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She can be very naughty for sure!
No one under the age of fourteen has any sex I these stories.














Darcie was fidgeting in the car, trying to get her outfit just right for her visit to Uncle (?) Walt. She had the ribbons in her blonde hair, the garish red lipstick on her mouth, the loose blouse over her braless breasts, the short skirt and the requisite sexy panties. She also had on a very cute pair of tennies with thigh high stockings. This was all designed to blow away Walt, and usually did. Especially when she flaunted the panties with her flouncing her skirt.

As Darcie was readying herself, Walt was sitting in his overstuffed easy chair watching last week’s football game on T.V. He knew that Darcie was due soon and wondered how he was going to handle this visit. He had been contributing $200 a month to Darcie for years, and evidently needed to stop. At least that is what his family was trying to get him to do. They reasoned that he needed to save up some funds for his future funeral, and the settling of his affairs. Probably a little avarice in their hearts too, since he had no children.

Walt had never married. He had had a close call when he was approaching thirty, but the lady had backed out and married his best friend. Often when he saw her at church he got the feeling from her looks that she was very sorry of her choice. He knew that her husband was truly a jerk, and that their children had grown up to be ‘hellions.’ But, she had stuck it out and apparently he had never raised an angry hand against her. So she endured it all with stoical silence with very rare smiles. Walt himself had never shown the personal interest for a long time relationship with another woman again.

He was retired and 73 years old. He lived in a remodeled garage and paid out $300 a month including all utilities except for his cable. His favorite pub was only 6 blocks away and he tottered there with a minimum help from his cane several times a week to spend time with his friends there. The grocery store delivered his food free, as long as he bought at least $50 worth for each delivery. And the movie theatre was only a ten minute ride away on the bus. Then his brother and sister-in-law picked him up at 9:30 sharp each Sunday morning for his meetings. His life was orderly and very pleasant.

He had always enjoyed Darcie’s visits. It was fun to have a young woman make over him, and as far as he was concerned he could easily afford the contribution to her welfare each month. But the continued visits were attracting attention, and his brother was giving him ‘shit’ over the expenditures. Some were making undue assumptions about what went-on, on her visits. Very little actually. He still admired women, for all of the usual reasons, but kept his attention to very tame magazines and other entertainment. And all that Darcie had ever done was hug him and kiss him on the cheek.

Well, there was the one time that she had reached into his trousers to rearrange his member that had become aroused and then caught very uncomfortably in his underclothing. And she was want to flash her sexy panties at him several times on each visit. When she hugged him, she made sure that her felt her firm breasts, too. But, it all was relatively innocent fun. And the truth was that he enjoyed it very much, on the once a month time that it occurred when he got his pension check.

Next thing he knew, she was coming in to his home after the single loud rap on the door. He noticed her get-up. A variation on the usual. And there it was, the initial ‘panty showing.’ Very cutely done, too. As he watched he approach, he remembered that she was short (about 5’1”) and solid (about 120 lbs.) built like a very athletic cheerleader, which she used to be one of.

Darcie noticed him too. He was an older man, who had never been anything special. Average height, average build, average looks. Just a regular guy. But, with a very quick smile and a twinkle in his eye just for her. At least that is what he told her. She would never had welcomed him as her beau, even at his best. But, this of course was different. Just for fun.

She flounced up to him as usual, to soften him up with her bouncing breast and rear end, and with her pretty panties shown off. Then she got up on his lap and seated herself right over his member, with her butt crack strategically located over it. She wiggled every once in a while to emphasize its location. She then reached around his neck and laid her head against the side of his and whispered into his ear, “Uncle Walt, I love you so much.”

Then, “Do you have the contribution for my cell phone ready?” No use beating around the bush, she though. No telling what the old fart might want if she drug this out.

She noticed a pronounced coolness in his attitude and reactions. This had not been seen since her rearranging his cock, a couple of years ago. ‘Oh, what now,’ she thought. She upped the ante a little and then gave up to see what was going on.

Walt said, “I am going to have to quit helping you out, Darcie. My family is giving me a really bad time about this. They seem to feel that I should be saving that money that I give to you. How they found out about it, I have no ideal although the visits have been obvious.”

Darcie thought that there was no good reason to bring up the visit that his family and their pastor had made to her about all of this. So she ignore all of this reasoning and plowed on with her efforts.

Soon, Walt decided to move things into another direction and so told Darcie, “Honey, there is a bottle of your favorite soda and a cake that you can have a piece off of in the refrigerator. Please help yourself.”

She decided to play along for a bit and moved to avail herself of the offered goodies.

When she returned to his lap, she made sure to emphasize her femininity with another flouncing and settle in again over his hardened member. He was sipping on his whiskey and rum out of a water glass as she drank her 7-up and ate her cake. When he wasn’t looking she took a sip from his glass. After all even though she presented herself as a fifteen year old, she was actually twenty-two and fully eligible to drink herself. As it went down, it tasted rather good, and she felt a warmth flow down her throat and into her stomach. She took even a bigger gulp a few minutes later when his attention was again diverted to something outdoors he noticed as he looked through his window. This time she started feeling a little light-headed and her body was starting to feel warm.

She was becoming much more affectionate. She asked him to loosen the top two buttons on her blouse, since it was binding on her chest, she said. She felt his hands moving up from their normal station on her knees up the inside of her thigh. She made no move to discourage it. It might have been unconsciously done by him, she didn’t know. And maybe she could induce some kind of guilt on his part to get her money from him.

To further sponsor that possibility, she placed his hands inside of her blouse to cup her breasts. She said that they were feeling lonely and needed some attention from him. He left one hand there and moved the other back to her nether regions, and it moved up to his feeling of the side bands of her panties. Next two of his fingers accidently moved under the side of her panties and encountered her pussy. She jumped at this at first, but then moved one of her hands down to hold his in their intimate location. Encouraged by this, he used one of his fingers to enter and stimulate her.

She was getting very stimulated now, and turned around to face away from him on his lap, leaving one of his hands cupping and caressing one of her tits, and the other playing with her pussy. She laid back against his chest and raised her skirt in the back. He got the message and pushed her panties’ crotch aside and let his member out to reach up to find its natural home in her. She and he both moaned at this and she began to shallow bounce up and down while flexing her body forward and backward on his cock. Neither of them could last long at this rate and after about ten minutes they both climaxed. After they got their breaths back, she somewhat embarrassed moved to the bathroom to cleanup.

When she came out she noticed two hundred dollar bills under her 7-up bottle. She grabbed the bills without spilling the bottle, waved the bills at him and yelled, “See you again next month!” He nodded as she left.

As she walked down to the car, she wondered what the old fart would want next time. A line had been crossed. The next time, she knew, he might even want her ass. Oh, well. She had better bring a good lube, just in case. And maybe an increase in her contribution might be in order.


At this point episode 2 is missing, but what we learned in it was that Walt and Darcy became a lot more involved with each other. He got the anal that he wanted with her and she was now going to do almost anything that he wanted.

Walt inherited some money from a relative with the instructions to spend it well, and Walt is determined to accomplish that, not wasting it on anything, but using it for women.

We learned that the reason that Walt and Betsey didn’t marry was that she was raped by Major, who got her pregnant and then married her. He was a terrible husband, but not that physically mean to her. But, they had a bunch of awful sons, just like their father.

With Major now in a convalescent home, Betsy’s attention is turning back to Walt, who she now feels that she should have married, anyway.

And with that, we pick up the action.


As Betsy drove off from the vicinity of Walt’s place, she reflected on the fact that she often traversed the front of his little apartment, with no real socially legitimate reason for doing so. No, she didn’t consider it stalking, just keeping track of a dear church friend in his mature years. A work of protection, she comforted herself with. Only…… it was happening almost every time she was in her car. And by this she was very alert to the fact that Darcy visited Walt about once a month on his pension payment day and stayed in his home for an hour or more on each occasion. About two hours this time. And she drew her conclusions in regard to this. She never drew the conclusion that she was meddling in the affairs of a person that she had no direct connection with.

Since, her husband was in a convalescent center and was unlikely to leave it soon, or maybe alive ever, she was now considering the freedom that it afforded her. Especially with her sons from hell out of town and not due to return, either. She hadn’t been this free since before her courting by Walt years ago. And she had no intentions of spoiling this situation by spending much time with Major in his cranky residence at the convalescent center. He just spent his time there when she came to visit whining and bitching to her, anyway.

She wondered if there would be any way to get Walt back into her life. She knew that she couldn’t divorce Major. That would endanger her survivor’s benefits from Major’s union pension. And would poison whatever social position that she no enjoyed because of her perceived responsible behavior under trying conditions that everyone knew about. What was she to do? Was there some way to use the pastor to grease the wheels of her return into Walt’s life? After all, he had inherited a tidy sum from a cousin lately, and if something wasn’t done soon, he would probably waste the inheritance on this young slut.

Betsy-----Thank you Pastor for seeing me on such short notice. I know that you are a busy man.

Pastor----It’s okay, Betsy. I can always make time for a member of the congregation. Especially one that has been as responsible as you have over the years.

Betsy-----[Flushing and embarrassed] Why thank you, Pastor. I believe that I have just been doing the proper things these years, nothing special.

Pastor----I think that you would be considered special to a large number of the membership of this congregation, Betsy. Now, what can I do for you?

Betsy-----I have come to talk to you about another member of our congregation, Walt. As you know we were bound to marry many years ago, and I have continued a concern for his welfare ever since, despite the fact that I married Major. No, nothing overt at all, just a distant concern about him. As you also know, his family, this congregation and you have been concerned about his relationship with Darcy, the Martin’s daughter and also another member of our church. And most of us know that steps have been taken to protect Walt from her influence.

Pastor----I’m sorry, Betsy, but I don’t admit to what is not general knowledge and especially to what are deeply personal concerns of our member’s privacy.

Betsy-----Oh, for a number of reasons, it is known by many, and no bad reflection on you or any of the others involved in trying to save Walt form her clutches.

Pastor----What is this leading up to, Betsy?

Betsy-----I am getting to that, sir. As you know Walt inherited a small fortune lately and I have it on good authority that Darcy is trying to siphon some or all of it for herself. So, I was wondering if you and I could team together to subvert her efforts in this regard.

Pastor----Are you sure that your interests are totally Christian in this regard, Betsy? You have no standing in his financial affairs, and if I was to follow the Lord’s example, I would stay out of it, too. He told a man with a sibling that had an issue over an inheritance that the Lord’s work was above those kinds of issues. And I am firm that I have the same attitude myself. Now, if there is no other matter that I can help you with, I will excuse myself to address other important congregational matters, my lady. [With that he left the office, leaving her there to contemplate her next step.]

As she drove away from the church, she decided to visit Major to clear her mind of the disappointment over this turn of events. Seeing her beast of a husband anchored to a bed and able to do nothing to her harm, but assault her ears would surely be invigorating for her.

As she drove away from the cacophonous meeting with Major, she comforted herself that she didn’t have to take this all the time at home anymore. And the knowledge that one of the nurses was taking care of his intimate desires there, too. Better her than me, she reasoned.

She reminded herself that she had almost a month to deal with Walt until Darcy would show up again, but that she probably needed to give a few days for the euphoria to wear off from her latest visit and then barge in to his life herself, using all of her many years of experience to stymie the hoyden and make a place again in Walt’s life. It wasn’t just her puss that she was thinking for, but her wallet, too.

So, she went home to watch some porn, to get some ideas of what to purchase for her incursion into Walt’s intimate life, and also what to practice beforehand. As she watched the presentations in the porn videos, she came to the conclusion that there are only so many things that can be done in any kind of normal sex, and only a limited of ways that it can be successfully accomplished. After all it mostly involved penetration of the female’s mouth, vagina and rear end with the guy’s penis. With some window dressings and real or pretend enthusiasm by the female. The oral aspects on to the female turned out to be of interest to her, though. She had never received any of it again after the night of the rape.

With this knowledge, she went shopping at the local Sex Supplies store for her needed accessories. She went in the early morning to avoid contact with anyone that was likely to know her. As she was first overwhelmed by the wide assortment of clothing and toys available in the rather compact store, she decided to get some help. So she enlisted the aid of a smiling young woman to choose what would aid her in her conquest of Walt. So the smiling young woman helped her to pick out some very flattering apparel and a couple of toys to enhance the experience. She mentioned to Betsy that anal sex is very high on a man’s wish list and to make this more comfortable for her, helped her to pick out some butt plugs to stretch herself out before letting a man in. Since she very much wanted to succeed in this endeavor, she picked out several and a handy little book that explained how to use them. She figured that it would be a lot of fun to wear them inside while in church and also when visiting Major.

Unknown to Betsy, Walt was now beginning to see that he wouldn’t have to wait for Darcy each month. From the guys at the pub, he learned that there were many young gals ready to service him at a reasonable rate and in accordance to most everything that he could think up of. They shared with him the names and numbers of some of their favorite girls, their concern being for the girl’s ability to support themselves, of course. There were girls younger than Darcy, black girls, Asian ones, daughters of people that they knew and some of the local wives, too. It would be some time before he would have to repeat with any of them and they would be thrilled to add him to their lists, since he had plenty of money to share with them.

So, when he got home, he called one of the young ones, a young Asian girl, under age at fifteen, and wildly wicked from what the guys reported. She came from a good family, but was rebellious to the extreme and with no allowance because of her attitude was dependent on using her body to obtain the funds for her interests. She seemed to have no real problem with this at all.

Walt called her on her personal cell phone. She was in class, so couldn’t answer him at that time. But, when she was at lunch, she checked her texts and sent back that she would come to interview for a yard job after school. He replied that that would be fine.

When she arrived at his door, it was evident that she had prepared herself for this interview, since she had on a blouse that had her breasts pretty much hanging out to his view and a skirt that was so short that it barely reached down to her pubis. He didn’t hesitate to welcome her in. He didn’t’ want the neighbors or his landlord to see this. It was too late to avoid Betsy from seeing this though. She thought of making trouble for him over him seeing a minor, but the main result of that would be to block her gaining purchase on him while he would be in jail. So, she drove on by and continued her plotting.

In the meantime, little Mariko had the situation well in hand. As soon as she entered his abode, she shed her back pack and then her blouse and skirt went on the table also. It left her bare naked except for her socks and pantie.

She then moved up to Walt and pushed him back onto his comfy chair to be serviced. As she began to avidly kiss him, she moved one of her hands down to open his trousers and release his beast to view and interaction. She moved her pussy up to rub on it through her panties, while she moved to having him engage her titties.

With his member rising to the occasion she used her gymnast training to reverse herself on his lap to her being upside down, with her mouth on his cock and her pussy up to Walt’s mouth. This was very new and entertaining to Walt, who dined at the ‘Y’ with gusto and to her pleasure. With the service being offered to her, she moved things on by actively engaging his lips and mouth with her pussy, by her rubbing it against him. This generated a generous amount of her girly cum to drain into his mouth to his great amusement and delight.

When she had him elevated to her desires, she reversed herself again, removed her panties and promptly penetrated herself on him while sitting facing out from him on his lap. She reached back to one the armrests of the plush chair and began to lightly bounce on his belly with his dick firmly plowing into her love canal. The girly cum was becoming even more noticeable to him. He was surely going to have to have the chair cleaned after this escapade he realized.

But, in the meantime, she with whoops and moans was moving things along with them both. And after about fifteen minutes more, he emptied himself up into her belly, with a large sigh of his own. She then stopped pounding on him, reversed herself to be facing him again with him still ensconced into her pussy. She took his face and tenderly kissed him around on it and after he calmed down, she asked what he would like next to finish off their ‘interview.’

He indicated that he would like to guide her to his bedroom and put a pillow under her belly with her straddling the corner of the bed on her tummy. Then with her legs splayed apart, he would kneel on the floor behind her down with his knees on a towel on the floor. He would use some of his body lotion on his cock so that he could stroke it while he licked and sucked on her pussy and anus from behind her. She rather liked the idea and told him so. But, no anal this time, since it had to be prepared for. He told her that he had no plans on that for this time, but would welcome it at a future time with an added contribution for the privilege.

But, for the present she was very much enjoying a sexual activity that didn’t require anything from her but her accepting presence. She knew that she would add to the activity to please him with twerking of her ass in his face as he tongued and sucked up on her pussy and ass hole. And she did so.

As his tongue lovingly blessed her pussy and ass with its licking and penetrations, he was getting very excited again and after several minutes of this fun, he came right into his hands. He then finished her off with a determined licking accompanied by his finger up in her pussy rubbing her ‘G’ Spot. This resulted in her having another climax herself. And the adding of him to her regular’s list, right near the top.

After his climax, he slumped down onto the floor. Mariko turned around and helped him up onto the bed with gentle caressing and cooing words in his ear. With him lying on the bed, she raised herself up and laid her tender and tiny body right on top of his, to gently lull him to sleep. When he was napping, she used the clothes she had in her back pack to be more socially presentable as she left, gathered up the generous contribution in its envelope on the kitchen table and quietly left the premises with an affectionate message left where the envelope had been. Within the note, she had advised him that he should see her mother, too. And that her mother would have no trouble at all in granting him rear passage, as much as he would like to have.


Betsy was getting quite frantic over her plans to seduce Walt back into her life. She knew that something very powerful would have to be used to overwhelm the attentions that he was getting from the others and not just Darcy anymore. She had seen the young Japanese high school student go into his place in almost no clothing at all and then a week after, had seen an adult Japanese women (her mother?) appear at his door in full Geisha costume. How in the hell could she compete with that?

When Aiko showed up at Walt’s door, he was surprised at her arrival, and stunned at her appearance. She was in full costume and makeup as a Geisha and evidently ready to serve him as one.

When the door opened, she didn’t hesitate, but bowed and then brushed right past him into his small living room and established herself on the matching chair to his at the table. She was silent, but attentive to him. She opened her kimono to show that nothing was underneath it and then let it hang partly open to tease him. He could see her tiny breasts peeking out from the folds and her pussy would come into view through her lower opening when she shifted her legs. She motioned to him, in pantomime indicating that she would like to make tea for them. He had a very old tea pot that he had brought home from Japan when he served there and he directed her to it.

When she saw it, she was very appreciative of it and treated it with a reverence deserved of a very famous or powerful person. She found his kettle and tea supplies, with the cups at the back of his cupboard. Then she washed them sparkling clean, put the kettle on to boil and set out the tea pot and cups on to the table with a clean table cloth provided by Walt. When the kettle set off the steam alarm, she moved gracefully to pick it up and poured the boing water into the antique tea pot on the table. Then after moving the kettle of boiling water to the side of the stove, she swirled herself back to the table, giving Walt more views of her womanly charms.

She then hovered over Walt, carefully pouring from the tea pot the still hot water in his cup, reached into her pocket and pulled out a bamboo stirring whisk and blended carefully his tea into the hot water in his cup. He knew that he was to await for her to have her own cup ready before tasting his. So he waited upright with his hands clasped together in front of him with a neutral but respectful expression on his face, for her to take the other seat and prepare her own cup of tea.

When she was done, she looked up to him expectantly and awaited his tasting of the now somewhat cooled down brew. He first copied the remembered manner of turning the cup one way and the other before drinking and then he carefully raised the cup to his lips and without losing eye to eye contact with her, sampled the contents. As he was very pleased with the tea and especially the manner of its serving, he gave her a very slight nod in acknowledgement of her part in this little drama. With that she then partook of her own cup, also.

When they were finished with their cups of teas, she raised up and loosened the ties on her kimono so that all of her charms were available to be seen by him, framed in the most beautiful fabric known to mankind. She then took his hand and led him to his bed. She there gently guided him to lay upon it, face up, and then she turned and very gracefully undid her beautiful outfit, to regale him with the beautiful form underneath. He noticed when she turned that her genital bush was in full form and beauty.

With her now nude, she moved towards him and guided him to turn on to his stomach so that she could give him a very light massage. It was called a butterfly massage, since the fingers danced all over his back, barely touching the surface, but lightening up the muscles underneath anyway. Then she guided him back onto his back, and repeated the light movements on his front, too. He could feel his cock rising and getting stone hard.

When she directed her attentions to it, she made a big fuss over its size and stiffness, with light and gentle laughter and smiles. She then took it into her hand and with the barest of touching at all, stroked it to even newer heights. When it reached it apex, she leaned over and took it into her mouth for further very light attentions. By now, he was aching, his cock was so hard and desperate for a release.

So she climbed up over him and settled her pussy down onto its length, with some serious whining and crying because of its supposed torturing of her insides. But, she didn’t give up her duty to him, instead with her holding of her chin in pretended pain, she began to arch forward and backward on his belly and to alternate that with shallow bonces up and down. The small cries and whimperings accelerated now and her pussy cum was inaugurating his loins with its pristine self, and his cum was gathering in his prostate to anoint her female temple with its own special smell and taste.

After he shot up into her, she took some of her cum off of his belly and fed it to his mouth. When he showed appreciation for that, she gathered some of his leaking cum from her pussy and sucked it off of her fingers before his face, showing her delight of it. She then removed herself from his cock and gathered herself up to sweetly cuddle with him and whisper sweet nothings into his ears. It was all in Japanese, so he didn’t know what she said, but it must have been beautiful, because his body tingled at the sounds of it.

She then took his hand and moved him to the chair in the bedroom. She gathered up a couple of pillows at the corner of the bed and laid herself down on the pillows with her legs splayed out. She then looked back to him with smiling eyes and asked him to plug up the gap in her rear for her. So, he rose and with some lube on his member and wiped onto her anus and within it, he then moved up carefully to address the opened hole in her rear quarters. With little effort, he found himself deeply up into her interior and her moaning in appreciation of it. And when he came again within her, she quickly turned and took him into her mouth to finish off his cum productions to his pleasure.

After a protracted nap with some very light caressing by her, she arose to again dress herself in the gorgeous Kimono. She dramatically ignored the envelope on the table and after bowing very deeply to him, moved out the front door heading to a waiting car for her. Walt outside his door held a deep bow to her all the way to the car, and all the way till it was out of sight down the street. Then he straightened up to return to his inside abode, with the wonder and beauty of it all, intoxicating him.

The next day when out to get his mail, there was a gorgeously decorated envelope taped to his front door. He gathered it up with his mail and returned to his kitchen table to attend to them with his coffee. In the envelope was the stylistic girlish writing, evidently of Mariko, that asserted that her mother had reported that she had had the best time with a man in her life with him the day before. And would honor it in her memory as long as she had one. Walt choked up a bit over that.

Meantime, Betsy was working up a special assignation for him in her own way. She had accessed a site on the internet that purported to list some of the crazy sexual things that a man could want and she was going to combine a couple of them to use on him the next week on Tuesday, since the other females tended to come on Wednesdays.

On the next Tuesday, she showed up at Walt’s door and asked him to accompany her to her daughter-in-law’s house to do a security check. Some new neighbors of assumed security concerns had moved in and since Shelly, the lady of the house and her children were gone all day, Betsy had volunteered to check up on the house once in a while. Walt was a bit suspicious about this, but decided to play along to see what was up.

When they got to the house, she did a pretend security check while he waited sitting on the sofa in the living room. Then when she was to go upstairs to check on the bedrooms, she asked him to go up with her, while she faked a profound fear. When they got up to the master bedroom, she guided him in and then firmly closed the door behind them. She pushed him down onto the bed and as he was falling on to it, removed her outer clothing to show nothing present underneath.

When his surprise started to wear off, she addressed him, “Now Walt, I will finally get what I should have gotten so many years ago. Prepare to take me real well and proper to make up for what we have lost.” Before he could answer, she moved to the middle of the bed, took out her cell phone and entered a cell number on to it. She had opened her legs to his view and sensual activities. He could see that she had shaved her pussy and was invited to take oral enjoyment of it. As he entered upon this very luscious sensual site, he heard her calling on the cell, presumably to Major, because she was alternately berating him for his faults and testifying to her love for Walt as he was licking and sucking on her pussy.

With him still very busy on her pussy and her conversing with Major, she now indicated for him that she wanted him to enter her, while she continued on the phone. So, Walt rose up and probed his dick into the florid and wetted love port and started to thrust and withdraw into and almost out of her. Small moans and whimpers were now coming from her mouth, which Major must have heard. Walt knew this because of the shouts coming over the phone and at the laughs spoken into it by Betsy. Evidently many years of cruelty received by her was getting a very personal reckoning.

When Walt emptied himself up into her pussy, she let out a scream and cries that Major would have further known what was causing them. With this, as he was screaming over the phone, she hung up on him and turned the cell off, so that he couldn’t call her back. Then she turned to Walt, and said that they had a lot of other things to catch up on and with that she moved to her belly over pillows and presented her rear end for his reawaked interest, just the start of a showcase of all of the things that she had learned and practiced for.

He heard at church that Sunday that Major had had a massive stroke, caused by unknown reasons. He had just rung off of his cell phone when it struck. He would live, but in a semi-vegetative state from then on, until his demise. Betsy put on a great show as a bereaved spouse with an ailing husband, but inside she was celebrating her now freedom from Major with no ability for him to interfere with her love life from then on.

Her despicable sons were legally notified that they were no longer welcome in her life, with the thought that she hoped that they would find fine lives far away from her. Walt was now a settled thing of her past now, and they remained as friends but shared no more intimacies. Her long latent itch had been soundly scratched and now she turned to younger men to service her newly aroused sexual interests, with money provided by Major’s pension and trust fund assets. They totally enjoyed a lady that seemed to have no practical limits to what she wanted or would do.

The pastor, sort of read in to what had happened with the balance of things involving Walt, Betsy and Major, but felt that it was not his business unless they brought it up to him. And bedsides he had had a ringside seat to Major’s unhidden cruelties to Betsy over the years. So, he just continued with his service to his flock, encouragement to take sound and faithful steps in their lives.

As for Walt, he had a number of awesome dates with Mariko and Aiko over the next several months. And with the evidence to them that Walt was just as nice of a man as they had first come to a decision on, Aiko kicked out her worthless and useless husband. After all most of the family’s assets had come from her and her family. So, they offered to let Walt live in the vacant mother-in-law apartment alongside of their home. So, he closed up his remodeled garage home and moved in with the only thing required of him was to be a friendly companion to the two women and to take care of their ‘bedsport’ needs. He was also allowed to have Darcie in on her once a month visits.

On Aiko’s grounds there was more privacy for him to duck the impertinent efforts of his family to check up on him. And he still attended church and supported it, and he still warmly greeted Betsy when they met. But, his private life was now centered in his sexual interests on these two Japanese ladies who he took care of for the rest of his life.

They especially enjoyed their ocean cruises, where they pretended to be a family with a daughter, who without them knowing of it was getting her dick treatment regularly along with her mother.


2.The Niece:

“Hello, Uncle Leo. Do you have time to talk to me about what you promised to me a couple of years ago?”

“I’m sorry, Missy. I don’t recall what you are referring to.”

“At the family picnic two years ago, you promised to help me get a car when I graduated from high school. I graduated last week as you know, since as my ‘godfather’ you attended my graduation.

I also turned 18 last week, so my parents are letting me drive now. But, I have no car and they are very busy with theirs.

I want to start college this fall and need to work this summer to help pay for it.

Since you are the used car dealer here at the dealership, I was hoping that you would help me like you promised.”

“Well, honey, I will try to see what I can do. You know, don’t you that I have to run all special deals by the Sales Manager. And he gets real snippy about special rates to relatives.”

“Oh, Uncle Leo, does this mean that you are going to back out on your promise?”

“No, No, Honey! I just needed to let you know that these things are not as automatic as a person might think. I fully intend to help you as I promised, even though I can’t for the life of me remember making it. Well, if I didn’t, I should have for my favorite niece.”

“I sure hope so, my whole future depends on this.”

“Well, I hope not, Missy. But, let’s see what I can do. Have you picked a car? I saw you wandering around the lot.”

“Yes, I like that three year old red Beetle. It would be perfect.”

“Missy that would be a fine car for you. Good mileage and dependable. I think that I can get you a $3000 reduction on it. Do you have any money for the down payment of $3000?”

“No, Uncle Leo, sweetie. I was hoping that you would help me on that, too. I haven’t been permitted to work outside the home till now. My parents wanted me to concentrate on my studies. But, I need the car now.”

“Missy, I don’t know about that. I do well here at the dealership, but I have children of my own, you know. And the first of them will be graduating from high school in three years. I need to save for their educations.”

As she comes around the desk and sits in his lap, which shocks him; “Can’t we work something out, sweetie?”

“I am not sure what you are proposing, but Missy, I am a married man and your uncle. I need to be careful of my reputation here at the dealership and I love my wife.”

“Leo, no one can see us in this office. And this is so important to me!”

With that, she stands back up, lifts her short skirt and removes her panties. At this Leo’s eyes bug-out and he sucks in his breath in a panic.

“Oh, No!! Not here!!” He fearfully stammers.

“Yes, here Leo! I have you at my mercy. If you make any fuss, who would believe you in your denial? Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

At this she opens her blouse, under which there is no bra and shows her tits to him. He can’t help but look. They are marvelous. She shakes them and they shimmy in such a delightful way. He can’t help it, he reaches out to caress them. She encourages this, and brings his head up to them. He nuzzles them, lightly kisses them and then with her encouragement begins to suckle on them. She oohs and ahhs at this.

She then has him lay on his desk on his back, and has him leave his head hanging over the edge with his face up. She lifts her skirt and backs up, while leaning forward, put her pussy right on his lips. He gets the clue and begins to nuzzle it, smell it, lick it, probe it and suck on it. He keeps missing the clit, though. So, she rearranges her body over his head and now his tongue is working over her clit.

Now that she is getting very excited, she moves around the desk, and with him staying in the same position begins to work over his newly released cock. His nerves are a frazzled shambles now. He piteously whimpers in low tones. When he gets very big, she orders him to sit in his desk chair, and she turns and with her back to him, sits on his lap while guiding his cock up and in to her ready pussy.

She rocks back onto him in a rhythm that slowly builds in frequency and power. Finally, he cums and she settles back on him to briefly rest. She then stands up, and with the tissues on his desk, proceeds to wipe her pussy clean with him seeing it in full view.

He comes out from his sexual trance and looks at her with imploring worried little ‘puppy dog’ eyes.

She looks straight into his eyes. With that she opens her purse and then retrieves something that is in there with a bright red light shining. And with a sensual show of power, she also retrieves an object that she left on his bookshelf, while he wasn’t paying attention.

“Sweetie, I have made a recording of this. You can have a copy, if you will want it. I will expect that car to be ready for me tomorrow. And I will be back once in a while to earn help on some of the payments.”

He slumped in his chair and mumbled something under his breath.


“Hi, Uncle Leo Sweetie! I have come to make this month’s in-person payment. Here, I will lock the door.”

With downcast eyes, he says: “I don’t know how I can go on with this, niece Missy. It is really eating into my budget. I had a very hard time explaining this to my wife, too. The $3000 down payment, that is. Nothing else that has happened here has been mentioned to her, of course. How long do you expect me to keep paying this blackmail?”

“As long as I need it, Leo. I am truly sorry about any trouble that this has caused you with your wife. I do truly love you both. But, I really need this car. It is a key to my life.”

“I haven’t noticed that you have started college.”

“No, I am delaying that a year. I have things to do in the meantime.”

“Well, it hasn’t been working, since your mom says that you don’t have a job, either.”

“I guess, I will have to talk to mom about flapping her gums about my personal business.”

And then, “Well, let’s get down to business!”

With that, she again raises up her short skirt and removes her panties. She comes over and sits with her legs wide open on his knees, facing him. As she kisses him, she guides his hand to her pussy, to minister to it. She increases her intensity as he fingers her pussy and clit.

He then guides her to stand up and to turn and lower her front to the top of the desk. He lowers himself down to his knees on the floor and reaches up with his face to lick, suck and probe first her pussy and then her anus. When he gets to her anus, she lurches and then settles down as the sensual sensations arouse her.

After a few minutes, he stands and guides his cock into her pussy. He then ungently begins to pump in to and out of her. She at first whimpers a little and then rocking back into him, really gets into it. He then withdraws and firmly pushes his cock up into her ass.

“Sweetie, that hurts,” she whiningly murmurs.

“You mean like the extortion that you have practiced on me? As he firmly grasps her hips, holding himself inside of her.

If I am going to have to pay for it, I might as well enjoy it,…….and you. This is what you can expect every time you come here from now on for me to make your payment. And if you will notice, you will see a video recorder on the bookcase recording this. You can have a copy of it too, if you like. If I am going to be stuck in this, I will have my evidence too. You have admitted to extortion and blackmail. If this gets out, and I will be sure it does by me in some way if you pressure me anymore or say anything about this, it will ruin me, cause a divorce AND completely ruin your reputation, get you in trouble with the law and crush your dear mother’s heart.”

“Now stop complaining and start bucking back on me, just as if I was in your pussy!”


3.The Real Estate Lady:

“Hello, Mr. Williams. I am glad to see that you could make it to the showing of this fine home.”

“Actually, it is Mr. Wilson. And I am very tired from seeing so many homes in this area. My family is arriving in two weeks, and I need to find an appropriate place for us. I have been shown eight homes today, and six of them were not even close to what I asked to see.”

“Sorry about the name. I actually had a Mr. Williams earlier today, who looked at this home.” My name is Mrs. Joyce Adams. I am an independent agent working in loose association with the realtor who is the prime agency for this listing. I do have a key to get in though, if this home looks to be in your interest area.”

Pete stops and quickly takes her in. She is short, blond and quite pretty. She must be no more than 32 years old. She talks with an intelligent and educated manner.

“If you are ready we can take a good look at the exterior.”

“Sure, let’s do the walk around.”

As they walk up the walkway, he notices that it has a new roof, and paint job. At least the color will be endurable for some time. The yard is well manicured, and very green. Signs of regular care. And the landscaping is well ordered. There is a small shed in the back, just big enough for a small riding mower and some garden tools and supplies.

“The outside seems fine,” he offers.

“Yes, the owners have been very faithful in maintaining the outside environs. You should be happy with the level of maintenance in the interior, also. Let’s go inside and look around.”

He nods assent, and she inserts the key into the lock box, and then the key hidden in there into the key lock in the door. They enter the house and he immediately notices a very pleasant smell in the house. It must be the plants that are evident, even here in the entry way. A central hallway bisects the house, but is designed to not take away much of the interior space. He notices the recreation room on the left hand side, and the entry to the kitchen on the right.

She begins to give him a detailed deion of the interior of the house. The accompanying sales pitch was muted and subtle.

“You will notice in the kitchen, a recycle center. It was especially designed for this house and is easily accessible to empty. The central island provides a very handy place for quick breakfasts and the hanging pots and pans above it make it very easy to select just the right one for each cooking effort. There are two refrigerator/freezers in here, one just for drinks and goodies. In the pantry over there is a full sized freezer for longer range storage. Notice that there are a lot of shelves and bins in the pantry.

As they move back into the hallway, she mentions that there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Three of the bedrooms are on the second floor, which is half the size of the main floor and connected by a fine stairway. Also on the second floor is a laundry, which is matched by one on the main floor. This prevents the need to carry laundry up and down the stairs, she mentions.

At this point, she is gauging the level of his interest. His eyes are taking all of this in, and he is listening carefully to her dissertation. But, there are no signs of his being at all committed to this house. So, she decides to turn up the heat, so to speak.

While his attention is elsewhere, she loosens a couple of the buttons on her blouse and hikes her skirt up some to show off her well-formed legs. He doesn’t notice at first. So she ‘accidentally’ bumps into him and brushes up to him as they continue the tour. He is beginning to notice, now. But, is very reserved in his response to it.

She shows off the master bedroom, which is downstairs. It has a very large bathroom with a large swirling water bathtub inside of it. The opening for it opens into the sleeping area, he notices. And over in the corner is a door. He asks about it and she informs him that it leads to a sauna, right in the house. The sauna also has a door that opens to the main hallway.

Her speaking to him is now getting much more sensual in tone, and she is upping the ante with her body motions. Her small and girlish bottom is in constant motion when she moves. And her breasts too seem to bounce more. And of course, with her modifications to her dress, a lot more of this is openly visible to him. He is straining to not keep his eyes on her. After all, he is here to see the house, not her.

She asks if he would like to see anymore, and he says that he has seen enough. If he becomes interested in actually buying it, he will take some pictures of the features that his wife would be interested in and forward them to her for her analysis.

“Would you like to look at the purchase papers, she inquires of him?”

“No, that would be premature,” he responds.

She feels his interest slipping away, so decides to go all out in her effort to get him to commit and sign on the dotted line. That way she could ensure her getting something out of this effort, even if he changed his mind later.

“I was hoping that you might like this place enough to commit, today. I sure need the sale. It has been a very slow season so far. But, the good thing about that is that the prices of these fine homes have been substantially reduced and the lending rate is very low now, too. Perhaps, if we check out one of the very fine features of the house, you might be moved to commit to this house.”

His eyes raise at this suggestion, but he remains silent.

“Let’s move over into the sauna and check it out. Now that we are in here, it might be appropriate to test it out. Why don’t you grab the sauna robe over there and I will grab this one. (As they move into the bedroom,) Let’s doff our clothes and put these on and try it out.”

With no ceremony at all, she begins to take off her clothes and carefully stacking them on the bed right in his view. He is somewhat stunned by this, and shows it.

“You’re not going to be a prude now are you, Mr. Wilson? Please disrobe and put your sauna robe on, so we can test out the sauna, together.”

He thought about it for a couple of minutes and then thought, “What the heck! Why not? No one will see us anyway, the doors are all locked in the house and it is beyond the normal showing hours.”

When they were both suitably robed. She motioned for them to move into the sauna, which she had conveniently already turned the heat up on. They sat on benches somewhat separated from each other. She began to pour water onto the hot rocks in the middle and the space began to be filled with the resulting steam. At first it seemed hard to breathe, but quickly their lungs seemed to adapt and they began to enjoy the soaking in of the heat.

“I have a little experience in massage, if you would like me to demonstrate,” she said.


“First, please remove your robe and lay it on the bench. Then lay down on your stomach and stretch out your arms above you and your legs under you out as far as you can.”

He complied. And her robe seemed to somehow fall away, too. She didn’t seem to notice, as far as he could see. And he could see a lot!

The massage felt great. He then offered to return the favor, and she gladly accepted his gallant offer. When he was suitably affected, she offered to work on him again, only with him being face-up. After a very brief pause, he complied and laid down on his back. She then began a very sensual massage of his face, chest, belly legs and finally his privates. He jumped when she first touched them, but quickly began to accept her attention to them.

His organ was already lifted in response to her attentions, so she began to intensify her efforts. Before he knew what was happening, she took him into her mouth and began to pump him, lick him and suck on him. With the intensity of her actions, and his cock’s response, he was now lost into his lust for her. He motioned for her to arrange her body for a ‘69’ session. She readily complied, and his mouth and tongue became firmly anchored to her pussy. They were really getting into it now. They each also gave attention to each other’s anuses. Licking and probing them with their tongues.

They were now both firmly into sexual lust. So she took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom, where a full and warm swirling bathtub awaited. He wondered at this, but before any firm thoughts could intrude, she had them in the water. They fell together in hugging and caressing, he briefly suckled her tits and she fingered his anus.

Then she motioned for him to sit down with his arms and hands stretching over the sides, while she turned around and sat back on his lap. His stiff member rubbed up her butt crack. She moved her body to maximize the sensation. She then raised herself up a little above his body and then settled back while inserting his cock up her ass. He was just beside himself now. She began to bounce up and down in the water, forcing his cock up deep inside of her and to nearly out of her.

This felt really fine to both of them. He couldn’t take anymore and so shot his load up into her ass. She then settled down on him and laid back into his arms.

He tenderly took her into his arms and caressed her very gently. He kissed the back of her neck and just soaked in the moment.

They then got out of the tub and erased all evidence of their pleasurable interlude. As they left, he looked her in the eyes and said: “I will send the pictures to my wife tonight, and get back to you in the morning, Joyce. And………….thank you for one of the most wonderful times that I have ever had in my life!”

She smiled and said nothing.

The next morning, he appeared and signed the papers for 85% of the suggested sale price. Just as he had read to do online. She said that they would probably accept it as 90%, and she would let him know that day.

As he left, she thought to herself, “Good thing I filled that tub, before he got there.”

And, “I wonder if…………”



Marvin Martin (otherwise known as Oldman) sits in the window booth of his favorite neighborhood restaurant and contemplates the soft sunshine coming through the worn, but clean lacy curtains. The weather here in Big Town is typically about 68 to 72 degrees in the summer, with just a slight overhead haze to soften the sun’s rays.

A light breeze is usual, too. Unless you are used to Southern California, Easter Washington or similar places it is just perfectly comfortable. Perhaps a visiting ‘L.A.ite’ might need to wear a sweater. We locals smile when we see such a thing.

I dragged my 72 year old bones out of bed this morning. It takes a while to loosen up the rickety joints of my aging body. A leisurely walk to the café helps immensely. I use a cane when I get up in the middle of the night for a ‘pee’ call and also in the morning at arising, but usually by the time I get to the restaurant, everything has loosened up and the cane becomes nothing more than an affectation (and handy defense against dogs and human critters who might want to tangle with me.)

When I sit down then, I have to find a handy place to store it until I am ready to leave, but like all naturally unstable objects like my belts, which all seem to be obsessed in falling to the lowest spot (and the more unhandy to grab-the-better,) I need to prevent that by a little forethought. If it hits the floor or ground, it just might be left there unless I happen to have forty dollars attached to it. That is the co-pay for the chiropractor, if I put out my hip trying to retrieve it.

I would also rather not trip the waitress as she goes about taking orders and delivering them to diners who are famished by the time the food arrives. Some of them just might be a ‘little’ miffed when it takes longer than expected, so the very hard-working waitress tends to be very industrious in getting the meals to the waiting forks and other dining weapons.

I shake off my musings before any of the wait staff take it upon themselves to load me up and deliver me to the kitchen trash containers. A suitable come- up- pence for a derelict in-duty-old-fart diner, who is taking up valuable space without returning any financial gain to the shop. To forgo this, I amuse myself with the menu. I am old, retired and definitely not in any hurry, so I stall things by thoroughly looking over the bright pictures of the offerings, which when ordered will bear only a coincidental relationship with the photos. And deions!!

However, there is one meal that I have ordered almost every time that I come here that is very dependably, what is described and pictured. It is the Grand Slam Breakfast, or whatever version of that that this café serves. So after drinking up the free water, I guess it is time to let the establishment and young lady make a little income. I’ll say one thing for this particular choice, however, it is delicious, varied and very close to appropriate to my hunger and amateur dietary consciousness. I keep close watch on my weight to show mercy to my now aged hip and back.

You see, I loved to work. Yes, some of us do, or in my case did. But, in the industry that I worked in, it is very usual to end up with back and hip troubles from all of the heavy lifting. Yes, of course, there are very fine ‘Pro Weight Lifter’ programs given with handsome brochures and instructors with flying arms and elbows accompanied by shrill and demanding voices. The ideas given are good and practical. Only problem is the way that our work stations were constructed, there was no way to put them reliably into practice. This was a key factor in my taking an early out when it was offered. A full retirement at age 56 on my union pension, instead of at 62 as usual. And they let me work up to 50 hours a month to make up the difference in earnings because of the pension's modest reduction of my income.

Now back to my menu. Let’s see here: two slices of bacon, two sausage, two eggs, a pile of hash browns and four half slices of toasted rye bread. Jelly in the handy table top receptacle. I’ll have orange juice, instead of my regular root beer to not disturb the ambiance of the diner and diners too much. The pretty young waitress comes to take my order. She is the same one who always does, if she is on duty.

She smiles at me, but the smile is definitely weaker than normal. And is that a little tear I see in the corner of her eyes? I don’t ask, though. No use disturbing her dignity, if she is emotionally ailing, or even if she isn’t. She makes her notations and gives me a brave little smile again and then leaves to pass on the order.

I don’t see her again until she brings my order, fresh out of the kitchen and with it very warm. Her smile is a little warmer now, and with the wonderful smells from the victuals, I am enthralled. I put away the breakfast in good order and she briskly comes and retrieves the dishes. All of them completely empty. With raised eyebrows she acknowledges this and gratefully accepts the generous tip that I leave. My mother raised four children working in restaurants and we would have starved, except that she always did very well with tips.

I did, too, for the years that I worked as a cab driver after my retirement from my career job. I think that every worker should spend some time in a tip driven job. I would give them a wider perspective on this. Those who have received tips are well known as the best tippers.

As I left the café, I sat on the bench outside to let it all tamp down for a few minutes. Also, to ensure that I wouldn’t need to make an emergency visit to the ‘loo’ before heading down the street. When a person gets to my age, it is not all that unusual for the plumbing to become recalcitrant or splendidly active on short notice. So a guy (or gal I am told) needs to take precautions.

As I am gathering up my gumption, the pretty young waitress comes out the door and in approach to me, it became obvious that whatever had upset her inside while she was tending to me, had revisited her. Her name tag had always said Holley before, so I took upon myself to address her,” Holley, is there something that I can do to relieve your obvious distress?”

“Oh, Mr. Martin, I just can’t talk about it right now. But, thank you for caring.”

“Of course, I do! Here is an index card with my name and number on it. If you need someone to unload on, just give me a call. I am available almost any time.”

She accepted the card from me. Flipped it from front to back and back to the front again, smiled and put it into her purse with no more to-do. Then she nodded and walked away down the side walk. I wasn’t sure if I would hear from her. Didn’t know what I would say, if she did call.

I gathered myself up and proceeded to make my way home only about six blocks away.

Later that evening as I was watching the T.V. news, the cell phone beeped. I absent mindedly picked it up and answered it. (I never identify myself on the phone to frustrate the Phishers efforts to gather information against our will.)


“Hello, is this Mr. Martin?”

“Who is this, please?”

“This is Holley from the restaurant. You said to call if I needed to talk and you gave me an index card with your phone number on it.”

“Oh yes, sorry that I was being so careful. A person never knows who is calling and what harm they might want to cause. There are some real sharks on the other side of the incoming calls. Not that I think that of you."

“I see, makes sense to me. Maybe I will start doing that, too.”

“Think about how you want to handle it, first. And then come up with a way that you feel comfortable with. Don’t do something just because that is what another person does it.”

“Thank you for that, Mr. M. You share such practical knowledge.”

“Well, Holley, I just have lived long enough to make a lot more mistakes than you have had time for. And I have hopefully learned from at least some of them. As an example, I never answer anonymous calls (blocked) because they are almost always bad news. I keep a registry of all of those authorized to call me and only answer them, with rare exceptions.”

“I guess that I have made one of those life changing mistakes today. I called out the chief cook, because he was making improper advances towards me and threatening me if I refused.”

“Excuse me for interrupting, but did you report it to the owners or manager of the restaurant? What he did was illegal and there are severe repercussions to those who are found guilty of it.”

“I can’t do that, because his mother is the manager of the restaurant and doesn’t believe that her son can do any wrong. She made threats to me, when she got wind of what had happened and fired me on the spot. Supposedly for insubordination. Even though I have all of my evaluations that prove that I am a good worker, her firing me with her idea of ‘just cause’ will make it difficult for me to find another job.”

“That is sad to hear, Holley. Would it help if I went back and complained to her that she has fired my favorite waitress, evidently without just cause?”

“No, Mr. Martin. It just might cause a lot more trouble for me.”

“What did you have in mind for me to do for you, then Holley?”

“Well sir, I have to make a rent payment tomorrow or I will lose my lease. The payment is already late. But, the rental company said that if I made a good faith payment tomorrow, that they would wait till the end of the month for me to get things straightened out and get my payments current, as they put it.”

“How much did they say that you had to come up with by tomorrow?”

“Two hundred dollars and by noon at the latest.”

“Well, Holley. I don’t usually just give money out to anyone. But, I do have some connections in town and I could see if another place would hire you and advance you the funds against your pay check. Do you think that that might help?”

“Mr. Martin, I am so scared about what will happen. I am not sure if that would work out for me. I am here in my apartment alone and shaking in fear over it. Do you think that you could come to my place and help me make a list of those places? And maybe give me a couple of hugs too, to calm my nerves?”

“Gee Holley, it is getting sort of late for an old duffer like me to be out. Where do you live?”

“I live just two blocks from the restaurant. I understand that you live closely to it also. And I would so much appreciate it if you would come over and help me some and maybe even comfort me a little-.” This she said with magnum emotional appeal and ever so lightly flavored with possible sensual intent!

I turned off my big brain and said, “OK, Honey. Just give me your address and I will be there in a few minutes.” And she did so.

It took me only about ten minutes to arrive at her door. Wouldn't have been that long either, if I hadn't had a challenge first to find a parking space among the limited ones available and mostly already filled, and then trying to identify her door on a dark end street with poor house number identifications. I certainly didn't want to knock on the wrong door in the late evening.

As I approached the door with no little amount of trepidation, I straightened up my posture, finger combed my hair....again and timidly knocked on the correct door (I hoped.)

After a brief pause, the door cracked open and the pretty familiar red-haired and freckle faced young lady's face appeared. When she recognized me, she unloosed the chain and opened the door to allow me to enter. I quickly entered as she hurried to close and relock and chain the door.

I briefly scanned the room, before addressing the young lady's eyes, and found the place to be the normal casual disarray of a young woman’s place who is, evidently living alone. But, it had a definite comfy feel about it too. And she definitely lit up the place with her vibrant and lovely persona.

As she guided me to sit on the couch with her hand lightly on my arm, I noticed no indication of distress in her manner. Hmmmmmm. I was beginning to wonder what this was REALLY about.

"Would you like something to drink while we talk, Papi?" She inquired brightly with a warm but slightly amused smile.

"Perhaps, but I don't drink anything alcoholic. That is unless I am spending the night, but very lightly even then. I usually like root beer, fruit juice or just plain iced water."

She then said, "I think that I can accommodate that. And you don't mind me calling you Papi while we are here, do you?"

"No, of course not, as long as you don't insist to be in my will at this time!"

She lightly smiled at that retort and turned to proceed to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, she came with two glasses. The one that she offered to me appeared to be root beer, but with what kind(s) of additives, I wondered. She noticed my barely concealed distress and with another very light smile, "Here let me taste that for you Papi, so that I can confirm that it is tasty and cold enough for you." She took a sip from the glass and offered it back to me as she nursed on whatever was in her glass. Though of a normally gallant nature, I demurred to myself of offering the same service to her.

As I sipped my drink and awaited the conversation about her employment distress, she instead of bringing it up moved from the middle of the couch to right up next to me. I am not going to even pretend that I wasn't thrilled with the attention that she was giving me.

"Here, let me take that for a minute," she murmured in a voice as soft as snowflakes as she took my drink and parked it on the coffee table that was pushed back from the couch I surmised before I had even arrived.

She then reseated herself next to me very closely and I put up no resistance at all with her turning the top half of her body around to face me which was followed by the hottest kiss that I had received in years. I didn't care a fig why she did it, I just wanted more. I moved my arm up and over her back to hold her in place and also to caress it. One hand found one of her breasts still covered only by a startlingly sexy black bra and the other was busy massaging her back through the light and pretty robe that she was wearing. My mind briefly focused on what might be or not-to-be under that robe covering her nether regions. But, I continued with my facile worship and adoration of the body of this adorable young woman.

She began moaning at my touches and said, "Oh Papi, your touches are so light, comforting and sensual. Please don't stop!"

Whatever was left of my thinking processes, were dimmed even more with that. I just leaned in to enjoy my delightful interaction with a totally hot and very turned-on young woman. My body couldn't have been happier.

In fact another smaller brain located in the lower nether regions of my body was awakening to this situation and was rising to the occasion, you might say. It was getting very excited at whatever prospects might be in order for it.

To be unmistakably clear about the destination of this excursion, she briefly covered my hand on her breast with hers and added to the squeezing and caressing action. She then asked me to remove her robe, which I was glad to do and found her gloriously naked under it, except for the bra, which came off also at her guidance of my trembling and clumsy hands.

My hands and mouth were then everywhere on her body that I could reach and care for. Again on her mouth and plump and wet lips. With deep kissing, tongues touching and slobbery impacts of two sets of inflamed lips, two minds were now almost totally turned off and two sets of bodies were totally turned on.

She let me take the lead now for a bit as I moved down to lightly kiss all around the two lovely warm globes on her upper chest, moving to actual sucking of them lightly and then with some urgency, wishing there was milk coming out. She yelped a little bit, when I lightly nibbled at the nipples that were now hard and extended. But, she also moaned and made no effort to dissuade me of my attentions to them.

Before I moved down to lower regions, a brief thought went around my mind and then escaped: What is going on here and what is this leading to? But, it didn't dissuade me in the least of what I was doing and enjoying, so I proceeded on to even more sexy fun with a gorgeous playmate.

My lips now moved down to her slightly domed stomach and its pretty dead end port. I gave it very many light and brief kisses and ran my tongue all around in her belly button. That got her attention and she lifted her back to bring her belly into more vigorous attentions.

With a little laugh she then used my ears as handles and moved my mouth down to a better locality for her enjoyment. I found myself nuzzling her muff and licking the inside tender skin of her thighs. She was unshaven, but with her pussy in magnum excitement, her cleft was wide open and eminently lickable. With her pheromones and sweet pussy aromas circling my face, I moved in to her source of wonderful and sensual liquid flavorings. She didn't disappoint, either.

Her pussy juices smeared about to completely cover my face and fill my nose and mouth to my absolute worship of the source. My lips caressed the very sensitive tissues as my tongue licked and probed all of the available ports of entry, including her anal cavity. She was absolutely clean and completely enthused about my sensual services.

Her breathing began to quicken, her body was arching, she started a light snorting in her nose, her face turned bright red in the center surrounding her nose, her mouth was gaping wide open, pronounced moans were proceeding from her mouth and finally her body was jerking and vibrating with her first Climax with me.

She laid there as if in a death state for several minutes, while I gently caressed her arms, face and chest. Then her eyes looked over to mine with the most genuine expression of love and relief that I had ever seen.

Then a very tenuous and tender smile appeared at her mouth. She smiled with her teeth in full view, heartily laughed and turned her body to cover mine which was now laying supine. I loved the feel of her breasts caressing my chest and her mons riding above my dick on my lowest belly. She then began to add a rotary motion to her laying on me, rotating her body around an imaginary point in the middle of my torso. Also, adding to this she was deeply kissing my mouth, while her hands were busy at my very sexually sensitive spots. My sex instrument was hardening and lifting off of my belly to caress against her tummy.

She responded to that effect by lowering her body and her mouth, so that it found itself surrounding the small head attached to the very excited tubular male sex instrument. As her tongue proceeded to slide over the sensitive tissues and her lips sealed off the head and upper length for a pronounced sucking action, she was first gifted with a taste of my precum. Bland, but exciting to her because of where it had come from, and I hoped who it had come from.

Her hands reached around to my buttocks and while massaging them, proceeded to pull my body closer to her and with that my dick deeper into her mouth and in to her throat. Her sucking now proceeded to intense levels. She felt my gonad reaction and braced herself for the coming flash flood of cum. It didn't take long. I dumped my load of love down her throat directly into her stomach. She slightly gagged and then pulled me out of her oral cavity, with much saliva and leftover sperm juice spilling out onto her chin and face. A big smiley face directed right at my eyes followed that.

She didn't bother to wipe off, but just proceeded to kiss me deeply into my mouth, mixing both of our saliva and my cum between our mouths. With that and the feel of her body lying on mine, my member arose again much to my surprise and to her obvious pleasure at her success.

With me still recovering from the very intense climax into her mouth, she just readjusted her body to sit on top of me with her pussy installed over of and then on to my dick. She just rested there for a couple of minutes and then began flexing her lower back and lower belly region back and forth over my body. Even with my exhaustion from the previous ejaculation it didn't take long and I again emptied myself into this wonderfully sexy girl to her comfort and joy.

With that, we both relaxed in each other’s arms in a side by side '69' position facing each other with our faces firmly planted on each other's sex playground. Light nuzzling and very gentle licking ensued with light moans from both of us as we unhurriedly enjoyed each other's sex tastes and aromas. I don't even know how long we lay together in this manner. It was more than a few minutes and neither of us was in any hurry for it to stop.

When the glow subsided a bit, we both sat up and held each other's hands in gratitude of a wonderful time spent together and the sated state of our sexual needs.

While our eyes caressed each other's eyes, I awaited an explanation of what this all meant. It took several minutes for her to proceed to explain. Evidently waiting for my reaction.

"Thank you Papi for such a wonderful time. I don't even remember a better time with a man.

"It's okay Holley, you are tops with me, too."

"You are probably wondering what this is all about, huh?"

"Well, yes dear. I thought that I had come over to help you find another job and comfort you. Well, I guess I did help to comfort you, at least."

With a slight blush, Holley added, "yes, you certainly did. But as to the job help, I don't actually need it. I hope that you will forgive my little deception in this matter. I needed you to come here and I was desperate to find a manner to accomplish that. You have always been gentle and respectful to me. And for being an older man, you are still very sexy."

That got my attention.

"You see my job at the restaurant is secure and I love the work. I meet such wonderful people. People like you for instance."

She continued, "I am actually engaged to the chef who totally adores me and his mom is a dear and is very supportive of us. But the pay even with tips is substandard for my modest manner of life and for the continuing of my education. I am in my third year of a Business/Accounting degree program. So, I came up with this little program of mine here to further and monetarily support my immediate life and goals. Chef knows about it, but because I date only older gentlemen like you and have promised to be true to him as soon as I graduate, he makes no fuss over it.

I also make sure that he gets all that he could ever want himself. It is a wonder that my bed survives his visits. To separate this activity from prostitution and the difficulties that that could pose legally, I have come up with a means to finance it.

After each date you would be required to gift me with the appropriate amount with my tip at the restaurant. That muddies the waters enough, I think.

At least in my mind it characterizes this activity as a girlfriend with benefits kind of relationship. So, if you want to continue this, just follow the program the next time you see me in the restaurant, and add a separate slip folded over and addressed to me with the next date and time that you would like to share this with me. By the way, we have not by any means used up the variety of things that I like to share in. And it would work better if we could meet at your place from now on. So, if you are agreeable, I will give you my phone number and you can text me your address. It would be better if we didn't text any more than that except in case of an emergency, to protect against any permanent record of our fun."

I assured her that I was wildly appreciative of our time together and as often as I could afford it, I would be glad to share in it again and help her with her college expenses.

She then escorted me to the front door, gave me a long deep kiss and a firm pat on the rear as I proceeded through the door to a night of very vivid dreams.



“Please sit down, Mr. Giles. I will be with you in a moment,” said with a blank expression on her face.

Brian sits down on the proffered chair facing her after having been left waiting in her reception room for 15 minutes. This is supposed to be an important meeting. At least that was what was stated in the memo, he got. But, she continues fussing with her paperwork, as he waits patiently to see what is to happen.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me,” she says in a very business-like manner. “I will try to not keep you away from you work, too long.”

He is silent as he awaits to hear what this is all about.

“Mr. Giles, I am going to address you as Brian for this meeting. It reflects the close working relationship that we have enjoyed for the last five years. You may address me as Helen for this meeting, too.”

“OK, Mrs. Jordan. Oh,….. Helen,” he corrects himself.

“Brian, I will come right to the matter at hand. It has come to my attention that you are seeking other employment. And that you have received some substantial offers elsewhere. You, of course, deserve them. You have been a very valuable member of our staff here. We would miss your considerable contributions here, if you leave.”

“Is there any way I can get you to reconsider? To get you to stay?”

“I have always enjoyed working here with this team. But, as you might know, my wife is carrying our second child. We simply have to move from our condo, to a larger place, preferably a house. We plan on having other children, too.

My wife has been very patient with how I haven’t gotten a pay raise in these last three years. But, she has reasonably stated that we need the additional funds to finance our life together. We are avoiding her going to work, since I love having her at home when I come home from work, and we want us to raise our children, not anyone else.”

“I can understand that, for sure. My husband has generously agreed to do his work at home, so that he can keep things in line there for us, with our children. We feel the same as you two do about our children. And Mitch gets enough time to carry on his work there, too. He cooks a fine meal, too.”

“Yes, I enjoyed meeting Mitch at our first staff get-together. He seems like a great guy.”

“Yes, he is,” she replied with enthusiasm.

“But, I have to face the reality of our situation. I can’t delay a decision on this much longer.”

“I agree with you, Brian, that it has been an extended time that you and other key persons here have had to wait for deserved promotions and pay raises.

As you know, since you have been part of the effort, the company has been moving forward very rapidly. The financing for all of this has just begun to catch up. The executive board has discussed this matter, just recently. They are totally on board to catch up on the deserved advancement of our key personnel, of which you are one. They have mentioned promotions, pay raises and bonuses to make up for the delays in recognizing your contributions. It is intended that this will be handled soon. No more than six months from now.

You have noticed that I have not insulted your intelligence by making any short term promises. Because of several pending business transactions that are in process, the timing is uncertain. But, the intention is firm.

Is there anything that I can do in the short term to help you to be patient for things to work out?”

She sat there, behind her desk expectantly awaiting his response. Her eye brow lifted very briefly and then she sat back and relaxed waiting.

Brian sat quiet, alive in his thoughts. He had caught the phrases: on board, intended and timing is uncertain. He knew what that meant. No promises, just positive assertions. But, she had the reputation, of which he was a witness, that she didn’t blow smoke. If she said it, she firmly intended to follow through. Besides, if they didn’t follow through on this, he could always leave later. He was still young enough to start elsewhere, and he would still be in demand for his expertise.

But, how was he going to present this to his wife. She had been patient long enough. She wants (and deserves) action now.

Helen was reading his face and could see the many emotions as they crossed his face. Oh, Oh. She could see the doubt and concern there now. She decided that she needed to take immediate action, if this meeting wasn’t going to fail

She rose from behind her desk and came around to behind Brian. He didn’t even notice, since he was deep in his thoughts. She reached out to massage his shoulder muscles. And whispered, “Just relax Brian. Maybe I can help you to sort things out.”

“What?” He stammered as he came out of his deep thoughts.

“It’s OK, Brian. Just relax. And perhaps, I can give you a reason to be patient!”

“Helen, I am totally in love with my wife, as you are with Mitch. I have never cheated on her.”

“Brian, this has nothing to do with them. They are each secure in our love of them. This is BUSINESS. I really need you to stay,” she continues as her hands play in his hair and around his chest and shoulders. “You are a key to my and this company’s future. I need you to stay.”

With that she rounds the chair and leans over to kiss him. He is resistant at first, but gives in under the very tender and determined approach that she uses. She puts his hands on to her breasts outside of her blouse. He gently squeezes them. She moans and continues to kiss him, adding her tongue in his mouth to her efforts.

His hands begin to search her body for more inspiration and he finds her pussy over her skirt. She unhooks it, so that he can further explore underneath and she unhooks his trousers, so that she can do the same to him. She moves her mouth down to the newly freed penis as he continues to fondle her pussy. They are both getting very wet.

She loosens her blouse, lifts her skirt and pulls his trousers down. She has no panties on. She lowers herself on to his lap and the very hard love tool, there. As she settles in for a fun ride, she resumes kissing him on the mouth. He gets a faint taste of himself in the process and his already ignited sex drive is now in-flamed.

His mouth moves down to her exposed breasts and he energetically nurses on them. Since, she has had a baby recently and is still lactating, he gets a generous dose of her milk. He loves it, and any resistance that he has is completely gone, now.

She has inserted him into herself and is riding him enthusiastically like a bucking bronco. They are melting into each other and wildly inflamed in their passion. All at once, she explodes in her climax and then he follows soon after that.

They come down back to earth in each other’s arms holding on tight. She smiles up at him and he nuzzles her neck. Then she rises and rearranges her clothing into a more business like presentation. He does the same.

“Brian, I expect you to come for a meeting in my office every week, to AHEM, keep me up with your progress. I will try to move things forward for you a little quicker.”

And then she smiled as she said, “Now get out of my office and back to work.”

He didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing. He rose up and moved towards the door to leave. As he did, she thinks, ‘One down!’

And as he leaves the office, he sees Lester from Accounting sitting in the anteroom, looking up at him.



The Asiatic light brown and slim lady welcomed Mr. Harris into her massage lounge and indicated to him where he should hang his clothes. As George admired the therapist, he noticed the very scant clothing that she wore, the very toned arms that she possessed and that she was evidently about thirty years of age.

He had found THE BIG CITY PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE STUDIO listed in the Big City phone book. Yes, he still used one even though he used a cell phone. And he had checked out the lady on the local ‘hooker board’ and found out that she is very professional and unlikely to go beyond her professional bounds. No problem, he needed a good massage anyway. His back had been a bother for years along with especially his right-hand hip. Along with that, he was getting night cramps in the calves of his legs and the soles of his feet. Add to that an occasional headache centered right at the top of his neck. He very much needed this treatment.

With his clothing put up and away, he moved to lay naked with his head mounted in the face stirrup ready for her attentions. Before starting, she asked for what type of music that he would like in the background. He opted for some Enya, which is appropriate to almost anyone at any time. She then asked about background scents. And she filled up the electric atomizer with a paradise forest array. She asked what kind of oils that he preferred and he responded with, whatever she thought was appropriate for the kind of massage that she was going to give him.

Lastly, she mentioned the various types of massage that she could produce on him. He again left the decision up to her because he didn’t know what all of the types entailed, but no hot cups, please. He didn’t want the bruises that accompanied them no matter how effective that they were. He had memories of Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer, with the prominent appearance of them on his back. She did mention the types that she was going to use, and proceeded with it right away, and he could tell right away that she had made the appropriate choices.

As she had prepared to work on him, he could hear the slapping of her hands as she anointed them and then his back with her fragrant oils. She also mentioned that she would store the background settings for him on his report, so that she would just automatically use that info unless he offered a variant mode in future visits.

“I am a very good listener if you have anything that you would like to vent on while I work on you, Mr. Harris. And I am conversant on a variety of topics, too. Nothing is beyond my interest, unless it is hateful in content.”

“Thank you for that info, Marsha. I will avoid my usual topics then,” said with some very mild sarcasm.

He didn’t see the smile that that generated, but he could feel it in her hands.

“And your stated charge for 90 minutes is in an envelope that you are free to check up on over on the table. F.Y.I. I also carry extra cash in case the massage artist decides for some reason to extend the extent of her services. No guilt if you don’t, though.”

“No guilt for you?”

“Good one Marsha, I think that we will get along just fine.”

“I usually do!”

The massage continued with her playing her hands up and down the long muscles of his body. The short ones and muscle knots would come later. But, the silence worried her, since the massage wasn’t just a medical procedure, but it was also intended as a social opportunity for a man to vent in the presence of a scantily clad woman. A privilege all too rare in today’s world.

“Any subjects that you would like to discuss as I proceed on you?”

“Well, in order for me to be interactive as you advertise, it would be nice of you to move up to my head to allow my hands some freedom on you,” he suggested.

“Not to worry, I will be up there shortly.”

He then heard what sounded like wind blowing through very light drapes. It was actually her doffing the remaining clothing off of herself to present herself to him totally nude and ready for his attentions while she gave him hers.

When she finally moved to his head, his hands reached out blind with his face firmly ensconced into the face stirrup and first found a pair of delightfully full and toned butt cheeks. His fingers began to search the area for interesting features, one finger accidently (?) found itself probing up her anus. “Her response was, careful there, that isn’t lubricated yet.”


“No problem, lubrication will come soon. And eventually so will you.”

He smiled at that thought.

“In the meantime, there are other places and orifices for you to search out aren’t there?”

“Yes, I believe that that is a great idea!”

And so he moved his attentions now to her pussy area. She sighed as he used his fingers to slip up and down in her pussy slit and when lube from the vagina became evident, one of his fingers probed up into the interior searching for ‘THE SPOT.’

She whispered, “One finger please.”

And he readily complied. And when she moved to his side, his hand was better positioned to finger fuck her, which caused a free flow on her lady cum. After a few minutes of that he moved his attentions to her clit and things began to escalate rather rapidly then.

She had him move to his back and moved on rapidly to address any issues apparent on the front side.

After only a half hour of the appointment, he found her mounted above him belly to belly, each mouth to the other’s privates in orientation. Soon, his member was installed into her very active mouth and his mouth was licking, kissing and tonguing from her clit clear up to her anus. This was obviously causing her to elevate her efforts and to display her pleasure with her body movements against his face.

Then she reversed herself and installed his waiting dick up into her waiting pussy for a serious ride. The solid table didn’t even quiver under her pounding onto George’s lap area and on his cock. And soon enough, he came very vigorously, with her then moving off of him to catch the last of his offering into her mouth for swallowing. She then mounted his face while he was recovering, to have her pussy cleaned also.

After that, she informed him that it was time for a brief break to get everything back under control. So, as he watched her sipping at her Chai while lounging still naked against her raised ‘supplies’ table, he used the opportunity to close his eyes for a moment’s nap. Soon, he felt her hands again active on him and he again let his hands roam around on her now sweaty body and her magnificent breasts. She smiled at this, too.

A little later his hand and probing finger came close to her anus again. She leaned back and waved her finger ‘no,’ at this. “Maybe next time, George.”

“It is okay, Marsha. You have been very generous to me a ‘newbie’ customer. I have nothing to complain about. But, I am surprised at your generosity.”

“Well, you have been very nice to me today, and I do have a car payment due after work. The extra funds that you offered will help greatly in that. Can I pencil you in again for next month? I have a payment due then too and perhaps we can let that finger and your member visit the other orifice next time,” she said with a smile.

“Sure enough!”



I’m doing my three times a week 3 mile walk. It is a sunny day, cool and pretty with the fall colors. Of red and gold intermixed with the stolid green of Northwest Washington. With my bad knees, this is the way for me to get some exercise to hold off the worst conditions of old age. Besides, I truly enjoy this part of my day.

My route takes me by two schools and a small neighborhood village with a major supermarket, so there are many people who are present on my walking trip, including a number of lovely girls. They are presumably beyond my abilities because of age, their young one and my old one. But, they do provide a wonderful adjunct to the pretty vegetative vistas on my route.

The people of this town are noted for being quite friendly, but it is too much to expect them to interact with a person on a walk, while they have duties and appointments to keep. Besides, there is the natural aversion to interaction with strangers, even with other people around, while in the public. This trumps the natural friendliness here under certain conditions.

Once in a while, one of the girls will meet my eyes when I pass them. Sometimes with a smile and sometimes with a frown. I am an older man, grey-headed, but not bad looking and I dress and present myself in public as proper gentleman dressed for the occasion. But, they always get a smile from me. And a tip of the hat, if I am wearing one. I have become a familiar figure in the neighborhood, and the smiles seem to be increasing in frequency and in enthusiasm.

Today on my walk, I see the familiar figure of a certain schoolgirl approaching me from the opposite direction. She has always seemed to be very shy, but I often get a little smile from her as she passes me. She is slim, light brown-skinned with dark hair. And very pretty. She always wears a short skirt and blouse, with the rest depending on the weather. She just seems to be a very sweet girl.

When she gets near to me, it becomes apparent that she is weeping. My heart is awakened to very sympathetic feelings and I stop to console her, if she wants me to. She slows as she approaches me, and I nod to her. She then takes a seat at the bus stop, and I join her on the bench, not crowding her.

“What is wrong, young lady? You are usually smiling when I see you?”

“Oh nothing. Everything is fine.”

“I’m sorry young lady, but it does not seem to be so to me. Please share with me what is wrong, and perhaps in some small way, I can help or be of some comfort to you.”

Then through a cascade of tears, she tells me in a quiet choking voice: “I am on my way to school and I don’t even know if there will be a home for me to return to tonight. My parents are short on the rent, and the landlord is insisting that they pay up tonight or we have to leave. We kids would then have to be separated and go to live with relatives until mom and dad can get things back together. It has been very hard for them to find work. Dad is a carpenter and mom works in grocery stores. Hers has closed recently.”

“Oh my, what a burden for a young girl! I am so sorry. I don’t know what I could do about this. How much would they need to get through tonight?”

The girl looked up to me with sodden eyes and said, “They have all but $200 for the rent.”

Gee honey, I would love to help, but I am retired and on a fixed income.”

The gentle weeping springs forth again, and she manages to tell me in her very small voice, “That is OK, I understand. It is just that the family that I will have to go to includes my two uncles, who have abused me in the past. I am afraid of them, that they would do it again.” With that, she moves over next to me and hugs me and holds on to me for comfort.

Other people are watching this, and no one seems to be overly concerned about a familiar-to-the-neighborhood grandfatherly gentleman consoling a young girl out in the public. She notices the public attention and so whispers to me to meet her at the coffee shop a block away and then we can talk in private. I assent to her request.

When we are seated, the waitress comes to take an order. She makes no assumption about the apparent grandfather and his granddaughter sharing a breakfast. I ask her what she would like and she responds with tea and a blue-berry muffin. I add to that my own blue-berry muffin and a root beer.

As we settle in to await our order, her eyes have seemingly dried up, and she is shyly smiling.

“Thank you so much for spending a little time with me. It really means a lot.”

“No problem, Honey. Time, I have a lot of.” “Aren’t you going to be late to school?” He asked.

“Oh, maybe a little,” she responds, “But I need this now with you more than I need class right now.”

“Okay, I can see where that would be true.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes and then the meals came. We were then busy consuming the very large, warm and sweet muffins and our drinks. We just looked up at each other silently measuring each other’s mood and what it might lead to. I got a couple of good-natured smiles as our time together moved along.

When the meals were finished, she looked up and smiled at me, while her hand took up residence on my upper leg under the table. To make sure that I didn’t misunderstand this move on her part, she gently squeezed and caressed my thigh. She cocked her head a little to the side and looked sidewise with her eyes and in a silky voice said, “Are you sure that there is nothing that you can do to help?”

“Honey, I am not sure where you are leading with this, but if what I think is the case is true, this could be a lot of trouble for me and you.”

“Don’t worry about it! I am cool about things. I tell you what, if you bring the $200 to meet me up behind the abandoned shack up the street this afternoon when I get out of school at 3:00, I will see if I can talk you into helping me and my family out. It will be up to you if you do; and how much you do, too. You don’t have to promise to be there, just think about it, and I will wait there for you for an hour.”

With that, she rose from her seat, gave me a very innocent kiss on the cheek and walked briskly out of the restaurant.

I finished my walk and was oblivious to the others that I met up with on the way. They got just a very mild smile as I pondered just what had happened and what I would do about it. I live alone in my own condo, and actually have plenty of money for my modest needs with a significant amount extra each month to entertain myself. I can easily afford the $200 that she asked for, but I am just not used to just giving away money to someone on the street who asked for it.

It was a forgone conclusion that I would show up. But, I am not completely numb in the head and so I decided to make a few adjustments to the arrangement in case there was going to be an unpleasant surprise associated with this tryst. So, I went to the neighborhood 7-11 store and got the cash. I then stowed it in my socks, split between my two feet under the sole of my feet. I dressed up differently, than I usually did with a different hat than I had ever worn before in this neighborhood. It is the accessories that can throw people off, if they are noticeable enough. It turns their minds away from other identifying features.

I wore athletic slacks with a front tie up and no undershorts. My shoes were now of the running type, in case I had to hightail it. I can still move pretty fast, if need be. I went up early and parked my vehicle a block away in an inconspicuous place for ready need, if it proved necessary. If not, I would just walk home and come and get it later. I carried no wallet, only my driver’s license that I hid in a pocket inside my hoodie sleeve. I then wrote a note to her to be left in the original meeting place well before 3:00, instructing her to instead meet me behind the construction shack at the new hotel being built. I knew that the construction crew regularly left early, so we would be undisturbed.

Then I arrived early at the appointed place that I had rearranged things to, and after checking out the surroundings, settled on the small lumber pile there. As I waited her arrival, I began to wonder, why was I here? She was very pretty and evidently also game to what I thought was going to transpire. But, this could come off very badly for me. Oh well, I had taken prudent steps to minimize the risk. Now let’s see what happens.

Fifteen minutes late, she showed up. Just enough time for her to have received the message and move over to the alternative site. At first she looked at me questioningly, but then she recognized me and spoke, “You are the careful one, aren’t you?”

“I didn’t know what to expect here, honey. I don’t know you, and I wasn’t sure of your intentions.”

“Well, I think that you will enjoy my ‘intentions!’ Did you bring the money?”

“Yes, I have it on my person. I will show it to you, if you need confirmation.”

“No, I judge you to be a man of your word. And for the record, everything that I said was true. My parents really do need the money. But, I feel a responsibility to help them out once in a while. And this is the time for me to do so. What would you like for me to do for you?”

“I will leave that up to you, and then respond appropriately to it.”

“My, you are certainly the cagey one. I see by your apparel, at least one thing that you want. So, move over into that blind corner and stand facing me.”


With that she moved over to me with sexy movements of her body and a sexy smile on her lips. She knelt down on her knees, with her coat underneath them and pulled down my slacks. She nodded when she saw that I wore no under shorts, looked up at me and smiled again. She then turned her attention to my member and reached out to it as it sprang free to her view. She stroked it, cradled it, teasingly pinched it and began licking it and all of the surrounding area including my balls. She evidently knew that I would clean myself to the extreme for this visit, and so she asked me to briefly turn around and bend over so she could rim me. After that, she then settled down to some serious sucking and blowing. It all felt so wonderful. And she seemed to be enjoying the response that she was getting from me.

After a few minutes of that, she asked if I would like to play with her for a bit. I told her absolutely yes. So, she arranged her clothing so that I would have full access to her. I first pulled her up to me and began to hug and kiss her. She was somewhat surprised at this, expecting evidently that I would immediately go to her pussy. She began to respond to the affection that I was showering her with, and she opened her mouth to accept and give shallow and then deep tongue kissing. As this progressed, my hands began to find and enjoy her breasts from the outside of her blouse. Sensing that I wanted more of this, she lifted her blouse, so that I would have direct contact with her titties. She wore no bra. She also seemed to enjoy my gentle playing with her breasts. So after a few minutes of kissing her mouth, she moved me down to her breasts to give them the proper attention. I was very glad to comply. And while doing so, my hand moved south to other features to wake up.

As I suckled on her titties, my hand found that her pussy was already very wet. So, I used my fingers to stroke and probe around her pussy hole, while briefly playing with her clit every few seconds. She was responding to all of this to a degree that surprised her. She moved my fingers to insert them up into her pussy, two of them and began to fuck on them. Her whole body was shaking as she climaxed on my fingers, and she hung on to me for ‘dear-life’ as it were.

After she calmed down a bit, she moved on to give me my goal. So, she again suckled my cock which didn’t need much help and then she bent over and put her one hand on the lumber pile and motioned for me to take up position behind her. She then guided my dick into her pussy hole and told me in a very firm voice to ‘mount up for a ride?’

I was totally entered into her. I could feel the top of her vagina and where the cervix would be. I hesitated for a moment and she who had both hands on the lumber pile, looked back and said to not be worried. She then began to rhythmically buck back on me. I was evidently to only ride with her. She was going to fuck me, not the other way around. After a bit, she added swirling, flexing and bending movements to the bucking. In all of my life, I had never encountered the same.

I wasn’t going to last long at this rate, and when she felt me on the cusp of shooting, she withdrew and turned around. She took me in her mouth and wildly sucked and pumped on my member, until it blew out in all its glory in her mouth and down her throat. She sucked out the last drop and then rose to her feet and pulled my head down to give me a very enthusiastic kiss. I held her mostly bare body in my arms and caressed her warm body with my eager hands.

After we broke off full body contact, very reluctantly on my part, she asked, “Well sir, how was that? Do you feel like you can help me now?”

“Oh-my-God, yes. And gladly.”

So, I pulled out the money as she rearranged her clothing. She smiled very brightly as she stowed it out of view.

I looked questioningly at her and asked her, “What grade are you in, anyway?”

“Oh, I graduated a couple of years ago. I look younger though, don’t you think? And this works so well for me.”

I just smiled.

“And my parents do run short every month. Perhaps we could meet in a better place next time and you might want to help me out again. There are many other things that my dear uncles taught me,” she said as she moved to leave.

She then stopped in her tracks, turned around and returned to hug and kiss me very deeply. Then before she left for good this time, she said: “Until the next time, my dear gentleman. Just leave a note on the back of the abandoned shed.”

“I will!”



I live in the northwest corner of the U.S. and was planning to fly to the northeast corner of the same country to scout out as to whether I might want to live there. That is about 3400 miles as the eagle flies. Longer with plane changes. I have set aside a whole day for this adventure, not wanting to awaken my non-patient genes in anyway. I hate delays and waiting, so I have brought my secondary laptop, the one with the big screen and I have a story idea to work with while I wait. You could saw my leg off when I am in my fantasy world of the people and places and stories about them and I wouldn’t probably even notice.

Big City airport is very busy for a town of this size. That is because long flights from this airport are about half the price of ones from just across the border. So our little town of less than 100,000 population is inundated with Canadians needing to go places and wanting to save a little of their money in doing so. For the more well-healed ones there are seven hotels and a motel within a couple of miles of the airport, too. And of course some lovely ladies to kill the pain of waiting if that is necessary. That is a cottage industry here with ladies rotating from Twilight City, Columbia River City and other local talent. Some really nice ladies, too.

The airport has just gone through a several year’s long renovation and is welcoming a new famous brand 120 room hotel on the grounds. The airport was built on land that was assigned to a port district and so they have total control over it. The city has no rights there, except for fire and police support. The city bus line is not even permitted on the premises due to a refusal for the bus company to pay for the privilege. This is a dire inconvenience for the airline customers because the buses would be a much more economical means of travel. If they want to avail themselves of that option, they have a half a mile walk to get off port property and get to a bus stop. This is a boondoggle for the limousine services and taxis who vie for this business under the watchful eyes of the airport officials, who use cameras to monitor adherence to the port’s transportation rules. And companies and individual guys have been disciplined for not following the rules with barring from the airport for periods of time. This is a severe punishment to suffer, since a rather healthy portion of the local business is at the airport.

However, it tends to be a nightmare for the cabbing industry also, since every form of transportation is given priority over the taxis (who have to park across a busy driveway and somewhat south of the main doors of the terminal, a not too subtle message as to the port’s attitude toward the taxi business,) despite continued complaints by the airport’s customers. And the port occasionally com-plains about there not being enough taxis to take care of their customers, but they only have set aside four loading spots (called the ‘Q’ or the ‘Que.’) for the cab’s usage with an additional two in reserve, if the port staff doesn’t preempt their usage. On some of the Hawaii flights, for instance, there can be as many as twenty different passenger groups needing rides to the local hotels for the night. You can imagine their hysteria when left out in the rain and cold waiting for up to an hour for a ride. Especially when young children or older folks are involved. And the port refuses to budge on their rules even during those kinds of stressful times.

Every other form of allowed transportation is given the privilege to park right up to the curb by the exit doors for the passengers. But, despite all of this drama, it is a very efficiently designed airport and has gained a lot of regional customers for flights in the local zone and to Hawaii, California and the Midwest.

But, it still has all the nightmares of the other airports around the country. Long lines for security, delayed flights for weather here and elsewhere that they fly to. We have more than our share of very foggy days and others with high winds here. Then in the winter, snow can make the runways impassible with practically no notice at all. But, if you are not in a big hurry, it is not a bad place to fly from and to. The only service that I can see to improve the ambiance would be a terminal’s suite of rooms for our ‘ladies of the night.’ Maybe they will take up residence across the parking lots at the new hotel. We will have to wait and see on that.

So, I am inside of the Departure Lounge, which includes a rather good restaurant, biding my time and waiting for the fog to lift. I decided to write this story while I wait and report on the events of the flight as they occur. That should be fun. For me, and hopefully for you.

Before I start to keyboard progressively the story in to the laptop, I start to muddle over in my mind, why I am making this trip anyway. I am now an old fuddy-duddy and live alone. I have no friends here, and I have tried. I am financially secure, and own my own condo. I moved to Big City in the first place to continue to drive taxis where the people actually know what a tip is. I tripled my intake of them by moving forty miles. And also to pursue a young escort that I have had a way too much of an obsession on. But, I have retired from the business and she has taken up with a more appropriate young man, so there you go. And maybe, me too. So, I am leaving to check out the area of Maine, to see if living there would be suitable. I have no plans to bother a gracious lady that lives there, but if we meet, that would be very nice indeed. But, as to the colder weather there, than what I am used to where I live now, that is not a problem for me. I spent two years in Alaska and had no trouble with below zero temperatures there at all.

I have memberships on a regional ‘hooker board’ and also on an international sex story posting site. They both provide a considerable measure of entertainment to me. And I have on-line acquaintances on both sites. Several of them are even nice to me. Especially one lady on the sex stories site. I won’t embarrass her here, but she knows who she is. A bonus I guess in these shaky days on the internet. Maybe even, this story might make it to one or the other.

Oh, I just got notice over the intercom that our flight is now boarding, so off to whatever further obstacle course that might entail. Grabbed my carry-on flight bag and put my laptop away in its over the shoulder carrying bag. There is a small passenger manifest for this flight, so we get through the final loading torture with our sanity intact and just in time for my multi-daily bathroom port of call. Almost all old duffers have prostrate issues, unless someone has emasculated them or they have the Gold Medal prostrate genes. It’s not big a deal to me! At least it helps to fill up my day with some essential things to do. So, I stow the bag in the upper storage bin and nod to the pretty, and age appropriate, lady who will be occupying a seat next to mine. She nods politely to the old duffer and I proceed down the aisle to fulfill my immediate mission.

The flight to Chicago will be about four hours long, if we don’t have to fly into the face of a stiff headwind. But thankfully, the river of air over the U.S. usually flows strongly to the east most of the year. And undoubtedly the airline wanting to put the best foot forward has taken that into account to advertise their fast and dependable service. Their words not mine, though I have had no discernible trouble with them in the few flights that I have taken. The flight will cost me south of $250, a very good buy that I got from one of the comparison internet sites.

The nice lady, welcomes me in and has taken the window seat, despite it being listed on my ticket and boarding pass. Probably just challenging me to bring it up to her. But, I am quite satisfied with the aisle seat due to the impending likelihood of another trip to the rear of the plane. So, when she figures out that I am not going to make an issue of her self-reseating assignment, she settles back with the obvious attitude, ‘you seem like a well-mannered and polite fellow, don’t manifest any deficiencies that I would be duty bound to bring to your attention!” No problem, I get the message, I nodded back to her, and we settled in for the long flight.

I was feeling sleepy from a sleepless night due to excitement over the coming airborne adventure, but waited for the meal, which came rather early. Probably wanted it to settle down into our stomachs, so that they wouldn’t bounce around with unpleasant results upon landing and departure from the plane.

After the dining experience, which I was able to apply every mode of politeness and deftness that my mother had indoctrinated me into to my seat partner’s obvious delight and satisfaction, I decided to chance it and try to get some sleep, even though unconsciously I might betray my actual standing as being just a regular run-of-the-mill old duffer. I hoped that I wouldn’t do something really foul like one of my air raid attacks. Not to worry, the airplane recycles the air, so the effect on her of that eventuality would be defused to the enjoyment of the whole plane. I never did find out if that happened. Because what really happened was one of the most wildly sensual dreams that I have ever had. Not unusual with the reduced air pressure and lowered temperatures in the cabin, which leads to a singularly unusual dream state, I have heard.

I awoke after a bit, not with the same lady next to me, but a pretty little blonde cheerleader type with her head laying in my lap. I am an old duffer and these kinds of things have never just spontaneously happened to me in my life, so my curiosity was definitely peaked over this. I guess she was bright enough to know that I was rather concerned about what was happening there. Not that the view of her in that situation was unwelcome, just disturbing to my sense of airplane propriety.

She initiated the explanations, “The lady that was sitting with you decided on her own that she would like to move elsewhere. Nothing against you, she said that you were a perfect gentleman. But, she just wanted to be alone on the flight. So, while on a ‘potty’ call, she asked me if I would like to upgrade my ride by exchanging seats. That is with me getting up in first class. She didn’t mind since you already have had your meals. And anymore there isn’t that big a difference in the seats.”

As I was preparing some other questions about this move, she continued, “You were sleeping, and I was in need of a nap, so I availed myself of your lap. It was untaken at the (generous smile with that statement) time and I didn’t anticipate any objection from you. Is there one?”

“No, not with your explanation. By the way, what is the status of the other passengers and stewardesses?”

“As far as I can see, all of them are asleep. And the stewardesses evidently are resting also, since I haven’t seen any presence by them in at least 20 minutes.”

“I see. Well, I guess I will go back to sleep, then. You are welcome to continue to use my lap as a pillow, if you like.”

She smiled up at me again and added, “Could I perhaps interest you in an alternative activity for the next half hour or so?”

“Maybe, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, there is a famous air travelling club, and I was wondering if you were a member?”

“Oh, Yes. The MILE HIGH CLUB. And no I am not a member yet. And I guess time is running out on my hopes for that.”

“Not so, Mr. Dapper Elder Gentleman! I just happen to be the designated recruiter on this flight.”

“Oh, really! And what does the management of this plane think of that?”

“They are very familiar with me. And if I use discretion and don’t annoy the other passengers they just ignore me.”

‘Hmmmmm, how totally accommodating of them.”

“Yes it is. But, before I enter into this mode, I need to know that you will be able to contribute towards my education in a reasonable amount. So, could you flash an amount of cash that you would think would be appropriate for this service from me?”

“Sure, but you need to show me an I.D. first to verify your age.”

And so she showed me a student picture I.D. and a driver’s license from her state of residence. Both showed her as 19 years old. Acceptable to me. I then flashed the cash to her in twenties and then, “How is this going to work out?”

“With your acceptance, I will have you move over to the window seat, and I will cover my head with a blanket or your coat and start things off for you with a B.J. Then when you are stirred up enough, we will make our ways separately back to one of the restrooms and finish you off there. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, very well indeed.”

I then exchanged seats with her and she took the complimentary blanket, covered her head, unloosed my zipper, fetched out my member and began a very gentle addressing of my cock. I couldn’t see anything, of course, except a little movement under the blanket. And about this time one of the stewardesses moved past, briefly glanced our way and then moved on with no comment either in action or word.

I couldn’t see anything, but boy could I feel it. She was not in any hurry at all. She pulled my trousers a little bit farther down and proceeded to give very affectionate attention to the boys, also. She even managed to get a few licks (smarm intended) to my anal region. She was very good at that, too

As I felt the moisture from her mouth, added to the pre cum from me I was ecstatic over the sensations that she was causing me. My hands moved under the blanket to caress her head and then to reach under her to engage her titties through the top of her bra. She had generously undid her bra, so that I had easy access to the ‘ladies.’ And she was obviously very much enjoying my attentions to them. I sure was enjoying her attentions to me. I usually use the ‘blue pill’ at times like these to ensure a proper reaction from me, but when a lady is especially deft in her ministrations that is sometimes not necessary. With my equipment at full mast, she raised her head above the blanket and signaled with a nod towards the bathrooms. I nodded back.

She patted me on the butt as I ducked over her to make my way down the center aisle. And she soon came through the unlocked bathroom door to join me there. She quickly took off all of her clothing for me to enjoy her total feminine beauty. And then bent down to reemphasize my equipment’s readiness. It didn’t take very long for that to happen.

She then turned around and sat back on my lap, with her pussy penetrated by my cock, which she guided in. After she was fully installed with my member, she began to rock forward and backward with a slight up and down movement, too. She stopped for a moment and guided my hands to her ‘ladies’ and then proceeded to move on with her ministrations to me. When I was getting very high and soon to be ready to bust, she turned around to be belly-to-belly and took me into her arms in a very enthusiastic hug with protracted deep and energetic kissing.

After this she again rotated her body to her main working position with her back to my front and reinitiated her flexing and bouncing on my member. Soon enough, I exploded into her love chamber with all that I had. After we came back down to a state of calmness, she again rotated and again took me into her arms and just seemed to melt into me with her breasts flat to my chest and her face planted over my shoulder. I don’t know how I could have ever felt any better that I did right then.

Then with a sense of urgency, she proceeded to make minor repairs to her nether regions and then turned and smiled at me. After that she got up and left the bathroom to return to our seats. After a brief time for appearance’s sake, I moved back up to the seats, too. She hadn’t asked for the funds in the bathroom, so that if we were accosted by the plane crew, she would not have evidence on her of airplane prostitution, which could be a bitch to deal with in court. But, when I got back to the seats, I carefully passed over the funds to her, to her quite evident delight. She smiled to me and excused herself for other activities on the plane. She did however sneak a card into my jacket that said, WELCOME TO THE MILE HIGH CLUB, membership verified by Katie.

I then went back to sleep in a totally relaxed and pleased mood. When I woke up the original lady was back next to me. And she gave me a radiant smile to boot. At this point, I had no idea if what I thought had happened was reality or just a very pleasant dream. But, when I got home after the return trip and while emptying out my bags and pockets, low and behold there was the card from Katie in all of its glory.


No one in this story under the age of fourteen has any sex.


Marvin is walking in his favorite bayside park. It is very pretty here with the water, the trees and the fresh breeze off of the bay. He walks here often when the weather is fine, other times in the local mall.

He is now in his late sixties and about to retire from driving a cab. It has been a second career after losing everything he owned in a disastrous divorce. The judge proclaimed in his final assessment, that he would be able to earn it all back by the sweat of his brow, and so he was giving practically everything that he had worked for in his forty plus years of labor to his now exwife. He guessed it was our system’s idea of fairness, especially since he lives in a supposedly No-Fault-Community Property state.

But, now in his late sixties, he had repaired much of the damage and now had a quite nice condo and a comfortable life.

His walks three times a week were designed to address his needs for some exercise, since he spends a lot of time in front of his computer. And so with it added to his climbing up and down four half-flights of stairs that made up his exercise program, unless you added his bed sport exercises every couple of weeks or so, his efforts were as complete as they would ever be.

When Marvin wakes up in the morning, he often has to deal with a number of aches and pains in his right hip, lower back and sometimes in his upper back, too. So, the walking with his ready cane helps to loosen all of that up, very often restores him to full ambulatory motions for the rest of the day. Unless he did something like pick up something that weighed more than fifteen pounds. Then it all had to be addressed over again to relieve the motion deficiencies and the accompanying pains.

While at the park he dressed in a very distinctive manner, as a faux cowboy with Clint Eastwood hat and all, to bring attentions to him as a regular visitor there. It tended to ease the mind of those that he addressed himself to, because he thirsted for aural and oral interchanges to ease his bit of loneliness while living alone. And it worked very well.

Big City tends to be a very friendly town anyway, but this served as a very effective wedge into the ‘fear of strangers’ mode of modern life. It especially worked out with young ones. And he delighted in their honest and unpretentious outlooks on life. Recently he had been in this mode at the mall, and he had walked around the backside of an enclosed child play area. As he moved past the entrance on the front side, there was a young woman and her three daughters present and his path was aimed right between them. He hated to use that way, but none other was available to him.

So, he turned to address the mother to apologize for this situation, when he found himself staring down at a very young little girl, who didn’t even have all of her hair in yet. She must have just become a walker, he guessed. But the thing was, that she was staring straight up at him with her head bent as far back as possible and she had the most beatific expression on her face, because in meeting him she must have felt that she had just met Woody from The Toy Story. He then turned to her mother, who was widely grinning over it and apologized. She remained polite and silent. So, he turned back and said a few words in greeting to the little girl and she just remained stone-footed in place with her continuing grin.

What a shame that we ever lose that manner of viewing the wonders of life and our existence. He didn’t think that he would ever forget that look on the little girl’s face.

But, now his reverie was broken by his entering onto the causeway that traversed across the front of a small cove of the beach of the park. Among other things, the causeway’s supporting pillars acted to moderate the conditions in the small cove and allowed it to be the perfect place for families to introduce their young children to the wonders of playing in the water. It was quite shallow for most of its distance from the shore and tended to be warmer, too. And as he looked down from the elevated causeway, he could see even at this time in the morning, mothers with their children playing in the sand. The water would still be too cool for them at ten in the morning.

The causeway stretched out for about half of the distance of the main walking corridor of the park and gathered its own mixture of users. And about the third of the way had a very short land based part of the distance. On the walkway a person would regularly see bicycles, walkers, baby carriages and some of the most outrageously dressed young people imaginable. Not that he was complaining. He likes originality in life, and exposed young skins, too.

As he looked back up from the cove, a young woman, perhaps in her mid-teen years, ran up to him and grabbed ahold of him with tears running down her face. She seemed rather hysterical, not enough to not be trying to find his wallet, evidently by the movement of her hands. But, he kept his valuables in a secret pouch on his person that is immune to everything but a nuclear bomb. So, when she realized that it was not readily available, she turned up the hysteria and begged him to protect her from the two boys of about the same age as her that were approaching.

So, he moved her to his left side, so that his right hand and arm were readily available. They kept coming, though somewhat slower, evidently feeling that an older man with a cane would be easy pickings. Besides they were also not done with the young girl it seemed, either.

During such encounters, unless there is a readily available escape, which was not the case on the causeway, it is better to face the danger than try to run from it. And besides, though he is very ambulatory despite his use of a cane, he was not going to outrun the two young men. Especially with the young girl/woman anchored to his side.

By the time that they moved up to him, other persons had moved up to be in the same area and were watching to see what would transpire. One of the boys held back and the other moved in to obviously attack him. Taking turns on marks, evidently. As he approached, Marvin put on his defensive face to meet him. It involves a very determined look and unblinking eyes staring straight ahead at them. He also mounted an obvious defensive pose, recognizable to anyone with a martial arts background. Actually he had none, but was not defenseless, either.

The young man hesitated for a few seconds and then moved in on him. So, Marvin with his initial response rapped him stoutly across his leading knee cap. This hurt a lot, but didn’t discourage him yet. So the next one went to his ear, past his attempt to block the blow, and when he didn’t back off then, the last one was to his nose. And with it exploding with blood shooting out of it, he slumped to the surface of the causeway. Just so happened that a bicycle officer happened right then and took the two boys into custody. He told Marvin that he wouldn’t have to press charges, since he had seen it all and they were wanted on other charges, anyway. That protected Marvin from having to share his address with them, which could bring their retaliations to him at a later time.

With the two young boys in custody, the young teen against his side, just looked stunned up to him. But, after she got her composure back, she asked if they could move back to one of the benches off of the trail back on the earthen part of the path. Marvin had an idea of what this was about, but seeing no danger in her, decided to comply and see how things would work out.

The bench that she chose was behind a hedge of leafy bushes and facing away from the walking path also. So, unless they came into the little leafy alcove, they wouldn’t see what was going on there. And the state of things there indicated that few did.

As soon as they settled down she returned her head to his chest with copious tearful showers and her hands searching inside of his clothing. After that proved futile again, they then moved down to lower regions on him. And then the tales began. A lot of manipulative females have a ready-made litany of sad stories to share with a sympathetic male heart. This is with some kind of help, usually monetary in return, of course. The first couple of times that a guy hears them, he is ready to believe them and then pays the price. But, after a couple of times, he gets the idea of what is going on and sometimes becomes very distrustful of anything that they say. The truth is, that sometimes these stories are true, though not totally accurate. It can be very hard to tell the difference, though.

So, as she prepared to regale him with one of her stock stories, she made her hands move to his penis and his face. She gently took each under her care and after seeing the initial reactions, warm hearted kisses and the uprising of his cock, she readied to try to get him onboard for her needs with his brain action moved from his head to his nether regions.

Her story started as such: “I was at a tribal reservation, this confirmed his suspicions that she was native, when an old girlfriend of mine asked me to attend a party with her on the ‘rez.’ As I had no reason to distrust her, I accepted doing so. So, we got into my car, now asserting that she was sixteen, if true, and drove the short distance to the party site. It was the home of one of the tribal leaders, who had left it in the care of his twenty-year-old son, while he was out of state at a treaty rights symposium.

As soon as she entered the premises, I had a glass put into my hand and soon after woke up in his bed with him entered up into my pussy. No apologies offered, just a leer on his part and soon after that, his cum coating my upper vagina vault. He then moved himself up to my face and installed his dick into my mouth for me to cleanse it off. Since, I was very much smaller than him, I saw no way to avoid it, so did as he insisted and escaped shortly thereafter.”

At this point in her narrative, she turned her attentions to his now totally uprisen and leaking cock and with it fished out of his pants, mounted her mouth over it and began a full scale blow job on him. She quite evidently had had a great deal of this in her experiences and soon caused him to empty up into her throat. Then her tale of woe continued with Marvin in a post cumming deflated state.

“When I went out to get into my car, it was not there. Evidently my ‘friend’ had taken it with the keys that she had taken from my unconscious self. The son of the house had followed me outside and regarded my consternation over this. I still had my cell phone and began to call the ‘rez’ police, but he grabbed it away from me and said that my ‘friend’ was his girlfriend and that the ‘rez’ police would believe his statement that I had loaned it to her over my statement that it was stolen.

So, I walked three miles to the home of some distant relatives of mine on the ‘rez’ and stayed with them until I could come back with one of the tribe, who let me ride with him on one of his visits to the ‘rez’ up north and west of Big City. Eventually, the car was returned to me, but in much worse condition than when they stole it. It is now parked at my mother’s place for me to get enough money to fix it so that I can go to work and build a life for myself.”

With that finish of the story, and before he could vocally respond to it, she lifted her skirt, pulled down her sexy panties and sat back on his lap with his rearisen cock up her ass. She swirled her butt around for a bit to loosen things up a bit up her rectum and then began to bounce away on him to bring him again and to her own climax, too, if possible. It took a while, but this old guy was not complaining about that. Eventually, he came up into her and she then moved to her knees to suck him off again, this time for only a cleansing as he was done for the day in cumming then.

She then arose and waited for his response to her ministrations to her and more importantly to her story of woe, which actually might have been true. She was patient with him and curled up into his lap again, with her head on his shoulder, licking away at his ear and sharing encouraging words of promises that she would never be able to fulfill.

Marvin then asked her to leave the little bench and wait for him outside while he thought matters over. She naturally thought that he would try to sneak away through the bushes, but he had no intentions of doing that, so he fished out his wallet and took out the usual contribution for her services to him and then called her back in.

With this, she anticipated some funds her way, hopefully the thousand that she had asked for. But, when she received the much smaller total, she hid well her disappointment and quickly gathered it into her bra. She then asked to see him again, preferably at his home. He immediately nixed that, but agreed to see her again when he was up to it. Evidently reading the situation, that she was not going to get his address, she asked for his cell phone number. But, he had no intentions of giving that to her, either. So, she settled to giving him her cell number, so that he could leave TEXT messages for her as to meeting times in the future. And they left off with each other at that, and he continued his walk, with a significantly reduced energy level.

Over the next two weeks, Marvin resisted texting her. He was wary of her intentions and of any interaction with the two young men. Now that they knew of his abilities, they would probably not walk into their danger zone again. They would come prepared and though he had a license to carry hidden on his person, with other people and children in the vicinity, he had no desire to use that means of defense.

So, on one of his regular weekly visits and walks he ran into the girl, Maggie, again. She dressed him down for not contacting her. And as she did so, he noticed the same young men about a hundred feet away looking on. He looked into her eyes and waved her away after acknowledging the boys to her. With this, she turned and waved them off, and they trotted away on the walkway until they were far out of sight. He now knew who the boss of this operation was. With this, she took his hand again and led him to the same hiding spot as before. It showed no evidence of having been occupied since their last encounter there.

With a lot of initial kissing and over the clothes attentions to his nether regions, she implored him for further help with her car. He knew that the previous money was probably gone for a long period of time, undoubtedly up and into her arm and those of the two young men. And she just wanted further funds for their current medicinal needs.

He then when she was playing with his cock through his zipper, saw the shadows of the two guys coming through the bushes from the street side. He shoved her off of his lap and drew his gun that he had brought anyway and took aim at them. They were brandishing hunting knives, but immediately realized their risks of losing their lives right there with a man who knew what he was doing. Marvin sent a shot right between them and then the bicycle officers who had been appraised of this very possibility moved in, ignored his open zipper and arrested the two young men.

When the officers looked to Marvin and then at the girl now on the ground, Marvin shook his head ‘No!’ and they moved off with the two young men handcuffed and on their way to a much more serious charge this time.

The girl on the ground was still terrified with him having a gun, and also the possibility of him changing his mind as to whether he would connect her with the crime. So, she took out his cock and vigorously suckled on it. Then she had him lay down on the bench and she mounted him in the 69 position and let him pull up her skirt and down her panties to suckle on her, too. At this point an older couple came in to use the bench and saw with widened eyes the scene of an older man with a very young girl sprawled over his top, with her sucking him and him sucking on her little pussy and ass in return.

They immediately moved down to the officers still interrogating the two young boys and as the couple tried to interject their concerns for the young girl, the officers fully knowing what was probably going on, never the less dismissed them with a M.Y.O.B. admonition and returned to their questioning of the two suspects that they already had in custody.

Maggie, when she got her climax, moved off of Marvin and when Marvin arose, having not got his own, she moved to her belly on the bench and widely opened her legs. With this, Marvin with a fire in his eyes, plunged his now stone hard cock right up her vagina and plowed mercilessly up into her. She was moaning and crying lowly over this, and then he moved to take her up the ass with some lube that he had brought with him and a bit more gently used that orifice until he unloaded up into her.

After they came back to their senses, she looked him into the eyes and proceeded to apologize. But, he knew that she would try something else if he ever saw here again and so waved her off and erased her number out of his phone after having it blocked.

He never met her in person again, but did see her in the area once in a while. Never saw the two boys again, though.


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The other day I was doing one of my thrice weekly walks. The mall opens at about seven in the morning for the walkers and opens up for business, except for some of the food stands, at about ten. I usually make it for my walk between eight and noon, but sometimes later. Since the mall traffic has greatly reduced lately, it doesn’t seem to matter when now.

A couple of months ago, I counted the empty stores in the mall and found twenty-five of them were empty of the about eighty spaces available. And the kiosks that used to line the middle of all the hallways, most of them manned, are now reduced to about one fourth of the previous total.

I see no new stores opening. It appears to me that the mall is going to have to recharacterize itself if it wants to survive as a viable business center. Perhaps with nightclubs or other adult like recreations at night. It after all has a giant parking lot. But, in the meantime there are certain modes of business that seems to be creeping in already.

When I was doing my walk the other day, it was an hour before the mall officially opened and so the parking lot was noticeably sparse in vehicles and the walkers were very low in numbers, too. I did notice a number of ladies in the mall though taking up seating, one in each of the circle of seat’s areas, each of them very busy on their smart phones. None of them looked up to me as I walked by, but all of them were very slim, pretty, with nice updo’s and dressed semi-slutty. The dressing was not that unusual for the way many ladies present themselves anymore. Not that I mind at all.

As I was circling the walkways, I stopped to check on a little puppy that was sounding out at a combination dog wash and dog babysitting business. It is new and has a late twenty’s Asian lady in charge. She doesn’t seem to mind my attentions to the dogs, and I respect that by never touching them, just talking to them. The one that caught my attentions this day was a very small Maltese or something like that about the size of a two-thirds sized red brick. It was very cute and sounded off in pleasure as I gave it some vocal attention. The lady in back laughed as I talked to it.

However, since I am now an aged man, I pay attention to others around me. Usually they are walking either faster than me or slower than me, so I usually ignore those as they pass me or lag behind. But, ones that pace themselves with me come under my additional attention, because with my very tricky hip, back and the top of my left foot, my pace is not natural. So, there is always the threat that they are marking me for some kind of unpleasantness. I am not totally helpless, you know. And I do carry a heavy cane to defend myself from aggressive dogs and persons, but I really would rather avoid conflict than win or lose one.

During my approach to the pet emporium, I had noticed a man in his middle twenties pacing himself to me after rushing up to my slow relative progressing placement in the walking circuit. And when I stopped to talk to the dog, he rapidly moved past me and then retraced his steps to be behind me again. I was definitely on to him then, and so when we got to the end of that main hallway and the circle of seats there, I took one to see what he would do. It so happens that I knew that the mall staff would be working in the area, but he did take up a seat kitty-corner to me and busied himself eating a sandwich. Since there were no sandwich places open in the mall at that time, I wondered where he got it. But, there is a McD’s across the parking lot, and it did look like it could have come from there.

But, the thought occurred to me, why would he come to the mall to eat a sandwich that he had bought at McD’s when no one much was around and the stores weren’t open. He was carrying a very heavy backpack as he maneuvered around me and didn’t look like he needed the exercise, either.

So, I left him with his cell phone active and his burger in process of being consumed and moved on while there were mall personnel in the area. He looked up at me as I left, but didn’t follow me. I kept an eye out for that and he never came into my concerned view again that day.

But in each of the short hallways that had a circle of seats, I found one (and only one) of the ladies that I had previously described, each very busy with their smart phones. None of them even looked up to me. Not that I normally attract a lot of attentions of the opposite sex. Unless I am paying for it. I am very experienced in the ‘Hobby World, the interaction between escorts and clients’ and know my way around it quite well. So, I then recognized what this was all about. Another manner of outreach for customers, since many of the online ones were drying up and this city is very aggressive in locating and prosecuting the streetwalker kind.

So, I decided to test my theory out and moved to stop at one of the circles of chairs and sofas at the end of a short hallway and then sat across from her so that I could examine her wares, which were very much in view and awaited for some kind of response on her part. It didn’t come for several minutes as she was busy on the phone, but when she closed it up and put it on her lap, to evidently await the next call, she then noticed me. I was shuffling through some index cards that I use as memory aids and for listing of a particular days plans. When I looked up she smiled at me as my eyes obviously took in her feminine delightful features. I could see that she had no panties on, when she shifted her legs and opened them for my viewing. She had her knees far apart, with her dress lifted up. I could see her pretty thighs, sleek in their young woman’s way. And her bare pussy, with the lips open and even from where I sat, I could see and imagined that I could smell the wonderful odors that it was probably producing. Visions of my face up to it with my tongue and lips making love to it popped up into my mind.

During this time, not one person walked by us as there were only stores in this alcove and none of them were close to opening. So, after us staring a bit at each other, she moved over to engage with me.

She opened with, “See anything that you liked?”

I put out my best smile and remarked, “Yes, quite a bit at that.”

“I am a starving college girl! Do you think that if I share it with you that you could help my monetary condition?”

“Yes, I believe that I can. Where would we share this?”

She pointed at a short hallway that appeared to be unused because it was between two empty stores. And it seemed to end in a hallway that diverted to the side out of sight, too.

So, I rose and she took me by the hand and led me to the privacy of the empty hallway, with very low red lighting, only from an exit sign.

With us in place, she opened her specialized dress, so that all of her front was open to my view and usage, I supposed. So, I moved up and she, as many escorts don’t, did submit to serious kissing with the usual cuddling before getting to the main event. As I proceeded in this, she was cuddling me, too and allowed my hands to move under her dress to caress her back, scratch it and then move down to her soft butt cheeks. She smiled and kissed me lightly on the facial cheeks over that.

She then prodded me to lower myself to savor her pussy region and welcomed my lips and tongue up to her pussy slit, pussy hole and especially around her clit. With that she was moaning lowly and thrusting her pelvis up to my face. With that, my tongue began to penetrate her pussy hole and she murmured in acceptance of that then. After a minor cum drop into my mouth, she rose me up to lean back to the wall.

With me in that posture, she moved to open my zipper and widened out the access to my dick, without any needless lowering of my trousers. This lady was very efficient and affectionate in her handling of me. Spoke of a lot of good training and experiences.

She didn’t waste much time, but after some handsie attentions I was soon entered into her mouth and she was doing her Hoover impression, sucking me up very efficiently.

After I was hard, she changed places with me and leaned back to the wall with her legs widened out to allow my entrance into her. And since, I detected her sense of hurry, I moved right up to the ‘promised land’ in her. As I proceeded to fuck her, she was fucking me back and it didn’t take all that long for us to both climax and empty of our cums. She first moved down to cleanse and empty me, and then I licked her leaking cum off of her legs and sucked out her pussy to her delight.

She then moved me to rise and with her dress still opened, she pulled me up into a very impressive hug with kissing.

At that moment an older couple came by us to use the exit, and she looked at us and remarked, “You should take this elsewhere,” emphatically, but not without some admiration of her view of us.

In answer to this, the girl leaned back again, evidently in a rebellious mood, and took me back up in to her again for another round, and this old dude was up to it that time.

We then settled up and her dress, unfortunately, was then closed to my view of her lovelies. But, she indicated to me to meet her back at the seats and we could talk.

When we did, she identified herself as Aubrey, a Mall Twatt by profession. I asked if she was involved with the young man that I encountered, but she neither denied that, not agreed with that, so I got the message, a non-committal ‘Yes.’

She said that she had charged me for the hour rate, because of the risk of doing this in the mall with security around, but, if we could get together somewhere else (perhaps at my abode), she would be more generous in the time and perhaps in services to me. So, I asked for her security phone number and I gave her mine under the hobby name of Frank. She smiled at that, since she had heard of me from the locals. And when I looked in inquiry, she said that it was all good.

I was then ready for an early lunch or late breakfast and I invited her to partake with me, but she said that it would be better to not do this here. But, that we might be able to include that in another sexy date at another time. I told her that I would like to forward that idea and she smiled as I rose and left. I never saw her again, but I did see the young man regularly after that and evidently he was on to me that I was on to him, since he was very careful to avoid appearing as being threatening to me.

I can only see a pro about once or twice a month. Have to date five finger Molly on the other weeks. I have read lately that a man of my age only needs to ejaculate twice a month to keep his prostate in good order. I make sure to do it at least once a week for positive reinforcement. But, I do prefer feminine aid in this when it is possible.

So, over the next two weeks I just observed the scene at the mall and noticed that the Twatt Ladies were mostly in presence almost only in the mornings before the businesses opened. But, since I dress very strikingly original, they all seemed to be alerted to me and looked to see any interest from me from then on.

Seventeen days after my ‘date’ with Aubrey, I was ready for another run-around with a hot pussy. So, on my walking route, I noticed on my first lap a late twenties native-American from the area and she noted me as I passed her up and showed some disappointment at my continued walking trip, without stopping for a ‘trip’ with her.

But, after I completed my lap, I worked myself back to the short hallway that she was sitting in, and she was all smiles when I moved up to sit beside her. I didn’t waste any time talking with her and after she sent out a brief TEXT message, we walked together to one of the short access hallways and she opened a back door to one of the abandoned shops and guided me in with her rather large ditty bag over her shoulder. I found out that her manager (pimp) had bribed one of the cleaning staff for the key to this room, probably with pussy as the mode of payment. But, I had to admit that this was a lot safer than an even abandoned short hallway.

She wasted no time, but told me that she would honor the usual time promise of this service. With her ditty bag laid down on the floor, her dress opened up, just like the previous lady’s had. It must have been constructed with the front opening of a Velcro manner. But, the dress looked different, with still a slutty look about it, but a different theme included. More like a Spanish dancer motif.

But, when it opened, it was just a framing of another very beautiful young woman’s figure. She pulled me in and let my hands travel over her. She was not into kissing on her lips, but was avid in accepting it everywhere else on her. But, my hands were first very busy scratching on her back, which almost all women just love, and caressing and making bread with her butt cheeks. She loved that, too. And she even let me, with little resistance, put a finger up her ass to accentuate my experience. She just warned me to be careful of my finger nails up there. And so I was. Her rectum was very clean and so there was no smell on my finger when it came out, and she felt just great up the ass.

Then she knelt down to start up my lust machine with some very effective oral on my member. It rose very quickly with her licking and sucking attentions. And she returned the favor to me at my request and worked her two fingers up my rear, to my further inspiration.

Then she let me play kissy-poo with her pussy, clit and anus for a few minutes. The cum came very quickly with that. I licked up what I could get to and then she had me rise and she backed up to the wall. With her legs widely spread and her body hunched down and out at the butt from her waist, I was soon up and inside of her and fucking her wildly with her accentuated cooperation. With my cumming up in her, she motioned for me to stay inside and with her hugging me tight, she now let me kiss her on the lips some in celebration of another successful take off of an older man. She was very complimentary over it, with many praises into my ear.

Since, I was being a very good boy, in her stated estimation, she asked me to withdraw from her vagina and she knelt down to rise up again my member and then turned around and moved to be on all fours on a mat on the floor with her ass now in the up position to be featured in the next service from her.

She then murmured, “Up the ass, big boy!” And I know enough to obey a woman, especially when she makes perfect sense, and so with my fingers first leading away and some thick lube out of her ditty bag, I was soon completely up and into her rear end. Since, I am modestly endowed, my dick fit up into her ass with little difficulty and no complaint.

As I on my feet hunched over to twirl and plow up her dark chute, I heard her using a vibrator on her clit and up her pussy and with it vibrating through two sets of tissues, I came very profusely up her behind. When I pulled out she drained it down the back of her legs and let me lick it off after telling me that she was pristine up the back chute that day.

Then she rose and turned around again and held me in her arms and we shared some thoughts together. I found out that her pro name was Cora. I had heard of her and Marvin, she acknowledged that and asserted that he was a dear man and she would always love him, but he was just too many complications in her life and so they were not connected anymore. But, she remarked that she would like to see me often in the future and I without committing myself assured her that I liked that idea, too.

`She cleaned me and herself off with supplies from her ditty bag and then with her dress still open, took me into a very lengthy embrace with my dick rubbing up in her pussy slit, but not into her until at least the hour was over. It was damn near as good as fucking her. And I told her so. She just smiled and kissed me on the cheek before we gathered ourselves up and left the abandoned store.

When passing the local whore manager in my future walks, he nodded at me, I just looked at him and moved on without any comment or gesture and he knew what that meant. I would gladly fuck his ladies, but I wanted no recognizable relationship with him.

I saw Cora on my rounds many times over the next two weeks and she was always smiley when she saw me. I even gave her a couple of hugs when no one else was around to her smiling pleasure.

Finally, after those two weeks, I found myself with bonus funds for that time in the month, because of some reduced costs of regular expenses in the month and, of course, my economizing to be able to share that lovely woman’s body again. Didn’t hurt that I won two hundred dollars in the Lottery, either.

So, I called Penny, a young provider, who owned a small studio apartment in the Mt. Beaver Condos down the street and inquired of her as to whether I could rent it for two hours for a commercial date. And she said sure. She had seen me a couple of times, but likes to keep the room busy even on her off days, so that she could continue her college education and not fall behind on both of their monthly payments. She told me to just leave my room contribution on her dresser drawers in her bedroom. And I said that I would.

Then I texted Cora and told her when I would be available the next day and I had timed it so that it was well past her morning fucking shift at the mall. She was happy to accommodate me and I picked her up at the Food Court doors in my large older Suburban. As I drove off, I had my athletic pants pulled down and she knew what that meant and so had my cock up into her mouth quite quickly. Since, she really preferred to not kiss, she made sure that she made up for that in other ways. I never cum from this, but it is great fun, and she seemed to enjoy it, too. Prevented her from having to carry on a conversation, I guessed.

I had her get out of the van, and walked ahead of her to unlock the door of the condo, which key was under the welcoming mat. I left the door ajar and moved into the interior, which she joined me in very shortly after that.

And she immediately removed all of her clothing to be seen by me in her natural beauty. And beautiful she was. She was almost thirty and had had two babies. She showed some evidence of that on her belly, but it didn’t detract from the overall gorgeousness of her figure. ‘No wonder Marvin was enthralled by her!” I thought. And felt a little bit sad for him, too.

But, this was my show and I led her to the bed. For some reason that she left unexplained she removed the restrictions on kissing and also waved off the use of a condom. Evidently she had found about me from the other girls, even more. And she really wanted to have me as her regular.

So, with the door wide open, I took her into my arms and with us on the bed began to aggressively kiss her all about her body, missing no place and also probing up into her mouth. Which she took very well, sucking on my tongue in her turn.

We then switched ends and ended up in 69 play, with my tongue very active in her pussy slit and hers all about my nether regions including my asshole that she rarely ever gives any attentions to. With all of this, I was just crazy in lust with her and soon found myself up her pussy and in so far and hard, that I never wanted to leave it. She acted like she must have felt much the same, because she didn’t seem to want it to end, either. And so with me penetrated as far as I could for the moment, we just laid and basted together like a fine wine or steak.

After about a half an hour of that, she began to thrust up to me and that was the sign for a trip to fucking heaven in her. And it ended about fifteen minutes later with both of us shooting our cum into and out of her cunt to our pleasures. I moved down to get all of the goodness and she moved me into 69 to get the rest of mine, too. I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do with her that day, but this did it for me and afterwards, we laid and cuddled together.

I gave Cora her donation, with her kissing me again, and then left the donation for the room on the dresser. I later got a ‘Thanks, And Anytime,” from Penny in a Text message.

Cora played with my cock with her hands on the way back to the mall and I brought up to her the idea of Marvin and me playing with her together some time in the future. She said that she would consider it and let me know. But, to not bring it up to him, unless she gave me the green light.

A week later, I got an “OK” message from Cora. Evidently she had sounded out Marvin to see if it was okay, and he promised to enjoy the date and not make any obligations on her afterwards.

When we had the date, at Penny’s again, it was a soaring event for all three of us. The highest highlight was when she was on his tummy with his cock up her pussy and laying down on his tummy with both of their arms around each other and him kissing her wildly in the mouth with their teary eyes and I was up her ass on top of her with my hand beneath his body on her pretty tummy between their bodies with me sucking the back of her neck.

We were symbolically melted together like a great toasted cheese sandwich. And like one of them that melts and leaks the cheese out of the middle, we all leaked out of ourselves and made one big puddle right in the middle of Penny’s bed. Penny didn’t complain one bit, and gladly accepted the contribution for the room this time coming from Marvin.

When we all were happy with each other at the breakup of our fun, Cora offered that she would keep this in mind again as a possibility for the future.

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On the first preparation day at the Henderson Forest Summer Camp for teens, two newly assigned med tech counselors share a meal.

“Say aren’t you the famous running back, White Flash?”

“I used to be! Now I am ‘Limping Flash!’ And the Medical Aide Flash. How about you?”

“I am just Hortense Mannerly from Bangor, Maine. Never famous, but then I never had to live up to a reputation, either. Unless class virgin is a reputation.”

“I don’t think that you will have to worry about that for too long. You appear to be a very healthy and cute young lady. Someone will offer to improve that reputation. I would guess that you have had a number of offers already. By the way, my name is Michael Stanley.”

“I am guessing that I can call you Mike, and I am Horty to my friends. And since I am only sixteen, I still have ample time to sift through prospective first timers to fulfill that destiny for me. I am in no hurry, it will come in its own time.”

“Well, it was very nice meeting you, Horty. Perhaps we can continue our conversations at dinner meetings over the summer. I will be here for the full season as the boy’s med aide. How about you?”

“Same here, only for the girls. I got in and out of college at young ages and so am filling in my time with these kinds of jobs to bridge until I am considered an adult. And the dinner dates are very welcome, thank you.”

With that they each caught rides on four wheelers to move to their centers of operations for their jobs.

Since there were no camper attendees present yet, they would start arriving in three days, Mike and Horty met for dinner that very evening again.

It looked like it was going to be a pleasant summer, since the food right away was as good as he could remember for the best year of that. And as they sat and ate together on opposite sides of the table, they were finding a very easy way with each other. Mike didn’t usually associate with someone Horty’s age, but she just had this aura about her of being much more mature than would be expected of a girl of her age.

As they filled in each other with the present status of their lives, neither romantically entangled at the moment, a subject came up initiated by Horty.

“Say Mike, did you attend this place when you were young?”

“Yes, from age twelve to age sixteen. Then for the last two years of high school summers I attended football camps, since I wanted to be recruited by a major college. I ended up being recruited by DUKE U. during a down time of their football fortunes, but I did well enough to be drafted in the third round by the N.Y. JETS.”

“I seem to remember a football injury ending your career, too early.”

“Yes, I got to meet Cam Chancellor at the five yard line going in for a touchdown. He knocked me back to the fifteen and my knee was toast. It was a completely clean hit, just an unfortunate one.”

“Did he ever apologize?”

“No, he didn’t. He is very proud of his record as a player. His hits were always very hard, but fair. But, he did come to the hospital and visit me. He brought me a stuffed toy skunk to comfort me with, with a twinkle in his eyes. And when I got out and was mobile again, he bought me a real one as a pet, I still have it. Blackie is a joy to be around.”

“Very cool! My parents never let me have a pet, we lived on a very busy hobby farm and there were animals to take care of and to use, but not ever as pets. Maybe that is another emptiness that I can fill in my life at the proper time,” said with hooded eyes. Mike noticed and smiled.

Then after her showing some furrows of doubt on her face, “Say, were you here the year that the girl disappeared and was never found?”

“Yes, that was my last year here, before I took up the football camps.”

“Do you know anything that was not revealed by the police at the time?”

“Yes, I am aware of the facts of the case and some that I have been ordered to never reveal unless the case is solved to not muddy up the waters of evidence and investigations.”

“Good to know! I won’t trouble you over that, then.”

“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, Horty. I meant no offense. But, I did promise to keep my tongue about those things and I tend to keep my promises.”

With a little bit of an attitude, “You mean like your promise of marrying that sweet young girl that you were dating while you were famous?”

“Well actually, Hortense. I have no need to apologize for that, if you need to know. She broke it off, because she loved dating a NFL All Star, but saw no future in being with a ‘has been.’ I kept my quiet about it, with what was said in the papers, because first I was very hurt with her attitude and also I didn’t want to besmirch her reputation for other guys that she might become interested in.”

“I am very sorry, for that rudeness, Mike. I guess I bought into the things that were said about you at the time. But, you are right about Cam, he has always said that you handled it very well, that is the career ending injury. And he also said that all of them have their careers end in some way. And that he trusts you with the pet skunk, too!”

Horty smiled with that. And they broke off the pleasant dinner date to go and finish setting up for the bumps and bruises to come. And hopefully get some serious sleep before the thundering hoards arrived.

Horty and Mike became a regular thing at the evening dinner tables and soon everyone that might have been interested in either of them became aware and diverted their intimate interests to others that might be more available. Not that they had made any moves to intimacy, yet. They had just become very good friends and enjoyed that for the present.

On the third day of the campers being present, there was a report of some kind of wild girl running through the woods, just out of clear sight by a group of boys playing around a couple of very tall trees. They were spooked by this and ran all the way back to the general headquarters to report on it. The report was immediately forwarded to the Sheriff’s office and Mike was called to attend to the spooked boys. They had calmed down a lot by the time he got to them, and the four boys fourteen and fifteen had injuries that were confined to whip lash scratches on their shins from their escape from the woods and a perhaps figment of their imagination bruising. But, while he was torturing them with some alcohol and bandages, they let out what they had seen. A naked white woman, of age indeterminate running through the woods. That was all that they saw from their vantage point. Mike noted the details as scant as they were and filed them away in his memory.

That evening at dinner, Horty asked Mike if he would review what he knew about the disappearance that he would be allowed to share. It was already a well established legend during her first trips to the camp, and there had been sightings almost every year since the disappearance.

So, he just offered a brief retelling of the event. Fifteen years ago, on his last visit to the camp as a camper, a fifteen year old girl had disappeared, seemingly into thin air. She had been sort of a mystery girl to her fellow campers, and just one night was gone. All that they found was a pair of white panties that had blood stains that had been washed out in a pouring rain that early morning of her disappearance. (The panties were established as no big thing, because she had just begun her monthly period that day. But the media played it up for their ratings.) Tracker dogs tried to trail her, but for some reason couldn’t keep the scent active in their abilities. No body was found and no word about her was ever received. It soon just went into the cold case bin, with notations of every year’s appearance of the YETI GIRL.

Horty thought for a few minutes and offered, “Gee Mike, there are a lot of ways that this could be explained without resorting to a wild girl actually living in the woods here.”

“Yes, Horty, and I have my theories about that. But, I can’t discuss them yet, as I still have promises to keep. But, maybe someday!”

With that they quietly finished their dinners and broke up smiling to move to their each sleeping quarters.

A few days later, a couple of fifteen year old boys got a much better glimpse of her and putting together what they saw, the deion came out of a tall slim girl of her late teens, that was smeared with dirt, had wild unruly hair, had all of her intimate hair present and with bare feet that didn’t seem damaged at all. With this, the sheriff’s department became very much more interested in this case again.

A week later the situation became very much more serious. A fourteen year old boy had taken a shortcut to his barracks was later found naked by a frequently used path, in shock and babbling to himself. A couple of counselors were called to the place to take him in hand, but the sheriff happened to be at the camp at that very moment and requested that they leave him there for the moment and he would come and assess the situation before calling in the CSI people.

One of the counselors recorded his babbling, and took a lot of pictures with his high definition cell phone camera. When the sheriff, who arrived onsite very quickly had finished with his brief analysis of the situation, the CIS people came in and took their pictures and samples for analysis.

The boy was taken to the hospital and put under sedation. When he came out he was through young boy’s tears able to give a fairly complete account of what had happened. He had encountered a very strange naked girl on the way back to his cabin and she had turned on him and wrestled him to the ground. She was very strong and he was reticent to fight back with his young boy’s illusions about females. She then with him naked began to play with his member, which completely unhinged him as he was only a dreamer about sex, he had no previous experiences at all.

When she took his member into her mouth and began to swirl it about with her tongue and then to powerfully suck on it, he just melted into the ground in despair. And then he in ignorant details described her moving over his uprisen member and sitting down on it to be up inside of her. He in theory knew what this was about, but in his still little boy mode was totally unready for this. And when she moaned and allowed him to cum up into her, he panicked at the thought that he might be impregnating her.

With this accomplished, she moved off of him, sucked up his cock again to cleanse it off and then slapping him strongly in the face, she made her retreat into the woods.

This time there was a treasure trove of evidence available, including the girl’s DNA on the boy. And the hounds were this time able to track her to an evidently four wheel vehicle on an unknown entry pathway. They got some pictures from a traffic light speed monitor a mile away as she sped away from the vicinity fully dressed then.

The FBI was called in to put the whole mass of evidence and findings into a coherent manner. And it turned out that the girls who had been flashing themselves at the camp were prospective members of a New England college’s sorority suffering from a hazing practice. The latest girl had gotten the crazy idea that she could combine the usual scenario with giving a young boy his time of his young life. She turned out to be a bit dingy and her identity was never released to the public.

Because of the national media splash that this case caused, a couple living in Tacoma, Washington went to their local police station and fessed up that they were the ones that had taken the original girl from the camp. In their view, they had saved her from a desperately poor mother who was dangerously hooked on Meth Amphetamines and was very abusive to the girl. The girl in question had even forgotten her real mother and was now a respected surgeon in a local Washington state hospital. Her new name was not released, either.

The fourteen year old young rape victim, when he returned to school was the class hero to all of the guys, who dreamed of getting the same treatment from a boss gal. They were ignoring the facts of the case, but since it paved the way for the boy to reenter his schooling with a minimum of fuss, he accepted it as his due and awaited his first real sexual sharing with a willing female in his future. Some things are definitely worth the wait.

And as far as waits were concerned. Horty invited her dear friend from the camp to visit her family home during the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Her parents were a bit set off over such an older man as their now seventeen year old daughter’s friend. But, she had always been more than a little advanced compared to her age over the years.

Mike got a non-paying intern job with the New England Patriots as an assistant trainer and med tech and after the first season became a regular one for only training sessions and game days. With a sizable amount of his saved football bonuses and pay, he and Horty bought out the farm from her parents, five years after their marriage at her age of twenty-two. And then she as the trainer of the local girls’ school and he as a part time one for the Patriots, busied themselves in planting another generation of Horty’s family on the family farm.

Her parents were ecstatic over all of this and made every holiday for the rest of their lives back to the farm from Florida, where they were reliving their teenage dating years with a flourish.

One night when the kids were asleep and Mike had his dear Horty in his arms, she looked over at him and asked him, what was it that he couldn’t tell her about the missing girl case back then.

Mike smiled and then, “Well, I guess it is long past the time to reveal that to you. First of all, I knew the girl that disappeared and she was black. And the girls over the years that played the YETI were all white.”

“OMG, what a secret to hold up in your heart! And what else?”

“Nobody seemed to ask this at the time, but how did she winter over in the woods naked and without any shelter? Those woods are very unforgiving in the winter!”

“Oh yes, I can see that. So, you knew all along that it was a put up job for reasons unknown, then?”

“Yes, I did and my tongue burned to let out what I knew, but thankfully I kept my silence and that probably helped a lot for the case to be solved, with details known to the authorities that winnowed out the false leads”

As she stirred up to him, he looked affectionately at her and suggested that they could make room for another young body in the family, if the incubator was available. She let him know that her womb was permanently out of business, but her pussy vault was available for further training, just in case she should change her mind.

With that they gathered each other up together and played the very familiar intimate game with each other
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