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This is part 2 of a story I may or may not continue. If there are questions as to how or why an Orc King is Raping an Elven princess please refer to Chapter One. Remember that Elves and Orcs are indeed fantasy, so the rape is too. Take a chill pill and enjoy. Or don't. either is fine by me.
King Titus:
The entire ride back to Orc Kingdom I had Elzira ride naked in front of me on my horse. Fondling her small perky breasts as they bounced to the motion the horses hooves. Sometimes I’d grind my thick dirty fingers into her slit, making her shutter and tremble against me, my erection pressed to the small of her back.

Shazia, Elzira’s older sister was bound and gagged, her horse being led by one of my generals.
I enjoyed the contempt that bore into me through her gleaming green eyes. It only made me grope and pinch and prod her young taunt sister more.

When we made camp about a days ride from home, I took Elzira to my tent. The guards were instructed to tie her other three sisters up and keep heavy watch on them. Shazia had been the lead commander in an Elven battalion, one that had devastated our army fraction that had been set against them. I knew she was a deadly fighter, King Regen had been a fool to give her up, but he had been a scared fool.

Elzira was lean and lithe and young. Her body showing precious curves still forming. She barely endured my use of her. My ten inch bulge of a cock straining her small body. If she had been human, she would have died by now, but as she was an Elf, her body was more durable, and could take my ravaging of her, though it caused her immense pain.
I had been fucking Elzira since receiving her in a peace treaty with the Elven king for over a week now, and her screams still filled the tent every time I took her. Tonight, as I held her down by her throat, ramming my girth into her tiny gaping hole, her body shuttering with each powerful thrust I grinned, knowing Shazia could hear her sister’s frantic screams as I filled her, my girth the size of my fist, until I released myself into her womb.

Not wanting to deal with her trying to escape me, I attached her chain collar around her neck and bound her arms. She lay flat, shivering and sobbing in the cold of the tent floor.

The next evening we reached my fortress. Upon disarming and unpacking our spoils of war I had the four princesses sent to my chambers.

As I entered all four had wrists bound behind their backs, they sat on their knees, heads lowered in defeat. Elzira was the only one naked, her body shown with purple bruises on her shoulders, neck, and hips from where I held her.
“Rise” I commanded.

Each female stumbled as they rose, Elzira barely making it to her feet before collapsing.
I allowed her to remain on the ground, it was only the night before that I had pillaged her body.
I looked over the other three. Myren was willowy like her younger sister, dark straw like hair shown in ringlets. Her eyes were a deep blue, but her features were all together unremarkable. Vira too was straw haired, but hers was lighter, straighter, her body was that of a woman’s to be sure, but for her small breasts, she had hips meant for birthing. Her eyes too were a dark blue. Her face round and wide eyed, full lips round and plump. Then my eyes fell to Shazia.

Her body was without compare. She wore male britches that showed every line of her long, lean legs, her hips curved out and back in to a cinched waist line con-caved by light armor, and a female chest plait that exaggerated her already large breasts. Long silken hair the shade of a raven’s feather poured over slim shoulders down passed her ass, an ass I had inspected upon our first meeting and found full and firm. She was strong but somehow more feminine then all the women before her in dresses.

Cool emerald eyes never left mine as she watched me rake over her form. Hatred etched into her beautiful high cheek bones, small nose, and full lips, that unlike Vira had a delicately arched bow shape to the top lip, the color a deep rose hue.

I took a step towards her and she stiffened as my brawny body towered over hers. While Elzira was a mere four feet, Shazia was still only a 5’4 to my 7’. I picked up a few strands of her satin hair. I ran them over my nose intaking a deep breath. She looked ahead, stubborn chin raised, though I felt the slight shift of her weight, and could hear the pounding of her heart.

“You smell of many things Shazia of the Elven Lands. You are a mighty warrior, the blood of your foe rests upon you, but you also smell of my two favorite fragrances.”

She did not respond, did not falter. I continued,
“You smell of fear, and you smell of pheromones, tonight I answer to both.”
My clawed hand dropped her strands of hair and touched her cheek, she flinched back from me and I pressed harder into her flesh, asserting my dominance.

“You will come to understand princess, you are both in and are my domain.”
With a smirk I released her and then turned, opening the door to my chambers. The guard that stood outside was at attention.

“Place Elzira in the beast cages. Then summon General Rorick to my chamber.” The guard beat his chest in salute and hurried off to my bidding, taking Elzira’s arm and leading her down the far hall. As he did so, Vira and Myren began weeping. Shazia struggled against her bindings.
“What are you doing with her! Elzira!”
She lunged towards them and I grabbed her by the throat, lifting her above the ground, her jet black hair shrouding part of her face.
“Make no mistake, whatever she endures will be made far worse by your disobedience bitch.” I snarled, squeezing her neck more firmly until she grew limp in my fist.
The other two still sobbed as Rorick entered the room.
“You asked for me majesty.”

Rorick was a hard specimen. His body was heavy with scars, a face broken in many times, his bottom tusk canines yellowed, one chipped. Much of him was covered in hair and he was known as the Ox among them soldiers for his broad body and powerful brute strength during battle, as well as in mounting his mares.

“Rorick, did you not lead the last battle before our former enemies surrender?”

“I did, at your command.”

“And your brother, did he win his battle in the West?”

Rorick’s face darkened then. “No sire. He fell in the West.” He paused before adding, eyes boring into Shazia, “He fell to her army.”

I nodded once in knowing, then said, “This is why I bring you here. Your brother was weak. But you are strong and worthy of my praise, I gift you her sisters. May they receive what suffering you see fit. And may she know your agony.”
Rorick eyed the two sobbing Elven women, eyes grazing over their bodies.
“I may do as I please?”

“On the condition they be left alive and well enough to produce your sons for battle. My army is in need of more Ox.”
He hit his first firmly before moving in on the two women. They cringed away as he grabbed Myren by the hair dragging her to her feet. Vira cried out and was hit hard by the back of Rorick’s hand. Shazia lunged again, kicking Rorick causing him to stumble, he rounded on her, fist raised before realizing he could not touch her without my say. Nose flaring he grabbed Vira’s hair as well and half lead half dragged them from the room as they sobbed out into the hall.

Shazia’s teeth were gritted as she growled with an Orc worthy ferocity. I walked forward pulling her bound hands above her head before licking up her neck from her collar bone, she fought me hard kicking at me before I caught and clutched her calf in my hand, pitching her to fall onto the bed with spread legs as one rose above her hip.

Claws dug into her hide britches tearing the fabric and scratching her flesh. She cried out in pain and I pinned her to rip her clothes further, until her bare skin was revealed. Milky smooth Elven complexion was presented to me, smooth and hairless like all of their women.

I continued to hold her down as she fought and I unbuckled her armor at her shoulders and hips. A thin breast bind was tightly wound about her breasts and I slashed and ripped at them, causing her large firm breasts to bound forward. Her small pink nipples were soft and I sucked and bit at them, causing them to harden.

Shazia moaned in frustration and I removed myself from her to take off my own clothing and view her body more completely.
Fully naked, she was stunning. Her body molded creating the craving for sex. Her anger only aroused me further, she was no docile thing as her sister was. There was something so tempting about fucking something that could kill me that I found it hard not to take her immediately. Instead I decided to play with her first.

I took her sword from the pile of possessions brought in. It was a broad sword and I unsheathed it, bringing it over and placing it at her throat.

“A fine sword. A shame it is useless now.”
Her breath came out heavy, her large beautiful breasts rising and falling in perfect harmony.

“But perhaps not completely useless.”
Moving to the side of the bed post I listed the large heavy chains attached to it. Opening and shutting the cuff around her ankle, I did this to the other side, spreading her legs apart. She began to turn, struggling against the chains. With the sword I cut her hand bindings and then drew up her arms to attach them to the cuffs at the top bed posts.
Without hesitation I brought the sword back to her throat, then slowly moved it down her naked body. Watching as bumps surfaced along her skin in ripples everywhere I touched.

When I reached her slit I heard her throat gulp. I flipped the sword grasping it now by the high end of the hilt. The hilt itself was carved intricately, studded with emeralds and diamonds. It’s length was about 7 inches, a mere preview of what she soon faced, but my face grinned wickedly at hers as I began to rub at her opening, pressing the pommel to slightly spread the lips.
Shazia jerked, gritting her teeth.

“Fitting that you learn you’re no longer a warrior but a brood mare by being first broken in by your own sword.” I pressed it farther still, her tightness resisting the entry, she held back a gasp.
I finished, “Don’t you agree.”

“Curse you, you disgusting bastard!” She cried, eyes wincing in the pain and humiliation.
I pushed farther, her lips budding and parting to take on the challenge of the sword, the pommel now fully inside her she bucked and writhed. I found it amusing that she thought this was pain. That this was all she would endure.
I began to move the hilt in and out of her, at first slowly, then more rapidly, causing her to gasp and grimace as the gems scraped her insides and her inner petals became inflamed. Involuntary juices dripped out as her defense mechanisms kicked in. Her body welcoming and smoothing my future entry.

After some time I stopped, pulling out the hilt as she caught her breath. I rubbed the hilt on her flat taunt stomach, removing her juices.

I then removed my loin cloth, now in full form I stood before her. My 7 and a half feet towering over her, ten inches of wreck phallus with a girth of my first protruded from my hard burly frame. I must have looked a thing of nightmares because she squeezed her eyes shut before forcing them back open to meet mine.

“If you touch me, I will kill you.” She said in a husky yet appealing voice, “You’ll beg for dismemberment by the time I’m finished exacting my revenge upon you.”

I said nothing, I didn’t need to. Her body fought their shackles as I mounted her, ready to break in my mare.


I hated feeling powerless. I had spent my whole life fighting to prove my birth right. Only to have my father sell me as if cattle to the first war lord to beat him in battle.

King Titus of the Orc Kingdom was a monstrous creature. More demon then man he was a vile beast, and currently, mine and my sister’s captors.

I would kill him for what he had already done to my dearest and youngest sister Elzira, her haunted eyes never leaving my mind from after he had used her. Her small frail body limp and bruised.

But now, it was my turn, and I would not be broken. His heavy body weighed down on me, crushing my abdomen and making it hard to breath. His ragged breaths were hot on my flesh as I was mounted and his too large cock pressed against my opening. His phallus an unruly and bulbous rod ten inches in length and with a girth that matched a battle club hilt.

The pain that shot through me was guttural as were the groans that escaped me involuntarily as he thrashed in way of entry. A stinging heat filled my inner petals and resurged up my spine. I bucked and jerked but my bindings held me down, my strength useless as he dominated my body. Clawed fingertips scratched against my skin as he ran his hands down my shoulder, firmly squeezing my breasts, pinching and prodding the nipples before grasping my hips for leverage as he thrusted inside of me, breaking small barrier after barrier as he fit himself in my core, my body betraying me by drawing him in, tightening around his rigid cock.

A searing burst of pain exploded through my chasm as he broke down a wall deep within me. Causing me to writhe and cry out.

He laughed and he began to pump into me, enthralled in my torment. Rage built within me and I growled and cursed him. I flung every threat and angry word I had in his face, but it only made each blow to my body harder, spurring him on as he rode me.
My vision started to dim with the pain, my head grew fuzzy my body numb as it began to shut down.

A hard slap to my cheek caused my focus to sharpen and he grabbed my face, his pointing nails pressing into my flesh.
“No!” He growled, “You stay here with me. There will be no escape for you.”

He assaulted me more rapidly now, gaining speed as my body tightly gripped him inside of me, allowing him more control. I hated him, hated my body for it’s lack of power. Pressure and a dull pain reached me again, and with that he withdrew and then plunged back in, my ears rung as he bashed into the entrance of my womb, so deep inside me now that there was nothing left of me, it was only him filling me with his gorging cock, spreading me completely with his girth.

I realized I had stopped fighting, my body trembled and quaked but would not obey my commands, all I could do was let him continue pumping inside me, as if I were a mere beast and him in heat.

Titus pushed my head back and bit and licked my neck and collar bone, his thick saliva sticky on my skin. He moved down to my breasts and enclosed his jaws around as much as he could fit in his mouth, gnawing and slobbering on them, bruising them with suction and small punctures from his canines. I cried out at their abuse, my cries ebbing, rising and falling with the beat of his force.

Then he squeezed my face again, and I pulled away as best I could before he pressed on my jaw so tightly I was sure he would crush it.

“Look at me!” He bellowed.
“Look at me as I claim you!”
My eyes shut tighter and he squeezed harder, my eyes snapped open and locked with his cold yellow ones. His face contorted and I felt one last vicious thrust into me before his cock twitched and spasmed and I felt him relieve himself directly into my womb, pumping hot sticky paste deep into my chasm.

When he removed himself I felt hollow and empty. My body felt limp and unresponsive. I felt my lips part slightly in a trembling silent sob. Sweat made my dark hair cling to my neck and back and face, I turned my face away from him, trying to part my mind from my body, I wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere else but although I felt numb, the dull roaring pain would flood over me and I would know it had been my body that had been ravaged by this disgusting creature.

Titus stood, not bothering to cover himself as his seed dripped from him. He gestured down to himself.
“I would demand you lick me clean, but I don’t doubt you would bite my cock off.”
I spit in his direction, his face was cruel as he said,

“Good, I’m glad I haven’t broken you yet. There is still much fun to be had with you. But in order to get you to obey a little bit easier, and allow me to have a little more fun, I’ll summon my leverage over you.”

Naked, he opened the door to the guard that still stood before it.

“Bring me Elzira from the cages, and a bottle of wine.”

“Yes Majesty” The guards voice replied

King Titus turned around to face me,

“Now we shall see what makes you obey.”


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