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This is the story of how my dad's boss took adavantage of the condition of dad and fucked my mom
Hi this is rahul and my dad works in an IT company and he is 45 yrs old and my mom velamma she is a absolute beauty a typical south Indian woman.Shehas fair skin,long haired ,pink lips,big huge melons,fatty sexy navel,blue eyes and fatty ass cheeks.Her melons are so huge like watermelons and is round and big and her huge ass jiggles when she wlaks.So her sizes are 36-34-44 and her melons are 36 g and are huge every men will die to fuck her but dad doesn't he is always busy and he never satisfied mom.She is always left horny.Every men in our area oogle at Mom's hot body wen she comes out and many fantasize her body and she will anmastrubation icon for many uncle's and men in our area.She is 38 yrs old and now one tells she is 30 above so hot her body is many men in my dad's office got jealous of dad having a wife with hot body and they have lust over mom.Dads boss is Rick he is an English men and very rich guy.He is 45 yrs old and he is very muscular guys ripped abs,huge shoulders,broad chest ,huge biceps and he is hot guy and he is married but he enjoys all hot chicks and he is really a lucky guy he have fucked many women he seems and they give good company to him.Because of his looks and money.
Once there was a party in boss home and all his employees are welcomed with family and mom went to it mom wore a white saree and her saree is so transparent were her huge clevage and sexy navel are visible.Already men are listed to mom and now they could enjoy her hot body and now Rick had eyes on mom too he haven't seen mom forever and he was amazed tat my dad having a hot wife with huge titties and he came near mom and now he was fucking her body by seeing and now boss invited dad to his private room and have a drink and they went in and he thought of an idea to fuck mom today and he made dad to drink heavily and dad was exhausted and now the party was over and mom was waiting in his Hall and now all the men went to their home.Now mom saw Rick was coming without dad and she asked abt him and he told he was totally exhausted and he will be fine in morning.Now he slowly started to chat with mom and he enjoyed her views and now mom was attracted by his way of speech and now he went on cracking jokes and he praised about moms hot body and mom was totally attracted to his speech and now he asked about dads life with her she was mood out and he asked her whether he satisfied her and she told never and he was shocked hearing it and he told her if u were my wife I wouldn't have left u like tat and he told dad is a moron
Mom suddenly asked if I'm ur wife wat will u do and now Rick smiled at her and told and I will fuck u whole day hard my dear and now mom smiled at him and now he came near mom and he kissed and cuddled her and he kissed her lips and his hard tongue licked her soft pink lips now he removed her saree and was shocked seeing her huge clevage and he pressed it hard and mom was enjoying it as she moans ahahahahahshs shshshhshshhs and now he removed her blouse he was shocked mom's 36 g melons are hanging inside a white bra and is very huge and he asked her wats the size and she smiled and told him 36 g and he said wow and now he removed her bra and mom's huge rippen melons hanged out and is very big and her nipples are erect and her areolas are dark black and is very larger and now he started to suck and squeezed her melons and sucked it so hard and her nipples are like grapes and he bite it and now all mad e mom so horny and wild and he pressed the so hard and now he kissed her navel and pressed her fatty belly and licked now he removed her skirt and mom was wearing black panty and her huge milky thighs are visible and now he removed her panties And was shocked her pussy is so wet and is shave and pinkish and now mom is full nude in front of a man none other than dad's boss.Now Rick removed his dress mom was shocked to see his muscular body and now she watched his boxers getting so huge and now he removed his boxers and mom opened her eyes wide open his cock is so long like a don't and is a white cock and it's 10 inch es and 5 inch girth and is so large Nd his testicles are so huge like a cricket ball and he is so hot body too momwas excited about fucking him.
Now he made mom to kneel down and mom took his cock in her hand and is so large and she licked it and sucked it now he deepthorated his cock and mom can't breath and she suffocated and he kept on fucking in Mom's mouth and now he made mom's legs wide open and he kissed her milky thighs and now kept his face over mom's pussy and he started to lick it and mom's juices are already flowing out and now he licked her pussy with his hard tongue and he bite her clit and she maoned ahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshhshshshshshhshhshshhshshhahhahahhohohohohohohohohoyayayauauausysy and now he inserted his dick inside her pussy and he slowly fucked her and went on fucking her pussy and she enjoyed fucking a new man and he entered deep inside eher pussy and he pumped her for 30 min and she came nearly 4 times he now deposited a huge load of sperm inside eher womb.But still he is hard and now he made mom lie on her side and now inserted his dick inside moms ass and it very tighter and he asked mom whether ur hubby fucks here and mom told he never entered here and now he inserted his huge dick inside and mom was in serious pain and now he staryed to hit it sooo hard and his cock hhittting the thighs sounds toptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoptoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktok and he poundeds very hard into her anus and mom shouted ahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahhahahhahhohoohohoohohohohoohoohoohohohohohooohohohohohoohoh in serious pain and after 15 he entered almost his full cock stretching moms ass holes and relesed his sperm inside her ass holes.Now he kissed mom all over and mom too kissed him and after some rest and they drunk some wine and rick smoked some cigarette and now he had some erection and now made mom stood like dog and he came forward and started to insert his dick inside her pussy and he sqeeezed her melons and fucked very fast like a engine and mom shouted ahhahhahahhahahhahahhahohoohoohohohohhohoohoohohohoohohohoohhohoohohoho he rocked her pussy for 15 mins and now he inserted his dick inside her ass holes and started to screw her anus and very hardly he rocked her and she enjoyed the heat produced in her anus and now after15 min he relesed more cum insid eher anus and now he took a glass of wine and whisky and a cigarette and now made mom stertch her legs so wide and now he inserted his dick insid eher pussy and fucked her in misionary position he entertd very deep insid e her pussy as he drunk now he is out of control and started to fuck at very great spped after afew strokes mom orgasmed hard he kept on fucking her for 40 min he inserted his dick into the deepest portion and now seeded his cum load inside her womb and now he took his dick out and is stilll hard and now mom ttok it in her mouth and she sucked and now deepthoated it very hard and she swallowed his balls and she cleaned his cock with her mouth and he kept on fucking her very hard whole night in various sxpositions and rocked all her holes and mom was screwed very hard in all her holes he implanted lot of sperm inside her womb he fucked her till morning and in morning mom w as found naked in the bed with cum oozing in the pussy and ass holes and all over tiitis and mouth she was really banged hard and now mom cleaned and dressed up and she was soo tired up and she found dad was lying in sofa and both went home and mom continued her fucking affair with the boss and he enjoyed fucking her whenver he wants and dad was offerd good salary and position in offfice and mom enjoyed fucking him a lottttt


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