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Alicia turns to her older sister Zoey for a plan to be bred by her big brother!
Breed Me Big Brother
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Two: Little Sister's Breeding Plan
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

The cramps squeezed my guts. I groaned as my eyes opened, staring at the fuzzy walls. I sucked in a deep breath and bit my lip, feeling so bloated. I squirmed, not wanting to be awake yet. I closed my eyes, snuggling up against my brother's muscular body. He pulled me to him automatically, his arm so strong.

I rested my head on his chest, closed my eyes and...

Another cramp writhed through me. I let out a whimpering groan. My toes curled as I wiggled in the bed. I grit my teeth as I squirmed around. I didn't like these cramps. I just wanted to sleep. It was an hour before we had to wake up for college and...



I felt wet between my thighs.

“No,” I groaned as my eyes sprang open. I rolled onto my back, shaking my head. “No, no, no, no, no.”

“Something wrong, Princess,” Clint muttered, his voice sleepy.

On the other side of him, our mother snuggled closer to him. “You okay, Alicia?”

“Fine,” I said, my heart beating as I shoved my hand between my thighs and felt at my shaved pussy. I pulled my fingers up and looked at them.


“No,” I groaned, rolling out of bed and grabbing my glasses off the night table. My period had arrived. I wasn't bred.


Today was the worst day of my life. I <em>hated</em> the first day of my period, and this one was worst than any other. It meant that I wasn't pregnant. For the last month and a half, Clint had been fucking me every day. I was off the pill. I was so eager to be bred. I just wanted his baby so badly. His cock pumped so much cum into my fertile, nubile pussy.

He gave me so much jizz. I should be bred. Every other girl he fucked without protection got pregnant almost immediately. So why not me? Was there something wrong with me? I wanted to be bred so badly.

I squirmed in my seat during class, waiting for it to end. The cramps writhed through my lower guts. I so didn't want to be here. I so wanted to take the Midol in my backpack. It was almost lunch. I could be free of stupid learning.

“Okay,” Professor Breen said, the Black professor glancing at the clock. “That's enough for today. Read chapter three and do the worksheet.” He tapped the pile of papers on his desk. “Grab it on the way out.” He glanced at the clock, something eager on his face.

Probably wanted to fuck that pregnant slut Leyla or one of her whore-friends. She got pregnant. Lee and Mom were pregnant. The lesbians who lived with us were pregnant. Even the Japanese twins were pregnant.

None of them had to suffer through their dumb periods.

I stood up, gritting my teeth against another writhe of discomfort through my uterus. I snagged a worksheet with a violent gasp as I marched out of the classroom, my pigtails swaying about my shoulders. I pushed up my glasses, following the flow of other students heading to the cafeteria.

My pregnant friend Jenny showed up. She had a big smile on her face as she walked up. She wasn't showing, yet, but she had this glow. I wanted to have that glow. I wanted to look as radiant as she did with her blue eyes and blonde hair. The eighteen-year-old shone with joy.

“How are you feeling?” Jenny asked as she stepped up to me.

“Pathetic,” I muttered as we got in the line to get our lunch. “I just want to explode.”

“I'm sorry,” she said. She shook her head. I hadn't told her that I was having my period, but she seemed to know.

Probably the scowl on my face. Normally, I like to have a sweet and innocent expressions on my face, looking like a cute girl. But today... Today I felt like ripping off the head of everyone who looked at me.

I stewed as we moved through the line, feeling so swollen. I looked down at my flat stomach, my pink blouse tucked into my white skirt. It fell down to my knees, my legs covered by pink tights. I rubbed my belly. I felt like it should be sticking out. I felt so fat and ugly right now. I just wanted it to be over.

I wanted to be pregnant fat. That cute and sexy way. Lee was looking so sexy as her belly grew rounder and rounder with my big brother's baby. I just wanted it so badly. It wasn't fair. Tears beaded in the corners of my eyes. I suddenly felt like I was worthless. Just so pathetic. My brother could breed every other woman on the planet.

Just not me.

We sat down at a table and I stirred around my curry with my fork. It smelled good. Normally, I loved our school's curry and race. But today... Today I just didn't want to eat anything. What did it matter? I wasn't pregnant.

I glanced at Jenny. “What's your secret?” I asked her. “Your brother knocked you and your mom up. What special thing did you do?”

“Um,” Jenny shifted as she looked across the table at me. Her face twisted. “Well... We just had sex... Without protection. A lot of it.”

“That's what I'm doing,” I complained. “I've shared his bed every night for over a month. He pumps at least two loads of cum in me a day. Two!” A sharp pain stabbed through my guts. I leaned over, groaning. I grabbed my backpack. I could take my next Midol now. I searched around for the medicine.

“Maybe...” Jenny leaned closer. “I mean, you're having normal sex with your brother, right?”

“I guess,” I said, opening the bottle of Midol and fishing out two pills. “Why? Is there a special type of sex I should be trying?”

“Well, I've heard that sometimes the more excited the girl is, the more likely she'll get pregnant.” She bit her lip. “Maybe, once your period's over, you should have, like, the wildest, hottest, most exciting sex ever with your brother.”

I bit my lip. “I mean, I share him with my mom and sisters. I have threesomes with him all the time. We used to do anal all the time. How can I get wilder or hotter sex than incest?”

“I don't know,” Jenny said. She took a big bite of her curry.

I frowned, staring down at my own food. My forehead furrowed. What could I do? I swallowed my pill and then took big bite of my curry. Wild sex... Something new and exciting. What could that possibly be?

My cramps dwindled. I felt better. I smiled at my friend, Jenny. “Thank you. That sounds just perfect.”


Five days later, I still couldn't figure out how to have wild sex. My period was over. Clint was pumping cum back into my body, his big dick stretching out my cunt, sending incestuous pleasure surging through my body. I loved the union of our bodies, my big brother loving me so hard, his strong body over me.

But how could I have wilder sex than fucking my big brother? Riding him like a cowgirl didn't feel it. Doing it doggy style certainly wasn't the right method. Sharing him with Melody or Lee or Mom just felt like a normal day.

It was a Saturday. Clint was working at Mrs. Hiragawa's drug store. Everyone, even me, had a part-time job there. Her business helped to support our large family. To save costs, we all pitched in there to help her save costs since none of us were paid.

I had been sitting on my bed, pondering how to have kinky sex, when I heard the door downstairs open and close. I popped up, wondering who walked into the house. I heard talking as I pinched my nipples and pulled my fingers from my pussy, sticky with my fresh juices. The footsteps climbed the stairs. I stared at my open door—I loved masturbating with the door open, but closed it when I was reading—curious who it was.

My eldest sister, Zoey, and her girlfriend swept by. They were holding hands and heading to Zoey's bedroom. My eyes widened. Zoey might know. She and Stefani worked as strippers. I bet they'd heard about so many kinky sex acts. Something that I hadn't learned off the internet.

I may look cute and innocent, and like to act girlish, but I had done my research on the internet.

I bounced off my bed, my pigtails swaying about my shoulders, my small tits jiggling, and darted after them. I burst out of my bedroom naked, my bare feet padding on the hardwood floors, witnessing them vanish into their bedroom.

“Zoey!” I cried out.

My sister stuck her head back out the door, her brassy hair sweeping off her shoulder and around her twenty-one-year-old face. She had a face similar to mine, but where my features had a youthful, childish cast, hers was mature, hungry. Almost predatory. Her eyes flicked up and down my naked body.

“Yeah, Alicia? You horny?”

“Always, big sis,” I said, bounding up to her. I peered into the room where Stefani, a vivacious redhead, peeled off her top, her round breasts spilling out. They were such exciting tits, her nipples pierced with gold studs. Her family was super Christian and didn't like learning their daughter was bisexual.

Zoey glanced down at me, her large breasts stretching out her tight, purple sweater. She had the biggest tits in the family. Every woman but me had tits, even Lee had nice, round breasts, her pregnancy swelling her mounds larger. Maybe... Maybe it was my itty-bitty titties that was the problem. I just wasn't as developed.

Zoey put her arms around me. “Sweetie, you'll get pregnant.”

I licked my lips. “I was just wondering... What sort of wild sex could I have with Clint?”

“Mmm, wild sex,” Stefani said as she wiggled out of her tight jeans, her round breasts swaying back and forth. “My favorite kind.”

“Wild sex, huh?” Zoey asked, glancing over her shoulder at her girlfriend. Stefani fell onto their bed, her round breasts bouncing, her red hair sweeping about her head. “So you're finding the orgies our brother holds too tame now?”

I shrugged my shoulder. “I like them, but... I need something special.”

“You've had one period—”

“Two,” I said. “I've had two periods since we started trying.”

“The first one didn't count. You were coming off the pill.” She stroked my pigtail, my light-brown hair sliding through her loose grip. “I'm not surprised you didn't get pregnant this time, either. Don't stress it.”

“I just need something hot. Something so wild that it'll ensure that I get pregnant!”

“It doesn't work like that,” Zoey said, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed.

I pressed my face into her sweater-covered tits, the fabric rubbing on my cheeks as I felt how soft she was beneath. I cupped her tits, pressing them into my face and adjusting my glasses on my nose as I savored them.

“Please, please,” I said, my fingers finding her nipples and massaging them.

They hardened.

“How can you say no to that, Yunie?” Stefani asked. My sister and her girlfriend had special nicknames for each other. They even had tattoos on their pubic mounds to commemorate them. “She's so cute. She's making me so wet.”

“Fine,” Zoey said. “We'll help you find something kinky to do with our brother.”

“Thank you!” I gasped, bouncing up and down and pressing my face so tight into her breasts, loving how they felt. “You're the bestest big sister in the world.”

Zoey sighed and shook her head.

I darted away from her and threw myself on the bed, feeling as excited as Lee. I bounced beside Stefani, the older girl pulling on her nipple rings, stretching out her pink nubs. Her thighs rubbed together, drawing my eyes to her shaved pussy and the tattoo of a dandelion blossoming on her pubic mound begging to be kissed.

“You're both so awesome,” I said as I snuggled my naked body against Stefani's and gave her a hot kiss on the mouth.

She purred into my mouth, her hand sweeping down to squeeze my butt and pulling me close to her. My nipples rubbed on her side and my shaved pussy—I kept it bare to look young and girlish for my big brother—rubbed on her thigh. I smeared my juices on her as my excitement surged through my body.

My heart thudded in my chest as I heard Zoey's clothing rustled. I whimpered into Stefani's mouth, grinding my aching clit on her thigh as I squirmed with excitement. Zoey and Stefani would know just the thing for me to do to get bred by my amazing big brother.

“God, you two look so cute together,” Zoey said.

Stefani broke our kiss and looked past me at my sister. “Just imagine when we have our own daughters from Clint. We'll cuddle them when their Alicia's age, just enjoying some wicked incest with them.”

“I don't want to be bred yet, Dandi,” Zoey groaned.

I rolled over and looked at her, those big, soft breasts swaying as she approached the bed. She, too, was shaved, a unicorn prancing across her plump pubic mound. Juices beaded on her vulva. I licked my lips as she reached the bed and slid onto it, those lush mounds piling together as she pressed against my back, hugging me and pinning me between her and her lover.

“What sort of wild sex haven't you had with our brother?” Zoey muttered, her hands sliding around my body, her fingers finding my pussy.

I shuddered as she rubbed at my wet snatch. I whimpered as my older sister's fingers touched me. A hot ripple ran through my body. I grabbed Stefani's tits, squeezing her round mounds as Zoey stimulated my clit. She massaged it, sending hot ripples of pleasure surging through my body.

“Let's see, she's had threesomes,” Stefani said. “And lots of orgies. She's licked his cum out of pussies and assholes. She's ridden him. She's been fucked by his cock and a strap-on at the same time. She's taken his cock in her ass. She's sucked him clean after being in another girl's butt. She's practically bathed in his cum.”

“You are quite the slut for such a little girl,” Zoey purred, her voice so throaty now. She rubbed my clit so hard. “Aren't you?”

“I'm his little princess,” I moaned. “His slutty little princess.”

“Yes, you are,” Stefani said. She slid down my body and grabbed my little handfuls, squeezing my budding mounds. Then the redhead sucked on my nub.

Pleasure shot down to my pussy. My cunt clenched as Zoey's digits danced on my clit. Whimpers burst from my lips as they stimulated me. They drove me so wild. It was amazing. I loved it. My toes curled as I shuddered on the bed. Such yummy delight washed through my body.

My ass clenched as I pressed it back into Zoey's crotch. I felt her wet flesh humping against me, her pillowy breasts rubbing into my back. Stefani nibbled and sucked so hard on my nipple. She loved it. She drove me wild with her hot mouth. Her tongue danced around my nub. I whimpered, my cunt clenching.

“Come on, there has to be something I can do. Something so kinky!”

“It has to be the location,” Zoey groaned. “It has to be a special place.”

“Mmm,” Stefani agreed as she switched nipples. She nipped my right nub.

Pleasure shot down to my clit.

“What do you mean?” I asked, trembling between them.

Zoey's fingers pressed harder on my clit. She massaged that little nub as she shoved her other hand between my thighs, too. These digits ran up and down my tight silt, parting my plump vulva to stimulate my delights inside.

Then she penetrated me.

I groaned as her fingers sank into my juicy depths. I squeezed down on them as her fingers danced on my clit. I squirmed as her digits plundered me. I savored it. It was so amazing. It made my toes curl so hard.

“What do you mean, special place?” I moaned. “Where? I've fucked him everywhere in the house. Even in the backyard.”

“She means some place risky,” Stefani said, her green eyes flashing up at me. She flicked my nipple with her tongue, adding a zap of rapture arcing down to my juicy pussy.

“Risky?” I asked, my pussy clenching down on her fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Zoey hissed, her digits pumping so fast in and out of my cunt. She sent such wonderful rapture shooting through my body. “Taking a chance of getting caught.”

“Well... We've had sex behind the gym at our college,” I said. “Clint loves taking us back there and fucking us. It was where James and Jenny watched us. It sent them off into incest.”

“Yes, yes, wasn't that just so hot?” Zoey maned, her fingers jamming deep into my cunt. “Having sex around others?”

I whimpered as she added a third one, stretching out my cunny more. My pussy lips ached. I trembled between them, pressing my shoulder blades back into my older sister's hard nipples. They felt so incredible on my back.

“I came so hard that day,” I moaned. “He just fucked me so hard against the wall. I gasped and moaned and shuddered.”

“Mmm, your sister and I love having sex at the strip club,” groaned Stefani. “We sneak into the VIP room and go at each other, knowing we could get spotted by some of the customers. But it makes the sex so hot. Your sister cums so hard on my mouth when we do that.”

“I do,” Zoey moaned, her three fingers jamming so deep into my cunny. Pleasure rippled through me. My toes curl as Stefani sucked on my nipple.

“Yes, yes, I get that,” I moaned, the two driving me wild. An idea popped into my mind. Risky, wild sex.

Stefani nipped my little nipple. She tugged on it with her teeth. The jolts shot down to my stimulated pussy. I shuddered between my sister and her girlfriend. I let out such a whimper of delight as my cunny clenched down on the plunging fingers.

They stimulated my silky depths. Every thrust into my depths met the sparks flying from her fingers massaging my clit. I whimpered, my orgasm swelling so fast as my naughty idea burst through my body.

“You're the best big sister!” I howled as I came.

My pleasure exploded in the depths of my cunt. My pussy convulsed about her fingers, milking them like they were a dick. I shuddered and bucked between them. Stefani moaned about my nipple, sucking on it so hard, adding splashes of rapture to the ecstasy surging through my body.

So much rapture rippled through my body. My eyes fluttered. I bucked and squirmed so hard as the rapture crashed through my body. All these amazing delights surged from my pussy. I groaned and whimpered. My eyes fluttered in utter delight at the delicious pleasure bursting through my depths.

My moans sang through the room. “I'm going to give Clint such a wild treat! He's going to breed me.”

“Yes,” husked Zoey, her fingers thrusting so hard and fast in my cunny, her other digits massaging my bud so hard.

I thrashed so hard between them.

“Our brother's going to breed this cute cunny,” she hissed.

Stefani moaned her agreement.

Zoey humped so hard against my ass as the rapture drowned my mind. I loved it. Stars burst across my vision. My eyes fluttered behind my glasses as I squealed in utter delight. Such pleasure spilled through me, churned by my sister's fingers.

I would be bred by Clint. My big brother would pump his cum in me and plant a baby in my belly. I couldn't wait. My plan would be so awesome. Clint would melt. He would spurt so much jizz into me and breed me.

“It's going to be awesome!” I howled as my pleasure peaked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Zoey moaned, her voice so husky.

“Let me eat your pussy!” I moaned. “Both of your pussies. I need to thank you! I have such a naughty idea.”

“Ooh, I never pass up on getting my pussy licked,” Stefani moaned. “Come lay on top me, Zoey, and let's give her a treat.”

“Yes, Dandi!” groaned my sister.

Zoey crawled over my body, her big tits brushing over me, and settled down on her girlfriend's body. I smiled in delight as they settled down on each other. I moved between their thighs, looking at two shaved twats, both beautiful in different ways, Zoey's clit pierced by a gold ring that rubbed against pink pussy lips.

I licked my lips and feasted.

I ran my tongue from Stefani's pussy, gathering her tangy juices, to my older sister's cunt. I flicked Zoey's clit piercing before my tongue darted through the tart petals. I loved the mix of their juices as they both squirmed, grinding their clits together.

“Ooh, Yunie, your sister is licking our cunnies.”

“Mmm, she is,” Zoey purred, her ass clenching. “She's always was such a sweet child.”

“And now she's just so naughty,” groaned Stefani. “Your brother really corrupted her.”

Zoey moaned her agreement as I licked through their pussies again, dragging my tongue from one hot snatch to the other. It sent such a wicked thrill through me to feast on two cunny as they tribbed their clits together. They both loved each other so much, so it was so hot to share in their love.

My hips wiggled. My glasses shifted on my nose as I licked and lapped, their tangy and tart cream melting together on my tongue. My own juices dribbled down my thighs as a fresh heat surged through my pussy.

My idea was so naughty. I squealed in delight, so eager to implement it.

“Ooh, yes, just lick us right there,” Zoey moaned as I flicked her clit piercing. “Mmm, yes, you're such a treasure, Alicia. Such a wonderful treasure.”

I shuddered in delight and attacked her clit where it met with Stefani's. My older sister's was bigger, engorged by the gold ring piercing such a sensitive bud. It ground into Stefani's cute nub. My tongue lashed at them both, flicking them, making them grind their pussies together.

Hot cream stained my cheeks and chin as I pleasured them. I loved every moment of teasing them. Their gasps echoed through the room. They kissed, making such sloppy sounds as they loved each other. I reveled in their lesbian passion, pressing my face into their bald twats.

“Ooh, you both taste so good together,” I groaned, my body trembling, my own clit aching.

I shoved my right hand between my thighs, frigging my clit and whimpering into their snatches. I ran my tongue up and down their pussy lips again, pausing to dive into each of their tunnels. I wiggled deep into Zoey's tart sheath before plunging my tongue into Stefani's tangy depths.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Stefani moaned, humping her hips and grinding her clit into Zoey's piercing. “Ooh, you're such a little munchkin. I love it. Feast on my pussy.”

“Yes, yes, make her cum,” Zoey groaned. “Make us both cum.”

“I will,” I squealed, rubbing harder at my clit, my juices leaking out of my cunny and trickling down the back of my hand. “I'll make you both explode.”

“Yes,” panted Zoey, her butt-cheeks clenching as she groaned back into her girlfriend's hot cunny.
It made my pussy burn more and more. I loved giving pleasure. It was so much fun. My tongue danced up and down their folds. I fluttered and flicked at their flesh. I made them both groan and gasp. They shuddered on the bed, their passion echoing through the room while their yummy cream filled my mouth.

I gulped down their pussy juices, reveling in it as rubbed at my clit and pussy lips. I stimulated myself, my hips shaking from side-to-side. I would have so much fun with Clint. He would cum so hard into my pussy when I unleashed my plan.

My tongue fluttered on my older sister's clit, attacking her piercing. Then I sucked on it, making her groan and gasp. My nose nuzzled into her cunny, probing into her folds. Her juices leaked out, making me shudder in delight. This was so wild. So naughty.

I savored the incestuous musk of my sister as my tongue swiped up from her clit to dive through her folds. Then I moved down at lapped at Stefani's tangy delight. Both girls moaned louder and louder, the bed creaking.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” Stefani gasped. “You're amazing, munchkin. I'm going to explode on your mouth.”

“Good,” I moaned, my body shuddering in absolute delight. The pleasure surged through me. I needed this so badly. The pleasure filled me up. It had me bursting with such excitement. I squirmed and moaned.

I assaulted their clits. I fluttered my tongues up and down their buds. I massaged my own faster and faster, my orgasm building with theirs. They both gasped and shuddered, the bedsprings creaking louder and louder.

I sucked on Stefani's clit. I tugged on Zoey's piercing. My tongue caressed them both, loving their tart and tangy musks. Zoey's cute rump tightened. She let out a loud moan of rapture. Her pussy clenched right before my eyes.

Pussy juices squirted out of her.

I gasped as her incestuous juices splashed across my glasses and face. The entire world went blurry as she bathed me with her cream. She screamed out in utter rapture. I shuddered, my fingers massaging my clit so hard as my own cunny tightened.

“Alicia!” Zoey howled.

“Yes, yes, yes, Yunie, enjoy your baby sister's touch. It's amazing...” Stefani shuddered beneath my sister. “Fuck, yes!”

More cream squirted into my face. I shuddered, bathed in both their musks. Their cream dribbled down my face. I loved it. I cried out in ecstasy as my orgasm surged through my body. I whimpered into their pussies, licking at their hot flesh as we all groaned together.

Such wonderful pleasure fluttered through my body. Such bliss convulsed through me. It was so amazing. I loved it. I drank it in. I never wanted these rapturous delights to ever end. I wanted to cum and cum and cum forever and ever.

It was the best. It made me feel so wonderful. My entire body buzzed in rapture. I wiggled my hips, sucking in such deep breaths as my pleasure peaked in me. “Oh, I'm going to give big brother the wildest sex he's ever had.”

“Yes, you will, munchkin,” Stefani moaned. “Ooh, damn, you are just amazing.”

“You are, Alicia,” Zoey said.

Dripping in their pussy cream, my glasses soaked by their juices, I beamed in delight, feeling so amazing. I just knew my plan would work. I would be bred by my big brother!


I had to wait another week before I implemented my plans. I needed to be in the middle of my cycle, so fertile and ready to be bred by my brother. It was so hard to wait, but I found naughty ways to amuse myself.

I confided in Melody and Pam about my plans. My older half-sisters thought it was amazing. “We'll make sure Clint is right where you need him,” Melody had said, nodding her head, her blonde hair swaying about her face. “Trust us.”

Melody was the only one of us that could truly stand up to Clint, and if she pushed him too far, she'd still end up across his knee and spanked. He loved us all in different ways: I was his little princess, Lee was his submissive whore, Pam was his loving wife, and Melody was his first love. They'd been kissing cousins, before we knew that Melody and Lee were our half-sisters. They had loved each other long before the rest of us joined Clint's harem. They'd always been so close as kids. They had a special connection that sometimes made me jealous.

But then Clint just had to call me princess and my heart, and cunny, melted.

“Thank you,” I had told my two sisters.

“I like your plan, cupcake,” Melody had winked at me. “It's something I've always wanted to do.”

Melody was an exhibitionist, so that didn't surprise me.

Finally, it came. I squirmed through my classes, my pussy juicy and itching all day. But it was lunch time. It was time to be bred by my big brother. I darted out of Professor Breen's classroom, grabbing the newest history worksheet and shoving it into my bookbag, not caring that I crumbled it. I was getting a baby planted in me.

My big brother's baby.

I wanted to shout it to the entire college that my twenty-year-old brother was breeding my nineteen-year-old cunny. There may be rumors flying around school that I fucked him, but if people knew that Clint had sex with his actual sisters, and not his “cousins” which was totally legal in California, there would be problems.

And that was what made today so hot. Why my pussy was so juicy.

My purple tights whisked as my thighs brushed each other. My skirt flared as I went down the stairs, hurrying to get to the cafeteria. I would have so much fun today. My pigtails swept behind me as I threaded through the other students. I was the shortest person at my college. I could pass for a young girl sometimes.

I burst into the cafeteria and spotted Clint sitting between Pam and Melody. He looked so handsome in his t-shirt, his shoulders broad, his body strong. He had short, dark hair and I could just make out the rugged profile of his face. At twenty, he was a hunk man that made my pussy wet.

My older sisters spotted me and grinned as I rushed to them. Lee sat across the table, bouncing with excitement. I didn't know if she knew about the plan or was just being her horny self. Being pregnant had turned her into a real slut.

And that was saying something.

James and Jenny were also there, the brother and sister sitting beside Lee, Jenny almost looking like his girlfriend, but they didn't touch each other. It was such a shame that society looked down on incest. It was so beautiful.

Just like my brother's baby would be. Boy or girl, I'd love our child so much.

“Big brother,” I squealed as I reached the table. Before he could react, I squirmed between him and the table and sat on his lap.

“Princess,” he said. “What are you and your sisters up to?”

“Just loving you,” I said, squirming on him. As I did, pulled up my skirt so it was piled over his crotch but not between us. I shuddered, my freshly shaved cunny feeling so juicy as it felt his rough jeans. His dick hardened beneath me.

“Really?” he asked as I shoved my hand between my thighs, reaching beneath my skirt. “Here?”

“Yep, here, big brother.” I turned and gave him a dazzling smile over my shoulder. “Doesn't that just sound so wonderful?”

“In the middle of the cafeteria?”

“Don't even pretend this doesn't make your dick so hard,” Melody said. “You're the biggest perv in the world, Clint.”

Lee giggled.

“You are, honey,” Pam said, sounding like such a loving wife. The half-Japanese girl placed her hand on his shoulder, giving him a squeeze. “But try not to be too obvious that your cumming in her tight snatch.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I'm just a loving little sister sitting on her big brother's lap.”

“Damn,” Clint groaned, glancing around at the bustling cafeteria, our fellow college students streaming by us. I spotted Carter, Lance, and Vince staring with envy at us.

I gave them a bright smile as I found Clint's jeans. I lifted my ass enough, reaching towards his fly. His dick throbbed through me. This felt so naughty. I beamed at the slender Becky as she walked by giving me a look.

“How's it going?” I asked her, trying to sound so normal, which only heightened my lust. I was about to fuck my big brother right before the entire college
“Um, fine,” Becky said. “Uhhh... siting on your brother's lap?”

I unzipped my brother's fly, more feeling the sound through my fingers than hearing it in the nosy cafeteria. “Yep. I just like being his little princess.”

“She's just so cute,” my big brother said, sounding at all the world like I wasn't reaching into his fly and feeling his dick through his boxers. “I can't say no to her.”

“He can't,” Melody said. She and Pam were openly his girlfriends, and every one knew that Lee was his sex slave. But I was his full-blood sister. Everyone knew that so I couldn't be doing anything naughty with him.

My hand grasped his naked cock. I drew it out and said, “Don't you have a big brother, Becky?”

She nodded, a flush spreading on her cheeks.

“Then you understand why I want to sit on his lap,” I said, rising up my hips and acting like I was leaning forward to talk to her across the table. Really, I was lifting Clint's cock and guiding him to my bare twat. He rubbed across my tights and then pressed right against my hot cunny.

Clint let out a slight groan as I wiggled my hips.

“Yeah, I guess I do,” she said and then hurried off.

“Oh, you are so bad,” Jenny said, shifting in her seat.

“I am,” I groaned as I sank down my big brother's cock surrounded by hundreds of college students. Staff members wandered about, but none of them had any idea I was doing something so wonderfully naughty. “Wild sex.”

“Oh, yes,” Jenny said, her hand darting over to squeeze her brother's thigh. “Um, James, I think I need to talk to you in the classroom.”

“Yeah,” James said. “Unless you want to sit on my lap.”

Jenny's face went scarlet. The eighteen-year-old shook her head and bolted to her feet. Her brother followed, his blue eye winking at me before he followed his bred sister. I shuddered in utter delight, knowing they would have as much fun as me.

No, I would have more fun.

“Jesus,” Clint groaned as I lifted up slightly on his cock, sliding my boiling pussy up his girth before I sat back down on him .He reached so deep into me. “Did you cut a hole in your tights?”

“Yes, that’s why I'm wearing the purple ones,” I moaned.

“Purple?” he groaned, his arms hugging me tight as I shifted my hips, stirring my cunny around his dick.

“She hates that pair,” Melody said. “Mom bought them for her for Christmas two years ago, and she's worn them twice.”

“Really?” Clint groaned as I rose a few inches up his cock and sat down.

“Really,” I whimpered, the pleasure surging through me.

I wanted to moan and gasp at the top of my lungs, to celebrate my brother's cock filling my cunny. And I couldn't. More students passed by. They sat at nearby tables, talking, chatting, not realizing just what was happening.

My cheeks burned. I couldn't believe how naughty this was. It was so hot. My cunny was already boiling over. I squeezed down on his flesh, shifting against his lap. Even that was just enough to stimulate me.

“Oh, yes,” I gasped at the wave of pleasure washing over me.

“Shit,” Clint groaned. “Already, Princess?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, my cunny convulsing around his dick. “Just so... hot.”

My pleasure shuddered through me. I felt Lee staring at me from across the table. She had a huge grin on her face, her brown eyes twinkling. Her bob of black hair swayed about her mischievous face as she watched me cum on our big brother's cock.

Melody grabbed my hand. She squeezed it tight, staring at me with her hazel eyes. Her blonde hair, gathered in a pair of braids, swayed and fell off her shoulders as she shuddered. She licked her lips, her thighs squeezed so tight together.

“You are wild, Alicia,” Lee moaned. “I love it. Ooh, you're cumming hard on him.”

“I am,” I gasped and then pushed myself up my big brother's cock and sliding back down him, letting him feel my flesh massage his dick.

He groaned.

It was so hot. The pleasure surged through me. My toes curled in my Mary Janes as I pushed up again. My orgasm surged through my body. I whimpered and shuddered, the delight melting my brain. I sucked in deep breaths, Clint's arms tightening around me.

I wanted more.

As my orgasm died, I craved another. I ached for his cum to spurt into me. So I kept moving. I kept bouncing and squirming on his dick. I tried not to let the rapture burn across my face, to show off how much pleasure I was receiving from his cock.

But it was so hard. I wanted to scream out at the top of my lungs. To let my entire college know that my big brother's hard cock filled my cunny. That he would breed my naughty pussy. He would fire so much jizz into me. So much seed into my fertile depths. He would plant his baby in me.

My big brother's baby.

“Princess,” he groaned, his voice so throaty. “Keep working that tight cunny up and down my dick. I'm going to breed you.”

“He is,” moaned Pam. She took my other hand. “Just enjoy him, cutie.”

“Yes,” Melody groaned. “Enjoy our pervy brother breeding you, cupcake.”

“I am,” I moaned, my heart thundering in my chest. My pussy drank in the feel of my big brother's dick moving inside of me.

Another orgasm rippled through me. I whimpered, my feet kicking out before me. I squeezed my eyes shut, my glasses slipping on my nose. Clint groaned as he felt my flesh caressing his dick. My juices flooded out of me as I squirmed on his crotch.

He felt so wonderful. My cunt massaged his dick. I wanted to feel his jizz spurting into me. Stars danced across my vision, little bursts celebrating the pleasure racing through my body. It was amazing. It was so wonderful. I cried out over and over, utterly lost to the joy he gave me.

“Fuck, Princess,” he groaned, his arms tightening about me. “You're teasing me. Jesus, I want to cum in you.”

“Do it, Master,” hissed Lee. She leaned over the cafeteria table, kneeling on her seat. “Fill her pussy with all your yummy cum. She needs it so badly.”

“I do,” I whimpered, locked in the throes of my orgasm. “Oh, big brother, yes!”

The words spilled too loud out of my voice. The fear that someone might hear me only made my cunt spasm harder. The risk was intoxicating. I shuddered and bucked on his lap, pressing my back into his strong chest.

He growled as my pussy spasmed so hard about his dick. My head swayed from side-to-side, spilling over all the students in the cafeteria. Some watched us. They knew that I was riding his cock. That my big brother had his dick in me.

I smiled at them, reveling in the thrill, not caring about the consequences. Then I gasped as Clint seized my waist with his strong hands.

“I can't take any more teasing, princess,” he snarled.

Clint bounced me up and down his dick. I gasped, squeezing both my half-sister's hands as incredible rapture shot through me. He worked my convulsing cunny up and down the full length of his dick. Not the few inches I was moving, but his entire length. He slammed me down his shaft over and over.

He impaled so deep into my fertile depths. I whimpered, the pleasure surging through me. Orgasm after orgasm spilled through my body as the pleasure hammered my mind over and over. I whimpered and gasped, rejoicing in the incestuous delight.

I loved my brother in the middle of the cafeteria of our college.

“Princess,” he groaned. “Damn!”

“Cum in me, big brother,” I moaned, my pigtails bouncing about my shoulders. Heat surged through my body, spilling over and over through my flesh. “Just spurt all that yummy cum into my depths.”

“Yes!” he groaned. “Oh, god, yes.”

“Breed her,” Melody moaned.

“Breed me!” I echoed, my cunny spasming so hard about his dick.

He slid me up his cock, his hands tightening on my waist. Then, as he slammed me back down his girth. With a grunt, his cum erupted into me. His hot jizz spurted into my pussy right there in the middle of the cafeteria. I gasped as he impaled me on his erupting dick.

Hot, incestuous cum spilled into my fertile depths. My hand squeezed so tight on my sisters' as the rapture surged so hot through me. My head snapped back. I let out a moan of pure ecstasy as darkness washed across my vision.

Clint moaned into my ear as my pussy milked out every drop of his spunk. His incestuous seed filled me. I quivered and moaned. The powerful orgasms wracked my tiny body. My glasses slipped on my nose. My legs kicked beneath the table.

It. Was. Awesome.

A shadow loomed over us as I mewled in delight, the last blast of cum firing into my cunt.

“What is going on here?” a voice growled.

I squeaked in fright. President Carver, the head of our school, glared down at us. Fear flooded through my veins. We were caught. We were in so much trouble.

To be continued...


2018-01-12 07:17:11
Was Becky introduced before or are you seeing up for another spin off? This series has gone on long enough I've lost track of the entire day of characters


2018-01-12 07:17:11
Was Becky introduced before or are you seeing up for another spin off? This series has gone on long enough I've lost track of the entire day of characters


2018-01-12 07:17:03
Was Becky introduced before or are you seeing up for another spin off? This series has gone on long enough I've lost track of the entire day of characters

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