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Tammy invites her best friend Jami over to not only model new clothes for her Daddy, but to see how he handles two young girls at the same time.
Checking out Dad's Presents after Christmas- Part II

Jami arrives.

"She should be here any minute Tammy," her Dad reminded her . . . looking at his watch. They both had showered following the sperm bath he gave his daughter earlier (check out Part I). He had received a pair of black Nike men's running tights and a matching zip-up jacket for Christmas and elected to put them on prior to his next encounter with his daughter’s friend. Tammy came downstairs wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a white blouse that was semi-sheer, less her bra, which he secretly celebrated.

Mike knew it wouldn't take very long for her stiff nipples to be popping up again, with the action he had planned, against the soft fabric and applauded her choice. He was curious what her friend would be wearing and what she would be bringing with her. In record time he had added a few features to the den by mounting his digital camera on a tripod, the installation of a couple of lights and dragged a carpeted 4' x 4' mini-stage from the garage that he used for work. All he needed now was some young talent to perform for him.

The doorbell rang and after waving goodbye to her Daddy, Jami came into the house with a sports bag. The girls started talking loudly about what they had received for Christmas and after five minutes or so Tammy led her friend into the den. Jami had her blonde hair in pigtails, making her look slightly younger that her age as a high school freshman. One of the surprising things about their friendship was that they truly looked like sisters . . . maybe even twins. As Tammy and Jami entered the room, both girls noticed the video equipment and were somewhat surprised.

"Hey Daddy. You remember Jami don't you?" she asked, holding her friends hand. Jami was wearing a tight pair of white shorts and a matching white spaghetti strap tank top with a cute picture of a pussy cat towards the top with the words "Pet Me" underneath.

"Hi Jami. So did you have a good Christmas?" he asked politely.

"Uh huh. I got some clothes from my uncle that I can't really wear around mom and dad," she laughed. "I brought a couple outfits along for Tammy to try on too. If that's cool with you?" she said.

"VERY cool. How do you like my video set-up?" he asked.

"Pretty awesome . . . that’s for sure. Can't wait to get things goin around here," said Jami with a smile and looking at her friend.

"Well then . . . why don't you guys put on some of those outfits for me? I happen to like young girls fashion. We can have some fun. Why don't you guys put on your things next door in the bathroom and then come on over so I can take a few pictures and get the action started. After a while I can put them on the big screen TV for us to look at. "

"Excellent. I think you will like some of my new clothes. Especially if you like looking at girls our age," she said with a grin on her face. With that parting line she and his daughter left the room. Mike flipped on his lights and looked through the camera to make sure he was seeing his stage and he approximated where they would be in the picture. After a few minutes, Jami came out.

"We're going to come out one at a time," she said mounting the carpeted stage. "What do you think of these cool striped socks?" she asked. Mike was stunned with what she was wearing. She had kept on her T-shirt that said "Pet Me" but it was what she was wearing, or not wearing, below the waist that caught his attention. She was wearing thigh high blue and white socks which he had to admit were very sexy . . . but to make sure those could be fully seen; she also wore just a pair of silk panties . . . that tightly hugged her crotch.

"Are you gonna start filming Mr. Johnson?" she asked with a smile on her face. The horny man stumbled over to the camera and clicked it on again.

"Very nice Jami. I can't say if I have ever seen an outfit like that one before." Gaining his courage, he began to have her strike several poses for him.

"Let's try a couple of things . . . first get on your hands and knees and look up at the camera." The excited girl followed his suggestions looking up at him with a grin on her face as she assumed the position, not being aware that her top fell away from her young tits. As he zoomed in, he caught her breasts and nipples that began to spike outwards enjoying being the exhibitionist she was trying to be.

"Excellent. One more shot. Let's spread our legs and lean back placing your hands on the carpet behind you." The girl laughed at the awkward position, but positioned her body so that her almost naked pussy was now thrust forward towards the man and his camera.

"Kinda like playing Twister," remarked Jami, as she twirled her tight little moist box in front of the man. Because of her silky panties, her puffy pussy lips were now presented to him. He was about to have her slip her fingers into the top of the panties and rub her clit, when they were interrupted.

"When is it my turn?" whined Tammy in the doorway, watching the position her dad had gotten Jami into.

"How about now," said Jami standing up from the semi-uncomfortable position and leaving the mini-stage.

"Come on in honey. Let's see what you have on. Get up on the stage for me so that I can see you in the lights." She followed his instructions and soon he saw that she had on Jami's white shorts she was wearing when she arrived and with it, a light blue spaghetti tank top. Printed on the front of the top were the words "Proven Penis Enlarger".

"Outstanding blouse pumpkin. While Jami gets into her outfit . . . let's quickly make it even more exciting. Unzip the pants for me and pull them down a bit so that I can just see the opening to your sweet little pussy that I licked almost an hour ago." Tammy blushed but wanted to please her daddy . . . so she found the tab on the zipper and quickly pulled it down. She was not wearing any panties so it was easy for her to pull the garment further down 3 or 4 inches until her moist pussy lips became visible.

"Kneel down . . . That's perfect honey. Now point to your pussy for me. That's it . . . and pull up your top so that I can see just the beginning of your tits."

"Daddy . . . Now you are being extremely piggy!" but she slowly moved up the top that said "Proven Penis Enlarger” until her bare titties were visible. He only wanted to see one, but she quickly flashed both. It was obvious, something was gradually causing her to get a lewd thrill when exposing herself to her Daddy.

"I LOVE it . . . now let's go back and find something else to wear," he said. Almost on cue Jami was entering the den as Tammy was leaving. She winked at her friend, especially while watching her zip up her shorts. Her top had already been pulled back down into place.

"You’re gonna like this outfit Mr. Johnson," she said mounting the stage. Although Mike's cock had begun to grow with the first two outfits, as soon as this little hot teen mounted the stage, his organ began to fully bulge out the tights he was wearing. He knew when that happened his cock would begin to show through the fabric. Jami had put on a Nylon Spandex Stretch Lace Diamond Grid Bra and matching panties. The deion speaks for itself, but the fabric was literally transparent and immediately Mike got to see the girl's bare pink nipples through it . . . for the first time. If that wasn't enough, her shaven pussy was equally visible down south as well.

"Whatcha think mister Mikey?" she teased thrusting her shoulders back and slightly thrusting her chest outwards.

"Fucking amazing honey. You said your uncle bought these clothes for you?"

"Uh huh," she said raising her fingertips to her nipples and teasing him by saying, "He is what you would call a VERY Naughty Uncle. So what do you think . . . these undies are pretty revealing, wouldn't you say?" Mike zoomed in and filled up his monitor with her nearly visible bare breasts for several seconds. He panned downwards and shot her practically naked pussy for an equal amount of time.

"I have never seen anything like that before," he admitted, watching the girl place her hands on her hips as she struck a couple randy poses for the horny man.

"And I have never seen a man in a pair of black tights like that before either . . . not to mention that huge COCK . . . that is dying to get out from underneath."

"You're right! But let's keep the show going . . . so that maybe I can release my friend here for your closer inspection and first hand appreciation," he mused as he groped his cock lewdly in front of the girl. She stepped off the stage and wiggled her ass as she walked towards the bathroom.

"I can't wait," she said, passing Tammy in the hallway. He had little chance to cover his erection as his daughter stepped up on the stage. She had kept on the white shorts, but what was on top almost made him cum. She was wearing a See-Thru-tan Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Because of his lighting and the see-through material, he could easily see her bare apple-like breasts underneath, which were already as aroused as early in the day. She moved a few feet and struck a naughty pose, pushing her titties out towards the camera.

"Excellent honey . . . I can't believe how super sexy that top is. I love looking at your tits this way," he said. He continued for several minutes having her turn, pose, look over her shoulder etc. The girl knew she was turning her Daddy on. All of a sudden she announced that she was going to sit down and watch what happened next. He nodded his head in agreement and waited.

"Okay Jami . . . come on out!" she said, loud enough for her friend to hear. Mike elected not to watch the girl come down the hallway, but instead catch her image on the viewfinder. What came into focus was a red pair of See-Thru Shorts and no top. Her bare titties were on display as she winked at the man. She began to knead her breasts together and manipulate them in a lewd fashion. He stood stock still behind the camera with his mouth open. He stood and watched while she massaged her breasts and moaned over and over.

"This is certainly a splendid change of events," he said stunned at the girls' actions. He wondered whether her uncle had taught her what to do as her fingers tugged on her very erect and still growing nipples.

"It makes me feel VERY horny watching you touch yourself too," she cooed as Mike without any hesitation was now vigorously rubbing the front of his tights that were barely covering his big cock underneath begging to escape. Tammy was at an angle where she too could appreciate his lewd gyrations. His eyes drifted to Jami's breasts as her fingers tugged on the taut nipples. His cock was marching to the beat of a different, more desperate drummer as his hand slowly slid into his shorts and grasped his cock.

"Mmmmm, yeah Daddy," she moaned to him as she watched his hand. He was taken back by being called "Daddy" by Jami . . . but only for a few seconds.

"That's it . . . rub yourself. Do it with me. Tammy do what I asked, start filming us both and get naked!" Tammy got up and already knowing how to use the camera watched her Dad move up onto the stage alongside Jami. She quickly shed her see-through top and pulled down her friend’s white shorts. Mike began to pump his cock as he continued to watch his daughter's friend rub her breasts and play with her nipples. It was very intense and erotic, and his cock was like a thick bar of iron in his grip.

At her urging and moaning, he pulled his black tights down and freed his 8”cock. Her hands remained on her breasts, and she began to groan quite loudly as she watched his hand slide up and down his thick shaft teasing her. Staring at those incredible nipples . . . he suddenly moved next to her and climaxed . . . launching his hot slippery load towards her chest.

"AHHHHH FUUUUCCKCKKKKK TAMMY!!!! I hope you are getting THISSSSS," came roaring from his body as his cock unloaded onto his daughter's friend's chest. His cum spurted out of his cock like a fire hydrant and all over her, and Jami was quick to respond. As the first blast hit her breasts, she pushed her titties together with her hands, presenting Mike a perfect target to aim his cock at. He aimed his cock right at her, bathing her nipples and breasts with his slick cum. As the liquid oozed over her, she began to massage his slick cum all over her body. He watched as she lifted a cum drenched finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. This sight ignited another blast from deep within his body, and Mike slowly slumped to the floor. It had been too much for him, and he was simply exhausted.

Jami was lost in her own dream world, and she continued to rub his cum all over breasts as he slumped to the floor. She looked over and saw that he was ok, and she continued with her ministrations. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been, and they glistened with his cum. Her pussy was on fire pumping out juice like a volcano. She was dying to touch herself there, but she had other things in mind first.

Remembering a brief conversation, she and Tammy had on the phone, she elected to act out a fantasy he had . . . regarding the two girls.

Mr. Johnson watched Jami wander over to his naked daughter, and grabbing her hand, they mounted the mini stage. Jami had given the girl instructions to keep the camera recording. Angling her body so that he could see them both, she leaned across and let her lips touch her friends. Tammy was very surprised by this gesture, but returned her friend’s kiss.

The kiss lasted for several minutes and then Jami placed her hands on Tammy’s shoulders and carefully taking aim . . . very suggestively rubbed her firm breasts up against her best friends. This was entirely new territory for Tammy, but the excitement her nipples felt, touching Jami’s was lewdly intense to say the least. It was Tammy who, pulling her friend even closer, mashed their breasts together causing their arousal to increase even more.

Tammy’s Dad heard both girls moan as they continued to rub their breasts together. Lips touching . . . breasts touching . . . and soon both girls had moved down their fingers first to their own dripping pussies, but soon over to the other persons, which added another exciting spark to the climaxes that were brewing. Mr. Johnson’s cock was no longer in need of recovery as he watched both girls shake with relieve after several minutes of rubbing and touching. They broke apart afterwards but Jami was on a mission.

After a minute or so, Jami slipped down onto her knees and gazed down at Tammy's father who had mounted the stage. He was lying on his back on the carpeted mini-stage with his eyes closed, his big cock was flopping against his thigh. She tweaked her nipples one more time for courage, and moved in. It was her master plan in action, Tammy remembered from their conversation in the bathroom, and everything was falling into place for the little vixen.

She knelt down beside the man, her small breasts hanging down off of her chest, and her eyes glued to his quickly spiking hard cock. Using only her lips, she slowly slid his cock into her mouth, eliciting groans from Mike, and twitches in his cock.

"Jami, that is so fucking hot," he groaned looking down his body as her hot little mouth descended on his cock. She loved the way he was talking to her, and her body was hotter than it had ever been before. She was sucking her friend's father's cock, and she was suddenly on top of the world.

Her mouth felt wonderful to the recuperating man, but seeing as he had just cum for a second time in less than an hour, he knew that he needed more stimulation to crack another nut this time. He grabbed her tight little body and moved her around, planting her pussy directly on his face. He ripped off the tiny bottoms she had on and stared at the bare mound that looked him directly in the eye.

Jami had taken her mouth from his now engorged cock when he shifted her into the 69 position. She was trembling with excitement as he tore her bottoms off. Her pussy was on fire, and she could feel the juice streaming from her lips. She held her breath as she awaited his touch.

Mike was overcome by a blast of incredible lust when he looked at her shaven pussy. Like the rest of her, it was near perfect . . . the lips tightly sealed together, and a tiny clit standing out at the top. He savored the view of her excited twat, and he began to blow streams of hot air directly onto her mound. She squealed and jumped at the sensation, and he felt her hands wrap around his throbbing cock.

It turned out, her hands grabbed hold of his cock more for her balance than anything else, and when he groaned out to her, Jami started to move her hands up and down. Spasms of pleasure ran through her body as she felt his hot breath wash over her pussy mound, and she began to pump his cock just like she had watched her uncle do the day before. Opening her eyes, she could see his massive prick slide back and forth between her small hands, and she lowered her head again, kissing and sucking on the head of his big cock.

"Fuck Jami, that is so goddamn hot," he muttered to her, his words sending chills through her body. She had never heard her friend's dad talk like that before, and his words thrilled her as much as his touch. Mike moved his hands to the perfect little ass he had been staring at the past couple of weeks, and he pulled her mound to his lips.

He closed his eyes and kissed her square on the pussy with his lips, a tender, deep kiss to welcome her to his mouth. As his lips made contact with her mound, his tongue snaked out and ran along the tiny slit that was so tightly clenched together. Her pussy was covered in her own juices, and the taste was like the sweetest wine he had ever savored. She shrieked out as she felt his tongue, her little ass squirming all over his face.

"Mmmmmm, oh baby, you taste so good," he told her in a soothing voice. "I am going to make you explode." He started to run his tongue along her slit, pushing it in on occasion. He wanted to take his time with her and really build her up. Although he couldn't see her in this position, he could feel her hands tugging on his cock, and he increased the intensity of his motions, slipping his tongue deeper and deeper inside her slick cunt.

Secretly as Jami jacked off his cock, Tammy had left her short stint again, as camera person and knelt down returning her mouth and lips to her father's cock like earlier in the day. Her mind and body were awash in the new sensations that she was getting . . . having watched her friend suck off her Daddy. Jami moved slightly so that she was sitting right on top of the man's face and squirmed, pressing her pussy down on his tongue as he attacked. If her plan worked, she wondered if he would actually fuck his daughter, if he would actually shove his big prick into her hot little virgin pussy.

The idea of Tammy being fucked by her Daddy sent more chills racing through her body, and she could feel a new climax begin to rumble deep inside her. Jami experimented as her Dad's cock slipped further and further into her throat, she fought the automatic reflex to get sick and let it move in and out. The result was a now fully erect cock, which amazed even Mike. As he continued to lick, wiggle and fuck Jami's pussy with his tongue, lips and mouth, he felt what he thought was Jami taking her mouth off of his huge erection. Concentrating on pleasuring the horny girl, he suddenly felt something tight fitting over his organ and soon realized it was his daughter's slippery cunt. He wanted to shout out, telling her to take her time, but his mouth was so busy he couldn't. Then he heard Jami's coaching:

"Take it easy Tammy. He has a HUGE COCK, much bigger than even my uncle's." With her body glowing in sweat, Tammy responded:

"I know. I had it inside me a while ago . . . just the tip, and it hurt, but also felt great. Let me start moving up and down like this," she said. Jami had the best view of all as she continued to work her pussy over Mike's experienced tongue and at the same time, watched Tammy lose her virginity to her father. Tammy had straddled his cock and was now slowly bouncing on the erect organ, each time slipping his shaft deeper into her virgin hole. Up and down . . . up and down and then all of a sudden she screamed:

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh holy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,"she screamed as her pussy lips were suddenly tickled by his pubic hair and she forced his shaft all the way up into her aching insides. Once the initial bite was over inside her body, the horny daughter began to rapidly ride her Daddy's cock like an experienced horseman. Watching the show her friend was putting on was all that Jami needed and suddenly her entire body began to shake in a violent orgasm, which triggered Mike who was now shooting rope after rope of hot cum into his daughter's throbbing pussy. Tammy had now begun to rub her clit to add even more pleasure and now both girls were shivering and shaking with their best climaxes ever. And meanwhile the camera captured it all . . . for a very special showing later that same afternoon.


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I did a 3some with my sister Kathy (2 yrs older than me) and our cousin Bill T. (one year older than me) when I was about the age of these two sweet little whores in your story. 61 years later I can still taste her pussy and his cock, and remember the intense feeling of cumming in my sister's mouth while our cousin came in mine.


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fuck me hard daddy


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Wish I was any one of the characters


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Hot chapter, reminds me of my family.

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