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Bobby returns to his childhood home to the loving arms of his big sister, Sissy. He needs shelter and respite from the turmoil of his court-martial.
"Welcome home, baby brother!"

Sissy's hugs had a way of shaking the chill from Bobby's bones, chasing the pain away. His
home was in these hugs, not the house standing before him.

"Fuck those bastards, Bobby. We all know you're a hero," Eric blustered. His brother-in-law meant
well, but Bobby was hoping to escape - for at least one day - the turmoil in his life.

His sister - as always - came to his rescue and silenced her husband. "Hush, Eric! They'll be
no war talk today. My baby brother's home. Nothing else matters."

The house smelled the same, even though his parents had been dead for years. He was glad they
were able to keep it in the family. Sissy and Eric had made it their own. The love they put into
it was evident, right down to the furniture.


Psych Evaluation - Session one

"Staff sergeant Thomas, I'm Colonel Wilson. The purpose of this psych eval is to determine your
fitness for execution. The crimes you're being charged with are capital offenses. Should you
be found guilty, my report will weigh heavily in determining your sentence. You understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"My report will not become part of the official court record. Nor will it become part of your
personnel file. Therefore, should you be found not guilty, it will in no way be used in
determining your fitness for combat or advancement in your career. Are we clear on that soldier?"

"Crystal, sir."

"So, you can to be totally honest with me. Completely honest with me. Your life is at stake

"Yes, sir."


Bobby was shaken awake screaming.

"Bobby, it's okay! You were just having a nightmare."

Bobby's T-shirt was damp and he was breathing heavily. Had he shouted out Sissy's name? He
searched his sister's and Eric's faces.

"Honey, could you get him a glass of water?"


As if he wasn't under enough stress. Now he had to worry about his nightmares giving away his
real reason for coming home.


Psych Evaluation - Session Four

"Just take it from the begining, soldier. Take your time."

"This condescending bastard thinks I'm suffering for PTSD," Bobby thought. "If he knew what I
know, he'd wet his dress blues."

But Bobby had to play the game. This colonel had the power to confine him to base, and he was
running out of time. He needed his next kill. It was the only way to make them listen.

"We were supposed to be in a green zone. What a fuckin' joke. No such thing as a green zone over
there. Anyway, my unit sort of adopted this ten year old kid named Amir. This kid hustled his
ass off to take care of his family. Can you imagine having to be the breadwinner at ten?

"Anyway, some care packages arrived the day before, so we decided to treat the kid, you know?
Fresh fruit for the adults, candy for the kids in his family. The little guy was gonna be
standing ten feet tall in his village after providing for his family like that.

"Corporal Bickers waved him over with a king-size Snickers at around 0900. We were going to
surprise him in the mess tent... The explosion blew Bickers' torso nearly ten feet... He was
still holding that fuckin' Snickers bar!

"All hell broke loose after that. We lost four good men that day."


Bobby's flight was delayed, so he had to finish the job in half the time he allotted. Sweat from
his brow was dripping into his eyes, stinging them red as he rushed to install the last fiber
optic camera. Hyper-alert for the sound of his sister pulling into the driveway,his heart
was thumping through his chest.

"Bobby, you home?" his sister called out from the kitchen.

"Yeah, my plane was delayed and I'm a little grimy, so I'm gonna hop into the shower."

"Okay, dinner should be ready in an hour."

Bobby put away his tools and headed to the bathroom. His old friends: fear, anxiety, adrenaline,
joined him in the shower. He was primed and pumped for combat.


The familiar giggling and hushed voices started at around midnight. Bobby clicked on his hand-
held monitor. The eerie glow of night vision filled the screen. His sister was stroking Eric's
cock to stiffness. Bobby rotated from camera to camera. He was relieved all were working; he
never had the chance to test them.

Sissy's head dropped down on Eric's cock, completely engulfing it. Eric threw his head back, his
mouth agape in the wonder of it all. His chest heaved as Sissy's powerful suction pulled on his
cock in an agonizingly slow trip to its head. She was obviously enjoying the effect she was having
on Eric, teasingly swirling her tongue around the bulbous crown. Down her head went again, then
slowly back up, hypnotizing Bobby to the screen . Their bodies seemed to float in the darkness
like apparitions. It all had a dream-like quality to it.

Sissy moved up Eric's body as he moved down hers in a horizontal ballet. Her mouth slung
open and her hips thrusted foward when he finally reached his target.She rode his mouth slowly
and deliberately, hitting sweet notes to music only she could hear. The crescendo slowly built
as her body twitched, then went stiff as a board before spasms shook it.

Battle was near. Bobby's pulse quickened.

Eric tossed Sissy off of him, grabbed a handful of her hair, then buried her face into a pillow.

Bobby fought the fear climbing into his throat, reminding himself he wasn't a kid anymore. He was
a battle hardened veteran. And this shitbird fucked with his family. He dies tonight!

Eric was plowing into Sissy violently. They no longer cared about being heard and were scaring
the shit out of the dogs next door.

Bobby retreated to the living room and waited.


Psych Evaluation - Session Five

"Sergeant did you order the raid?"

"Yes sir."

"It was your idea?"

"Yes sir."

"So, to avenge Corporal Bickers and the other men you lost, you purposely set out to kill
innocent civilians - women and children?"

"They were inert, not innocent."

"I'm sorry?"

"They were all potential weapons, sir. A biological agent had infiltrated the village. And that
motherfucka triggered Amir. It should have been a good day. Instead, Amir turned himself into
pink mist, taking Bickers with him. So we sent that fucker a message, sir:


"Whatcha doin', brother?" Sissy was completely naked.

"I couldn't sleep. You mind putting on some clothes?" Bobby was on the couch watching some
infomercial he had no interest in.

"Me and Eric weren't disturbing you, were we?"


"You sure you weren't spying on me again, little brother?"

A lump formed in Bobby's throat. He just shook his head.

"Tell the truth. I bet when you were in that god-awful desert pulling your pud you were thinking
of big sister, weren't you?" Sissy aproached him slowly, her D cups high on her chest, the
glow of the television lighting up her large pink areolas.

"It's okay, you little perv. I don't mind. Sissy will always be here for her little man."

She knelt between his thighs. Her fingers slowly inched their way to his crotch. Bobby looked
anxiously toward the darkness of the hallway.

"It's okay. Eric is dead to the world." She reached into his boxers and pulled out his stiff
hard-on, admiring it as it throbbed in her hand.


"You didn't have to run away, Bobby. There was nothing to be ashamed of."

"I wanted to serve my country."

"Bullshit! You were running away from this." She took him fully into her mouth. It all came back
to him instantly - the wetness, the warmth. Her strong tongue swirled around the head of his
cock, kneading him like dough, working wickedness back into him.


His hand to her throat caught her by surprise. The fear in her eyes made him harder as he
squeezed. His dick bobbed vigorously as Sissy hacked away at his powerful forearm.

"I'm not a kid anymore," he grunted, lifting her by her kneck until her toes barely touched the
carpet. Her eyes bulged and her face turned a deathly pale.

"I don't expect you to understand, Sissy," he hissed. "I'll make it quick. But this motherfucka
has got to go!"

He brought her down hard to the floor but released his grip. She gasped hard, drawing in as much
air as she could. He couldn't finish her. Why was he losing his nerve? His twitching dick
answered his question. He could smell Sissy's pussy. He wanted Sissy's pussy.

He pulled her to him and entered her roughly causing her to wince in pain. He thought he was
stronger than this. But he was wrong. He was enjoying his sister's pussy again, even with Eric's
sperm still sloshing around inside. His sister!

Shame! That had been Bobby's trigger, weaponizing him, driving him to the desert. Scores of dead
had been left in his wake. Far more than Amir.


Sissy's eyes were wide in fear as Bobby continued to plow into her. "It's okay, Bobby. I didn't
know." She didn't have a clue. This wasn't even her talking.

"Shut up motherfucka!...I'm sorry Sissy. I Thought I could handle this. His pace picked up as
he thrust and grunted. This shouldn't feel this good. He was truly sick!

"We'll get you some help," she murmured softly, her voice cracking slightly.

"There is no help for us, Sissy." His orgasm gripped him like a vice, then shook him like a rag

"What the fuck?! You sick motherfucker!" Eric's kick caught him just under the chin. Bobby rolled
from the blow and propped himself up into a crouch. He struggled to remain conscious as Eric
pummeled him.

"Eric stop!" Sissy pleaded, grabbing him from behind. It was all the distraction Bobby needed.
Muscle memory kicked in. A blow to Eric's windpipe stunned him, incapacitating him long enough
for the elbow that followed,shattering his nose, sending shards of bone into his brain.

"Why!" Sissy cried out over and over as she draped her body over her twitching husband.


"He took me by surprise. It was just reflexes. I'm sorry, Sissy." He honestly was. If he hadn't
been so weak, Eric would have never witnessed their unspeakable sin.

Sissy lept to her feet and dashed to the kitchen. Was she calling the police? It was time to
end this.

"You're sorry?!" she shouted hysterically, returning with butcher knife, her face flush with
tears. "You twisted piece of shit!" she screamed, slashing at him with the knife.

She never had a chance. Bobby had disarmed her and plunged the knife deep into her lungs before
the shock registered on her face. He held his hand over her nose as her lungs filled and her
body slumped to the floor. He was wracked with guilt. This was not the way he planned it. She
shouldn't have had to suffer like this.

As he squatted over her body and watched her blood pool on the carpet, he couldn't help but
wonder, "Did life drain from this creature at the same rate as it did from his sister?"

Bobby bowed his head for a moment out of respect. The real heroes are always in the first wave;
death is a given. This creature had sacrificed his life embeding himself in Sissy in order to
weaponize him.

That kind of sacrifice had to be respected. It was not for naught. Bobby had become quite an
efficient killer. Many more would have died by his hand had not the senslessness of Amir's death
shocked Bobby into realizing that he and Amir were both weapons of the same enemy. He hoped
Sissy's death would open the eyes of the rest of the world. Her autopsy would be this world's only
hope. If it doesn't reveal concrete evidence, the human race is doomed.

We will exterminate each other before we even know we're in a war.
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