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The cruise celebration supporting Tenor Industries has arrived for Tina. She finds herself on-board the small cruise ship with a dozen client executives.

Mr. Woodburn and I were both attending the celebration at the client’s plant and offices. It was an afternoon off for all employees with a catered buffet, tours of the upgrades, and, of course, speeches from the company extolling the benefits and positive impact for all their futures in their very competitive market. We were not called upon to give a speech or comments, but were identified for our assistance and involvement.

After the celebration, we both return home. I put in a short day the following day to make the connections that would put me into the small regional airport in Key West. As I stepped off the plane into the warm, salt-laden air of the small island, I was torn between feelings of excitement and nervousness. I had never been on a cruise of any kind and the idea of living in a bikini in the sun for much of the daytime was a welcome respite from the formality of business days. On the other hand, I still wasn’t fully sure of what I would encounter while on the cruise. I had been told to expect from 9 to 12 employees, but there would always be the other crew members and I never got clarification how they might fit into the activities. I was hoping to get that clarification from Mr. Tenor as soon as he arrived on the ship.

I was arriving a full day early at Mr. Woodburn’s insistence. He felt it important that I had the time to acclimate to the environment and place with plenty of time to find my way to the ship and prepare myself for the arrival of the employees.

I spent my time sight-seeing and at the beach. I walked Duval Street at night and enjoyed the light atmosphere that said ‘party’. I remembered videos I had come across about Key West during their “Fantasy Fest” with lots of nudity, body paint, and drinking. I wondered if Mr. Woodburn and Deborah would be interested sometime. They were certainly interested in nudity, especially mine.

I arrived at the ship’s mooring location a full hour ahead of the scheduled arrival of the company personnel. I was cleared to board, my information indicating an earlier arrival, and I followed a crew member who carried my bag. The man introduced himself as Mr. Edwards, the First Officer, second in command. He was an attractive man. All of six feet tall and very athletically built. He had dark hair cut short and his white uniform added to his attractiveness. I wasn’t necessarily drawn to men in uniform, but he looked really good in his. As we walked the narrow passageway, I asked him what he knew of the plans for the two-day cruise. He commented that a full itinerary was prominently located in each stateroom but that the crew was told to expect a lot of partying, lots of drinking, and that the normal rules of proper attire might be constantly pushed beyond normal limits.

He stopped at a stateroom door, inserted the keycard, turned the handle and pushed his way in with the bag. I followed in behind him. I was warned by Mr. Woodburn that ship rooms were notoriously small and cramped, the spaces efficiently used. I was, therefore, shocked at the room we entered.

Mr. Edwards placed my bag on the very large bed that occupied one side of the room. The side of the room we entered into was more of a large sitting area with couch and several chairs, wide-screen TV, and a sliding door to the balcony outside. When I turned to him, I found he had been watching me closely, perhaps even evaluating or interpreting what my situation was. He also saw the surprised look on my face.

“Yes, a lovely room, isn’t it? It is the only such suite onboard.” He was still watching me closely and I felt my face and neck flush. I told him I wasn’t expecting anything like this, I had been told the rooms were very small. “Most are. Can I ask you something?” I nodded. This cruise must be a different experience for the crew. “It probably isn’t any of my business and I don’t mean to be too personal, but I guess I will be … what’s the deal here? Are you a … professional?” He seemed embarrassed in an attempt to search for a safe word for it.

I smiled at him and chuckled. “Yes, I am but not that kind.” I laughed, again. I described my position without giving any names or identifying my firm. I explained the expansion of the plant facility and the celebration and sales meeting, which I was not involved in. This cruise was a motivational, inspirational effort by the company’s senior leaders to ‘rally the troops’. There was a lot more sales required to make use of the upgrades and expansion. There had been a lot of rah-rah motivational effort, but this cruise was more ‘okay, we gave you this outrageous experience, now we expect you to work your asses off’ type thing.” He laughed and indicated to me. “Yes, I’m supposed to the outrageous experience.” I smiled at him wondering how this kind of thing is explained. “I just love sex and I know someone who has discovered there are times when that comes in very handy.”

He shook his head but he was smiling. The explanation seemed to make a little sense to him, even if it was completely outside his normal experience. He offered another ‘welcome’ and began leaving. I reached out and touched his arm. He stopped, looking from my hand still on his bicep then to me. For the first time I felt something not quite fully professional happen from him. I felt his eyes very carefully consider my body encased in the light sundress. Like all my dresses for non-work occasions, it came only to mid-thigh and the top exposed all of my upper chest and a considerable amount of cleavage. He took all of that in before recovering his professional attitude.

“Does the crew often interact with the guests. Like in this situation?”

He looked nervous. “Not normally, no. We’ve been told to expect almost anything over the next two days. We’ve also been reminded that while on duty, our responsibilities are always to our jobs.” He smiled at me with what I read as significant meaning. “When we are off-duty, however, this situation might be different than normal cruises. Normally, we are discouraged from interacting with the guests. In this case, if we are invited …”

I smiled and realized I still hadn’t removed my hand from his bicep and it felt very good. “Perhaps there will be a time when you are off-duty …”

* * * * *

I was standing behind the crew members checking in each guest as they arrived. Baggage was checked with stateroom assignments and guests were given their room/identification cards. I was wearing what I knew would catch the attention of anyone in view of me. I was wearing the skimpiest bikini I could find on the island and still be legal. It was a white, thin material thong bottom that barely covered my pussy and had thin cords around my hips and between my ass cheeks. The crotch had no lining to it and I wondered how it would look when it got wet. I suspected there would be a lot to see underneath. The top was a string top with small triangles of the same cloth that covered the nipples but left 80% of the breast exposed. With it, I wore strap-sandal high heels on my feet, my long hair pulled back in a ponytail, and large round sunglasses despite being inside on the access level of the ship.

“Mr. Tenor!” I was overly enthusiastic in my recognition of him. I took him into my arms and kissed him on the cheek while pressing my breasts into this chest. He was the first through the checkpoint. “I hope your meetings were a success and you are ready to relax and enjoy the next two days.”

“With you along with us, my dear, I feel assured we will all have plenty to feel enjoyment about.” He smiled a rather leering smile.

I handed him a gift bag that every guest would receive. It included sunscreen, lotion, chocolates, a bottle of wine, and condoms. The condoms weren’t my idea, I rather liked the ‘full of cum’ feeling, but it must have been decided by someone that the option would be good.

The table behind me had a dozen such bags to be distributed. It was felt my doing the honors, especially dressed in a bikini (I decided on going to the extreme), would be an appropriate introduction.

“You must be Tina.” The next man was a roguish looking man about mid-30’s with sleeked back hair, tall and athletically cut. He had dark sunglasses on, but I could feel his eyes moving over my body like a pair of hands in a dark bar.

I smiled coyly, “Yes, I am.” I looked down at my chest, “Nobody could figure out where to put a name tag.”

He laughed, leaned in for a kiss that wasn’t aimed at my cheek until I turned at the last moment. There would be time enough for that later when we weren’t holding up the rest of the line. He smiled at my maneuver, “My name is Tom, I’m sure we’ll spend more time together.” I smiled back. I had no doubt. He came across as one of the smooth sales operators of the group.

Most of the rest of the group were less forward than Tom. I glanced at the table behind me as there were still a few people to come through. I counted the people and found just enough gift bags and that the last were the women of the group. Apparently, the entire management and sales group had chosen to attend the cruise. The two women moved almost as one. The first one through waited for the second and they both allowed plenty of time to separate themselves from the men.

“Ladies, welcome.” I gave each of them their gift bag and stepped between them and led them into the ship. I stopped at a sitting area. “I was led to believe you might not be coming on this cruise. I’m not sure why it seems important to me, but it is, that you understand I am not a whore hired for this.”

“Tina, relax. Helen and I thought this might be kind of kinky. When we came into the sales group about the same time, we got together and made an agreement to protect ourselves from random flirting from these guys by letting slip that we were far more interested in each other than men.”

Helen laughed, “We know the guys will be watching us, especially as we shed clothes for sunning or the little pool, but they won’t be hitting on us. It’ll be one of those very curious situations of seeing how much they can see of what they can’t have.” That made us all laugh.

“Well, in my case it is the opposite.”

“So, is it true? You’re really an executive who is a slut? You just really like sex?”

I put my hands out to the sides, “That’s me. Actually, I’ve given myself to a married man who has brought the slut fully out.”


“Yeah, his wife finds me exciting, too.”

They shook their heads in wonder, looked at each other, and smiled. I took a chance. “Are you both lesbian or pretending?” They were pretending. They both had boyfriends they kept away from the company. “Are you curious, though?” That was the reason for the shared smile. They were. I smiled, too. “Let’s hook up in one of your rooms, then. I think my room will be watched closely. I have always thought of myself as straight, but I have been shown that I enjoy women, too.” They both hugged me and promised to do exactly that. I had a feeling those two might have more of a shared experience on this cruise than they originally expected.

After seeing the guests on board, I made my way up to the sun deck where there was a small pool. It was really a pretend pool. There couldn’t be any real swimming done in it, but there was a bar sunk into the deck at one end which would make it a very appealing place to hang out. I found a deck lounge and spread out a towel, planning to catch a few rays of sun before dinner.

I was spreading sunscreen over my arms and stomach. I was reaching for a leg when I heard a very masculine voice behind me, “Need help with that?” I knew where this was likely to go, but dinner would slow it down.

I looked up and smiled, it was Tom. I knew it wouldn’t take him long to find an opportunity. “Oooooo … just when I started thinking I might be lonely.” I stretched my legs out and slightly parted them on the lounge. I winked at him, “I don’t want to be a bother, but that would be helpful.”

“No bother at all.” He spoke the words to me, but his eyes never left my crotch where there was a hint of cameltoe.

He took my bottle of lotion and knelt at my side. He started on my right foot and spread the lotion onto my leg, kneading the lotion in. I noticed the further up my leg he went, the more kneading he used. He got to my hip on the outside and the itty-bitty piece of cloth on the inside, glanced at me and shifted to my left leg. He repeated the effort. This time, though, when he reached the top of my leg, the side of his hand repeatedly grazed along my pussy barely covered by my bottom. He encouraged me to roll over. I could have declined, that I wanted sun on my front, but that wouldn’t be in keeping with my purpose for the trip. I rolled over onto my front. He started on my shoulders and moved down my back. Now, that thin bit of cord that tied my top in back didn’t take much space, but he untied it anyway. I smiled as his hands massaged over my back. I wondered to myself what I was going to do when he finished. Leave it untied and roll over? That would expose me. Was that within the rules? He had moved down to the small of my back to the next thin cords of my bottom. These were also ties, but he applied screen over them. I felt his hands massaging, kneading my ass cheeks, his thumbs sliding between my cheeks. There was a spot there that might get burned, apparently. He applied more to my legs, more attention going to the insides of my thighs the higher he went.

I glanced over my shoulder as his fingers rubbed my pussy through the thin material. “That’s nice.”

“How did your bottoms get so wet?” His voice was raspy and heavy. I looked to the side and could see his cock inside his shorts was very hard.

I smiled at him, “The same way your shorts seem to be straining.”

His finger moved under the covering and slid along my pussy lips. I sucked in a breath just as a voice broke into our activity, “Dinner will be served in 20 minutes. Just enough time to change.”

Tom left, disappointment displayed in the way his body reacted. I turned over and exhaled deeply. I looked to the side. Mr. Edwards. The look in his eyes was unmistakable, a combination of desire and professionalism fighting for dominance.

He held his hand out. Once standing, “Sexual activity on the deck is against the rules.”

I looked at him with real embarrassment. “I know.” I breathed in deeply and exhaled. “I apologize. I think I need to talk to Mr. Tenor. This puts me in a difficult situation. I am supposed to be responsive, but there are rules.” I looked at him. “I am sorry, Mr. Edwards, but I am outnumbered here.”

He smiled, “Tim Edwards.” He visibly relaxed. “I understand, but I also have to enforce the rules. Would you like me to speak with Mr. Tenor and save you the conflict?”

I looked around the area and quickly took him into my arms and kissed him. “That’s only partially for assisting me. Yes, that would help me.” I noticed him having trouble not looking down at my breasts. I suddenly realized the small triangles were no longer covering even my nipples. I giggled and retied the top and adjusted the triangles over my nipples. I looked at him intently. “When do you get off duty?”

“Usually at 10:00 PM.”

I giggled, “I am sure I will be busy then.” I glanced up at him. “I might be able to clear out my room by midnight and get cleaned up.”

He smiled. “Are you for real?” I nodded. “I’ll walk by after midnight.” I smiled.

At dinner, I wore a spaghetti strapped summer dress, very lightweight material and hemmed to mid-thigh. Underneath, I wore nothing. I took a random seat at the large table but Mr. Tenor wanted me at his side. As dinner wound down, he stood to reinforce the rules of the ship. Though this was a chartered cruise and there were no other guests to offend, the ship also had to concern themselves with the sensitives of the crew. He apologized for mistaking that nudity would be permitted on the deck and pool area. There was no nudity allowed in the public areas. I suspected Mr. Edwards had a stern conversation with Mr. Tenor and by the contrite look about Tom, I also suspected he had been talked to personally.

After dinner, most of the group headed to the bar where they also had a small dance floor. Being the only woman interacting with the men, I had a lot of requests for dancing and did little drinking, which was fine with me. It didn’t take long, though, for a dance partner to begin feeling me up more suggestively and subsequent partners taking it a little further each time. When my dress was being pulled up my legs and my bare ass exposed, Mr. Tenor walked up and cut in. We danced for only a few minutes when he took my hand and led me out of the lounge to the staterooms. I glanced back as we left the lounge to find other men standing and watching us leave.

I was led to his room. He made no bones about it. He wanted me first before my holes were sloppy. He intended to leave the rest of the evening up to the others as he would be retiring. It was a straightforward fuck as it turned out. He began undressing as I stood there still wondering what happened. He apparently wasn’t interested in a strip or preliminaries. Maybe, he even felt a bit put off by what he had done in the hotel room previously. Whatever it was, he stripped and that only meant I needed to do the same. I unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall to the floor.

He sat on the edge of the bed. His cock was limp between his legs. I moved to him, went to my knees and moved my mouth to the head of his cock. I sucked the head, taking more and more of it in as I raised and lowered my head. His moans told me he was responding and the stiffness coming to his cock confirmed that. Even fully hard his cock went no further in my mouth than the back, just before the entrance to my throat. He moved me back and indicated his desire to have me leaning over the bed. He unceremoniously moved around me and thrust into my pussy.

It had been a long time since I had a less satisfying fuck, but after putting my dress back on, I opened the door to leave, feeling his cum in my pussy, and stepped into a group of three men. Tom was not among them so perhaps he wasn’t the renowned leader of the group he wanted me to believe.

We stood in the hallway somewhat awkwardly, but that changed quickly when I stepped up to one of the men and put an arm around his neck to kiss him on the lips. With my other hand, I held the neck of the next man and repeated the kiss. The third was at my back, hands on my back and waist. I turned and moved directly to him for a similar kiss. These men were ready to play and so was I after the disappointment with Mr. Tenor. Standing outside the door, I made another rotation of kissing, this time the hands on me were much more aggressive. The hands were joined by kisses on my shoulders and my dress was again raised up with a hand on my bare butt. I separated my legs and the hand moved between them and found my wet pussy. Another hand found the zipper at the back of my dress and soon the bodice of my dress was hanging at my waist, hands fondling my now exposed breasts.

I pushed away from the man who had me in his embrace, my own hands moving to the front of their slacks and feeling hard cocks underneath. I pushed through the grouping tightly compressed by the narrow hallway, took the closest hand and led them to my stateroom.

I was stripped in the hallway. I walked out of the dress and only glanced back to be assured that one of the guys picked it up and they did. Inside the room, they all teased about the size of the room before one of them said, “I guess we know where the group action will be happening …”

I smiled and told them to strip. They looked at each other. It might have been that the idea of them taking me on was arousing until they were faced with being naked around each other. That dissolved quickly, though. I loosened the belt and zipper of one and sank to my knees while taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth. Around me was a flurry of clothes being removed, including the man I was sucking as he removed his shirt and dropped his pants and shorts to his feet.

His cock was bigger but still not nearly the size of Mr. Woodburn. I looked up while keeping his cock in my mouth and pressed more and more of his cock in. I pulled back and pushed forward, over and over until his cock head entered the top of my throat. Another cycle and his cock head was in my throat. I held it there, concentrating on breathing through my nose as I worked my throat muscles around the cock.

“Oh my God! You guys have to feel this … she’s got me in her throat.”

Another hand was on my shoulder and I knew I had to shift. I moved to the next man, repeating the same action and receiving a similar response. Then, it was on to the third man. When they were all hard, I asked if they wanted to cum in my mouth or in my body. Without hesitation, they wanted to fuck me. I stood and kissed each of the men before stripping the bed to the bottom sheet, then settling myself in the center. One of the men got between my legs while the others came to me from each side. The cock between my legs was inserted with a smooth stroke and plunged into me on the next stroke.

I moved my head to the side and engulfed the cock pressing against my face. I groped to the other side for the cock being rubbed against my head there. I switched side to side sucking cock as the one in my pussy began picking up an aggressive rhythm. This felt much better. It was still being used, but these men were fondling and stimulating me as we fucked. Hands were on my breasts, fingers at my nipples and clit, and cocks were moving in and out of me. The cock in my pussy felt good, stroking me smoothly and my body was responding to it. He was responding, too. Overall the other sounds in the room, his moans and groans increased until I felt his cock pulse and his body over me tense as his strokes became more urgent. He slammed into me and held himself deep, then I felt the warm wetness of his cum shooting into my pussy. I didn’t cum but I was right there. The men shifted awkwardly and the next simply took the same position between my legs. I wrapped my legs around him after he was inside and lifted my hips to him. He hit me in a new spot and it took me over the edge into an orgasm.

The action never stopped, though. He kept fucking me and the cock in my mouth was still in my hand. Another cock was pressed against the side of my face and I was anticipating it to be covered in our juices but it wasn’t. I glanced up as I rotated to the new cock and found the room filling with other men. I only guessed that the rest of the men were now in the room, too.

The next man flipped me over onto my hands and knees, driving his cock into my pussy which was now sopping with cum from three men. Someone eased under my head to present another cock for my mouth. Other men were fondling, stroking, and pinching at nipples. The man in my mouth now came quickly, filling my mouth, and I made a show of swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean. He moved out from under me and was replaced by another just as the cock driving into me from behind slammed a final time and dumped his load. When he pulled out of me, I crawled over the man in front of me to straddle his hips. I held his cock up and eased down over it in a smooth motion until I was sitting on his hips, his cock fully inside me.

More men came to either side and presented their cocks. I held them and stroked them, alternating sucking on them. Another came up behind me, pressing me forward and fingered my asshole. I was about to be double penetrated. I had no idea if anyone had lubrication or not and it registered on me that I still had something to learn about being a slut. Don’t leave home without it.

I looked over my shoulder as I raised my body off the cock below me. “Use my pussy for lubrication.” He looked at me, then smiled. He plunged into my gaping pussy and thrust in five or six times, then pulled out. I sat back down on the other man and leaned forward in anticipation of the cock pressed at my asshole. When it happened, I closed my eyes, exhaling slowly in a relaxation reflex. When the cock head passed my sphincter, I pushed back against both cock and moaned loudly. I looked up to find another cock inches from my face. I smiled and opened my mouth wide and the cock was pressed into it. Three cocks. A happy slut.

* * * * *

I was coming out of the tiny shower of the suite at 11:45, rushing in the hopes Tom Edwards, the First Officer, might be hanging around the hallway outside “just in case”. Without bothering with underwear, I slip on the summer dress I had worn previously, sandals, and quickly brushed my hair. I opened the door to find Tom nervously pacing just down the hall from my suite.

I leaned against the door frame as he tentatively approached. He was out of uniform, wearing nice shorts and pull-over shirt with sandals. “Hi, I was thinking about you.”

He looked at me curiously, “About me? No offense, but I’ve seen the number of men coming and going. Why would you be thinking about me?”

I chuckled, “Many of them were nice but they were all part of an expectation. You’re different. You’re a choice.” He smiled and visibly relaxed. With him at my side, I turned to gaze into my room. It was a disaster. It looked like some college guys had partied in it for a weekend. I apologized as I indicated the torn up bed. What he couldn’t see, but probably could imagine, was the cum stained condition of the sheets.

He pulled out a radio clipped to his belt (always on duty as First Officer) and asked House Keeping to come to my suite for a quick cleaning and bedding change. He winked at me. Ending the conversation and replacing the radio on his belt, he took my hand and led me up onto the open deck explaining that he knew of a spot that would be secluded, if I was interested. I told him I was very interested.

He wound us through passageways toward the stern of the ship and through doors marked, ‘Crew Only’. We were at the rear of the ship and encountered a solid steel door at the end of the passageway. He smiled, turned to a keypad next to the door and entered a passcode. I heard an audible click when the lock released and he held the door for me. A small room opened to an area overlooking the back of the ship where guests would never be able to get to. It was a beautiful location. The rest of the ship protected it from the breeze of the moving ship and the night sky opened up above with a clarity that was amazing and only possible when there was no ambient lighting to diffuse the light of the stars above. I stood at the railing and gazed at the dark water below and the night sky full of stars above.

I felt his tentative presence close behind me, still the ship officer with a guest. I turned and stepped into him, my body pressing into his. As my arms went around his neck, his wound around me and we kissed. He was a good kisser and I felt his arousal in the stiffening cock pressing into my abdomen.

I pulled at his shirt, releasing it from his shorts. I broke the kiss, “Are you okay with this?” He nodded and took my lips with his.

I pulled his shirt up his body, which forced us to break the kiss, again. As my fingers worked on his belt and zipper, his fingers were working on the zipper of my dress. We were both naked in moments. He pressed his hard cock against me and I sensed his unwillingness to be the aggressor with a guest, even one like me.

I turned and leaned against the railing and spread my legs. With an invitation like that, he didn’t hesitate further. He stepped up to me and stroked my pussy. It was very wet, of course, and a groan escaped my lips in anticipation. I felt his cock head being moved up and down my slit, then stopping at my open hole. I wiggled my ass for encouragement and he pressed forward, his cock sinking into my hole. I pressed back at the same time indicating my desire for fucking without concerns. I had been well-used already; my pussy and ass were loose and ready. He thrust into me, driving his cock deep. His hand moved around to a breast, which he fondled, pinching the nipple, occasionally.

I felt him throb inside me, but he pulled out. A moan of frustration escaped my throat. He turned me and applied pressure to my shoulders. I smiled and sank to my knees on the hard steel surface and took his hard, juice-coated cock into my mouth. I fucked his cock with my mouth, taking it into my throat. He gasped and groaned, then he began fucking my mouth and throat, his hands on the sides of my head.

He pulled out and looked around us. He found the life-rings stacked against the wall and pulled me to them. He sat down. He indicated he wanted my ass and I nodded with a smile. I figured he was lubricated sufficiently from my pussy. His hands on my hips guided me back, then down onto his cock at my puckered hole. He held his cock and I pressed down until his cock had succeeded in stretching my sphincter and entering my anus. I gasped out as he did. With his hands on my breast and nipples and my fingers working my clit as I rose and fell on his cock, we both came shortly after, our cries of orgasm lost in the receding wind of the ship.

* * * * *

I kissed him as we were parting directions, he toward the crew quarters level and me to guest room level.

“By the way,” he said, “I ran into your two female friends. They wanted me to let you know they would be up late.”

“They knew I was meeting you?” He shrugged. I wasn’t going to get much sleep.

I knocked softly on the door. One peeked her head from around the door, seeing me she pulled the door open enough for me to enter while she stayed behind it. They were both naked. I looked at them surprised.

“We were hoping you would come by. We were drinking and trying to work up the courage to do something even if you didn’t show up.”

“I thought you said you had never been with a woman.”

The one who had been speaking lowered her eyes, “Well, that was her. I just didn’t say anything. Truth is, as I admitted to her only moments ago, my boyfriend and I have done some swinging with other couples. There always seems to be some girl-on-girl at some point in those things.” She blushed.

They handed me a glass of wine and we talked, mostly about my eventful evening. That seemed to get the three of us in the right frame of mind for trying a female three-some. I had stripped out of my single garment after seeing them naked.

We were about to form a small daisy-chain of pussy munching when I remembered Tom. “I should warn you, our good First Officer probably made a mess of my ass.”

The woman who had done some swinging piped right up, “No problem. One thing about swinging and girl-on-girl is encountering cum.” We all laughed.

I knelt to begin eating the other woman and I felt my ass cheeks being spread. When her tongue probed my ass, licking and driving into my puckered opening, I groaned deeply. I’d found a woman who really seemed to enjoy asshole sucking and licking, even with cum leaking from it. It was a very worthwhile experience for me.

* * * * *

I showed up for a late breakfast, just before the buffet was about to shut down. I received a lot of knowing smiles and smirks wherever I went. Although I hadn’t paid much attention to all the guys who had joined me in my bed, there was no question in their minds who they had been with.

When I went up to the pool deck, there was still about four hours before docking in Miami. I was encircled by a bunch of the guys in the pool and as I climbed out of it I felt hands on my body as the cool water ran off my nearly naked body. I stepped onto the deck in front of the rest of the guys and from the look in their eyes, I just had to look down at my obscenely small suit. I was right about it. The material clung to my pussy lips and nipples and all but became non-existent as a covering.

I spotted numerous hard cocks forming under the wet swim trunks around me. There was still between three and four hours to docking. I looked at the suits tented by arousal and took the hand of the nearest man and led him off the pool deck to the stairs leading below. As we did the 180-degree turn on the stairs, I look up and found a long line of men following. I walked directly to my suite, walked to the center of the room while I untied the scraps of transparent cloth and sank to my knees in front of them.

Once I had two of the men hard, I move to the bed on my back. One knelt between my legs while the other presented his cock to my face. Both of them were fucking me hard. I relaxed my mouth and throat and allowed it to happen.

After the first two, I was encouraged onto my knees. One took me from behind and another sat in front of me. The next was a group of three. I sat on one guy up my pussy, another took my ass, and the third my mouth.

It went on like this for the next several hours. I think we all lost track of the time. It wasn’t until the in-room speaker announced that docking would be in 30 minutes and all guests should be preparing to disembark. The last two finished what they had started before I was left sprawled on my cum stained bed … again.

* * * * *

“Hey, sexy!”

I knew that sexy, female voice. I was making my way through the cruise ship terminal when I heard the words. It could have been directed at someone else but for the familiarity of the voice. I turned in search of the source, but why would she be here? A smile spread across my face as I took in the sight of the woman rushing toward me in a short sundress, sunglasses in her hair, and heels clicking on the tile floor. Her braless breasts were jiggling with each step. I dropped my bag and took her into my arms while other guests from the ship parted around us.

“Mary!” I kissed her passionately as the two women employees walked by giving me approving nods. I smiled back. “What are you doing here?”

“YOU. You’re what I am doing here. I took a couple day off and told Charles you needed some time off, too, especially after what you just did for the firm.” I looked at her and kissed her, again. She beamed back at me as she took my hand and led the way to the departure door where a taxi was waiting. “I booked us into a hotel on the beach. I hope you have a sexy bikini in that case.”

I smiled. “Just wait until you see it!”



Thank you for reading the story.

I know it is not required, but I would appreciate a comment when negative votes are cast for my own benefit in developing these stories. Thanks in advance.

Ike ManReport

2018-03-10 01:54:06
LOL. No worries. I figured you might have just been thinking about Miss Evans stories, too.


2018-03-10 01:13:07
??Vanessa?? Who am I to criticise!! Humble apologies. Robbie.

Ike ManReport

2018-03-09 13:25:09
Thank you, Robbie. I do indeed appreciate thoughtful comments on the stories. My request at the end of stories for comments from negative votes is so I can understand what readers think. I greatly appreciate your comment because you have enjoyed the story with positive votes and had these comments.

I try to write my stories with a feeling of experience and some find the detail over done. It is hard to satisfy. As to your points, I did try in this last chapter to present a feeling of constant, varying encounters that would lead up to Tina's encounter with Mary at the end. I see your point, though, I gave considerable attention to the gangbang, the encounter with Mr. Edwards, and let the encounter with the two women fall flat.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Ike Man


2018-03-09 07:33:49
Hi Vanessa,
I guess all good stories must come (sic) to an end. I have enjoyed the basic scenario very much, and a good deal of the action. In this last part I had hoped for the return of the number 2 guy (finance as I recall) to Mr Tenor. At least the latter was quickly passed over. Generally though this chapter seemed a little quick compared to the detail of previous chapters. In particular, there was scope for a little different detail with the two lady members of the group but their time was passed over very quickly. Sorry not to finish more positively but I believe you would prefer that I be honest.
Overall I am impressed and looking forward to reading other stories you have already published. Best wishes for your future writing.

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