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The guidelines said no pedophilic shit but since all the characters are the same age and have underwent puberty I’m not sure if this counts but it’s worth a shot, this is my first story so please leave your thoughts
I stared at the ceiling of my room thinking and exhaling clouds of weed. I was by no one’s standard a good looking kid but here I was with three beautiful girls lying on top of me, it sound cliche but I felt like I won. I’ll start with the beginning of eighth grade where this all began.
I was starting out 8th grade somewhere between the popular kids and the normal kids. My lack of social skills and severe acne kept me out of the “cool” group although I was friendly with a few of them. Being a teenager I had a crush on multiple girls and had to keep it secret, because teens. The one that had my eye since 6th grade to be honest was Ashley. She was a very petite Native American girl with nice breasts and an unbelievably beautiful face. She had the attention of every boy in the school so I kept my feelings to myself. I never really held a conversation with her because I never had the opportunity and I was kind of a pussy when it came to girls. After that came Emily, for a while I couldn’t understand why everyone thought she was hot, I never really saw it until the field trip of 7th grade when I saw her butt in only a bikini, it was fucking perfect, and her face was slightly above average. Her tits weren’t much either but damn was she thick. The third one was Kayleigh, she was Nicely tanned with a good ass and big tits for her age, being fourteen like the other two. Anyway the thing that really separates her was, her personality (Kys judgmental readers).
My first really different encounter this year was at the community pool with Emily. I had been hanging out with some kids that I don’t usually hangout with but worked out a hangout with them over Xbox live. After most of them had left I was getting ready to go and just grabbed a drink from the snack bar. I was just sitting at the table on my phone trying to not look like an outcast drinking my soda when I was tapped on the back of my should and heard a familiar voice say my name. I turned around to see Emily looking at me with a huge smile. I don’t want to brag but I’m easily the top three most muscular kids in my grade. from football training I was able to get ripped, her finding me shirtless was an advantage, one of my few ascetic ones. “Hey,” I responded trying to hold my surprise and astonishment to see her here without any friends nearby. “What are you doing here?” I asked. Trying to look into her eyes but also trying to get a glimpse at her tits held behind a black bikini with my peripheral vision.
She pointed to the bottle of tanning lotion in her left hand “‘bout to catch some rays, you look like you could too,” she said referencing my horrendous tan lines “what are you doing?” She asked
“Just getting ready to leave” I responded
I told her about my day so far and just as I got up to leave she grabbed my wrist
“I was serious about you needing to deal with those, follow me.”
This was weird as fuck for me but I was not passing up on the opportunity to tan with Emily, and she was the one who asked. “Alright,” I said trying hard not to sound too eager. She lead me to the end of the pool and laid out her towel, I did the same with mine. She then pores lotion on her hands and began spreading in on her legs and body, I just sat there stupidly staring at this goddess as she turned her beautifully toned limbs shiny and golden brown. After about thirty seconds she looked over at me. I failed to advert my gaze and panic shot up my spine. “Don’t worry I’ll give some to you,” thank god she misread the situation or I would have been fucked. She continued an got everywhere except her her back, “can you help me, No tan lines,”
I was taken aback but did my best to hide this, really hard considering she literally asked me to do what’s a cliche in porn. She rolled over on her stomach and I got a great look at her ass from an angle I never really got before. I pulled the bikini strings for her top, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but in fantasies under different circumstances. I began pouring oil onto my hands and thought about how to do this without looking like a creep. I started with her upper back to get the easy part done first. Once that was done I moved to her lower back smooth as silk I rubbed the lotion into her skin. I kept going lower and lower. My hand was now resting at the boarder of her bikini bottoms and her back. Thinking hard I decided to push my luck. I flinched as I put my hand on her firm ass and began rubbing the lotion in. “What are you doing?” She asked but not in the angry or shocked way just curious.
“Thought you said no tan lines,”
“Yeah, thanks,” she put her head back down and I pulled muy hand out from her bikini and went to work on her thighs. After finishing this I put some lotion on me and had her do the same for me. We got to talking about school and gossip and the like. We did this for about an hour before she decided to leave. as she was rolling up her towel I got up to get going too when abruptly she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. My eyes were wide open as I tried to say something but once her lips touched mine I was silent. It was an experience I don’t know how to explain but it was electric, or at least it was until we heard cheering from the other side of the pool. Three of the guys part of the popular group where cheering “that’s my boy!” Shouted Kyle the ringleader of the group. She broke off the kiss quickly and flipped them off. She then ran away and through the exit. I felt like shit, and kinda angry at these kids for fucking up that moment which was also my first kiss. The three kids made their way to me as I rolled up my towel “damn, is this really you Matt?” Asked Eric the quarterback of the football team in disbelief
He and Dylan (star wide receiver) began nudging me back and forth celebrating my score. “What the fuck happened?” Asked Kyle
“To be honest I have no fucking idea,” I replied in between nudges
“I’ll tell you what,” Dylan nudged me again “This ugly son of a bitch just kissed Emily,” he cheered
The guys were actually not being jerks about it they just seemed exited which went a long way to make me change my opinion on these guys. “Well don’t just stand there tell us what happened,” said Kyle
I recounted my time at the pool. The part about the lotion got lots of cheers and back slaps out of them “savage!” Cheered Dylan. When the story was done I got up to leave and as I was walking away Eric said something to me I never expected “Connor’s holding a party tomorrow if you want to drop by,”
“ShShSh-sure” I stuttered not expecting anything like this to happen. I left feeling, different.


2017-12-07 14:24:14
i can't wait for part 2. can you put in some anal in this story later on when you think it is with the plot line. can you make this a harem or threesome?

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