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After our last encounter was interrupted by her sister Carly, Haley and I take a Saturday afternoon at my house to finish what we started.
Betting on Haley – Part 2


Two weeks ago, on Saturday morning, my friend Carly and I set into motion our bet on whether or not I could bed her little sister, Haley. I had caught Haley spying on us having sex a few weeks earlier which led to some debate between Carly and I. Carly thought Haley was a nosey little pest, as usual, and was going to use this as blackmail against her. Haley had been watching us for at least twenty minutes, I instantly saw her as a horny freshman who was totally turned on watching us, and wondering what it would be like to be in there herself, and I was instantly eager to help her find out!

That Saturday, Carly made an excuse to disappear when I stopped by, so that I could be alone with Haley. In no time at all Haley was sucking my dick on the living room couch. I knew it, she really was just a horny little freshman. As quickly as I could manage it, we were naked on her bed and getting ready to teach her how much fun it is to participate, instead of just watching. Then, against our agreement, Carly came barging in and interrupted us.

Carly was supposed to stay away for the day so I would have time to charm Haley out of her virginity, but once I sent her some video of Haley sucking my dick, she decided that this wasn’t right to do to her little sister, so she came home to stop us before we went too far. Haley and I were THAT close. Carly was feeling guilty about the whole bet. What she didn’t realize was that I had been right all along, Haley was totally into it. The girl wanted to fuck.

Carly and I argued and argued for quite a while afterward and in the end decided that she cheated, the bet was still on, and all the rules still applied. If Haley said to stop at any point, then it was over and we stopped. As long as she was a willing participant, she was fair game, and Carly was still banned from saying anything to anyone.

The Next Weeks

After Carly’s rude interruption, Haley was afraid that she had been caught, and that Carly was going to tell their parents. Funny how both of them were most afraid of their parents. Fortunately Haley is a smart girl and when Carly asked her what I was doing upstairs with her, she just denied it. She said that she had left me downstairs on the couch when she went to get changed for lacrosse practice. Maybe I was just a perv and was trying to spy on her changing. Carly laughed at that excuse and agreed with her. She said that Haley was probably right! That sounds exactly like something I would do! I have to admit, it does, even I laughed when I heard that.

I didn’t see Haley again until the following Tuesday at school. I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be. When we were in her room, she was eager to continue with every move I made. However, when Carly barged in on us, she seemed so embarrassed she barely spoke a word before we dropped her off for practice. Was she still going to be eager to see me and maybe continue our fun? Would she be totally embarrassed and hide the minute she saw me? I just didn’t know.

As I walked through the halls of school, I had not seen Haley yet. I did however run into a number of her friends, who all started giggling and whispering the moment they saw me. Had Haley told them something? Finally I found Haley, she was standing with a few of those same friends in front of her locker. As soon as she saw me she smiled and ran up to me to say hi. She wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up to give me a little kiss on the cheek. I think she did that more for the benefit of her friends, who immediately burst into fits of giggles and whispers. Yes, she had definitely told them something.

All of the giggling and whispering was fine with me. The kiss on the cheek was exactly the reaction I was hoping for, she was clearly still into it. The reaction of her friends just revealed that she had told them at least part of our story. Whether she told them exactly what had happened or not, I don’t know, and really didn’t care. Clearly their minds were working hard on their own little fantasies. Perhaps I should go after a few of them when all this was over! Haley had some very hot, sexy friends.

Added Bonus

As an added bonus that week, another exciting thing happened. I got my driver’s license! This was awesome. This was freedom! This was reason for celebration. The fact that my parents also gave me my own car to drive was even better. It wasn’t anything exotic or exciting like Carly’s brand new little red Cooper. It was just a used Honda, but for a high school guy it was still freedom. I offered Carly the chance to help me break in the back seat in the school parking lot, but she made some excuse about her meathead boyfriend and declined. Such a shame.

Haley loved my car though. She kept asking me when I was going to take her for a ride. Yeah, I was going to take her for a ride alright. I so wanted to do just that, take her for a ride and finish what we had started. I didn’t really want to do it in a car though. I wanted to take my time with her and really enjoy it. I also wanted to pick a time and a place that Carly wouldn’t know about, and the back seat of my car in the school parking lot was just not it.

On the coming weekend, Carly had to go to some cheerleader competition out of state. Her mom was going to be going with her, which left Haley staying home with dad. That was perfect. As soon as I heard that, I asked Haley what she was going to be doing that Saturday. She said she would be at lacrosse practice just like every other weekend, and then hanging out with her friends. I suggested that maybe instead, I should pick her up after practice and take her for that ride she wanted, and then she could hang out with me instead. Haley agreed to that in a heartbeat.


Saturday morning came and I went to my own gymnastics practice in the morning, then when I finished up I put my things in the car and strolled out to the field to watch the end of lacrosse practice. Those girls were hot. I thought damn, I should come watch this more often. After they were done Haley ran over to me and said she would be real quick, she just had to go change. I wanted to go in and help her, maybe a nice long shower, but I went to wait in the car instead.

A short time later Haley came bouncing out of the building and running over to greet me. Watching her reminded me what a prize I was in for. As a reminder, Haley was almost five feet tall. She would tell you she is, I have my doubts. She had the deepest dark brown eyes that still manage to sparkle and shine when she smiles. Her hair was dark silky brown, down to about the middle of her back.

Today, she bounced over to my car wearing a tight little pair of shorts that hugged that sexy little ass. Her legs were tanned and ultra-toned from all the running she does for her sports. Tight, strong, powerful sexy legs. Her arms are just as powerful. She was a strong girl, all muscle, I doubt there was an ounce of fat anywhere on her body. Her breasts were not huge but they still seemed perfect to me. It always looked like they were small, but when they weren’t smashed down under a sports bra they were much bigger. Today she was wearing a loose pink tank top, apparently with nothing underneath. Her tits were bouncing and jumping the entire time she ran to my car. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

When she climbed into my car, I was immediately hit with that same perfume she had worn the last time I visited her. I still don’t know what it is but it made me want to jump her right then and there, and I kind of did. I leaned across the seat, buried my nose in her neck and inhaled deeply. It was intoxicating. Haley just giggled. I started nibbling her neck and instantly snuck my hand under that tank top to feel that sexy tummy.

I just sniffed and said “mmmmmmm God you smell good! What is that?”

Haley told me the name of whatever it was but I really wasn’t listening. My lips were already making their way to hers, and my hand was already sliding up her chest. She made no attempt to stop me. She just leaned back in the seat, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. I was about to change my mind and just fuck her right there in the parking lot. Then of course, some of her friends walked past the car whooping and hollering and making a ton of noise. Fortunately they were whooping about something else entirely, they were getting all psyched up to go bowling or some such thing, but it did remind me that it just wasn’t a good idea to have sex in the school parking lot. I started up the car and off we went.

Conversation and Fries

I can’t speak for Haley, but I just wanted to drive straight to my house and get naked. All I had been thinking about for the last two weeks was fucking this girl. The only thing going through my head was images of her little head bobbing up and down on my cock, or laying naked, spread eagle on her bed just waiting for me to split her open. Ultimately though we were both starving after our morning workouts so we went to the same little café that Carly and I had gone to before all this started. We sat there in a quiet corner wolfing down fries and chicken strips, and eventually the conversation turned to what had happened after our last encounter.

I asked her what happened when she and Carly both got home that night. She said that Carly had asked what I was doing upstairs with her. She said that she had told Carly that I wasn’t with her, she didn’t even know I was up there and that I must have been spying on her. She also said that Carly obviously didn’t believe her but didn’t have any proof, so she couldn’t say anything.

She told me Carly also just went on and on as if she knew what we were doing. She kept saying “You know he’ll just use you for sex, he doesn’t care shit about you”

Apparently this went on for a while until Haley got sick of it and her ultimate answer was just “Geez Carly fuck you, Have you looked at him? You have a boyfriend but you still fucked him, maybe that’s all I want too” That shut Carly up for a few minutes. I loved hearing that. She didn’t even realize that she had just given away that fact that she wanted to fuck me.

Then it turned into an even longer conversation/argument between them about “how did you know I fucked him?” and “I knew you watched us, Zane told me you were watching the whole time”. Haley described this long rambling back and forth between them, with Carly lecturing her about how guys only want one thing and how many times have you been peeping on me and if you say anything I’ll… who knows what she’d do. Haley told me she was just laughing at her most of the time thinking, and saying “I don’t care”

I have to admit, I was impressed that Carly had not told her about the bet. She was clearly still trying to talk Haley out of it which was totally against the rules, but she didn’t reveal our secret. I was also impressed that Haley didn’t tell Carly anything. Mostly I was excited that Haley clearly still wanted to continue where we left off.

Finally we finished our lunch and got back in the car. I asked her where she wanted to go and she answered “Anywhere you like”

I asked her when dad expected her home, she said that she had told him she was going to hang out with her friends after practice, so we had all afternoon.

With that I told her “Well if you don’t have any place special you want to go, I know a great place where we can have some fun”

She asked “Really? Where?” with a naughty little grin. She liked the idea of having some fun.

I answered “You’ll see, it’s a surprise” and then drove straight to my house.

And this is MY room

Within no time at all we were pulling up in my drive way. Just as I expected, no one else was home. Perfect! I escorted Haley inside and gave her the five minute tour. She squeaked about the pool table, and made some sexy comments about the hot tub and the pool, nothing that she didn’t have at her own house. Finally I showed her to the best part, my bedroom.

She looked inside my room, then looked at me and said “So you think I’m gonna jump into bed with you? Just like that?” (Yup! Let’s go!)

I answered “Would you rather go outside for a swim? Or jump in the hot tub for a while? Or play some pool?”

She grinned at me and said “That depends, do you just wanna use me for sex?”

I screwed a surprised look on my face and said “Who ME? NEVER!” All the time thinking oh my God yes, so badly!

She took my hand and pulled me into the room. I pulled the door closed and locked it.

When I turned around Haley was just looking at me with a shy little smile and those beautiful brown eyes all lit up and sparkling at me. Her nipples practically ripped right through that tank top. She was so sexy. She had clearly already decided what she wanted. I let out a heavy sigh in appreciation of how beautiful she looked right at that moment. I put my hands on her shoulders, and pushed her backwards until she fell onto my bed. I then fell right on top of her and started kissing her like I hadn’t seen a girl in years.

We lay there kissing for a while. That perfume was still driving me crazy. She smelled so sexy. Slowly I directed my kissing down into her neck where that intoxicating smell was coming from. Haley squirmed and giggled with every touch. I kissed and licked and nibbled on her ears and neck. I was driving her crazy and I knew it. Her hands were running through my hair and holding my head close to her. My hands slid up under her top and were all over those perfect tits, and at no time did she ever try to stop me, no matter what I did. She started letting out little moans with every touch. Every inch of her body seemed so sensitive right now.

I stopped kissing for a moment and sat up. I then pulled her up to a sitting position and started to pull her top up. Haley didn’t even give me a chance. She grabbed the cloth and pulled it right up and over her head. I was right, she had nothing on underneath. As she threw her top to the floor my hands went right back to those nipples. Again, every touch produced a little moan of pleasure.

We climbed up onto the bed the rest of the way, got comfortable, and my mouth went right to her tits. They really were bigger than they looked, and she loved having me sucking on them. As I sucked, my hand started sliding down her tummy to her shorts. No, I wasn’t wasting any time. She would moan, and giggle, and sigh, and laugh, and every once in a while let out a little gasp, like when my hand slid under the waistband of her shorts and down into her panties.

I slid my hand all the way down over that patch of wild curly hair until my fingers were sliding along her pussy. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. I pulled my mouth away from her nipples and leaned close to her face as I started to work her pussy. She was clearly in ecstasy.

I stopped for a moment and kissed her. Then when she looked into my eyes I had to ask. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She looked at me and answered “YES! Keep going!”

Then I asked “Even if all I want to do is use you for sex?” I already knew the answer.

She answered “I don’t care”

I said “Even after all that stuff Carly told you?”

She said “Who cares about Carly, I want to do it!”

I leaned forward and kissed her again. Then I started working my fingers hard between her legs. She let out little screams when I pushed a finger into her. She let out louder screams when I pushed two, then three into her. She outright yelled and convulsed her entire body when, as those fingers where sliding inside her, I ran my thumb up over her clit. She just kept getting wetter and wetter.

I know what I want

It was time to move things along. I couldn’t work that pussy with those shorts in the way any longer. I pulled my fingers away and she relaxed for a moment. I stood up, pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor. She smiled and whistled at me. I stood up and flexed for a moment or two to drive her crazy. Then I reached over and grabbed her shorts by the waistband. Haley smiled at me and lifted her butt up as I pulled shorts and panties down those sexy legs in one swift motion.

I stood there for just a moment staring at this beautiful naked nymph on my bed. Thinking ahead, I took my phone and put it on the nightstand. (I wanted pictures). My eyes traveled down her body. Her brown toned complexion, those little nipples poking up like hard little stones from those perfect tits. That belly, tight and skinny, every little muscle in that six pack still visible even though she was totally relaxed. That wild little bush of curly black hair. My cock shot up like a rocket. I looked her in the eyes, winked, and then pushed my shorts off releasing my cock for her to admire.

Haley said “Oh my God it looks even bigger than before”

I said “It might be! Just the sight of you is making it ache”

I laid down next to her again and her hands went right to my cock. I was in heaven the instant her hands wrapped around me, barely able to make their way around it.

I lay there for a moment as she played and stroked and fondled my cock and balls. It was almost as if she had practiced since the last time we were together. She was making me crazy.

I had to ask her one more time. “You’re really sure you want to do this?”

She answered “Jeez you sound just like Carly, I know what I’m doing, do you want to fuck me or not?”

Well you didn’t have to ask me twice, it was time to fuck this girl. You know what you want? Good! Because so do I. I pushed her down on her back and rolled over on top of her. I put one knee between her legs. She spread those legs eagerly and then I put my other leg between them too. I grabbed one of the stray pillows and slid it underneath that perfect ass, raising her up just enough.

I reached down and started touching and caressing her pussy again. I slide my fingers into her and pulled her lips apart. Haley closed her eyes and started letting out little moans. Finally I took my cock in my other hand and started rubbing it up against her pussy. She was so wet. She was moaning with every touch.

Suddenly her eyes pop open and Haley chimes in with “Wait, don’t we need to use a condom?” (There was no way I was going to use a condom.)

I answered “I don’t have any, besides I hate those things” (I had a whole drawer full right next to us)

I continued with “You are a virgin aren’t you?”

She rather shyly responded with “yeah”

So I said “Well then we’ll be fine, everyone knows you can’t get pregnant the first time” (that old lie!)

She looked confused and said “That’s not what they said in school. They said you can get pregnant any time you have sex”

I said “Who said? The teachers? The same ones who say you shouldn’t have sex at all? The ones who say all that but then the school won’t give you condoms? They’re just trying to scare you so you don’t have sex. They don’t want you to have any fun”

She said “I don’t know, they said you should just always use one”

As she spoke, I leaned forward and pushed my cock up into her, there was no way I was stopping now. I answered “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Besides, I can always pull it out before anything happens” (I had no intention of pulling out.)

Haley took in a long deep breath as my cock slid up inside her. She closed her eyes and started to groan, and her legs tightened around me. I grabbed my phone and turned it on to video.

Haley was so wet that there was barely any resistance at all. Still, she was so tight. The feeling was incredible. She still had her eyes closed. I aimed my camera at my cock pushing into her, the first one ever to push into her, then up to her face as I took her virginity. When she started to wince just a little bit I stopped pushing. (and put the phone down). I was about three quarters deep. I could tell Haley wanted to take me deeper and yet still tried to pull away at the same time. She wanted more, but couldn’t quite handle it yet. I started a very slow motion of pulling back a bit, then pushing back into her.

I started to pump into her slowly, letting her get used to the sensation. Even getting into her just a little bit was incredible. I had fucked virgins before but wow, this girl was amazing. Slowly, as I continued pumping her, I got deeper and deeper. Every time I pushed another inch Haley let out a little scream. She would moan and grunt on every thrust, but eventually her hips were pushing right back against me and I was getting almost all the way into her. I was actually surprised she could take that much. She finally opened her eyes to watch this thing being pumped into her, but then would close them again as the pleasure washed over her.

After a while, I could hardly control myself any longer. I started thrusting into her fast and hard. Very fast, and very hard. The sound of the poor girl letting out those little screams and moans only made it more intense. If only Carly could see her now. Eventually though, I could tell it was hurting her. I forced myself to slow down and not go as deep. This was actually because I really didn’t want to cum inside her. Yet. This girl was incredible, and I wanted this to last as long as possible.

I pulled out and lay next to her for a moment. I caressed her tummy with my hand. Her hands went right to her pussy, touching and feeling. She lay there just whispering “Oh my god, Oh my god”

I asked her if she was okay.

She responded with “oh my god, that’s insane”

Your Turn

As we lay there for a short time, her fingers absent mindedly tracing over her pussy, I returned to kissing and nibbling on her lips and neck and nipples. Haley was lost in sensation. I could barely get any words out of her other than “Oh my god”.

I asked her “Are you ready for more?”

She looked at me and said “Go slow, it hurts when you go fast like that”

I told her “Well now it’s your turn, you can go as fast as you want”

With that, I maneuvered her until she was straddled up on top of me. I helped her to take hold of my cock as she hovered above it.

I put it right up to her entrance again and said “It’s up to you now”

Ever so slowly, Haley slid her tight pussy down over me, letting out the longest moan as she did. I did too, she was so tight. It was incredible. Again she closed her eyes, and again I recorded the whole thing. Soon she stopped and just sat there fully impaled on my cock. What a sight. What a feeling. She literally just stayed there.

She leaned her head back and said “This is the most intense thing I’ve ever felt in my life”

She moaned, and barely moved for a least a full minute, just feeling my cock filling her up. I couldn’t take it any longer, my hips wanted to move. I grabbed her hips and started to at least get some rocking motion going. The little screams started up again. She was a real screamer.

Haley began to move her hips back and forth slowly. I moaned with every movement she made as she experimented with the motion of our bodies, and I usually don’t make that kind of noise. She started to lift up and come down on me again and again. By now she was able to take my whole length inside of her. She would take a few strokes and then stop with me all the way up inside her, she seemed to really like that. Just the feeling of my cock deep inside her. Still, I held her hips and thrust up to meet her every time.

Eventually she found herself moving forward, then pushing down hard as she drove herself down onto me, grinding her hips against mine while driving my cock deep up inside her. This must have been the motion that was stimulating her clit, because she was suddenly doing this very hard and fast, and she started screaming with every turn. Her pussy tightened around me every time. I was ready to explode.

I couldn’t take it any longer. Keeping my cock buried inside her, I rolled her over onto her back again, ass up on that pillow, and started to thrust into her hard. When the moment finally came, I didn’t even consider pulling out. I drove into her as hard as I could. I drove into her as deep as I could. I’m sure it hurt her just a bit, because I saw that same wince that I saw the first time I entered her. I just pushed harder. I held my hips against hers, trying to get every inch I could inside her as I just let go. One long hot stream of semen. I let out a scream as I held myself there to let it all escape. Haley let out a scream of her own.

I pulled back, maybe halfway, then repeated that motion again. Another scream. Another thrust. Another long hot stream of cum shooting deep inside her. Her pussy tightened around me again as it milked me for all I had to offer. I did this two more times. On the last thrust, Haley’s hands grabbed the sheets, she let out another scream, and her entire body tightened up. Her hips thrust up harder to meet me and her pussy grabbed onto me with everything she had. I could feel her juices start to flow as I unloaded the last of what I had deep inside her. What an orgasm.

Yeah, I lied about that

We continued for a short time as we came down. A few more thrusts and strokes, but neither of us had anything left. I collapsed on top of her in a sweaty, exhausted mess, then rolled off her and just held her for a while running my hand over that incredible body. For a few moments she just repeated very softly “Oh my god” and “That was insane”.

“Wow” I said. “That was amazing”

She answered “It was so much different than I expected”

“How’s that?” I asked.

She said “At first it just hurt, but then it started to feel incredible. I’ve never felt anything like that. And when I was on top, Oh my god that was amazing. And that part at the end, it was like I could feel everything inside me. It’s like I can still feel you inside me now”

I waited for a moment and said “Yeah… sorry about that. I know I said I’d pull out, but I just couldn’t stop.”

She thought about that for a moment. It took her some time before she realized what I’d actually just said.

“Wait, you mean you shot it inside me? You said you could pull it out before you did that”

I leaned back and said “Yeah, I lied about that. Sorry. You were just so incredible. There was no way I could stop then”

She got a little panicky and said “What if I get pregnant?!"

I answered “You won’t, don’t worry”

“You said you could pull it out before anything happened” she said.

Again, “I’m sorry... That’s probably something you should learn now, guys lie. They’ll lie to get you in bed, they’ll lie to fuck you, and they’ll lie about not cumming inside you. You shouldn’t believe any of them. Ever” (except me, of course)

More panic “OH MY GOD”

I continued calmly “Seriously, don’t worry you’ll be fine. I told you, you can’t get pregnant the first time”

Then I added “We’ll get you some of those morning after pills just to be safe… That’ll also be the perfect proof for Carly that we actually did it” This was actually part of my plan all along.

Now she was getting a bit confused. “Wait, what? Proof for what? Why does Carly need to know that we did it?” she asked.

“Well… you promise you won’t get mad?” I said. I didn’t really care if she got mad. I just wanted to see her reaction.

“What?” she asked.

I answered “Well, you know that after I caught you watching us, SHE thought you were going to blackmail her and threaten to tell your parents, right? Well I knew you were just watching because you were a horny little perv and wanted to do it yourself.” I flashed
her my best evil grin.

I snuggled up to her and caressed that sexy little body as I said “Right? You were, weren’t you? You wanted to come in and fuck me yourself right then and there, didn’t you?” Again with the evil smile.

“So? Why does she need to know?” she demanded.

“Well, after we dropped you off at practice, I kind of made a bet with Carly that I could fuck you”

“WHAT? OH my God that’s why she kept saying you were just using me!” she yelled at me, and then she hit me a couple times.

I said “You don’t care! Remember?”

“Besides, you’re taking it all wrong” I continued.

Then I explained “Carly just kept talking about you like you’re still a little kid, like she always does, which I know you hate!” (This was Haley’s trigger, she was so tired of being treated like a little kid just because she’s short)

I continued “The minute you walked away I was just looking at this sexy body… (this is when I started touching and caressing her again) …and said that’s no little girl, that’s a sexy beast who needs to get laid (heh heh heh.) …and I wanted to be the one to help you out”

Then I added “…and It’s not like I MADE you do it, we could have stopped any time you said, but you WANTED this remember? I don’t care, I want you to fuck me, you wanted to do it! And I know you liked it.”

I pulled her close again and slid my hands over that amazing ass, I’d forgotten about that. Wow.

She closed her eyes and cuddled up to me, my hands all over her. She was calming down.

I continued “It’s not like I did it just for the bet. I would have been all over you anyway. I told Carly I was going to fuck you whether she wanted to bet or not. I couldn’t stop thinking about you standing in the hall watching. I wanted to just run down to your room and jump in bed with you right then and there, and if Carly had left to go see her boyfriend, I might have. That was just so hot. You were ALL I could even think about. I just made the bet because Carly kept talking about you like you were a little kid and you didn’t have the slightest clue about sex. I knew she was wrong”

I waited for another moment and then added “Boy was she wrong”

That made Haley smile again.

I was effectively blaming the whole bet on Carly. That and the fact that Haley so obviously (to me) wanted to try it.

I knew she was a little mad still, but she was also in bed with me, naked, having just given up her virginity, and by then my hands were sliding down between her legs again. Once her hands found my cock slowly getting hard again she seemed to get over it real fast. We talked about it for a little while as our hands danced all over each other and she remembered that she really didn’t care what Carly said, I was right, she just wanted to do it, and right now she wanted to do it, again.

We laid there naked for a little while longer just exploring each other. The next thing I knew she was straddled over the top of me and sliding down my cock again. In the months to come this would become her favorite position. She took her time again and damn was it good. She was so tight, and yet so slick and lubricated at the same time. This time I did pull out and shot all over her, which she found completely disgusting but incredibly sexy. She was hooked.

Uh oh…

Well, it would be easy to end this story here and say we all lived happily ever after. You are welcome to stop here and call it the finished, but there is some more drama to follow.

After we finished round two. I gave Haley a ride home. We stopped at the drug store to pick up some Plan B on the way home (that shit’s expensive!) and made sure she was clear on what she needed to do. We also made sure she knew to let Carly find them. (But not her mom!). I was sure everything would be fine.

The next night, after Carly got home from her cheerleading trip, my phone just blew up. Carly texted me, then called me, then showed up at my house, with Haley in tow. Carly almost took my head off.

“How could you fuck her without a condom?’ (It was pretty easy actually)

“What the hell were you thinking?” (I was thinking Oh my god this feels incredible)

“What if she gets pregnant?” (she won’t, relax)

I just said “Don’t worry, she won’t get pregnant, we took care of that”

Carly proceeded to go off on us about safe sex and ruining your life and on and on. She sounded just like her parents, and mine, and every adult you’ve ever had to talk about sex with. All I heard was blah blah blah. By the time they left though, Haley was fairly mad at me again. Carly had gotten to her. She wouldn’t talk to me or return my texts for the next week and a half.

Two weeks later, Haley texted me after practice and asked if would come see her. I picked her up and she apologized for getting so mad. She was just a little scared about getting pregnant. Like I said, Carly had gotten to her. Then we drove back to my house and we did it again. Yes we used condoms this time. A week later, we did it again. After that I was happy to pick her up for a good fuck any time she wanted. She really liked it. I really liked it, and she was getting better and better every time.

This brought us to about a month and a half after our first time. Again my phone blew up. I picked up only to hear Carly telling me about how Haley hadn’t had her period yet. Umm…..

‘You are in so much shit now dude” she said.

My strategy remained the same, deny, deny, deny. “She’s not pregnant, calm down. Give her another week” (what do I know about periods? Nothing!)

Another week went by, nothing. Okay NOW it was getting concerning. I’d never had a REAL pregnancy scare before. Carly, Haley and I all went to the drug store and picked up some pregnancy tests. Haley did what she needed to do and everything came up negative. She did it twice, negative. Even a third time, negative. The next week, still no period, still negative, negative, negative. I thought “cool, it’s negative, no problem”. Carly thought “we’re doing it wrong, she HAS to be pregnant, there is no other reason for her to be this late”. Poor Haley didn’t know what to think.

After more than two months and no period, Haley finally told her mom about her situation. Not that she had had sex, she denied that every single time, just that she hadn’t had a period for two months, she had no idea why. Of course her mom’s first thought was “Oh my god are you pregnant? Are you having sex? Were you date raped? Who is it? Who did it?” Haley continued to deny everything, even though she couldn’t come up with an alternate excuse. No, no, no, I’m not having sex. Just no period. Needless to say, mom didn’t believe her. She pressed Carly for anything she might know but Carly too just kept her mouth shut and denied any knowledge of what her sister does in her free time, she was staying out of it.

Doctor doctor

The next day mom made an appointment with the doctor to find out if we had done all those tests wrong. I’d never used them before, they seemed pretty simple. Carly had used them before and thought we’d done it right. But still, pushing three months at this point and no period. So off they went to get checked.

When they got to the doctor, Haley admitted to the doctor that yes, she’d had sex. She wouldn’t tell her mom anything about it. Doctor did his thing and then had a long talk with her about sex, and birth control, and yes you CAN get pregnant the first time (no kidding?), or any time, and that just like I told her, boys lie. They did their tests and sent her home, and still she didn’t tell mom anything about it.

A few days later the doctor called and we got our confirmation. Haley was in fact, NOT pregnant. (Thank God!). Still, three months, no period? Apparently Haley’s very vigorous and intense sports schedule had somehow messed up her hormones and her period just, stopped. I’d never heard of that before, but I was glad to hear about it now. The doctor said it happens a lot with athletes. Something about the intense training and low body fat and such. They did however put her on birth control. The doc said it would regulate her hormones and even things out. I was just relieved to hear the news. Of course Haley now being on birth control was definitely a plus.

Time to Pay up

From that point on, Carly would just not let up ab out how lucky we were. Haley and I would just roll our eyes and then go for a drive. Carly had no idea that we continued to hook up when she wasn’t around.

After that, Haley and I became regular fuck buddies. I will admit that yes I was an asshole at first and really just treated her like she was a little toy for me to bet on and play with. All I wanted to do was fuck her. As it turns out though, that was all she wanted from me as well. But we got over that fast and now she was my little fuck toy, or perhaps I was hers. Anytime she called or texted me, you can be damned sure I was ready to go. In the end, we just used each other, and we were both happy with that.

Once she started the birth control, we were having sex practically every week. All through the following year we would just randomly jump in the car and drive somewhere, usually my house. We had to be careful where we went and who was around though because Haley is a real screamer. Even after I had gone off to college, we would get together and fuck every time I came home. When she started looking at colleges, she came to visit mine a couple times, the only thing she ever visited was my room. Even during her last two years of high school when she had a steady long term boyfriend, if I was around, we would find time to get together.

Now however, it was time for Carly to pay up on our bet. The bet was that she would be able to hook me up with ALL of the rest of the cheerleader squad. How the hell are you going to do that? As it turns out, she really did have a plan, and she had been working out all the details. Haley even helped out with it a couple times. Those stories will follow.

That was the best bet I ever made.


2018-01-15 03:51:08
a great story it only needs anal

Neil PalmerReport

2018-01-10 15:58:17
Just finished reading all your storied, you certainly had an exciting time at high school. It brought back memories of my last year's at school and my time at college. Not the number of girls just the sweet wet pussy of youth. Nicely written too.

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