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A black high school senior gets bullied by two white 7th graders.
Black high school football player Darryl is bullied by 2 white 7th graders.

It's 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning. And as I do every Saturday morning. I begin my morning workout with a 5-mile run, then I lift weights for an hour or so. While I'm in the driveway stretching before my run, I look across the street to make sure Ryan and his twin brother Riley aren't outside waiting to torment me, as they faithfully do every Saturday morning.

I'm a black 17-year old 6" 3' tall, 235 lbs linebacker for my high school football team. Whose constantly being tormented by a couple of 13-year old white 7th graders. Ryan and his twin brother Riley are only 5" 4' tall, weighing 115 lbs. But somehow they've managed to make my life a living hell.

They're always teasing me about my big bubble butt. Then they wait until I'm out running through the neighborhood, to sneak up on me and grab my ass. I can't help that I inherited my mother's big butt and long muscular legs. But getting groped by a couple of white kids is embarrassing. I tried talking to their parents, but they said: "The boys don't mean you any harm. In fact, they really like you. They think you're cool." Hearing their parents say that put my mind at ease, a little. But I was still leary.

So after looking around and seeing that the coast was clear. I started my morning run. While I was running I began to recall what the twins parents had said. How they really liked me and thought that I was cool. I thought to myself: "Maybe I should befriend them. That way they would stop tormenting me." When I was finishing up my run, I looked around for them, but they weren't there. As I was in my driveway bending over, trying to catch my breath...WHAP! One of the twins had slapped me on the ass: "Fuck" Before I could turn around to see who it was....WHAP! They slapped me on the ass again. But this time I didn't let them get away. I reached out and grabbed Riley by his T-shirt: "Come here you little shit" Riley started kicking and screaming: "Let me go, you asshole" Then his brother Ryan came from the side of the house: "Let my brother go" I wanted to end this right here and now: "Why do you guys keep teasing me? What did I ever do to you?" Ryan walked closer to me: "Dude, we think you're cool! In fact, we've been to all of your games." I release my grip on Riley and let him go: "Then, why do you guys make fun of me while I'm running?" Riley starts to laugh: "Its because we want to be football stars like you someday." I felt like such a jerk. "You guys could've told me. You didn't have to tease me" Both boys walk over to me and shake my hand: "We're sorry, dude!" After shaking their hands. I decided to bury the hatchet: "It's all good you guys! How about I teach you guys a few of my moves?" They give each other high fives: "Fuck yeah, that'll be great!"

We were in the middle of the street tossing the football around when my mother returned from her shift at the hospital. She had a surprised look on her face when she saw me playing with the twins: "Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I'm glad to see you guys finally worked things out." The twins both greet my mom: "Hi, Ms, Jackson!" She smiles at them: "Hi, boys!" After my mother goes inside the house, we get back to playing football. I was throwing the football, while the boys ran routes. Then Ryan stopped and complained that he'd hurt his leg. He'd pulled a muscle in his leg, so I picked him up and carried him inside our house.

As I laid him down on the couch. I could see that he was in pain: "Fuck, dude! I think I pulled something." With all of the noise coming from the living room. My mother, who wasn't expecting any visitors, came from her bedroom wearing short nightgown: My mother is 5" 9' tall, and 175 lbs. Even at the age of 40, her 38DDD boobs, and 48-inch butt are both, still firm. ,"What's wrong, hun?" Ryan points to his leg: "I think I pulled something." My mother who is an RN moved in for a closer look: "Let me take a look at it, dear!" It wasn't until I watched my mother massage Ryan's leg, that I noticed that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I caught Riley sneaking a peek at my mother's ass, as she was bending over tending to his brother's hurt leg. Once my mother felt where Ryan's pain was coming from. She diagnosed the problem: "Oh, its just Charliehorse. Be a doll, Darryl. And get my bag from the closet" When I returned with my mother's bag. She had Ryan's leg propped up on to the couch. Giving me a clear few of Ryan's big hairy balls. I'm not gay. But I couldn't stop looking at his huge balls. And to make matters worse, my cock was getting hard.

While my mother was applying an ointment to Ryan's inner thigh. Ryan had a clear shot at my mother's 38DDD's, that were very close to flopping out of her lowcut nightgown. As she continued to massage Ryan's leg, Ryan's cock started to rise: "Thank you so much, Ms. Jackson! You're making me feel so much better." As I watched my mother's hand inch closer and closer towards Ryan's cock. I can see Riley's shorts starting to rise as well.

Everything was all happening so fast. Here I was getting an erection while looking at Ryan's big white nutsack. While his brother Riley was sporting a hard-on, from looking at my mother's naked ass. I had to do something: "I think he's okay now, mom!" But my mother continued to massage Ryan's thigh while staring at the bulging tent in his shorts. Ryan could see the lust in my mother's eyes, as she let her fingers graze his hairy balls a few times: "Pull it out, Ms. Jackson" I couldn't believe my eyes, when my mother reached underneath Ryan's shorts and pulled out his big 8-inch white cock: "Mom, what are you doing?" Ryan looks over at me and looked down at the tent in my shorts: "I saw you checking out my nutsack, Darryl! Why don't you come over here and help your mother massage my big cock?" Then his brother Riley looks over at me, while he reaches over and rubs my mother's ass: "Yeah, Darryl! Come and join us!" In between licking Ryan's stiff cock. My mother agrees: "Come on honey, and help me suck this big white cock." I couldn't believe my ears. Yet, the precum that was leaking from my cock, had left a wet stain on the front of my shorts. That's when Riley walked over to me: "Pull it out! Pull out my cock, Darryl!" As badly as I wanted to say no. Lust had taken over my body. I found myself eager to see if Riley's cock was as big as his twin brother's. So I reached into his shorts and pulled out his thick white cock. It felt so thick and warm inside my hands, that my mouth began to water.
As I'm stroking Riley's thick cock. I see Ryan squeezing my mother's tits, while she's sucking his cock. Riley looks into my eyes while I'm stroking his big cock: "Come on, Darryl! Take my cock in your mouth!" Then I squeeze a few drops of precum from the tip of Riley's young cock, before taking it into my mouth. Riley puts his hands on my head: "Oohh yeah, suck that white cock, Darryl!!" I begin to slob on his big white cock, making it nice and wet. Then I moved down and took his big hairy nuts into my mouth: "Holy shit, bro! He sucks a mean cock!" His brother Ryan agrees: "So does his mom!" Then Riley pulls his cock from my mouth, and sits down next to his brother Ryan: Okay, you guys! Let's switch!

Now my mother and I are both on our knees, sucking the cock of two white teenagers. While my mother is sucking Riley's cock, I'm sucking on Ryan's nutsack. Ryan lifts his legs, allowing for me to lick his sweaty ass crack: "That's right, lick my fucking crack!" Normally, their taunting would make me mad. Now, it was making me even hornier. So I pulled out my cock and started stroking it, while I licked Ryan's asshole.
That's when Riley stood up: "Okay, bro! Let's fuck their black asses!!!" As Ryan stood up, my mother and I got on the couch and stuck out our black asses. I've never thought that I was gay, but the anticipation of having a cock in my ass for the first time was driving me crazy. While the twins were rubbing some of my mother's lotion onto their cocks, my mother and I waited anxiously. My mother rubbed her pussy while we waited: "Are you going to fuck my ass sweetie?" Riley smacked my mother on the ass: "You're damn right, I'm gonna fuck you in your black ass!"
Ryan started squeezing my round ass cheeks: "I've been dying to fuck your black ass!" Then he slammed his hard white cock into my virgin asshole: "Oh fuck, Ryan! Your cock is so fucking big!" Then his brother Riley slammed his cock into my mother's asshole: "Oh shit, fuck my ass!!!" Ryan held onto my hips as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into my ass: "Do you like that big white cock in your black ass, Darryl?" I felt his big balls slapping against my ass: "Yes, I love your big white dick!" His brother Riley pulled my mother by her hair, as he pounded her asshole: "Who's your daddy, bitch!!!" My mother continued to throw her ass back: "You, daddy! You're my daddy!!!"
Ryan started to really fuck my ass, then he busted his nut inside me: "I'm gonna cum in your fucking black ass!!! Feeling Ryan's hot load gushing into my ass, made me cum: "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" I had my face buried in the couch. When Riley pulled his cock from my mother's ass and shot his load into her ass crack: "Aaaahhhh fuck, that felt great!!!!" Ryan was still squeezing my ass: "You know you're my bitch now, right?" I nodded my head: "Yes, daddy, I'm your bitch, now!!!"
After the twins pulled their shorts back up, they laid down some new rules: "From now on, the two of you will suck our cocks every day, before and after school, got it?" My mother looked at them with lust in her eyes: "Yes, daddy!!! We got it!"

To be continued.....


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Please make a sequel to this <3

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