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**The first part of the story repeats in each chapter in order to introduce Tami**

This story is much less of a story and more so of constant fucking.
Tamani woke up slowly and comfortably. She smacked her puffy lips together, gazing around to see the sleeping bodies of various creatures and monsters. The air was warm so her green skin was glistening with sweat, no wonder she couldn’t keep herself from rubbing up against a passed out satyr. Her pixie style charcoal hair had line of pink hair, which looked cute against the tan fur of the sleeping satyr’s stomach. Tami played with his limp dick, trying to wake it up in any way possible. After a bit of gentle caressing it slowly came to life, and the little goblin didn’t hesitate to stuff her cheeks with it. His semi-erect snake fit comfortably in her mouth, she then started rubbing it with the enormous stud in her tongue. Tami held her plump ass high in the air while she worked, and although she wore a couple pieces of cloth, they covered nothing, her swollen and repeatedly pierced puss was visible and open for literally anyone. The beast she was sucking coughed and moaned so she opened her eyes revealing deep violet irises to see if the man was awake, but he remained motionless.

She decided she was getting bored so she forced herself down on his swollen manhood, feeling the flared tip brushing through her neck. The chubby chick was an expert at fellatio, and nothing beat the sweet sensation of a man unloading himself down her throat.

After a couple gulps of rich milk, the busty girl got up to shake herself off. After a stroll through the forest to pick up a few herbs she noticed her next prey; a young tomboy with flaming red hair. The young freckled girl had an oversized sword and covered up her entire body with clothes. She had clearly fallen victim to the sex-crazed lands several times as the crimson cutie had a puffy bunny tail as well as breasts several times too big for her armor.

Tami approached her slowly, swaying her green plump thighs back and forth. The girl drew her sword and threatened the thick goblin, not a good idea. Tami reacted by tossing her glass vial filled with pheromones on the ground releasing a red mist that mixed itself in the air.

The red-headed champion continued to intimidate Tami, but felt less and less threatening with every passing second. Tami reassured the ginger hottie that they would be safer traveling together, so she finally gave in. The girl dropped her knees and gave in to the pudgy goblin, her eyes yearning for a friend.

Tami gave her a potion with instructions to drink, the freckled cutie didn’t even ask what it was before swallowing every last drop. It tasted salty and burned her throat, but that wasn’t a problem, she would do anything for her new mesmerizingly beautiful friend. Tami stood in front of the kneeling girl, running her hands through the fire-red hair. The bunny girl felt safe in the hands of her mistress, even as a frenzy slowly built up.

The potion started to work it’s magic as her skin burned and changed from pale white to a light ruby color, she grabbed the lewd goblin girl close to her as every muscle started to ache. Her fingers dug into silky soft skin while her delicate body began to slowly shrink. The freckled cutie blindly explored her new green girlfriend, passionately massaging the tender rear, feeling her way through the moist smooth cheeks, and finding the delicate and creamy asshole. The fever was only getting worse, the wild bunnygirl turned tiny and her body changed to be as red as her hair, but the worst was the fierce fire in her crotch. Being unable to ignore the torment she opened her eyes, the luscious goblin had undressed her and was caressing the girl’s changing body.

The young woman realized she was the same size as Tami and tried to get up, but she was paralyzed. An involuntary moan escaped her lips as her tender groin started throbbing. Tami smiled and bent over to hold the girls new growing cock. The tender meat was growing rapidly, dark red in color with several notches growing along the side. Deep purple veins ran through the shaft, hypnotizing those who stare. Tami didn’t hesitate for a single second to swallow as much of the corrupt cock as possible, rolling her studded tongue around every inch of the foul erection. When it grew too big for her throat she pulled herself back and bent over in front of the transformed girl.

The cute and shy redhead started out her journey to prove to the others she was brave, but now she is gone. The imp potion she was given was far stronger than she could have expected. Her thoughts are corrupt, she can’t think about her brother without getting dirty images of raping his virgin ass, she desperately wants to feed the imp potion to her best friend, even her childhood dog makes her horny. And now in front of her is a round, juicy, goblin ass and it’s begging to be ravaged.

Tami gasps as she gets impaled by this massive 14 inch cock, but quickly gets comfortable to the rhythm of penetration. She hopes to get pregnant from this bunny-imp girl, the children would probably turn out to be very cute. As expected, it doesn’t take too long for the imp-girl to cum, but she started to pull out before doing so. Tamani yelled at her to cum inside, but she didn’t listen, ruining Tami’s orgasm.

Frustrated, our goblin sweetheart packs up her stuff and leaves the passed out imp-bitch alone on the floor of the forest.
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