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Brent and Mary on the island.
Ben sat with his mouth open again and Mary said, “My husband he must want to suck you off after so many times him offering his mouth to you.”

Ben looked up and said, “That was the biggest fable I have ever heard a slave yes but this Brent. Write a book it has the makings of a best selling fiction novel.”

I looked at Ben he stared back at me after a minute with a smile on his face he said, “Man you are not serious. They would lock you up and through the key away.
Even if you spoke of this every religious nut would be after you.”

I stayed looking at Ben his eyes were drawn back to mine and he said, “Man you are serious.”

“Ben, you know me better than anyone outside my inner family and our lawyer who by the way knows this to be true.”

“It is just so fantastic.”

“Yes my friend are you ready for the proof.”

Ben said, “Even if I believe you and even if I want to how can you prove it.”

“My friend hang on to your balls, well being is how your showing Bi tendencies maybe you should hang on to something else.”

Ben said, “Go away you nut. “

I showed Ben all the DNA information and he looked at it for an hour in disbelief.

“My god you are Brent your grandparents son.”
“Yes and here is one more piece of evidence,” and I passed him a manila envelope. “There was one big question left and it had to be resolved so about a year ago I had our lawyer exhume my body and do the proper test and documentation. That was also registered.” He opened it and with his collage degrees we were both able to read and understand DNA. Mary started crying she said, “My husband why did you do that we all believe you.”

“”My wife if it ever comes up we have absolute proof if something happened twenty years from now and the body returned to dust where would we be. I knew this would be hard on you and I understood that but believe me it took me many months to get over it as well but it is behind us and I swear with my life I will never deceive you on anything other than a gift for a holiday or birthday my love.”

Mary came over and hugged me and said to Ben, “What say you now?”

Ben said, “I thought I had my world all in place you guys through a grenade in the middle of it. For me at least there is life of some sort after this one and I think we are all going there at some point.”

“Furthermore I am in the presence of someone that is probably unique on this planet a man that can remember vividly two childhoods.”

Mary said, “That why I call him a mother fucker because he truly is to both of us.”

Ben said, “Both?”

Mary said, “OPP’s.”

I said, “Both Ben.”

“Well fuck me.”

I said, “So you are bi?”

Ben looked at me and laughed and he said, “My friend after tonight I could be just about anything.”

While I was explaining about my life Jean was getting our birthday present ready for Ben. I said, “Slave are you ready. One more minute master.”
I stoked and put some hardwood on the fire and Jean turned on the Arabian dance music and stepped out from behind the curtain. Ben eyes near popped out of his head Mary said, “This is a present from Brent and I to his best friend.”

I said, “This is the true dance of the seven veils.”

Ben said, “This beautiful creature only has the seven veils on her then she is aa…”

“Nude. Yes she is or will be nude and she is yours for the night.”

“What do I do with her?”

“Hell if I know anything you want make her run around the camp all night or make love to her fuck her brains out either way you figure it out.”

Mary and I watched some of the show and then she said, “Come on motherfucker see if you can fuck my brains out.”

Shortly there after Mary and I were in bed and I took my time bringing my wife to her height of ecstasy I backed off and did it twice more about an hour had passed and she screamed, “Fuck me you mother fucker you own me please my husband take me.”

With that I shoved my cock in by her muscles spreading them as I went towards her cervix she came loud enough for her to be heard on the mainland.

She was answered in less than a minute. The coyotes called back to her scream and then the whole forest came alive with calls. Mary hugged me scared and then Ben to be an ass made a call which started them howling all over again.

Jean said, “Master that was not nice.”

Ben said, “Why don’t you concentrate on that fantastic pussy on my cock slave.” With a grin ear to ear at Bens comments she made an extra effort to make him and herself come and wouldn’t you know it she howled as she came.

Of course that started a new round of coyote howls. Ben blasted Jean with his cum and before she could be rolled Jean slid down and engulfed his cock cleaning it and making it hard again. In minutes Ben had her on all fours on the bed and was pounding her with all his might from behind she was moaning and they sounded like howling. That started the coyotes calling and getting closer. They came so close you could one scratching at the door. Ben came in her pussy and said, “They got a keen smell must sense your in heat my pretty slave.”

Jean said, “Hold me I am scared.”

Ben said, “Never fear Ben is here.” That got Brent laughing from the other bed he was laughing so hard he started to choke. Mary slapped his back and Ben was by my side in a second. I was still coughing and with me now sitting up and my feet on the floor Ben’s cock was in my face.

Brent seeing this and now finished choking reached his hand up and tickled Bens bag. Ben Jumped and shocked but laughed he said, “Who is bi?” as he waved his cock in front of Brent’s face. Mary and Brent started to laugh and Jean seen it and nervously laughed as she was scared of what was on the other side of the door.
Ben said, “We can finish this later if you like, and he grabbed his pistol and went to the loft. Up there Ben opened the window and fire seven shots into the air and all fell quite outside. He came down stoked the fire and loaded the fire box. Jean jumped up and was literally hanging all over him, “You saved my life you did you really did.”

“Ok slave it is not quite light so yet on all fours seeing how you enjoy it from the back.”

“Yes master and in a second she was ready and guided Bens cock into her pussy Jean was soaked after a few pumps and her moaning she reached under herself moved forward pulling Ben’s cock out and she lined it up on her rose bud and pushed back burying her cock deep in her ass.

Ben moaned and started fucking the perfect lady without abandonment Ben thought “Fuck she is tight.” It wasn’t long and Ben was spiriting his cum deep in her ass and as she had come twice she pulled out turned and engulfed his cock clean it to perfection.

She lay on his upper leg and said, “Anything else I can do for my master.”
It was getting late the sun was up and I said slave start the coffee.” Jean was slow to move and I said, “What’s the matter slave?”

“Master Brent master Ben truly saved my life he is a master even more than you.”

“Ben said hold on there I just scared the dogs away that was no big deal.”

Master I was never so scared in my life. Well for now do as Master Brent tells you.”

“Yes my master.

“Ben your flashing your cock in my face you have taking Jean what next my wife?”

“No, I need to take your other mother first then Mary then you can savor my cock.

“You prick but it does appear you enjoyed your birthday gift.”

“Man that was fantastic never would I have believed it and she gave up her ass this morning.
That is the first time doing anal I loved it but you know I can find my own women.”

I said, “But not your own slave I bet.”

“Brent I must say that was epic how did that come about.”

“Well Mary didn’t feel right dating after I was gone and she met Jean and they hit it off Jean was an alpha and Mary a sub. “Well when I came into the picture one night after they finished I took Jean and she broke and became even more of a sub than Mary thus our slave she moved into the house about 6 months ago and here we are.”

“Now it appears she wants me as a master and I did nothing.”

“I see that she does have a twisted way of thinking.”

“You know I would never take her that is not my cup of tea last night was great but not really into that but I wouldn’t mind a guy sucking me off to see what its like.”

I laughed not really knowing if Ben was serious. I started to get dressed and said, “I got to take a whizz.”

Mary and Jean were quickly dressing saying we have to go to please wait. They took their cloth wrapped seat cover and I strapped on the nine-millimeter gun. Mary had one arm and Jean the other we got to the outhouse and they squeezed into the same one.

From the porch we heard a howl. Jean cried, with real fear in her voice, “Master protect us please master.”

Ben with a big smile on his face howled again and I fired a shot into the air and Ben made a yelping sound like he had been hurt. “Oh master thank you my savior my god I love you my lord protector.

They came out and I said, “I got to go,” and instead of them allowing me to go to the outhouse Jean pulled down my fly and fished out my cock and she said, “Go I will hold it my lord.”

I started to pee and Jean started laughing she wrote god with my pee. Mary and I laughed as we went back to the camp. We went inside and told Ben to be careful of the yellow snow by the outhouse.

Ben just smiled and said, “You must have wounded that old coyote I heard him yelp as they moved off.”

Jean said, “Isn’t my god, my lord so wonderful.”

“Yes Jean I think so,” and he looked at me and said, “If he is not a god he should be with all the things put on this earth my friend and your God is truly special. I have seen the miracle of a forest grow plants and trees to the smallest of plants like moss and the majesty of the mountains hills lakes and streams.”

Well thank you Ben my friend now my chest won’t fit my shirts. No problem its warm in here isn’t it Jean.

I said, “Speaking of that what is slave doing with clothes on?” In a split second she was nude displaying herself to all of us.

“That looks much better slut.”

She said, “Thank you my lord,” and she went rummaging through the cabinet drawers and with a smile brought over the spatula and put it in my hand turned around bent over presenting her beautiful ass cheeks.

Whack I let go hard with the first blow
“One master, thank you master for correcting your slave.
Whack. “Two master thank you for
correcting your slave.”

This went on until I got to eight and Ben went to stop me as Jean was crying and Mary put her hand over Ben’s mouth stopping him within two more whacks she collapsed and flapping around having a huge orgasm. Fluid was running down her legs.

Jean with a smile on her face even above the pain of the welted ass she said, “Oh thank you my master my lord it wont happen again.” Jean proudly walked over to the stove stoked it and added a piece of wood.

Ben sat quietly looking at the pleasure Jean was in and the obvious pain she just endured. We decided to set some snares and Ben and I went out with the snowmobiles. Within an hour the snares were set and we started back and Ben pulled into a cove I followed and he said “Brent can we talk.”

“Sure Ben what’s up.”

“Brent this whole thing it has got my mind so screwed up.”

“Welcome to the club my friend.”

“Brent I am not sure I want to be your friend nor any part of this.”

“Ben I am sorry it is a lot to absorb.”

“A lot I could I could handle but you got proof the infallible one screwed up that is monumental.”

“Ben you could drive yourself crazy with all the possibilities. I have learned to keep it simple, someone with a higher position than us in this cosmos took me when they weren’t supposed to and I ended up being born to Mary and when I got old enough it rectified itself with enough proof to allow it and I was able to remarry my wife and I got to believe he has a plan and we shall live out our lives as if this never happened.”

Ben you are my friend and I believe close friend that is why you were allowed to have this all revealed to you so I am not carrying it alone.”

Ben said, “What makes you think I wont run to the newspapers this is a hot story.”

“Ben do you think I can pick my friends that poorly?” Ben put his head in his gloves and said, “You bastard you are right I wish it weren’t so but I must stand by you for one thing a much higher authority is involved and I could pass into the next life and be roomed with Hitler.”

We both laughed and I said, “Is there any thing else you want to know. With you we are hopefully an open book with each other I have trusted you with my life.”

“Well that thing with Jean.”

“Ah yes she is a sub the more I correct her the hornier she gets she had an orgasm this morning as I spanked her.”

“I seen that but how did you know, are you physic too?”

“No Ben growing up you explored the web sites and seen her style of behavior.

“Well yea of course we all did I think.”

Yea you had five or six years well I had double that plus it was more as I was already familiar with it so I went deeper into his and her physic.”

“Brent not only were or are you smart, you are way out of my league.”

“Ben I am not out of your league we are in the same league. I think you’re the best and I want you to be my best friend.”

“Lets take it a day at a time shall we?”

I said, “Sounds good to me as long as we take it Jean likes to put out, that is if your into that you might swing in another direction,” and I pulled the snow mobile cord and it roared to life and we were off.

We got back to camp and went in and of course Jean and Mary were in sixty nine position enjoying themselves Ben and I sat at the table and watched the show which went on for another half hour I said “Your men are home and hungry.” Jean was up in a second and as she walked over by us I grabbed her arm sat her on my lap and licked her face.

“Mm taste good here Ben,” as I grabbed her arm and through her at Ben I said, “Taste this.”

Ben grabbed her did the same as I did and said, “Your right taste like a nice sweet pussy.” I said if your up for it the source I believe is right over there.”
Ben was on Mary in a flash and said, “I don’t need two invites for one pussy.” Ben started licking from the rose bud to the top of the clit and then he spit, “Yech pubic hair on such a lovely pussy and red at that.” I laughed and said, “You ran up against the Big E.”

Jean said, “Careful Mister I gave up my ass over that one.”

Awe Slut I thought I was going to get another ass to fuck. Guess I will have to take yours after we eat.”

“Yes master with pleasure, master.”

Ben still looking perplexed so I said, “She is branded with a big E.”

“No way,” Ben said.

“Want to bet,”
Ben looked at Mary then at Jean they both shook there heads no but Ben was his own person.
“Yea sure Ill bet what we betting I said our asses you win you get to fuck my ass I win I get to fuck yours.” Ben said, “And this brand is big enough to see that I don’t need a microscope.”

“Nope plenty big. He give a good look at Mary and said, “I thought you were going to suck my cock but me fucking your ass will do. You’re on Brent.”

“Okay Jean get the lube and Ben move the pubic hair carefully and there exposed a branding mark of a big E. Ben started to move the fire red hair and the scare was quite visible.

Ben thought “How did I get myself into this?”

Ben said, “I got no way out of this do I?”

“Always my friend if your word is worth nothing then you’re free to refuse.”
“Brent, do I get to learn how she got the big E.”

Yes my friend she was topless back at the lake behind the house and she tripped on a snag the end of the ember was a bright red ember like a branding iron. It burnt through her bikini bottoms like they were silk and branded her. Ben stripped and he got on all fours. “Be gentle with me Brent my boyfriend.”

“Yes my girlfriend they say after the initial intrusion you will enjoy this immensely.” While he was on all fours I said, “Jean cut my nails as short as you can so I don’t hurt my girlfriend here.”

“Yes my master right away sir.”

“Thank you ass master for thinking of that once my nails were cut and filed I started with the gel on his ass I pushed one finger in past his spinster. Fuck he was tight and getting my second finger was twice as hard and I started finger fucking him until his muscles relaxed I lubed my hand and forced my third finger in and fucked him with three fingers. He was stretched and when he started moaning with pleasure I continued for five minutes.

Then I brought my cock to his sphincter and sunk it in he winced but said nothing I went in a bit further and I heard a whimper I stopped at that depth and fucked his ass at that depth soon he said, “More ass master please.” I sunk my cock all the way in and just held it there after a few minutes I started fucking his ass and he started moaning.

“That’s it ass master fuck your girlfriend take her ass.”

“Yes my girlfriend it is such a nice ass as I rammed it into him Ben was moaning steady and pre cum from the end of his cock as I massaged his prostate with my cock.

In know time he said, “Ass master I am cumming,” and he sent spurts out of his cock as I kept ramming his ass. I added more lube and continued fucking my new girlfriend she was moaning and flapping around as she orgasms again. I was building to my second orgasm and he said, “My ass master take your girlfriend ass master.”

I shot my load and he cried with joy “Master I want more,” and he slid off my cock and to my udder surprise turned around and started licking my shaft then he engulfed it. Ben sucked on my shaft and in know time I came in his mouth Ben swallowed every drop and said, “Thanks ass master I needed that.” I collapsed on the bed and Ben followed with my cock in his mouth. He licked teasingly on my shaft as I just laid there. “That was great cocksucker.”

It was about then that Ben realized what all he done and he lifted his mouth off my shaft and said, “Brent guess you are my Ass master and I your cocksucker. This whole experience was fantastic.” With that he went back and started playing with my cock.

My god this was a new experience for me I had my first male to male anal and had my cock sucked to a fantastic solution.

Lunch was done and we got dressed I need a whizz Ben and the girls were dressing also they grabbed their cloth wrapped toilet seats and as we went to the outhouse both girls squeezed into one and Ben took down my fly and fished out my cock as I pissed he spelt out master.

We went back and told the girls we were going to go ice fishing. We took the portable shack on the lake put it up and put in the potbelly stove and chimney. Neither of us spoke we just worked setting it up.

Ben lit the stove while I went and got the two outdoor sleeping bags and rods. The girls decided to stay and clean the cabin. It was still cold out about fifteen below with a chill that made it double that. By the time I got back it was toasty warm in the fish tent slash shack.

We sat and looked at each other and I said, “Out with it Ben.”

Ben acting smug said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

‘The hell you don’t now answer and I want the truth.”

“Brent,” and he stopped and said, “We are good friends and I can’t explain it. I loved being fucked by you I would take it every minute of every day if you would do me.”

Ben said, “I am and I guess the word is bonded maybe even love you. I want to suck you off and swallow your jizz so bad and then make you cum again so I can have more of that nectar. As for your cock I can’t wait to have you pound my ass it felt so good no women has ever done that for me.”

I sat there speechless and then said? ”So you are gay?”

“Master I am but only for you I would perform any sexual act you ask me but my love is for you.”

“What about Jean?”

“Master she was fun but I wish now that you were fucking my ass not me doing her.”

“Well I will be a pig eyed mule.”

Ben laughed and said, “Master I don’t know about that but I am yours if you will have me.”

“Ben you’re my friend.”

“Yes master and now your devoted slave. I know I am on this plane of existence to serve you. Brent, you are the master of my world forever.”

“You best catch our fish or receive a spanking.”

“Master can I please have both.”
Ben brought the auger in and drilled a sixteen inch hole in the ice in the middle of the tent.
After two hours Ben had caught 4 big trout. He cleaned them and then put them in the game bag packed with snow.

I pulled out my cock to take a leak and Ben went nuts. “Master is that for me please master, say that I can have it let me worship that huge cock it is so beautiful. I pissed in the open hole and flipped it by his face his eyes were glossed over and I said, “Okay my cocksucker go ahead.”

Ben licked my spongy knob and kissed my cock and balls as he pulled my pants down he was on his knees on the sleeping bag. I was hard as a rock when he took his mouth off and said, “Will master please fuck his worthless slave,” and he turned around on all fours. I had no lube and I said, “Ben this will hurt.”

“No it won’t you are my master tell me it won’t hurt and it won’t.”

I sunk my cock into his ass and he was about to scream and I said, “It feels wonderful it don’t hurt.”

Low and behold he said, “Master that feels great I am going to cum,” and he did as I dry fucked his ass.

I cum shooting my load into his ass and he turned sucked me until I gave him another load and he swallowed. I sat there and he wanted to suck me more and I said, “Enough Ben stand, drop your pants,” his cock was hard as a rock.

“Ben jerk off in the hole.” Without question I watched Ben jerk his hard cock until his jizz shot out the end of his cock and most of it went into the hole. “Okay let’s leave our tent let’s dress and go back to camp.”

We went out and wouldn’t you know one snow mobile wouldn’t start. Ben ended up towing me back to camp. We hooked up a snatch block and pulled the machine backwards into the shed I took the fish in where the girls were nude waiting for us. Ben started the potbelly stove in the shed and brought in an arm load of wood. Ben put the wood in the box and then he striped naked and said, “Anything else master?”

I looked at Mary and said our family is growing my dear and Ben hugged me and dropped to his knees kissing my crotch.

“Okay slave go sit on the bed.” Jean if you like, your choice you may play with your brother slave.
Ben you are not to interfere.”

“Yes master I understand.”

Jean rushes over and said, “Let the doctor check this play stick out,” and she lightly slaps it around making Bens hard cock even harder. After a while she tired of that and Mary noticed. Jean why have you stopped.

Jean said, It was not fun anymore.

Mary said “It’s your cock to play with any way you want it to.” Like a five-year-old kid, “Mommy thank you,” and she immediately climbs on the cock and sinks it in all the way. Ben was moaning with pleasure as Jean rode his pole then after she came she got off she got on all fours and said, “Put your pole in my ass.” Ben was quick to oblige and was fucking anal on this beautiful creature.

It wasn’t long and they both came. Jean then had Ben lay flat on the bed and started licking Ben’s shaft, slowly drawing her tongue over his spongy knob making him moan. This made Ben plead for Jean to stop. Jean was relentless and continued until Ben blasted his cum into the air and over himself again. Jean licked up what she could and then used a facecloth and warm water to clean off the rest of his jizz.

During this extravaganza Mary wanted to
know what happened. I told my Mary she couldn’t believe it. She seen it before her eyes but it was beyond belief. Mary said, “Gee I got those stupid cramps in my feet again.”

Without another word or a second of thought the two of them were at Mary’s feet giving her a perfect relaxing foot massage. They had smiles on their face as if they had won a ticket to a tropical island. Mary let them continue for a bit then said, “Go on the bed and play cards you hear us talk but cant understand the words until one of us say auction. Off they went without a word I said, “I would like a coffee.” They didn’t respond, just as if they didn’t hear me.

Mary and I got up kissed each other and questioned each other with our eyes. Neither of us had an answer. Mary said “We need an answer.” I thought and said, “Why?”

She looked at me and said, “You mean you think this is all right my love it was one thing to have Jean a sub become a slave but quite another for Ben.”

Mary said, “We must not forget about your mother.”

I said, “What about my mother she would never say anything.” We stared at each other for a while and I said, No way it can’t be.”

Mary looked at me and with a half smile said, “I don’t see a steno pad.”

“I am hopping it isn’t so.”

“What is it my husband.”
“Let me check it out with our slaves first.” I said, “Slaves auction.” Both stopped what they were doing and smiled, staring at us.
”Ben front and center.”

“Yes master,” and he jumps up his flaccid cock hanging in front of him.

“Ben as my slave I demand the absolute truth.”

“Yes my master of course my master always.”

“Ben before yesterday what were your life aspirations.”

Ben said, “I wanted to become a millionaire I was staying with the forestry as a stepping stone to federal politics there I could expand my base and get on committee. There are a lot of people that will pay a lot of money to committee members to keep things as they are.”

“Okay Ben listen carefully to this next question after we trusted you with our secret what did you think?”

Brent I remembered everything you said and as soon as I was alone I marked it all down you were my multimillion dollar ticket I was going to be wealthy and famous over night with your story.”

“Did you believe it?”

“Yes I truly did but all I could see was dollar signs.”

I was getting angry and Mary placed her hand on my arm and the peace of the world was all I saw.
Mary said, “Please Ben continue what happened next.”

I played the devoted friend part until we could get home I was burning with desire to become rich and you two were my meal ticket to fame and glory. Then the big E happened and life changed.”

“Ben how so, explain yourself.”

Awe this is embarrassing my master.”

“Master I fell in love with you. Money meant nothing to me, as you fucked my ass, which I loved by the way; I became more devoted with each thrust you made. All I want from this point on is to serve my master and his Mistress.”

“So you no longer want to be a millionaire?”

“No my master that desire is gone forever as the song said I shall follow you wherever you should go, my lord. My sustenance shall come from you and a wretch like me doesn’t deserve the kindness you shown my lord my master.”

“Do you believe I am some apostle or profit of some kind?”

Ben didn’t answer for about five minutes then he said, “No master but I think what has happened to you has given you their protection while your on this earth. No one will ever be able to let out your secret. That is sealed by the divine one I think anyone that thinks so will be what I am your total and absolute slave for life and like me ecstatic to be one.”

I looked at Mary and she at me. Mary spoke, “What slave Ben has said I believe to be true we are not to question it just go with it and live our lives.”

I said, “My darling as I know our child is Grace I know this situation is also true I do not need to know any further about Mom or Jean that is in the divine ones hands.” With that I stood and was about to kiss by wife when I felt this buzz or shock. As I looked at Mary a white aurora started at he feet and went up her whole body. She was terrified as she said, “Did you see that white light cover your body,” and I nodded meaning I seen it on her.

Mary and I had a passionate kiss and laid flat on the bed and said, “Ben pleasure me.”

Ben was on me in a flash, “Yes my master,” and for the first time he kissed me and I just lay there and accepted it. As soon as I was hard Ben got up lined my cock up with his ass and slid down on my pole moaning as he went Ben came three times before I did then he got off and licked my body clean. “Alright slave what about shooting your cum on the ice?” Off the bed he flew and retrieved the spatula placing it in my hand and bending grabbing his ankles presenting his ass to me.

Whack, “One, thank you master for correcting my miserable ways.”

Whack “Two, thank you master for correcting my miserable ways.”

Whack, “Three thank you master for correcting my miserable ways.” This went on fifteen whacks hen Ben shot his load and Jean and Ben licked it all clean.

Ben cooked the trout Jean did the vegetables Mary and I sat, talked, and enjoyed the scenery. We used our slaves and we never lifted a finger. They were so pleased to serve us and after we found out the truth we had no remorse in using them.

I watched Ben pleasure Mary and she watched Jean do me and they watched us both enjoy each other the next day we went to the ice tent and got some more trout and took rides all around the lake I said to Mary this is like being in heaven with you by my side and all this beauty around us. Monday we fixed the steps and used the chain saw to replace the cord of wood we used. That night after I fucked the three of them we drifted off to a blissful sleep next morning we woke up to a complete white out. The snow was half way up the door Ben and I started to clean it and Jean came over and said, “What is our master doing Ben you must be looking for the spatula?”

Ben said, “I think your right Jean,” and then Brent pulled down Ben’s pants and gave him five quick hard whacks with the spatula then they turned held their ankles an waited for theirs I gave them two each and said, “Slaves get this door clear and shove a path to the out house.”

When they came back in I said, “Not so fast shovel a path to the wood shed and to the work shed we may need the generator its daytime and it looks like night out there.”

We looked at the barometer it was way down. They did as they were told and by eleven o’clock they were in. “Jean make porridge it is filling and full of energy Ben take care of the table.” Twice through the day Ben had to re-shovel the paths to the out buildings. We fired up the generators and made contact with base they said, “Hunker down last report they got was no break in this weather for a week.”

The next morning Tuesday we had a visitor A family was on the lake ice fishing the storm hit and they lost all track of where they were or how to get home. John was quite familiar with the lake he came here most weekends and this weekend the weather was so nice he brought his family, his wife Emma, his two girls, Grace and Paula.

Then John said, “This storm was not even on the map.“ John showed us on the map where he was fishing. It was just off the point about a mile away. I wanted to load the snowmobile and go and Ben said this is where I take over. “Brent called it in. Give them the GPS point we are going to. Tell them that is where we start our grid pattern to start our search.”

“Jean go to the shed bring out the track machine.”

“Mary put coffee in the big thermos and make sure we have plenty of k-ration soup packets.” Brent said, “Done Ben.”

Ben said, “Use the radio and set up a homing beacon to here. Bring the other radio with us and the emergency batteries take one of the wood pull trailers with us.”
John said, “They are only a mile from here let’s go.”

“John you can leave if you like and we will be shortly searching for you. We do this by the book and everybody is safe.”

John said, “I am sorry I am just so worried.”

I said, “Today is your lucky day not only did you find the ranger station but you stumbled onto not one but two fully qualified rangers my friend so as the say in the old west mount up.”

We were off Ben had the snowmobile and had to keep doing circles around us to keep his speed up from sinking in the fresh powder. We were coming up on the co-ordinates but still couldn’t see. As procedure I set off thee blast on the air horn turned ninety degrees and did it again until I was back on course I fired the star shell and low and behold a smoke stack five hundred yards ahead.

I radioed base that smoke stack in site “Relay to main base we shall update shortly.” We drove up with in ten yards and we dug down to the buried hut. Inside everybody was unconscious there lips were a little blue. Ben yelled, “Get the oxygen.”

John and I came in with four bottles it wasn’t long and the three were conscious and awake. We broke open a soup k-ration the just need the strip tore and a chemical reaction heated the contents.

Ben went in and gave the report all thee were alive except for the need for oxygen they seemed fine. John and I shoveled out his snowmobile but we spent an hour getting it going. Ben said, “You follow in behind Ben and do as he did.” Within the hour after that I guess around one o-clock we arrived back at camp. Jean had a full hot meal waiting for us all. Paula and Grace were twins at nineteen John was forty-two and Emma was forty.

I introduced my wife Jean and Ben he was the birthday boy. For the next two days we stayed in played cards and there was a few puzzles to do the twins were going shack happy. I was careless and the papers from my briefcase were out on a side counter the twins read them all and then showed their mother who showed John. Grace then said so wife Mary and mother Mary that must be interesting.”

Jean said, “Oh my fuck.”

“Paula said maybe later Jean.”

They talked tried to backpedal but for the twins it was not working. John stepped in and he said, “Girls you are getting into their business it is no business of ours.”

Emma said, “Your father is right.”

Being teenagers even that was not enough.

John said, “Is it not enough that you all would have been dead if not for the heroic acts of these two.”

Grace said, “Do you realize we would not of been in this predicament had you left us home like we wanted.”

John said, “That may be so, but you were out there within minutes of being dead and these two saved your life and this is how you repay them.”

Dad you have not read this Brent went through divine intervention he seen the other side of life its worth millions.”

I looked at Mary and she at me and she shrugged her shoulder. “Okay girls what do you want to know.”

What everybody on this planet wants to know what is it like on the other side.”


“What that’s it, what else, there has to be more.”

“Afraid not there was this bright blinding light and a more peaceful feeling than I have ever felt before. There was no pearly gate no disharmony just unbelievable peace.”

“No way your lying there has to be more.”

“Girls what more would you want you have no body no aches or pains. They shook their heads and said there must be more that cant be all.” Emma said it sounds fantastic.”

John said, “Peaceful I thought it was like that here on the lake but what you describe is so wonderful I wish I was there now.”

Ben said, “Careful what you wish for around here.” That night we went to bed early the storm was raging outside the girls still had no cell connection the tower are still down they thought. By the next morning the girls said, “Master how may we serve you?”

Jean said, “First off slaves wear no clothes in masters presents when not needed. John and Emma stripped immediately and John said, “Please master let me suck you off. “

“Please Emma and John each take a side of my cock and enjoy.” They did and had me hard within minutes and then I came as I did the licked every drop and it solidified their servitude. John got dressed and went out in the raging storm and shoveled the walkways to the out buildings and brought in three days worth of supplies. Once back inside the camp Ben made the morning radio report to the Captain.

The Captain said, “This is the worst storm on record it is across the country and is expected to continue at least five more days. He said, “Your on your own as nothing here is flying or can fly but on the bright side you have better stocked camp than most houses here in town.” Ben and I went out after breakfast and we shoveled a path to the shore and a hundred feet out onto the ice we used the auger drilled four holes. We went back and brought the track machine down and parked it on the windward side allowing the machine to give us cover within an hour we had caught forty trout John and Ben cleaned them and packed them in the game bag we took down the lean to and drove back up to the shed. They took the trout inside and we put on a few for supper. That afternoon Emma and Jean broke open a bag of flour and started the bread we were getting low.

While it rose I had Grace lay over the bed god she was beautiful nice young ass and perky b size tits with puffy nipples. As my cock entered her she screamed with pleasure. Grace professed her undying servitude to me and the family as I blasted my jizz into her she was totally mine. She turned and sucked me clean as Paula helped her. When they finished I had Paula lay on the bed and John fuck her. John protested and I said, “It is a order from master.” With no hesitation John mounted his daughter and fucked her when he cum I had Ben take her then I took her. John had taking his daughter virginity and felt lower than apiece of garbage.
“Paula what were your plans for me when we got home. Master I was going to make you my slave and do every thing I wanted including signing over your wealth from the accident, which I read here in your chronicle of events. “

I said, “Continue,” Paula said I was going to use you and hire you out to anyone that wanted that big cock after I got board with it of course.”

John looked at both her daughters and his face turned cold, “These are two pieces of garbage master what else may I do to them?”

I whispered in Johns ear and he had the girls on all fours he fucked one in the ass then the other. Then without warning he let his bladder empty into Paula’s ass.

John had a wide grin on his face as the piss came out the side of his cock and ran down her leg. He passed her a face cloth as he through her out the door and said you may come in when you washed the piss off you as for the stink I think that’s permanent only the master through time can cure that ten whack with the spatula by Jean and Emma on the girl’s ass herding her out into the raging storm.

After she was out a few minutes there was banging and crying at the door. Ben decide his infamous howl would be appropriate and he let a long one go and the wilderness came alive with return calls the girl totally freak said, “Please my master I am your devote slave do with me as you will I will stand here and let those animals take me if that is you wish I am worthless piece of garbage.”

I signaled Jean she opened the door and Paula would not move until I said, “Slave you may enter.” She came in fell to the floor hugging and kissing my feet. “Master I will honor you the rest of my life you are my god hear on this earth for me to serve and with my free will I give that to you.”

Jean Ben and Mary looked knowing this girl was broken I was looking at the tiny icicles hanging from her pussy I said stand slave and pose for the camera she did and in video mode she repeated her vow of servitude and seeing these icicles hanging from her pubic hair was unique. Jean as a joke took one of the party hats and made two horns and used a marker saying horny devil.

Jean placed it on my head. Grace laughed and Paula cried hysterically. “Master you can’t be a devil I know your heart you cant be.”

I picked this fragile girl into my arms and shook of the hat and said, No my pet I am not the devil” and kissed her a passionate kiss. Paula hung to my neck I couldn’t put her down she was glued to me and I looked into her eyes and smiled and these cold dark eyes shown a brilliant blue.

I set her on the bed and she wouldn’t let go of my neck so I ran my hand over her body squeezing her tits twisting her nipples as she moaned.

I slid my fingers to her slit and she said, “Master but I am not clean for you remembering John had fucked her moments before. I said, “You are now my love,” and sure enough as Paula fingered herself she was moist with just her own juices.

“My god my master, fuck this piece of trash I want to feel what perfection is.”

As I lined my pole up with her young love hole she raised her hips sinking my shaft deep inside herself and she screamed as she felt a resistance that I tore through and when she propped herself up and seen the red running down my shaft.

“Oh my god, Oh my Christ, oh my you I was a virgin again and you my master my god took it. She kissed me over and over master you are my god only he could do this.

I looked into Paula’s blue eyes and said yes my Paula only a god or divine one could do that and he did that for you my sweet love. It was he that gave that back to you so I could take it from you.”

“Master, you did not take it I gave it to you freely. You are my lord my god and I shall love you always more than life itself.”

Finally Grace said, “Oh brother what a crock of shit.” John reached her first and slapped her hard across the face she was staggering between conscious and not. Naked he grabbed her in his arms and said, “You just witness a true to god miracle so out you go you blast femur.” He opened the door tossed her nude body into the snow causing her to wake with a scream.

I said, “Not the way I would of done it but guess we will get the same results.”

Ben howled and that started it then John copied the howl.

You assholes let me in its cold out here. Ben howled again and we all heard the growl outside.
“Stop go way leave me alone and then growling and screaming as John opened the door Ben was ready and fired three shots killing the coyote and I fired three rounds killing one and scaring the other two off.

We brought Grace in she looked tore up. Ben put her on the bed she said, “Fuck off and I said, “Fine put her back outside.” John went to grab her she cried, “You can’t you are rangers you got to look after me.”

Ben said, “We are looking after you we are purifying your miserable soul and feeding those poor starving creatures outside.”

“No please let me live please master I beg you.”

“Grace you got one last chance what you do is your will and what we do will be the result of it.” I stood by the bed my cock inches from her face she looked with aghast seeing her sisters cum and her sisters blood on my cock she knew what was expected without a word being said as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock licking the knob and bobby her head.

Grace was going after my cum as if it was truly the nectar of the gods. I could feel my orgasm building and Grace continued even as my pulses of cum splattered into her mouth she swallowed all my jizz and kept going looking for more.

“Master my master, my god, please give me more. It is the medicine I needed to feel right again.” As she continued I went hard and within minutes she got her second load, swallowing it all to the last drop. She sat up in bed licking her lips and said to Paula, “He is a god our god,” and she and we looked at her body not a mark on her.

Grace said, “It is a miracle my lord you cured me.” I dropped to my knees and gave thanks the family seen what I was doing and followed suit.

I said, “Oh divine one in your infinite wisdom I thank thee,” and I stood up.

Ben looked all around not a drop of blood and he said, “Master you are….”. and I put a finger to his lips. He moved off and said, “It’s not your cock but it will do,” as he sucked my fingers.

It was getting late and the girls needed the outhouse Grace Paula and Jean were wrapped around my arms and waste scared to death and said, “We are safe with you my lord.”

We opened the door and there was a dead coyote and another down the walk John and Ben threw the carcasses up over the bank and with our led lights continued to the bath room we waited while the girls did their thing.

Paula wouldn’t shut her door she left it open for us all to see as she peed she came out smile on her face and fished my cock out and held it but Grace came and gave her a gentle nudge and said, “Please my slave sister this would mean so much to me” and she grabbed my cock sunk to her knees and said, “Relive yourself my god, my lord, my everything.” And inside me I couldn’t hold it I let my bladder go as she drank it all like it was a glass of beer.

Grace finished and licked my pee hole hard for every last drop and then to make sure she sucked on it.

Ben said, “Master I must try that looks like fun.” The others were all nodding and said the same. We went back inside and the girls were all sitting on my bed and I said. “You may think I am a god but no way for all you beautiful persons I need to recharge.”

The twins said, “Our god can do anything.”
Mary said, “If you think I am leaving our marital bed….”

Jean said, “And I am not leaving my Mary at this time of her pregnancy.”

Emma was the only one that was quiet and I said, “Well it is not sleep time yet so Emma let us make love.” She was quiet lay on my bed with her legs spread juice was formed on her hairs around her clit so I started going up on leg and down the other while her daughters and husband just watched with smiles on there face from ear to ear.

I brought her close to climax then backed off then did it again and again on the fourth time she grabbed my cock lined it up and thrust her hips devouring my shaft.

She had an orgasm within two pumps and the game was on she was crying more “Master fuck this wench more give this whore what she deserves I am the worst whore in the world.”

“You own me master nothing on this planet means anything but your divine cock it pleasures me beyond words. I am an adulteress whore an you are my master.”

I looked into her brown eyes they were dark and dull I told her “Emma you are now on a different plain, you are my slave, your only service was to me now.”

As we stared at our eyes hers went to a brilliant sparkling blue. I looked again and there it was my slaves were blue. We continued fucking and after several orgasms on both sides we were done I then got on my knees and examined my girls closely discovering that all my girls had this extremely bright blue eyes.

Emma now one of my slaves after absorbing my seed said she had thought she was a whore betraying her marriage vows and the twins said, “It was awesome to see her fuck in public. She was always in a dark room hiding her nice body.”

John said, “I felt so honored that our master took her and made love to her better than he could even dream of doing.”

“Emma said, “I am just so happy that the family is here and we all share it with master.”

Grace said, “After the coyote incident I still thought it was kind of a dream until that door opened and I seen those poor coyotes.”

We laughed and Ben said, “Those poor coyotes would have had you for lunch.”

I said, “They would have had a feast especially as those long tongues tasted the sweet pussy.”

Grace said, “My master thinks my pussy taste great?”

Mom passes Grace a tissue but Ben moves in and licks the juice running down her leg. Ben said, Master that is the sweetest juice I have tasted and lays Grace flat and she said, “May our sister join us?” We got up and went to their bunk and proceeded to make passionate love Ben lifted his head an hour latter and said, “I didn’t know girls could produce this much nectar.”

John said, “Wait until you make one squirt like Emma can.”

“Oh John,” Emma said with a red face.

The girls were playing and sucking Ben’s cock, I was fucking Jean and my wife alternately the moaning going on in the cabin we did not need the fire we were producing our own heat. The next morning was a site I had all five girls in my bed I said I need to get up and Grace took my cock to her mouth and Paula said my turn my sister and she took my shaft put it in my mouth and used her tongue on my knob I was so excited that I was peeing and coming at the same time.

I thought that was a first for me.

The girls got up I lay in bed and Ben is on me sucking for all he is worth. The girls looked some with distain and I said, “He is one of my favorite slaves,” with that the whole attitude changed and as he bobbed he patted my ass as if to say. “Thanks.”

The day went by the snow was up to the roof it became a chore to shovel the roof keep the chimney clear. After breakfast the girls got dressed and grabbed the cloth covered seats we went to the out house and no one shut their doors we watched them perform and there was no embarrassment.

From there we went to the shed we checked on the rigs made sure they all run not that even the track machine would not work in this storm but as rangers we done our reports and radioed them in.

“They asked how we were doing and Ben said they were running low in staples milk butter and such they had enough for four people a month but not eight. Ben said, “We got plenty of fish and k rations so we wont starve. There were some snares out but they are buried under 15 feet of snow and it will be spring before there is a hope of finding them even with GPS tags on the wire.

I said, “If there is a spring this has got to be record breaking.”
The Captain came on and said, “This is not for publication so we put our headsets on.” I said, “We are set sir.”

“Brent, Ben, you are right this storm stretches almost to Mexico there are satellite photos and this is like a never ending storm it is so vast it is feeding itself. Food is scarce and going to get worse. I was not kidding when I said you had it better than most the space station just sent a picture looks like over half the planet is affected.” We finished our report and signed off.

They all wanted to know what was going on and I dressed by myself and went to the shed Mary dressed and followed she came in and seen me on my knees praying. “Oh my god my husband what is it.”

I turned to her and said, “My wife this may be the end of life as we know it.“

“My husband you can’t leave it hang like that.”

I said, “I know but I need a few minutes to pray,” and Mary went to her knees as well. “Oh divine one did I cause all this was I that arrogant that someone’s accidental mistake can allow this please take my life I give it freely to save my wife our child and our people. One life is not worth all this please oh divine one fix this.”

Mary was on her knees as she looked at me I was wrapped in a white glow and she was afraid. “Please oh divine one take me also I do not want to exist one second here with out him Brent is and always has been my soul mate.” I looked at her and she was wrapped in the same white glow as me. We stood and kissed each other. We walked to the door and as we opened the door it was blinding white light and we were both being shaken, “Wake up swim time,” and here was Ben and our friend Jean on the beach in the Caribbean.

Jean said, “That must have been a good book you started yesterday and never put it down.”

We got up headed for the water and Ben being smart gave his coyote call as we all splashed into the warm water.

Ben said, “We should save people all the time I could get used of this life style.”

I looked to the stars and said, Thank you,” for Mary and I knew that was one of the many millions of real reality in the cosmos. That night a party was held and Ben and I received a plaque for saving John Emma Grace and Paula from a blinding snowstorm apparently we were together for three weeks before the storm broke.

Mary and I were twenty-one again and we both had seen the other reality and just thanked the divine one.

Our daughter Grace was born in March that Day was rejoiced and of course our baby girl was named GRACE.

The end.
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