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Sarah is a secretary to the CEO of a large business company, the CEO is often not in and Sarah makes many decisions to keep the place running, she has a lot of power and a lot of respect. But there's a yearning for something else that is ignited when she receives an offer from a client over dinner one night.
I plan with this story to explore the character Sarah a powerful business secretary as she explores themes of submission with a few other characters. This is just the prologue and there will not be any sex in this portion just releasing it to see warm people up and see what people think. Please let me know what you think so far.

While at work Sarah often thought about the offer she received months ago from one of her clients. She worked in high end business as a secretary, facilitating communication between her bosses and their clients.

In order to keep business relations good this meant regular dinners and lunches out with hot headed businessmen. Many of them hit on her in one way or another, to be expected with how good Sarah looked. But the offer Dave made her had left her stunned and not sure how to react.


The night had been lovely, a few drinks lots of good conversation, but the night had been winding down when Dave asked 'when work is done for the day do you ever wish you could turn your brain off and left someone else make the decisions for you?'

'All the time, why do you ask?' was Sarah's automatic response, she gasped embarrassed when she realised what she had just slipped out, it wasn't something she had even come to terms with herself but it had crossed her mind before late at night.

'If you are ever looking for something like that, come by office after hours with some flowers and tell my secretary they are for Julie. She'll set you up in a meeting room. We will go over some paperwork and then you'll come work for a private company of mine with a very nice pay check.'

--- Friday 11:30am

Sarah snapped out of her daydream as Jason came past her office door, 'Lunch Sarah?'

'Yeah I'm not busy'

Lunch with Jason was pleasant, small talk was fine, but Sarah's mind drifted back to Dave. Jason was tall, fit and very driven. He had made a lot of money acquiring companies and taking them to the next level by using a sharp business sense to invest in the right areas of the company and cut the under performers, so he was very smart and successful, but also was not the greatest with public relations. His intensity he had just didn't have the same feeling as Dave. The way Dave had given her his offer gave her goosebumps even when she was remembering it. The excitement of switching off. Jason was very subtle about the way he flirted with her, HR at their company had made everyone step on eggshells after a major abuse of power over many of the staff from the former CEO.

Lunch finished with a vague request for another meal some other time and Sarah must have been somewhat dismissive in her daydream haze because Jason seemed somewhat let down by her lack of enthusiasm.

'Oops' thought Sarah.


In her business life Sarah liked to be in control, she was technically a secretary but she managed many of the business decisions that the company made as she was both in close communication with the new CEO - a man who came from a very posh background that was very busy and often just deferred decisions to her. The board hadn't caught on because Sarah was so good at her job and the CEO's that the company functioned seamlessly. Sarah also carried a lot of political sway within the entire business landscape due to being one of the main points of contact with the company clients. Everyone wanted to know her because of who she knew, and everyone listened to what she had to say.

The power was nice, it made her feel strong and in control, a reassurance that many did not share. Where it failed her was that she found most men too indecisive or unaware of what they wanted for themselves as well as what they wanted to do to her should she sleep with them. Women were the same though too be fair, and she silently yearned someone to come into her life that had the intensity to surpass her.

Maybe Dave had it. She let the thought wash over her. He was one of her favourite clients, for the reason that while always impeccably courteous he always made it clear what he wanted and made sure that he negotiated himself into a position to get not only what he wanted but more. He wasn't overweight, in fact he was reasonably slim, while not being overly athletic. One of the things that Sarah admired most about Dave was that when he spoke he spoke with a confidence that he already knew what the answer was. That was what bothered Sarah so much, how did he know that she wanted to give control to someone? Even though she knew deep down it was something she wanted, she never let it show on the outside, she hadn't even really come to terms with it.

Enough time had passed since Dave's offer and it was the lunch with Jason that crystallised the decision in her mind. She stopped at the florist after she left work and bought a large bouquet of flowers, she went home to her apartment to go over the decision once more. She didn't know what Dave's offer encompassed but she knew it excited her greatly.

She had read 50 Shades of Grey and while she had liked parts of it, quite a few aspects had not been as convincing for her. She didn't want there to be a strict line that defined when she was in control of herself, she valued her work and enjoyed it very much and did not want it interfered with by her personal affairs.

Still, the offer was too good to not investigate, she had to see what Dave would propose. She changed her work clothes, tight black skirt with a modest tan brown shirt and jacket, to something less formal. She put on a set of lacy lingerie along side suspenders and sheer stockings that were new with no lines. She liked to wear corsets and thought this would be a nice opportunity to wear one so she put a one of her loosest ones on, a white leather corset. She wore a white lace mostly see through shirt over the corset and finished off the top half of her outfit with a white jacket. For the lower half of the outfit she opted for a pair of blue jeans, mildly distressed so they were a light blue and finished the look with white wedges that lifted her around 3 inches.

She reapplied some makeup, nothing over the top and headed to Dave's offices with the flowers.

As she entered the main foyer it was a large extravagant entrance like most big businesses, high ceilings and fancy marbled benches. She went to the main desk, where 3 ladies were still busy working finishing things for the night. She told them she needed to go an speak with Dave's Secretary. They buzzed her through, this was not unusual for Sarah to come to meet Dave's Secretary after hours, it was often far easier than scheduling an appointment during the busy work days.

She took the elevator up to the second highest floor where Dave's office was and was greeted promptly by the secretary Marcia.

'These are for Julie, Dave said I should bring them'

A brief flash of surprise and then understanding passed across her face, 'ahh of course' she led Sarah to a smaller meeting room unlocking the door and taking the two inside. 'Just wait here for a minute and I'll go tell her you're here' as she closed the door leaving Sarah in the dimly lit office meeting room.

Her?! thought Sarah, she hadn't expected there to be a Julie working here! Maybe she was new? Maybe the codeword Dave had left her with had run its course and this was going to be an awkward misunderstanding meeting a woman who thought Sarah needed her business. She sat in the room, then paced, then sat, then paced as time passed. Almost an hour Sarah waited in the small space getting more uncomfortable and less confident in her decision.

And then, the door opened, an incredibly elegant woman effortlessly walked through the door and sat herself down at one end of the table, a large bag by her side. She was dressed in red and black leather, long black leather boots leading into a red miniskirt, red leather shirt and jacket as well and long black leather gloves. She had gorgeous lush blonde hair and bright red lipstick on.

Sarah didn't really know how to react and then, with a commanding tone, Julie spoke, 'I gather you are Sarah, I expected to hear from you a good while ago or not at all. It has been some time so I have forgotten, how much has Dave told you? Knowing where I need to start will greatly assist the application process.'

The next section will begin the sexual parts of the story

Please let me know what you think so far - SA
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