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**The first part of the story repeats in each chapter in order to introduce Tami**

This story is much less of a story and more so of constant fucking.
Unfortunately, I haven't finished this story yet. But hopefully soon I'll get around to it
This story is much less of a story and more so of constant action.

Tamani woke up slowly and comfortably. She smacked her puffy lips together, gazing around to see the sleeping bodies of various creatures and monsters. The air was warm so her green skin was glistening with sweat, no wonder she couldn’t keep herself from rubbing up against a passed out satyr.

Her pixie style charcoal hair had line of pink hair, which looked cute against the tan fur of the sleeping satyr’s stomach. Tami played with his limp dick, trying to wake it up in any way possible. After a bit of gentle caressing it slowly came to life, and the little goblin didn’t hesitate to stuff her cheeks with it.

His semi-erect snake fit comfortably in her mouth, she then started rubbing it with the enormous stud in her tongue. Tami held her plump ass high in the air while she worked, and although she wore a couple pieces of cloth, they covered nothing, her swollen and repeatedly pierced puss was visible and open for literally anyone. The beast she was sucking coughed and moaned so she opened her eyes revealing deep violet irises to see if the man was awake, but he remained motionless.

She decided she was getting bored so she forced herself down on his swollen manhood, feeling the flared tip brushing through her neck. The chubby chick was an expert at fellatio, and nothing beat the sweet sensation of a man unloading himself down her throat.

--End of Introduction--

She savored the taste of satyr milk, letting his cum sit in her mouth before swallowing in one big gulp. She though about her plans for the day. First she would go check up on her kids, then go meet an old friend. Tami has made quite a few friends in her life, but none more than Rexxy. She has quite a few children that resemble him, a complete wolf-morph with the exception of having a hung stallion’s cock. They have fun together and today would be no exception.

She had been stalking a newcomer for a while and noticed he was a complete wimp. He had shaggy white hair, no muscles, and no self-control. He fucked whatever he could, which means usually only plants that look like cunts. He couldn’t defend himself which means imps and centaurs frequently violated him, the interesting part though, is he seemed to enjoy it. In fact, he would sometimes revisit places he got raped and wait until something found him.

Tami decided it was her turn to abuse the kid. She found him wandering in her forest and she called out to him. He quickly turned and readied his sword, but instantly forgot what he was doing after seeing her.

Tami had just come back from fucking her three eldest sons, her hair was messy and cumstained. In fact, she still had sticky white cum dripping from her blue puffy lips. She wore the bare minimum, mostly because her green skin was constantly sweating. Even then she still “forgot” to cover up one of her plump breasts, she took no shame in showing off the massive dark green areola complete with a stiff suckable nipple. Her hefty hips swayed with every step she took, inviting everyone to stare at her enticing ass. She emitted a strong musk that captivates the creatures she comes near.

And this kid was no exception. He let his guard completely down as Tami applied her special drugged lipstick on herself. She got closer to him and whispered in his ear that she wants his jizz. He immediately started disrobing as Tami pulled him in for a long wet kiss, forcing her saliva, the drug, and her son’s leftover cum into his mouth.

This drugged lipstick corrupts the minds of the victims, making them overly trusting and very suggestible, as well as increase the amount of pleasure he receives from everything. Everything they do feels magnificent and much more pleasurable, from touching a furry rug to masturbating.

Tami watches the man’s eyes dilate while he tries to figure out what just happened to him. He stares in amazement as this juicy little goblin girl becomes ten times sexier. Unable to control himself, he reaches out to feel her hair, thanks to the drug, it felt like it was the softest hair he’s ever felt in his life. Tami told him to get on his knees, and followed her orders. She grabbed him back the back of his hair and forced his head onto her sweaty breast, he started suckling like a little child. Soon he began drawing milk, and while drinking his tiny erection began slowly growing.

Tami just now noticed how small his penis was and mocked him for it, the boy quickly apologized, he really wanted to make this green goddess happy. She commanded him to lay down so she could sit on his face, then while on top of him, she started jerking him off. He was drowning in her sweet nectar, meanwhile, Tami was stroking the dicklet with two fingers.

Tami spread her luscious ass cheeks apart, the boy voluntarily pushed his face in his lover’s dirty sweaty ass. He closed his nose and began cleaning the slutty goblin’s rear with his tongue.

Then Rexxy appeared, the hulking wolf man stood tall and proud. He wore no clothes, and carried no weapon. He didn’t need any after all, he was ripped and any fight he couldn’t win with strength, he won with looks. He kept a thin layer of dark grey fur which contrasted the thick, veiny, pink horse cock. His beast shaft was a work of art; when he wants to fuck, the colossal phallus slowly slides out of his black sheath, the meat itself though is a tasty light pink with bulging veins and a few brown spots. The tip flares widely in all directions, making it impossible for cum to ooze out.

The boy heard Rexxy approach but he was too busy trying to force his tongue down Tamani’s asshole to pay attention. She had a small conversation with Rex and introduced the sissy boy, he waved but couldn’t pull himself out of Tami’s cheeks. Rex had on him a vial of silver goo, when he mentioned it was for the fucktoy, Tami pulled him out of her soft spot and handed him the liquid. But the kid was way too drugged up, he stared at the handsome beast, admiring the bulging muscles and toned abs.

He stood up and approached Rex, then timidly asked if he could feel his fur. The wolf allowed him and the boy dove for a hug, wrapping his arms around the wolf. Rex did the same and grabbed the kid’s ass and violated him with his finger as a show of strength, growling loudly and clearly that he was going to fuck the shit out of him. The sissy moaned, the penetration and the rock hard body was turning him on, he trusted this stranger completely and knew that the wolf man was going to take good care of him. But this was not the truth.

Tami forced the silver liquid down the kids gullet and told him to wait for the transformation to take place.

Meanwhile, the plump goblin got on her knees in front of the Rexxy and started licking his heavy balls, leaving blue lipstick marks everywhere, trying desperately to bring out the monster cock.

The sissy’s head was spinning so he found a nearby log and sat down, he fell in love with the little green woman and now she was giving pleasure the alpha male. The sweet smell of the cute goblin girl filled his nose first, then the heavy stench of the powerful wolf mixed in. He yearned for attention, he wished the pudgy girl would cuddle with him, but fantasies of submitting to the muscular wolf were filling his head. Unable to move, he watched as the cute goblin girl he loved dropped to her knees and worshiped the other man. The wolf was breathing harder now, his massive chest expanding to show off his muscles. His face was as rugged as it was handsome, even still, he showed signs of the pleasure he was receiving. The sissy boy sadly realized that the sex-crazed girl was clearly meant to be with the strong wolf man, and not with him. He watched the plump goblin stared into the large alpha male’s eyes while preforming sexual acts.

While still drugged up, the boy remembered how soft Tami’s hair felt, and how hot it was having the wolf’s finger up his ass. He wondered how welcoming the green girl’s soft skin would feel rubbing up against him, or how nice a rock hard cock would feel in his throat.

The boy’s hands were shacking as they starting to form as hooves plus he was growing thin curly hair all over his body. This should have troubled him, but he didn’t notice because he couldn’t take his eyes off Rex’s growing erection.

Tamani smiled with pride at her ability to wake up Rexxy’s massive cock. She massaged his swollen sack as his thick meat slowly grew out. It seemed to never stop growing. First the shaft slid to full length, then it became erect, pointing strait up. Tami felt as though she was made for this cock, her short height means that she was face to face with his massive errection. Her nose was right above his meat, letting her breath in its perfect thick odor.

This is what a real man looks like, she though. She looked to her side to see the drugged up sissy staring at them with tears rolling down her eyes. Although still humanoid, she had sheep ears and had sprouted a soft layer of white fur all over her body. Her miniscule manhood was gone and was instead replaced with a tight pink slit, he/she tried to pleasure herself but it was impossible with her new hooved hands.

Tami knew the kid was ready. She called the lamb-girl over, who got on her knees to match the stout goblin’s height. Tami applied her special lipstick once more to give the sissy her second dose, the sissy knew she was getting drugged but she would do anything to feel the soft moist lips of the alluring goblin. Tamani dove in this lamb-girl’s mouth, pushing her heavy stud along with. The sissy was taken by surprise and choked on the large intrusion, unable to match Tami’s ferocity. She decided to close her eyes and submit, but the goblin’s attention was already elsewhere.

The lamb-girl turned and saw Tami’s tongue glide across the wolf’s fat, long, throbbing member. The smell was too much, she closed her eyes to taste this magnificent erection. The plump goblin and the sissy goat-girl felt right as servants to this muscular wolf-man

Rex placed one hand on each of his servants, and watched as they tried their best to please him. They each had their role, Tami was rubbing her fat tongue across his shaft while the sheep-girl was trying to fit the head of his cock down her throat.

--To be Finished Soon!--
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