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Hii.. I'm vk from Hyderabad. I'm posting this story as my lust asked me to post it so that it would be helpful for someone. And they may get inspired by u. If any hyderabadi Women aged between 18- 40 can contact me.. I'm fully secret to everyone and can believe me For a pure activity in well mannered.. Np harshness included in me.. But believe me I'm wild..
Hiiii guys I'm VIKRAM (name changed) a regular iss reader for past 3 year's and now with a lot of iss experience i worked hard to perform my activity and have successfully posted here.
I'm 5"11 tall, a well developed athletic body, my body was an advantage. I'm a shy kind of person but i made it work for the first time ever in my life.
I stay with my parents in Hyderabad (alwal), a well disciplined and strict family. But i was very fond of women between 21-35 rather than younger girls.i lived in quarters which is fully Secured . I always wanted have something special in my life which would last longer.
My opposite quarter was empty for 2 months since the last family left. Then came my princess Ritu (name changed) who was just 26 with well matured attractive looks and figures those were the hottest figures i have seen till to date it was 36-23-36 a perfectly curved and slim body.
She was a newly married and her husband was not so romantic. It has been 6 months since they married and believe me he hasn't touched her at least once. She was Virgin till i pounded her.
She was friendly in nature and very kind behavior with everyone in the block . I always wanted to speak to her and make friendship with her as she was merely the same age but elder than me.
She had made my mom a good friend of her. Her husband was full busy so that he could give attention to her and has mainly the night Duties .so was alone every night and used to chit chat with my mom till 10pm everyday.
One day she came to me saying that :
R:hii vikram
V: hii aunty
R: i heard that ur a good player played at very high levels and even very good at computers.
V: yaa.. I'm a nerd towards computers..
R: i think my system got some trouble and u may fix it.
V: okk I'll look into it. But later
Then the chat went off a long way and we became good friends with no span of time.
I always used to stare at her blouse where her boobs were jailed. It was a bulky jail with large sizes in it. I wanted those in my hand but i was afraid what may happen if she refused my image would be spoiled amongst the i maintained those feelings in myself.
one day i went to her house for repairing the system. I knocked her door she opened i went in,took my seat she explained what happened to her system .i went there immediately and started my work to get it repaired and within minutes i solved it. And now she was deliberately happy to see my work. Then i opened a folder on desktop and i saw a folder full of sex videos it was around 50gb nearly 1lakh+ videos.
I was shocked to see this i started opening the videos one by one aa she was busy in making lunch as it was lunch time when i was around watching 6th sex videos she came in and i was watching it headphones plugged in. She was back of me she kept her elbows on my shoulders and said watch this video. This is too hot and she started suggesting me to watch her collection of videos in another folder. Really she was damn hot in her Saree after watching some videos my tool got activation.. It was becoming rock hard when she was talking about her collection.
She saw the tool which got erected in my pants she then started asking about my clg girl friends as i was shy i had only friends who were girl's but no special girl friend i said.
Then she started to say about her sex life that she was still Virgin. Her husband has never tried for it. He only watches the videos and then sleep he always wanted privacy to perform this activity but till now he hadn't plan for such things..
I was shocked After hearing this. Then she moodly asked whether he can help her in making her loose her virginity.. I said i think we must be on bed by this time your making late..
Then suddenly she hugged me pressing her milky boobs against me with full attraction and then i started kissing here from her lips to her navel each and every part of my darling was enjoyed. Then i slowly went up and had a deep breath taking liplock where she was becoming horny. I went for 10 minutes and then we went to bedroom and i found only mattress available on floor which would be convenient for me..
Then i slowly removed the saree pallu and i saw the boobs from blouse has already been out. I tore her blouse and went on licking the boobs and she was in heaven moaning.. Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh..
Then i licked her nipples and made them hard as nuts which can be bitten.
Then i slowly moved down to her her hip section was tge most adorable.. Smooth, soft, cirvy, my hand would slip on her curves .i was totally in a heaven like feeling. Her breath was so hoot i could feel those those breaths. I slowly removed her panty at the bottom licking her soft white legs and her thighs were really good one's not even a Women athlete would have those. They were fit and i slowly rubbed my hands over her pussy which was already wet due to my seduction and then i wanted to lick her pussy but she refused me.. She didn't like her pusst licking as it was not clean.i said i would clean those if you permit me.. She agreed as she was in my control i slowly licked her pussy for 10 minutes and she said i goona squirt i said carry on babe you are my princess you can perform anything on me.. She cummed on me.. Then she cleaned me up.. Then it was finally the time to insert the hard rod into the heaven.
I rubbed it on her clitoris he moaned dont wait carry on make it faster i can't Long anymore.. I gently pushed it in she started crying ..after 6-8 strokes i successfully Broke her seal and she bleeded but doesn't want me to stop.. I pounded her with full strokes and she was in pain moaning ahhh... Ahhh.. Come on... Go on.. Ahhh.. Carry on.
These words screwed me up and i fucked her till her hole was filled with my love.. She enjoyed me riding her and then the doggy style which she was fond of and had successfully completed her wish and i made her wish come true.
Later on we cleaned ourselves together in the he bathroom and we again had those sessions for 5 more time's on the same day.. And our relationship lasted for 3 year's after her husband got transferred to another city...she was impressed by me and she gifted me many things to fulfill her dream...
But i miss her a lot she always says that you are really a masterpiece and never say no to anyone who asks you fo it.. Its a pleasure to write my first experience.. Waiting for your feedbacks and those who wanna have those feelings mail me at me I'm very true on my part and never reveal such secret relationships to anyone.. Only mail those ladies who resides in Secundrabad nearby so that it would be convenient for both of us.. Waiting for your mails.. Signing off your-VK
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