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This is a personal story I wrote to explore my sexual fetishes. I published it here to give back to the the community.

I’ve been having a blast since I came home back to my beautiful children. They make me so happy, and I love making them happy. It’s been a month now since I’ve moved in, Kyle seems happier than ever before. Lilly however seemed bothered by my arrival, so one afternoon while she was skipping class I found her in a park smoking weed.

“Howdy Lilly, whatcha doin’ here?” I said rather sternly

“Ma! You snuck up on me” She squeaked. She threw the joint away thinking I didn’t see it.

“I need to talk with you”

“I’m sorry Ma, I promise I wont smoke weed again!”

“Yea right, come here”

I lead her into the woods, after we got deep enough I turned around to look at her. She had the biggest puppy eyes, a deep green with a sense of sorrow. I remembered being busted by my parents smoking pot, and they punished me severely for it, which made me resent them, so I figured I’d try something new.

I was thinking about what to say, but my little girl distracted me. Her black crop top revealed her soft body and pierced belly button, I’m pretty sure I could see her nipple piercings too. She was absolutely delicious.

“Skipping school, smoking marijuana, and skimpy clothes; do you think I'm happy?”

“No Ma, please forgive me”, My yummy daughter begged.

I need to think of a way to punish her, but my mind was getting clowdy. She was so vunerable and so willing to make me happy.

Her eyes were drawn to the growing bulge in my pants. I tell her she cant go out with her friends this weekend, but she didn’t listen.

“Are you going to punish me Ma?” she whimpered, her knees trembling

I looked around, nobody in sight. Oh yea, I am going to punish her, I’m gonna make her limp for a week.

I moved my supple mommy body against her, and went for a sloppy kiss. I was angry with her, but I loved her so much. My puffy pink lips pushed against hers, I slowly started to push my long tongue inside her. She started moaning as I invaded her.

She was giving me a small hug, but I was much more aggressive. I was putting my weight on her, forcing her to bend back a bit, not giving her time to breath. Her eyes opened when she realized my hands were traveling under her short skirt. I found her wet gash and forced my long fingers inside.

She buckled over from the invasion and fell in a patch of soft wet grass. When I saw my small defenseless girl on the ground half nude, a deep feeling suddenly rose. I was not the nice “Ma” she thought I was.

I flipped her on her stomach and got on top of her. She tried to struggle but my weight kept her pinned. I pulled my jeans down and let my hungry cock out to play, my eyes were fixed on my daughter’s exposed white ass.

I spit on my shaft and lined it up with my little girl’s tight pucker. Her cries were louder and her shaking was much more frantic, but I am getting what I want. She suddenly when still when pushed my tip through, only letting a small long moan. I continued slowly, feeding her inch after inch of mommies meat. She might have tried to resist, but I know she had been dreaming of this, why else would she wear slutty clothes around me?

I was unable to push my entire shaft in her, so I started pulling out and pushing myself back inside her. Her body went limp as she accepted her fate as her Mommy’s toy. I was so horny, I had waited for a while to take my daughter’s tight ass, I couldn’t help but start pumping faster and faster. She felt so good under me and I was ready to fill her up with my thick tasty cum, but I needed to make sure she understood the lesson.

My thrusts were faster, her pucker was stretched out, my sweat dripped on her, she was drooling on the ground, my cock dripped precum inside her, she belongs to me, I have complete control over her, I wrapped my hands around her throat as I filled her insides with my long firm beast.

Our soft skins rubbing against each other proved too much, I closed my hand around her small neck, cutting off her air. She started coughing and my dick twitched inside her. Wave after wave of warm sticky potent cum filled her, spilling out from her gaping hole.

I let go of her, and she started gasping and sobbing. Did I go too far? I hope I didn’t hurt my favorite daughter.

After she caught her breath however, she turned around and wrapped her arms around me. She was still trembling a bit, but she managed to squeak words.

“I'm so sorry Ma, I love you so much Ma, I wont disappoint you against Ma”

She looked at me with a big smile and dove me for a big kiss

“I love you Ma, I love your giant dick Ma”

I was relieved to know I didn’t hurt my little Lilly.

“I wish I had your amazing dick Ma”

“You wish you had a dick?”, I asked, a little surprised.

“Lil bro used to fuck me, but since you arrived he doesn’t even look at me anymore”, She solemnly said.

“That can be arranged”, I winked at her.


Lilly was coming back from the hospital and Kyle was overjoyed, Mother had told him about the surgery his sister was getting and couldn’t wait to meet the new cock in the family. He was wearing a new pink shirt and the kind of shorts that slutty high school girls wear.

Mommy told him to go wait in Lilly’s room, but he was afraid that Mommy would test out Lilly’s new dick first. He tried to protest, but was shut down by the snap of his mother’s fingers. He moaned but quicky retreated to his sister’s room.

Lilly arrived by taxi and quickly jumped out to greet her big and beautiful mother. The girls came together in an everlasting hug, Lilly planted her face in the warm freckled cleavage of her southern mom. Ma started to caress her young sweet pale daughter, not willing to let her go anytime soon.

Something started growing however, it was felt at the same time. The air between them was hot, and dirty thoughts were filling their minds. Lilly looked down and noticed the tip of her Ma’s meat was poking out, she could smell it’s strong stench. Mommy reached down the front of the timid daughter’s shorts and pulled out a monster unlike anything seen before.

Ma was staring at her daughter’s choice for a cock; for starters it had a sheath with lots of loose skin. Little Lilly blushed as a wide flared tip started slowly sliding out, the busty mother could see that long thick shaft was dark, practically black. Mommy couldn’t help herself but to start massaging the hard meat of her little daughter, encouraging more of the horsecock to slither out. Soon, both of her hands were wrapped around the cock, sending shivers down Lilly’s spine. The throbbing member was pointing strait at Mommy’s face, slowly dripping white ooze. The loving mom changed her warm attention to the two fat balls, feeling their heavy weight.

“Gentle Ma please, I haven’t used it yet” Lilly pleads.

They were so worked up that they didn’t notice a car roll up. It honked twice causing the couple to jump. They tried to hide their love session, but relaxed when they saw it was only Lilly’s friends, Marble and Twink.

Twink is the self given name of a very small Japanese girl. The petite cutie naturally looks young and with a high pitched voice, constant schoolgirl outfits, and innocent personality, she fits the role well. Her hobbies include: cuckolding white guys by getting them to fall in love with her, then fucking the blackest guy she could find in front of them, putting on a nude webcam show, and draining Marble’s balls.

Marble is a big and busty girl, combined with her very loud attitude she is kinda intimidating. Although chubby, she doesnt lack strength and is known for following men and women into the bathrooms and raping them. The thick chick is nice though, definitely the alpha of the group, but the betas (Lilly and Twink) knew that she would never hurt them. She had lived her whole life with a long and thick, veiny cock between her legs that go down to her knees and clearly protrudes against her skintight pants. When she pulls it out, it instantly fills the room with a heavy skunky smell, the smell is an irresistible aphrodisiac that makes you submit this giant ginger girl.

The girls chat for while each taking a turn feeling Lilly’s new throbbing member, when Mommy interrupts them, “Lilly darlin, Kyle is waiting for you to fill him up with your new horsecock”

“You got him prepared for me? You’re the best mom!” Lilly turned to give her mom a big hug, her flared tip pressed against Mom’s leg and dripped precum before running upstairs

Marble took her place and extended her arms to give a hug,” It’s nice to meet you Sara”

Mommy instead grabbed her by the back of the head and started to aggressively make out. The chubby chick responded by grabbing the large round ass and forcing her tongue down the mother’s throat. They were an equal match, similar in height and hotness, this was clearly a show of power. Sara wanted to show that she owned this family, and Marble used to dominating anyone that might be a threat.

They both stopped once they heard Kyle give a loud and cute moan from inside.

“I don’t want to miss out on the party”, Marble said softly.

“Then make yourself at home” replied Mommy, with a wink

Twink, who had been waiting patiently skipped in front of Mommy and gave her a kiss on the cheek and started after Marble. Sara, who had spent the last hour preparing Kyle, feeling her daughter, and making out with Marble, was tired, and horny. She grabbed Twink’s arm tight, forcing a small squeak from the girl.

“I aint fuckin my sweet daughter today because she just got a new toy, so you are going to have to replace her”


Today was the day, my hot sister was getting a cock! I think I'm going to miss her pussy, but since Mommy came back I've had a hard time thinking about anything besides cock.

I. Want. Cock.

And now my sister is getting one!

I was waiting patiently in front of the house for her, wearing a thin pink shirt made for girls and shorts that are way too small. I like this outfit because the shirt is super skimpy and the shorts showed off my bubble butt.

From inside my sister’s room I could hear her taxi pull up. She greeted Mommy, but it got quite and I had to strain to listen to what was happening.

A honk came out of nowhere and startled me, who could that be? It sounded like a couple of girls.

Then I hear big sis kiss Mommy and start to run up to me, I was so exited I could barely contain myself. She hasn’t seen this outfit yet and I’m sure it would make her, or rather her new dick, very happy. I got down on my knees in the middle of the room, trying to look at fuckable as possible.

The door swings open and my loving sister is standing in the doorway, wearing a black skirt and an evil grin. I planned on saying something cute and opening my mouth, but I was stunned when I saw the very thick tip of what looked like a horse cock!

She started to move towards me and the room started to smell like a barn. I was frightened; she wasn’t as big as Mommy, but asides the sheath the dick was pure dark muscle.

I think she liked my outfit, because she positioned herself above me and started force-feeding me her shaft. She let her massive balls lay on my face, right above my nose, today was a hot day and she reeked. I was not enjoying this as much as I thought it would, but I would do anything to make sis happy. I closed my eyes and let her sink inch after inch of her hard-on down my throat.

Rather than rocking back and forth, she kept sliding deeper inside me until her shaft was on my lips. She then stood still, I looked up to see what was happening until I started to feel her strong cock twitch spewing gallons of thick white sperm strait into my stomach. I felt my stomach get heavy and felt relief once she slid off my face.

I was licking my lips and catching a breath of fresh air, but something in the doorway caught my eyes.

Wait no, it was someone in the doorway! A immense woman with a tight shirt on that show off her huge breasts. Her wide shoulders and big hands made her look rather masculine, but her face and skin was so soft that I just wanted to rub myself against it.

I was dizzy from receiving my sisters load, it was rather hard to think. I looked around for my sister because this smoking hot woman was intimidating, but I was surprised to see that sis had backed away from me, leaving me with my face was half covered in silky white cum and the skimpy clothes I wore were halfway off. She was smiling at me, and I could have sworn she winked too.

“Hey there cutie”, the large woman spoke in a very soft tone, I instantly felt more relaxed. I wanted to respond, but I was too busy admiring her, she was so beautiful that for once in weeks I was thinking about fucking a girl instead sucking dick.

But that’s where it went downhill.

She started to give me orders which I followed like the good boy I am: stand up, touch my breast, give me a kiss, let me feel your cock, suck on my tit

My hot sister, that protects me from everyone else, came up from behind and put a hand on my shoulder and one on my hips. I knew what she was doing, but I still panicked. The gentle woman felt my distress and held on tight to me, exactly what I wanted. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt safe in her warm embrace. She hummed as I gently suckled on her teet. I was comfortable sitting in her lap, I let my body relax against her as my sister ruthlessly pounded my ass.

Sister’s new horsecock was wide and firm, she was fully erect and the flare of her cock made a pop as it ripped through my asshole. I can feel the swollen veins rubbing inside of me, burning my insides.

She started to push her hips back and forth, but very slowly. I was having a hard time enjoying my sister’s love though, it felt embarrassing being ridden in the lap of a stranger. Lilly started going a bit harder, making me groan every time she pushed in. I didn’t realize it, but every time I groaned I bit on the woman’s swollen nipple.

“Quit biting squirt, you’re gonna get me hot” The Amazon woman said playfully

I didn’t listen to what she said, but I liked hearing her talk to I started to bite a bit harder. And that’s when I felt it, a long tube under me started to inflate itself against my leg. I tried to move, but I was stuck in her strong grasp, plus Sis still hasn’t cum inside my ass yet and wasn’t pulling out anytime soon.

Dread slowly rose over me when I realized I was sitting on the growing monster cock of yet another dickgirl. I would usually start to panic at this point, but instead, I decided to relax. I pushed my hip back to let my sister get deeper inside me, and I closed my eyes while this soft redhead let her hard meat inflate against my bubble butt, it grow to a ridiculous size. I realized I was relieved that this cubby woman had a huge dick instead of a pussy. I decided it was silly of me to think I was still attracted to girls, it was clear that I was a cum addict. I don’t think I could live without drinking cum every day from either my hot sister, my loving Mommy or this big plump stranger.

In one fast move, the readhead drops her pants and her monster cock springs us. She has an orange bush, but its mostly the veiny and thick shaft that takes the attention, although the tip was rather impressive too, it stood proudly and was a bright suckable pink. I was shocked, but I smelled the stench of her dirty meat was hypnotized.

The room got much warmer and more comfortable, I loved the smooth in and out of my sister raping my big round butt, I tell her to go harder. My mouth feels empty without a dick in it. Happiness was in the air, so was the smell of cum, sweat, and girl cock, I am where I want to be. I wondered for a second where Mommy was, after tasting sister’s cum I think I prefer Mommy’s. I wonder how the giant girl’s cum tastes like?

“Excuse me, miss?”

“The name is Mable, sweetheart”

“Can you cum in my mouth Mable sweetheart?”

“No can do kid, I’ve got to go see your mom now”

Lilly lets out a hard grunt and with three hard thrusts shoots out thick and heavy lines of sticky horse cum. Most of it is now leaking out of my ass, but she managed to get a thick line across my face, and one on the front of Mable’s clothes. I jump up to clean it off of the girl, but she pushes me off and walks away without a word.


I couldn’t believe how much fun having a horse cock was!

My brother had been fucking me less since mom came because he’s addicted to her cum. Well now I have giant cock too, and a horse’s no less.

I made a list of everything I want to fuck, and now I'm slowly going down the list. I got my lil bro’s big mouth, and his juicy smooth ass. Next on the list was Twink.

Twink has been my friend for a long time now, she and I shared Mable together and never had problems. I have her beat in the tits and ass department, but I cant compare to how great she is with guys. To tell the truth, I think she is very cute and I’ve had dreams of marrying her. But I was always rejected because I had a pussy, well now things change.

Mable left so I was feeding my cute lil bro my cum from his leaking asshole, then I saw Twink come in. She was clearly exhausted from being used by my mom, but I didn’t care, today she was my plaything.

Despite her sluggishness, Twink dropped to her knees, crawled over Kyle, grabbed my horsecock, and wrapped her pink lips around the tip and started working with vigor.

Kyle was sitting in the corner staring at us while stroking himself. I made sure to position myself so he could see how well Twink was taking care of me.

I was mostly focused on raping this tiny Asian mouth, but I noticed that lil bro was falling in love with my plaything. My heavy balls started churning again, and I wanted to share my potent seed between the two teens. I urged my tired bro over and he didn’t hesitate to come. He sat next to Twink and showed attention to my big swinging sack while she continued to deepthroat me.

It didn’t take long before I was once again covering these young lovers in my warm sticky web. I had to sit down after unloading over my friend and my lil brother, but I enjoyed watching them take turn licking each other, drinking every drop of my horse sperm.
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