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Anna's birthday present to her boyfriend ends up more than she bargained for
Head spinning Anna wakes up, opening her eyes slowly she groggily tries to remember the previous night, slowly her surroundings come into focus as she realises all she’s wearing is a torn and stained wrap around dress. Slowly sitting up Anna looks down at herself in shock and disgust, feeling the dress stick to her naked flesh, she sees the dried remains of what she guesses is semen. Feeling degraded and dirty she pulls at the material trying to take it off without touching too much of it.

Only when Anna pulls the dress off does she notice that her body is covered in the cum, now horrified she knows that there’s much too much for it to belong to just one man. ‘Please no, not again’ she pleads to herself, how did it happen this time she futilely worries. Sitting still Anna looks around and notices for the first time her surroundings, a hotel room by the looks of it, she thinks to herself, and an expensive one too. Huddled on the almost destroyed bed Anna sees the book, she recognises it immediately shaking Anna lifts it off the bedside, but I got rid of it she exclaims to no one. Anna now knows this has to be the reason it happens, and why she never remembers anything straight away.

Involuntarily she throws the hated thing across the room and collapses shaking and crying on the bed, remembering back to when she first found it in the old book shop, could it have only been 3 weeks ago she puzzles..... Anna lies still remembering that day.....

It had been an unseasonably warm day so she had dressed for comfort, a light cotton dress, no tights and sandals, for some reason Anna had put her sheerest underwear on, half cup bra and a high cut thong which her boyfriend always told her there was no point in really wearing it hardly covered anything. She’d told him she was going out to get his birthday present and he wasn’t to come with her. Working as a book critic he had started collecting rare books, Anna had heard of an old book shop near their home and that day she visited it. When she entered the woman hadn’t seemed interested in helping her, after looking round for a few minutes Anna had asked the woman if she had any older books maybe first editions, at this the woman became animated and showed Anna up some stairs she hadn’t noticed to a balcony lined with shelves, the woman explained that these were older and a bit more expensive, she also said the rarer ones were down the far end. Leaving Anna to browse the woman returned to the front of the shop.

Anna browsed for a while selecting books she thought her boyfriend would love, reaching the end of the shelves she was about to turn away when a book caught her eye, it wasn’t on the shelves but lay on the top of the bookcase, reaching up Anna picked the slim book up and almost screamed, dropping the book as what felt like an electric shock went through her. Carefully reaching down Anna touched the book again, nothing happened, picking the book up Anna turned it over slowly checking to see if she’d damaged it. Not seeing anything she placed it back on the shelf and went down to pay for her other selections.

Reaching the counter and handing the books over Anna opened her bag and was shocked to see the slim book nestled inside, looking up quickly at the woman Anna was embarrassed to see that the woman had seen the book, quickly closing her bag she was about to explain when she saw a look of relief quickly pass over the woman’s face, handing over the books the woman said ‘thank you for coming’ and almost seemed to push Anna out the door.

It wasn’t until that night when her boyfriend opened his birthday present that Anna realised she hadn’t wrapped the smaller book with the others, confused Anna went to their bedroom and found the book hidden at the bottom of her underwear drawer. Just then her boyfriend entered asking if she was getting ready, lying Anna said she’d be out in a minute. After he left Anna had a sudden irrepressible urge and quickly changed her clothes, almost as if she was watching someone else dress she put on a bra and panties set that he’d jokingly bought her, sheer black silk with red stitching, the joke was that it was a nipple and crotchless set that she’d told him she’d wear over her dead body. She couldn’t believe she was wearing them now under the black low cut, high hemmed cocktail dress, as she walked down stairs towards him she imagined he could see the panties as she felt the slit of the crotch stroking either side of her pussy lips.

Meeting friends for drinks, the evening seemed to fly by and Anna knew she was drinking more than she should, towards the end of the night Anna again felt the weird feeling of detachment as the group got smaller, finally there was only her boyfriend and 2 other male friends left, Anna heard someone say they should all go back to their place, and then realised it had been her as all 4 men just looked at her and then agreed. Back at the house another round of drinks flowed and Anna went to the kitchen, a couple of minutes later her boyfriend appeared, ‘what’s going on babe?’ he asked, nothing she replied but he kept on until she heard herself tell him ‘well you know you’ve always wanted another guy to join us, well I’ve decided I want all 3 of you!’ shocked he didn’t say anything for a second ‘you’ve always said you couldn’t’.

‘Watch me’ Anna replied, shocked at herself but unable to say anything else, she felt like she was being controlled from outside. Walking back into the living room a few minutes later the guys stopped talking as she stood in the middle of the room, ‘I’ve told them what you said’ was all her boyfriend said to the look Anna gave him, without saying anything she slipped the dress off her shoulders revealing her underwear, unable to do anything she heard herself say ‘use me as you will boys’. She could still remember the shocked looks on their faces as she stood revealed to them, slowly walking over to one of the other guys she said ‘I know what he has , let’s see what you’ve got for me! ’

Anna was shaking as something else took control of her, dropping to her knees she could only watch as her hands pulled and pulled at his belt and trousers almost ripping them off in her hurry to remove them, all 3 of them just stood and stared, finally getting the trousers undone Anna pulled them quickly down exposing their friends tented boxers. Looking up at him she smiled slowly as she reached up and gripped the bulge, lightly squeezing it before hooking her fingers into the waistband and tugging them down. As she exposed his hardening cock Anna moaned with desire, almost an animal growl more than a moan.
Grasping the cock in front of her she started to pump it as it hardened even further, glancing across at their other friend she beckoned to him, as he stepped forward he started to undo his trousers stepping out of them as they dropped to the floor, again Anna grasped the bulge in the shorts in front of her. Feeling it harden and push up against her hand, this time she grasped the front of the shorts and ripped them down. Anna gasped as she saw that this cock was even bigger than the one already in her hand. Quickly she grabbed it and started jerking it feeling the heat in both her hands she moaned again as she saw the heads dampen with pre cum.

Taking the first cock in her mouth Anna carried on stroking the other as she tried to take as much in pumping her head up and down listening to the guy in front of her moan and hold her head thrusting his hips in time to her movements. Suddenly the second guy pulled away from her and moved round behind her forcing her on to all fours as she greedily sucked the large cock; she felt his hands on her hips pulling them up to him. Anna felt his hard hot cock push against her wet pussy lips forcing them apart as he entered her, Anna felt her pussy start to stretch as the thick cock pushed deeper and deeper, she started moaning louder and louder as he started fucking her faster and faster, each thrust pushed her on to the cock in front of her making it go deeper than she thought possible.

Suddenly she felt it twitch in her mouth and start bucking as he unloaded his cum into her mouth, unable to move Anna had to swallow every drop of his cum before he pulled out shooting the last load over her face. Being forced down by the guy behind Anna fell forward gasping and panting as he fucked her harder and harder, crying out as her first orgasm hit her he didn’t stop as her throbbing pussy gripped his cock again and again. Anna was almost crying with pleasure as she felt the buried cock inside her floor her pussy filling it with his cum, falling forward she slipped off the cock as it continued pumping shooting cum over her arse and lower back, shaking hard on the floor.

Slowly looking round Anna realised that her boyfriend hadn’t moved, he stood staring at the woman he thought he knew as she was used by 2 of his friends. Again Anna felt as if she wasn’t in control as she rolled over on her cum covered back and opened her legs wide looking at her boyfriend she heard herself say ‘Well what are you waiting for? Or aren’t you able to perform in front of other guys?’ as if a spell had been broken he quickly stripped and Anna growled as she saw his large thick cock already pointing straight up ready for action, as he crouched down she stopped him and made him lay down, straddling his waist Anna felt herself guide his cock to her already cum filled pussy feeling some run out onto its lips as she pushed it in she started to ride it deeper and deeper, this time she called the 2nd guy to her and started sucking his hardening cock making it grow harder and harder with each move of her head. Leaning forward she stopped sucking for a second and heard herself command the third guy ‘take my arse now!’

As she started sucking again she leaned forward offering her now visible arsehole to him as she rode her boyfriends cock, she felt the third guy step behind her and grip her hips timing the moves he pushed against her arsehole and with an almost audible pop she felt him enter her, Anna cried out loud as she was fucked in her arse for the first time ever, feeling a cock in her pussy and arse at the same time sent her over the edge she started orgasming harder and harder not stopping as she felt both of the cocks start pumping together, as her orgasms kept building harder and harder she felt like she fainted blacking out. Anna remembered coming too hours later covered in the cum of the 3 guys, each one was sitting around naked and sated. Anna never admitted to her boyfriend that she never remembered anything after that second orgasm started.

Now sitting in the hotel room Anna knew something like it had happened again, crying she went to the bathroom and showered, washing and washing as if to remove all memory of the feel from her body, afterwards finding some clean clothes in her bag she dressed quickly dropping the ruined dress in the bin and throwing the book in after it vowing never to keep it again, leaving the hotel Anna went home and found no one home. It wasn’t until she went to the bedroom that she found the note from her boyfriend telling her he had left and would never see her again, he said he didn’t know her and couldn’t believe she had enjoyed the things she had done with the other guys and he realised she wasn’t the woman he fell in love with.

Crying again Anna started unpacking, as she emptied her bag she gasped as at the bottom of her bag she found the book, she didn’t even remember picking it up again! With a feeling of disgust and anger Anna threw the book against the wall collapsing on the bed shaking and sobbing, unfortunately she realised the memories of the night before in the hotel would slowly come back to her and haunt her dreams forever. Wishing she was dead Anna slowly fell asleep hoping that her dreams wouldn’t terrify her.
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