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My name is Rick, and I'm married to Lori. She has two sisters that I simply love, and would do almost anything to get intimate with. This series is about how I was able to go through the whole female side of the family. Most is true, with a little embellishment at times.
Love My Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 1 - 2

This is a true story about my wife's older sister Debbie, who lives 200 miles from us. She visits often, sometimes with her husband, sometimes not. He's somewhat of a DICKHEAD, and she's constantly complaining about him. Deb is very attractive, with a great body and excellent legs, and has long, curly auburn colored hair.

Deb is the subject of most my fantasies, and I've often jerked off thinking about what I'd like to do with her. I'm sure she knows it, too, because she's constantly teasing me. Over the years, I've managed to see just about everything she has to offer. She often allows me to see up or down her dress, acting as though she doesn't realize I'm looking.

A few weeks ago, my fantasies were realized, when I had to pick her up in Columbus (about 80 miles away from our house.) She was on her way to visit us, and her car broke down, and couldn't be fixed until the next day. My wife had to work late, so that left me to make the drive by myself.

Once there, I noticed that: 1. She looked fabulous, in a short dress, sheer nylons and 3" heels, and, 2. She was pissed off at her husband, as usual. He had allowed her to attempt the drive from her house to ours in a car that simply wasn't safe. I put her bag in the back of my pick-up, and then helped her up into my truck. Her dress slid up as she climbed in, and she made no attempt to pull it down. I was able to see almost up to her crotch!

It was already dark when I got in and started the 1 1/2 hour drive back home, and Deb started right in about her asshole husband, and the condition of her car. I had a tough time keeping my eyes off of her nylon-clad thighs, as her dress was still up near her waist.

I picked an older road back, rather than the expressway, and there were few cars on it besides us. Finally, Deb quit bitching, and looked over at me. "My feet are killing me!" she moaned, and I quickly offered to rub them for her. "Really? You'd do that for me?" she asked. "Absolutely!" I quickly responded.

She spun towards me, and put her feet in my lap, still in her sexy high heels. I slipped them off her feet, and took one in my hand, nearly cumming just from the touch of her nyloned foot! She went on talking about whatever - I was paying no attention to her. I rubbed her foot for several minutes, and then started on the other one.

"Oohhhh, Rick, that feels fabulous!" she purred. I was a little afraid she would feel my rock hard dick with her feet, but if she did, she didn't say anything. As I maneuvered her feet and legs around, I was able to see all the way up to her crotch. I could see that she had on sheer-to-waist pantyhose, and nothing underneath! My cock had never been harder in my life!

As I rubbed, she leaned back and closed her eyes. I started moving my hands up to her ankle, her calf, and on up until I was at her knee. The hem of her dress was much higher, and when I spread her knees, when we were under a street light, I could see it all through the sheer nylon of her pantyhose!

Then, I noticed that her other foot was very slightly moving, against the rock hard boner that was in my pants! We drove along for several miles, until I was sure that was what she was doing. Neither of us said a word, she was definitely stroking my cock with her foot!

I looked over, and saw that her eyes were still closed, and they were, as if she were sleeping. I slowly moved my hand up higher, onto her sexy, nylon covered thigh, and caressed her there. No resistance. I moved higher, near mid-thigh. No resistance. Higher..... the side of my hand was now against her crotch. I moved it back and forth, and then moved it over until it cupped her sex. I stole a quick look, and saw that her eyes were half open, half closed, as if in a dream state.

After a few minutes of this with no complaint from her, I slid my hand up to the waist band of her pantyhose, and slipped it underneath and down, until my fingers were tangled in her pubic hair. On down, and now I slid between her lips and deep into her with my finger - it was one of the wettest pussies I'd ever had a finger in!

"No pretense of being asleep now. Deb moaned loudly and squeezed her thighs tightly together, trying to increase the pressure and the friction. I fingered her for a few minutes more, slipping up to her clit as often as I could. Now, both of Deb's nylon covered feet were grinding against my cock, and I was trying desperately not to cum.

With my left hand, I slid my zipper down, and pulled my dick out into the open. Her feet immediately wrapped around it, and she kept sliding them against it. Somehow, I'd managed to keep the truck moving, and in a straight line!

I saw an old farm lane, and turned off, going about a hundred yards off the road, and stopped, shutting the lights off. I shoved Deb's legs apart, and slid down between them. I took the keys and poked a hole in the cotton crotch of her pantyhose, making an opening big enough for my tongue. I moved my face down to the opening, and my tongue got to her, licking the sweet juice from her pussy. Then, I sucked her clit into my mouth, and worked it until she screamed "Oh, god, Rick, I'm cumminggggg!" and she did, nearly breaking my neck with her nylon-clad thighs!

After she calmed down a little, I got back up into my seat. Without a word from her, she slid down and took my cock into her mouth, sucking hard on the head. She knew how to suck dick, that's for sure!!! Her tongue played at the head, and she stroked the shaft with her hand
A few seconds later, I was pumping shot after shot of hot cum in her mouth, her eyes locked on mine as she kept up with every one spurt. She swallowed several times to make sure she got it all. Then, she came up and kissed me our first real kiss on the lips, her tongue with its salty taste, sliding in and out of my mouth.

Afterwards, she sat close to me the rest of the way, my hand on her pantyhose clad thigh, her kissing on me most of the way. We got to the house before my wife got home, which was good. In the living room, Deb went to her knees and sucked me off again, swallowing my second load of the night. Somehow, my wife never caught on, and we made it through the weekend with no problems. I've not been able to try anything else with Deb yet, but our E-mails to each other show lots of promise!!

Ch. 2

A month or so after my wife's older sister Debbie's visit to our house, we made the trip to her house for a weekend visit. When she was down, and I mean really down, she'd fulfilled my greatest fantasy - she'd sucked my dick in the truck on the way back to my house.

Since then, our Internet messages to each other have taken quite a new turn - all we've talked about since then is sex. Debbie has assured me that she wants to continue our relationship, but she also warned me that she won't fuck me. She simply can't do that to her sister!

Okay, I told her I can live with that, but I also warned her that I would continue to try. On this particular weekend, our plans were to go out Friday night, and sleep in Saturday. Then, a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was planned for Saturday afternoon and evening.

We got in at about 5:30 PM, and they were ready to go out. Deb was a sight to behold - short black dress, sheer, dark nylons and the same strappy heels she'd worn the night in the truck. Instant hard on!

I told Deb she looked "nice," and my wife broke into the conversation. "Down, boy! She's my sister!" she retorted. That just makes it even better - keep it in the family!" I jokingly answered back. "You wish!" was my wife's last remark before we went to our room to change.

My wife also dressed to kill. It was obvious that she was planning on getting some action that night. She wore sheer stockings, a lacy garter belt, thong, spiked heels and a brief dress. She knew how to get to me after ten years of marriage!

Both women looked great as we headed to a nice place for dinner. Debbie took every opportunity to show herself off to me, getting out of the car, sitting down at the table, etc. Her husband was oblivious to it all. During dinner, Debbie drove me crazy under the table, her nylon covered foot drawing pictures on my naked shin below my pants leg.

Then, she played with her straw, pushing it in and out of her mouth! I was rock hard as we left the eatery and headed for the night club. I drove, and Debbie sat behind me. Somehow, she got her shoe off, putting her foot was between the door and my seat. I caressed the nylon sheathed prize all the way to the club.

When I opened her door and she got out, my wife and her husband were on the other side of the car. She showed me everything, letting the hem of her dress ride all the way up. Sheer-to-waist nylons, no panties underneath, neatly trimmed bush. I was ruined for the night!

My wife was hell-bent on keeping my attention, and making sure I was up for her at night's end. She continually played up to me, placing my hand on her nylon covered thigh, (high up), kissing me, etc. I could tell Deb was not impressed! I knew that if I wanted any fun with Debbie, I'd have to ply the wife with alcohol, because it usually puts her out like a light. I also noticed that Debbie's husband was drinking more than usual.

I got one chance to dance with Debbie when my wife went to the Girl's room. She plastered herself against me, and we both commented on how hard I was. I assured her it was for her, and she seemed content with that. I was able to steal a few quick feels, of her tits and once, of her nylon sheathed thigh under her dress. She also reached down between us and stroked the head of my dick. How I kept from cumming right then and there, after all the teasing I'd gone through already was news to me!

Back at our table, and everyone said they were ready to leave. On the way home, my wife actually fell asleep! One down! I looked back at Debbie's husband, and knew he wasn't far behind. He'd consumed an enormous amount of alcohol, and it was taking its toll. Debbie played the same game with her nyloned foot, just to keep my interest up.

Once at home, both couples headed for their respective rooms. My wife fell promptly and soundly asleep. A few minutes later, the bedroom door opened and closed quickly, and even though I couldn't see Deb, I sensed her presence. I could actually smell her! She came over to the bed and took my hand, pulling me up. I followed her out of the room, and when we were in the dim light of the hallway, I about lost it.

Sheer pantyhose, high heels, nothing else. Nothing. I followed that cute, nylon-clad ass down the hall to the other guest room, which we entered and closed the door.

Deb assured me that her husband was just as dead to the world as my wife was, and then slid into my arms, kissing me passionately. She grabbed my shorts and slid them down, going to her knees as she did. Finally, my cock was sliding in and out of her moist, hot mouth - a feeling I'd been longing for, for the last month.

I made my way to a chair and sat down without dislodging her mouth, which had a near death grip on my hard member. She sucked me for several minutes, my every effort going into prolonging the pleasure. Finally, she backed off until just the head was in her mouth, and she looked up into my eyes as she started stroking the shaft, teasing my slit with her tongue.
That did it! I came about a pint, with her not missing a single drop of it. Just like the last time, she swallowed it all. She then licked me until I was soft, and came up to sit on my lap. We kissed for a few minutes, and then I sat her in the chair and went to my knees between her nyloned thighs.

I kissed each lovely, wonderful, nylon sheathed beauty, and worked my way up until I was at her core. I couldn't believe it. Her nylons were crotchless! I couldn't tell if she'd done it herself, or bought them like that, and it didn't matter anyway. Hot, wet, pungent, unbelievably sexy. I moved my tongue to the opening.

Finally, I was skin to skin with the pussy I'd been dreaming about for years. I licked, sucked, played, fingered, and just experienced the wonderful essence of it, glad that I was finally able to return the pleasure she'd given me. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and she started cumming almost immediately, working her nylon clad thighs around my head. She rubbed my head with both hands as I sucked her, moaning so loud I was sure she'd wake our mates, but thankfully, she didn't. Her thighs damn near broke my neck, and I remember thinking, "What a way to go!"

Afterward, we sat and talked like that for quite some time, both of us saying that we didn't want to leave the marriage we were in, or harm our mates - especially her sister. We agreed to continue playing around whenever we got the chance, but she reaffirmed that she would not let me fuck her! We'll see...


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my wifes sister had us over for new years eve just before we were to be married, we smoked and drank wine and watched George Carlin in Lake Taho until my future brother in law passed out, by then my fiancee was so wacked she didn't know which was up, she lay on the couch incoherent. i waved my hand before her eyes and nothing. her sister stripped at once and i knelt between her legs and showed her why her sister loved me, i ate her out fantastically, she had four orgasms and begged me to get between her legs and fuck her silly, which i did, she came three more times and after i came in her, she helped her hubby to bed and fucked him in his sleep to cover any small problems that might pop up, meanwhile i stripped my fiancee and began licking her pussy, she woke up and saw what i was doing and got into it with me and we fucked till dawn, which she doesn't seem to remember much of. three months later both girls came back from the gynocologist with good news, they were both pregnant.


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This is a true story?????? Bull Shit. It takes several miles to figure out if she is playing with you dick with her foot? On the way home Debbie played the same game with her foot? She must have long legs to reach from the back seat to the drivers seat to play with your tinywiny pecker. Dumb story. No way its true.


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Keep pushing, she will fuck you.

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