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chapter four of Wolf's moon
Author's note: Hey guys sorry it's been so long since I posted anything on here. I have just started a new job that has me working a lot of overtime right now so it may take a little longer for posts to get back on track. But I will be working on this story and continuing with it when I can until my workload evens out.

Thanks for reading. --- BSparks


Gregor had been riding Hestr as hard as he could after overhearing the King's orders. Gregor couldn't beleive his uncle would try to kill the wolves even after he had told him the futility of it himself. He had to warn Aslaug and her pack about the soldiers coming after them, he hoped they'd believe him.

Gregor couldn't let them die like that.

As he had been riding towards the pack he had been feeling increasingly worse. His body was breaking out in sweats and he felt short of breath even though he wasn't exerting himself that much. He was in pain and as he went further he felt pain radiating inside him. It started at the bite wound and slowly spread all through his body. He grit his teeth as each of Hestr's galloping steps caused his bones to rattle. He felt as if he would pass out with each step.

As Hestr ran he tightened his legs around the horse and leaned low over her neck.

As they got to the deeper wooded areas in the forest Gregor found that she had to do small leaps to get around the debris in the woods. Each small leap was so painful he was almost sure he would pass out.

Gregor and Hestr were making good time, he was positive that he would be able to get there well ahead of the soldiers.

Hestr came to a large fallen tree and her body tensed to launch herself over the tree. She leapt and as she landed hard on the other side it happened.

Gregor felt the shock and pain of the landing, which caused him to loose his seat in the saddle. He fell towards the ground covering his head with his arms so he wouldn't injury himself. When he hit the ground he let out a pained yell and everything went black.

Everything was fuzzy after that with Gregor coming in and out of consciousness. He was aware that he was being moved around but the gray at the edge of his vision kept pulling him back into slumber. When he would wake he was sure he saw canine figures stalking around him and sometimes he would feel as if he were being dragged along the ground.

It wasn't painful, in a strange way he felt detached from what was happening to him. He was aware of what was happening but part of him kept that seperate from his mind as it occured.

After awhile he stopped being pulled from his blackout and he was just unaware of anything anymore. There was a little pain now which he thought was good, it meant he was alive at least.

"Rest easy Gregor." a warm female voice soothed him. "You will awaken soon."

He didn't know why but just hearing the warmth and care in the voice relaxed him. It was like that of a mother's voice calming her child after a bad dream. His mother had spoken to him like that many times as a child though he knew from the brief assurance that it wasn't his mother he was hearing.


Aslaug tucked her muzzle gently against Gregor's cheek as he slept trying to soothe him as much as possible before he awoke. His new form would be a shock to him, one of the King's men it was no doubt he would take it poorly.

Gregor was no longer a human young man, instead he now inhabited the form of a wolf just like the others in the pack. His punishment had been earned so Aslaug felt no sympathy for what he would face waking up like this. He had made his bed it was time he lie in it.

She looked at his new form and thought maybe this one suited him a bit better then his other human form.

Gregor was an average sized wolf being that he was still so young in human years when he changed but he would age accordingly soon. His fur was a tawny brown with black and gold colored fur accenting the color around his ears. He was a scrawny build but with lean muscle to him. His eye were closed in sleep so she was unsure of what color his eyes would be. If Aslaug had to guess she'd say that they would be a gray blue color as he was not a mature wolf yet.

She knew he would be like a pup for now so he wouldn't possess his mature eye coloring yet.

Aslaug flicked her ears back as she heard the others snffing around the mouth of the temple so she stood to greet them not quite letting them inside.

"How is he Mother Aslaug?" Ylva asked curiously, she had been one of those to drag him back.

"Resting it will be a few days before he will be able to make the journey. Some of you were born wolves so you would not understand the state it leaves our bodies in to be turned but I will never forget that day." Aslaug said softly.

"Neither will I." Mordred said mournfully then Ulric mirrored.

"But it is unavoidable that the King will send his men here to face us, it could be any time now that they will arrive." she said softly. "I will not risk the pack like that so I will ask that you leave now, make the trip north to the other clans. I will join you with or without the pup within the week of that I am almost certain."

"But Mother Aslaug what about you?" Endon asked "You said the King's men will come, you'll be alone."

"One wolf may hide better than her whole pack. You will see me again."

"Are you sure I shouldn't stay with you? He is the King's kin." Mordred asked touching her muzzle.

Aslaug touched the tip of her muzzle to his rubbing their noses gently together.

"I'm not afraid of the King's sister's pup. He has hardly the strength that I do he would be no match for me." she assured him. "Besides brother I need you to lead the others to safety from here."

Mordred bowed his head low and backed away from the pack leader turning to his pack mates slowly.

"I wish you would come with us."

"I will rejoin you when it is time for now know that none of you will be far from my mind." Aslaug said softly.

Mordred and the pack made their way north while the alpha watched from the top of the temple. She could see a lone black wolf stop to look back at the one they were leaving behind. She could see the head raise up to the sky howling a farewell and she caught the wolf song on the wind.

Aslaug raised her head and howled a mirroring farewell to the others.

Below her Gregor stirred from his sleep.


Gregor slowly came to himself and started to feel his aches in his very bones. As  he shifted and tried to move he wondered why everything felt so strange, dizzy and slightly out of touch.

Gregor stretched himself slowly trying to keep pain from shooting through him. What he got was much more shocking and caused him to jerk upwards with a loud yelp of confusion. He was walking on four legs and he could hear the sounds of his new claws clicking on the stone floor of the temple. He tried to turn around to get a look at himself and see what was happening to him whenh he felt the slap of a fury tail agaimst his face. He snapped at it with his long muzzle and sharp teeth, only to bite down realizing it was his own tail.

He began to panic as he turned around looking at himself, he was a wolf. He had been turned into a wolf like the former inhabitants of the temple. This had to be Mother Aslaug's doing he realized as he sat there thinking hard.

When she bit him, that had to be it. But if that was the case... he had brought this on himself. He had killed her brother, this was his fault.

He turned to the low sound of another's nails clicking on the stone floor. He could see the shadow of another wolf walking into the the temple room.

"Mother Aslaug?" Gregor barked hopefully.

"Greetings Gregor welcome once again to my home." she said sitting to infront of him. "I'm sure you have questions to ask."

"This is the punishment for your brother isn't it?" Gregor asked softly.

"It is part of it. The only part that I myself am able to bring upon you without killing you that is." he could see the toothy grin thaat lit her face briefly.

"What is the other part of it?" Gregor asked softly.

"Your own guilt over it will cause the rest of your punishments for many years to come."

"You turned me into a wolf... I have a life as a human a good one. Will I ever turn back?"

"Maybe. But that for now is out of my control for the moment."

Gregor stopped himself as he looked at the female alpha, she could have just killed him for the murder of her brother but she didn't. She had instead turned him into one of her own hated kind. The King's men would be willing to kill him now unless he could get to the castle and explain himself in secret to his king....

The king was planning on having the wolves killed.

"Mother Aslaug you cannot stay here the king he is sending his men.."

"I am aware of the king's plans to kill my pack, a majority of us have been killed already. I have already sent the others to the north where the king's enemies will shelter them as they have so many other clans already."

Gregor looked at her in shock and stood on all four of his new paws, it felt a little wobbly and the tail threw his balance off. He looked at the other wolf and had a mix of emotions run through him.

"If I talk to the king maybe I can stop him from doing this and your people will be welcomed by him."

"He cursed us, he sends his men to kill my family, and you ask me to bow down to him as my king?" she growled softly. "No I think we will cast our lot with the people of the north where my people will be safe. You cannot fault me for wanting to protect my own when all the king's family is the same way."

Gregor opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again. He wanted to argue over the fact that she was wrong about his bloodline but he knew his uncle better then most. She was right, his uncle had been selfish from the start of his rein. All he cared about was power and his own wealth.

"How can I help you then Mother Aslaug ?" he asked softly.

"You are very kind pup but the fact is that there is nothing you can do right now. My people have left already it is just you and I here in the now."

"Why did you stay if they have gone?" Gregor asked shocked.

"To see if you will come with us if you wanted to be a member of our pack. If you decided to go back to your people I can find a way to return you to your rightful place as a human but there are things I can teach you about yourself but that is your choice." she growled.


Mathius had much to do before what he wanted was finally his, the wolves land would be there's so long as the alpha woman was alive. So he had decided he would make a trip to the temple and see what condition she was in since last he had heard from the wolf's land.

He changed back into his bear form as soon as he was outside of the castle gates, the guards looked on in fear but as they were under orders to leave him be he passed unharmed. Mathius turned and let out a deep roar just to scare the younger guards on the walls. He saw the look of fear in their eyes and it brought a sick pleasure to his heart to see smaller weaker men in fear of him.

He turned himself back to the task at hand and began to run for the woods of the wolves. He would travel non stop to get to the temple where he would come against Mother Aslaug.
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