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this is our first time with a single woman, its a true story names are changed. we were with her with in the first year of us swinging, a very erotic night for all of us
So with John gone and we were back on the search again, luckily he had not left us empty handed. In a rather flattering move he asked if he could tell a friend he knew about us. We were surprised about that at first we thought it violated the cardinal rule of discretion, but we finally came to the conclusion that we would be ok with it. We were surprised to hear that his friend was a single woman. We hadn’t been with a single woman yet and we were excited at the aspect and the opportunity. John had met Sara on a different website he belonged to. He knew of Sara’s desire to be with a woman as well as with a couple.

Sara was a local woman which was a plus for us also she didn’t smoke which was nice one thing we’ve learned with swinging is nothing kills the mood more than kissing an ash tray, unless you yourself are a smoker but for us being none smokers its one of our preferences. So it didn’t take long for us to organize a get together a cup of coffee just to talk. We like to sit down and just talk with people on our first date; we like the experience to be more than physical, if we can’t carry on a simple conversation with someone it’s not likely we’ll pursue someone beyond that.

So Sara lived in the same town as John but she worked in our town, she was a night worker and we planned to meet after dinner before she started work. The conversation flowed and was probably and we were more comfortable and natural then anyone we’ve been with before or since. We sat in the room that we usually play and talked about many topics only occasionally touching on our sexual preferences, our likes and dislikes. She was much older than us (49) when we were just 33 and 32. She was very attractive and with our brief meeting with her we both came to the same conclusion, that she was wilder than us. She told us about some of her experiences and we told her about some of ours, alas we didn’t have nearly as many as she did, she had been in the lifestyle far longer than us. She was a blonde with dark blue eyes she was petite with wide hips, she was running her fingers through her hair like I remembered high school girls doing when I was younger. She was older but in many ways she seemed and acted younger than us. She left for work but not before we set up a date to meet again, it would be the next night again before she went to work.

She arrived again on time and conversation picked up right where we had left off, because she had to work later on we had coffee instead of alcohol. I’ll admit as big a fantasy as it is for men to be with two women at the same time, I was definitely nervous. We have talked with a lot of guys that talk a big game and promise to last forever, but when it comes to performing they turn into the shy little violet. I didn’t want to be one of those guys. We cleaned the house and had our showers. Getting dressed is something to think about as well. On the first meeting you want to make a good impression so looking nice is a must, when you have decided to go all the way do you once again dress to the nine’s or do you dress for comfort and easy access. We both decided to dress in jeans. She arrived in same, jeans and a nice white blouse. Something we’ve learned about swinging is it can be a little unsettling wondering who is going to make the first move, everyone knows why they’re there but it can still be a little nerve racking. Mandy and Sara sat on the long couch and chatted away like old friends, on this occasion I would be the one to get the ball rolling.

I moved over to the couch from a computer chair I had been sitting on. I sat in behind Sara, and allowed her and Angel to continue to talk. I started by rubbing her back and shoulders, I didn’t want to start to aggressive and turn her off, even though she had much more experience than us and she would have been more likely to scare us off. The girls sat talking a little longer while I rubbed her back then moved to kissing her shoulders and neck. Angel was tired of being a spectator and leaned in for a kiss. I backed off a little giving them their time together, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies, Angel had been with only one other woman and this was Sara’s first time with a woman. When John had referred to us we were told that she wanted to be with a woman and a couple, her primary desire was sleeping with married men. She told us it turned her on knowing they went home to their wives, but were thinking about her

So the girls worked away at each other learning as they went along kissing and caressing one another’s bodies, and getting very turned on as they went. I moved to the other end of the couch and just watched. Foursomes and couples are fun but there is something nice about a threesome, you can just sit back and watch. The girls were both nervous they had both gotten their shirts off but it seemed they were both waiting for the other to make the next move and remove their pants. I decided to interject and help them out. I moved in behind Angel this time. I reached around the front of her and unbuttoned her jeans. She stood up and slide them down, Sara had followed suit. Now both naked they had a chance to start exploring each other’s bald pussies.

Sara moved back up onto the couch and groaned

“My arm is getting sore; you need to finish her off for me Remington”

Without hesitation I was on my knees in between Angels steaming thighs. Just the light touch of my breath caused her to squirm. I easily found her swollen clit and began to suck on it aggressively. Her soft nub was protruding out from under its hood and beginning to be touched. It took about 10 minutes of vigorous sucking before she began to buck her hips with a powerful orgasm. She squirted a little fluid out and into my mouth, I let it drain out and down her pussy lips to moisten them even more. It dripped over her pussy over her asshole and onto the couch. Sara was back sitting beside her and kissing her little pink nipples and making out with again.

Now it was Sara’s turn. I took a position in between her thighs. She had a neatly shaved pussy which already had some glistening juices visible on it. I licked its entire length a few times before working my way into the inner treasure. Sara had told us earlier that because of her age she wasn’t always able to reach orgasm. We told her to tell us how she liked to be touched and to guide us so we could hopefully get her off. I was still pretty new at swinging and having sex with others so I wasn’t going to make cocky promises and lofty claims about my abilities. I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to suck. She responded by moaning out load, she stopped kissing and caressing Angel. She put her hands on the back of my head, and pulled my face in tight.

I could hear her and Angel talking as continued to work her clit with my tongue.

“Oh my god he’s good!” she said to Angel

Angel laughed and said “he’s ok that’s why I keep him around” we always joke while we fool around keeps things light and fun.

Sara was starting to writhe more now as her orgasm approached. Angel was massaging Sara’s tits and pinching her nipples when she suddenly tensed up and exploded. She screamed out as the orgasm washed over her. After the initial part of the orgasm was over, her body began to shake. Her moans were stifled as Angel pushed her tongue into her mouth and they started to kiss passionately.

We all took a moment and sipped our water. We talked for a moment then decided to change venues. We made the short trek from our rec room to the bedroom. With the girls in the lead, I got great view of their bums as they led the way. It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing two beautiful naked women in front of me, but I have equated it to the feeling a king must have, in that moment I was in my glory.

Even though I was the last one in the room I was the first in the bed. I lay down on my back but before I could even settle into my spot Sara was on me sucking and stroking my cock, Angel remained standing in the doorway sipping her water and watching the show. When she had finished she asked if anyone need more water, I declined and Sara never lifted her head to give an answer. I was surprised when she left me there with Sara to continue the fun. Sara was wonderful with her mouth sucking and stroking my cock like a pro. Occasionally she would go all the way down deep throating my dick, not that I’m huge at 7 inches but it was trick Angel had never perfected.

Angel returned and climbed into bed with us. She continued to rehydrate laying there propped up on her one elbow.

“Would you like him to fuck you now” Angels question shocked me because it broke the silence and because of its content. We were still fairly new to this activity, and still finding our way. Sara maneuvered to the top of the bed so she was laying bedside Angel. She reclined on her back and spread her legs. Angel tossed a condom to the end of the bed for me. As fast as I could, I had my cock wrapped and the head pushing at the entrance of her pussy. Sara got up into doggy position while I was wrapping my cock. I grabbed her hips and pushed my hard cock into her. I made a few slow deep thrust making sure my cock and her pussy were nicely lubed. We got into a nice rhythm fucking hard and fast. Angel needed some attention again and traded positions with Sara. I stripped off my condom and entered Angel, with no rubber on now I quickly reached my climax shooting my load deep in her pussy.

We talked a little more as Sara got dressed we had been fucking for around 2 hours and Sara had to be on her way. We would get together with her a few more times before we eventually parted ways.
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