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It's Kimmy's big night with her daddy, and Leyla's there to watch all the cherry-popping fun!
Daughter's Slut Training
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Eleven: Watching Daughter Pop Her Cherry
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Mrs. Umayyah

“Leyla!” Kimmy shrieked when she opened her door. The blonde girl bounced on the balls of her feet, her braces flashing on her teeth.

“Kimmy!” my daughter answered.

The girls hugged each other like they hadn't seen the other in weeks instead of at college just a few hours ago. They were so energetic, both of them making those excited noises only a young girl could make. I couldn't help smiling while Todd Myers, Kimmy's father shook his head as he watched from farther inside the house.

Then the girls broke a part and darted away, Kimmy pulling Leyla after her, my daughter's backpack with her belongings trailing behind her. The pounding of their feet racing up the stairs echoed through the house.

“Well, you are in for a wild night, aren't you, Todd?” I said as I followed my daughter into the house, giving Kimmy's father a smile.

“Sounds like it,” he said with a shrug. He didn't sound disappointed at all, dirty old man. He knew it was just him and the girls tonight. Was he going to perv on them?


“There's just something I need to talk to you about,” I said as I headed for the kitchen, passing through the elegant house. It was huge, twice the size my family lived in, with a living room and a sitting room, decorated by Todd's wife to be as stylish as possible.

“Oh?” he said. “Is there something about Leyla I need to know about?”

“Yes, there is.” My pussy tingled beneath my skirt, the thong I wore molding to my snatch. I was getting used to having that narrow strip of cloth burred between the cheeks of my ass.

I couldn't wait for Todd's son, Carter, to strip them off of me and go to town on my snatch.

The kitchen was a thing of beauty. It was larger than mine, with an island in the middle and bar stools pulled up to it. There was so much counter space with not one but two ovens. The things I could do in this kitchen... The meals I could create... I sighed, staring at the bronze-bottom pots hanging from a rack, looking beautiful, works of art.

“So what's up?” Todd asked as I pulled out my iPad.

“I need to show you something about Leyla,” I said. “I have an exciting opportunity for you. Something I know you've been thinking about a lot.”

“Oh?” he asked, his brow tightening. He gave me a quizzical look as I swiped my iPad on and opened the video. I had my youngest son, Jalal, show me how to get this video on here and play it.

I hit play.

“It's time for you to learn to please two men, slut,” my voice said from offscreen (I was operating the camera). The video showed my daughter as she walked in the living room with her younger brother, my baby boy, Jalal.

Coquettish delight crossed my daughter's dusky face, her body shivering. Her dusky face twisted with passion. “Yes, mother.”

My eldest son, a hunky god, appeared in the shot naked, his cock already hard. He seized Leyla's black hair, snarling, “Come here, you little slut.” He threw my daughter down to the floor. Jalal stepped up, his cock tenting his jeans, both my sons looking so hungry at their sister. “Strip naked then get us ready to fuck your whore-holes.”

“Yes!” Leyla panted like the little slut she was.

“What is this?” Todd asked as he watched my daughter rip off her blouse, her round, youthful titties bouncing out, nipples brown and hard. “Jesus, that's your daughter and your sons and...”

Jalal seized my daughter's right tit and squeezed hard, saying. “That's it, slut. You're going to make us both cum today.”

“Yum,” Leyla said, working her skirt off as she knelt, shifting her body, her breasts bouncing.

“My daughter is a whore,” I told Todd, his eyes locked on my naked daughter. “The little slut is for sale. You can enjoy her tonight. Feel that tight, young cunt that you've been lusting after wrapped about your dick. That little whore's been teasing you with that tight body, hasn't she? Making you so hard, forcing you to jerk off or fuck your wife while wishing that young pussy was riding your cock.”

“Jesus,” he groaned again as I pressed against him, watching Leyla now sucking on her brothers' dicks, going back and forth between them, her dusky cheeks hollowing as she loved their cocks, pleasing them with her hungry mouth.

“That could be your cock in her mouth,” I whispered. “Once Kimmy falls asleep, Leyla will give you a night you'll never forget.”

“Did he say yes, Mom?” Leyla asked, bursting into the kitchen, her skirt swirling about her lithe legs. “Did he?”

“He's still not convinced,” I told my daughter. “Why don't you show him what's on the table.”

Leyla spun around, her skirt and black hair flaring. She bent over, wiggling her ass at Todd and me. She flipped up her skirt revealing her naked ass and shaved pussy, her slit so tight and already juicy. I squeezed my daughter's firm rump and caressed her wet snatch. My fingers penetrated her barely legal cunt, feeling her silky, wet depths while she whimpered in delight.

“I know you've been aching to slide your dick into this hot cunt,” I told him, my daughter's snatch clenching down on my fingers. She shuddered. “To feel this barely legal twat on your dick. And you can. For $1000, my daughter will be your slut tonight.”

“I will, Mr. Myers!” Leyla moaned, throwing a winsome look over her shoulders as I pulled my fingers out of her cunt. “I would sooooo love to have you in me.”

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Todd groaned, his cock bulging his gray sweatpants.

“Well?” I asked, holding my wet fingers before his face, letting him smell my daughter's tangy pussy.

His nostrils flared. “I don't have that much cash.”

“That's okay,” I smiled, tapping the little, white square stuck into a port on my iPad with a small slit at the top like you'd see on a debit machine at the store. “I can take credit card.” Jalal was such a smart boy. He hooked me up with Square so my Johns could pay for it. “It'll look like a charitable donation to my daughter's school club. I'm the adviser of it.” President Carver helped set it up.

He was so eager for Sunday to arrive so he could fuck my daughter and me all day.

“Let me get my wallet,” Todd said.

Leyla squealed in delight.


Leyla Umayyah

I was so excited as I squirmed on Kimmy's bed. We were both naked, our bodies pressed tight. Her small boobies—these cute, little handfuls topped by soft, pink nipples—rubbed against my dusky, round tits. Her blue eyes were so wide and bright, her braces shining on her teeth as she grinned. A romcom played loudly on her TV.

“I'm really going to sleep with my father tonight,” she said, squirming her thighs together.

“And getting paid $200 to do it,” I said. I was getting $200, too, the remaining $600 went to help my family. The pair of us were going to have so much fun with her Daddy. He was a yummy man. I mean, he wasn't my daddy, but he was still a stud. And Kimmy would have so much fun. “You're getting your cherry popped. And tomorrow, before the gangbang, Jalal is eager to be your number two.”

She blushed, squirming. “He is cute.”

“Yes, he is,” I said, my fingers walking up her ivory leg towards her blonde bush. “He's such a sweet boy. He likes you, you know.”

“Really?” she asked, her eyes wide.

“Didn't you see how excited he was to have you suck his cock yesterday?” I asked, my finger reaching her blonde bush.

Her thighs parted for me, my hand slipping down to cup her virgin cunt as she moaned, “He did look like he was having a hot time.”

“Yes, he did,” I purred, feeling her soft pussy lips through her blonde pubic hair. Her juices coated my fingers and palm. I rubbed up and down on her vulva, making her tremble, her small boobies jiggling. “He's looking forward to the gangbang, too. I think he wants to watch you more than me. I'm a little jealous.”

“I can't believe it. A gangbang,” Kimmy said. “That's so wild.”

“You're not having second thoughts?” I asked. “Izzy and Kendra are eager to experience it.”

“No, no, I want to be a slut,” Kimmy said. Then she shoved her hand between my thighs, rubbing at my shaved cunt. “Like you.”

I shuddered as her fingers brushed my clit then slid down to my pussy lips. She penetrated her fingers into my cunt. I shuddered, my snatch clenching down on her probing fingers. She pumped them in and out as I rubbed her virgin twat, brushing her hymen and labia.

“You're going to be just as naughty as me,” I purred. “You're going to be fucked by your daddy tonight. And tomorrow, my little brother's going to enjoy your pussy and all the boys at our college are going to fuck us so hard!”

“Yes!” she moaned, trembling, humping against my fingers. She wiggled hers inside of mine, brushing that special spot I discovered yesterday. A jolt shot through me, making me whimper. “They're going to enjoy our tight bodies.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned. “Ooh, how early can we pretend that you went to bed? I just want to get fucking your daddy so badly!”

“Uh-huh,” Kimmy groaned, her body twisting, her pussy growing hotter and hotter on my fingers.

Her bed creaked as we writhed in delight. Pleasure flowed out of my pussy, her fingers feeling so wonderful inside of me. Then she ground the heel of her hand on my clit. She made my little bud throb and ache. It sent sparks of delight through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head as I slid my fingers up and down the groove of her slit, brushing her clit and her hymen, savoring her juicy delight.

Our bodies rubbed together. Our skin caressed each other. Our moans echoed through the room. Her head leaned back, her mouth open as she groaned. I lunged my head closer, kissing those lips, feeling her braces rasping on my lips.

Our tongues met, dancing. We whimpered into the other's mouth as we fingered each other faster and faster. My pussy grew hotter, clenching on her fingers as ripples of delight surged through me. I could feel my pleasure building and building in me. I came closer and closer to exploding. To that wonderful release.

I loved this feeling.

I loved being a slut.

I kissed her harder, my tongue running across her teeth. Her braces were just so sexy. Made her feel even more innocent. My fingers rubbed harder on her pussy, dancing on her clit. She shuddered and bucked, her digits curling inside of me.

She brushed that wonderful spot inside of me again.

“Yes, yes, right there, Kimmy!” I gasped, breaking the kiss. “That's my G-spot. Just keep rubbing right there!”

“Okay!” my friend moaned, my digits rubbing faster and faster on her clit, sliding back and forth across her nub. She bucked and groaned as her fingers attacked my G-spot.

Pleasure swelled through me. My toes curled. Strained groans burst from my mouth. I whimpered and groaned. She trembled beside me. Her juices flowed. I bit my lip, my pussy clenching so hard on her fingers.

I came.

Hot juices spurted out of my pussy and splashing on her hand. I moaned out my rapture as the delight rushed through me. A moment later, Kimmy joined me. Her body bucked beside me. She squeaked in rapture.

“Leyla!” she gasped.

“Yes, yes, yes, we're going to have so much fun!” I gasped. “So much fun tonight! And tomorrow!”

“We're sluts!” she whimpered.

The pleasure flowed through me. Stars danced through my vision. I moaned and gasped. I kissed her again, savoring the flavor of my friend's lips. I couldn't wait to see her impaled on her father's cock. To witness her cherry pop.

As the rapture soared through me, I knew tonight would be so awesome.


Mrs. Umayyah

I trembled in the bathroom of the hotel room. I stared at myself, feeling so wanton. My hijab lay on the counter, my black hair falling in sleek waves about my motherly face. My large breasts rose and fell in the silk bodice of the black nightie I wore, all lace and sheer fabric, my dark-brown nipples bled through as shadows through it, not hidden at all. It ended at my waist, showing off the matching thong I wore, my black bush bleeding around the fabric.

I shuddered. My husband thought I was chaperoning our daughter at Kimmy's house. If he knew I was whoring my body out to my student, he would divorce me. He would throw me out. But I needed this. I cared for my husband, had built a life for him, but I needed to make back that money I lost to online gambling.

And I needed to indulge my desires.

I was a slut like my daughter. I knew that now. I had made all these excuses to rationalize my behavior since discovering what was going on in Vicky Samuels classroom. I was just watching Clint fuck his women. I was just training my daughter. I was just helping out my sons who needed relief. I was just making back the money I lost. But Clint showed me the truth today. I wanted to fuck the young men I taught. I wanted to be plowed by my sons, by their friends, by my students.

And one of them, a twenty-year-old stud, waited for me to exit the bathroom and spend the night with him.

My husband had our daughter to fuck. And soon her friends. He'd be mad at me for doing this, but I wasn't any different from him. How could I pass up the chance to enjoy hot, young flesh? He couldn't pass up our daughter and the promise of her friends. Well, neither could I pass up Carter and my male students.

I had an entire night of illicit passion to feed my desires ahead of me.

I walked with a strut to the bathroom door and stepped out into the hotel room. Carter waited on the bed, naked, his body muscular from sports, a young man in his prime. A cocky grin split across his lips as she stared at my busty, curvy body. Such lust burst in his eyes. His dick, thrusting from his golden bush, twitched, already half-hard and growing larger and larger at the sight of me. He licked his lips.

“Damn, Mrs. Umayyah,” he panted as I sauntered to him, my hips swaying, my large breasts jiggling in my nightie. “Just, damn... You are so hot.”

“Hotter than those young coeds you normally date?” I asked, my voice sounding like honey.

“So much hotter.” He salivated for me. It wasn't a lie to flatter me. “They don't have your body. Those tits... Jesus, those tits are dynamite.”

I squeezed them through my nightie, the fabric rubbing on my nipples. “These? You love these tits?”

“God, yes,” he groaned, rising from the bed. His cock thrust hard before him. The muscles of his body rippled as he walked to me. I drank in the sight of my college coeds body, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. “I'm going to enjoy them.”

“Yes, you are,” I moaned as he seized me and pulled me close.

His hands cupped my butt-cheeks left naked by the narrow back of my thong. He pulled me tight against him, his lips catching mine in a hot kiss. I shuddered against him, rubbing my body on his, feeling his hard dick pressing on my stomach. My pussy ached to be penetrated by him. To be fucked like a slut. The way Clint had fucked me today.

I was such a wicked wife. Such a naughty mom. A slutty teacher.

I moaned into the kiss, my arms slipping around his neck, clinging to him as he massaged my ass. His fingers dug into my butt-cheeks. He pulled me so tight into his cock, his shaft like iron against me. The source of all the pleasure I'd receive tonight.

Such strength. Such virility.

I shivered as his hands moved. They slid up my body, crossing the silk of the nightie I bought yesterday just for tonight. I'd never worn anything like this lingerie before I modeled them for my son. I'd been a good, Muslim woman for far, far too long.

His hands squeezed my breasts. My nipples throbbed as the silken fabric slid across them. He kneaded them through the nightie. He groaned into my kiss, loving the feel of them. I shuddered against him, wiggling my hips, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

“Damn, Mrs. Umayyah,” he groaned, breaking the kiss. “These tits are amazing. They're so fucking big.”

“Mmm, they are,” I purred, rubbing my nose against his. “And you feel like you know just how to please them.”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned, his fingers brushing my nipples through them. “And that thong... It's just as hot as the one you were wearing during class.”

“And you were just so naughty and took that pair off of me,” I groaned. “I had pussy juices dripping down my thighs all day.”

He gave me such a naughty grin and squeezed my tits. “How wet are you right now?”

“Why don't you just find out? I've been teasing you with my pussy for the last two days. Now... Now you can enjoy it.”

His blue eyes smoldered with passion. The stud slid down my body, kneeling on the floor before me. His hands caressed up and down my thighs as he stared at my crotch, my bush so thick, spilling about the black cloth. It almost blended in, but my pubic hair had a lustrousness that caught the light. He breathed in, let out a groan.

“Damn, you smell good, Mrs. Umayyah.”

“Don't I?” I asked, my body shaking. “Come on, just slide it off and find out how wet I am. That's why women wear panties like these. So hot studs like you can have fun removing them.”

He grinned at me, his fingers hooking the waistband of my panties. I shivered as he pulled them down, the stretching cloth sliding over my hips. The back slid out of my butt-crack. More and more of my bush was exposed, then my pussy. He breathed in again as he pulled the skimpy cloth down my dusky thighs.

I stepped out of them. He brought the thong to his face, inhaling my tangy passion. He groaned, licking the crotch before he threw my panties aside and stared right at my married cunt nestled amid my dark curls.

He had the real thing tonight.

“Carter!” I gasped as he buried his hungry mouth into my snatch.

I gripped his short, blond hair as he devoured my married cunt. His tongue licked and lapped through my folds. They danced through my labia. I threw back my head, my big breasts bouncing and jiggling as he feasted on me. He devoured my cunt. He ate me with that youthful hunger.

My husband had never done this for me.

Moans rose out of my throat. My head swept from side-to-side, my hair sliding across my back. I whimpered as the delight rose and rose inside of me. I shuddered, grinding my cunt on his hungry mouth, my pubic hair caressing his face, his nose buried in my bush.

“That's it!” I groaned. “Ooh, yes, love my pussy. That's how you please a woman, Carter. Ooh, you are such a stud.”

He paid good money to eat my pussy, to be with me all night, and he wasn't wasting his opportunity. His tongue jammed into the depths of my married cunt. I shuddered on him. My breasts bounced and jiggled in the nightie. My hands clutched in his hair as the pleasure whipped through me.

Carter knew how to eat pussy.

He devoured me with such passion. He feasted on my married cunt. His blue eyes stared up at me with such youthful passion. This young stud, this man, whipped my snatch into a frenzy. My juices flowed while pleasure rippled over and over through my body.

He electrified me.

He had me trembling.


My eyes fluttered as the pleasure built and built in my cunt. My snatch clenched on his probing tongue. His nose brushed my clit, massaging it, sending hot sparks shooting through my body. I whimpered and moaned. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pleasure rushed through my body. I loved it. This stud drove me wild.

“Oh, yes, Carter. Make me cum! You are such a stud! Oh, yes!”

His tongue flicked to my clit. His hands clenched on my ass. He held on with his iron grip as his tongue fluttered on my bud. He attacked it. Sparks flew over and over from it. My back arched. My head threw back. I screamed out in rapture.

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh, you are such a good student! Oh, yes, that's how you please your teacher! How you please a woman!”

My married cunt tightened. The pressure swelled in me as he latched his lips on my clit and sucked. My eyes widened. My entire body heaved. I gasped and moaned as my orgasm exploded in the depths of my snatch.

My flesh convulsed.

Pleasure rushed through me.

He drank my juice as they flooded out of my married cunt.

“Oh, yes! This is amazing! Such a stud! Such a wonderful stud, Carter!”

My body heaved. I ground my cunt on him as he devoured my twat. The pleasure rushed through me. Left me heaving and moaning. I swayed, clinging to his blond hair. Such rapture surged through my body.

And then he rose. He seized me in his arms before I knew what was happening. I gasped, still writhing in orgasmic bliss. He carried me to the bed, so strong, and threw me down on it like a slut. Like a whore.

I was a whore.

I rolled onto my hands and knees, my hips wiggling, throwing a look over my shoulder at him. My heavy breasts, still contained in my nightie, swayed beneath me. He stared at me with such hunger, mounting the bed, stroking his dick with one hand.

“Yes, yes, fuck me!” I groaned. “Ram that cock into me! I need it!”

“God, you are such a MILF!” he groaned. “Jesus, I can't believe I'm about to fuck you, Mrs. Umayyah. Fuckin' A!”

He grabbed my hip with his left hand, his right guiding his cock. I shuddered as his tip touched my married pussy. Another student about to fuck me hard. My fingers clenched on the sheets as his dick found my entrance.

He thrust into me.

His crotch smacked into my ass. His balls swung into my clit. My breasts swayed. “Mrs. Umayyah!”

“Just fuck me!” I hissed, my cunt clenching on his invading dick. He filled my married cunt to the hilt, almost as hung as my sons and husbands. I shuddered, clenching down on his girth. “Pound me!”

“Yes, Mrs. Umayyah!”

He gripped my hips with both hands, drew back his cock, and slammed it into my depths again. And again. And again.

Over and over, he plunged his cock into my cunt. He fucked me so hard, driving into me with all the passion that a young man could give his woman. His balls thwacked again and again into my clit. Sparks flew through me. My snatch clenched on his dick, the silky friction burning between us.

The bed creaked as he pounded me so hard. I whimpered and groaned. My eyes rolled back into my head as he pounded me. Such wonderful rapture surged through me. I whimpered and groaned, letting his dick plunge over and over into me, embracing the pleasure of my young lover.

“Jesus, Mrs. Umayyah,” he grunted. “Jesus, this cunt is amazing.”

“Even compared to those sluts you normally fuck?” I groaned, pumping back into him, my ass smacking his crotch. My tits heaved beneath me, swaying in the silk nightie, my nipples drinking in the sensation as they rubbed on the fabric. “To all those tight, coed pussies you fuck?”

“So much better!” he groaned. “They're not my teacher. My married teacher! Jesus, I can't believe Faizel gets to tap this ass whenever he wants.”

“He does!” I moaned, squeezing my pussy down on his dick. “Oh, yes, just pound me. Just fuck me so hard. Make me explode.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my eyes rolling back into my head. “Oh, that's so hot. I'm going to explode on this dick. You're such a stud! Make me cum! Please, I need it!”

“Yes!” he snarled, his hands squeezing my hips so hard.

He pounded me like a jackhammer. He plowed into my cunt so hard. So fast. It left me dizzy. My eyes rolled back into my head. I whimpered as his cock reamed my cunt again and again. The pleasure swelled and swelled. Every plunge, every smack of his balls on my clit, brought me closer to exploding.

He groaned as he fucked my married twat. His hands moved, sliding beneath my nightie, pushing the silk up my body. I shivered at the strong feel of his hands and the silky caress of the nightie. My eyes rolled back into my head. I quivered and shuddered. My snatch clenched down so hard on his dick as I bucked back into him.

“Mrs. Umayyah!” he grunted. “Jesus, you're amazing.” His hands reached my swaying tits. He gripped them as he plowed me. “I'm going to explode in this cunt! You're so hot! So tight!”

“And you're so hung!” I moaned, clamping down on his thrusting dick, loving the feel of his young cock in me. “Fuck!”

My pussy exploded. My snatch writhed about his cock. It spasmed and convulsed. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pleasure surged through me. I shuddered and whimpered. I trembled, stirring my hips around, savoring the plunge of his dick into my cunt. I loved every moment of it. It was the best.

Rapture surged through me. My pussy milked his cock. He groaned, thrusting into my orgasming depths. The ecstasy swept through my mind. It washed across my thoughts and left me quivering in euphoria.

“Mrs. Umayyah!” grunted Carter.

“Cum in me!” I howled.


His dick rammed into me. His cum flooded me. Hot jizz spilled into my depths. It spurted over and over, bathing my married cunt in his seed. I gasped, my cunt quivering about his cock, milking him. He groaned with each blast as he basted my pussy.

“Oh, damn, Mrs. Umayyah,” he panted as he shuddered. “Oh, damn, flip over. I want to watch those tits bounce as I fuck you.”

“Yes,” I groaned, loving young men and their stamina.


Leyla Umayyah

At ten, Kimmy finally pretended to go to sleep. It was waaaaaay too early for her during our normal slumber parties, but we were both just so excited we couldn't fake it any longer. We'd spent hooouuurs pretending to watch romantic comedies and talk about boys, giggling and making loud noise.

Now it was time for the fun to begin.

“Mr. Myers,” I purred, slipping into his bedroom. He read at the bed, wearing a bathrobe, his face bathed in the light of his eReader, his room so dim. He set it aside and smiled at me. “Mmm, are you ready for this?”

“God, yes,” he groaned.

As I sauntered to the bed, I noticed the picture of his wife on the nightstand was lying facedown. While she was away on her business trip, her husband was getting barely legal cunt. Their daughter's cunt. And mine. Probably. Hopefully. But Kimmy was up first. This was her night.

I slipped naked onto the bed, his hands going immediately to my youthful breasts. He massaged my firm titties as I kissed him hard on the mouth, his goatee rubbing on my lips, tickling me like Daddy's beard would. My hands opened his robe as our tongues dueled. I groaned, loving the feel of his confident hands on my body. He knew how to touch a woman. His fingers rolled my nipples. My pussy grew wetter and wetter. I shuddered, knowing Kimmy lurked in the hallway listening to me make out with her father.

His right hand slipped down my body as I opened his robe. I found his naked form beneath. He kept in shape, working out at the gym or something, because he had a rocking body. I groaned, rubbing his hard flesh, his chest so smooth and hairless compared to my daddy's hirsute body.

I missed those manly chest hairs.

But then I gasped as his hand darted between my thighs. I whimpered into the kiss as he rubbed my juicy cunt. How long had it been since he'd touched pussy this young? Since he was in college thirty years ago?

I shuddered as he rubbed up and into my folds. We both groaned into the kiss, our tongues dueling. My hand found his cock. I stroked him, loving how thick he was in my grip. Kimmy would enjoy riding his cock. I whimpered when he thrust his fingers into my snatch.

My hot flesh engulfed his digits. I squeezed my cunt down on them, squirming and writhing. The pleasure rippled through my body. My heart thudded in my chest. I nibbled on his upper lip as he pumped his digits in and out of my snatch. His cock throbbed in my stroking hand, his precum flowing.

“Oh, Mr. Myers,” I whimpered as his fingers enjoyed me. “Ooh, yes, you like that, huh? Your fingers in my barely legal cunt?”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Jesus, this is really happening.”

“Yes, it is,” I told him, giving him a mischievous grin. “And I know just how to make this even better.”

“How?” he groaned.

“Do you trust me?” I asked, clenching my pussy down on his fingers. “Huh, Mr. Myers?”

“God, yes,” he groaned, his fingers thrusting so deep into me.

“Good, you're going to love this.”

I rolled away from him, which sadly meant his fingers popped out of my pussy. I shuddered as I stood from the bed and walked to his closet. I threw a glance over my shoulder as I sauntered to it, wiggling my naked ass for his pleasure, and loved the sight of him sucking my juices off his finger, savoring the flavor of my cunt.

Ooh, this was so much fun. I loved being a slut.

I opened his closet and, just as Leyla promised, I found his collections of ties. They were mostly dark, but a few were quite colorful. I grabbed the thickest looking one, sliding the silk through my fingers as I turned around.

“Going to tie me up so I can't touch you?” he asked.

“Ooh, I want you to touch me,” I purred as I sauntered back to the bed. “But it'll be so much fun if you can't see. Then you can pretend I'm Kimmy.”

“Holy shit,” he groaned and nodded his head.

“I thought you wanted to enjoy that naughty daughter of yours,” I purred.

He gave me a grin then shrugged out of his robe, throwing it to the side. His cock bobbed and swayed as I crawled onto the bed. I slid the tie through my fingers, stretching it taught to blindfold him. He didn't fight one bit as I tied it securely behind his head.

“Now no peeking or it'll spoil the illusion,” I said, sliding off his bed. I padded around it as Kimmy poked her head in, her blue eyes so bright. “I want you to think it's your daughter doing all those naughty things to you. Not me. I want you getting so excited for pretending your fucking her.”

“God, yes,” he groaned as he squirmed on the bed. “I want you so badly, Kimmy.”

Kimmy padded on silent feet across the carpeted room. Her small breasts swayed. She looked so cute. My pussy grew so wet. She handed over my phone. I held it my left hand, recording the video for mom while I slid my hands down my thighs, rubbing myself.

Kimmy mounted the bed, her body trembling. She crawled between her father's legs and cradled his balls. The balls that made the cum that fertilized her mother's egg and created her.

A dizzy wave of lust shot through me. This was so hot. My pussy clenched. I wiggled my hips from side-to-side just thinking of the naughty fun my friend was about to embark upon. She leaned down and licked at her father's cock, taking her first plunge into incest.

Her blue eyes flickered to me. I beamed at her, plunging my fingers in and out of my pussy, stirring my cunt to a wonderful froth. Juices ran down my thighs as I watched the incestuous sight playing out before me.

Father groaning, not realizing his daughter licked her tongue up to the pinnacle of his cock and engulfed it.

“Jesus, Kimmy,” groaned Mr. Myers as his daughter's headed bobbed up and down his dick. Jalal's lessons from yesterday were paying off. “Oh, fuck that's wonderful. Ooh, you are such a good daughter.”

His hands shot down, gripping his daughter's blonde hair. I fought the urge to whimper as he gripped her head and took control. Kimmy didn't fight her father as he used her mouth to fuck up and down his cock. He squirmed and groaned, his chest rippling, his head craning as she sucked and slurped.

My pussy squeezed down so hard on my pussy. My excitement mounted, my cunt growing hotter and hotter as I watched. He had no idea his cute, innocent daughter sucked his cock. He had no idea he was committing incest. He just thought this was a game.

This was so hot.

My fingers plunged faster and faster. My body shuddered, my round boobs jiggling. Kimmy sucked and slurped on his cock, loving it, making him so hard and ready for what was coming. I trembled, eager for it, so glad I was recording the video.

I couldn't wait to watch the replay.

“Shit, Le... Kimmy,” he groaned. “Oh, shit, that's great. What a naughty daughter. Sucking on your daddy's cock.”

Kimmy whimpered about her daddy's cock, shaking her hips.

“But I don't want to cum in your mouth. Daddy wants to cum in your cunt!”

I shuddered, Mr. Myers's fantasy about to become a reality for him. Kimmy rose up when he let go of her. She didn't say a word as she slid up his body, bringing her pussy to his throbbing dick. She grabbed it, guiding it to her virgin cunt.

My pussy clenched on my probing fingers. I had my phone aimed right where Mr. Myers's cock pressed into his daughter's bush. Into her pussy. Kimmy rubbed it up and down her as he grabbed her hips.

“Oh, Kimmy, yes, I've wanted to fuck you for so long,” he groaned. “You feel so tight and... You have a hymen. You're a virgin?”

“I am, Daddy!” Kimmy squealed and popped her cherry.

I almost came at this wonderful, incestuous moment of a daughter losing her virginity on her father's cock. Kimmy's small boobs jiggled as she impaled herself down her daddy's cock. Her head arched back. She let out such a wanton moan as she embraced his dick with every inch of her cunt.

Mr. Myers ripped off his makeshift blindfold. His eyes widened. “Kimmy?”

“Yes, Daddy!” she groaned. “Ooh, isn't this worth $400? Isn't my cherry worth so much money?”

“Holy shit,” he groaned, his eyes flicking over to me fingering my snatch and filming them. “Holy fucking shit, honey!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Kimmy. She slid her cunt up her father's shaft. “Oh, Daddy, I knew this would be amazing. Don't you love being in my pussy?”

“Jesus,” he groaned, his hands clutching his daughter's hips. “Jesus, Kimmy, this is... This is...”

“Amazing?” She slammed down his cock and stared at him with such pouting eyes. “Please say my pussy is amazing or awesome or wonderful.”

“It's all those things, honey,” he groaned. “Jesus, it is. I can't believe this. You're so tight. You were a virgin!”

“And you paid so much money to enjoy my cunt. Ooh, Daddy, don't you love your slut-daughter's pussy?” She bounced on his dick now, her small boobies jiggling. His hands slid up to cup them, to squeeze those handfuls. “Isn't this just the best?”

“Yes!” he groaned, glancing at me.

I winked at him, fingering my cunt faster and faster. This was so hot to watch, to film. Pleasure trembled through my body as I watched the joy on Kimmy's face as she rode her father. As she felt that wonderful joy of uniting with the man who created her. With her sexy Daddy.

Her hips wiggled from side-to-side. She worked herself fast and hard down his dick. I shuddered, remembering riding on my own daddy's cock, the wondrous joy of working my barely legal cunt up and down his shaft. Hearing him groan the way Mr. Myers did for his daughter, savoring the pleasure of loving him.

A girl's Daddy was special. The most important man for most of her life. And he deserved to experience the delights of her body.

“Jesus, work that cunt, baby,” he groaned. “Oh, damn, you're good. A virgin... But you know how to fuck.”

“Leyla's been teaching me,” she moaned, her hands grabbing his, squeezing them about her small boobs. “Oh, yes, I love riding you. I love feeling you in me, Daddy. This is just amazing!”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned as she wiggled her hips and danced on his cock. “Honey, I'm going to cum in you. Daddy's going to flood your pussy.”

“Do it, Daddy!” she whimpered, her body trembling. “Flood me with your seed. I want it sooooo badly. I want to feel you in me. Let's cum together, Daddy!”

My orgasm rippled through me at those words. At that joy in her expression. My pussy convulsed about my plunging fingers. Juices flooded down my thighs as I watched the incestuous passion right before me. I groaned, squirming my hips, rapture pouring through my body.

She was so lucky to experience this joy. To fuck her father. And to get paid to do it. What a naughty slut. What a whore. I shivered, my hips swaying from side-to-side. My moans echoing through the room. My body quivered, my breasts bouncing. Such hot ecstasy shot through me.

“Daddy, Daddy, cum in me!” Kimmy begged, riding her daddy so fast and hard, staring down at him with such love in her eyes. “I need that, Daddy!”

“Yes,” he croaked. “Just a little more, honey. Keep working that pussy up and down my cock and... Fuck!”

Another orgasm rippled through my body as I watched a father cum in his daughter's deflowered cunt. Kimmy's pussy received its first taste of cum. Incestuous cum. Her daddy's cum. I whimpered, my body quaking, such rapture shuddering through me. My hips swayed from side-to-side at the delight of his cock flooding my friend's pussy.

Kimmy's back arched. Her entire body quivered. She came so hard on her daddy's cock. I could see it in her eyes. She moaned and gasped as she spasmed on his dick. Her pussy milked his cock right now. She wrung out every drop of his spunk.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “That's it.”

“Oh, Daddy, this is the best! This is amazing! Oh, Daddy, I love you! I love your cock in me. I love being your slut.”

“Yes!” he growled, his hips thrusting up, bouncing his daughter on his dick.

Their bodies both heaved for another few heartbeats. And then Kimmy collapsed on him. She kissed him hard. She plunged her tongue into his mouth. She squirmed on him, rubbing her small titties into his chest.

I groaned, pulling my fingers out of my twat. I brought them to my mouth, sucking on them, reveling in the flavor adorning my digits. Such kinky lusts surged through me as I watched father and daughter kiss with such passion.

The passion a girl could only share with her daddy. Kimmy might have a crush on Jalal, but she would always have that special place in her heart for Mr. Myers. A bond that no man could get between. Not if father and daughter kept renewing it with hot, incestuous sex.

I moved to the bed, still filming, capturing their passion.

Then Kimmy broke the kiss with her daddy. She beamed up at me. “Oh, wow, that was awesome, Leyla.”

“So what does it feel like to be a slut?”

“It's the best thing in the world.” Her blue eyes twinkled. “Daddy's getting soft, but I know how we can get him hard again.”

I licked my lips, a suspicion brewing in my mind. “How?”

“By having you eat my pussy! Mmm, it's your turn to eat my creampie!”

“Oh, yes, you are going to make a wonderful slut!” I couldn't wait to watch her blossom into slutdom like me. And tomorrow... Tomorrow, both of us would fully embrace it as we will take cock after cock, getting gangbanged over and over.

It would be amazing!

To be continued...
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