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A tale of couples
Nervousness. That was the best way to describe my emotions in this moment. Like this was going to be a huge step. I mean I had played with the idea for ages, but never really made any moves to make this thing a reality. Krissy and I had been together going on four years now and marriage the last 2 have been so damn good. Marriage is nothing like how they portray it on TV and in movies. Well, maybe some aspects of it, but I had the luxury of marrying my best fucking friend. We had this thing we’d do where we’d make our friends uncomfortable with how sexual and into each other we’d be around them. We got a kick out of making them flustered and we would always receive calls days later on how our antics sparked a steamy session when they got home. In some cases, those sessions would last for days on end. We were deemed the nasty couple. We didn’t think we were really that bad though. We were like sexual marriage counselors. Krissy and I would be super flirtatious, leave statements open so the nasty would be blatant. At dinners, her foot would find its way into my crotch. Bathroom breaks seldom were taken solo. My friends envied our closeness and the sexy we expressed for one another.

That was just it though we inspired them while feeding our own dirty inhibitions. Just as much as they got out of our shenanigans, we too mildly lived out our dirty fantasies. That was until we hung out with Brielle and Danny. The first time we saw them it was at Krissy’s Christmas party at work a couple years back. They were a stunning couple, Danny and Brielle. She was a pretty brown thing, a contrast to the red mamacita that had me wrapped around her finger. Brielle was athletically thick. You know, like she ran track a few years back. Danny was of a basketball physique, and a redbone like Krissy. We just so happened to be seated at the same table. A table where all seem to be stale except for the conversation we shared. Sipping wine and eating hors d’oeuvres, loosened Krissy and I up and kept the chemistry natural. In turn, the only other couple who decided not to be stiff was Danny and Brielle. We didn’t know then, but that was the start of a really good friendship between couples. From there we hung a few more times, out and at each other’s homes. Each time we became more and more relaxed. It was obvious our antics were picked up on, but they seemed to match us in that aspect.

It was a bit different wearing the other shoe for a change. I watched as Brielle would seductively feed Danny fruit from her mouth. He’d lick all around her lips before the transfer would take place. They were every bit as touchy feely as we were. The way Brielle’s ass jiggled after a good strike had me biting my lips. Krissy, never to be out done would return fire by caressing my dick in clear visibility of the other two. This type of battle would only intensify with time. When we happened to be in public that’s when the show seemed to be the most fun- always who could top who.

One night after having been invited for dinner at Danny and Brielle’s, we decided to make it a couples Netflix and Chill evening. None of us had seen Luke Cage, so we decided to watch the first couple of episodes. We sat on separate couches and nestled up under blankets. We watched the first episode intently, no one budged. We took a short intermission and Krissy went to the lady’s room. Meanwhile, Danny asked who would be a sleeper in the NFL this year. To be honest I thought Tampa had made some nice additions in the off season that could really be overlooked until it was too late. He went with the Jets but I couldn’t see it. Bae returned and slipped back under the covers. We were still waiting for Brielle to come back and join us.

“Baby” Krissy whispered in my ear.

“Yeah love, what’s up” I whispered back.

“Can I suck your dick?” She licked my earlobe as she finished her request.

“Baby… You know that’s your dick, do as you please.” I could feel the excitement in her. She was ready to fuck with them and put on a show. Krissy’s hand began to make its way down my thigh. There was no hesitation nor draw back as Brielle hit the corner to rejoin us.

“Y’all ready for episode 2?” I merely nodded and Krissy lowly said “yeah”. I don’t think they had caught wind of my getting fondled. This went on for the first five minutes of the show’s second episode. Before long Krissy had slipped under the blanket completely. I was fully engorged now and awaiting the warmth of her mouth. The excitement had transferred to my being. We had often played in front of them but this was on an entirely different level we were encroaching upon. She wiggled her way down unbeknownst to Danny and Brielle. The tip of my dick was pressed on my belly button as I felt Krissy’s tongue swirl about the tip. I glanced over to see if we had an audience yet, but to no avail. I bit my lip as she was sucking the tip in and out of her jaws. The struggle was only heating up. Her skill set would be sure to summon love sounds from my vocal chords. It was only a matter of time before either my sounds exposed us or her movements would. I tilted my head back as she made her trek further down my shaft. Subsequently, my hand cupped that red juice box ass that I so adored. Her soft lips caressed the underside of my dick just at the start of my head. She knew that was a sure-fire way to get these vocals in motion. She wasn’t playing fair and I know she knew it. I bit my bottom lip to stifle the impending sounds. She doubled down on her antics. She serviced me with real mission and purpose. I looked over, just as Brielle got her first glimpse of what was really going on. I heard her murmur “oh shit.” Her exclamation caused Danny to peel his eyes from the TV down to his chest where Brielle lay. I decided to just let my lady lead me wherever she wanted. I gripped her ass tight and let a low moan leave my lips. I could hear rumbling over on the other couch. I looked over and was pleased to see that we had become the entertainment. It was exhilarating to be the object of their intrigue. I was in just the right position to slip my spit ladened finger into her tight asshole. I had to see her face, her expressions gave life to me. In slow motion, the blanket lifted and I watched her eyes meet mine as she moaned on my mic. Danny and Brielle were locked in place. I could see the hunger in their faces. We had set ablaze the room with no remorse. “Damn baby, you sucking the shit out your dick, and you look so good doing it.” I loved encouraging her. I mean, she did look amazing with 8 thick inches of me in her mouth. Slurping slowly, she winked at me. The way Brielle gazed over at the scene we created, I didn’t know whether she wanted me, Krissy, or Danny. The excitement of the show had me ready to explode. I mean Krissy’s mouth piece was A1 to begin with, and the added excitement was overwhelming. “Baby, you bout to make me….” Before I could continue Brielle interrupted, “Please cum for us Brent.” She was between Danny’s legs hand gripped around his dick. “Get that nut for us Kris” she encouraged. Krissy moaned and I was gone. She didn’t hesitate to put on the show either. She let my pulsing member splatter all over her face. The smile on Danny’s face and the hunger in Bri’s eyes let me know this was the start of some wild shit. Not to be left to my imagination for too long, what came next floored me. “Go clean her off mama” Danny directed Bri. She let go of his dick and came to kneel in front of me next to Krissy. She licked my hot juice from Krissy’s lips, only to begin a steamy kiss that had my dick back hard in seconds. I had no clue what to make of the scene. The excitement had gripped me. I nodded to Danny who shared my same sentiment. Brielle returned to Danny who had been stroking himself up his own hill and was ready to crest. Brielle vigorously sucked his head and his own eruption ensued. I had told Krissy to help just as his body locked, giving him a choice as to where he wanted to paint. They received a shared treat. My life in one night had become a West Coast Production in a flash. Date night would never be the same. Well, at least not couples date night
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