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A key ingredient in Jimmy's future is .............
NOTES: Look to Part 1.



With his degree in Meteorology in hand, James was ordered to the Air Force Academy for his OCS. He thought that that was unusual, but none of his superiors did. Since he was already a college graduate in a hard science and a veteran of two years of R.O.T.C. (and four years of active enlisted service), the OCS was mostly a formality to facilitate his entry into his assignment as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Air Force. It lasted only three months, with some advanced work to lead him to becoming a pilot. Every Air Force Officer desired to be a pilot, and many were because of the added prestige and pay. But, in analyzing his personality it was decided to advance him to flying cargo planes and not helicopters as he wanted or fighter-planes as many others wanted. He didn’t mind. He would get to fly and wouldn’t have to ‘kill’ anyone, even in practice.

In the fall he was assigned to college again to get his Masters with a Doctorate in view. He was not in the pipeline for military command, but was envisioned as a military scientist instead. A government ‘brain’ as it were. He would get regular promotions, but would never command anything relating to combat. He had no problem with that. They were going to pay for all of the rest of his schooling. In fact there was some talk of them assuming what little debt he had left from his first four years. Only talk, so far.

All he had to do was make regular flights on his odd weekends and stay current with his few responsibilities to the service. And he got paid for it, too.

He noticed that his status was changed now with the female airmen and the few single female officers. All of a sudden, he became handsomer, wittier, and richer (in their eyes.) He didn’t let it go to his head, though. He remembered how the same kinds of ladies treated him when he was an airman. Besides, in the service romances among other service personnel were frowned on. Too many complications trying to keep them stationed together and too many problems if they were stationed apart.

Over the next four years he worked hard on first his Masters and then his P.H.D. He advanced to Captain in the Air Force and dated civilian women who wanted nothing from him but a good fuck. He didn’t see or have contact with Fred (Frieda) even once during that time.

His P.H.D. work was on the Puget Sound Convergence Zones and how they affected the region’s weather. He had entertained an interest in this since his youth and had filled scrapbooks with every mention he could find in the local newspapers and magazines. He had taken voluminous quantities of pictures and logged them in. He had saved every daily weather report for the region since he was in 6th grade. His family had indulged him with family trips to the surrounding mountains when the weather below was especially active. Took readings and more pictures. With his advanced knowledge through his Masters, he was ready to put all of this together. Friends with access to computers helped to collate the readings and list the materials including the photographs.

He took many an afternoon drive to the same mountains to look at matters with a more critical eye, now. This all boiled down to the production of a book on the subject which gathered some attention in the scientific community, to the delight of his Doctorate Counselor. When it was finished and recognized for its groundbreaking manner and very advanced interpretation of the influence of these weather patterns, the ‘U’ was glad to bestow their Doctorate on him.

The Air Force was just as happy and moved him up to Major to show their esteem. His work made the service look very good for their support of his education and their significant help in collating the material. It is safe to say that no less than forty people had a piece of that book, through their efforts. But, it truly was James’ work.

The Air Force moved him to the Pentagon to assume a high position in the Meteorology Dept. He had oversight of the whole operation, with twelve subordinates to get the needed info out to the military commands. He was actually very happy here, and had the eye of a female officer also assigned to the Pentagon. Nothing stirring yet, but the pot was boiling.

And then who should walk into his office??? Fred!!



She approved of his desk and started to speak:

Fred------Good morning, Major Benson. Glad to see you again. (All said in a strictly business-like manner.) I must ask you to grab your hat and nothing else and come with me. Don’t worry, your commander knows about this, and he will make sure your office is secured and that your duties will be carried on by others for now.

James-----[Obeyed her instructions…..and remained silent.]

Fred------Please follow me to the black Suburban over there and climb into the back seat. This all will be somewhat intense for the next few hours, but try to remain as calm as you can. You’re being silent. Good!!

When he got settled down, the other man in the back seat indicated for him to secure his seat belt. And then he excused his next action as he covered James’s head with a breathable black sack that cut off all of his view.

Man------Sorry, Major. This is necessary. Because you are now entering a world of high security status. No harm is planned for you, but we can take no chances on the leaking of what we are going to share with you. I’m not sure that these measures will work with you, because you have a keen sense of direction and a highly developed spatial sense. Necessary qualities to be a pilot, no doubt. Just sit back and relax.

They drove for more than an hour and his senses of direction indicated that they had gone far out of the necessary way and doubled back several times. When they arrived at the destination, he heard and saw nothing until they escorted him out of the vehicle and guide-walked him through a door until he was in some kind of room. It was an office when he was allowed to regain his sight with the removal of the bag. Probably Fred’s office.

Fred------It is no accident that you were chosen to come here. As will be explained, you are a product of a very long search and development program. It had its start just after World War Two was concluded. You’ll notice that I didn’t use the word won. There was no winning when so much carnage ensued. It was simply the result that guaranteed, at least for a while, our country and system.

It resulted in some very sober assessments as to where we were in the global scheme of things. And it was grim. We were badly out-classed by the Germans at the beginning of the war in science and technology. And Japan far exceeded us in discipline and focus. We caught up to them during the war because of the size of our population, our storehouse of natural resources, our flexibility to divert ourselves to massive wartime output and the strong personal will of our people which was grossly underestimated by our enemies. The U.S. is like a sleeping giant, peaceful in repose. But don’t wake it up!

The ‘powers that be’ in this nation after assessing where we were decided to make sure that no other nation would ever outclass us again, especially in the ability to make war. Truman got it. Eisenhower didn’t and the effort floundered on his watch. And he deplored the military-industrial complex. Not without good reason, either. But, something was in the works that would dwarf that. A military/industrial/educational/security complex that would dwarf anything that had preceded it. Even greater than the famous efforts by the Russians and Chinese, who were motivated by their own agendas and a sneaking suspicion of what was going on here.

It started with many meetings and long discussions by a group that evolved into what became known as the BOARD. Known to only a few that is. Even odd-balls like Howard Hughes had input into its formation and membership. They began their assessment of the main asset of the U.S. the young brains we have here, by foisting a number of very searching exams on the students in school. The first ones were aimed at 4th grades. The next ones were aimed at 8th grades and the 11th grades. You took all three if you remember. You probably remember the frustration of the parents and school officials because they were never appraised of the results. So when they gave blank looks to the children about how they had done on the tests, it was true that they really didn’t know.

The first tests were very crude and limited in the production of useable results. Even so, there were a lot of surprises for the persons behind these tests. For instance, there was a very low correspondence between the student’s academic records and the tested results of their actual stored learning. School tests tend to measure what you have recently learned. Achievement tests measure what you have retained and can use. Of course, some highly possible achievers are held back by a lack of motivation. But, motivation is a highly regarded quality too. And a key one in predicting future attainments and accomplishments. Every bit as important as pure intelligence they found out.

Their first aim was to find geniuses to become the new leaders. But, they found out that most geniuses make poor leaders. They tend to be self-contained and primarily interested in their own fields. They flounder when challenged to have a wider view. They found out that another group was far more important to their purpose. They had classified the population as: Geniuses, Brights, Above Averagers, Averagers, Below Averagers and Deficients. No correlation of personal social worth was indicated for these groups. There were very fine people and very bad ones generously spread through each of the classifications. But, they found out some very important things by watching how the first generation of interest developed and turned out. The best come from the Bright and Above-Averager categories. Neither having an edge. The controlling factor evidently is motivation. They found out how terribly important the Averagers and Below Averagers were to society. They produce most of the worker bees. The people who actually do the work and who many of become true craftsmen in their doing of it.

Unfortunately, they found out how much a burden the Deficients were on society. After all, not much their faults. Could be a societal mind block on using many of these to produce positive results in advancing society by giving them specialized training that would really promote their often very useable abilities It’s too bad that regressive thinking in regard to them is still entrenched. We would rather just pay then off with society’s funds than truly utilize them in a way that would give them dignity and remove them from society’s back.

As the results came in over the first generation, collating the tests (which constantly improved over time) with the results that occurred for the tests in their lives, certain people came to attention of the BOARD and its associates. Groups of people and individuals were identified as being of interest. In the U.S. there was very little interest in segregating them from society like was done in Russia and China. This was done mostly by the rich and very religious here. The only observed results of this that came to the fore were highly self-serving rich kids and highly pious religious ones. But, there was a strong tendency for them to adjust to a more socially acceptable model once they entered society at large. The BOARD saw considerable value in leaving its objects of interest in society at large, because of the social skills they learned, and the endurance against unwholesome influences that it offered. Was sad to see the failures in this.

Some of the highest testers and especially ones who were highly motivated were invited to join in the identification process and extra search for ones that had not been identified yet. (Fred looked down with her eyes, and paused ever so briefly.) Some who get off to a troubled start, accelerated as the educational process progressed and caught up and even exceeded some of the early stars. (At this she looked very directly at James but said nothing.) Some qualities of the greatly advancing stars were troublesome to some at first. Among other things, they tended to be very stubborn, not usually in a distractive way, but in an intellectual way. This was almost universal in the geniuses and very common in all who were above average and bright. Not rare in high achievers in the average group, either.

But, the most troubling factor identified with those who were progressing to high achievement was a very high libido among them. And when they were awakened to it, a very high and promiscuous sex lifestyle. There were few sexual abusers among them, though. They usually had no trouble finding willing partners, often among themselves.

A special study was made of this, because in many of the minds of those involved in the program, this leaning was a concern that it would knock the whole program off of the tracks as it were. What was found when they collated their data base to the concern was that among the highest achievers, this is the rule not the exception. It seems to be nature’s safety valve for them. A way for them to not ‘core-melt’ from the intense pressures that they put upon themselves in their very personal efforts to achieve. Whether it was an evolutionary product or a gift of God, they didn’t care to say. Just that it existed. But, interestingly they found out from their religious cohorts, that King David and Solomon, who were both very pious, and astounding achievers in their times were also very highly sexually charged men. Among contemporaries were: JFK, Johnson, Clinton and Martin Luther King. Perhaps the greatest golfer ever has also been exposed as having this tendency.

Now what was to be done with all of these assets when they reached maturity? Many of them were left to find their way in society as Doctors, Military leaders, Captains of Industry, Political Leaders and such. But, there was a desire to gather a representative group of them as a sort of ‘think tank’ to use their gifts to produce the information and recommendations that would aid those who deserved them on the outside of their group.

The result of that determination is the ‘UNIT’ at where we are now located, James. It is a self-contained unit near Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Outside guidance and veto authority lies with the BOARD, which has been finalized in form and membership. They are all sworn to silence about this. It is one of the few death-penalty crimes still in effect. And it is not commuted, either. One of the national security organizations takes care of that. None of us here know which one it is. It is not associated with our internal security force, but the internal force does share whatever it finds out with the outside anonymous organization. If you heard some of the names of individuals on the BOARD, which you won’t, because none of us here will (and I guess they would have to shoot you if you did, he mused to himself,) you wouldn’t be surprised. And the fact that every once in a while one of them disappears under questionable circumstances may or may not be germane to our conversation.

Inside of the UNIT, we are led and administered by a COMMITTEE and its delegated representatives. This is a very large facility with a population size that even I don’t know. A person who joins this community is evaluated during his first few months as to what place he will occupy in the hierarchy of his specialty. Only one person of each specialty is designated to be part of the COMMITTEE, and seniority here has nothing to do with it. The aim is to have the best qualified person from each specialty represent the individual group in the COMMITTEE.

Now here comes the very serious news! (She waited a few minutes for that to sink in.) James, pretty much no one who comes in here, ever leaves, except to be buried. This becomes the person’s permanent work site, home and recreation center. The facilities are absolutely top drawer. This office is only my satellite office to welcome newcomers. My regular one is very plush and I have all the gadgets I would ever need there. That is true of all of the producers here. The recreational facilities would shame Disneyland or even the Starship Enterprise.

The BOARD even took into account the sexual needs of the residents here, all the way down to the maintenance staff. Everyone has an appropriate partner, even the gays and lesbians here. There are absolutely no extended solos allowed here. They would just produce too much tension and stress. With so many prospects available and very advanced programs to analyze relationship factors, the success rate has been astronomical. (He noticed that she said nothing about the fate of the failures.) After the likeliest partner choice is made, that person is used at the indoctrination of the new member at their entry into the UNIT. (There was a pregnant pause here. He noticed!)

The person who is invited to receive this lecture and invitation is highly probable to accept entry. In fact only those who have a likely partner and are likely to accept (at least 95 % likely) ever come here and are invited. Unfortunately, we don’t have a ‘neurolizier’ like in MIB to wipe the memories of those who might refuse. (Again, no mention of their eventuality.)

By now you have guessed where you fit into all of this. Probably the clues that were dropped throughout your life up to now are at least somewhat understood. In your case, we had to wait longer to see how you would turn out, since you had a difficult start in your education and a couple of stumbles along the way. But you needed very little spurring, inspiring and interference in your development. Most of it came naturally. You come from good stock and reportedly showed a good heart. You have probably guessed that I have been used in this effort since a very early age. I was the one that recommended the monitoring of you. And the one who flinched several times as things progressed. In fact you factored very prominently in my Doctoral Thesis, which will never be made available to the public by the way. Perhaps, it counts that I have always admired your very determined work ethic, which is mighty when you identify a target to aim it at. Also, I was attracted to your personal qualities, but held off until you might be accepted here, because I already was enlisted from age 12, but not actually here till much later. You should know that we directed Sheila to energize you. No she was not one of us, but was a willing tool for us for her own purposes. And please don’t look down on her for that, because she genuinely loved you. And we are very conscious of the grief that her early demise caused you. It wasn’t a total waste, though, because it was a significant spur in your development as a man. Sorrow helps to stabilize even more importantly than pleasure or happiness.

You are probably aware now, James, that you will not be leaving here. This can be to your advantage or not. We just can’t allow any outside knowledge of this place and its people to escape us. I’m very sorry if that offends you. But, you are military and you understand or should, the principle of putting the interests of the unit first.

To prevent dissention or rebellion here, everyone is monitored as to their attitude and degree of assimilation. There is no way to escape it or fool it either. The programs they use are virtually fool proof and the monitoring is continuous, but not readily evident. Negative assets have their uses and separate quarters. We don’t foresee any problem for you in this. You have been very flexible in adaption to your circumstances in your life. Even the few that came outside of your choosing.

You will disappear from public view. When asked, your previous commander will state that you are on a very important assignment and not available for contact. Your family will be told the same. Sorry, but you will have no active contact with them, but will have regular generic messages sent in your name by our security department to somewhat ease their worries about you.

We will have all of your materials and equipment forwarded to you here. Plus, equipment and materials that you will need for your work here. And you will have a great amount of work to do. It will be very important work.

You will be paid per your military rank, because you will be still carried on their books. You will get regular promotions. Your funds will be stored for you, but you won’t need any of if it here. Everything you need here will be provided. This will include a very comfortable suite of rooms that you will share with your partner. You can probably guess who they think that will be. But, there are other fine options for you if you want them.

We have world-class medical treatment and care here. Most of us will exceed our natural lifespans that we inherited. You are projected to live beyond a hundred years, be sexually active almost to the end and productive here till then, also. I am projected to live to 92. Since I am two years younger than you, which means if you choose me, you will get up to ten years of peace after I am gone. You can, of course, chase the younger girls then. Until, I am gone, you won’t have much time or enough energy to chase others. I can promise that! (His eyes lifted in thought at that statement.)

Now comes the question: What do you think about your place here?


James -----Well, I of course would have liked to have had a real choice in this matter, but I see the mission here, and would like to serve and succeed here. And, oh, I don’t think I have to interview any other candidates for my life partner. I already did that in S.F!

Fred------(At that Fred blushed……..and nodded.) Well, then you have listened patiently to my lengthy lecture. Are there any questions burning in your mind about this?

James-----No, Fred. You have covered them quite well. I figure the only ones left will be answered in due course. Oh, one question! When can I get to work? I have important work simmering.

Fred------Yes, we know about that. It will take about three days to get everything of yours here and have you set up. I guess you can consider them as a much needed vacation. That is one thing that you neglect.

James-----Then would you like to show me around?

Fred------Sure, let’s go to our quarters now.

[Upon arriving]

Fred------You will notice that our quarters are very roomy. Five bedrooms, one for me/us and one for you when you need solitude or one of us might be ill or for some reason don’t want to disturb the other. Through some architectural artifice there is a solarium where you can do your ‘garden thing’ with real sunlight. A music room for that indulgence with your guitar and listening apparatus. You will have no office here, and I will have only a bare call center. It is expected for us to work, work very hard at our offices, but not here. They don’t want us to burn out or antagonize each other. BTW my bedroom has all of the ‘play’ supplies anyone could ever want, including sexy clothes. I will not usually wear them, unless requested, but you can wear them anytime you want. (He laughed with her on this.) James, I promise to make you as happy as I can!

James-----Fred, happiness comes from accomplishments, a strong partnership and a peaceful calm environment, ever so lightly flavored with gourmet sex. But, of course you know that and I appreciate the dedication to me behind your assertion there.

Fred-------Big words again. But, with a lot of heart. Appreciated. BTW, we will be starting our life together right now.

James-----Can’t wait to begin.

[A month later.]

James and Fred are sitting having breakfast together. She is drinking her coffee and he his pure Brita filtered water in a frosted glass. The conversation was very bare, with each focused on the work ahead. One of the challenges in the UNIT was to get the personnel to really relax in their digs. Even though they didn’t have the means to pursue their work there, it didn’t stop them from obsessing over it.

Fred was a little worried about them, since they had not had sex, yet. Oh James was very attentive and affectionate. But, no outright sex yet. She decided to meet this head-on this morning. They had plenty of time before each had to leave
Fred------James, I have something I think that we need to talk about.

James-----I’m sorry Fred, what could that be? Are your monitors worried about me? I am actually quite happy and adjusted to this place. At least I think that I am.

Fred------Oh, no worries about that! You are doing very well. Your work is progressing well and we see no signs of dissatisfaction at all. Your family also seems to be taking this well. They are used to not hearing from you for long stretches. And they are happy that you are doing ‘meaningful work’ even if they don’t know what it is. And since they are assured of your health and happiness, they are comforted by that also. Besides, they have their hands full with your siblings. Oh don’t worry, nothing serious. Just the usual, plus a little.

What I wanted to talk about is our sex life, of more directly the lack of it. And don’t worry, I know that you love me and respect me. Our life together here is almost idyllic. The monitors say that it is the highest regarded partnership that they have ever seen. But, James you are not making love to me. Is there something wrong with me? I thought that you were strongly attracted to me. You seemed to have no trouble relating to me that way in S.F.

James-----Well Fred, you do meet things head on, don’t you? (She nods.) I see nothing wrong with our relationship, Fred. Sex hasn’t entered the scene yet, because we are just really getting to know each other. You aren’t starving for it are you? I know you have at least one female lover here. And don’t worry, I am not jealous about it. By the way, you were still technically a virgin when we ‘played’ in S.F. weren’t you? (She nodded.) Thought so. No problem there.

Fred, sex up to now has been aggressively thrown my way by sexually determined females or has been sought after by me for fun. Sometimes it just happened, too. But this is new for me. A lot of what has happened since I came to here is new to me. It is not bad, just a bit unsettling. One thing that is very new, is the building of a personal long lasting relationship. I have never even tried before. Never had the circumstances where it made any sense. So, there is nothing wrong with you or us. It is just that I want us to be welded together as a couple first. When sex enters the picture, it definitely slows down the assimilation process and takes center stage for quite some time. And no worry, Fred. You are devastatingly desirable to me. It will come at its due time.

Fred, I went about two years without sex between my entry into the service and Ramona. I enjoy sex very much. But, it isn’t the only focus of my life!

Fred-------James, you are even deeper than we anticipated…….OK, I will be patient for us, for it to happen.

James-----Thank you, Fred!

Three months later, James has received notice of promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. This has attracted attention by some. This quick kind of promotion only usually happens during wartime, to military celebrities or astronauts. But, the attention (and jealousy in some cases) was deflected and things proceeded in James’ life in a progressive manner. He had already replaced as leader his predecessor in the Weather Department as it was termed. He guessed that some there had difficulty pronouncing the term, Meteorology, so the dumbing down effect kicked in. He also had a seat on the COMMITTEE.

Fred------(While they were cuddled upon awakening in the morning together in her bed, she kissed him fervently and he hugged and kissed her back with great enthusiasm. But no intimacy resulted. As they lay together confident in each other’s love, she brings back a subject of concern.) James, we need to revisit a previous discussion. Don’t worry, I am very confident of our love. But, the powers to be are somewhat concerned that we aren’t mated, yet in the sexual sense. No pressure, Honey. But, is there something we can do about it? There are other issues at risk in this. I am OK, with my lover to take care of me, but they are worried about you. They don’t think that it is normal for a man with a viable and willing sex partner to deny himself this long. You don’t seem to be interested in anyone else, either. Do we have a ‘Madonna’ complex at work here, James? I am not too pure for to fuck, you know. And I would enjoy it very much if you did. I sure enjoyed our little tete-au-tete in S.F. Or has this been developing just too long and your desire has deadened?

James-----No, Fred. The desires are all there. It is percolating and fulminating. It just needs some kind of spark to ignite. I know it will happen, just not when.

Fred------OK, but there are other concerns here. I will talk about them in a minute. No, I need to talk about them now. The BOARD has an idiotic idea that they can breed to intelligence. So they want us in the UNIT to each produce children. Hence the extra bedrooms in each suite. It is all balderdash, of course. Human genetics, even all genetics don’t predictably work that way. There is a very strong tendency to produce average intelligence and average motivational qualities in the issue. Whether we are truly directly created or developed from some kind of ancestors some way, there has been no direct proof that any kind (like dogs, cattle or such) has ever actually changed into another by any natural process. What has actually been found to be true is that what is happening is variation around the mean in each kind. Darwin was right about the ‘survival of the fittest,’ though. But it doesn’t produce a new kind, just an identifiable subset of the kind. The survivors in any ecology do tend to reproduce offspring that concentrate the genetic characteristics that allowed them the opportunity to reproduce. But, if the conditions change again, the subset gives way to a new one, but still within the kind. The subset becomes the new local ‘mean.’

The BOARD is still determined to try, though. So we are expected to make our contributions to the gene pool. It is reported to draw a couple even closer, too. And will provide considerable entertainment and additional purpose to our partnership. The BOARD is getting a little impatient with us. You are of prime reproductive age, and so am I. And since they want us to have several children, they want us to start soon. Very soon!

James-----But, we only have room for at most a couple of children here, Fred.

Fred------Actually four rooms, since you would be expected to move to my room during the child bearing years. They feel that the penis should have the vagina very close at hand during these years, so that the opportunities for them to do their appointed work will be greatly enhanced.

James----- Nice of them to be so concerned. (He said with a sense of bemusement.) When do they expect us to commence this project?

Fred-------Now, James. Or at least tonight.

James-----Tonight it will be, then. Bring your combustible materials and I will bring the match. I look forward to a memorable bonfire, tonight!

Fred-------Me too, James. (Said with a lot of tenderness.)

That night at dinner, the conversations were very cordial. Except for a certain amount of updating from his past day, no ‘shop’ was offered. The BOARD thought that perhaps letting James have closure over his past, would help unshackle his sexuality now. Boy, sometimes the GENIUSES can be real stupid. Like them commenting on our policies at all. Well, it was worth a try. She didn’t think it necessary, but it wouldn’t hurt. To that all subscribed.

Fred-------James, I just came across some information about those in your past, that you might be interested in. It is about some of the ladies that you have known (in the Biblical sense) and what happened to them. You always showed a remarkable concern about the ladies that you have fucked, even if it was only once. Do you want to hear what I have discovered?

James-----I will reserve judgment until I have heard a couple of them. (He said with a very guarded expression in his face and noticeable tension in his voice.)

Fred------OK. First Charlotte. She and the sergeant, now a major, are doing fine. They have three children, are very stable in their marriage and he is on track for advanced command training. (I am not surprised, James thought.) And she still remembers you, James. Very fondly! She has no idea what has happened to you. But, she hopes for the best, just like you did for her. She is maturing into a grand lady, indeed.

Sue is doing OK, nothing specially good or bad.

Amy married a garage mechanic, works at the diner and lives in a modular home. Has two kids, with another on the way. He is a bit rough around the edges, but they are stable for now. He has a big cock, too. (I bet that got him entrance right away, he thought.)

[She waited for a reply from him and got none. He seemed interested, though.]

Lisa married the ‘boy next door,’ they have five children and she got her PHD. She can do much of her work online and so lives at the farm. She will have a bright and stable future. She smiles when she remembers you.

Ramona still misses you and feels bad about it. Her life is rather drab, with one guy after another entering it (and her, James thought) and leaving her. Not tragic, just rather empty.

We couldn’t find out much about the prostitute you met at the gate. But, there were no reports of dead whores in the bays around there, not any found in any of the ditches, either. So she probably survived her brief dabbling in the ‘hobby’ as it has become known. They call themselves providers too, now and escorts. The new generation of prostitutes have moved into a more socially acceptable mode of operation. But, she is probably shacked up to some guy, now. Not likely to remember you at all.

Mary, the young dark-haired girl that had her mother reject you, died a year later from the quick onset of M.S, which she found out about just before you were sent packing. There was no resentment towards you at all in this.

Oh, and the guy that came for you with a knife, a big one, killed her with it a couple of years later. Not because of you in any way. And he is serving 26 years to life over it. Well, they had no children and he is out of the gene pool, anyway.

James-----Well, thank you, I think. That closes those doors for sure, though since I have been with you, they were all long closed anyway. Nice to hear about Charlotte.

Fred------- (Well, most all of that was true, anyway.) Just thought you would like to know. Now let’s concentrate on us!

James-----Good idea.


That night Fred and James made ‘real’ love with and to each other. There was nothing kinky or exotic about it at all. Just two people totally in love with each other, holding on to each other, letting each other’s body speak to them; just total love.

In all that he had experienced with the women in his life, he had never experienced this. And when they lay back afterwards, still entangled and very happy and sated, they just knew that this is how it was meant to be. A good man, a good woman with good love, Perfect!!!

In the following weeks this was repeated a few times. Always totally satisfying to them both. They drew closer together and gained total confidence in each other’s love. Even the usually great work output of each spiked. No doubt about it, they were a finely-tuned machine. Everybody was happy. Even the BOARD.

Soon, perhaps a little sooner than Fred and James would have chosen, she became pregnant. It wasn’t that it was unexpected or undesired. It was just that they were so enjoying the ‘love holiday’ in their relationship. With the baby on the way, they had a very private wedding at the UNIT. Just a few work friends. It wasn’t needed, but helped to fulfill a sense of propriety that they both felt with a family on the way.

As word spread out in the home community, there was little surprise among their former ‘friends.’ Just a little jealousy (or something like it, maybe envy) among a few. No bad feelings, no great feelings. Just a sense of propriety about it. They did wonder why the ‘kids’ didn’t come home to marry, though. And one family was a little saddened, since they had had hopes for their daughter. But, oh well.

The baby arrived in due order. She was magnificent. Well formed, very cute, lively with searching eyes. The genetic tests were very positive. Unknown to James but involved in by Fred was that less blessed children were going to be farmed out. Only those with the highest potential would be retained in the UNIT. The ones that remained there would be raised, trained and educated to the highest ideals that could be found. There was a strong hope that this would not ruin them entirely. Even the ones that were farmed out would be watched for late blooming excellence, just like James had shown. And they would not suffer by this, since the receiving families would be prioritized by family relationship, fit-ness and their real desire for children. Somehow the UNIT managed to circumvent the normal foster-home mandates and child protection bureaus and the horrors that they so often perpetuate due to the legal shackles that are put upon them, and the unreasonable expectations they have to reach to succeed.

They simply didn’t have the resources of the UNIT. Wouldn’t know how to usefully employ them anyway. The department of the UNIT in charge of these decisions and operations came to be known as the Bene Gesserit. And there was no humor at all in that designation. Just a deep seated concern that they knew what they were doing. Also a fear that they might achieve what they were working towards. After all, remember Paul! When the B.G.S. got what they wanted, a messiah, he turned out to be way too hot to handle.

Makes a person wonder what Frank knew. He had been a newspaper reporter, was an accomplished researcher and was very bright. Could it be that he wrote DUNE, about the production of a messiah because…….

Anyway, James and Fred’s world was turned upside down with the baby. Delightfully so, in so many ways. James had no reservations about doing his share to care for his new daughter. In fact, James and Fred ganged up on the BUREAU and insisted on caring for the baby themselves. Since, they were among the first to have children in the UNIT, they were plowing new ground here. James and Fred had to somewhat stagger their work shifts so that the baby care would continue 24 hours a day. Also, they insisted that there be at least a communication terminal with minimum capability in their suite, so that they could monitor the activities in their respective units. This turned out to not have the dire circumstances that the BUREAU had worried about. They just had to limit the workability of the terminal to maintain the desired family atmosphere in the suite.

The baby, unnamed yet, thrived under the combined attention of its real parents. Personal attention to its physical needs, skin to skin contact, play and intellectual stimulation from brilliant parent’s minds sponsored the solid and dramatic development of the baby. This made a real impression on the powers-that-be, who monitored everything and especially the development of these children. It helped to ease the way for the others who felt the same way as James and Fred did. And set a pattern of standard child rearing for the UNIT. Made for a lot of very happily involved parents, too.

As time progressed, the BUREAU was advised of a concern. James’ production and attentiveness was sagging just a little bit. It appeared that the attention that he was giving to the baby was siphoning off some of his famous work drive. And the mismatched schedules of James and Fred were taking a toll on their sex life. There was not one sign of dissatisfaction between them, but it was apparent that the total commitment that James was investing in his daughter needed to be moderated somewhat. How to accomplish this was a matter of discussion at the highest levels with a very deep seated drive to do whatever was needed to mitigate this. Fred was not party to all of this fulminating at this time. No need to concern her with the possible adjustments that might be needed, they thought. There would be time enough for that when, the time (and decision) came.

After evaluating all of the factors, including Fred’s love of James and her very pragmatic approach to her life, it was decided that James needed a lover to siphon off the sexual energy that wasn’t being drained by Fred. Also, they decided that as much as he loved and needed her, there were some deep psychological needs that Fred couldn’t satisfy. This is probably true in all, even the strongest relationships. Probably why even happily married men stray. Searching for the needed heart felt release. And why it is so very stupid to break up families over it. In a lot of ways the husband (and sometimes the wife) needs this very badly, and still doesn’t want to break up the continuity and security that he (or she) still feels with the mate that they love. And it can be devastating to the children too, who need a united child rearing to best reach their potential.

Another factor was the having of another adult in the family unit, to take some of the burden of child raising off from both James and Fred. Even if more children were produced by this new mate, the day could be divided up into eight hour shifts, instead of the twelve hour shifts that James and Fred were now committing themselves to, since neither wanted anyone outside of the family to be intimately involved in the rearing of their children. This should help James and Fred to be more attentive to their secular duties in the UNIT, too.

The BOARD brought in Fred and discussed this with her. She was very thoughtful at first and there was a prolonged silence that ensued, which no one present wanted to interrupt. When she raised her eyes and addressed them, she in her very firm and intelligent manner said that after considering this, she found herself in agreement with them. After they heaved a sigh of relief unitedly, they listened as she noted, that this could accomplish a number of things. As they awaited her next statements, they paused to consider the shining intellect before them. A Genius after all. Even with her love for James at stake and the relationship of her growing family involved, she was working the situation to achieve the maximum benefits for James and the UNIT.


She said that as she knew James very well, and the needs of the UNIT, too since she was the ‘mother superior’ of the ‘Bene Gesserit” unit, she could offer some insight on what could and should be done. Because of many factors, several hard rules would have to be put aside. James would have to leave the UNIT for a short time on a very important mission. To identify and recruit the lady who would become his lover, the mother of some of his children and represent the interests of her significant minority people well. She knew of just the right girl.

She was a very young woman at the present, only 19. She had a transcendent intelligence, the highest they had found among the Native-American population.

She was beginning to work as an escort and was hooked on narcotics. But, she had a very warm heart, a son she adored and a deep love and commitment to the interests of her people. She had recently passed through the ‘smoke house’ ritual that integrated her to her people’s past and culture. She was a ‘lever’ just waiting to be pulled.

And she was in grave danger of losing it all because of the dangerous life she was leading. Because she admired her father, her grandfather (now deceased) and the elders of her tribe, she would be agreeable to the mating of her life to a man somewhat older than the normal for her age. She had been married to her childhood sweetheart, but it had crashed under the very real strain put upon them from their difficult mode of life. So the appeal of an older man’s stability would be welcome for that reason, too.

She was already a sexual adept. And though she was not wildly sexually motivated herself, her culture’s basic premise, that the women take care of their men, would motivate her to take care of hers.

As the representatives of the BUREAU gathered their wits about them after this avalanche of good common sense and welcome addressing of the way to work with this challenge, plans were already growing among them. There was a surprising unanimity of thought here. They looked at each other and one of them spoke:

Rep--------Than you, Frieda for your input. Your reputation is well known among us, but seldom have we seen a better evidence of it. We will take all of this under advisement and let you know when it is decided upon. In the meantime, please send us any further suggestions and we will surely integrate them into our plans.

Fred-------Thank you for the kind thoughts, but it is my duty to watch out for James (for several reasons) and for the interests of the UNIT. This all just meshes so well together. Perhaps karma spurs karma, huh?

Rep--------I don’t know if I really believe in anything I can’t touch and measure. But, in this case I will grant an enthusiastic, “Perhaps!’ But, a lot of it is just your genius at work.

Fred-------Not all!

Rep--------Yes, you are right, Not All!

A few weeks later, the same group of persons met to discuss the very important and complicated challenge ahead of them. James at this point knew nothing about the plans being made involving him. Everything was stable and fine in his home and life. As far as he consciously knew, and he was blissfully unaware of the storm that was about to enter his life. Hurricane Maliah.

It was determined that he would travel to his home town. Under the guise of seeing his ailing father (which was true because he was entering his last days due to untreatable leukemia.) He would travel in full-military regalia as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force (which he was) and with his baby daughter. This combination of factors would greatly reduce any suspicions about him. He would be travelling by military transport, so that public exposure would be limited and since he and his daughter, whom he would be very busy with, would be the only passengers on the plane, very few outsiders would have any contact with him.

Since he was keenly aware of the security concerns, he would be very careful of what he said. Nothing but the essential non-unit threatening conversation would ensue. They knew that his parents wouldn’t pry. Not their kind of thing. And his siblings were not thought to be going to be present during the brief stay. His parents could well care for the baby while he was fulfilling his mission. Nobody would be the wiser. At least that is what they hoped for.

As he rode in the airplane, like ones he had been trained to fly, his thoughts ran to the facts that he had not been outside the UNIT for some time. He couldn’t even readily remember how long it was. Also, because of the nature of his mission, which he knew most of, it occurred to him that he had not been with anyone but Fred for a long time. Didn’t know how that would go. Despite all that had happened sexually since that fateful PROM night with Sheila, most of it had been at the ladies’ instigation or at least at their mutual inclination and consent. Even with the wildly erotic adventures he had had, he tended to be very conventional in his sexual life and had rarely purposely tried to seduce any woman. His only time that that had offered any determined interest for him, it had died in the presence of a kind-hearted but very determined Marine Sergeant.

The plans had been made. The apartment borrowed. The internet plans were in place. The sponsoring personnel were informed and on board. Only Maliah was now ignorant of what faced her. But, it all depended on the connection being formed between James and her, and to some degree upon her acceptance upon receipt of very limited information of a life turning series of events.

The plane landed and James’ family greeted him when he left the taxi at their door. They were so excited to see their first grandchild. And she was suitably excited to see them, too. James probably wouldn’t get her back for the duration of the visit, with a visit to Frieda’s folks, too. And that worked well with his mission. The baby would help keep them busy enough that he would easily be able to bypass their questioning. She was introduced as Coral, an appropriate name chosen on the spot. Fred would surely accept that.

He didn’t have a lot of time and would be very busy while here, he told them. They said that they needed to get home then and spend whatever quality time was allotted to them. They were very fine folks, and Coral immediately accepted them. James’ dad looked amazingly well for being on his death bed. Hmmmmmph!

James left after a few minutes and got a car to the apartment. He settled in to try to work his magic. The furnished computer worked at his touch and he sent out the message on a national message board with a local message section. “Lonely gentleman looking for female affectionate attention. If interested, please send photos.”

He waited for several hours with no responses, and then at about six in the evening he received the following response, “I believe that I am the answer to your request. Attached are three pictures. Please advise me as to whether you are interested.”

James examined the pictures which were informal and obviously amateurly produced. They showed an attractive Native-American girl in her late teens. In one she was just an average looking girl with a sunny smile. In another, a side shot, she was obviously very pretty, but with a serious expression. The last one showed her with a friend and was much like the first one.

He messaged her that he was very interested and sent his phone number. She called and they agreed to see each other that night. She said that she would come as soon as possible and would notify him when she was in town. He gave her the address of a neighboring grocery store and said that he would meet her there in its parking lot.

After she hang up, he got a brief phone call, and the voice said, “That is her.” That was all.

There were several hours of delay for her arrival, evidently based on the availability of her having transportation. And also, the fact that she was farther away from him than he had first though. Several text and phone calls eventually smoothed things out, and eventually she notified him that she would be at the rendezvous spot in about ten minutes.

He walked to the vicinity of the store parking lot where he could monitor her arrival without giving away his identity. She was just as careful and guessed the identity of the man sitting on the public bench in the darkened evening twilight. An exchange of text messages ‘crossed the bridge’ for them and they agreed to meet in the lot.

He approached the vehicle, with its open driver side window and perused the young woman there. ‘My God,’ he thought. ‘She is so very beautiful.’ At that point she was all business, though.

Maliah----(As she looked him up and down.) You are James, I presume?

James-----Yes, I am.

Maliah----I get this strange feeling that we have met elsewhere. Or maybe here, but that you were about double your current age.

James-----Sorry, I don’t know anything about that. But, I am interested in proceeding, if you are.

Maliah----Okay, I take it that you don’t have a car with you? (He nods.) Get in then and we will drive there.

James-----Yes, it is only about three blocks away.

As they arrived and made way to exit her vehicle her whole manner changed and she became very friendly and affectionately submissive. She allowed him to gently and firmly guide her to the apartment and through the door to the interior. When inside, after briefly hugging him with no kiss, she excused herself to use the bathroom.

After about ten minutes, she exited the bathroom and stood across the room from him while he was seated at the computer which was on.

Maliah----James, I need to tell you now that I am Native-American and that that has made a difference to some men. Some of them have refused to see me because of it.

James-----[Stunned!] You mean to say that some guys have refused to see you because you are Native-American, he asked incredulously? You are so sweet and so very beautiful! Well, honey, you will have no such trouble with me.

Maliah----Yes, it is true, but it is very sweet of you to say such nice things about me.

James----No problem, Maliah, you deserve that much and more. Would you come over here and sit on my lap while I show you something on the computer?

Maliah----[As she moves to sit on my lap,] Sure.

James-----This is a video on YOUTUBE that stars a cousin of mine who plays the dobro. He has become quite proficient on it despite a physical limitation. This is a relatively unknown Beatles song that he is performing.

Maliah----That is very pretty.

James-----I have a few other things to show you. Would you remove everything but your bra and panties?

Maliah----[After a brief lapse,] Sure.

As she settled back down to follow the other things he shared on the computer, he noted her gorgeous black hair and lovely slim light-brown body. It awakened powerful feelings in him that he was very surprised by and was barely coping with. His hands caressed her body and noted her feminine charms. She took no umbrage at this, in fact seemed to enjoy it very much.

James-----[After several minutes of sharing on the computer.] Would you take off the bra and panties, now for me, Maliah?

Maliah----Sure. May I put them over there on the chair?

James-----But, of course. Please sit back on my leg, though.

Maliah----James, I am enjoying this. Most guys don’t want to spend any time getting to know me first.

James-----[As his hands were pursuing her much more personally, now,] I am very much enjoying all of this.

After a few more minutes of this, she stands and takes his hand to guide him silently to the bedroom.

Maliah----James, I can please you as you asked in your messages, but I don’t kiss and everything has to be done with a cover.

She could see the crestfallen expression on his face.

Maliah----Well, maybe I can kiss a little, but let me take the lead in that, please!

James-----[Brightening up a bit,] Okay.

With that all conversation ceased for a while. He laid on his back and she began to lightly caress his body, while gently kissing his face and upper body. His hands were feeling her most intimate areas very gently. Her face, her neck, her breasts, her belly, her long brown beautiful legs and finally her pussy. Kisses accompanied the attention to all of these areas.

He began to gently ease her pussy lips and clit with his lips and tongue. She responded to this with low moans and body movements in unison to them. She started to get wet in her love zone and even in the dim light he could see her tissues swelling and her pussy lips separating. This eased access for him to her vaginal opening which he stimulated and probed with his tongue and lips. Her clit was already swelled because it slightly protruded from her pussy lips especially when she was sexually stimulated.

He buried his face into her pussy and used his nose to rub against her clit, while his lips and tongue worked on her vaginal entry port. He had always loved this type of attention to a woman’s love zone, but didn’t ever remember being so turned on by it. Must have been the lovely odors involved and some kind of pheromones that spoke right to him on a cellular level.

She now motioned for him to lay back and relax. Yeah relax, with this sexy woman with him! That will be a challenge. But, he tried. She put on his cap, using her mouth and proceeded to give him one of the few B.J’s that were covered that he ever enjoyed. She got him rock hard.

He then asked for 69 and she agreed and moved into position above him for it. She continued to work his cock and he worked over her pussy and ass from behind while glorifying in the wonderful view. She was about nineteen he guessed, when most women were at their absolute peak in beauty of face and body. He didn’t think he would ever be with a more beautiful body in his whole life.

After an elongated four minutes of this she turned her body and mounted him. She rode him gently for a bit and then asked what he wanted. While he very much wanted doggie with her, he even more wanted mish. So she laid on her back and he gently entered her. It was so warm, so wet, so tight. He was just lost in the moment. It was as close as he ever came to simply turning into a rutting animal, just mindlessly fucking her. But, he held onto his sanity and relaxed a little and enjoyed the gentle fucking of his glorious girl.

He was surprised that he didn’t cum. He came very close, but no release. They tried lazy dog, and it was grand too. But, still no release. So they went back to mish. Same result. Finally he had to show mercy to her and so he stopped. He gently held her in his arms and told her it was okay. He was not disappointed. She gently and tenderly kissed him and then left the bed to clean up.

When she came back into the bedroom, she was still naked and so was he. He took her into the kitchen to find something to drink and/or drink. She refused any alcohol and accepted some canned tea drink from the very limited assortment in the fridge. After they had sat and talked for a few minutes, he noticed the full-length mirror mounted on the closet door in the hallway. He guided her to it, stood her facing it and snuggled up to her from behind with his head on her shoulders and with his arm reaching down to have his hand cover her privates. He lamented that he didn’t have a camera to catch the picture. That moment was one of the signature moments of his life and was seared into his consciousness for the rest of it.

At that moment he didn’t know how he could ever love anyone more than this lovely, warmly affectionate and gorgeous brown-skinned girl. His heart would never be the same again.

She indicated that it was time for her to leave and that she had very much enjoyed the time that they had shared together.

He just didn’t know what to say. How do you put such powerful feelings into words? There just aren’t the words powerful enough. He did say that he would like to see her again.

She responded with excitement and enthusiasm, that she would like to see him again, too.

She dressed and prepared to walk off into the night.

He had a very difficult time in his heart with her leaving, but handled it well, with a farewell kiss and a hug.

These ladies have a reputation, not deserved by some of them, of taking things that do not belong to them to augment their cash earnings from these encounters. But, the only thing he noticed that was amiss was the corner of a page of a magazine on the toilet tank was torn off. He pondered that as he left to go to his parent’s house.

During the night he received a message to meet a man at a local diner. The man, he presumed to be part of the B.G. department of the UNIT would know him. He was just to find a secluded table and wait for the other man.

When they met and settled in after giving their orders to the waitress, he was asked what his impression of Maliah was. James said that she was lovely, intelligent and submissive. He asked James if he felt a connection with her. James said that if the connection was any stronger for him, they would have to torch it to break it. And that she seemed to feel it too.

Rep--------Well, that is it. We will bring her in.

James-----I certainly want her with us and ME. But, shouldn’t she have something to say about this?

Rep--------Wish we could, but there are very important issues involved, as you know. And everything about her tells us that she will thrive in the UNIT. And find some happiness there, some of it with you.

James-----But, what about her two year old boy? Can you imagine what it would be like for a young woman to be separated from her only child, maybe the only positive thing in her life that she had to hold on to in a life that has pushed her into prostitution to support her and him?

Rep--------She is about to lose him anyway due to her life style. And though her husband (soon to be x) is an edgy character, we project that he will be a fine father because of their culture and his family influence.

James-----That is well and good, but………….

Rep--------It will hurt, but she will be fine…………in the long run.


When James returned back to the UNIT, with Coral, Maliah was already there. She was over the initial heartbreak of the loss of her son and freedom. She seemed to realize at least on some level what this might mean. It had been explained to her that someone would soon explain all to her. (At least all that she would be permitted to know.)

When James moved through the corridor to meet with Maliah, he felt a powerful remembrance of when he himself had been met with by Fred.

James-----(As he entered the same small office he had been indoctrinated in by Fred, Maliah was already there seated and curious. She slightly started, when she recognized him as he entered.) Good morning, Maliah. I am sorry it took several days before we could meet and explain this to you. Sometimes it works out best to give the new ones a couple of days to acclimate themselves and to come to grips with the fact that their lives have been permanently changed and are not totally under their own control anymore. Not that they completely do anyway.

Maliah----What about my baby, my boy? (She asked without any concern about herself at this moment.)

James-----He is being well cared for by your soon-to-be ex-husband and the father of the boy. Maliah, we know that you are soon to lose his custody and most of your presence in his life due to your drugs and escorting. So what happens from now on would change that very little. We are sorry about the heartache that this will cause you, though.

Maliah-----How very kind of you! (Said more than a little bitterly.)

James-----Yes. I know. I had little say over my being here, either. There was a personal cost to me, too. But, not the loss of any child that I knew of, though.

Maliah----You mean that you are a prisoner here, too!!!

James-----Well, I guess it could be viewed in that manner, but I am not concerned about that now. I have very important work to do here and I have found considerable happiness and purpose in doing it. We understand that you will adjust to being here very well, in short order, when you come to realize what your purposes in being here are, among other reasons, (he said as he cleared his throat with a slightly amused expression,) for you to be here is that you have been identified as a highly qualified representative of the Native-American people to represent their hopes, rights and legal issues to the U.S. government.

Maliah-----Me?? I don’t even have a completed high school program and degree.

James----- Not yet. We will be helping you to accomplish that and far beyond it, here. Don’t sell yourself short. We don’t. You are young, intelligent, fully immersed in your native culture, initiated into the smokehouse ritual, a fine singer of native songs (some of which you have written), resourceful and very brave. Few understand how much desperation and courage it takes to support yourself as an escort. We do.

Maliah----Was this all of your decision?

James-----No. Others above me saw a need for me, (said as he gently looked at her) a need for the native peoples and a need for the government. They have known about you since you were little. And they felt that with the drugs and dangerous life style you were following, much better use of your life could be made of here.

Maliah----Well, I see some of the wisdom in all of that. But, what about my family and my culture. How will I handle separation from them along with my friends?

James-----You will have to be very brave and buy into what your mission is here, to do so. You will be very busy. You will have love and affection, here. (He said this with modest downcast eyes.) And we will see what can be done in the long run.

Maliah----I am expected to be your lover? (She asked, not unkindly.)

James-----Yes, that is one of your purposes in being here. Nothing will be forced. But, it is expected that you will acclimate to that rather easily. You remember that we connected rather powerfully that special evening.

Maliah----Yes, we did! One of the reasons I’m here, isn’t it?

James-----You catch on very quickly, don’t you? Another clue that we got it right. You will now come with me as I introduce you to as much as you need to know now of what is going on here, and your place in it and to where you will live with me. And my other partner, Fred. Don’t worry, Fred is actually Frieda, one of the most beautiful and intelligent persons on the Earth, who is my other lover and already a mother of a child by me.

Maliah----Am I expected to have children by you, too: And be her lover, too?

James-----My, you take the info and run with it, don’t you? Yes to the first. Up to you on the second. Fred is delightfully Bi. But, not pushy. Either way, I expect that you will very much like her. And be inspired by her, too; as all of the rest of us are. By-The-Way, she is simply gorgeous, too. But, you will have your own bedroom in our suite. And I will alternate between your room and hers, while being anchored in hers, on some schedule that the three of us can agree on. In the meantime, you will be very busy with your studies and also the policy statements you will start producing on topics you choose and those assigned to you about Native-American concerns. These will especially be helpful from an insider and lover of your culture. You will be expected to make no apologies for them and you shouldn’t either. Actually I am one fourth native, myself, but have been entirely raised and lived in white culture. One of the things I hope to gain from you is a better understanding of my own native heritage.

Maliah----You have a lot set before me here. You have a lot of gall to take this upon yourselves. But, I do see some wisdom in it. I will probably live a lot longer being here also. I fully expected to die before I am thirty, probably of an overdose. I worried about what would happen to my son, then. I worry that he won’t remember me.

James-----He will remember you, Maliah. And will love you till he dies, too, even if he doesn’t know why you left or where you are.

Maliah----You speak like you know so many things and with such conviction!

James-----We have a lot of experience in these things and have grown to be quite accurate even in the chaos of human affairs.

Maliah----I guess I need to get to work then. To dampen the sadness and hurt over my change of life and loss.

James-----We can arrange that.

Time marched on. Maliah adjusted and earned her education up to a PHD in Native-American Studies. Her policy offerings were instrumental in the gradual change in attitude of the federal government and resulted in a number of landmark advances for native rights and culture. All unknown as to origin by the Native-American community.

Maliah shared a powerful and enduring love with James in the suite she shared with Fred. They got along just fine. Mostly she and Fred treated each other as sisters with the same husband, evidently not completely unknown in native culture, but a couple of times they shared intimate love. They were very satisfied by it, but felt no need to prolong that kind of contact. Fred had James and her ‘little friend.” Maliah, after a few years gained Adonis.

Life got real lively in the suite, with Maliah’s three births and Fred’s four more. The three of them worked things out, but they had to confiscate James’ greenhouse and music room for sleeping space for the youngest of them. The children were raised in common, no notice given to who the mother was of each, and they were very united as siblings. There was still intimate time for James with Maliah and Fred, more than enough to keep him very mellow.

Though, Maliah loved James very much, her lonely ache for her native culture was beginning to cause some concern in the BUREAU. With her completing of her studies and the additional free time to think it allowed, she became aware of the latent feelings within her. Also, though the extended family was coping well, it became obvious that some kind of adjustment could benefit matters.


The B.G. Department was assigned to sort this out, just as they did with James. They came to a decision about a young native man from Maliah’s tribe. She had known him all of his life and he was a far relative. He was two years younger than her, but he also was fully integrated into the tribal culture, was a leader of the smokehouse and a native drummer who had accompanied Maliah when she sang there.

He was reasonably bright, but wasting his life in drugs and unlawful endeavors. While he was on an extended stay in jail, he was given a choice to continue there or move to another secure facility where he would live much better, have better work and more freedom. Since his prospects were very dim, he jumped at the change to better his situation. He, of course, didn’t know that this was like a life sentence.

When he arrived at the UNIT, he was allowed to assimilate into its culture, being trained in various skills to help take care of the place. He found considerable satisfaction in this and was an expert worker. Eventually, he became one of the supervisors of the Maintenance Section. The B.G. who never do anything without a plan and multiple goals in mind, introduced Maliah to him after he had become stable in the environment. She was ecstatic to have someone that she knew from the tribe as a friend. They soon became lovers and companions, though her relationship with James remained strong.

After about a year, though, she moved herself and the three children into a suite to be shared with Adonis. It was just so much more practical and did relieve the bit of never complained about crowding in Fred and James’ suite. She continued to share time with James for some time, but eventually comforted James with the promise of her eternal love for him in her heart, but informed him that she would be confining herself to Adonis from that time on. James saw it coming. He wished her well, but felt that a good part of his heart left with her.

Before she left, he shared with her his vision:


Someday Maliah; you, Adonis and I will be gone. Somewhere in the infinite universe, The Master, will awaken James to another life very different from the previous one.

He will be young again, healthy and fully native then. He will possess no active memories of his past at first, but will be the beneficiary of their lessons. He will live and wander in the forests he so loves with the trees he so loves and in the meadows. He will live off of the land and all nature will love him as one of them.

He will be alone for many years as his heart and soul are refreshed and fine-tuned for what is to come. When he becomes fully integrated with his place in life and completely at peace with himself, a version of Maliah will join him there. She will also be refreshed and young and oblivious to her past, which will be stored in her subconscious. She will be one of two identical twins who are connected on some level so that each is totally aware of the other and shares in her joys. The other will be with Adonis, somewhere else.

The Master will instruct them to be together, but they will not be allowed to touch. This goes on for some years as they learn about each other and become fine-tuned to each other. After some time, The Master will allow them to touch and enjoy each other, but with no intercourse. This goes on for years, until their physical lives match up with their spiritual ones.

Then the Master allows them to have intercourse and they produce several children, wonderfully attractive, smart and with good hearts. They raise these children and then as they become adults, they leave to have their own lives. The parents see them very seldom, but with great joy each time.

With life’s reproductive mandate satisfied, Maliah and James return to focusing to each other’s needs and happiness. Their lives are full of love and deep comfort. Eventually, sex becomes superfluous as they feel deeply each other’s deepest thoughts and heart. Their bodies climax from just holding each other and opening up their minds and hearts to each other.

In the far future, The Master grants them to become one mind, one body for a few moments while they are entwined. It lasts briefly and then later they throw off their physical bodies to become the eternal embodiment of male /female love in a spiritual form. The Master samples this feeling they have and finally truly understands the male/female power he unleashed so long ago with Adam and Eve. It was not a rejection of him, after all.

James and Maliah live on in the spiritual place, and their love inspires the love in others. After some time, they are joined in this place by all of the others from all through history who have felt and been true to this power. The joining of them together causes a tremendous power shift in the cosmos. They become the most powerful tool by the Master against the darkness and its evil.

Perhaps, this is what he intended all along. He is not all that forthcoming with information on his purposes.

At some time beyond this, Maliah reaches into James spiritual heart and says to him, “Do you remember my answer to your internet pleas, that I would be the answer to your loneliness?”

At that both were granted to remember it all. All of the happiness and sorrow. But, in this place, with their total love and commitment, the pain was gone. It was just history now to them.

James’ attention returned to her and he said, “Yes I do. And you are!


James lived to 105, Frieda to 92 and Maliah to 73. He had 22 children, three by Maliah, five by Frieda, one by Amy, one by Mary and 12 by various young ladies at the UNIT. Evidently they each felt that having one by him was some kind of privilege.

After Maliah left him and dedicated herself to Adonis, Fred made sure that there was always a young lady to fill in that void for him. They purposely were of different races to broaden his perspective, and so that each would be special in her own right. He remained sexually active and productive in his work up to within a few months of his demise. All of his children were watched very closely and few disappointed.

A number of years after Maliah left James, news got out about the UNIT. It caused a gigantic media sensation, which died of boredom very quickly, when it was realized what it was all about. However with this, the need to keep the members totally isolated was somewhat mitigated. Limited outside visits were permitted, which did a lot to lessen the sense of isolation that the members felt. Even Maliah got to see her first son, and what a celebration that caused for them.

The BOARD and UNIT continued on for many hundreds of years, though the form and mission changed over time.

James and Fred were satisfied to remain at the UNIT and continue on their very important work, uninterrupted. But, twin grandchildren of theirs went to live with the Bensons for a couple of years while they finished a very particular program at the “U.” Through them the family found out a lot about their son and his family. Maliah was a big surprise to them. The pictures the twins brought home became part of the family collage in the family room. The family was very comforted that their absent son was living a very meaningful life.

When death came near to James, he was as the ures say, “Old and satisfied with his days.” As he drew his last breaths, three shining faces appeared above him: Sheila, Maliah and Frieda. They looked at each other first, like they were acknowledging each of their places in his life and then turned unitedly to look down on him and in unison said, “Good job, James, Good Job!” With that and a couple of tears in his eyes, James passed on to the ‘dustbin of history.’

When his service records were closed out, the assigned officer noted the very long service term (He had been carried on the books till his death.) and the very sparse notes of accomplishments. The officer in his final analysis, wrote: “Just another under achieving Major General.”

Somewhere in the infinite cosmos a very wise personage noted all of this and smiled with a wink to himself.

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