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This is the last of TLP that I have pre-written. This was probably my favorite of all my different stories I wrote, so I wouldn't mind coming back to it if it was requested.

That's the only word to describe the way she'd become. She did it on purpose, most of the time. Leaving her phone full of pictures of him at her feet, his face in her crotch, and his cock inside of her, sitting out on the counter all the time, only going to get it halfway through her torment. He would show up shortly after her parents would leave, and she would be in her room, with her phone on the counter. Frankly, the possibilities of what could happen with that phone were horrifying. But still, she was careless.

That was not the only way she had increased his torment. She'd begun taking pictures more frequently than ever. Most evident, she had been denying him orgasm nearly every time they met. The first time he had entered her with his cock had been a month ago, and he had only gotten off a half a dozen times since then. Meanwhile, he had bought her lingerie, four pairs of Mickey Mouse panties, and a pair of gym shoes since her flats had grown ragged and "too smelly" for her to continue wearing them - she had forced him to take the shoes to his home and keep them in his closet to smell every night (with photographic evidence) - so his wallet and his sanity were draining.

Any inkling of enjoyment that he had received from his situation had drained. Therefore, her carelessness stood out to him now as an advantage he had. He received her text that morning before she went to school, telling her that her parents would be leaving at 5 PM, and that he should enter her room on his knees shortly after. His stomach churned as he became more anxious about showing up at her place, but he was ready to do what had to be done.


5:03 PM

He sat on the curb of the street corner and took the final sip from his water bottle. He stood up and tossed it in the trash can, taking a casual look down the street to see her driveway empty. He lowered his head and walked towards her house.


5:07 PM

He entered her house, carefully pulling the door closed behind himself. He looked to the counter and there it was. Her phone sat on the counter, screen black. He quietly moved, so as not to even cause a creak in the floor, and grabbed it. This phone was his true oppressor. On it laid every incriminating image she had taken. It was unlocked. He flipped into her phone gallery, amazed that he could so easily access the entire album. How easy would it have been for someone to find these pictures? He assumed that that was probably the point. He pressed "Delete album" and that was that. He set the camera back on the counter and looked to the door. He walked outside, carefully shutting the door behind him. The deed was done. He was free!


5:10 PM

Fuck. What if she had other copies? He devised a new plan and ran back into the house. Shit. The phone was gone! He ran to her room and saw her sitting on the bed, staring at her phone. When he entered, she looked up at him, he was pretty sure there were tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, I deleted them. You have nothing on me."

"You... you didn't like what we were doing?"

"Like what you were doing? You were ruining my life! Threatening to show my family! Having me spend my money on you! You would have got me put in jail! How in the hell would I like that?"

She was silent. Did she really think this was a game?

"Do... do you have any more copies of those pictures?"

She was silent again. She didn't have anything!

"Get on you knees, Piggy."

What the fuck? "Get on my knees? Do you not understand? You have nothing over me anymore. Those pictures were the only reason I was even still talking to you! You made my life a living Hell! I'm not your bitch, anymore! You're mine."

Her eyes flew to him. Even he was surprised at his own statement. But... he was right. She didn't hold anything over him, anymore.

"That's right, you're my bitch. Now you get on your knees Piggy."

Her eyes looked up at him once more. She looked absolutely defeated. His cock got hard at the look on her face. She was finally knocked off of her pedestal, and the image of that turned him on immensely. He had a feeling she would come to regret the blue balls she'd given him.

She slowly climbed off the bed. Too slow for his tastes. He approached quickly and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her onto the floor and onto her knees.

"You see, Piggy," he spat, "I'm your master now." He took her phone from the bed and pulled the battery from it. There would be no more pictures. "Unzip my pants."

She looked up at him, almost defiantly, but she unzipped his pants anyways. "Pull out my cock and balls and look at how swollen they both are." Her eyes went to the floor, the reality of her situation finally revealed. She removed his cock and it practically sprung from his pants and hit her lower lip. She pulled his underwear down the rest of the way and to his thighs.

"Do you see how swollen my balls are? Are you still proud of that, Piggy? You know, it feels good with my cock on your lips. They've never been there before, have they?"

He pushed his cock into her lips and she pulled her head back. His fingers ran through her hair again and he gripped tightly. He pulled her head so her lips met his dick and pushed his waist forward, plunging his cock into her little mouth. She was hesitant to do anything, so he twisted her hair and she gasped around his cock, which felt great. He took a step forward, knocking her from her kneeling position to her ass, pressing her back against her bed. He pushed his cock deeper into her throat, pushing her head against her bed and causing an audible gag. There was nowhere for her to move now, and he was able to force his cock into her throat. Eventually, she started sucking his cock as he thrusted it from the tip of her tongue to the back of her throat, her eyes welling up with tears.

"That's a good little Piggy. You suck my cock to show how fucking sorry you are!"

He gripped her hair tightly as he pounded his member into her throat, his pace quickening. He felt her hand go up and grip his testicles lightly, massaging them. He slowed his pace to nearly a stop and pulled back, surprised to see her bobbing her head on his cock. His knees felt weak. He felt that all too familiar pang in his balls and he knew he was about to cum down her throat...

And he stopped. He pulled his cock from her mouth and took a step back. She glanced up at him with her falsely innocent eyes. "Oh, no, you're not done, Piggy ."

And he stopped. He pulled his cock from her mouth and took a step back. She glanced up at him with her falsely innocent eyes. "Oh, no, you're not done, Piggy."

He gripped her by the hair again and lifted her to her feet, causing a scream to escape from her throat. He spun her around and pushed her into the bed on her face. He gripped the bottom of the sundress she was wearing and tugged it upwards, not surprised to see her bare ass. He put a hand under her thigh and pulled her ass into the air, revealing a new angle that showed her glistening pussy. She was dripping wet.

Without a word, he plunged his cock inside her wet cunt. A loud moan escaped her mouth and he pushed her face into the bed. "Now, now, Piggy, time to be quiet and accept your punishment." He pushed his cock inside her until his balls hit against her crotch, then pulled out to the tip of his cock and let it rest against her clitoris.

"Now, when I lift your head, I want you to say sorry."

He yanked her head up and she let out a sharp moan that sounded unintelligible, but he hear the makings of 'I'm so sorry!' so he let it slide, and pushed her face back into the bed and continued fucking her senseless. His cock was throbbing and each time his swollen balls hit her thigh or crotch, he felt a bit of pain. This only motivated him more, and he drove his cock further into her. His balls began to swell again, he was ready to cum inside his tormentor of the past month or so. He gripped her hair once again and pulled upwards, and she let out a loud, thundering moan.

"Now... before I finish inside you and walk out this door, never to hear from you again, I want to hear you say 'Sorry' one more time... So I ask you, any last words?"

She seemed out of breath, but between moans and grunts due to his cock's presence in her cunt, she stuttered out:

"How... About...." She raised her hand and pointed to the left of her room. "Smile for the camera?"

His head twisted hard to where she was pointing, and he saw it. A little red light, faintly shining from between two of her stuffed animals.

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