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Laney helps a neighbor care for his dog while he is away and then takes care of her best friend and her neighbor when he returns
Romantic Memories of Laney R. (first in a series)

By Rodgerthedodger

MffBest Winsome young Laney R. her best friend, her next door neighbor and his dog who she helps out; then He “helps” her out learning of joys in life! A true story.

It was innocent enough, that is, in the beginning. Later I lost my innocence and found sexual pleasures beyond my dreams. My next door neighbor, Jim, was away from home. “Would I help with his garden and his dog while he was gone?” Of course, I would. What are neighbors for? So after school I attended to his garden and his dog, did my homework at his kitchen table, and learned about life as it turned out: some of life’s joys that still turn me on after these years.

I was at a special age, 16, the age of consent in England. And lived in a rural area of Cambridgeshire. I didn’t know to what I was supposed to ‘consent’ to but that was the law. Even so, I was at 16, an innocent, winsome lass. Petite, pretty, blond, perky breasts in their early budding. I was proud of my shape and looks. I had learned about some sexual things earlier when riding and straddling a very large horse. There was some bleeding; my Mum took me to her doctor. It was the first time I had fingers in my fanny; it’s what I called it then, an exciting, nervous time with my naked privates being examined, and, yes, probed by a man; even though he was Mum’s doctor his fingers started me going. My breath got short and I closed my eyes, letting out an audible gasp. I wonder if Mum had heard me. I covered my mouth as I took another deep breath. I looked at the doctor and he smiled and removed his fingers. He had started something and I didn’t want his fingers gone.

Later that night, in bed, I used a hairbrush handle to finish what the “naughty” doctor had started. I wondered if he knew the fire he lit in me. I had never known that first a horse, then a doctor’s fingers, and then, finally, later that night under my bed covers, that a hairbrush would make my legs shake and my body come alive; finishing what the doctor had started. It was an exploding pleasure and I wanted more. Not horses or, maybe not doctors, but hairbrushes or other things! I was learning some exciting things in life but there was more to come, as I am telling you. After the doctor visit I got ‘more’ every chance I had with hairbrushes and other things.

But, back to the story of my neighbor, Jim. That first day after school I went inside his house and fed the dog. I did a little gardening and then sat at the kitchen table to do my homework. It was quiet that afternoon, just the clock ticking and the dog licking at his water bowl. I looked over at him and began my studies. After awhile, doggie came over and sat near my legs, his tongue out and panting. I looked down at him, a little pink tip of his cock was sticking out of his sheath! I had never seen a cock before, or any other for that matter except Dad’s by accident, only the quickest glimpse mind you, once or twice when he was in the loo. But doggie, uninhibited, sat there, panting and the tip of his doggie dick pulsing out of its sheath. It was fascinating to watch and I put down my pencil. It was like he was smiling at me, showing off his manhood. Then he licked my ankle several times. I must have tasted good as he kept licking and with each lick his dick seemed to grow. An amazing thing to watch and his warm tongue on my ankle felt good.

I reached down and petted his head: “Good dog,” I said as he continued his licks and I went back to my homework. But not for long. It was stupid and wrong but that doggie tongue was arousing my fanny. Speaking of words, my girlfriends and I would talk about boys and things and dirty words, as we called them, including the word “fanny.” My best girlfriend, Varda, laughed when I told her what the doctor had done to my “fanny.” “Silly!” she had said, “that’s such an old word. We call our private parts different things now. Words like ‘pussy’ and ‘cunt or cunny’ and ‘minge,’ even “‘vagina!’” By whatever word it was a special and exciting part for me indeed. I was getting an education in many ways.

Anyway, what I called my privates was the farthest thing from my mind as doggie was concentrating his tongue on my leg and now my calf. He was arousing me. It was naughty, I knew that much, but it felt good and I began to tingle and then I didn’t want him to stop. He wasn’t satisfied with my ankle and calf and started farther up my leg and sniffing loudly, a little whine. I knew I was getting moist and he must have caught my scent. Then I came to reality and pushed him down. He wouldn’t take that push as any answer and climbed up, nosing under my short purple school skirt to the source of that scent. I pushed at him again but my body was saying ‘No don’t push him off. It feels good. He wants more. Let him have more.’

There were quiet noises in Jim’s kitchen, the clock ticking, the sound of the dog’s tongue on me, his lap, lap, lapping and my breathing, taking deep breaths. It was very wrong. I couldn’t help myself and I opened my legs for the dog. He was all the way under my dress, his nose poking my panties and his tongue licking my bare flesh on either side. He was frantic, letting out little whines and I was out of breath, softly patting his head under my skirt. My Mum and Dad were both gone until later. We were alone in the kitchen, just doggie, his hot tongue and me and I pushed him away for only so long as I needed to take off my panties!

I lifted my skirt so I was bare at the waist. I didn’t need to do any more than that and doggie was at me again. This time without any skirt or panties in the way. I was open and hot and I felt my cunt. It seemed the right word to use for my naughty body just then was on fire. I wanted licking. I didn’t care. My cunt was wet and ready. I ran my finger over my cunt lips; I was slippery and shivered to my touch. I patted doggie’s head. His nose was cold and it shocked me. I jolted. His nose was nudging my clit as he licked. I thought I would cry out. This was too good; his tongue licking inside me now. I must have tasted good because he was frantic and dancing on his hind legs. I looked down. His red cock was halfway out and all because of me. It was an exciting scene and I was excited. Doggie, too.

Now I was seeing the doctor’s face, smiling and his fingers. He must have known he sent chills in me when I had let out a loud gasp. And Mum was just on the other side of the little curtain! I saw him smiling again and was under the covers that night with my hair brush. I was back in the kitchen being very naughty. I was patting the head of a doggie licking my cunt and I let out a loud gasp and pulled his head closer. He couldn’t get enough and I groaned this time. He was licking both sides of me and my clit and with each lick his nose was teasing.

I scooted down more on my chair. My legs were trembling and tears were on my cheeks, hands smoothing my legs, feeling his tongue at work, pulling my cunt lips open, ‘lick me you dog you’ patting his head, hoping he would never stop. It was the best climax I had ever had, nothing like that old hairbrush, and it was all so spontaneous and delicious and heavenly and I was in my own quiet heaven and ultimate female bliss. I couldn’t breathe or think. All I needed was to feel, FEEL! I had to push him down. I was finished. I couldn’t take it any more; finally resting in the quiet kitchen; pushing down my skirt, looking down at doggie who was sitting there now at my feet licking his beautiful dick. I covered my cunt with my hands; it had been on fire; I couldn’t believe the intensity of it all and fingered myself slightly, softly. I was puffy, my hairy curls were wet and held myself, squeezing my legs, pressing my fingers inside, giving me a last little grunt and shiver; I closed my eyes and sighed. It was so quiet.

I brushed the wet from my cheeks and got back my breath. I hadn’t finished my homework but I was finished and slipped into my panties. “What a naughty dog,” I said, laughing to myself as I was naughty, too; very naughty. It was the best time of my life, to that point. I couldn’t wait for school to end the next day when I would be back to take care of doggie and maybe, probably, definitely, have him take care of me. I would insist on it!

Jim would be away a few more days; maybe he would stay away longer. I sure hoped he took his time getting back. I was also a little scared. I mean dogs are what are called “dumb animals” and have no sense of propriety or any discretion at all. What if, when Jim got back, and I was there and doggie was there. What if? Seriously. What if?

In the meantime, I made sure I was at Jim’s house each day after school and on the weekends for my activities. Doggie and I became best friends. It was so relaxing and all. One day, walking home with my best friend, Varda, I left her at the sidewalk and walked to Jim’s front door. “Why are you blushing Laney?” asked Varda and I got more red in the face. I was already wet in anticipation and Varda wasn’t stupid. “You want to come inside with me and find out?” I said, suddenly being bold. “Sure” she said and we walked inside together.

I put food and water for the dog and the two of us sat at the kitchen table. Doggie, no-discretion doggie, was right at my ankle. He knew our routine and the presence of Varda meant nothing to him. At that moment I knew I might not see much of Jim when he got back. His dog would quickly reveal our secret but, well, Varda was my very best and closest friend. We talked of boys and the words for our privates and just about everything else. This was too good a secret not to share.

“Promise not to tell?” I asked. Varda nodded. “I mean really, truly promise?” “Go on,” she said, “tell me.” I looked her in the eyes and knew she would keep our secret. “I don’t need to tell you,” I said, “all you have to do is watch.” Doggie was already at my side, licking my ankle and sniffing loudly. “Look under the table, Varda,” I said and she did. “He’s just licking your ankle Laney,” she said, “what’s the big deal.” “Be patient,” I said. I was getting that dreamy feeling. Even more dreamy with my best friend watching. She kept looking under the table and then up at me and then under the table.

I was scared. Maybe I was doing too much. “Promise?” I said. “Stop it. You know I won’t tell.” Varda looked at the dog, looked at me; I knew my cheeks were crimson from the scene, the licking, being watched. “Okay,” I said, my lips trembling a little, my breathing getting deep. “Okay.” I scooted down on my chair and opened my legs. I was naked, as usual, and I heard Varda suck in her breath and kind of whisper: “Laney…what?” I stared at her. The ‘you promised,’ stare! Then it was too late as doggie was on my calf, licking my knee and licking my thigh. I lifted my skirt to my waist and looked at Varda again. Her eyes were big. She could see the soft down of my minge, and my naked cunny, words she had taught me. It was my turn to teach her something she never would have guessed and patted my tummy. I didn’t need to. Doggie knew it was time for his cold nose and hot tongue.

The slurping began in earnest and soon my legs were shaking, my eyes closed, I was somewhere else, tears and groans and little grunts. Gasping and my legs shaking all right in front of Varda. I din’t care I was lost now in feelings. I looked at her in mid-climax and what a sight. She had her skirt up and was inside her panties. Her eyes were fluttering. Then, “Varda!” I said. She sat up and we smiled. “Want some of doggie?” I asked thinking she might call me a perv or something. The something she said was nothing, just nodding her head.

“Get naked,” I said and she stood and slipped off her panties, lifted her skirt to her waist and sat on the edge of her chair. Doggie was off me and licking himself. I went over to Varda and made a noise, patting her knee. It got the dog’s attention and he was soon sniffing in the air for Varda; licking her knee and thigh. His red cock was out again and he was nuzzling my best friend.

Varda jumped at the first lick and jumped again as his cold nose hit her. “God,” was all she said and the licking began. Doggie had a lot of stamina I was thinking because he was frantic for Varda right away. “God!” she said again, “lick me you dirty dog,” and he did and she was petting him, petting herself and letting out grunts of pleasure.

It was quiet in Jim’s kitchen again and we sat opposite each other. “I can’t believe it,” she said, “that was so good. Better than good. Much, much, better. How did that happen?” I told Varda my story and after that, until Jim came back, the two of us couldn’t wait to visit his house after school.

Then Jim came home. That first afternoon I thought about limiting my visits, making them quick and business-like or maybe not at all as I was afraid Jim would learn what a naughty girl I was. But I did go that first afternoon, fed the dog, which immediately was excited to see me. “Did he bother you when I was gone? Jim asked. “No,” I said but my face was read and the doggie was at my ankle. “He seems to like you,” Jim said. I’m sure my face was beet red. “Yes,” I said, “we got along just fine.” The stupid dog wouldn’t leave me alone right in front of Jim. “Would you like a drink?” he asked. “No,” I said, “I’d better be going.” I walked toward the door, Jim said: “Please stay for a few minutes and talk with me.” I turned and nodded. “I guess I’d like a drink then,” I said. I was very afraid. Just a short drink and I would go. It didn’t turn out that way.

Doggie was nosing around me and whining. He wanted to have our usual lick and didn’t know what was happening. I wanted it too but obviously not in front of my neighbor. Varda was one thing but not my neighbor. “He seems to really like you,” Jim said, “You must have taken good care of him.” If only he knew. “You’re sure he didn’t bother you?” Jim wouldn’t let the subject go and I began to wonder. “Sometimes he bothered my wife.” I looked at Jim then and he smiled that knowing kind of smile. “Will I see you tomorrow, Laney? Please?” I nodded, finished my drink, didn’t know if I would be back. It was embarrassing. On the walk home I thought it over and decided I wouldn’t go back. I’d keep my secret and it was just an interlude that I would try to forget.

Next day at school I told Varda that Jim had returned and I thought he had guessed about the dog and me. “I can’t go back there,” I said. “Laney,” Varda said, “are you sure?” It was my turn to nod and then school was over; Varda and I walked home, right past Jim’s house. I saw him on his porch and waived. He waived back and I waived to Varda as she walked on. My mind was a blur as I walked to my house. Then I stopped and thought about things. Jim was a nice man and lonely and it wasn’t the dog’s fault, it was mine. What to do? I stood there and thought it over. It would be okay. I would just push the dog away until he got the message. I kind of had promised Jim I would see him, hadn’t I?

I turned around and walked back. There was Jim on the porch, smiling and greeting me. We walked inside together. I was full of good intentions. I was a good girl and would teach the dog to leave me alone. The door closed behind us and Jim was making us a drink. My parents wouldn’t be back until later. Jim said: “Come into the living room and we can watch a movie. It’s called ‘Women in Love’ and I think you’ll like it.” He turned on the TV and the VCR and we sat on the couch. The film was about two women and they began getting close with each other, kissing. I was shocked but curious. As the movie continued I sat closer to Jim and his arm was against mine. The women were doing more than kissing. There were some magazines on the coffee table. “Would you like to see one?” Jim asked and reached for one that was full of pictures of women in various poses. It was a Swedish magazine and an eye-opener for me, as the women were naked and very pretty. Their pussy hair showed. “Maybe you’re too young,” Jim said. But now I was turning the pages and getting relaxed in his living room. His arm felt good on me.

I was turning the pages and watching the movie. I stopped at one page. It was a picture of a woman, on her knees, and a dog on top of her. “Maybe you shouldn’t look at that one,” Jim said, “it’s naughty.” I pushed against him. “It’s okay,” I said. I hadn’t noticed his dog who had come into the living room and now was licking my ankle and calf. I pushed him down saying “Bad dog.” “It’s okay,” Jim said, and then said: “I know. He used to bother my wife sometimes.”

With all of the movie of the two women, the picture of the woman with a dog, Jim’s doggie licking my calf, I was aroused and not really paying attention to everything else but Jim’s hand was around my shoulder, I had leaned in to cuddle a little. Except for the sounds from the telly it was very intimate. I realized Jim was testing me; the movie, the magazine, the dog, his arm. I didn’t move away from him but got closer. I had passed the test and was feeling warm and moist. I pushed the dog down again. “No,” said Jim, “let him.”

Jim’s hand was on top of my breast and feeling. I was in a state of confusion with all the temptations and my body was relaxing and consenting to all of this. I patted the dog’s head and he looked up. Jim was somehow inside my blouse now and feeling my bare breast and nipple. I had gone past stopping him or the dog or any of it. I wanted to continue. His hand was warm and felt so good, fingers feeling my stiff nipple. Now somehow my blouse was off and the dog was under my skirt; that cold nose.

“Take off your dress, Laney, it’s in the way and you don’t want it wrinkled,” he said. I stood and soon my panties were off, too. I sat down, my hand resting on Jim’s pants. He was stiff and I squeezed on it. I knew it ws wrong to squeeze but it all was so natural. I was naked, the dog, his fingers on my nipples. “You too,” I said and he lifted out of his pants. I pushed down and released his cock, putting my hand around it, feeling it and stroking very fast. “Not so fast,” he said, “we’re not in a race.” I slowed my stroking and felt the wet tip of him, smoothing the wet oozing over the head of his cock. He flexed and it was his turn to moan. We were both moaning. The doggie was at me with his nose bumping on my clit and his hot tongue licking my cunt. Jim was feeling and sucking my nipples. We were both somewhere else. I glanced at the screen and the two women were surely in love. My legs started shaking and Jim got tense and came, spurting all over my hand just as the dog was making me cum hard, so hard I cried. Jim kissed me some more and I leaned over and licked him clean. He was soft now and I was still coming down.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have done that,” he said, “I hope it didn’t scare you.” I didn’t say anything except, with my clothes back on, I smiled at Jim and asked: “Can I come see you tomorrow?” His face was beaming with a wonderful smile. The dog was in the corner licking himself. My whole body was alive and now I finally knew what “consenting” was all about. My knees were weak as I walked home. It was dark by then but my parents weren’t home yet and I went inside and cleaned up. I opened the dresser drawer and saw my old reliable hair brush and smiled. Those were the days but this is now. And so much better!


2018-09-03 20:22:31
Hello Samone...Laney's is a true wasn't long before her cherry was gone...a later story in her life is when she decided to go through the park at night and found some "gentlemen." She fought it off but came several's one of the Laney stories. Hope you like it...Phyllis

Dirty SamoneReport

2018-08-19 00:01:54
i have loved the tongue of a dog. They can go in so deep. The only problem is that they cant suck. A man can suck and if you are a man and reading this, remember when eating out a lady, "SUCK". A dog's tongue is much longer than yours, so use what you can do and a dog cant......Suck. OH yes, I loved the story, but she had better get her cherry busted quickly.


2018-08-05 16:23:23
Hello will find more in the adventures of Laney...which are true stories of an English lass who poured out her experiences and love of orgasms to me...all beginning with a youthful caring for her neighbor's dog...learning the joys a powerful orgasm from the tip of its tongue!


2018-08-05 16:21:49
Actually, Red Czar, I have published a book, ORGASM, which includes the complete, unexpurgated, story of Laney, Sherry, Phyllis and others. They are true stories as told to the authors by the women involved.

Red CzarReport

2018-06-07 05:05:02
just FYI, I believe your stories are being stolen. I found this listed on Amazon Kindle by someone who I doubt is you.

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