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Mysterious sex is best
When i was a teenager my parents decided to remodel  the basment to make it a den for us kids and as there were five of us it seemed like a great idea. I was exactly in the middle with both an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister.

Next to the laundry my patents had a small bathroom set up sortof like a half bath with just a potty and shower stall. There must have been some sort of water line between them that got moved because there was a hole about 3" big in the wall right next to where the potty sat.

One day i was alone down there and had to go so i went into the bathroom and sat down on the potty. I waited and waited knowing i had the urge to go however it was taking forever, i decidef to touch my self while waiting and was really getting horny when i heard a noise through the wall and realized there was at least one other person down here. 
Just then a hard cock was in the wall just inches from my face, i could see everything about it from the purplish head to the veins and even clear liquid coming from the tip. Out of curiosity I touched it and felt a wiggle as I did that, I got bolder after that and wrapped my hand around it sliding my hand up and down this increasingly sexy shaft. I had the sudden urge to lick the tip and taste the clear fluid that was now running freely out, so I extended my tounge slowly onto the head and into the slit of this cock in my hand. Wow that tasted so go and I wanted more so for the first time in my life I put my lips on a cock and kissed it to get the taste, then i opened my lips letting the head and shaft start to slide into my mouth. 
The cock and I started to work out a rythm were as I went foward it would go foward deeper into my mouth and as I went back so would the cock. I knew that the owner of the cock enjoyed my treatment of the cock by the moans I heard but I didn't care about that, as I just wanted to please the cock... back and forth we went, my mouth sliding foward on the cock and then back went my lips on the skin. Mmmm.
All to soon I felt the cock swell in my mouth to were I akmost couldn't keep it there and then it happened..I felt hot salty sweet fluid enter my mouth and fill my throat with cum, wow it tasted so good that I just had to keep swallowing, I almost couldn't keep it all but I managed because I didn't want to lose any of this yummy goodness. 
Much to my sadness the cock slowly withdrew from my wet mouth and out of the whole. I wiped myself and now had to decide when to leave the bathroom. I didn't have to wait long to leave because a note was pushed through the hole and dropped onto the floor. I hesitently picked it up making sure nobody could see me through the whole. "Stick your tounge through the hole" was all the note said, i was scared of what would happen and didn't move or make a noise, when there was a tap on the wall and a finger bekoning me to the hole. I put just the tip of my tounge out ans felt something soft and a bit wrinkly. My curiosity got the better of me and i put more of my tounge out and moved it around.
I felt the skin my tounge was touching get hard and pointy. Was this a nipple, i thought to myself, was it on the same body of the cock i just sucked? I kept moving my tounge around and after a few minutes the nipple was taken away and replaced with Replaced with a different nipple. I knew it was a different one because the ont that was there a second ago was wet from my tounge and this one was dry, but were they from the same body and would I get that cock back? I licked around this new nipple for a bit, then i felt the nipple slide away from my tounge as I encountered soft and sometimes wrinkly skin. I think I was licking my first real live female breast. 
All of my sisters had at least some breast growth so I wondered whose they were, I felt the skin change again until my tounge slid into, was it? Yes it was a belly button. I wondered where we were going with this, was I really gonna get to put my tounge in a pussy? What would it feel like? What would it taste like? Would I love it as much as the cock I had sucked, could I make it cum like that? As the skin that my tounge was touching kept moving, I was getting so horny so I started to pinch my own nipples and flicked them just a bit. I kept wiggling my tounge against the soft skin then felt a small patch of fuzzy hair and before i knew it my tounge encountered a puffy piece of skin and then another. It was like the person was giving me a taste of her pussy, (I knew that it had to be one of my sister's pussies),one lip at a time. I was in heaven as I slid my tounge all over getting each lip as much as possible. From the moans i heard I figured she liked it alot and i started to taste sweet juices on my tounge.
I heard my brother tell her to hold open her lips and let me lick her clit nubbin, then shegiggled as my tounge went crazy on her clit. I just had to get more of that juice. We stayed like that for a while then she guided my tounge between the opening of her pussy into the moist center of juice heaven. I must have started touching my self because I started to cum while my tounge played with my sister, as soon as she heard me cumming it must have set her off to because she started to send wave after sweet wave of orgasmic wetness over my tounge. 
I then heard something I hadn't heard an that was the same sound I made when I sucked on the wonderful cock just before, then my brothers voice mumbled I'm cumming sis,swallow swallow. The pussy moved away and I felt lonliness, but only for a second because as soin as I moved my tounge away from the hole a note was pushed through asking if I would let my brother have sex with me through the hole. 
Did I want to take it that far, I asked myself
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