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Alpha is a dog born into an institution hidden from society where he was trained in various sexual techniques... but how is he able to get human females pregnant? Why would this shadow organization allow a dog to continue acting upon his purely animal instinctive desire to breed knowing he can impregnate humans?
Katie slid her tongue along the svelte folds of the dripping wet pussy under her mouth. Her head nestled between the soft slender legs of her friend and lover. Like a reptilian goddess she tantalized her friend flicking her tongue out, kissing those tender erogenous zones. Dragging her tongue up from pirenium to that tiny folded hood, her lips then encased it with a kiss. Katie began sucking Maja's clit so that she could flick it with her tongue softly, rapidly, then hard. Maja, eyes rolling to the back of her head, arched her back off the mattress as she gripped the blankets on their bed unable to contain another spasming orgasm.

Momentarily releasing the seal she had on Maja's sweet flower Katie gasped and exhaled as a slight tremor rippled through her body. The swollen pillar of pulsing cock firmly embedded in her pussy rhythmically spewed warm globules of cum, coating her trembling vaginal walls in rich reproductive cream. Her cervix greedily drank the thick jettisons of sperm being unleashed inside of her, pulling as much of the virile seed into her fertile womb so that it might combine with her egg.

She loved being the bitch in this relationship, sandwiched between her two lovers, giving, and receiving. Alpha's thick brown fur softly caressed and tickled her slightly sweaty skin as he stood over her. His musky breath tickled the small hairs on the back of her neck sending goose shivers across her caramel tanned flesh as he panted softly next to her ear. The heavy hanging tennis ball sized testicles twitching against her pussy lips with every pull and release of his potent canine seed deep inside her gripping cunt.

As usual when he bred any bitch Alpha shifted his weight as he slid off her rear, dragging his hind leg up and over the taught curvature of Katie's ass, twisting so that he stood facing the opposite direction. The hind claw on his paw made a small red scratch on her smooth flesh. Katie winced at the slight pain then moaned as the quick burning sensation cooled. She never understood why dogs turned and mated this way, but it was a delightful feeling to have that pussy plugging cock tug and twist against the sensitive delicate flesh within her. As Alpha maneuvered into a suitable position Katie clamped down with her vaginal muscles, reached back between her legs with one hand, and grabbed Alpha's hind leg so that he could not pull away. Even though his knot was far too large to dislodge from her quivering wet sex it was a precaution they always took when he turned ass to ass. His pulsating testicles, resting on her asshole now, continued to throb and twitch with every jettison of cum as he unleashed millions of sperm into her unprotected womb.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck..." she shuddered, electrifying chills pricking her flesh with goosebumps once more, as she came at the thought of being impregnated with a litter of puppies. Even though she knew it was not possible the thought of being knocked up by the gorgeous dog cock in her pussy got her off. Katie knew she was fucked up in the head for fantasizing of such things but dog sex and impregnation fantasies were two f her favorite fetishes. Being lesbian lovers Katie and Maja had never used any condoms or birth control in general, and didn't even consider it with Alpha. He was a dog and she had read somewhere online that humans could not breed with animals. Although Katie loved knowing that a males sperm was swimming around her womb for weeks on end trying to invade her eggs. That's one thing Alpha had plenty of. His baseball sized testicles always hung huge and heavy as they constantly churned with a nonstop manufacturing of reproductive DNA. She felt the squishy pointed tip of his cock gently flick against her cervix once more splattering the small opening with another torrent of doggy jizz.

Katie moaned between the silken thighs of her human lover. Maja ran her fingers through Katie's hair. Katie once again slid two fingers of her free hand inside Maja's dripping wet hole. "That's a good girl," Maja whispered as Katie placed her lips back on her friends quivering pussy mound to resume lapping up her nectar. She swirled her finger upwards in a circular motion caressing that soft fleshy area on the upper wall of her vagina known as the g-spot. Maja gripped and pulled at the blankets on the bed as Katie started sucking on Maja's clit. Spit and pussy juice infused with one another as Katie sucked and finger fucked Maja's pussy. Within a couple minutes of sloppy wet snatch sucking Maja once again built up to orgasmic shattering pleasure. She clamped down on Katie's ears with her thighs, gripped the back of her head, and ground her pelvis hard against the auburn haired dog sluts mouth as another explosive orgasm was released.

Maja's perky tits were pushed together as she arched her back in a wave and fell backwards, spasming, onto the bed. Katie smiled and continued the assault with her fingers and tongue on Maja's sensitive pussy. "Stop. I... I... I can't..." Maja sputtered, her limbs turned to jello while still in the thralls of orgasmic bliss, unable to push herself or Katie away. Propping herself up on an elbow Katie rested her chin on the palm of the hand which was still caressing the interior of Maja's pussy. Her tantalizing slender fingers slowly coaxing love juices from Maja's velveteen cunt despite her weak and futile protests. The long auburn hair that hung down between those interlocking and gripping fingers onto Maja's stomach hid the look of ecstasy on Katie's face. She was proud that she was able to make both her lovers cum simultaneously.

The 5 pounds of gargantuan cock rearranged her insides, pushing her womb upwards and compressing everything else against her diaphragm. Small drops of sweat beaded on Katie's forehead as she was forced to take short breaths like a panting dog. Needless to say Alpha was a very big dog. Some sort of Anatolian Shepherd mix. It had taken her several weeks to get used to his zucchini sized cock. She was a slave to the sensational fullness she felt and loved the fact that her vagina had molded itself to accommodate his unique form over the last few months. His knot and thick cock now stretched and touched every part of her vagina like a tailored glove. Even the tip of his dick was nestled against the furthest reaches of her pussy aligning his cock hole with the entrance to her uterus so that every potent shot of thick cum from his vieny red hose was unleashed directly upon the opening to her womb.

The blood coursing through Alpha's manhood was warmer than Katie's body temperature. She could feel his water bottle thick shaft pulsing to his heart beat, along with every twitch and splash of jizz that was sprayed from his cock hole. His dick hit that g-spot just right, tantalizing her slow and rhythmically until the electricity dancing within her vaginal nerve endings built into a ball of orgasmic energy just begging to be released. All the while her womb drank in ever more of Alpha's potent seed, suctioning up his cum whenever her cervix pulsed and opened as she came. Katie moaned loudly and ground her hips against his hind legs driving his cock deeper into her already full twat. Only the root of his cock shown glistening and red as his softball sized knot was enveloped behind those dripping pussy lips.

Knowing that Alpha's massive knot could not slip free of the grip her small pussy opening had on him Katie let go of his hind leg to massage her own clit. Her fingers traced the creamy outline of her cum coated labia up to where that mammoth sized dick penetrated and filled her. Despite pushing and grinding him as deep as he could go she still felt the smooth sensitive flesh between his knot and her fingers bulging outwards as her pussy strained to contain him. Alpha looked back at her then leaned forward testing their sealed bond, but stopped realizing this bitch still had a very tight hold on his cock. He was her prisoner as she held him locked deep inside her. Releasing Maja's pussy mound with he mouth Kate moaned loudly at the slight tug of that giant knot which pulled at her vaginal opening distending her stretched labia outwards even more.

"Do you want me grab him for you?" Maja asked.

"No. No. I've got him. He's stuck real deep in me." Katie replied in a raspy voice.

"Good boy!" Maja pushed herself onto her hands and shaky knees to crawl over to Alpha. She hugged him, petting his sides, and gave him a kiss on the back. She cupped his large balls. His testicles were proportionate to his cock and consistently full enough to pleasure both herself and Katie a few times every week. Maja gently gave them a loving squeeze. "I am so jealous of you right now. Hurry up so I can have a turn." she said moving his tail to the side looking at the red root of his cock embedded within Katie's cunt. Even though Maja was shorter than Katie She was somewhat shocked that Katie was able to fully engulf the entirety of Alpha's dick. Maja full well knew the huge monster he was packing but never thought Katie would love the mixture of pleasure and pain as much she did. Maja scooted over to the dogs head. He gave her a kiss and she giggled. She then got on her hands and knees next to katie bending over so that her rear was next to Alpha's face. "Hey lover." She whispered into Katie's ear who then turned and gave her a kiss. Maja wiggled her dripping wet sex in front of Alpha's turned face.

Alpha tilted his head towards Maja's slit and breathed in the intoxicating aroma of this horny other bitch. With his cock currently buried up to his furry sheath and still filling his first female's womb, this other one would have to wait for his emptying nut sack to replenish enough to dominate her as well. The scent coming off her cunt made him want to mount and breed her hard. She too would bare his pups. His nose told him that she too was in heat and ripe to be bred. Both of these submissive willing bitches, Katie and Maja, would be impregnated tonight. Alpha's tongue darted out as he began lapping at her pussy sliding his tongue from her clit to her asshole. Maja buckled and shuddered with every lick.

Katie fingered herself to an overwhelming orgasm as she bucked against Alpha's hips. Her flesh covered with goose bumps and her entire body shook as she spasmed. Sounding like the animal she was a guttural moan rumbled loose from her throat as she buried her face into the mattress trying to conceal the noise. Her legs trembled and body shook as the tendons on her inner thighs stood out due to her toe curling orgasm. Despite wanting to roll over and rest the huge dog cock lodged within her pussy left no other options and Katie was forced to stay propped on her knees, ass up and face down, as Alpha unloaded his puppy making sperm into her womb.

Twenty minutes or more had passed since he had jack hammered his cock and knot into her tight pussy. Very little cum had managed to leak out past the swollen fleshy seal that plugged her thus far. Alpha was very well endowed and equipped to ensure that his seed stayed inside of his bitches to seek out their eggs and further his progeny. Sweat glistening and dripped from her spent body. Listening to the consistent lapping sounds and occasional moan and squeal of delight from Maja, Katie gently leaned forward to test the seal between her and Alpha. His knot was still big, yet it had shrunk quite a bit, and was loosely pulling at her pussy lips in their current position. She was tired and her legs were sore from kneeling so Katie pulled loose.

There was an audible wet sucking noise as his knot stretch her labia and pushed past her vaginal entrance. All 30+ centimeters of his swollen, pink, veiny, dog dick slopped out of her after the knot was released. That monumental piston all swollen and girthy dripped with sex juices as it hung down heavy under it's own weight, bobbing slightly as he still came. A few drops of cum flowed past Katie's gaping pussy lips. Yet the majority of his sperm stayed safely stored within her womb having been soaked up into her uterus. Alpha hopped off the bed, his penis dangling down like a third leg as he waddled a few feet away to clean himself. Katie was about to roll over onto the blanket when she felt Maja's hands grab her hips, "Hold on a moment," she said as she buried her face in Katie's stretched out, very well fucked, cum soaked pussy. Katie buckled at the sudden stimulation of her clit and labia. Maja's invading tongue greedily licked up the mixture of Alpha's cum and Katie's pussy nectar.

After a couple minutes of Maja sucking up their combined love juices another orgasm welled up inside Katie. She was moaning uncontrollably into the mattress as her human lover drank Alpha's creampie from her snatch. Katie's entire lower abdomen was so sensitive now that it had become almost numb to the extreme pleasure. The orgasmic wave of electricity jolted within her traveling up her body, radiating from her womb and washing over her, leaving her spent and euphoric. Alpha's cum spewed from her vagina, splashing up Maja's tongue and open mouth, covering her face and hair entirely in a mixture of pussy juice and creamy dog jizz. Maja coughed from the dog cum that exploded into her mouth. Katie collapsed, rolling over, spread eagle on the bed, a small puddle of milky fluid forming on the sheets below her hips as her vagina drained itself of Alpha's essence.

"Mmmm tasty," Maja stated licking her lips, "His cum is delicious." Katie looked at the creamy liquid dripping off Maja's face and laughed. "You're still leaking some. Let me get that for you my love." Maja said and leaned forward to place her head between Katie's legs.

"No no, no more, please." Katie pleaded.

Maja gave Katie's cunt a quick lick and suck before crawling up to kiss that sensitive area around Katie's hip bones. Katie jumped slightly as her erogenous zones were slowly tantalized one by one. Next Maja's lips traced along Katie's smooth stomach. She slid her tongue and lips around her navel as her breath tickled the short hairs on her tanned stomach. Then slowly inch by inch she dragged her mouth up towards Katie's heaving breasts. Katie's heart raced as her skin pricked up with goose flesh and she softly moaned from this passionate exchange of body kisses. Maja began circling and sucking on her nipples one by one before traveling along her collar bone to her neck. Their lips danced around each others, swirling remnants of dog jizz along their tongues as they kissed. Katie ran her fingers along the soft curve of Maja's cheek, up along the ridge of her ear, then through her silken hair.

"I love you." Katie said looking into Maja's eyes.

"I love you too." Maja said back smiling.

That's when the bed shifted. Having rested a few minutes Alpha was on the bed now and circling around behind Maja giving her a sniff and a few licks. Katie began scooting back, sitting up against the headboard. Maja cooed, "I love you too Alpha." She said wiggling her ass to entice him. Alpha needed no second prompt to know this sandy blonde haired bitch was ready to be bred. He jumped up and wrapped his paws around her hips pulling her pussy up to align with his sheath. The first few centimeters already sticking out spraying pre-cum across and lubricating her smooth pussy lips. His hind paws danced on the mattress while he hopped around on his hind legs probing for her opening with the tip of the dripping cock. After a few tentative pokes he felt the heat of her wet hole and trust himself into her.

Her pussy lips pushed his fury sheath back so that his bony red missile could fully penetrate her depths. He buried himself in her balls deep in one go, nearly knocking her forward as he jumped up with his back legs off the mattress. "Holy fuck!" Maja exclaimed as the squishy tip of Alpha's fat cock slammed along her cervical mound into the furthest reaches of her pussy. The small bulge of his knot slipped out then was shoved back into her as he pistoned his hips forward against her ass. A sloppy wet gushing sound emanated from between their genitals as they violently coalesced. She could feel his cock growing rapidly with every cervical punishing thrust and rotated her hips forward slightly to give him better access. After almost a minute his knot was expanded and locked past her pussy lips stretching her from the inside out.

"That was so fucking hot." Katie stated from her position sitting in front of both of their faces. She watched the expressions on Maja's face as she was penetrated and fucked hard. The dog continued pistoning Maja's velvet sleeve in short rapid bursts making her ass jiggle and tits sway against Katie's legs. Alpha slowed down, releasing the grip on her hips placing each paw on either side of the smaller woman, resting his chest on her back. Maja's eyes fluttered as she dropped her head and drooled on Katie's stomach after having just taken a seriously good pounding. Alpha panted heavily, standing over both girls, now triumphantly breeding this second bitch who was just as willing and submissive as the first. "Good boy," Katie said to the dog scratching his head wanting to give him positive reassurance so that he would continue fucking each of them like this for the foreseeable future.

Katie smiled, reached forward, and scratched his head. Alpha drooled a little on Maja's back which she didn't notice as her attentions were fixated on his enlarging phallus currently flooding her pussy with his puppy making sperm. She quivered under the dog and gasped.

"Did you just cum?" Katie asked.

"MmmHmm," was all Maja managed to acknowledge back, still feeling the warmth of her latest orgasm radiate out from her reproductive system. Katie maneuvered to the side and flung her still shaky legs off the side of the bed and sat up fully. When she did her stomach muscles contracted and another large gush of dog cum was pushed out of her onto the hardwood floor with and audible splash. 'Jesus, this dog was an award winning breeding machine.' She thought, 'Giving both Maja and I multiple orgasms, completely filling both of us with cum, and taking the time to lick us when we want.' Katie shuddered and bit her lip with sexual excitement. She hopped onto unsteady feet and hurried around behind Maja and Alpha. His ball sack twitched every few seconds which she knew meant he was depositing his potent seed deep inside Maja's cunt.

The root of his cock was peaking out between Maja's pussy lips which had swallowed the entirety of his knot. She was amazed that either of them was capable of fitting, let alone enjoying, something so massive inside of themselves. Alpha's knot by itself was smaller than a softball but not by much. From below the knot to the tip, as the two of them could grip it with four hands, she judged it was about 30 centimeters and as thicker than her wrist. The first few times they had sex it had been nearly impossible to enjoy. When they did it had hurt as if he was pushing their stomach into their throat. Despite the pain there was a lot of mind altering pleasure as well. Mind altering in the way that neither of them cared that he was a dog.

Although, even if they had wanted to stop having sex with him it was difficult to deny Alpha's sexual advances. Luckily they had managed to contain these occurrences to the confines of their home. He had a tendency to jump up, grab their hips, and try to force them down onto their hands and knees. Which with his weight was not a difficult thing to do. He had managed to fuck each of the girls into submission multiple times on separate occasions like this when they were wearing a skirt or panties. If that didn't work he would stick his snout between their legs whenever possible, no matter what they were wearing, and feverishly lick at their pussy. It only took a few attempts before one of his ploys worked and he was forcefully mounting them into submission or they were quickly removing their panties in anticipation of the fuck that was about to come.

Now, months later, they had become accustomed to his advances, not to mention the size of his dick, and the immense pleasure he could provide. He had stretched and molded their vaginas to fit the contours of his cock and knot like tailored gloves, touching everywhere inside their sensitive reproductive pleasure centers all at once. He was a voracious and furious lover when he first grabbed them by the hips, masculine, and entirely dominating as he bred them. Only letting go of his vice like hold on their hips once his knot was fully expanded and he had started cumming. At that point Alpha was a gentle calm lover once he had locked himself inside a bitch, content with flooding them with millions of his dog sperm. Which is exactly what he was doing to Maja right now.

His balls tensed, pulling up momentarily, then dropped whenever he released another stream of cum into her womb. They never used condoms with Alpha as a dog couldn't impregnate a human bitch. As such his seed freely swam inside Maja's uterus, fervently seeking to fertilize her egg. As millions of his sperm were currently swarming and assaulting Katie's egg right now as well. Both girls were ovulating and hadn't been on birth control for months. Despite what they read what they didn't realize is that any male sperm cell can actually penetrate any female ovum and impregnate the female. Only by the incompatibility of genetics do these hybrid progeny not survive more than a few minutes after conception.

Katie licked her lips and bit the bottom one watching Alpha's balls twitch and undoubtedly cum deep inside Maja. Slowly she slid her thumb up and around Maja's clit in a circular motion with enough pressure to push pack the hood covering that sensitive little button. Maja gasped at the sudden stimulation. Katie continued circling the svelt folds around Maja's clit and slid her fingers up and down the sensitive flesh surrounding the root of Alpha's cock. Shocks of pleasure coursing through Maja's body as Katie quickly vibrated her pussy lips against the bulging pressure of Alpha's fat knot.

"Oh god that's good." Maja hissed passionately as her petite form trembled beneath that blanket of fur. Katie stretched her neck out bringing her mouth every close to where dog and woman conjoined. Placing her lips on Maja's delicious honey pot she began sucking the outer folds one by one pulling at the peel encasing Alpha's monstrous cock. Her tongue flicked out into the gap between Maja's stretched pussy darting across the red flesh of the behemoth cock buried between them. The flavor of the dog cum mixed with pussy juice was metallic, salty, and vaguely sweet as it dripped out between the tight seal between cock and cunt coating her tongue. The smell of their wet sticky sex filled her nostrils with it's earthy sweet musk.

Maja buckled as the explosive orgasm she was attempting to hold back erupted from her, completely covering Katie's face and torso in a combination of pussy and dog juice. As she climaxed her vaginal muscles contracted and squeezed alpha's knot out against her labia. Those obscenely distended pussy lips stretched and pulled outwards clinging desperately against the huge lump of pulsing dog flesh trying to escape her grip. She bucked and spasmed underneath the dog completely taken by the throes of pain and pleasure. His lubricated cum coated knot slowly slid out of her love canal as if she were giving birth to his cock. Maja moaned and yelled as she released the enormous dick inside her and collapsed face first onto the bed. A sucking sound emanated from her pussy as the girthy length of Alpha's cock slurped out of her, followed by a waterfall of cum which splashed onto the mattress and Katie as she fell forward.

"Whoa... Are you ok?" Katie tried to say before Alpha's penis swung back and smacked her in the mouth splattering her lips and chin with sex juices.

"Mmmhmmm" was all Maja managed to mumble into the mattress.

Alpha still stood over Maja. His glistening giant red cock swinging back and forth between his leg, gently caressing the back of the calve of the curly blonde who collapsed beneath him. Katie's eyes widened having just witnessed the impressive display of his glistening manhood emerging from Maja's cum soaked pussy. Now dangling mere centimeters from her face filling her vision completely in it's engorged pulsating monstrous glory she licked her lips and mumbled, "Mmmm yummy." Quickly grabbing Alpha's cock she lifted up his hefty knot in her palm surprised the weight of it equal to the five pound dumbbells she used at the gym. In aroused disbelief she was mesmerized by the red wet dick which traveled the length of her forearm.

It pulsed and twitched in her hand as cum squirted from the cock hole splashing against her tits. Katie brought her head down close the pointed tip of his cock. She wanted to taste him and his seed. Her lips parted around his pink veiny shaft as she began sucked him in. Alpha whined unaccustomed to the strange stimulation he was currently receiving. Showing off a little trick Katie had learned how to do in college she sucked the entire length of his shaft into her mouth till the tip of his cock pushed down her throat into her esophagus as his knot pressed against her lips. She felt like a snake unhinging it's jaw trying to stuff that giant sausage into her mouth. His girthy shaft pulsed in her throat as he came and she greedily swallowed every last drop that he gave her. After a few moments of her bobbing up and down the length of his shaft the dog stepped away and Katie let go gagging slightly as his cock slid from her throat and swung free from her mouth.

Alpha jumped off the bed and walked over to the door. He was spent. Katie smiled at his awkward exaggerated steps he made. She imagined him to be like a cowboy while shuffling bow legged side to side from that fully engorged pendulous cock rocking between his ankles. The pointed tip almost touching the floor dangling down under it's own weight. Katie jumped off the bed wincing slightly at the soreness between her legs. Even though it started off half of it's current size she wondered how the fuck could she fit something that grew to be that big down there. Her pussy was sensitive and puffy from the pounding and numerous orgasms she had received. She reached down and slid a finger along her slit. Cum still slowly trickled out of her and down her leg as she strode across the dimly lit room. She knew she would still be feeling the soreness, as well as his cum running out of her, tomorrow. Although, she smiled at the slight pain knowing it was something that would constantly remind her that Alpha was her very generous lover.

Walking over to him she scratched his back and led him to the back door to let him out. Alpha walked down the steps into the warm summer night and plopped down in his dog house with an exhausting huff. Despite having access to the house he seemed to prefer sleeping outside. Katie assumed it was because of the time he spent being a stray. She realized she was standing in the door way naked, but doubted anyone could see into their yard this late at night. She went back inside closing the door behind her. She hurried back to bed, slid in between the sheets, and snuggled up to Maja. Hugging her unconscious body as Maja had surprisingly already fallen asleep as she was laying in an enlarging wet spot from the cum leaking from their pussies. Exhausted herself Katie pulled a blanket over them, kissed the back of Maja's neck, closed her eyes, and drifted off into some exotic dreams involving a big dicked dog.


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Very hot story. A dripping pussy and my rock hard cock.


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Very hot story. A dripping pussy and my rock hard cock.

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