his hand and dragged Damien away. She took him round the corner into an empty class room. Dropping herself in one of the chairs, she began to explain. "I'm being blackmailed!" She said as Damien took the chair opposite her. "She keeps....making me do things...humiliating things. If I don't do them she'll destroy my family! Please! Help me!"

Those three words were everything Damien needed to hear as he stood tall with a smile and said "I'll take the case."

To be concluded


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