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Princess Ava submits to her father's lusts!
The Rogue's Harem
Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women
Part Six: A Father's Lusts
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2018

Chapter Sixteen: Patrol

Zanyia – The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

My tail swished back and forth as I rubbed my cheek into Master's leather jerkin. I loved the smell of leather, the feel of the smooth yet rough material on my skin. I shivered, squirming on the saddle, the harder leather rubbing on my juicy pussy—it always was juicy—while my little nipples tingled against his back. A purr rumbled from my throat.

Such simple joy filled me as we rode through the spring-green fields around the city of Echur. Farmers worked on their planting, the air smelling so fresh and wonderful, even with the sour tang of the manure fertilizing crops. It was just... freer. Liberated.

I was a slave, and yet I wasn't. I could leave Master. I could go where I wanted. I wouldn't. I wanted to be with him. He saved me. I loved him so much. Which only made me squirm more, savoring the caress of leather on my body.

How did I get so lucky? Why me out of all the other lamia born in subjugation on the other side of the Despeir Mountains? Did Las lust for me more than my sisters? Was the God of Lust staring down at my cute ass right now wanting to fuck me like Master did?

Did he guide this hunky man to me?

My arms tightened about his waist, fingernails scratching at the front of his jerkin. He chatted with his sister, Kora, as they rode. I let the words wash over me, just enjoying this moment, my naughty cunt growing hotter and hotter as the horse's gait shifted me on the hard saddle.

My clit loved it.

I turned my head, pressing my nose into the jerkin and getting a deep whiff of leather before I rubbed my left cheek against it, adding my own musk to Master's scent. My purrs grew louder and louder, my hips squirming more.

“Someone's getting horny,” Mistress said.

“I think she is, sister dear,” laughed Sven, his body's shaking making my nipples tingle more as they slid across his leather jerkin. “Do you have a hot pussy, my cute lamia?”

“Uh-huh, Master,” I sighed, my juices coating the saddle, making my seat sticky. I loved it. My tails swished faster. “I could crawl around you and fuck your cock.”

I liked doing that. Fucking my Master while we rode, his saddle horn plunging into my asshole and his cock filling my pussy, was so hot. It made me tremble. It made me gasp and moan and cum so hard while everyone watched. I loved it when people—

The faint thud of hooves and jingle of metal reached my ears. The sound of armor. Of warriors.

A cold surge shot through me. My tail went stiff, my triangular ears, thrusting out of my tawny hair, twitched, searching for the source of the sound. They turned behind me, focusing on the sound. Soldiers approached from our rear.

I whipped my head around, hissing at the sight of six armored men trotting up from the rear, closing on us. The leader, clad in full plate armor covered with a surcoat of chequered blue and gray with a red griffin in the center, led five men in chainmail, wearing livery of the same pattern.

“Master,” I hissed in alarm, my fingernails turning into full claws. They scratched at his leather jerkin. “Behind us.”

Sven twisted in the saddle. “Las's putrid cum,” he snarled as I bristled. “Kivoneth soldiers.”

“Are they hunting us, brother mine?” Kora asked. She flashed her brother a concerned look. “Did someone recognize us in a flyer?”

“Maybe or maybe not.” Master's voice sounded calm, deep, reassuring. “They could be a patrol hunting slavers.”

“This far from the mountains?” Kora asked. “And do those patrols even do anything?”

I hissed again. What a horrid man this Prince Meinard who ruled the lands we rode through was. He killed Master and Mistress's family, allowed the evil Zizthithana to send her raiding parties into his lands to take his own people as slaves, and used foul magics to conquer his neighbors. It brought me joy to help oppose him on the mission we rode to.

“Do we fight?” I demanded, bristling. “I have sharp teeth and claws.”

“Which aren't much good against such armored foes,” Sven said. “No, we stay calm. We're simple travelers heading to Echur. A radiant of Rithi spreading joy with the mercenary she hired to keep watch. They won't care about us.”

“Yes, Master,” I said, but I didn't relax as the horses came closer and closer, their faster pace narrowing the distance between us.


Sven Falk

A tension tightened the limbs of my body, coiling like the springs in a clockmaker's contraption. I itched to draw a short sword or have a throwing dagger ready. To even surprise them with a bolt fired from my hand crossbow.

But five men... No need to take risks without need.

I glanced at my sister. She rode looking ahead, a bored expression on her face. Though neither drama or comedy were among the arts she perfected, she still had the skill to perform on any stage. Nothing about her gave away any worry.

Not like Zanyia as she clung to me. The lamia had surprising strength in those slender limbs.

The patrol slowed, their armor jangling louder. The leader came abreast of me, staring at me through the silts in his helm's visor. I tried not to sneer at Prince Meinard's symbol on his surcoat, hating the red, rampant griffin of Kivoneth.

“Well met, captain,” I said, giving a friendly nod. “It heartens me to see good Prince Meinard's soldiers keeping the road safe from banditry.”

The captain did not give an answer, eyes flicking up and down us. I sucked in a deep breath. Did he know our faces? The wanted posters contained bad renderings of our likeness. I could hardly recognize my sister's face in them, and I'd studied her beauty intently.

“Who are you, travelers, to ride upon the prince's road?” the captain said after a moment, word ringing hollow from his helmet.

“I am Hans escorting a radiance of Rithi to her performance at the Amphitheater in the noble city of Echur.” I motioned to my sister. “Radiance Heidi has promised to sing a song of such beauty, the entire Princedom shall weep at its lamentation.”

“These are such troubled times,” my sister added, her words tinged with sadness, sorrow painted upon her face. “Though our noble Prince Meinard protects Kivoneth from the Strife, it's horrors are still remembered and should not be forgotten.”

“And you are just a temple guard?” the captain grunted.

“A humble man contracted with protecting the radiant,” I said, hating the ingratiating act. “But with such doughty warriors as you protecting the road, my presence appears unnecessary.”

“And where did you pick up a lamia slave?”

“Master rescued me!” Zanyia sang before I could speak. “He slew the evil warleader that collared me. He liberated me.”

I swallowed. “I came upon a slaving party and did my part to stop those naga-loving bastards from abducting the good people of Prince Meinard's lands. Zanyia, out of gratitude, would not be parted from me. Though she is slave no longer.”

“Only by choice,” Zanyia purred.

“Shizhuthian vermin,” the captain snarled, giving an approving nod of his head. “I have longed campaigned to patrol the mountains, to protect our people from the naga's raids, but banditry exists even in the heart of the princedom.”

“How horrible,” gasped Kora, a quiver running through her body, feigning the delicacy of a sheltered lady. “Here? Within a half a day's ride of Echur? I thought my guard a mere formality in this area.”

“I'm afraid so, noble priestess.” He frowned. “You do know you are riding around the city on this road.”

My skin tightened.

“Really?” Kora gasped. “Oh, no I thought this led to Echur. Did we make a wrong turn?”

“I told you, priestess,” I said in a gruff voice. “But you insisted this was the way.”

“My apologies,” she said. “Thank you for informing us, Captain.”

“I would be glad to escort you to Echur and...” His words trailed off as one of his armored men, gruff and grizzled, leaned close to whisper to him. The older man had the hard eyes of a veteran sergeant, a man who'd fought in the Strife before Prince Meinard's construct army materialized.

He recognized us.

I acted.

The throwing dagger flicked out from my wrist as the captain snapped his head around to glare at me. The knife passed through his visor's slit and embedded into his eye. He stiffened while reaching for his sword then tottered forward from the saddle, crashing into the sergeant.

“Captain!” the man grunted, gripping his reins as his horse whinnied in surprise. He fought to stay upright, pushing the officer's corpse off of him.

My short sword hissed out of its scabbard as I heeled Night. My stallion neighed. Zanyia hissed in surprise, squeezing hard to my chest. I charged at the sergeant. A curse spat from his lips as he fumbled to draw his weapon.

I plunged the blade of my weapon into the man's throat. Blood spurted. He gurgled as behind him the other four soldiers cried out their alarm, blades rasping against leather scabbards, flashing silver as they reined their horses.

And charged.


Kora Falk

My right hand moved the moment my brother drew his throwing dagger. I shoved my fingers through my robes and found my pussy. I caressed my naked flesh, pressed against my saddle, and gathered my juices as the other three soldiers reacted.

The nearest charged at my brother's back, longsword held before him like a lance, prepared to run Sven through. Anger surged through me.

“Rithi, paint an image of profound beauty for his appreciation,” I chanted.

A tingle raced through my pussy. My fingers buzzed with the defensive magic of my Goddess. I pulled my fingers clear and flicked at the attacker. Sparkling dew soared through the air, shining with the goddess's passion. The droplets flew far farther than should be possible, striking the lead soldier in the face.

The anger and rage twisting his expression slackened into awe. Blue eyes unfocused as the young man witnessed perfection shining before him. He charged past my brother, sword falling from uncaring fingers. For hours or more, he'd be lost to the beauty Rithi painted in his thoughts.

A crossbow twanged.

The next soldier clutched at his chest, the bolt punching through chainmail. My brother threw his hand crossbow to the ground as he wheeled Night around to face the last two soldiers. He swept his short sword before him, deflecting the first attack.

My heart tightened as his slender blade whipped around, crashing into the final guard's blade, Zanyia yowling as she clutched to him from behind. I gripped my own horse's reins, Rainbow neighing in fright.

Then she clamped teeth down on the bit and ran from the scent of blood filling the air. I gasped, seizing the reins in both hands, screaming in shock. I pulled hard, trying to slow her as she carried me away from my brother fighting for his life.




Mistress's horse bolted as Master swung his sword back and forth. The coppery tang of spilled life filled the air, making my blood boil. I threw myself off the back of Night, landing in a crouch on the hard-packed road. I leaped to the side, a hoof slamming down at my head.

Master held Night's reins in one hand, swinging his short sword in the other. The two guards circled him, their warhorses screaming and snapping, biting at Night as the soldiers swung their longer swords. Master's blade blurred, crashing into attack, sparks flying.

They pressed him hard. His blade too short. He could only defend.

I licked my lips, studying the fight. I had to help. My claws dug into the hard-packed road. I had sharp fangs, but I couldn't tear through chainmail. I had to do something else. To give Master a chance to fight back.

I grinned, eyes focused on the belly of the horse.

I darted beneath its steel-shod hooves slamming down on the ground, the musky smell of its coat filling my nose. I threw myself upward, twisting my body. I clutched at its belly, thighs wrapped about its withers, my claws raking its belly.

The horse screamed in pain as my fangs tore into its belly, ripping through its thick hide. Salty blood filled my mouth. My claws dug in deep as the horse reared. The rider grunted in surprise then crashed to the ground in a metallic clatter.

I dropped from the horse, rolling to the side as it galloped into a field, maddened by pain. I rolled onto my hands and feet, blood staining my lips, running hot down my neck. My tail swished a I focused on the soldier struggling to rise, his leg twisted.

I leaped.

“Gods-cursed bitch!” he cursed as I landed on his hard armor, the stench of iron, rust, and oil filling my nose. My teeth snapped down on his throat.

I bit.

He gurgled.

His blood hot across my mouth as I ripped out his throat. I spat out his flesh on his face, my ears twitching. I turned around, crouching on my prey, and watched Master. His sword swung fast, driving back the last remaining soldier.

I licked my lips, loving the hot, salty flavor.

“For Prince Meinard and the Red Griffin!” snarled the soldier as he rammed his sword at my Master.

For a moment, my heart clutched. My body froze.

Then Master's sword whipped in a circle, knocking the blade to the side so it thrust past him. Then his sword sliced into the soldier's face. A sickening chunk, sword striking bone, rebounded through the air. Blood spurted, my tongue flicking my lips again. The short sword bit deep. The guard's body spasmed. His weapon fell from loose fingers. Then he slumped over his saddle, Master wrenching blade clear. The warhorse bucked, throwing the dead guard off onto the road with a clatter.

Master's head whipped around, finding me. “You okay?”

“It's all his blood,” I grinned. “And his horse's.” I brought my bloody fingers to my mouth, licking them clean, bathing myself with a tongue.

Master gave me a strange look, like he found it odd I would clean myself after getting soaked in blood.

By the time my fingers were sparkling clean, Mistress rode her black mare to us. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine, Mistress,” I said, my fingers scooping up the blood staining my neck that was out of reach of my tongue.

“I'm fine, too, sister dear.” Sven crouched by the sergeant. He fished out a piece of parchment from the man's pouch. “They have a better likeness of us. I fear Prince Meinard's hired someone with talent to sketch us.”

“Our infamy grows,” Kora said, shaking her head. “The garrison in Echur will be missing them.”

“Then we better ride hard,” Sven said. “And stay off the main roads. I'm afraid there'll be no more sleeping in inns the rest of the way.”

“I can handle sleeping rough. It's you I fear for, brother mine.” A smile played on Mistress's lips. “No pliant barmaids for you to regale with your tales before plundering the charms of their bodies.”

“A sacrifice I shall endure,” Master said with a mock sigh. “The life of an outlaw.”

“You can enjoy the charms of my body,” I said. “And the princess. She'll be so eager. She won't care if it's in a tent or not.”

“Yes, the princess,” sighed Kora. She shook her head. “Well, we should go. The peasants who saw us fighting we'll report us to the local official or sheriff as soon as they stop running.”

“Then we best ride,” Sven said, hauling himself into his saddle. He held out his arm to me.

I grinned and leaped. He caught me and hauled me behind him with such ease. So strong. Such a warrior. My tail waved back and forth as I purred, rubbing my cheek into his leather jerkin. My pussy grew so hot and wet as we galloped off. I breathed in the smell of him, so glad I had Sven for my owner.

Chapter Seventeen: A Father's Lusts

Sven Falk

“There were a good dozen of them, Ava,” I said as I parted the rosy thighs of the princess's proxy. Like she had every night since we'd left Cheyvn, she'd inhabited her proxy to hear about our progress. And to enjoy my body.

I felt terrible for Kora, having to wait outside until I finished with the princess, but Ava couldn't know about my incestuous affair with my sister. She wouldn't understand. I loved them both, but I couldn't have them both.

“A dozen!” she gasped, her quartz eyes glittering, the lamplight reflecting the small crystals embedded through the statue's body.

“And we had to fight them off,” Zanyia said, her tail swishing so fast. “I attacked their horses while Master swung his sword back and forth, fending them off and running through those he could.”

“And what about your sister?” Ava asked, her small breasts quivering like they were made of real flesh.

“She used her magic,” Zanyia continued as I nuzzled my lips into the stony, yet soft, folds of Ava's pussy. “She made some of them just stare off in wonder.”

“Showed them Rithi's perfect art,” I said. “Enough to stun any man.”

“I imagine so,” Ava said. Then she shuddered, my tongue running through the folds of her pussy.

I could taste the quartz, but not the fresh taste of her pussy I truly craved. Her stony labia and inner folds felt almost like real pussy lips, but had a too smooth silkiness. They were close to the real thing. But Ava felt my touch, too. Her body quivered. I missed out on the joy of tasting her, but I still had the delight of pleasuring my princess.

And that made it worth it.

Enjoying Ava the last few nights reminded me just how much I'd missed out over the last year. Though I gained my relationship with Kora finally, I still missed having my naughty princess in my bed. I wish I could have them both, that Ava could understand the forbidden love I shared with my sister.

Instead, I dove into her pussy, driving away those thoughts and concentrating on licking and nuzzling and making my princess feel amazing. Ava groaned, her body quivering, her rosy thighs tightening about my face.

“Oh, Sven, yes,” she gasped. “A dozen soldiers. You're so brave.”

“He is so brave,” Zanyia purred. “He instantly realized when that mean sergeant recognized us. And he acted. Just threw his knife.”

“Remarkable,” panted Ava. “Oh, Sven, yes. You're such a good pussy licker.”

“Master loves pussy,” giggled the lamia.

“Yes, he does.”

“Your little boobies jiggle so much when he licks you.” Zanyia licked her lips. Then she leaned over and latched onto Ava's glittering nipple. The princess gasped, her thighs tightening on my face again. The lamia's cheeks hollowed, her ears twitching as she suckled.

My dick ached and throbbed as I licked through her folds, aching to bury into her. After a day of hard riding, I yearned for a release. We pushed ourselves all the way until the sun had vanished and the rode grew too dark to see. And now we could relax.

Enjoy a princess's pussy, even if only by proxy.

Ava whimpered and squirmed. My tongue found her clit peeking out of her folds. I circled the little rose bud then sucked on it. Her back arched. She let out a gasping cry of passion. I jammed two fingers into her smooth depths, pumping in and out of her, driving her wild.

“Sven, Sven, I...” Her head shot up. “Oh, no. I have to go.”

Before I could ask, the statue went lifeless. Then began shrinking. I jerked my finger out of her pussy. Zanyia hissed in surprise, her hair bristling, her tail sticking out straight behind her. The magic animating the statue vanished. It dwindled down into a little statuette the size of my hand.

“What's going on, Master?” Zanyia asked.

“Probably her father,” I groaned. “She can't let him know she's using her powers, or he'll wonder which proxy she's inhabiting. She has a bedmaid with her to wake her up in case someone comes to her chambers. This happens every now and then.”

“But she's fine?” Zanyia's eyes were large saucers.

“She's fine,” I grinned at her. “Her father would never hurt her. So why don't you go get Kora.”

Zanyia licked her mouth. “Yes, Master.”


Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

Pain flared in my nipple as I sprang back into my body, gasping hard. I severed the link with my proxy fast, jarred by the change in sensations. Greta, my maid, savaged my nipple hard. The sharp pain reached into my awareness of my stone flesh to alert me of danger.

“What?” I asked.

“Your father is at your door,” Greta said, tugging up my nightgown to properly cover me. “He's demanding to see you. I told him you were sleeping.”

A loud knock came from the entrance to my apartments, muffled by my closed bedroom door. “Ava, my sweetling, open up. I need to see you.”

I shivered. He'd been gone for a week. A week free of my father's lusting eyes. Of not having to give him handjobs and blowjobs to fend off his desire for my body. But day-by-day, he came closer and closer to crossing that line into incest. I knew one day I'd have to surrender to him.

So I had to keep up the pretense I loved him. But after what he did to Sven's parents and his little sister, Katriana, I only despised my father. He killed Sven's family trying to murder him and end our betrothal.

Father wanted me all to himself.

“Let him in before he orders his solders to hack down my door,” I said, sitting up on my pillows. I folded my hands before me, my blankets covering me up to my waist. I stared down at my nightgown's bodice.

I winced. Why did I wear one so low-cut to bed? I needed a far more modest one, not one that showed off most of my small breasts. Worst, my nipples poked hard at the fabric, my body still aroused from Sven's wonderful pussy licking.

I groaned, so close to my climax.

Greta scurried out of my bedchamber, the buxom maid's large breasts bouncing in her thin nightgown, her blonde hair trailing behind her. I heard her pad through my sitting room and open the doors to my chambers.

“Your highness, your daughter awaits,” she said.

“About time,” my father muttered.

I took a deep breath, trembling. Why did he have to ever return from... wherever he went? Anger and disgust swirled through me. I pushed them down. I couldn't let myself show my contempt, my disgust, for my father and his actions.

So many heinous acts. Allowing the nagas to take his own people as slaves. Murdering Sven and Kora's family. The ominous kennel he had hidden in the realm of Faerie along with his Lodestone. His madness had to be stopped. He'd drown the whole world in blood with his unfeeling, inhuman army.

So long as the princes struggled to claim the Kaiser's throne and rule all of Zeutch as one kingdom again, the Strife would continue. More innocents would die for the ambition of my father and other horrid men.

He strode in, his head almost brushing the top of my doorway. A tall man, made thin and wiry in the years since my mother's death. All the flesh had melted from him, along with all the doughty good cheer. The loving man of my childhood wasted away by the disease of power.

Though his eyes smoldered, they still were the same chilly blue. He licked bloodless lips, staring at my breasts. His cock swelled the tight, gray hose he wore, the woolen tights that clad his legs. He rubbed hands on his ash doublet while marching towards my bed.

“Welcome home, Father,” I said. “I am glad you woke me. I have worried so much for your safety while you were gone.”

“I knew you would,” he said, sitting down on the edge of my bed. He reached out, taking my hand and bringing it to his lips, kissing it like I were a lady he corrupted instead of his daughter. His own flesh and blood.

Disgusting pig.

“I missed you so much,” he said, kissing the back of my hand again. Then closer to my wrist. “I yearned for you. I felt so cold, so empty, without seeing you.”

I stiffened for a moment, his lips kissing to my wrist, pushing up the hem of my nightgown to find more of my flesh. I knew it then. What would happen tonight. I took a deep breath. I could endure this, stay in his good graces, and then help my true love destroy him.

“My bed was frigid, Father,” I said. “But now that you're here, such joy warms it. And my heart.”

“Yes,” he groaned, now kissing up my sleeve, moving closer and closer to me. “I know this is wrong, my sweetling, but...”

“But you are a prince,” I groaned. “And soon you shall be kaiser. Who can tell you what is right or wrong in your own household?”

Saying those words sent a strange excitement through me at the same time it horrified me. Tonight, my father would satiate his lusts in me. He would use my body, and part of me yearned for that taboo transgression.

I shivered then realized it was just my lingering horniness stirred by Sven. Not that I lusted for my father. Not that I wanted to cross into incest with him. No, no. My pussy itched from Sven's lapping tongue, my body craving any satisfaction, not caring that it came from my hated father.

“Oh, my sweetling,” he groaned, reaching my shoulder with his lips. I felt him through my thin nightgown. “How I've craved this night.”

His hand cupped my breast, thumb rubbing linen fabric against my nipple. I didn't fight the groan brought about by the tingles racing down to my hot snatch. I groaned and squirmed, shuddering beneath his stirring touch.

Then his lips were at my neck, his hand squeezing my breast through the nightgown. He cupped my small tit in his grip with ease while his rough whiskers scratched at my flesh. I craned my head, leaning back into my pillows, letting him have access to my body.

I could endure this.

His tongue licked up my neck to my jaw. He followed it to my lips. I closed my eyes, kissing my father. His tongue plunged into my mouth. I shivered beneath him, my body trembling, his hand squeezing my breast harder. Our tongues danced, caressed, incestuous pleasure rippling through my body from my aching nub.

His hand shoved into my bodice, touching my breast directly. I sighed into his mouth, kissing him back, my hand stroking his whiskered cheek. His calloused fingers pinched and rolled my nipple, working it between them.

My pussy melted, not caring that we committed incest.

My hatred spurred me to kiss him harder. A strange perversion gripped me, like something external reached into me and seized my lusts. My mouth worked against his. My arm went around his neck, pulling him tight as I whimpered and groaned. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, begging for attention.

Father broke our kiss, leaving me breathless. “I knew you burned for me. You want this, don't you?”


“I do, Father,” I whimpered. “I've dreamed of it so much.”

“This is why I had to... remove your—”

I kissed him again, not wanting to hear his justifications right now. I poured my anger into my lips, turning it into passion. My body quivered, his hand moving down from my breast now, sliding across my side, reaching my hip. He pushed beneath the blankets, stroking my thighs until he found the nightgowns hem.

Then he slid up my flesh. I quivered, my legs parting as I thrust my tongue into his mouth. His hand crept up my inner thighs, reaching for my treacherous pussy. My snatch craved his touch, aching for the incestuous caress of my father's fingers.

I whimpered when he found my pussy. Breaking the kiss, I moaned, “Father!”

“Yes,” he groaned, stroking my hot cunt. His fingers slid through my blonde curls, stroking my pussy lips. He found my clit, peeking out of its little hood, and stroked it.

My body quivered.

“You're molten for me. You want me so badly.”

“So badly, Father,” I whimpered, hating how true those words were. Right now, I wanted to fuck my father. I wanted to feel his cock in me. I wanted to buck my body, to pour out all my anger into my passion and explode on this monster.

What was wrong with me?

I quivered again as he rubbed my clit. He kissed at my neck as I whimpered and moaned. My passion sang through my bed chambers. His rough fingers moved lower, caressing my pussy lips. Then two entered me.


My pussy clenched on his invading digits. My eyes fluttered, my heart racing. I humped against his probing fingers. He kissed lower and lower, pressing down into my bodice as he stirred my pussy, my cream flowing.

His lips found my nipple. He sucked on my nub. My snatch tightened on his probing fingers. Such delight tingled through me. I whimpered and squirmed, the pleasure building and building in the depths of my cunt.

My father knew how to touch a woman.

He kissed and sucked on my nipple. He nipped it. he made me squirm and writhe. His fingers pumped faster and faster in my snatch. I snarled, my fingernails digging into the back of his neck, clawing at him as I humped.

“So hot,” he groaned. “So passionate. You boil like your mother. And just as beautiful as her, my sweetling.” He liked his lips. “But do you taste as good?”

“Find out, Father!” I moaned. “Eat my pussy!”

More shame burned through me as I begged for my father to give me pleasure. My eyes rolled back into my head as he moved down my body, pushing down my blankets, hiking up my nightgown up around my waist. I squirmed as he settled between my spread thighs, gazing at my pussy impaled on his digits.

“Yes, yes, devour me!” I hissed, so angry at myself, at him, at my passion. And so eager for his incestuous touch, for my quivering orgasm. “Make me cum, Father!”

Sparks flared at his licking touch. His tongue flicked around his fingers up to my clit. I groaned, hating and loving it all at the same time. My thighs squeezed about his head, wanting to crush him, wanting to hold him in place. I whimpered, my hands reaching over my head, as I humped against his licking mouth and pumping fingers.

Wicked delight rushed through me. My eyes fluttered, blonde hair spilling about my face as I quivered. My exposed breasts jiggled, pink nipples glistening with Father's spit. He plunged his fingers faster and faster through me, feasting on my cunt, flicking my clit.

“You taste so fresh,” he groaned. “Like your mother had as a maid.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Love me like you loved her, Father.”

His lips sealed on my clit. I gasped, bucking, my pussy clenching down on his thrusting digits. They send delight rippling through my molten snatch and radiating out into my body. I bucked harder, the incestuous pleasure swelling and swelling in me.

Why did my body have to enjoy this so much? It made it harder, craving his touch, eager for the explosion to cum. I drank in the feel of his fingers reaming my cunt, his tongue flicking my clit, his eyes staring up at me. My father ate me. My father pleasured me.

My father made me cum.

“Daddy!” I gasped, calling him that for the first time since Mother's death. “Yes, yes, Daddy!”

“My sweet princess,” he groaned, feeling my hot snatch convulsing on his fingers. “Cry out your passion.”

He stared up at my face twisting in rapture, hearing my whimpering moans as he feasted on my cunt. He flicked my clit, making my breasts jiggle as the rapture surged through me. My juices flooded out into his hungry mouth.

He lapped them up as the humiliating ecstasy flooded my mind. My eyes squeezed shut as I bucked. I wanted to pretend Sven ate me, but I knew it was my father. That what we did violated the laws of men.

I came harder.

“Daddy, Daddy, I need you!” my traitorous voice cried out. “In me! Please, Daddy!”

“Yes, my sweetling,” he groaned and rose to claim my pussy with his cock. To fully transgress in my body. He yanked down his hose, his dick spilling out.

My thighs parted wide. I ached for this. I pulled him to me, kissing him hard, tasting my fresh juices. I hated him so much. I wanted to fuck him to death. His cock rubbed at the entrance to my pussy. I thrust forward, impaling my pussy down his dick.

He groaned, feeling my wicked passion. I locked my thighs about his waist, crushing him as hard as I could while I worked my cunt up and down his incestuous shaft. I groaned and hissed as I clawed his back through his doublet.

He was smaller than Sven, but my pussy didn't care. My cunt boiled around his dick, my orgasm still howling through my body. I groaned, shivering, moaning. Pleasure raced through my body, mixing with the shame, the anger.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” I howled, working my hips.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he groaned. “My sweetling has grown into a woman.”

His right hand squeezed my breast, his left gripping my ass. He plowed his cock into my hot depths. My father's dick pounded me. The friction burned so hot, keeping my cunt spasming, my orgasm rippling through my body.

“I'm going to breed such a strong baby in you. The uniting of our bloodlines. Our son shall be the most powerful king in the world.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I gasped, the words tumbling from my mouth. “Breed me.”

“My sweetling! He'll be the kaiser over all. More powerful than the High King.”

“He will,” I moaned, lost to the incestuous rapture. I couldn't control myself. My pussy spasmed wildly, my orgasm crashed through my body.

I bucked and heaved beneath him, loving his rough hand squeezing my ass and tit. He thumbed my nipple, sending more hot passion through my body. My eyes widened. I shivered, the rapture shooting through me. I groaned and gasped, rising on the wings of my orgasm.

I came harder and harder. The euphoric waves rippled through me as my father's dick plunged over and over into my pussy. He grunted and groaned. He rammed his dick into me. Then his back arched. He buried to the hilt in me.

“My sweetling!” he groaned as his incestuous seed flooded my pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy! Breed your little girl!”

My orgasm intensified. Reached its peak of shameful pleasure. I thrashed and convulsed beneath him. My fingernails scraped along the velvet of his doublet. My nipples ached. And more and more of his cum spurted into me.

“My beautiful princess,” he groaned. “My sweetling, what a son we shall create.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whimpered, knowing I would forever have his trust after this. He would never suspect me plotting with his enemies. With the man I truly wanted to breed me.

I could not wait for Sven to kill my father. Why did I have to enjoy this? Why did I have to cum so hard? So much?

My father pulled out of me. “I have things to attend to,” he said, his passions dying, becoming remote like he had after mother's death. He put his cock away the. straightened his doublet. “I will visit your chambers later.”

“I look forward to it, Daddy,” I cooed even as I felt the tears build. Why did I enjoy it so much?

I felt so dirty now, my father's cum leaking out of me. The door closed as he left. A sobbing shudder wracked my body. I was a freak. I enjoyed the incestuous sex with my father. I'd known him all my life. He raised me.

It was so wrong.

I needed Sven. I needed to be held by him. I reached out to my proxy.

Chapter Eighteen: Hard Ride

Kora Falk – Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

“Brother mine,” I groaned when I burst into the tent, his cock thrusting hard from his stomach. Naked, my lithe body fell on his, my pussy rubbing on his hard cock. “Is everything okay?”

“The princess just had to leave early,” Sven groaned. “She has to be careful.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed, glad she had to leave. It was so hard hiding my frustration as the princess monopolized my brother every night we camped. But I could thoroughly enjoy him tonight.

I kissed my brother on the mouth, my pussy sliding up his hard dick. I didn't need foreplay. Not listening to him with Ava while masturbating myself. My sticky fingers stroked his whiskered cheeks, smearing my musk on him.

I groaned, feeling his cock nudging at the entrance to my pussy. I grinned, wiggling back and sliding my pussy down his cock. I loved the incestuous union of our body. He grunted into our kiss, his strong hands grabbing my ass.

“Sister dear,” he groaned as I rose on him, impaling my pussy down his cock. His eyes stared at my round breasts, making me so aware of the amulet hanging between them.

I shivered, tracing the flowering vine tattooed about my left breast as I squirmed on his dick. He licked his lips, staring up at me with those blue, hungry eyes. I reached my hard nipple, stroking it, my pussy clenching on his dick.

“Ride me, sister dear.”

“Yes!” I howled, my back arching.

And I rode my brother's cock. Hard.

I slid my pussy up and down his dick. I clenched my hot snatch on him, sliding up and down as the pleasure surged through me. My eyes fluttered, my breasts jiggling before me, the ruby pendant moving with them. My snatch clung to his shaft, the friction burning between our flesh.

Zanyia nuzzled against my brother's whiskered cheek. She licked up the juices I smeared on his face, purring loudly. Her ears twitched. I grasped her ass, squeezing her cute rump as I worked my hips, pleasure racing through my body.

“You need to ride my brother, too,” I groaned.

Zanyia purred louder in answer. Then she moved with the nimble grace of a cat. Her naked skin glistening in the lamplight, her small breasts jiggling. She planted her pussy on my brother's face, her tawny thatch damp with her excitement. Yowls of delight rose from her throat, her ears twitching and tail swishing.

I grinned at her, both of us undulating our hips, dancing on my brother as we experienced the pleasure of his body. My pussy worked up and down his cock while his tongue lapped through her hot pussy.

I cupped her small breasts, leaning forward. I groaned, changing how my brother's cock rubbed against my pussy, the tip rubbing on the top of my sheath. I trembled, my tongue flicking out to brush her nipple. The ruby amulet swung between us, the chain rubbing on the back of my neck.

“Oh, Mistress, yes,” yowled Zanyia. Her fingers stroked through my blonde locks. “Mmm, such a sweet sister you have, Master.”

“So sweet,” he groaned. “Just like your pussy.”

“You do have a sweet pussy,” I groaned as I switched nipples. I engulfed her other dusky nub.

Zanyia's purrs rumbled happily from her throat.

My brother's hands squeezed my ass, guiding my hips. My pussy drank in the friction as I rode his cock. I savored his thick shaft filling me. I moaned about Zanyia's nipples, my orgasm building so swiftly.

Watching my brother fight today had been...exhilarating. Such a strong man, taking on so many at once.

My pussy squeezed harder, my snatch approaching a boil. His cock warmed me, bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. My clit ached and throbbed, rubbing into his wiry thatch of pubic hair on the downstroke. My tongue fluttered around Zanyia's nipple, my hands squeezing her hips. Pleasure built and built.

“Mistress is about to cum,” Zanyia yowled. “I can smell it.”

“And what about you?” my brother groaned.

The lamia squealed, her back arching. “It won't take long with you sucking on my clit, Master!”

I shuddered, my pussy squeezing hard on my brother's dick as I impaled my cunt down his shaft. My clit reached his wiry hair, drinking in the sensation. My pussy boiled. Heat burst through me. My flesh spasmed on his cock as I convulsed.

My head snapped up from Zanyia's small breast. “Brother mine!”

My orgasm washed through me, my hips bouncing my spasming pussy on my brother's big cock. He groaned into Zanyia's pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars dancing before me as I loved the incestuous rapture racing through my body.

“Mistress!” squeaked the lamia. “Master!”

She joined me in rapture. She gripped my shoulders, fingernails biting into my flesh as she spasmed on my brother's face. Her sweet pussy cream filled my nose. She drenched his face. I heard him drink in her delight.

And then he grunted. Incestuous seed flooded my pussy. I gasped, my cunt spasming about his dick, milking his cock as I bounced and shuddered on his shaft. The pleasure shot through me. Making me whimper and groan.




The three of us shared our love and passion. I held Zanyia, leaned forward, and kissed her as my brother pleasured us both. His cum filled me. Where it belonged. I groaned, shivering, Zanyia's rough tongue brushing mine.

I treasured this moment. Every time I made love to my brother was special. One day, we'd have to stop. One day, he'd marry Ava. And the princess could never learn about our forbidden love.


Princess Ava

I needed Sven so badly. My proxy's eyes opened. I lay to the side of the bed. I blinked, staring at Kora's naked body. No, that couldn't be right. I shook my head. It was her, the vines tattooed about her body proclaimed who it was. Zanyia lay between her thighs, lapping her pussy and Sven...

My eyes widened. Sven fed his cock to his sister's mouth. “Suck your juices off, sister dear. I'm going to fuck you so hard again.”

He was a pervert just like my father. He lusted for his sister. Crossing the line into the shameful pleasure. Anger surged through me, my heart clenching in pain. I couldn't believe this. My Sven... and Kora.

If my proxy could produce tears, I'd flood the tent.

To be continued...
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