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"Are you ready for this Missy?
My name is Robert, I'm 18, skinny and not too tall. I've never had much luck with girls, in fact I never dated one and I used to spent my days playing games on my computer and watching porn. Shemale porn. Dominant shemales fucking men. I wish i could be one of those men on the videos, that turned me on so easily.

I was alone one day jerking off watching a scene of Yasmin Lee dominating a tied up guy when something unexpected happened: my stepmother arrived early from her job, entered the house quietly and caught me. Stephanie married my father some years ago, she is a stunning white 30 years old woman with long black hair and a body to die for. In other words, she is absolutely gorgeous, and I still don't know why she was attracted by my father.

But that goddess was there staring at my hardon and my computer screen. All I could do in my desperation was to pause the full screen video with Yasmin's cock buried inside the guy's mouth. "I didn't know you were into shemales, Rob, and I see you like the big ones, much bigger than that little clitty of you."

"It's not what you're thinking and my cock is not small, it's just that.."

"Cut the crap Rob, this tiny little cock of you can't satisfy a woman, and I bet my ass you'd be rather taking a she-cock in your ass. Now get up and come close to me." I didn't know what to do, so I got up and got closer to her, my pants over my feet. She started jerking my cock and rubbing my ass as I moaned in pleasure. "I bet what your father would think then he comes back knowing that his son is in fact a little sissy boy that loves to suck cock." - My father got a job as an international salesman some weeks ago, we went on his first trip and didn't return yet, so I was there hopeless with Stephanie.

All of a sudden she sat on my chain and pulled me down so I fell over her lap. She unpaused the video and said we were gonna watch it together, still jerking me off. As time passed up, she put a finger inside my mouth and said me to suck it like if it was a cock. "Oh yes baby, suck my cock good, shake that ass for me, yes like this.. from now on we're gonna have lots of fun together." She turned me to face her and kissed my mouth, god, I was in heaven. But that was wrong. She was married with my father, this should not be happening. I pulled off the kiss and said that we should not be doing that.

Then she pulled my hair hard, and said in my ear: "Yes, maybe you are right and we should not be doing this, but I know your dirty secret and I'm going to do whatever I want with you, unless you want me to tell your father. Besides, that little clit of yours turned me on so much that I'm going to turn you into a very submissive slut girl, you like it or not. Did I make myself clear?" She let go my hair and I could see her gaze, her eyes were blazing with desire, yet she had a very dominant loot towards me. So I said a yes, followed by a fierce slap on my face. "Yes, M-mi-mistress?" I could see her wide smile now, with a mean look. I couldn't see much though, she buried my head on her big soft boobs until I was out of air.

I decided to go along with her play, a few slaps could make me get a blowjob and even get to fuck her pussy, forgive me father, your wife was too damn hot to refuse. Soon she was wearing only her panties and I was completely naked sitting over her, kissing her mouth and tits like an animal. She was stroking my cock while the other hand tried to reach my ass. Then she pressed her finger on my hole, I tried to stop her but she grabbed me and kissed me deeply, her finger slowly entering me.

"Fells good, don't you think? Wait until you get a taste of real cock, you're gonna love it. A big had cock fucking your tight virgin hole, erasing any traces of manhood you might ever have." I could do nothing but moan, with two of her fingers inside my ass and other two inside my mouth. Sensing my enjoyment, she grabbed me and put me down on my bed, instantly started to suck on my little cock, so little that she had my entire cock and balls inside her mouth while she finger fucked me. I tried to resist but she had skillful mouth and hands, I kept cumming inside her mouth within minutes. Oh god, that was the best day on my life, my first kiss and blowjob with a stunning woman.. she came close to me again to kiss, I eagerly opened my mouth and we kissed, but my cum went down on my mouth, I thought she had swallowed it, instead she demanded me to swallow my own cum, I felt so humiliated, but I did it anyway. It felt strange but also tested good.

"Good, that's how a good girl takes cum. Soon you'll be addicted to it, Missy.. yes, I think Missy is a nice name for you my sissy slave. Now as a reward, I will let you suck me too, get on your knees now.." Fast enough I was on my knees, her butt all over my face, she said me to slowly remove her panties with my teeth and I eagerly obeyed. "Are you ready for this Missy? When my panties hit the floor I won't let you stop sucking until I cum" I wanted that more than anything, so I just shook my head positively. But as soon as her panties hit the floor, a very big dick hit my chin, my stepmother was a shemale!

"No way, you're a sh-" I tried to say my surprise but her enormous cock filled my mouth. I wanted to suck her pussy, but her cock was a marvelous surprise, so I started sucking her as if my life depends on that. My stepmother. My shemale stepmother, fucking my face. I started to imagine how many times my father would have sucked him, and if she fucked him. She probably fucked him good, that cock was just like the ones I like in the movies. Now I understood why she called my cock a clit. That was a real cock, not mine and I hoped it soon would be fucking my ass, finally I would have sex with a shemale, the way I wanted.

Suddenly she pulled it out of my mouth, and I instantly bent forward to put it in my mouth again, but she didn't allow it. Instead, she hit my face with her cock and rubbed it on me, making me all gooey. "Beg for it, bitch, beg. I want to see how much you want a cock." "Please mistress Stephanie, allow me to suck your cock, I learned my role on this as a submissive sissy girl, I just want to taste your cum."

Somehow that made her horny, as she put her cock again in my mouth, this time thrusting with sheer force, I started to gag but she won't let me go. Photos She kept fucking my face for minutes, when I felt her body trembling, she started to scream and her cum flooded my mouth, some of it escaping. I tried to swallow all, but that was too much, also much tastier than mine.

I stood there on the floor, cum all over my chin and chest, she sat by my side and kissed me deep. "Your clit is hard again, you can't deny how much you liked to be used like this, huh? I bet your ass is much better, I would love to take away your virginity." Just by hearing that I came again, she took my cum in her fingers and let them to my mouth, I just knew what to do and licked them clean. "Please fuck me Mistress."

"I see you are addicted to cum already, but you won't have a taste of my dick in your ass yet, honey. Maybe another day, when you earn it. Now just take some rest my daughter."

And so she left my room, I jerked many times thinking about what happened and wishing she was fucking me until I slept.
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