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My hands went around her buttocks and pulled her pussy to my tongue where we licked and sucked each other until she suddenly stopped and stood up.
I was 20 years old, working but still living at home with my parents and my 18 year old sister Rachel. Ever since she was small she would have a bath, then come downstairs and get dried in front of the fire and then put her pyjamas on. One night, our parents were both out (as happened about 3 times a week), and I was sat watching TV. My sister was having a bath, and as usual came down stairs to dry off. Now up till now, I had never EVER thought of Rachel in any way sexual, but tonite, looking at her naked back, my eyes were transfixed, and pretty soon my cock was making its presence known.

While she was drying herself, Rachel said: “Do me a favour and dry my back for me”. I could easily see that her back was already dry, and it was only a few drops from her damp hair that needed wiping away. I knelt behind her and she handed me her towel. I started to wipe at the small droplets, but my eyes peered over her shoulder to glimpse her small 33b breasts.

“Oy! What you think you looking at” Rachel said, but something in her voice made me just look at her face rather than run away scared. A small grin was on her face and she then said “about time you noticed me, cos i’ve been checking you out since I turned 11”, and let her gaze travel down to my still hard cock pressing against my jeans.

“I never noticed you look at me before” she said. “We’ll this is the first time”, I said. “I’m sorry, but I didnt mean anything, and please dont tell anyone.”

“Oh, I dont mind” said Rachel. “Its quite nice to be getting a bit of attention for once. Are you still a virgin” she asked.

“Yes” I said

“Why”, she asked. “You scared of women or something. Are you chicken?”

“That aint fair. You know I aint had a girlfriend for a while, so the chance for sex hasnt been there”

“Oh it has dear bro, but you just werent looking in the right place for it”.

“Would you like to touch my tits” she asked, with a sly grin, or are you chicken. All i could manage was a small nod of my head and reached a hand towards her body. She turned fully towards me and angled her head to kiss me on the lips.

While my fingers played with her nipples, our tounges explored each other mouths and her hand dropped down to my lap.

“It’s only fair” she said and squeezed my cock through the jean fabric. I stood up, pulled the zipper down, opened the jeans fully and stepped out of them, leaving my cock pushing its way through my shorts.

Rachel stroked the bulk of my cock and slowly pulled my shorts down. I sat down in front of her again and pulled off my t-shirt so we were both naked. Our mouths found each other again, my hand playing with her tits, and she slowly wanking my off.

“Have you ever played with a womans pussy?” she asked. I couldn’t believe this – my thirteen-year-old sister was giving my lessons on how to make a woman happy.

“No” I said again, “but how come you know how to wank a man” I suddenly asked.

“Bloody hell”, Rachel said. “I bet you even think I’m still a virgin. It seems I know more than you do, so shall I teach you? Or do you want to be a chicken forever”

“Please teach me, Rachel. Teach me everything you know” i said, as she laid down on the carpet in front of the fire.

“First, kiss me and play with my tits.”

“Now”, after 2 minutes or so, “move your hand to my pussy and stroke it gently and use your tongue on my nipples”

The amount of hair between her legs surprised me, cos my only previous experience of cunt was from porn films and mags, where shaven and well-groomed is the norm. My hand became wet, so much that I though she had pissed herself, but the noises coming from her mouth convinced me that she was actually enjoying my fumblings. Her small pert nipples were rock hard in my mouth and the smell of her was driving my cock insane. Her hand had stopped wanking my and was gently stroking my balls, although this was also about to make me shoot my load.

What happened next was unbelievable. My sister, my 13 year old sister, sat up. She made me lay down on my back and said “I feel like you’re about to cum, so I’d better do something about it cos we dont want a mess all over the living room”. She then took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked for what felt like hours, but was probably no more than 15 seconds.

Her mouth felt hot, slippery and perfect. My cum shot in there and kept shooting. I had never cum like that in my life. It just kept cumming and she swallowed the lot.

“Now its your turn to please me” she said and laid on her back again. I started kissing her nipples and fingering her again, but she said “No, swap your hands and mouth around” Photos I found myself with my first ever close-up view of my sisters pussy. It was warm and still damp from my fingers and smelt musky.

I licked the opening slowly and was grateful to hear Rachel moan so I tried again. “Just here as well” said Rachel as her fingers pointed out various parts of her cunt.

Her hips had started to move and gyrate, and it was hard to keep my tongue in the right place, but she didn’t seem to mind.

My cock, which had deflated a little after shooting its load, was now starting to grow again, which Rachel noticed and started to wank me off again.

“Lie back on the floor again”, she said and then crawled over me so her pussy was directly above my mouth, and I felt the now familiar feeling of her mouth sucking my cock.

My hands went around her buttocks and pulled her pussy to my tongue where we licked and sucked each other until she suddenly stopped and stood up.

SHIT! I thought. Has she heard something? Are our parents walking up the driveway even now? Are we about to get caught shagging? All these thoughts raced through my mind, but she turned to me, kissed me hard and squatted over my hard prick.

I knew just what she wanted now, but there no way i’m making my sister pregnant. I started to complain, but Rachel said “relax, when I reached puberty Mom put me on the pill, just to make sure I didnt regret getting carried away with any boyfriend.”

Rachel then lowered herself till the head of my cock was pressed against her opening. With a slow lift of my hips I felt myself enter her, and she slid her pussy down the full length of my shaft.

We stayed locked together just kissing and feeling each other until we both felt the urge to move. Slowly at first, until only the head of my cock was still in her, and then fully back in until my balls were pressed against the outside of her pussy.

We gently speeded things up, and were soon fucking and moaning like a couple of porn pros.

All at once her whole body tensed and he mouth clamped shut. I could tell she wanted to scream, but knew the neighbours would ask questions, and so she kept that inside of her. The rest of her body went into spasms, her cunt muscles squeezing my cock, which couldnt take anymore and for the second time that night shot its load into my sisters pussy.

As we remained locked together I could feel our mixed cum juices working down my cock, and my sister smiled at me and said “Well, I think I need another bath. But this time I’ll dry off upstairs and go to be. Goodnite brother.” and off she went.

I gathered my clothes, got dressed and nipped out the back for a cigarette. When I came back in, the smell of sex hit me like a hammer, so I got the air freshers out. I heard Rachel moving about in her bedroom, so I went to the bathroom, stripped off and showered.

I finished, dried off, brushed my teeth and went to bed. Lying there and thinking about what had happened the whole evening seemed unreal, but a knock at the door told me Rachel wanted to come in.

“Ok” i shouted and she came in wearing her pyjamas and sat on the end of the bed.

“Mom and Dad will be home soon, but I want to know if tonite was just a one off or what” she asked.

Bloody Hell! I thought. Here is my sister asking me if I wanted to be having an affair with her.

“I dont know” I said,

“But I did enjoy it” she said. “How about you?”

I just nodded.

“In that case, get yourself ready for Tuesday when Mom and Dad go out again”

She leant over, kissed me real hard so that my cock started rising again, and said “I’ll see you in my room, Tuesday night. Goodnight my little chicken.”

Ever since that night the word “chicken” has been a code word letting each other know we were gagging for it again.

We kissed, sucked, licked, fingered and fucked for three nights a week for over 5 years until she got a regular boyfriend, became engaged and eventually married him – but wow, what a 5 years they were.


Sometime last summer I was invited to her house for a barbecue party – loads of friends and reletives were there and a great time was had. It got better though when Rachel offered me a choice of beef, lamb or chicken.

“Oh, i’ll take chicken everytime” I said with a smile. Totally innocent to everyone else, but Rachel knew what I meant. I also knew what she meant three days later when I opened my front door and found her coming up the drive saying, “I’ve come to give you some of that chicken you wanted.”
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