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Part 3
As spontaneously as me and Casey started, things came to an end. Preparing for the next football season dominated more of my time than she’d liked, and we eventually just stopped speaking all together. I don’t think I had any time to worry about keeping a girl happy anyway. I was determined to get to where I had to go. By the end of the spring, I’d grown to 6’0, 170 pounds. I was running the 40-yard-dash in 4.4 seconds, the speed of a fast NFL player at 15 years old. I was hungry to get started next season and dominate my competition.

I hadn’t given girls much thought since Casey, until one night in the middle of June. I was sound asleep when I heard tapping coming from the window next to my bed. I looked out to see Alizé standing there in an oversized t-shirt, hair in a messy bun, and red, puffy eyes like she’d just been crying. I had flashbacks of our childhood; she’d always do this whenever her mother would be out doing God-knows-what all night. Over here, my mom would usually be passed out. We had similar situations and we’d be able to comfort each other, just talking all night long. But when I’d started dating Aaliyah in 6th grade, she stopped visiting so that she wouldn’t upset her. This is the first time in years she’s done this.

I opened the window for her and helped her in. “Hey,” I whispered.

“She been high all week,” she replied in a shaky voice. I just wrapped my arms around her in an embrace as tight as possible. “How’s your mom doing?” I just shook my head. “Casey told me what happened between you and here . I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, she don’t get it,” I told her. Alizé is the only person that knows just how desperate I am to get out of Philly and get my mom some help. It’s been a burning passion of mine to make it to the NFL since I was 7 years old.

“I know,” she said. “She’s not ready for a man yet.”

“I’m not sweatin’ it.”

We paused and just sat on my bed in silence. I looked over at her. Even in the dark there was no denying her beauty. Caramel skin with the most beautiful dark green eyes that complimented it so well, gorgeous curly, dark brown hair, long toned legs that looked so smooth.

“You like what you see?” She said with a slight grin, breaking my trance.

“Uhh w-what do you mean?” I stammered, trying to play it off. She smiled even harder and gently stroked under my chin.

“It’s okay, you’re not too bad looking yourself,” she said. My heart was pounding now. Do I make a move? Is she gonna make a move? Does she even want me to make a move? In all of that thought I made a split-second decision that would change my life forever. I slowly leaned in and gently kissed her lips. I tried to part, but then she gripped my shirt and pulled me closer to her. It’s been such a long time coming, I’d dreamt of this moment ever since I was 8. We continued to kiss while she placed her hand on my thigh and gradually slid upward until she eventually was rubbing my dick through my pants. Once I felt that, I parted from her.

“I don’t wanna fuck you with my mom right in there,” I whispered.

“Okay,” she replied. “I’m sucking that dick, though,” she said as she started to rub it again. Hey, I couldn’t object to that. She pulled my shorts down, then my underwear, and my steel dick flopped out against my stomach. Her eyes widened as she whispered “Oh…”

My heart skipped a beat. “Is it too small?” I asked.

She looked up at me, “Are you fucking kidding? This thing is huge!” I was 2 for 2. If I thought Casey was good at this, Alizé was just a different breed. At first, she sucked on my tip, driving me crazy. Then little by little, she went deeper down her throat. I’ve never had so much of it in a girls mouth before and it felt like heaven. About three-quarters of the way she drew back a little bit and gagged.

She popped me out of her mouth panting, “Fuck Ramesses,” she said through breaths. She started to jack me off then lowered her head back onto my dick.

She kept sucking and jerking, sucking and jerking; it only took about 2 minutes before, “I’m gonna cum Alizé, I’m gonna—” and my hot seed dumped into her mouth in boatloads. But unlike Casey, she gulped and gulped until I was completely emptied out.

After we were done, she looked at me and asked, “What took you so long?”

“I didn’t think you were into me.”

“I would’ve dropped anybody for you if you would’ve just made a move, you ass. I just thought you didn’t find me attractive.”

“Alizé, you literally the most beautiful girl I ever seen. I guess I was just scared to tell you that.”

She beamed her signature smile. “At least you said it now,” she said before she leaned in and kissed me.

Ever since that night, that summer was a smooth sail. I’d still workout in the morning, go to practice, and get some fantastic head or sex afterward from Alizé. Me and her were inseparable that summer; everywhere I went, she was right on my hip. But it wasn’t in that cheesy couple sort of way. It was just like how it was when we were younger. We were best friends, that also got to do sexual stuff.

The first night we actually had sex was the beginning of July. She had the house all to herself, and we started to make out as usual. But this time, she climbed on top of me and grinding her pussy on my dick. Even through two pairs of pants, it still felt amazing. As that was going on, I slid her shirt off and unclipped her bra, exposing her tiny A-cup tits for the first time. Now I must admit, I’m a man that is very mesmerized by a big pair of titties, but Alizé had a beauty about her that went beyond a pair of tits or a fat ass. That’s rare to see in a girl. I took her nipple in my mouth and flicked my tongue across it repeatedly.

“Fuckkk,” she moaned. I snaked my hand down her flat stomach and down inside her panties, feeling a vagina for the first time. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find her slit, but I did, and it was covered in warm grease-like moisture. She was wet already. I rubbed my finger along her slit with her nipple still being sucked and licked, garnering a “ooooohhhhh shit” from her. Finally she layed on her backed and stripped her shorts and panties off in one go. “Ramesses fuck me right now as hard as you can, please.”

“Alizé, I don’t have any condoms.”

“You can just pull out of me, I need your dick noowwww,” she cried. And so I freed my dick from my pants, got on top of her and drew my penis close to her vagina, not really sure where to go from there. She grabbed it and slowly brought me inside of her. My dick had never felt anything so warm and gooey and just wonderful. I paced back and forth, the resistance fading away each time, until I was completely inside.

“Holy shittttttt,” she cried out. Now I started to pick up a rhythm with my thrusts, but I had to slow down every couple of strokes to make sure I didn’t cum so fast. “Ohhh Ramesses fuck me harderrrrr,” she moaned. There was no holding back. I started to drive into her, hearing a loud SMACK! of my naval hitting hers. “Oh FUCK! I’m cumming imcumming imcummingimcummingjmcummIIINNNGGGGG” she shouted. Just then, I pulled out of her and jizz splattered her entire stomach.

“Ughhhh shitt,” I grunted. The orgasm seemed to last a whole minute, definitely the biggest orgasm of my life. Since that day, every afternoon after practice, me and Alizé would be in her room fucking.

In football, since Jordan was gone I had to step into a lot more of a leader role than last year. It was weird coming from trying to prove that I was better than everyone last year to being the person everybody looks at to emulate their playing style after. When camp started in August and we finally got our pads on, it became evident how much better I got. Last year, due to my lack of lifting, I wasn’t very physical as a tackler. This year, I let it be known the first practice that I’d been working.

We were scrimmaging each other, and the offense ran a sweep to my side, testing to see if I could make the play. I took the receiver across from me and swam to the inside of him, a risky move for a corner to make because it gives the runner a lane to the outside. But the running back wasn’t quick enough to make a cut before I ran straight through him at full speed, sending his helmet toppling and the ball bouncing on the grass.

“Who the fuck made that hit?!” Coach Bradley screamed. Multiple people murmured my name. “Holy shit, he finally took his skirt off and came to play some football!”

When the first game of the season rolled around, I was ready to make my statement. We were up against our rivals, which meant it was me vs. Jamal Washington again, and coach let me know that I would be following him around all game again.

“Babe, this guy is pretty fucking good from what I’ve been hearing,” said Alizé the night before the game. We were sitting out on my porch enjoying a warm September night. “Are you sure that you’ll be able to stop him?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“He’s taller.”


“He’s heavier.”

“Sound good.”

“Alright, I just hope you’re not getting over-confident babe.” When you put in as much effort and dedication as I did in the offseason, you develop a certain level of arrogance. Because I know for damn sure while I was up at 4 A.M. every morning working on my craft, everybody else was asleep. While I was in the weight room every single day to get stronger, some guys were taking days off, and skipping reps while they were there. I knew for damn sure that nobody deserved it more than me, so why wouldn’t I take it?

Friday night rolled around, and all the suspense was mounting. I was focused, ready to make my plays. We got the ball first, and wasted no time putting points on the board. Kai got the ball, lowered his shoulder, and flattened the linebacker that met him in the hole, than dashed 68 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage.

When we came out on defense, I noticed something different about their offense right away. The quarterback from last year was gone, and instead they had this 6’2 black kid that wore #7 back in the pistol.

Out wide came Jamal, already talking, saying, “Let’s see if you come with that same energy as last year.”

“Make one catch this year and maybe,” I clapped back. When the ball was snapped, he bolted upfield, then at five yards, he planted his foot. I made my break, but just as I did it, he streaked upfield again, and the quarterback let the ball fly. I turned around and ran as fast as I’ve ever pushed myself before. By the time the ball dropped into his arms, I was able to punch it out from behind. The crowd boomed. “0 for 1,” I said to him as he jogged back to his huddle. But the next play, all my talking was shut up when their quarterback took the snap, hit the edge on the opposite sideline, and gunned untouched into the end zone.

“Touchdown RASHAUN DAAAVISSS,” the commentator boomed over the speaker. Here’s yet another guy we gotta start to worry about.

On offense we went 3 & out. We ran out for our next defensive series, and they tried running the quarterback sweep to my side. As if it were a flashback of camp, I swam inside of Jamal, and drove my head under the QB’s chinstrap as hard as I could muster, running him violently into the ground.

“Try again,” I said to the QB, who was a little slow to get up.

Our next offensive possession, we got two first downs before Kai broke free for another touchdown. That put us up 14-7. The score stayed that way for the rest of the first half.

On the first play of the second half, they gave Jamal a short hitch route. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, they tried numerous times to give him short passes for him to spring free to no avail. But on this one, I ran up to give him a kill shot. A simple inside fake and break to the outside sent me flying past him. I looked up to see him streaking down the sideline, nobody gaining ground on him. He went for a 74-yard touchdown, tying the game at 14 after the extra point.

Running back to the sideline, coach pulled me over and said, “It happens kid. Keep your head in it.”

The next time I lined up across from Jamal, he said, “This sorry ass nigga still on me.” I didn’t say a word back to him. When the ball was snapped, he took off and I was going step for step with him. At about 10 yards, he broke on an angle to the outside for a flag route upfield. As soon as I turned my head after the break, the ball was up in the air high and outside, where only he could get it. Jamal jumped up and fully extended for the ball, then snatched it from the air. While he was still in the air, I drove my shoulder pad into his lower back, wrapped his legs up, and essentially body slammed him into the grass causing the ball to pop out of his grasp. I got up and started to celebrate, when somebody’s facemask clanged into mine.

“Fuck wrong wit you,” the kid yelled. “I should really knock you the fuck out pussy what’s up?”

I shoved him back saying, “nigga I’m not the one, you better keep that shit pushin’.” Whistles blew. A referee came between us.

“Hey! Stop it now!” He yelled to the both of us, forcing us to go back to our huddles.

That play changed the whole dynamic of the game. From then on, it was all big-hitting, smash-mouth, old-fashioned grimey Football. The score stayed deadlocked at 14 until late in the 4th quarter.

Our opponents had the ball at our 30 yard-line with 3 seconds left. They brought their kicker out to kick a field goal, and since it was a pretty far kick, coach told me to stand near the goal post so I could return a miss. I paced back and forth, nervous that we could start 0-1.

When he kicked the ball, it looked good off his foot. But the closer it got to me, the more it died. I soon realized that this ball wouldn’t make it through the uprights. I tracked it in the air, and it landed in my arms right at the edge of the endzone. When I looked up, all I saw was a cluster in the middle of the field, and nobody on the sidelines. I ran toward the cluster for about 20, then jetted toward the open sideline. Nobody can catch me when I’m in the open field. I hustled toward the endzone and ended the game, throwing the ball as high as I could in the air while my teammates all jumped on top of me.


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Enjoying the football, more please. A little more detail about their home lives like their mums would be nice

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