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Tyler and his little step-sister Amelia come home from separate colleges. Tyler realizes that his little sister isn't so little anymore and he discovers that anything and everything she does makes his dick hard. And maybe his little sister is doing it on purpose.
Coming Home Present - Part 1

It had been almost ten months since I’d last seen my step-sister, Amelia. We went to different colleges; mine the University of Oklahoma while she went to a college in our home state, Texas—UT Austin. I had just finished my junior year, while she had just finished her freshman year. Our breaks from college were at different times, and I unfortunately had to work through the holidays. Our relationship had been rocky since our parents married ten years ago, but as soon as I went to college and she was in high school, we ended up missing each other more than we thought, so on my breaks from college we bonded more than we had in the years we lived together. We had both been only children to single parents, my mom and her dad. So having a sibling wasn’t exactly what we wanted.

I arrived in Dallas a couple hours before she did, settling into my old room and unpacking my things and getting some chores done around the house since our parents were on a couples cruise for two weeks. As I was finishing up a few things I heard a car door slam and I jogged to the door and waited for her to step out from behind the car.

She slammed her trunk closed and grinned at me, walking around the car and rolling her suitcase to rest against her car. Her outfit made my heart skip and my shorts a little tight. Her long dark brown hair was falling in waves, her naturally tanned skin glowing and her eyes twinkling as she pulled a large suitcase out of the trunk. She was not my little sister anymore, she was a young woman. She was wearing an off the shoulder white crop top that revealed a sparkling belly ring, that clung perfectly to her perky C-cup breasts and cut off denim shorts that barely covered her cute bubble butt and made a perfect V as the fabric clung to her thighs and filled the shorts perfectly, looking more like panties than shorts. Her perfectly thick thighs led to toned calves and then to her pedicured feet that were in brown leather sandals. She ran over to me, letting her suitcase drop onto the driveway and jumped into my arms. She smelled like coconut and vanilla and I inhaled, hugging her so tightly I lifted her off the ground.

“Tyler! I missed you so much,” she kissed my cheek as I let go of her and looked her up and down.

“Who are you and where has my little sister gone?” I said with a grin and she smacked my arm.

“It’s called growing up big brother.” she said and walked back to her suitcase, bending over and making her shorts so tight, that I could see the shape of her pussy lips. My own shorts were definitely getting tighter as my dick grew harder at the sight of her.

I walked forward and grabbed the suitcase from her, needing something to do before ogling my step-sister. What the fuck is wrong with me? She’s my step-sister, I’ve always thought she was cute.. But college had been good to her, turning her into a cute girl to a sexy, beautiful young woman. She walked to the door and opened it for me, brushing against me as I walked past. I could feel her breasts against my arm, her nipples hard from the air conditioned house and I groaned in my head.

“Damn did I miss this house,” she said and looked around, biting her bottom lip and looking at me. “When’d you get here?”

“A couple hours ago, I’ve just been getting some things done that mom and dad left for me to do,” I said, following her into the kitchen. She grabbed a wa†er bottle from the fridge and jumped onto the counter, swinging her long legs back and forth as she drank.

“How’s the pool looking?” she asked with a grin.

“Nice and clean thanks to me,” I said and hid behind the island in the kitchen, my dick still rock hard. Keep it together, Tyler..

“Good, because this stupid 100 degree weather is killing me,” she jumped down from the counter and patted my arm as she walked out of the kitchen. “Help me with my suitcase up the stairs, big brother?” she asked and waited for me a† the bottom of the stairs.

“As you wish,” I said, quoting her favorite movie. She giggled and I smiled at her. She was still my cute little sister, except she was also sexy as fuck. I lifted her suitcase and followed her up the stairs, her hips swaying as she walked up. I was pretty sure my dick was leaking pre-cum now, her tight pussy lips still pressing against the fabric between her legs. I covered the groan that tried to escape with a loud cough.

“Too heavy, Tyler?” she asked with a giggle. I grinned back at her.

“Nah, I lift, silly girl,” I said as I rolled her suitcase into her room, the walls still a bright turquoise.

“Thank you,, I’m gonna change into a bikini and then I’ll meet you in the pool?” she asked and bent over to unzip her suitcase, giving me another view. Yup, there was definitely pre-cum leaking against the fabric of my briefs, that I was sure of.

“Yeah, see you out there,” I said distractedly, closing the door behind me and walked into my room. I slid my shorts down and looked at my briefs, a wet spot pressing against my hard dick. I rubbed up and down my length through my briefs and then slid my briefs down. My hand was wrapped around the shaft and I’d begun stroking fast, picturing my step-sister’s tiny shorts and tight little ass when a knock on my door made me stop.

“Tylerrrr, you’re taking too long,” Amelia whined. I sighed, imagining her coming in here and getting on her knees and sucking me off.

I unwrapped my hand from my aching cock, sighing, “I’ll be right out.” I quickly slid on my swim trunks, giving up on my cock settling down.

I stepped out of my room and walked downstairs and out to the backyard. And there was my step-sister standing knee deep in the water on the steps of the pool. Her tanned skin was prominent against her neon turquoise bikini, the triangles clinging to her C-cup breasts, the nipples hard from the cool pool water. As my eyes trailed past her belly button and further south, a small triangle covered her pussy, the fabric clinging to it—both pieces must’ve been a size too small because it clung to her tight body. She turned around to throw her hair into a bun and I was finally able to see her very curvy ass covered with a cheeky-type triangle. It was hardly covering anything though, the size too small made it almost like a thong. And now my cock was rock hard again.

She looked over at me and her eyes trailed down to my trunks, biting her lip as she saw my hard-on. That sent me over the edge, so I did the only thing left to do—I ran towards the pool and dived into the deepest part. The shockingly cool temperature of the pool calmed my hard on, I was still hard but it wasn’t aching as much.

I came up for air and looked around and saw her swimming towards me. She paused and swam in place before swimming backwards, her breasts and thighs coming to the top of the water. “This feels amazinggg,” she said, swimming back until she hit the neon pink inflatable mat. She grabbed onto it and swam over to me. “Can you help me get on top, Ty? I can never do it by myself,” she asked with a pout.

My breath hitched at the thought of touching her wet body and I nodded, not able to speak as I tried to stay calm. I swam up behind her and grabbed her by the waist, she giggled as my touch tickled her. And as she giggled she wiggled and swam back so she pressed against my front. My dick hardened against her ass, the cool temperature of the pool unable to stop my dick from hardening. I heard her let out a little gasp and she leaned forward to grab onto the inflatable mat, and I grabbed her waist tighter and lifted her. Her wet ass was in my face as she moved her body to a laying position on the floaty.

She looked down at me, her bottom lip between her teeth and her breath was shaky as she thanked me, as if she was out of breath from the movement—or was it because she felt my hardness? She grabbed her sunglasses out of the cupholder in one of the arms of the floaty and slid them on. I pulled the edge of the floaty towards the middle of the pool so she could drift around. I got out of the water and she looked at me, raising her sunglasses.

“Want something to drink?” I asked her, shifting my swim trunks around. She smiled and nodded and I walked into the kitchen, my cock aching beneath my trunks. I had to get rid of this, I thought to myself. I walked over to the sink and looked out the window, watching as she drifted around and pushed my trunks down below my shaft and let my cock free. I wrapped my hand tightly around it and imagined it was her pouty, thick lips wrapped around it. I ran my thumb over my pre-cum coated head, imaging it was her tongue. I groaned and kept stroking fast, my hand tightening, imagining it was her tight, wet pussy and stroked even faster as I felt myself getting closer to cumming. I grabbed the clean dish cloth that was hung on the sink, containing my stroking as my hips rocked back and forth. My eyes trailed back to her, sliding off the floaty and swimming to the steps—and just as she stood up her bottoms slid down just a little, letting me see more of her beautiful ass. I placed the dish towel against my cock as I started cumming, moaning her name as my cock shot stream after stream of cum, soaking the towel. I tried to catch my breath and quickly pulled my trunks up as she grabbed the door handle to come into the kitchen. I rushed over to the fridge, pulling out two beers, turning around to see her dripping wet body standing on the doormat so she wouldn’t get the floor wet.

“You were taking a while, everything okay?” she asked and I nodded.

“Yeah everything’s okay, was just a bit distracted for a few minutes,” I said and popped the caps off the beers. “Beer okay?”

“Beer’s great,” she said and grabbed the beer out of my hand. As she grabbed it I noticed a string of cum I must have gotten on my hand when pulling the towel off was on the neck of the bottle. She took a swig and looked at the spot of white on the neck. She looked up at me, her eyes glistening as her tongue ran around the mouth of the bottle and down to the string of cum, licking it up as she stared into my eyes.

Holy fuck, she knows…
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