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The two siblings share an erotic encounter together.
John sat in his living room in the big comfy leather sofa. He was watching television with his sister, Sarah.

"We'll be back in a few days," called their mother, Alexis.

"Behave. No parties, guys. Y’all know the rules," their father Tom said.

Alexis and Tom were going on a cruise for a few days during John and his sisters’ Spring break. Their children were finally at the age where Alexis and Tom felt they could trust them alone for a few days. John, Hannah, and Sarah were seventeen, fourteen, and sixteen respectively and all did well in school. They had never really gotten into trouble and they never acted out in class. They were good kids who made their parents proud. John liked to run in his school’s cross country club and play video games. Sarah played for the school’s lacrosse team and ran cross country as well. Hannah mostly played video games but exercised on her own in her free time, and she had played soccer for years when she was a bit younger.

“Where’s my hug?” Alexis said, standing at the door with her purse in one hand, phone in the other.

Sarah sighed and got up, her brother not far behind, “bye mom, bye daddy. Have a good trip!”

“Have fun, bye guys,” John said, hugging his mother.

With that, their parents walked out the door, got in the car, and pulled out of the drive. Their mother waved to John and Sarah, who were standing on the porch, as Tom drove away. Hannah was at her friend Tammy’s house.

“Finally,” Sarah sighed, walking back inside, “home alone for a few days. No responsibilities.”

“Yeah,” John said, walking behind her, “it’ll be nice.”

John stared at Sarah’s butt as she walked back to the sofa. She had a fantastic ass, and the short-shorts Sarah was wearing definitely showed it off. Originally, he thought it was weird to think about his sister in that manner, but he eventually stopped caring. He admired her whole body nowadays. It was toned from years of running and her butt was consequently fantastic. It was big, round and shapely, and Sarah didn’t hide it. She loved wearing “booty shorts” and leggings; she was very confident and didn’t mind showing off. She had wonderful breasts as well. They were both a little over a handful each, and sat perky on her chest above her toned belly. She was very pretty as well; not the absolute prettiest in the grade but certainly one of the prettiest girls. She had bright blue eyes and long, blonde hair. She had pretty pink lips and a cute nose too.

Tom wasn’t too bad himself. His body was toned from exercise. He was tall, with short brown hair. Neither him nor his sister needed glasses, probably because their parents and grandparents didn’t wear glasses either. Sarah knew that Tom admired her butt; she had caught him looking at it a number of times. At first, she thought it was rather weird that her brother was checking her out but eventually she stopped caring. In fact, for the past couple years, neither of them were really uncomfortable around each other at all.
Hannah still had toned legs and a nice plump butt from soccer and running, though she had rather little boobs due to her age. John honestly thought Hannah’s butt may have been nicer than Sarah’s, though he hadn't gotten a good enough look at Hannah’s bum to say for sure . Regardless, Hannah had a lovely round ass, especially for her age. She looked similar to her sister in general too; however, she had brown hair instead of blonde. Her green eyes were as bright as the sun and she had freckles on her cheeks and nose. She was rather short too, but rather mature for her age.

John and Sarah had a unique relationship. They were comfortable with each other. Very comfortable. Sarah had walked in on John masturbating (and he had walked in on her) a number of times. It didn’t help at all that they had to share a room because their house was so small and they needed the storage space of the last bedroom. At first, they would just apologize and the one who walked in would leave. However, they got to the point where the one masturbating really didn’t care if the other was present. If Sarah walked in on John, he would just continue jacking off while she did whatever she came in the room to do. If John walked in on Sarah, she’d just keep on masturbating too. They’d both seen each other naked many times and eventually, seeing each other pleasuring themselves was no big deal either. They both knew it was strange and perhaps a bit wrong to be this comfortable with a sibling but they didn’t care.

They were very careful about being in the same room if one person was touching themselves. They did not want to get caught by their parents, even if they weren’t really doing anything together. John would, however, admire his sister’s body while she pleasured herself. Most of the time she would be covered up to some extent, but there were a few occasions where his sister played with herself with her shirt off and to a rarer extent completely naked. Sarah would admire John too. She loved the way her brother’s cock looked; it was pretty big and it had a nice shape. She also loved the rest of his body. John usually jacked off shirtless, so she got the pleasure of seeing his abs and the rest of him while he masturbated too. They both also enjoyed the way it sounded when the other moaned in pleasure and they didn’t have a ton of shame about letting the other know. Both freely complimented the other person as they felt the desire to.

The two spent the remainder of the day watching television. Their parents had left them money for food and other expenses, so they used some of that to buy a pizza for dinner. They both ate their food and then went off to do their own things. John retreated to their room to play video games on the computer and Sarah stayed downstairs to talk with her best friend Amy on the phone. Amy is on Sarah’s lacrosse team as well as the cross country team. They met back in second grade and have been best friends ever since. When Amy was fourteen, she started becoming curious about other girls and was now confident that she was bisexual. She still liked boys but she loved girls too. Sarah was the first person to know, as Amy told her as soon as she started feeling curious. Amy had also voiced that she wanted to try experimenting with Sarah but Sarah wasn’t sure. Sarah didn’t think she’d mind but she wasn’t quite ready for that yet, considering she hadn’t gone past giving a boy a blowjob. She was curious, though. She always had so much fun having a cock in her mouth that she figured she'd enjoy tonguing somebody's pussy too.

John had been playing Call of Duty but grew tired of the game. It was eight o’clock - about the time he would normally jack off. He was on a sort of tentative schedule; he got horny around the same time every day. He decided to start looking at porn now, as he remembered that his parents weren’t home so there was no risk of getting caught, even this early in the evening. He pulled off his shirt and threw it behind him, past Sarah’s bed. Their room was laid out such that his desk was against the wall. The door into his room was on the adjacent wall directly to the left of the desk. Sarah’s bed sat behind the desk, followed by a nightstand, then John’s bed. There were two closets on the same wall with the door. He pulled off his pants so he was just wearing his boxer briefs. The outline of his penis could just slightly be seen; he was not very hard yet. He typed in the URL for his favorite porn website and went to the categories page. He generally liked the “blowjob”, “anal”, “threesome”, “lesbian”, and “milf” categories, though he wasn’t that picky. Porn was porn as far as John was concerned. He picked out a video of a blonde girl getting a “big cock in her ass” and started massaging his dick through his boxers.

The porn was beginning to pick up the pace. The woman was now blowing the man, which was enough for John to take his dick out of his boxers and start jacking off completely.

Jesus, he thought, she’s so hot. He rubbed himself up and down, matching the pace of the woman’s mouth moving up and down the male pornstar’s cock. John let out a little moan as the woman began sucking the man off faster, and John quickened his pace to match this. Suddenly, he heard footsteps from down the hall.

Shit! he thought, shoving his dick into his boxers. His heart was beating a million miles a minute. As he was about to close his web browser, he remembered that his parents weren’t home and it would only be Sarah. He sighed and took his now-almost-limp penis out of his boxers. He began rubbing it, trying to get hard again. The woman was still blowing the man in the video so he matched her pace.

Sarah opened the door. She was still wearing the short-shorts she was wearing, as well as a tank top that did little to hide her cleavage. “Hey John,” she said, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything. ” She winked at him and sat on her bed. She looked at the porn on the screen. The woman was now taking it in the ass, bent over a sofa. “Anal again, eh”?

“Yeah,” John said, cradling his balls, squeezing them slightly, “it looks hot as fuck.”

“It sure does,” Sarah said, watching the screen intently. She looked down at noticed that John’s dick wasn’t completely hard.

“Why aren’t you hard?” Sarah asked, gesturing towards John’s dick.

“I thought you were mom or dad when you were walking towards the room,” John said with an embarrassed laugh, “so I got scared and I guess I lost my boner.”

“Oh my God,” Sarah said, falling onto her back laughing, “you’re such an idiot.”

“Shut up,” John said, sticking his tongue out at her. He started massaging his prick again, which was almost back to full-mast. He had gotten a nice look at his sister’s chest as well as her butt when she was laughing on her back.
“Hey,” she said, looking at his cock again, “he’s back!”

John shook his dick a little bit, “I suppose he is,” and then continued to massage it. He now matched the pace of the male pornstar’s cock going into the woman’s ass. After a few seconds, he realized he could be completely naked without any risk so he slid his boxers all the way off and threw them back towards his bed.

“God,” Sarah said, “her ass is gorgeous.” She watched the woman’s asshole swallow the man’s cock over and over, “that looks so fucking hot.” Maybe Sarah did find girls attractive after all.

“Yeah, I love how she looks bent over the counter”, John said. The woman was now, evidently, bent over a kitchen counter.

“Turn it up a bit, John,” Sarah said, her eyes switching between her brother and the screen every so often.

John turned up the volume a bit more and the woman’s moans of pleasure, which sounded surprisingly real, filled the room.

“God!” Sarah said, “I love it when the guy fucks the woman’s butt. Look how tight hers is, too!”

John moaned “yes” in approval, rubbing his cock up and down faster.

“Do you think that’d feel good?” Sarah asked.

“What? Fucking her?”

“Well, yes”, Sarah said, “but specifically in her butt.”

“Fuck yeah,” John said, rubbing his cock, “her asshole looks tight as fuck. His cock probably feels fantastic.”

“I wonder how he keeps himself from coming so quickly,” Sarah said, watching the man’s dick sink into the woman’s tight asshole.

“All I know is that if I were him, I would have come three times already.” John said.

“Speaking of which, do you think you’re come soon?” Sarah asked.

“Probably,” John groaned, “it feels really good, and this video is fantastic.”

“Could you hold on for a second, then?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” John said, moving his hand from his shaft to his balls. He massaged them gently, running his fingers over them. “Why?”

“I wanna get off now too,” she said, taking her tank top off, “and it would be more convenient if we just masturbated at the same time. I like this video a lot too; the girl’s ass is fantastic. And look at his big cock!”

“Oh alright,” John said, excited. They’d never actually masturbated at the same time before. It was usually too risky, as their parents were always home. If it was just one person, the other could play it off that they were asleep or something. But now that they were home alone, John realized they could do whatever they wanted.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Sarah asked, removing her shorts. She was wearing a black thong underneath.

“No, of course not. I’ve seen you play with yourself a hundred times now, at least.”

“Okay, good. I didn’t think you’d mind,” Sarah laughed, running her hands over her tummy and legs, “I love masturbating naked. It’s so much better.”

“I agree,” John said, rubbing his balls and ogling his sister’s semi-naked body, “being naked makes it feel better for whatever reason.”

“It sure as Hell does,” Sarah said. She gave her boobs a squeeze before sitting up and unstrapping her bra. She took each of her hands out of the straps and threw the garment on the floor, revealing her two big round breasts, each crowned with an erect pink nipple circled by a small areola. She squeezed her nipples and massaged her breasts, arching her back slightly, giving John a show. Of course, neither of them acknowledged what was happening.

Jesus fucking Christ, John thought, his cock aching.

She rubbed her nipples and bit her lip. A quiet moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She reached down and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. She rolled back a bit and lifted her legs up and bent. She slid the thong up her thighs and down her calves, resting it on her toes. She lifted her legs up and bent them back towards her more and rotated herself a little to her right so John could have a nice view of her pussy and her asshole.

John moaned, sliding down in his chair slightly. His cock was throbbing now. He stroked himself up and down slowly, watching his sister massage her clit. She was still rolled onto her back with her legs up and spread, allowing John to see her beautiful pink pussy and tight little asshole. She moaned softly as she ran her fingers over her clit and watched her brother play with himself.

“Let’s see how tight this is,” she said after a moment, moving her fingers down towards her hole. She pressed her index and middle fingers at the entrance to her cunt, savoring the look in her brother’s eyes. Then, she pressed her fingers inside herself, sending a wave of pleasure throughout her pussy and the rest of her body. “Yeah,” she moaned softly, her toes curling, “my pussy is tight.”

John watched his sister finger her cunt for a moment before asking, “well, what about your asshole?”

“I’ll check - give me a second,” Sarah slid her fingers out of her pussy. She moved her other hand, which had been pinching and massaging her nipples, and moved that to the entrance to her vagina. She slid her index and middle fingers inside her pussy and got them wet with her juices. She began rubbing her clit with her other hand and began bucking her hips from the pleasure. She began moaning loudly as she fingered her pussy for her brother’s audience. She arched her back, her toes curling. Suddenly, she stopped herself.

“Christ,” she breathed, “that was really close. Anyways,” she slid her fingers out of her pussy and moved them down to her asshole. “It’s been about a week since I’ve played with my butthole,” she said. She ran her fingers along the edges, brushing back and forth, up and down, and around the entrance.

“Do that feel good?” John breathed, stroking his cock a little faster.

“Yes, I love playing with my asshole,” Sarah sighed, “now, let’s see if its is as tight as I remember.” She moved her index finger to the entrance to her bum and pressed inwards, slowly. Her butt fought with a little resistance but gave in, swallowing her finger. Sarah moaned loudly and began to slide her finger deeper and deeper until her entire finger was submerged in her ass.

That’s so fucking hot, John thought. What a sight he had the pleasure of observing. His sister was laying on her back, legs up and spread, her pussy and now-filled asshole on full display. He could see the tops of her tits with her pointy, erect pink nipples too. He watched as her finger slid in and out of her ass. “Well?” he moaned.

“Oh, it’s tight,” Sarah sighed. “Should I try two fingers?”

“I don’t see why not”, John said, moaning slightly.

Sarah bit her lip and moved her middle finger into position. She pressed slowly and it glided along side her index finger, stretching her butthole even more. She slowly slid it in up to the knuckle.

“Do you think could you come from this?” John asked, “Like, just from fingering your ass?”

“Of course, I love having my butthole plugged.” Sarah giggled. And with that, she began to slide her fingers in and out of her asshole with growing speed.

“God, look at her ass taking that guy’s cock, sis,” John moaned, glancing back at the porn.

“I know,” Sarah said, her voice quivering, “I wonder if my ass could handle a dick like that.” She slid her fingers in and out of her asshole faster and massaged her clit feverishly with her other hand.

“Do you think it could?” John asked, watching his sister’s fingers disappear inside her bum.

“Maybe,” Sarah said, “I’ve never fucked my butt with more than two fingers, though. Maybe I should try three?”

“I vote you try three,” John said, pumping his throbbing erection up and down and cupping his balls with his other hand, “do you want to?”

“Yes,” Sarah said, watching John’s cock, “my ring finger isn’t wet enough though. Could you come here?”

“Erm, sure,” John said, getting up, still gripping his dick, “what am I doing?”

“Suck on this,” Sarah said, pulling her fingers from her ass and extending her ring finger to him, “quickly, my ass feels a little too empty already.”

John’s cock pulsed at Sarah’s request. He knelt down and took her finger in his mouth. He sucked on it desperately, coating it with saliva. “There,” he said as Sarah slid her finger out of his mouth, “that should be good.”

“Thanks big brother,” Sarah said affectionately, “now let’s see if my bum can handle three fingers.” She positioned her index and middle finger at the opening of her butthole and slid them in with ease, letting out a small gasp as she did so. John stayed knelt down by her pussy and her ass so he could get a good look. She moved her ring finger into position and without any apprehension, she pushed inward. Her asshole resisted even less than it initially had before letting this new intruder in.

“Oh my GOD,” Sarah cried as she began furiously rubbing her clit. She was leaving her fingers stationary in her butt, “I feel so fucking full. That’s amazing!”

“Holy fuck,” John said, pumping his cock up and down, “your bum is being stretched so much.”

The two moaned in ecstasy and continued to pleasure themselves. Sarah began sliding her three fingers in and out of her ass; John matched the speed. Sarah’s toes curled and her back arched, “Oh my God, John, I think I’m going to come.”
John had felt the tightness in his balls and knew his orgasm was on the brink of eruption as well, “Me too. Shit - I need tissues.” He stood up.

“No, wait, John,” Sarah moaned, “come over here.” She gestured with her head for John to come up towards her face, “just come on my tits.”

“Wait,” John said, shocked, slowing down his pace, “are you serious?”

“Yes, of course,” Sarah said, still furiously fucking her ass and massaging her clit, “try to time it with my orgasm. I want to feel your cum landing on me when I climax.”

“O-okay,” John said, walking over towards her, “if you’re sure.”

“Good God,” Sarah said, staring at his cock, “you’re huge. Keep stroking that cock for me.”

Fuck me, John nearly exploded. That’s so fucking sexy, he thought.

“Oh my God, I’m going to come,” Sarah cried, “oh FUCK. John, come on my tits, come on me please brother, oh my GOD.”

“I’m coming,” John moaned, rubbing his throbbing erection fast. Up and down, his hands traveled along his cock. His cock began to twitch and with that, a rope of thick white cum shot out of it, landing across Sarah’s left breast, crossing the nipple. Sarah’s body exploded in orgasm. She vigorously slid her fingers in and out of her asshole, matching the furious pace of her brother’s hands on his cock. She rubbed her clit and watched rope after rope of white cum shoot out of her brother’s cock and land on her breasts. One strand landed in her mouth, catching her by surprise. John watched as Sarah swallowed it and licked up what was on her lips.

Finally, their orgasms subsided. “Oh my God”, they both sighed. Sarah scooted over and tapped next to her, “lay down with me.”

John obliged. That orgasm had wiped him out. “When is Hannah coming home?”

“Not until tomorrow afternoon,” Sarah said. She ran a finger through the cum on her chest and brought it to her lips. She slid the finger into her mouth and sucked the cum off of it. “Wow,” she said, “ this is yummy.” She proceeded to mop all of her brother’s semen off of her chest and suck it off her fingers.

“That’s really fucking hot,” John said, watching her.

“You like watching your sister eat your cum, eh?”

“I guess so,” John said, “does that make me a perv?”

“You just watched your sister buttfuck herself with her fingers,” she giggled, “and finger her pussy. And play with her nipples. And you fucking came on her tits. You’re already a perv.”

“Great,” John laughed, his dick growing hard at the mention of the events that had just transpired.

“I’m sleepy,” Sarah said, looking at her brother. “Shall we sleep?”

“Sure,” John said, getting more comfortable. “I assume I’m to sleep in this bed with you?”

“Of course, silly. And we’re staying naked if that’s okay with you.”

“That works for me,” John said, “so long as I can look at you whenever I’d like.”

“You have permission,” Sarah smiled, squeezing her tits together, “for now though, let’s sleep.” She pinched her nipples briefly as her brother watched and then rested her head comfortably on her pillow and closed her eyes. “Goodnight John, I love you.”
“I love you too, sis,” John said, “goodnight.”

The two drifted off to sleep, lying naked next to each other in Sarah’s bed. I hope we do this again tomorrow, John thought.

We’re definitely doing this tomorrow, Sarah thought, and maybe we can even get Hannah involved.


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Holy hot as fuck


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