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Two sexy girls with a little something extra...
Lisi and Jena had been friends since their days at the Academy, growing up on the beautiful planet of Onderon. They had become extra special friends since the day they each discovered a special secret about each other. You see, Lisi and Jena looked like girls, yet they both had a little something extra.

One day while Jena was taking a shower she didn't see Lisi spying on her. Jena was soaping down her luscious body, paying extra attention to her rock hard girly cock that she had as long as she can remember. As Jena's hands slid down her creamy body, Lisi couldn't help but reach inside her own pants and fondling her own dripping girl cock. Lisi let out a soft moan that Jena heard even with the shower running. She turned to look at Lisi rubbing her now growing cock and was amazed to see the hung piece of meat dangling between Lisi's legs. She turned and spread her soft legs to show Lisi her own pulsing, throbbing hardness and with a quick motion she slid her finger in her mouth and beckoned for Lisi to join her in the shower.

Oh my stars Lisi you're just like me, Jena whispered as Lisi quickly stripped down and let the warm water cascade over her creamy body and now hard as durasteel cock. Jena was mesmerized watching the drops of water spill off Lisi's cock and quickly became harder.

It was like a light switch had turned on for the both of them. Immediately they began kissing, licking, stroking, rubbing, touching and fondling each other's soft bodies. Jena gasped and creamed a lil as Lisi's tongue snaked into her wet mouth. She slid her hand down Lisi's back and slipped a finger in her tight hole as the other hand reached down to caress her hardness.

Lisi creamed a little herself as she felt Jena's finger...then fingers invade her tight hole. She began to suck on Jena's tongue while at the same time reaching down to stroke Jena, softly at first but as their tongues ground against each other she quickly picked up the pace.

Without warning Jena stopped kissing Lisi and dropped down to her knees while the water ran down her back. She slid Lisi's cock in her dripping mouth and moaned as she slid deep inside her throat. Jena looked up at Lisi while she was sucking furiously and became even harder as she saw Lisi's eyes roll back into her head. Jena sucked harder and with great passion being turned on by the sight of her friend in heat.

Ohh, uhhh Jena, I'm gonna....was all she had time to say. Lisa erupted and shot a huge load of her sweet cream all over Jena's waiting tongue. Rope after rope of her girl spunk filled Jena's mouth. It had been over a week since she was able to cum and Jena's moans made her cum harder, faster than ever before.

Uhhhhh, was all she could say, as Jena licked and kissed her way up her soap covered body all the while keeping that fresh load of cream in her mouth. When Jena placed a wet kiss on Lisi's lips she finally opened her eyes, staring lustfully at Jena. Without skipping a beat Jena kissed Lisi fully, opening her mouth and letting the cream drip and ooze from her mouth on to Lisi's tongue. Back and forth the cum spilled over each others lips and tongues until they collapsed against each other cum still dribbling off their lips....

The sky darkened as First Order Star Destroyers flickered in from hyperspace. Drop ships and troop carriers screamed through the atmosphere. Alarms blared all over the planet as the First Order began the invasion of Onderon.

Lisi and Jena had spent the night together and held each other tightly as troops began door to door searches through the town looking for Resistance sympathizers. Without warning the front door of Jena's tiny apartment was blasted open and white helmeted First Order troopers flooded in. Behind the squad stood a menacing dark cloaked helmeted figure. Without a word he reached out his hand towards the two frightened girls lying in bed.

"I see it. I see the shower, the blanket on the soft grass and the mess you left on the kitchen floor after what you did on the kitchen table this morning."

He paused.

"I know what you are." Both Jena and Lisi felt a tingle in their panties as they felt his unnatural power invade their soft, smooth, silky bodies. Both being slightly Force sensitive they could also sense what was on his mind and what ran through the minds of every trooper.

He waved his hand through the air.

Both Jena and Lisi felt compelled to get out of the bed and present themselves to the invaders. Neither had ever felt such power from any being they had ever encountered. Both dropped to their knees and placed their hands behind their backs...

Three troopers approached them, peeling off their lower armor letting their already rock hard cocks bounce before them. Jena and Lisi each licked their lips. One trooper entered Jena's already dripping mouth while the other two slid both their meaty cocks in and out of Lisi's hungry mouth. Soft moans slid from both girls mouths as the cocks slid in and out deep down their soft throats.

Two more troopers came up and both girls reached out to stroke their cocks and began to alternate sucking, stroking and fondling the five warriors before them. Without warning, another squad burst through the front door. They immediately joined the circle of troopers around the girls and presented their rigid cocks to them. A trooper roughly pulled down Jena's panties and plunged deep in her sissy pussy as another was already deep in her throat as she jacked two others off.

Lisi's tiny thong was already around her ankles as yet another trooper began pounding her tight pussy. Both girls had multiple cocks in each hole, and their soft moans echoed through the tiny apartment.

One by one the troopers spurted huge hot loads of creamy white cum in the girls waiting mouths, tight pussies and all over their sweaty bodies. Jena's eyes rolled back in her head, Lisi couldn't stop moaning as each girl had cum loads dripping off their chests, oozing from their well fucked pussies and sliding down all over their bodies.

The black masked figure standing behind his men didn't even have to say a word. Lisi and Jena began touching, rubbing, licking sucking, kissing and swapping the cum from each others drenched bodies. Both moaning with lust as their wet mouths were filled over and over with hot creamy trooper cum.

"Take them both to my ship..."
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