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I apologize for the bad english...
In an extremely corrupted “Republic” of equatorial Africa, deep into the jungle has been built, maybe 5-6 years ago a special hotel surrounded by walls and gates and protected by dozens of private soldiers. The tribes living in that area are prosecuted by the govern so the soldiers can kill or hurt without consequences tribemen who came too close to the Lodge. The owners are european but local politics, personalities, army graduated, and police officers own many quotes of the society and are payed in dollars every month. The amount of money is huge so the rates for the hotel guests are very high.
The cost of the hotel suites isn’t the only obstacle, to be guest of this Lodge you need to be introducted by former guests or local personalities.
The whole building has been projected for sex, no age limits, guests with other guests or with athletic black boys and girls accurately selected.
There is a large swimming pool, gardens, rooms for sex outside the suites, both for guests and non resident guest (normally wives of politics, religious personalities). These can be hosted in the lodge during day and night.
The restaurant offers a wide range of choises, including protected species meat and sometimes human meat. Boys and girls serve the tables naked or in string swimsuits.
A little farm was built in the hotel’s large gardens, horses, dogs, chickens live there. All the animals are trained… zoophilia is encouraged.
At the reception you can met Sue, the owner’s wife, a sexy middle aged, busted woman wearing a short black dress and very high heels shoes. Today she seems to be very excited, waiting her husband back from the “raid”.
Every 4-5 months her husband and some black guys explore the area out the Lodge to catch meat to be frozen and cooked for very special dinners with selected guests. Today they are going to a new catholic school for black young girls, the school is managed by some black nuns and a white old teacher.
When men go hunting Sue knows they’ll come back extremely excited… often with a kid still alive to abuse together with her husband.
The Land Rover slowed down entering the school area, the men took guns and knives, an old skinny white nun screamed running toward the classroom but the biggest black man shooted her so she dead suddenly. The white boss verified she was dead, police always accept the raids but is always better to let no witness. The black guys entered the school.
Screams came from the classroom as the guys were killing nuns, raping some girls, and catching the youngers. One man went outside with a very small girl on his cock, as impaled, came near a three and swinged so fast as the girl’s head crushed on the plant.
Five little dead girls were put in a big plastic bag, one more, loudly crying, was put on the car alive. The white boss started to molest her as the car turned on the engine, the black boys, still naked, were stroking their big cocks each other.
When they finished the old Rover was impregnated by cum and blood, the Boss was thinking about fucking the little black girl with his wife. Usually he fucks the girl while his wife strangles her, and some mature blacks waitress watch the scene and then clean the suite.
When they arrived Sue ran outside, the men were sweated and covered by blood, a young black guy took the plastic bag and bring it in the freezer room.
Sue started to unzip her dress showing her massive tits, picked up the baby and come back to the hotel, she told Sara (her personal fat black waitress) to substitute her as a receptionist and went to the bedroom with her husband.
Thomas, the lodge owner, put a chain at the girl’s neck and gave his wife a big knife: “Let’s do her quickly, I want to see the dismembering of the other girls by the Chef”. His cock was huge and hard, he started to fuck the girl’s asshole so she screamed and cried. “Hey mamas” He said to the three black women in the bedroom “Today you will have to clean very deeply the room”. He was fucking furiously the girl’s ass “Sue, when I cum cut off her neck, I want to feel her contractions on my dick”…. “Aaahhhhhhhhh, NOW!!!” Blood sprayed aniwhere. One mama puked on the floor. “Clean your vomit!” Ordered Tom, and the old woman sucked the fluid and cleaned the carpet with her large tongue.
Sue was very excited, she put a shirt on and went to the reception. She touched Sara’s ass but saw her little daughter behind, so catched and started to deeply kissing the girl and masturbating. Sue come screaming, moaning, and breathing loudly.

Sue let the girl go with her mom as some new guests opened the entrance door. A young family, mom, dad, and son reached the desk “Good morning Madame”. “Welcome to the Lodge everybody” Sue said “Have you had a nice flight?”
The woman felt the atmosphere… “Quite good but very long, and so my husband decided to fuck Aaron when the hostess turned off the lights”. “Madame, you got the soul of our Hotel” Sayd Sue laughing a little. “Did your husband got him?”. “No, our hostess called the Captain who invited Aaron to visit the cabin… he closed the door and fucked Aron for half an our”. “Aaron is very young and was very tired when he came back to our seats”.
“And what about your husband?” Said Sue. “Ah, he got a handjob from the hostess”.
“Well, your suite isn’t ready yet. Madam you can visit the hotel, I can keep Aaron with me and you Sir… you know, usually perverted males at the arrival like to relax at the pool making sex with other male guests, there is a big gay orgy right now”. “Great” answered him, “I will reach the pool”.
“Sir” as you have done, all our guest underwent a medical examination and lab tests “Enjoy our party at the pool, your wife will show me your exams”.
Ed went to the pool with him swimsuit but everybody were naked, from 30 to 80yrs old, naked and with hard cocks. The waiters were black guys with huge cocks. Everybody was fucking, licking or masturbating both in the pool and on the grass. Ed jumped in the water and suddenly three mature guests surrounded him, one of them pushed is dick in his ass “Welcome new guest, I’m Phil” “I’m Ed, Ahh, Phil, please slowly, were are the boys?” “You mean the young boys? They stay into the hotel, who meet them usually fucks them in the reserved rooms, inside there are alcoholics, cocaine, screens with porn movies very extreme and so on, if you catch one or two young boys you can organize a party with your friends, when the boys are drunk you can have a lot of fun”
“I see, my young son is at the reception”… “Do you fuck him Ed?”. ”Yes…, ooohhhhh… faster Phil, fuck me faster”. Phil cummed in Ed’s ass, the two other men were kissing each other spitting and pushing their large tongues in their troaths. On the grass many guest were pissing on others, one mature man was trying to be fucked by the monster dick of a black attendant.
Phil took a towel to dry himself and went away, Ed understood why he was in a hurry, certainly Aaron would not remain alone for more than 15 minutes at the reception, it was dinner time and many old perverted man with their almost naked mature wifes were going from their suites to the restaurant…
That night the hotel staff was waiting for a group that, after a special dinner, would remain for some hours in the Lodge, joining the owners at a private party. Four japanese trucks arrived after one hour from Lasaka, a city with 50.000 inhabitants far 50 miles from the Lodge.
All the “one night guests” were nuns in their white dresses.
The Mother Superior talked in private to Sue “I have with me six sisters I trust, them follow me in… extra-religious activities and help me with new arrived young nuns, they are shy, during the first 3 weeks in the Sanctuary we old nuns often join them in the bed making a first selection. Those selected, 15 of them, are with us tonight and will attend the Party… your husband and the black guys with big cocks are ready?”
“Sure Mother, don’t worry” Sue said.
“Perfect, this will be the concluding test to enter in my special team”.
Under the long white religious dress the Mother showed her high heels sexy shoes.
At the restaurant the 15 younger nuns had a separate table, while the Mother Superior, her six older sisters, the Lodge owners and Sara the black fat personal assistant to Sue were at a table protected by large tents for a better privacy. Some very young black girls were under the table to lick guest’s sexes when needed.
Tom said to the Mother: “Mother forgive me ‘cause I committed a bad thing”… “what have you done my dear?” She said.
“I fucked a little girl and killed her when I was satisfied”. The Mother was very horny, opened the legs and pushed the head of the closest black girl against her fat old pussie, moaning.
“Aaahhh… I’m cumming, Tom you will be saved when I could eat her buttocks well cooked”.
“Sure, you will choose the best pieces of meat Mother” Sue said, and started to masturbate Sara.
The dinner went on with special wines, sex and a lot of cum. In particular the Mother Superior loved to stroke the waiter’s dicks to fill a glass and drink the cum all together. “Well” she said “The Party will take place in one hour… the young nuns will be naked in the private suite, I need the most depraved videos to be played by the wide screen TVs, the black guys with the huger cocks, alcoholics, drugs, cigars, and some very young black girls to relax for a while, Me and my six mistress-nuns have a hard work to do”.

(May be) end of part one


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